The Party Island Trip

The Party Island Trip By Dan

It was a warm summer morning with no plans at all. We both had hard weeks at work and needed to let loose, so we loaded all our weekend provisions in our 23' boat and headed for one of the more popular islands, about an hour cruise from the main land.

The island is about five miles square, and the center of town is nothing but bars and souvenir shops. Dockage is very limited, but we were lucky enough to find a spot that wasn't very crowded. Our boat is very old fashion, it has very little bow because the cabin takes up so much room. The outer area is good size, it has two seats toward the front & a large bench seat (like a couch) in the aft. The cabin is much like a camper, the table folds down into a bed, and there is a small sink, stove, icebox & port-a-potty.

The island is beautiful, but it seems it only survives on heavy partiers, which is okay with us, that's why we were there. The non-boaters have to be off the island by midnight when the last ferry boat leaves for the mainland, which makes it allot easier to party until the bars close.

After exploring the island into the late afternoon, we went into town, had dinner and did some shopping in the souvenir shops. My wife bought a summer dress that was all white crochet with a thin white liner, low-cut and very short, with spaghetti straps. We went back to our boat around 8 that evening to relax over a few beers, and my wife set up the cabin, knowing we would probably be drunk when we got back that night, she closed all the curtains, made the bed, and opened to bow hatch for ventilation.

After changing into her new dress, we headed off to town, the plan was to visit each of the several bars, then settle into the one we liked the best. The boat dock was only a five minute walk from the center of town, and we could see the bars were very crowded, but we did manage to get into each one for a drink. Several women asked my wife where she got the dress, and several guys asked her to dance. At the second bar, a guy that had asked her to dance struck up a conversation with us. We learned that he had the same plan of visiting each bar, so he tagged along with us to each, we'll call him Joe.

Joe commented that this was his first trip to the island, and he was disappointed to see that it was mostly single guys and couples. By the fourth bar, it was approaching 11:30, my wife was starting to feel the effects for the drinks, and decided that she better do some dancing so she didn't crash. She fast danced to four songs, two with me & two with our new friend, and was feeling much better by the time we left that bar. We reached the last bar around 1:00, it was clearly the largest of all the places we had been, it had a bar in the shape of a snake, and they boasted that it was one mile long.

It was easy to find a table here, the last ferry had already gone so it wasn't very crowded at all. We chose a table near the dance floor and ordered a round. The band was quite good, they played a mix of fast & slow songs, so we had a variety to dance to. My wife was real popular with the men at this bar, she danced with four or five of them and was having a great time. I had lost my mood to dance, so I went off to the other side of the room to play videos and the claw machine.

I went back to our table at last call and ordered our final round. When Joe went to the restroom, my wife told me that on every slow dance and held her real close, she could feel his hard-on rubbing against her belly. She laughed and said that she used the old joke "is that a banana or are you glad to see me" which embarrassed him. He told her that he hasn't had sex since his wife left him a year ago and was just starting to come out of his shell, so he came to the island hoping to find a nice girl. She told him several of the guys she danced with tonight must have been in the same situation.

Joe started to laughed at her comment and she could feel that he had lost his hard-on, so as they slow danced to the last song, she began telling him that a few of the guys were feeling her up as they danced, one pulled her dress forward to see her tit's, and another had the nerve to reach up an feel her panties, which made him hard again.

When Joe returned to the table the band had stopped playing, so we just talked while finishing our last drink. My wife looked at me and said that we all had a good time, and made a profit. Joe & I were both confused, we had spent quite a bit on drinks, even though we took turns buying rounds we had to have spend an easy fifty dollars. With a big smile, she reached down the front of her dress and pulled out a crisp one hundred dollar bill. She looked at Joe and asked if he remembered the guy in his 50's that she danced to a couple of slow songs with. Joe said he did, she said he gave her the hundred for her panties. I wasn't real surprised, but Joe's jaw about hit the floor. He said "with a dress THAT short, you're not wearing panties?" We both asked at the same time, how long ago that happened, she said over an hour ago. Joe said "so.. while we were slow dancing you didn't...." she gave him her shy smile.

When our conversation was interrupted with the closing announcement, my wife said it can't be that late, she's still in a party mood, and Joe agreed, but we had to leave they were closing. The three of us walked out together, and my wife said that it's a good thing we have beer on the boat, and asked Joe if he wanted to join us. Once on-board, Joe and I started talking about boats and fishing, my wife interrupted and said "you guys see that yacht way over there?... that's where my panties are!"

Joe doesn't know my wife as I do, I knew she wasn't going to allow the conversation to stray away from fun talk. Joe and I were sitting on the bench seat, and my wife in the captains chair, which is about two feet higher, facing us. The moon was very bright and we could easily see her moving in positions that would lift her dress high enough to tease, just short of exposing herself, which was driving Joe crazy, his eyes didn't leave her even when talking to me.

When she returned from the cabin a with fresh beer for each of us, she sat next to me, sideways, with Joe about two feet to her right. Joe knew she wasn't wearing panties, so he kept trying to get a peek up her dress, but she was careful not to let that happen. He was concentrating so hard on the bottom of her dress, that he didn't notice the spaghetti straps were gone, she had tucked them inside the dress on her last trip into the cabin. When the conversation reached a lull, I said "so one of the guys you danced with saw your tit's eh?" she said yes, and that he told her she has beautiful nipples.

At that, I pulled the front of her dress outward exposing her tit's to me, but not to Joe, and said the guy was right, they are quite nice. Joe was straining his neck to get a peek, and my wife just kept giving him her shy smile, so I pulled the top of her dress downward exposing her tit's and asked Joe what he thinks of them. Joe's voice was starting to crack and all he managed to get out was "oh shit yes". She pulled the dress back up because there were still people mingling around the docks, and we were starting to feel rain drops from a passing cloud.

I no sooner said that it looks like we might get a shower, than it started to rain heavier so we all ran into the cabin. Joe and I stood near the door looking out, my wife got on the bed and was looking out the window. I could see that she was still teasing, she was on her knees with her back slightly arched so her dress barely covered her ass. After a little while of small talk, Joe said "I still can't believe you sold your panties to that guy" and I said that I don't either. She said well... you both saw the money, but if that doesn't convince you, maybe this will. At that, she laid on her back and opened her legs wide, exposing her bare pussy.

I looked at Joe and said, hey, I guess she was telling the truth! Joe didn't say a word, he just stood there staring, and wriggling around to try and straighten himself without being obvious about it. I joined my wife on the bed and took her dress off, leaving her naked in front of us. Joe started tugging at the front of his jeans but wasn't having much success so my wife said, "here let me help you with that" and unfastened his jeans, pulled the zipper down, then reached in to straighten him out. As she reached in his underwear, she told Joe that the pressure must have been terrible, then looked back at me with a look of pleasant surprize.

Joe pulled his clothes off, and I could see why she had that look on her face, he was hung like a horse. His cock was a good 12" and very thick. My wife immediately began stroking it and sucking the first few inches of it, while Joe reached down an played with her tit's. I figured that I had better get some before that monster got inside her, so I lifted her hips and fucked her doggie style. When I finished with her, I wiped the cum off her back, then laid back to watch the show.

Joe practically had to pull her mouth off of his cock, then lifted her up and began french kissing her. She pulled Joe onto the bed and as they laid there kissing, she continued stroking his cock while he fingered her very wet pussy. Knowing where this was going,

I grabbed a bottle of oil from the cabinet, poured a good amount onto my wife's hand, and she began spreading in over the length of his cock. Once his cock was nice and slippery, my wife straddled him and began lowering herself down.

Even with the oil, this was going to be difficult, but she wasn't about to give up. She sat up, pulled her pussy lips open as far as she could, and Joe guided the head inside her. She remained still for few seconds, trying to get used to it, then Joe grabbed her hips and began forcing his massive cock inside. Joe managed to get all but two inches inside, she wasn't going to take anymore, and slowly started pumping in an out.

He was pulling half of his cock outward on each stroke, and she had an orgasm nearly every time he was pushing back inside. This went on for quite a while, and twice Joe held out his hand for more oil to re-lube his cock without stopping. My wife was moaning with both pleasure and pain when he began pumping harder and faster, and he managed to squeeze the entire twelve inches in as he made three forceful pumps, then quickly pulled her off, laid her on her back, and shot his cum all over her naked body.

She used two towels to clean herself off, and her pussy looked like she had just given birth. We fell asleep with her between us, we were all exhausted and drained. We woke early that morning, walked to the public showers to clean up, then Joe bought us breakfast at a nearby restaurant.

During breakfast we decided to take the boat out to try and catch some fish, so we stopped at the bait store on our walk back. After stocking up on bait, and a large thermos of coffee, we headed out to open waters. We could see large groups of boats here & there and figured those were the hot spots, but we chose to keep going farther out so we didn't have to anchor. When we reached ten miles off shore, we used the fish finder to locate a school of fish and decided to drop lines and drift for a while.

After about an hour of drifting, without more than a nibble, we were getting a little bored and the sun was getting hot. All we could see in all directions was water, so my wife thought she would do a little sun bathing. She was still wearing the sweat pants & shirt that she had on at breakfast, and was going to change into a bikini, but Joe & I convinced her to do it in the nude. Not only could she tan without tan-lines, but we would be entertained as well. After placing a blanket on the cabin roof, she stripped naked and climbed up to tan.

About a half-hour on each side was all she could take, the sun was pretty hot. When she climbed back down we all decided to go for a quick dip. We swam for a while, joking about how sharp walleye teeth are and how they could mistake anything dangling as a meal. Joe & I were both a little excited having been gazing at my wife naked for an hour, and now floating around in the nude. Joe kept coming up from behind her to fondle her tit's or feel her up.

We got back on the boat, and were toweling off, I could tell that the sight of my nude wife was making Joe hard, and he wasn't being shy about it. With a big smile, my wife grabbed Joe's stiffening cock and said "hey, what's going on here?" he just chuckled and said "you should know, your causing it." At that, he took her in his arms and began kissing her, while feeling her ass with one hand, and her pubic mound with the other, then laid her on her back and began eating her pussy.

I guided my cock to her mouth and, while Joe gave her pussy a good licking, she sucked my cock dry. I no sooner finished, than Joe had her legs high in the air and was forcing his monster size cock into her. Last night she fucked him, with the luxury of lubrication, but now was his turn, and there was no oil. Joe wasn't showing any mercy, he was fucking her long and hard, so hard that the boat was actually causing ripples in the water, I remember thinking something stupid like this guy's cock causing a small craft advisory.

After Joe shot his load, we all jumped back in the water to clean off, then spent the rest of the day getting to know each other better. Joe gave us his contact information, and said he was interested in a long-term "special" relationship with us. My wife said that she couldn't handle him on a regular basis, and without saying where we lived, told him that we live too far apart anyway. On the drive back home, my wife said she had a good time, but was sore, that Joe's cock was too big, and if he knew our homes were only twenty Minutes apart, we'd never get rid of him.


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