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  • _altText24 February 2019
A Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal Story
  • _altText16 March 2019
This is a description of my story

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  • _altText02 September 2018
My husband and I are posting these stories about happenings from our past 25 years of marriage. Most of them happened in the early 70's before sex was such a dangerous proposition. We have had a great time recalling these times and after my husband wr
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  • _altText03 December 2018
Grayman's Island - Part II by RLM Acknowledgment: The Author extends his thanks to DY without whose encouragement and urging, this second installment of "Grayman's Island" would never have been written. I am deeply indebte
  • _altText31 August 2018
Author's Note: The stories in this series are primarily fantasy. To be certain, the nature of the erotic encounters described are patterned after those experienced by my wife and I during a long swinging lifestyle, but the stories themselves are fict
  • _altText03 December 2018
is this counting my characters?
  • _altText22 September 2018
GF TAKES A BLACK LOVER My GF was 23 and I was 25, we had been dating for about 2 months, she had just graduated from college and moved back in with her folks to start her new career. Since we lived about an hour apart, I only saw her on the