Shy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 01

My name is Gautam. I am 30 years old, and I work in a big manufacturing firm. Until a few months back, I used to work in a factory in Delhi as a senior manager, but then I got promoted. The company chose me to go set up and head a new manufacturing plant in a remote rural area. So I went there, accompanied by my wife, Bela.

Bela is 24 years old, and we got married two years ago. Ours was an arranged marriage. Bela is from my community, and was chosen by my parents. She grew up in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, and is quite conservative, quiet and very shy. In many ways, she is the traditional Indian wife. She is a housewife, spends most of her time in housework, knitting, watching hindi soap operas, and listens to everything I say. No matter how much I insist, she refuses to eat before I have eaten, which makes me feel very guilty whenever I have to stay at work later than usual. She also does not have any friends of her own, and her life completely revolves around me.

That makes me very uncomfortable. I grew up in Delhi, so all female friends as well as girlfriends I had before marriage were assertive, self-confident and focused on their careers. In fact my last girlfriend and I broke up because she moved to Bangalore because of career reasons and we could not handle a long distance relationship. So finally, tired of relationships gone bad, I agreed to my parents pestering me for an arranged marriage. When I first met Bela at her parents' place in her small town, I was smitten by her beauty and grace. I was also mindful of the career reasons ending my last relationship, so I actually liked the idea of a housewife. And a simple and obedient one like Bela.

After marriage, Bela fit in very well with the family. We lived with my parents in Delhi, and she was very caring and respectful towards them. And took upon herself a lot of the housework that my mom used to do. Initially I was happy with this. I could not imagine my firebrand ex-girlfriend ever being this homely, and it was nice to have a wife who gave so much deference to my parents. She read newspapers and books to my father who has bad eyes, did most of the cooking, and got along well with other relatives too. And she seemed very happy and content with our life.

I on the other hand, started getting a bit annoyed by it all. I felt as if my wife was mine only for a few hours. The rest of the time, I had to share her with my parents and other relatives who kept dropping in. The only privacy we got was at night in the bedroom. Ah, the bedroom. In the bedroom, things were quite good. Nothing wild or rollicking like with my ex, but good. Bela had been a virgin until our wedding night, as the blood on the sheet showed. She was initially hesitant and shy about sex, but was gradually coming around to enjoying it. She was still shy about telling me what she liked, but I had more or less managed to gauge her pretty well. For the first few weeks, she was dead opposed to the idea of giving or getting oral sex. But eventually I coaxed her and trained her into giving me some pretty good blowjobs. And although she'd never admit it to me, she loved it when I went down on her.

So things were OK in bed, and Bela was a great fit with my family, but I craved for some actual privacy. I could not just get up and rent a separate house for the two of us without any reason, because my parents would have felt hurt. But I really wished I could. Which is why I was elated when the company promoted me, and wanted to send me far from Delhi to set up and head the new manufacturing plant. It gave me a valid reason to live alone with my wife.

There were tearful goodbyes when we were leaving. It was as if a bride was leaving her parents' house. A lot of relatives also came to bid us farewell, actually Bela more than me. I had never mixed much with any of my relatives and many of them often commented about how Bela seems a lot closer to them in just a couple of years than I had been over my lifetime. So we said goodbye to the whole family and went to the small village of Hingpur.

The village itself was tiny, and did not have any housing suitable for us. So the company had built a couple of houses for me and some of the others who would be working with me, on the outskirts of the village and a couple of km from the factory site. When we went there, at the very outset, we were the only people living there. Bela took on the responsibility of turning that house into a home with great zeal. We went to the closest town to get a lot of furniture and other things, and very soon what had just been a few rooms with bare walls, became a full fledged home.

From the outside, it seemed like a desolate place, with nothing but a few empty houses behind us. There was barren and hilly land all around us, with some shrubs and trees and nothing much. Inside the house however, things were very different. Fully furnished and decorated, with a well-stocked kitchen, and with aromas of food or incense wafting around. The company offered to hire a servant for us, but Bela refused saying that a washing machine was enough for the laundry, and since it was just the two of us, there wasn't too much work anyway.

The best part of this new job was that my work hours were flexible. I just had to go for a few hours to inspect the construction and set-up of the manufacturing plant. But beyond that, until the factory became fully functional, I didn't have much to do. Which was great for Bela and my sex life. We started having sex more and more often. In the morning, afternoon, evening and if course night. Bela was still a bit shy in bed, but she was enjoying herself more and more. I also noticed that she started moaning and yelling during sex, something she told me she always controlled in Delhi, lest my parents hear us.

Bela also started talking a lot more, which I loved. She was still very deferential to me, but I started learning more about her likes and dislikes. I actually started feeling like I had a wife, not a glorified maid.

One thing that had always struck me as odd was how one-dimensional Bela's wardrobe was. She almost always wore saris. And the few times she did not wear saris, she wore salwar-kameez. She did not own any western clothes at all. So once, I brought this topic up, asking if she only wore Indian clothes. And she shyly said that she used to wear jeans and trousers when she was in college in her small town, but her mother said it would be inappropriate to wear them as a housewife, so she had left them behind when we got married.

I laughed and said we should buy her some new clothes. The next weekend we went to the closest town and bought Bela some tshirts, tops, jeans, trousers, capris and shorts. Getting her to buy shorts was a bit of a task. First she refused, saying she would feel uncomfortable wearing shorts, especially in such rural settings. I told her she could just wear them at home, and reminded her how remote our house was. She finally agreed, but uncomfortably. In fact when she tried on the shorts in the trial room, she refused to come out and show me how they looked, because the shop-keeper would see her bare legs. And these weren't skimpy shorts. Loose ones that went to her knees. But even that made her uncomfortable. She just came out, changing into her regular clothes and told me the shorts fit.

When we went home, I had her model all the clothes for me, which she did, giggling all the time. From then on, Bela started wearing western clothes in the house regularly. Later, she even admitted that it was a relief to wear them, because the hot weather really made her uncomfortable under the heavy saris and salwar kameez. In a few weeks, she got comfortable in those clothes, and when I took her for another shopping trip, she did not mind me buying shorter skirts and skimpier shorts, along with some tanktops. This time too, she tried them on locked in the changing room without coming out, not wanting to give the guys in the store a look.

One thing I forgot to mention was that we often went for walks in the evening in the barren countryside. Close to sunset, the cooler breeze would pick up, and the austere landscape would look beautiful in the twilight. Bela always wore saris or salwar kameez on these walks. When I tried to convince her to wear something western, she always said that it would look weird if some of the villagers saw us. But we were in such a remote location that we had yet to encounter a single human being on our walks. So as we left the store, I decided to have Bela dress a bit more boldly for our next walk.

The next evening when I suggested that she should wear shorts and a t-shirt, she refused, but it was a weak refusal. I reminded her that we had not run into a soul so far, and even if we did, so what? Bela eventually agreed, and we went for a walk, with her wearing her loosest and longest shorts, and her loosest t-shirt. She seemed very self-conscious at first, but gradually got used to it. From then on, she started regularly wearing western clothing for our walks.

As time progressed, she even let her clothes get shorter and her standards of course. Some of you might laugh at the thought of a woman wearing a tank-top and a knee-length skirt outdoors being considered risque or bold. But for my small town shy wife, it was a big deal. In a few days, she almost stopped wearing saris and salwar kameez altogether, wearing them only when we had to go shopping or go watch a movie. Even for those occasions, she often started wearing jeans and t-shirts. At home, she was always in shorts or skirts.

Our sex life was getting a wee bit raunchier too. Bela now started making the first move quite frequently. Often I'd be sitting watching TV and she'd get done with cooking, walk to me, take off her top and straddle me. Sometimes she'd kneel in front of me, take out my dick and start sucking it. During sex, she started saying things like "yes, right there" or "harder, faster" or "yes, that speed is perfect". She started taking the initiative in changing positions during sex. And best of all, she started shaving her pussy regularly.

All this meant that we'd be in a heightened state of arousal most of the time that we were home. There would be a lot of cuddling, kissing, fondling, and of course actual sex. So once when I had gone to the town alone, I bought some porn CDs. When I showed them to my wife, I expected her to at least feign some shock or disgust, but instead, she was very intrigued. She admitted that she had seen a couple of porn films with some of her (female) friends in college, but when I started playing one of the CDs, she looked shocked and said these were way more explicit. I then realized that she had only seen some softcore porn.

In one of the porn CDs, the girl and her boyfriend are on a hike, and they start making out right there in the open, and end up having sex on the grass. Bela seemed to have liked this one a lot. So it gave me an idea. The next day when we went for a walk, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She resisted, saying, what if someone sees us? I told her to shut up, and that no one has ever come here. So she agreed and we kissed.

For the next couple of days, we kissed regularly, and Bela again seemed to be getting into the groove of things, often taking the initiative of kissing me. So I pushed it up a notch. The next time when we kissed, I slipped my hands into her shorts and fondled her lovely ass. She did not object at all, which I liked. I then put my hand up her top and massaged her bra-covered boobs, which she also seemed to like.

I was about to try something else, but Bela whispered into my ears that she was getting very horny and we should go home right away and have sex. I obliged, and we almost sprinted home and had some great sex.

In the next few days, our walks got more and more interesting. I started slipping my hands into Bela's clothes regularly and for long durations, and she did not protest. One day I went further and slid her shorts and panties down to around her thighs, exposing her butt. She immediately reached to pull them up, but I held her hands and said there's no one around. She stopped struggling, and stayed in my embrace, the evening sun beating down on her exposed and lovely butt.

I then reached down and started fingering her, only to notice she was already wet. That delighted me and I fingered her for a while, making her cum right there in my arms. After that I let her pull her shorts up and we continued our walk. The next day, when it was time for our walk, Bela asked me,

"Are you going that again?"

"Do what?" I asked, feigning ignorance.

"You know." she said looking down shyly "What you did yesterday."

"What did I do yesterday?" I said, wanting her to say it out loud.

"Slip my shorts down and expose my butt." she said blushing.

"Hmm... why do you ask? Do you not want me to do it again?" I asked

"You're my husband. Whatever you want is fine. I was just thinking that if you are going to do it, I'll wear a skirt. It'll be easier to cover up in case someone walks by." she said.

"Great idea, Bela!" I said.

So she wore a skirt. Not too short. Hemline about 2 inches above her knee. But it was pleated, so it gave me good access. When we reached a remote spot, I reached under her skirt and took her panties off. She was blushing, but did not protest. I then held her skirt up with one hand and fingered her with another. From then on, she started going for the walks in skirts and without any panties on. She also started wearing only tank-tops and her t-shirts were confined to the closet.

The next step was taking off an article of her clothing and getting her semi-naked outdoors. I tried it one day, by starting to pull her tank-top off. She made some cursory protesting noises, but willingly raised her hands to make it easier for me to get her topless. She walked topless for a few minutes, with me playing with her exposed boobs, but then said she felt uncomfortable so I let her put her top back on.

A few days later, I tried to take her skirt off and get her completely naked, but she protested. I knew that if I raised my voice and insisted, she would obediently do it. But I didn't want to force her into anything using my position as the commanding husband. So I didn't push for it. One day, I did however take her behind a tree and asked her to give me a blowjob. Which she willingly did.

And for a week or so after that, we were at that state of boldness. She'd get topless, go panty-less, let me raise her skirt and expose her ass, let me finger her and she'd give me a blowjob out in the open. I was sensing that she might soon be ready for something more, when it happened. After weeks and weeks, we finally encountered another human being.

I was leaning against a tree, with my pants down, and my dick in Bela's mouth as she sucked on it hungrily. She was on her haunches. Her top was off and in my hands, and her boobs were on display. A distance away I spied some movement. I slowly turned my head and saw that it was a young village woman, with some sort of a basket on her head, walking towards us a couple of hundred meters away. I thought about warning Bela, but then decided to stay silent and see what would happen.

Bela kept working on my dick and the woman kept coming closer. About fifty meters away from us, the woman finally saw us, and was startled. Her startling made the basket fall off her head and its contents, some fruits, spilled out. Bela heard the noise too and looked at it, spotting the woman.

I expected Bela to panic, but she was remarkably calm. She slowly took my dick out of her mouth and stood up.

"My top." she said, still looking at the woman who was now gathering couple of dozen fruits that had spilled everywhere.

I handed Bela her top, and she quietly put it on, and started walking towards the woman. As I was pulling my pants up and hiding my dick, I saw Bela reach the woman, and start helping her gather the fruits and put them in the basket. No words were exchanged between them. In fact the two ladies did not even look at each other. They just focused on the fruits and in no time had filled up the basket. Bela then wordless turned around and came back to me. The woman, stealing glances at us, walked away rapidly.

"Let's go home." Bela said and I agreed.

That night, Bela was really an animal in bed. After we finished having sex the third time that night, I asked her if she liked being seen half-naked by someone else, and she said nothing. I asked her again, and she got up, saying she should clean the kitchen. I fell asleep soon.

The next morning, I was going to bring up the topic, but I got a call from my company's Delhi office. They said they were sending over a guy named Shyam who would be reporting to me and be in charge of the day-to-day manufacturing operations. He was being sent to supervise the finishing touches on the shop floor layout and to start hiring some workers. He would be arriving in a couple of hours and I should show him around. So I left for the factory at once to get things ready for Shyam.


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