New Contact Lenses

New Contact Lenses By Dan

It had been three years since my wife & I had vision check-ups and we were both noticing some differences. We didn't have a regular eye doctor, so my wife checked the provider directory and made an appointment for us both. We didn't think much of the fact that the office was a house converted to an office, but found it strange that there were two doctors and no receptionist.

After a ten minute wait, we were called back by the doctor who would be giving our exams. As we walked past the first exam room, we saw the other doctor sitting at his desk reading, there were no other patients. The room we were taken to was narrow, but deep, there was a desk toward the front & the exam chair and other equipment toward the back. The doctor was in his mid to late fifties and a good two hundred pounds over weight. This wasn't the typical eye doctor either, this guy seemed strange. After going over our insurance benefits and history, he took me to the exam chair.

After my exam he looked at my wife and asked her if she was ready, as he motioned for her toward the chair. The doctor remained in his chair as she walked to the back of the room, she was wearing tight jeans and it was obvious that he was checking out her ass as she walked. My wife was there for contact lenses, so her exam was a bit more involved and took a lot longer to perform. After checking her vision, he sat on a chair in front of her and began telling her how her prescription had changed, but he couldn't fit her for contacts today, because the machine that he uses to measure the eye is not working. He said that this machine uses a laser to find the curvature, and demonstrated the curvature with his hand on her knee.

After they came back to the desk, he said that the laser machine should be back up and running by the end of the week, and tried to set up an appointment. There is only one weekday morning she could go, but his schedule with his other business kept him busy on that day with meetings, his office is closed when she gets off work in the evening, and he just couldn't find a convenient time. I said this was ridiculous, and that we would just go somewhere else for her exam. He said NO, the exam is already done, her eyes only need to be measured. He said that he would page her next week when he had a better idea of his schedule, and would stay open until she got there.

On the drive home, she commented that this guy was really weird. he kept finding reasons to lean over her during the exam, she could feel his fat stomach touching her and that she's never had a doctor use his hand on her knee to demonstrate curvature. I told her that he seemed to be checking out her ass when she walked past him, and that maybe he has dirty old man tendencies. I said the only way to get back at a dirty old man was to drive him nuts, so when she goes back to be measured, she should wear something sexy and hope he doesn't drool on her. She laughed and said "good idea, I think I will"

She called me at work the following Thursday and said that she just talked to the eye doctor and he was expecting her at 6:30 that night. As we had talked about, she was going to drive him nuts, so she stopped home on her way there and changed into one of her shortest lightweight summer dresses.

The doctor took her right to the exam chair, and the other doctor was still in his office, so she felt a little more comfortable. As he set up the equipment, he held his hand in front of a cone shaped thing that produced a thin red line on his hand. He explained that this is the laser, and that it goes from one side to the other and gives a perfect measurement of the eye. He said that this was the latest thing technology has to offer, but it's very time consuming, there are special eye drops that have to be used, and she has to remain perfectly still throughout the test.

He told her that the eye drops cause a slight stinging that makes it difficult to keep your eyes open, so he provides a relaxant to his patients to avoid that. He placed a plastic mask over her mouth and nose, and she instantly felt VERY relaxed. After placing the drops in her eye's, he turned off the room light, leaving just a small desk lamp on the other side of the room on. She could feel him behind her holding one eye open at a time as the laser slowly moved across each. During the exam, she heard the office door open and close, she couldn't see, but she heard the voice of the other doctor in the room.

Their voices were echoed, but she heard the doctor call out the measurements to the other, who was writing them down at the desk. She remembered hearing squeaking sounds as he moved the equipment away, and the wheels of the short chair he had used when he put his hand on her knee the last time. As she felt him take the mask off, she heard him say to the other doctor "she'll be out for another 20 minutes" and the other doctor said "you must have really gassed this one" he laughed and asked if he blamed him. She heard the other doctor respond "no, not a bit" and then the room went silent.

She sat there in total silence, unable to move, when she heard the doctor say "didn't I tell you?" There was a long pause before she heard the other doctor say "and you were right!" The second doctors voice was right next to her ear, he must have been standing behind the chair, she heard him mumble "let's see what we have here" then felt the straps of her dress being pulled off her shoulders, and two hands feeling her bare tits.

Hearing a mumbled snicker from the first doctor, she felt her legs being lifted onto the arm rests of the chair, the front her panties being pulled downward and a large hand on her pussy. The mumbled voices continued, one said that he'd really like to fuck this one, and the other said that if they were going to keep getting away with this, they can't do that, it would leave evidence. The squeak of the small chair moved closer, and her panties were being pulled to the side. The one doctor said, "well I have to at least taste this" and she could feel him licking her pussy, until she heard a long low-pitched grown and he moved away.

The second doctor, still feeling her tits and pushing his tongue in and out of her mouth, said "don't get any on her" to which the first one answered "I didn't". After a pause, the second voice rang out "Okay, your done, let me in there" and the squeaky chair again moved closer. The second doctor was licking her inner thighs and sliding his finger in and out of her pussy for a short time, when she heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled and the squeaky chair being pushed away.

She felt nothing for several seconds, but heard the first doctor protesting, and the other telling him not to worry, he'll be careful. Suddenly she felt the sides of her pussy being pulled open and a large object being slowly forced inside. The second doctor was fucking her unconscious body, and there was nothing she could do about it. This went on for a while, then she felt a jolt as he yanked it out and began moaning.

When she awoke, both doctors were sitting at the desk talking; she looked down and saw that her dress was still on. When they realized she was coming out of it, they both turned to look at her. One said, "that wasn't too bad was it?" but she didn't say a word. The other asked the first doctor if he told her that the gas could make some people hallucinate? He replied "no" and they both asked if she had a bad dream while under, and pointed to a clock saying that she was only under fifteen minutes.

She was still dazed and confused when she drove home, and went to sleep on the couch. I woke her when I got home, and she jumped in fear. I asked what was wrong and she told me the story. She said that it was very vivid, but they told her the gas can make some people hallucinate, and his office clock showed she was only there fifteen minutes, but it was dark when she left the office, so it must have been later.

I asked her if she thought to check the clock in the car, but she never thought of it. I decided to check her out as she was undressing for bed. Her panties, which she had only worn a few times, were all stretched out and there was a small tear on one side seem. I'm convinced that she didn't hallucinate anything, it really happened, but you can't prove anything with nothing more than stretched panties and those doctors both know it. Sort of makes you wonder how many other women had the same exam.


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