Fun With Sister-in-Law

One of the pleasure I have in my life is sunbathing nude in my back yard. It is enclosed by a fence and is completely private. The pool and patio are between the house and the area where I bathe on the outside, as the sun is brighter out of the screened patio area.

About two months ago, after I finished and came into the house, my wife told me her sister had come by and when she opened the patio door, saw me lying on the lounge flat on my back and apparently asleep. We use the patio entrance because the parking area adjoins it and it is much more convenient to enter the house...I was asleep because I did not hear or see her and asked my wife if her sister said anything? Only that you have big balls but did not elaborate. I chuckled, thinking since my sister-in-law has been a widow for the past six years and probably hasn't seen balls all that time. Her husband Tom died from a heart attack and family rumor had it, while in the sack with her.

A week after, I was lying on the lounge facing the patio door when I heard a car come in the driveway. I closed my eyes to only a slit and watched Sue, my sister-in-law come through the door. She stopped when she saw me and stood perfectly still, just staring at my exposed privates. After some 30 seconds she went on to the door leading to the house. I could see her looking out through the glass door as she sat in the chair nearest to the door. She would look from time to time at me and then turn and talk to her sister. After half an hour or so, she got up and came out into the patio, no more than 15 feet from where I was lying. I still pretended to be asleep although I could feel my penis starting to tingle from the exposure. She stared for awhile and then left.

I got up and went into the house where my wife was laughing and told me Sue spent the time she was visiting speaking about my habit of going nude and letting everything hang out. She remarked about my balls again and even told my wife I had a nice cock. My wife realizes she is probably lonely and had nothing else to say and got excited seeing my genitals for the first time since she met me.

Some two weeks later, I heard my wife talking to Sue on the phone and telling her she had a good book for her to read. She said she was going out but would leave it on the table in the patio if Sue wanted to come by and pick it up. When I heard this I decided to have some fun with Sue. I went into the bathroom off the patio, stripped and waited. From time to time I would play with my cock and get it in a semi-hard state. It would still hang straight down, but look a bit more respectable. I heard her drive in and get out of the car and come to the patio door. She looked out in the yard, I guess figuring to see me.

When she was in the patio and getting close to the table where the book was. I opened the bathroom door and came out. She looked up and I heard her gasp. Oh, I said sorry, didn't know you were here. She kept staring at my genitals until she suddenly spun around and took off, forgetting the book. I heard her drive off and then went out to the yard to get in my sunning. When my wife returned I decided I'd better tell her before she heard it from her sister. My wife has a great sense of humor and roared when I described Sue's reaction. She must be really horny by this time after seeing your cock and balls again, she said.

The next day, Sue came by to pick up the book and her only remark when she saw me was to say "at least this time you have your clothes on".

A couple days later I thought to myself that maybe I upset her by my little trick and called her to apologize. When she answered the phone I told her I was sorry I scared her the other day. Oh, she said, I wasn't scared, just startled.

"What do you mean," I asked. When I saw you come out of the bathroom and walk toward me I was shook up by those things hanging down halfway to your knees. What things, I asked. You know, your testicles she said. Oh, I laughed, men usually call them balls or sometimes nuts.

"Your sack is as big as a grapefruit," she replied and I've never seen anything like it.

"How many have you seen," I asked. Well, you know I was married for 20 years to Tom and he was on the small side. His were no bigger than maybe an orange and close to his body. Yours were massive and swung back and forth when you walked. Very impressive. I told her I appreciated her candor and kind words and hung up.

The next day my wife told me Sue had called her and told her about our conversation. She said she had always had a thing for men's testicles and after marrying Tom would do most of her foreplay, tickling and rubbing his balls. She told my wife she went to sleep every night holding his sack in her hand and whenever she felt horny would start gently squeezing and rubbing until he got hard and made love to her. My wife said, after all these years it's only been the past few weeks Sue has ever mentioned sex or her feelings to her. I guess seeing you, set her off, she said.

I noticed Sue starting calling our house much more frequently and since I usually answer the phone, found myself talking to her more than all the time we've known each other. Her first remark was usually, "How are they hanging?" I'd reply, "like always" She'd laugh and tell me to keep them warm. One time I told her I had an embarrassing problem and after she repeatedly asked what it was, told her that when I sit on a toilet, my balls hang down so far, they dangle in the water which is very uncomfortable, not to mention cold.

She said, "I may have a solution. remember about three years ago when I hurt my knee playing tennis? The doctor recommended I get one of those elevated toilet seats, so I could stand up easier. It's about 5 inches higher then the regular toilet seat and was a life saver for me. If you like, you can have it since I'm fine now." The next day she brought the seat over and I tried it out while she waited. Great I yelled. no more wet balls.

"I'm glad I could help," she said," Now we have something in common." She grew quite friendly with me after this and would tell me some of the most intimate details of her sex life with Tom. I figured she was just reliving the good old days, so to speak. I usually repeated these stories to my wife and our sex life got better because of the added erotics.

Fast forward two weeks to our patio on a weekend day. I had just come from sunbathing and was sitting in the patio, wearing only a towel wraparound, fastened with two snaps. My wife came out and told me Sue was on her way over to have a drink or two and would be here shortly. I went in and got the vodka and grapefruit juice, glasses and ice and brought them out to the table. I could tell my wife had something on her mind and asked what's up.

Well she sort of blushed and told me she had been thinking about Sue and her reaction to my equipment. She asked if I would let Sue sort of get another look when she arrived. I didn't believe my wife was so forward as in all the years we'd been married she never once expressed a desire for anything unusual sexwise. I said, why not, it won't bother me, in fact since Sue talked to me I have a better appreciation for what I have down here, holding my balls in my hand. The wife laughed and said after a couple of drinks, I'll pretend to be sleepy and leave you two alone.

A few minutes later Sue walked in and I fixed the first round of drinks. We sat and talked about nothing in particular, Sue to my right and my wife on the left.. A second round followed, I usually poor a stiff drink, adding an extra jolt to Sue's. As she finished the drink, I could tell she was relaxing when she said I missed the floor show today. You had your sunbathing before I got here. Well I said you've seen all there is to see, right? I fixed another round and halfway through, my wife said she was sleepy and went into the bedroom.

Sue giggled, I guess she can't handle the booze she said. She swallowed the last of her drink and I fixed her another, number 4. I knew she was feeling no pain by this time. When I sat down next to her I turned so my legs were facing her and the towel was open toward her. I moved forward on the chair until I felt my nuts flop over the edge. She glanced down and I knew she could see my balls hanging over the edge of the chair She didn't say anything as I asked her for her arm, she responded by holding it out.

I took it and slowly slid it up under my towel until her hand came in contact with my balls. I was watching her face closely and noticed her eyes slightly close and her mouth open in surprise. She didn't move her hand as I released her arm, just keeping it touching my balls. After a short pause she started to feel then and rub my sack. Oh! She exclaimed, it feels bigger than a grapefruit. and so soft and smooth. I use an oil to lubricate the skin when I sunbathe I told her. Only on the balls and penis. She then took her other hand and pushed it under the towel.

It takes two hands to do those monsters justice she told me. By this time, the gentle squeezing and tugging was getting to me and I could feel my cock stiffen. She giggled again and asked am I responsible for that? Who else I replied, as I watched my wife peeking out the bedroom window with a big smile on her face. Why don't I make this easier for I removed the towel and got closer to her I said. She really looked startled when she realized she was only 2 feet from my now stiff cock and throbbing balls.

They are so smooth and almost like velvet she murmured as she continued to caress and fondle. I shave twice a week to keep the sack hairless I told her and it feels better in my underwear. I wear thong underwear so the sack is supported by the pocket in the thong. Makes a nice bulge too. I notice lots of looks from women when I'm in a mall or on the street. Don't doubt it she replied. She took my cock in her hand and remarked on the drop of pre- cum coming out the slit on the head.

I'm only 7 inches I told her but the balls are out of proportion to the cock. I think they are both lovely, cock and balls, as she continued to rub and caress. Tom was only 5 inches at most, but he could use it like a pro...three or four times a night she told me. I only saw one other penis in my life, a high school boyfriend had me play with him instead of going all the way. Did my sister tell you how I would only go to sleep holding Tom's sack in my hand? I said yes. Well if I was your wife I'd have to use two hands to hold them...She kept tugging and squeezing as she spoke.

Are you trying to stretch them further I asked as she pulled and pulled. Oh she said, it gives me the shivers when I feel the power you have in your balls. Suddenly she gave a really hard squeeze and groaned...I jumped from the quick pain and told her to lighten up. I'm sorry but I just had an orgasm, couldn't control myself. I said, "you must be really into balls if just playing with a set turns you on like that." Tom's never made me cum by just playing with his, but these monsters are something special. It's the first time that ever happened. Well, I said, "don't be a're welcome anytime."

"Yeah," she said. "I bet my sister would appreciate that." I know I would, I told her. My wife was still watching, as I told Sue to turn her head and look at the window. She dropped my balls, like hot potatoes when she saw my wife looking out. My wife gave her a thumbs up motion and moved from the window.

Sue, I said "this was her idea...she thought you'd appreciate the intimacy. I didn't know she wasn't jealous and could share at least you looking and even playing with my parts." "Wow," Sue said, "I never appreciated big sister as much as I do now." She put her hands back around my balls and moved closer. "You know I could get both of Tom's in my mouth, but doubt if even one of yours would fit."

"When did you get this thing for balls?" I asked. I think it had something to do with my high school friend had a nice set and he loved having me play with them...sometimes for over an hour in the car before he dropped me off at home. Until I met Tom his were the only ones I'd seen or felt...When I would play with Tom's I'd always be thinking of my early boyfriend...They were bigger and softer, not as big as yours or as soft but made Tom look like a child in comparison.

Well since Tom died from a heart attack, I guess you kept him hyper. What a bad thing to say she told me...all married people are intimate. Well I told her, your sister isn't into ball play and hardly ever touches them. What she likes is when I'm fucking her, the balls slap up against her butt and she tells me it gives her bigger orgasms. Well Sue said, "to each her own..."

My wife came out and walked over to the table, picking up the towel and dropping it in my lap. I think Sue has seen enough for today she said. Sue blushed and tried to say something. Don't bother, my wife said. "I only told him to let you see his privates." I butted in real quick, the rest was my idea, I thought Sue needed some affection. Well my wife said it's ok I guess but no fornicating, Ok? Sue told us she had never anticipated what happened, although she appreciated the experience. She told my wife how lucky she was to have such equipment available to her. I think some of the booze was still we suggested Sue have a nap before leaving.

Sue went in our guestroom for her nap as my wife and I had another drink and talked about the experience I had with her sister. "You know," said my wife, "I was getting horny watching the two of you, Sue playing with your balls and the look on her face was indescribable." I wonder if she's sleeping, let's go look she said. I was still naked except for the towel lying in my lap and when I stood, it fell to the ground. I just ignored it and followed my wife into the house. She quietly opened the door and peeked in. Oh, I think she's passed out from all the booze...only wearing a bra and panties.

I looked in and Sue was lying on her back, legs spread and arms outstretched. I noticed her panties were wet around her mons, from the orgasm she had on the patio. Sue is on the short side, a bit stocky, good legs, thighs rock hard from her tennis and shapely calves. Her breasts are medium, with nice nips as I realized her bra was cut to let the nipples pass through. Slim waist and no cellulite showing anywhere. Stand by her head said my wife and as I moved she started shaking Sue. Wake up she said, I have a surprise for you. After a few seconds, Sue opened her eyes and sleepily looked up...The first thing she saw was my semi- hard cock about 12 inches from her face. What's going on, she asked?

My wife said I got horny watching you earlier and masturbated myself to a climax...Wow, I thought to myself, I didn't know my wife was into that...Then my wife said, I think it's only fair that Jeff (my name) got some attention. She then grabbed my pecker and started to squeeze and rub it up and down. Grab his balls she told her sister and she promptly obeyed, never having seen her sister act like this before. Take off your bra and panties she said, Jeff wants to see your pussy. Great, I thought almost my thoughts exactly. Sue let go of my balls and quickly slid her briefs down and unhooked her bra, Both tits tumbled out and her nipples stuck out close to an inch, as I watched them harden. She quickly grabbed my balls again as my wife brought my cock to it's full 7 inches. Now she said to Sue kiss his penis...

But said Sue, won't you care? Not if I'm the one telling you what to do, said my wife. Sue slipped one hand off my balls and took my penis and guided it to her lips. At first she only tongued the head, slipping the tip of her tongue into the slit and licking off the pre-cum. After a minute or so, my wife said, go ahead and put the whole thing in your mouth like you used to do Tom. Sue pushed her head forward and slowly sucked in my full cock...I felt it hit the back if her throat and she gagged a little bit as I moved it around. My cock is fairly thick and really gave Sue a mouthful.

She started sucking like she had a lollipop in her mouth and I could feel my balls responding. I noticed my wife had her hand down the front of her shorts and was fingering herself and breathing hard. I reached down to Sue's pussy and stuck my index finger into her slit. I had to part her very black and hairy pubic hair to do so. I looked at her hair, it was beautiful, hanging down a good two inches from her cunt. She had trimmed it, so it was shaped into a perfect triangle.

I felt her clit tremble as I touched it...nicely developed and shaped like a petite penis. She told me later that Tom liked to suck on it for hours, giving her multiple orgasms and actually making it grow over the years. When I was a young girl she told me it wasn't even it stands up for attention. I wanted to bury my face in that hairy cushion, but didn't want to upset my wife. I figured I'd let her run the show. Grab his balls and squeeze she told Sue and Sue promptly obeyed. I could feel my orgasm start deep down as she squeezed and tugged, all the time keeping a good sucking motion going with her mouth.

My wife started to moan and twitch as she watched and fingered her twat. Suddenly at almost the same time, we came. I shot a load of cum all over Sue's face as she tried to swallow as much as she could. My wife fell to her knees from her orgasm and just knelt there for a few minutes. Wow, she said when she regained her composure, that felt good. She leaned over Sue and I thought was kissing her but then realized she was licking the rest of my cum off her face. She's never done that in all our years together, so I figured I was in for a few more surprises in our married life.

After we cleaned up, we went back to the patio to have another drink. Sue and I still naked, my wife fully dressed. My cock was starting to respond again and as I sat next to Sue, couldn't help staring at her thick bush, My wife noticed my eye level and said well it certainly is impressive. Sue spread her legs as we both looked at her rosy cunt and heavy bush.

My wife is not hairy, only a few sparse hairs that I keep shaved to only form a frame around her slit. She is fair complexioned while Sue is dark and tans easily while my wife burns. Sue always joked about being the coalman's daughter because all her sisters were light complexioned. Sue said today has really been a turn-on for me and I can't thank you enough she told her sister. My wife laughed and said it was all because I got horny watching you play with his balls earlier.

Then she reached over and cupped them in her hands, his sack really is as big as a grapefruit and his nuts feel like tennis balls inside. That startled me since my wife never acted like this and I always blamed her upbringing where sex was taboo. Anyway, I'm tired and want a time you come over she told Sue, you and Jeff can sunbathe together...I know you like the sun also. Sue got up and walked back in the house to get dressed, wiggling her ass at us as she did.

We both laughed. I'm glad I could get her out of her shell said my wife. I didn't say anything, but thought to myself, boy, you certainly took a big leap out of yours.


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