Amanda Again


By Joe James

Amanda was both excited and worried. John had promised her a treat on the phone, or rather, "something she wouldn't forget for a long time," and she had spent a lot of time preparing herself. She knew that at some time, during what ever was to come, it was likely that John would fuck her and she wanted to be ready for him.

She chose a simple pair of white pants and could not resist touching herself as she drew them up her legs. She was extremely aroused and she knew that she would be able to bring herself to orgasm quickly if she chose to. She resisted the temptation however, preparing to keep herself for whatever was to come and continued to dress. A matching bra and a button up the front dress completed the outfit complemented by the obligatory stockings and suspenders.

A knock on the door announced John's arrival. She smoothed her dress down and looked once more into the mirrored wardrobe doors. Satisfied, she turned the light off and ran down the stairs to open the door.

He greeted her warmly, the flush of excitement apparent in his eyes and he strode past her into the lounge.

"Ready?" he asked.

She nodded in reply, eying him warily.

"Let's see," he commanded, indicating her dress.

She moved away from him and stood still while he inspected her. He made a circling motion with his finger and she turned round for him to see the back.

"Bend over."

She obeyed without question and remained motionless while he admired her bottom.

"God, your arse is magnificent!" he murmured as he lifted her straight.

She smiled and allowed him to kiss her. His hands began to roam her body and she started her favourite trick which she knew blew his mind, of putting her hand into his trouser pocket and caressing him with the lightest of touches.

Suddenly, he pushed away from her. "Enough," he breathily exclaimed. "We've got an appointment and I don't want us to be late."

Mystified she followed him out to the car and sat silently beside him as he drove.

"Any hints?" she asked, her curiosity overcoming her.

"Nope," he replied.

He pulled into the busy car park of a local pub and she was about to protest that someone might see them together when he interrupted her thoughts by telling her to get into the back of the car. Even more puzzled, she did so and waited while John disappeared into the pub. He reappeared almost immediately with another man beside him. Amanda's heart began to quicken and when they finally got back to the car she was finding breathing and speaking difficult.

Opening her door John introduced the other guy.

"Amanda, this is a great pal of mine, Simon. I think I may have told you about him. We go back a long way."

Amanda started to get out of the car but bending down, Simon blocked her exit by kissing her on the cheek.

"Hi Amanda. John's told me a lot about you."

Blushing, Amanda looked accusingly at John but he merely smiled in response and indicated that she was to move over. She greeted Simon and slid across the seat as he moved in beside her. John took the wheel and drove them all out of the car park.

"Where are we going?" Amanda giggled amused and nervous about what was happening.

"For a ride" replied John and he and Simon both dissolved into belly laughs.

Once they were out of town, John sought Amanda's eyes in the rear view mirror.

"Well aren't you going to give Simon one of your big welcomes then my dear?" he asked.

Catching on to the game, Amanda giggled again and pecked Simon lightly on his lips as he turned to face her.

"I'm sure you can do better than that," John admonished her, an authoritative tone apparent in his voice.

Amanda returned to Simon and began to kiss him slowly and tenderly on his lips. "So this is it," she thought. "I'm going to be whored by two men and one of them is a complete stranger." The thought excited her and the fact that Simon did not know her at all heightened her arousal.

Simon kissed her passionately and when he began to unbutton her dress she made no move to stop him. They broke apart to allow him to slip it right open and he began to praise her magnificent breasts while he undid her bra.

"Wonderful, wonderful," he murmured. "She is as fabulous as you said she was John."

Amanda smiled to herself. She would not let John down. She would allow herself to be used in any way they wished and would deny them nothing.

Driving through a well lit village, Amanda started to cover herself up. Simon stopped her however and held her hands in his as they passed a group of adolescents of both sexes grouped in and around a bus shelter. Mouths dropped open as the youngsters saw her naked state and they were pursued out of the village by the wolf whistles and cat calls of the group.

"I bet the girls in that pack have to put up with a lot of groping before they get home tonight, now you've turned them on," laughed John from the front.

"Mmm," Amanda agreed, the sight reminding her of one of her earliest sexual experiences. She had been the only girl in a school volley ball team that had played in a tournament in one of the outlying towns. They had travelled by minibus and having been knocked out in the first round had spent a lot of time hanging around because their coach was one of the tournament's umpires. Eventually, they had collected in the minibus waiting for him to return. They were all high despite their early dismissal from the competition and Amanda found herself being teased by the boys who were admiring her shapely bottom and legs in the tiny pair of white shorts she had worn. The shorts were only just decent and showed quite clearly that she was wearing no pants underneath.

Her boyfriend had been amongst the group and at first he had been amused by the attention she was receiving and had snogged with her in view of the others. When one of the others had suggested that he "have a go now", Rob had not been so impressed and had left in a huff to watch the rest of the volleyball. Amanda had gone with him but finding him unapproachable had drifted back to the van where the others were still sitting.

"Come on Amanda," one of them had teased her. "You're not really under his thumb are you? How about a quick kiss?"

Anxious to prove her independence, Amanda had given each of them a quick kiss upon promise of not telling Rob anything. They had not been content to leave it at that however and she found herself being blackmailed with, "If you don't let us do what we want, we'll tell Rob you let us kiss you."

Half reluctantly, half in delight, Amanda started on another round of kissing. This time however they were french kisses, tongues searching her mouth frantically and she found herself being turned on hugely by the experience. The bolder of the boys began to caress her as they kissed her and after protesting initially, she soon relaxed as hands fumbled their way up her tee shirt front and onto her breasts. It was not long before she felt herself being laid lengthways across the bench seat at the back of the minibus and her shorts being slipped down.

"No!" she protested, scared of being seen. The boys reassured her that no-one could see in and those not involved would keep watch for Rob or the Coach returning. She lay back, her tee shirt and bra hitched up above her breasts and her shorts around one ankle. She was resting one leg on the seat and one on the floor and she was so wet that she barely felt the first boy push his finger into her cunt. What she did feel however, was the wave of delight that heralded the onset of an orgasm, brought on more by excitement than sensation. The first boy fingered her roughly, pounding his finger into her. She could not resist lifting her hips to meet his thrusts and soon she was panting in delight. Another boy took over, anxious to see if she could take two fingers. It was a tight squeeze and her pained expression as he forced his fingers into her caused him to stop.

"OK?" he whispered.

"Mmm," she nodded, her eyes shut tight as she savoured the sensations between her legs. He resumed his fingering and the only sound that could be heard in the van was Amanda's quiet moaning and the slurping noise between her legs. One at a time each of the boys fingered her, until she began to feel sore and pleaded with them to stop. They allowed her to dress and she got out of the van and wandered off.

"What have I done?" she asked herself as she looked for Rob. "They will all think I am a whore now and anytime I try and stop them touching me, they will remind me of this."

The mood did not last long however and by the time she returned to the van with Rob, she was her usual cheerful self and the journey back was uneventful. Driven home by the coach however, she found herself the last to be dropped off. He pulled into a layby before taking her home however and turned to face her.

"I happened to return to the minibus earlier tonight and witnessed the most amazing thing I have ever seen," he began.

Amanda coloured immediately and began to tremble.

"No, don't cry, I'm not going to tell your parents. Everyone of the boys was so intent on watching you that they didn't see me, so there is no need for anyone to know that I saw what was going on."

Amanda lifted her face in relief. "Oh thank you sir, I promise that it will never happen again."

The man laughed. "Well that will be a disappointment to mankind. I thought it was the most exciting thing I have seen for a long time, and, er, there is a price for my silence." He drew her towards him and kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Naughty girls need to be punished, don't they Amanda, and you have been very naughty."

He released her seatbelt and drew her shoulders down on to his lap. With some difficulty he leant across and began to push her shorts down her legs. Soon her bottom was completely bare and he caressed it gently, his fingers toying with the entrance to her cunt.

"Sore?" he whispered.

"Mmm," she moaned, intrigued as to what was to follow. She did not have to wait long. His hand was removed from between her legs and then returned with some force onto the cheeks of her bottom. She counted six smacks before he lifted her up.

"OK?" he asked her.

She nodded in assent.

"You know you deserved that don't you? You can whore and tart yourself all you like as long as you are prepared to take the punishment afterwards."

She was returned to the present by the touch of Simon's hands on her legs. Her dress was now completely open and raising herself from the seat, she discarded it and sat back. Simon's hand rested briefly on her knee and she allowed her legs to fall open as he slid his hand up towards the top of her legs. She could feel herself lubricating and when he pushed two fingers into her there was an audible squelch which caused John to turn around momentarily.

"Give it to her hard, Simon. Whore her well."

Simon was certainly "giving Amanda it hard" and she found herself having to take a real pounding as he drove his fingers into her. She could not stop herself from crying out when he introduced a third finger but she was determined not to let John down and did not complain.

Unable to resist any longer, John pulled the car off the road and drove behind a hedge. They were completely hidden in the dark and he lost no time in getting out and opening the back door. He was greeted by the sight of Amanda in nothing but her underear, eyes screwed tightly shut as Simon slammed his fingers into her. She opened her eyes as John began to caress her breasts.

"Is this why you brought me?" she asked. "To whore me?"

"Yes my darling," John replied. "You remember my fantasy?"

Amanda nodded. John had often told her of his wish to see her whored by another man and to be spanked while she sucked John's prick. This was to be it then.

Simon withdrew his fingers and Amanda sat up.

"Out you get my dear," instructed John. Amanda obeyed without question. She stood up outside the car as the men stood either side of her. They began to caress a breast each and she put an arm around each man as they made free use of her body. Simon resumed his fingering while John began to suck each nipple in turn. His sucking turned to biting and she breathed hard with each successive nip. He moved behind her and squatted down. She could feel his breath on her bottom and leant forward slightly in anticipation of what was to come. He bit her hard in the centre of one cheek and teased the flesh with his teeth, drawing it out and then releasing it before repeating the process. The pain was intense but delightful. He began to spread her cheeks apart with his fingers and she tried to relax to help him. She knew he was looking at her arsehole, the most private part of her body and she allowed him to, revelling in her self confidence.

He began to probe her anus with his tongue. The night air cooled his saliva and heightened the sensations for her. He licked all around it and then tried to dart his tongue inside but the tightness of the orifice defeated him. Finally she felt his fingers searching for entrance and she moaned quietly as he succeeded in forcing what felt like two inside her. She stood, impaled by the two men as they moved their fingers in and out of her.

"Isn't she great?" John exclaimed.

"I certainly have never met anyone like her," Simon agreed.

Their delight and excitement inspired Amanda and she resolved that whatever they asked of her, she would allow them. The first instruction was not long in coming.

"Swap sides," John whispered to Simon.

The men manoeuvred themselves around her and Amanda straightened up.

"No," commanded John. "Hands and knees please."

Amanda knelt down on the long grass and then dropped onto all fours. She knew John's fantasy was to see her whored by another man and she guessed that this was it. She straightened her back and offered her bottom to Simon. She heard him undoing his trousers and then felt his hands on her hips. He explored her cunt briefly before lining up his prick with her cunt. She stiffened as he pushed into her, her cheeks spreading around his abdomen as he sought complete penetration. He began to thrust rhythmically in and out of her and she moved back onto him in response. He moved his hands up to play with her dangling breasts and she moaned in delight.

"OK?" John whispered to her, having dropped to his knees to speak to her.

Amanda nodded, her eyes shut as she savoured the delight of this strange prick inside her.

"What's he doing to you?"

"He's whoring me. I'm giving him free use of my body while you watch."

"What does that make you, my dear," John quizzed her.

"A tart, a whore, a prostitute," Amanda groaned as Simon stepped up the pace of his thrusts. She opened her eyes to look up at John. "Is this what you wanted?"

He nodded, unzipping his trousers. Taking her face in one hand he fed his prick into her mouth. She sucked eagerly, breathing heavily through her nose. She knew she could not do more to please him. She was being screwed by one man while giving a blow job to another. This was the stuff of which John's fantasies had been made. An approaching orgasm forced her to release John's prick from her mouth. She needed to pant to catch up with her breath and John settled for masturbating himself in front of her face. His excitement too was mounting and it was clear that he was not far from coming himself. He whispered something to Simon across her back and she felt him allowing himself to slip slowly out of her. She looked up in disappointment but then felt Simon seaching for her anus with his fingers. Holding her open he forced his prick into her bottom and resumed his movement.

Amanda groaned. Her bottom was so tight, she felt as if Simon was splitting her.

"How is it?" John asked.

Amanda could not manage a reply but merely wrinkled her forehead in response.

"What's he doing now?"

"He's buggering me," she managed, her voice a hoarse croak.

"Keep your eyes open," instructed John as his hand flew faster and faster on his prick. At the same momement when she heard Simon gasp and felt him flood her bottom with hot spunk, John shot all over her face and hair. She opened her mouth to take the few drops that happened to fly in before screaming herself, as orgasm wracked her body.

Simon withdrew allowing her to collapse and roll onto her side.

"You did it, my whore, you did it." John commended her.

"Did you ever think I might not?" she whispered. "I am yours to whore, you know that now surely?"


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