The L-Shaped Couch

The "L" Shaped Couch

How It All Began:

We were married at 19 after knowing each other for only three months. Amy is 5'8, weighs 130 and has shoulder length blonde hair. At first I found it flattering that other guys found her attractive, but soon her past relationships came out and I became extremely jealous, so bad in fact, that I would question her faithfulness if she was fifteen minutes late from work, which came very close to ending our marriage.

A couple of years into the marriage, I was working at an international airport, and learned that travelers would discard items that they didn't want to be caught with, in rest room waste cans outside of the security points. I began checking these several times a day, I found knives, and a small caliber hand gun once, but the things I found most were all types of Adult Magazines. On an average I found five very hot magazines a week, some I thought might be illegal because of their content. Then one day I found one called "Beaver" which had some of the best pictures I've ever seen, but also had a story which caught my eye right away because the first page showed a picture of a woman that closely resembled my wife. The story was about a young couple who went to a local porno theater. The couple became excited watching the action on the screen, started some heavy petting, and were soon joined by men on both sides, and the rows in front & behind them. The story went on about the young woman having her shorts pulled down far enough for her husband to finger her, but the man in front of her quickly removed them the rest of the way and the others took turns fingering her hot pussy & fondling her tits. I read this story over and over, fantasizing about it being us.

There was such an establishment about 30 minutes from our house and one day we decided to see what it was like. Amy wore navy blue overalls and a half shirt under the bib. The theater was very old & had two large levels, the ticket taker suggested that we go to the upper level, as that's where most couples go for more privacy. We entered the theater and had to stand for several minutes while our eyes adjusted from the outside light. We could see about a dozen men scattered about the upper level & looking down could see several in the lower level. We chose two seats in the center of the upper level, away from all of the others, and started to watch the movie. The men seemed to ignore that we were there, none of them even looked our way. About twenty minutes of watching the hot action on the screen, we were both getting hot.

Amy slid downward in her seat, I unbuckled the straps holding the bib, allowing it to fall, then pulled the half-shirt up and began sucking her tits. Soon I reached in through the side of the loose fitting overalls and started fingering her very wet pussy. Before too long I heard the squeaks of men sitting down in nearby seats, and realized that they were waiting for some action to begin before moving closer.

All of the men on the upper level were slowly moving closer so they could watch, some had their trousers pulled down and were masturbating. We allowed the men to watch while we played, and to get close enough to see bare tit, but would not let any of them join in.

We went back to this theater several times and got more daring on each visit. One time Amy wore a tee shirt and very loose fitting cotton shorts with over-size leg openings so I would have easy access, and she never wears panties. Amy placed her knees on the seat in front of her & spread her legs while I fingered her. It didn't take the men in the theater long to realize that if they sat at an angle from us, they would have a clear sight of her pussy and several took advantage of the view.

One night we were out drinking with our friends and decided to stop at the theater on the way home. We had not planned on going, but were both feeling good from the drinks we had, and in the mood for some excitement. Amy wasn't dressed for the occasion, she was wearing a button down blouse and tight blue jeans, but she caught the eyes of several patrons as we walked toward the center to find seats away from the others, which was a bit more difficult as the theater was much more crowded than other times we were there.

Almost immediately the men began to move closer, they sensed she was hot and knew they would get a show before long, but kept a respectable distance so they wouldn't spook her. Her shirt was loose fitting, so it was easy for me to reach in to feel her tits while we watched the movie, and soon I had it unbuttoned and pulled wide open. As soon as her shirt was open the men began to move closer to get a better view, which really got Amy hot. Amy was ready for more, this presented a small problem, her jeans were so tight that, even though unfastened, were still too tight for me to have comfortable access to her mound, which frustrated her and the men that were watching, now from four or five seats away.

When she could take no more, she kicked her shoes off, removed her shirt, and took her jeans all the way off. Amy was now in the center of a crowded porno theater, completely naked and ready for action. By now the men were sitting all around us, one in the seat right next to her, so close that she could feel his breath on her naked body, one in front of her, leaning over the back, and another behind her looking over her shoulder. All of the men were jerking off and we could see them shooting their wads as Amy came several times to the movement of my fingers.

After these experiences the jealousy was gone and I started encouraging her to wear more provocative clothes, I was turned on seeing other men looking at her with lust in their eyes. One night our friend Tim was over drinking with us, when I got adventurous. I handed Tim my instant camera and told him I wanted him to take some pictures for me. Tim took two pictures of Amy sitting on my lap, totally nude with her legs open wide. We both knew we could trust Tim, and he knew that looking was as far as it would ever go, but he came over a lot more often. On one of these visits I surprised Amy with a tiny, very sheer, negligee and asked her to model it for us. While Amy walked around wearing this, I noticed that the old guy next door, Hugh, was sitting at his kitchen table watching, and the homes were close enough for him to get an excellent view.

As time went on, Tim moved away and we limited our activity to provocative clothes in public, and Amy wearing her negligees around our house, pretending not to notice that Hugh was glued to his window watching, but we always had great sex afterwards. The following summer we met Jeff, a former body builder who was very attracted to Amy, and she later admitted that he turned her on as well. This is when the real adventures began. Jeff was the kind of guy that would come over just to hang out, or go fishing/boating with me, he was over so often that he seemed almost like a member of the family.

One night, the three of us were in the living room having a few drinks, listening to "Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon" and watching television with the sound turned down. We were on our new "L" shaped couch, when, as he sometimes joked, Jeff said "I think Amy should take her shirt off." We had all had quite a bit to drink, and to ouramazement, Amy pulled her sweater off, displaying her naked breasts.

Amy was on the "L" part of the couch to my left, and Jeff was a couple of feet to my right, staring at my wife's tits; needless to say, I became rather excited. After a while, the excitement of my close friend seeing my wife's bare breasts started to get me more and more excited, so I reached over and started rubbing the crotch of her tight blue jeans. As the night wore on, I could sense her excitement as well, unbuttoned her jeans, pulled the zipper down and continued to massage the crotch of her jeans. This went on for quite a while until Amy said she had to go to the bathroom, and she would flip the tape over and refresh our drinks while she was gone.

Jeff and I were in awe. We didn't say a word while she was gone, but both figured she would return clothed, and the fun would have ended. When she returned with the drinks, she walked between us and turned to set the drinks on the coffee table in front of us. Her blue jeans were still unbuttoned and top still off, so we could see that she too, wanted to pick up where we left off; things were about to get more interesting.

As Amy bent forward to set the drinks on the table, I reached up and pulled her blue jeans down. She stepped out of them and stood before us - totally nude. Amy sat between us this time, put her legs on the table slightly spread apart, and laid back with her head on my shoulder. I was playing with her tits, not paying much attention to anything else, when I noticed that Jeff was slowly running his fingers through her pubic hair, and I could tell she really enjoyed it.

Before long, Amy whispered in my ear "Should I?" I said "If you want to, it's okay with me." At that, Amy reached for Jeff's hand and slowly pushed it downward, indicating to him that it was alright. Jeff didn't once hesitate. He quickly found her wet mound and began fingering her, and within minutes, I saw her legs were spread wide apart and her hips were starting to move in motion with Jeff's hand. Not wanting to cum too soon, Amy turned and laid on the couch with her head on Jeff's lap. He began kissing her deeply, stopping periodically to suck her nipples; I dropped to the floor and began eating her pussy. It wasn't long before it was time for Jeff to leave. Amy, who was still nude, walked him to the front door, gave him a passionate kiss, and he left. Needless to say, Amy and I were so excited that we had sex till the wee hours of the morning.

After this experience, Amy was no longer embarrassed to be sexy when Jeff was visiting and I didn't mind it either. As time went by, there were more than a few times when Jeff would be over for a visit, and Amy, just for our excitement and to tease Jeff, would wear provocative things like loose fitting shorts with no panties and half-shirts, or her short yellow pajama top with no bottoms, then casually do things like bend over to pick something up, causing the half-shirt to fall forward enough for us to see the bottoms of her tits, or changing positions while sitting, in ways that would allow a quick glimpse of her crotch, but she always made it appear that she didn't realize she was doing it. Regardless if she did or didn't, Jeff and I would "coax her"; he would use his line "I think Amy should take her shirt off." I would sometimes come up from behind her and lift her top high enough to expose her breasts, but she usually ended up our naked little play toy.

Early one day in July, Jeff asked if he and I could use my truck to pick up a water bed for a friend from a local warehouse. Amy and I were both on vacation and had no real plans, and since Amy wanted to spend the day in the back yard working on her tan, I went with Jeff. A few hours later, we returned and noticed Amy in the back yard wearing her bikini. Jeff and I sat in the living room having a few beers and talking, but Jeff seemed to keep making excuses for going to the kitchen. On his third trip to the kitchen, I followed to see what he was up to, and I saw him staring out the window gazing at Amy laying on her back in the sun. When Jeff came back to the living room, he commented on what a nice body my wife has.

Before long, Amy came inside, opened a bottle of beer, and joined us on the couch. Seeing Amy in her bikini, and thinking about Jeff's comment after gazing at her through the window, I started getting excited. It was obvious that Jeff was too. Amy sat between us with her legs on the coffee table, and as we sat there talking, I started to play with her tits. I was kissing her and intentionally moving my hand in a manner that pulled the bikini top outward enough for Jeff to get a peek as I gently pinched her nipples.

Amy went to the kitchen to get more beer, when she returned she had a bottle in each hand, and stood in front of the couch waiting for us to take them. Instead, I got up, stood behind her and pulled the string on the back of her bikini top and it fell to the floor. As I stood there playing with her tits, Jeff reached forward, pulled her bottoms off, and began running his fingers slowly up & down her inner thighs, and ever so gently around her pussy on each pass. After a little while of playing in the living room, I took Amy upstairs to our bedroom. After a short time of cuddling and talking, Amy got up to look out the window and saw that Jeff's car was still there. She went back down to the living room nude, and asked Jeff if he wanted to come up to the bedroom and watch. Jeff readily accepted her offer and joined us upstairs. Amy climbed on top of me and began slowly riding my cock, as Jeff sat in a chair next to the bed and fondled her ass while we fucked. We made love until we were both exhausted. When we regained our senses, Jeff was gone but later thanked us for the show.

In mid August, we purchased a video player and an adult tape, "The Erotic Adventures Of Sunny Day." The following weekend, the three of us were on the couch watching this movie, drinking shots & beer, and I suggested that Amy change into something a little less restrictive. She readily agreed and left the room. She returned a short time later wearing a white lace negligee that left little to the imagination; the short top was held closed by a tiny bow near the neck line and the bottoms were transparent lace panties. Amy laid on the couch with her head on my lap and her legs on Jeff's lap, and the excitement began to grow. By the time the movie was half over, I had her top wide open and was fondling her breasts, and Jeff was gently rubbing his hands up and down her thighs. Before long, I told Jeff that he could remove her lace panties. With a look of amazement, he said "She'll probably kick me or something if I try." Amy looked up at Jeff and said "No I won't." Jeff grabbed both sides of the negligee bottoms and as Amy slightly raised her hips, slowly pulled them off and began caressing her pussy. I soon removed my clothes and moved to the "L" portion of the couch, Amy dropped to the floor and took my cock into her mouth. I was more than excited, having my best friend watch my nude wife suck my cock. I watched his attentions slowly move along her naked body kneeling in front of him and her mouth on my cock; all the while rubbing his crotch. Amy kept her small ass up high and was moving it about in a manner that was driving Jeff crazy.

When I thought I would burst from the excitement, I saw that Jeff was looking toward me, and he too was excited beyond control. I smiled and quietly said "Fuck her." Jeff's jaw dropped and he nervously said, "How will SHE feel about that?" I grinned and said, "She WON'T care." Jeff stood, removed his pants, knelt behind Amy and pressed his large cock against her soaking wet pussy. Jeff and I weren't sure what her reaction would be at this point; we couldn't be sure of anything anymore. Any doubts we had vanished when Amy parted her legs to accept his big cock. Jeff entered her slowly while she was sucking me, and I could feel her head bouncing as Jeff fucked her. He pumped slowly at first, holding her hips for full penetration, then faster and faster until he eventually exploded, filling her completely.

When Jeff finished fucking her, we decided to take a short break while he got dressed. Amy, still naked, then walked him to the door and kissed him goodnight. He left, and Amy went to the bathroom, to drain Jeff's juice from her pussy. Amy and I made passionate love well into the next morning. She had a glow in her eyes, and we both agreed that it was the most exciting thing we had ever done.


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