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testing again
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is this counting my characters?

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Slave to Black Cock By AJones
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BEAT UP CUCKOLD WIMP by Throne (Note: I read some photo captions in which nasty wives enjoy seeing their cuckold husbands get smacked around and otherwise mistreated by bullying Bulls. Wouldn't want it to happen in real life but I f
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My husband masturbated and ejaculated in my shoes as we listened to the tape. He wanted to take some videos of me fucking other guys. I told him I like very large cocks. My lover's cock was the largest; it was 9" long and very thick. I asked him
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1ST INTERNAL WATER SPORTS I was introduced to a black guy named Richard by a movie friend of mine when I was 24. I was already involved with a few people who were producing amateur hardcore movies and had featured in three of them! The friend of mi