The Country Bar

The Country Bar by Dan

Tired of the loud rock music and rowdy crowd at our usual hang out, we decided to stop at another place we passed every week on our way. This place was much larger, had ample parking, and didn't look as though it would be as crowded. As we walked through the front door, we could see that it was larger than it looked from the outside. To one side was the bar, it was rectangular with rounded edges and seating all around. To the other side was a very large dance floor with the band stand in the corner, then a big seating area in the back with lots of tables.

Since the bar was pretty much full, we chose a empty table in the back and sat down. The crowd didn't seem rowdy at all, and except for a few hard- core country dancers dressed in fancy garb, most people were in jeans like us, so the only thing missing were cowboy hats. The waitress brought our beer as we watched the band finish setting up and, unlike the other place we had been going to, people around us started involving us in conversations to be friendly.

Soon after the band started, the place began getting more crowded, and when seating got slim, new comers were asking to sit at half full tables. We ended up with two friendly cowboys at our table, one was a dance instructor. It was a little strange at first, we were involved in their conversations, and they in ours, like we had been friends for years, but we soon became comfortable with the feeling. Except for a couple of slow songs where we could fake it, we sat mostly at the table watching others dance, until they offered to teach us a few moves.

After several tries, I just wasn't getting it, so I went back to the table to watch. My wife, however, was picking it up rather quickly and was soon doing the "stomp" with the two cowboys. This was a fast dance and she would come back to the table all out of breath, but she said she really liked it. We switched to pictures of beer, and our waitress made sure our glasses were never empty. The cowboys were both commenting on how fast my wife was picking up the dances, and how good she was at it. At first there were High Fives on the dance floor, but that soon developed into hugs instead.

I suppose we were all getting a little buzzed from all the beer, and I never even thought about it when the conversation went from general talk and compliments on how fast my wife was picking up the dances, to how pretty she is and how tight her jeans are. Now when slow songs came on we all took turns dancing and I noticed the two cowboys were holding her tight, and occasionally letting their hands slip off her hip onto her ass to get a quick feel, but everyone was having a good time so I just laughed it off.

Before we knew it, the waitress brought another picture of beer and said "last call" and walked away. We all checked our watches, non of us could believe that it was 2:00 a.m., we were just getting started. In the half hour to follow before they asked everyone to leave, we talked about making this our new hang-out, and agreed that the first ones to get there would save seats for the others so we could all sit together again. My wife commented on how she hated to see the night end, she's having such a good time. That's when one of the cowboys said he knows of a place within walking distance that has plenty of beer, music, dancing, and no closing time.

We were going to decline, but we did want to party more, and we were all a little too drunk to be driving anyway, so I figured maybe we could sober up a little at the next place. We walked across the parking lot and down a side street, we commented that it was dark & didn't look like anything was open, but the two assured us that it was there at the end.

What we found at the end of that street was the house the two of them shared, and there was indeed plenty of beer. We all sat in the dining room drinking and talking, when one got up and put some country music on. Of course they picked up where they left off with taking turns dancing while the other stayed talking with me, but it seemed different now, the one talking to me seemed anxious while the other one was dancing.

The way the house was set up, we couldn't see the hard-wood floor of the living room where the dancing was going on, we had to walk around a wall to see. One cowboy and I would stand in the doorway watching, but always returned to the dining room to sit and talk. Every few minutes, one would yell to the other to turn it down a little so the neighbors don't bitch about it, until we could barely hear it from the dining room, but could still hear their shoes on the floor as they danced.

I had lost track of how many beers I had and was starting to get dizzy, so I went into the bathroom to splash some water on my face. As I sat on the toilet, I must have dozed off or something, but began coming to when I heard one of our hosts say "he's passed out, let him be" and they walked away. I sat there for a while longer, getting myself together, then went back to the dining room and sat down alone.

The music was still on very low, and I suddenly realized that it was very slow too, so I walked around the wall to see what was going on. There was my wife slow dancing with both of the cowboys, one in front of her, and the other behind. They were both holding her tight, the one in front was French kissing her, and the other feeling her bare tits from behind, who knows when her shirt came off, but it was gone, and cowboy hats were the only thing that the men had on.

The two cowboys were shocked to see me walk in the room, but it didn't phase my wife at all, she was too horny to care. One said "I hope you don't mind" but what could I say at that point? I said that it doesn't look like my wife minds, so I guess I'll go with the flow!

I sat on the couch and watched as the three of them slowly moved about the living room, then as the one in front picked her up off the floor and held her up, the other pulled her jeans and panties off. As he put her back down, she slowly ran her tongue down his body until she was on her knee's, then took his cock in her mouth. The other cowboy rolled onto his back and forced his head underneath her so she was sitting on his face and began eating her pussy.

After my wife came once on his tongue, he re-positioned her and started fucking her doggy-style. Within minutes, the cowboy shot his load all over her back, then I took his place and fucked her until I too shot my load. After we had finished fucking her, the one cowboy and I sat on the couch to watch the show. We both figured that the other cowboy would shoot his load in her mouth, but he had other things in mind.

The remaining cowboy pushed my wife's head from his cock, laid on the floor kissing her for a while, then pulled her on top of him. My wife reached for his cock, guided it to her pussy and within seconds was riding it like a bucking bronco!

My wife and I awoke on the couch some hours later, the sun was up, we were still naked, and there was the smell of food cooking . We went to the kitchen to get some coffee, one of the cowboys was cooking a large breakfast, the other was still sleeping.

We ate breakfast discussing the nights activities, and how much fun we all had, and he said that he was sorry for his performance because he was too drunk to get fully hard. My wife said it felt big, but squishy, and he replied that he'd really like to make it up to her now. As the cowboy lead her off to his bedroom, I decided to take a shower, but they were still hard at it when I came out. I stood and watched, her legs were high in the air, wrapped around his arms, and he was pounding her pussy for all it was worth.

When they finished fucking, my wife poured a cup of coffee and sat in the bathroom draining the cowboys cum from her pussy. When she came out and got dressed, we said goodbye and headed home. It was nearly noon when we got home, we went right to bed and talked about what all had happened. My wife said that the cowboy wasn't squishy at all that morning, and she was sore because he fucked her so hard. Although sore, she did manage to give me a quicky, then we both took a very long nap.

I think I'm starting to like country music!

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