Bride Spoiled at Sea

?You cannot be serious!? Lynette Olsen rolled her eyes & stared down her nose at the Nigerian waiter who had just handed her a tray. The haughty American newlywed easily managed that feat despite the man?s being at least 18 inches taller. She pushed the oval plate aside, ?I am not holding my plate. Follow me.? She swept into the buffet, pointedly ignoring the man?s grimace. He waved another waiter over to take his place, a Filipino woman who frowned but took the tray to follow the American bitch.

Just three days into the 14 day cruise, the 24 year old newlywed had reached nearly legendary status, & not as a polite or generous cruiser. While many of the Americans-- most according to the more cynical staff-- were self-absorbed to the point of being unknowingly rude, the petite blonde seemed to go out of her way to cause trouble. The security had been ?too pushy? and ?too rough.? The room wasn?t sufficiently clean. The food was too hot or too cold. There was too much ice in her drink. The coffee was old.

Cruise staff did everything short of running to hide when she swept out of an elevator onto their floor. Even so, they managed to paste a smile into place, hurrying in the fruitless effort to comply with whatever the little bitch demanded. And it wasn?t just the staff to whom she?d become notorious. She butted into lines, pretended to ignore others in the shops, demanding attention from the clerks. She brushed aside towels on the pool deck, taking choice lounges. & she arrived late to the shows, & left early. The first day she?d laughed at the man standing before her in the line to board the boat. He wore a worn T shirt & frayed cut-offs, & carried an old duffle bag instead of any real luggage. When it became obvious the man had heard her & taken offense, she had laughed to Mary, who?d been standing beside her, that at least he couldn?t be called ?white trash.? A black man at least 20 years older than the young cruisers, Mary had at least had the grace not to laugh at her friends bigoted comment.

In fact, in general the rest of her group weren?t frankly evil, though no one stepped in when she was delighting in torturing the staff, either. Her parents had obviously spoiled the little bitch rotten, & those around her-- including her husband-- knew better then to rock the boat, so to speak. Seeing the cruiser she?d offended while boarding the boat staring at the scene she?d just made, Lynnette sniffed & turned, pointedly ignoring the man?s condescending frown as she followed the hapless waitress, pointing impatiently at what she wanted to eat.

Having seen the latest display of selfish arrogance, Marlin Day shook his head & turned his attention back to the remainder of his meal. Considering all that he?d already eaten at breakfast and lunch, he knew he would have to spend a fair amount of the afternoon at the gym if he wanted to be able to have dinner. For a moment he smiled, imagining Cheri would have loved the wealth of everything on his vacation.

That quickly reality crashed in on him again. Cheri was the reason he was on the damn cruise, something they could have never afforded. But as amazing as the service and availability of nearly everything was, he bitterly considered he would have never traded his marriage for it. He got up, his appetite gone.

In contrast to the little bitch thoughtlessly pushing through the other cruisers in the buffet line, Marlin Day had already developed a quiet appreciation among the ship?s staff. He was quiet and patient and polite. He tipped well, adding to the 15% already attached by the cruise line. Deng, a Vietnamese waiter stepped forward as the big black man got up from his table. ?Don?t like the food?? he asked, more than ready to resolve any issue the passenger might have. Marlin looked at him in obvious surprise, then managed a troubled smile. ?No, it?s all great,? he assured the worried waiter, eyeing the man?s nametag as he did so, ?Thank you, Deng, but I guess I?m not as hungry as I thought I was.? He had slipped a five dollar bill under his plate, and in an easy handshake transferred another to Deng?s automatic response when the passenger held up his hand. ?Thanks for looking out for me, though. At least I know there?s no shortage of food on board.? He wandered off, as Deng collected the tableware, sharing the additional tip with the second waiter working that area of the dining room. He wondered just what ghosts were haunting the quiet passenger.

Safely away from the crowded dining room Marlin climbed above the pool deck and settled uneasily into a lounge chair, tilting his long worn UAW baseball cap down to cover his eyes. Letting the breeze ruffle his T-shirt, he realized why the uppity bitch he?d just seen in the buffet line had so easily angered him... She?d made him feel like a pretender the day they?d boarded the boat, & had almost openly sneered at him when passing him as he?d left the dining room after dinner the first night, wearing his gray Under Armor collared shirt & black Dockers. He?d taken to avoiding her whenever possible, even staying off of the veranda of his cabin after he?d found out she was in the state room above his. The last thing he wanted was to have her say or do something to drive home how out of place he was on the cruise, alone. She was a too vivid reminder of the person his wife actually turned out to be, rather than what he?d thought. It?d barely been 8 months since his life had been turned upside down. He?d come home to find Cheri lugging suitcases into the garage, loading the already burdened Acura SUV she had leased.

?I?m leaving you,? she?d said without any sign she cared if he was hurt by her decision. He?d stood watching her, barely able to comprehend what she?d said... He hadn?t known they had any problem. Thinking back, he remembered sagging into the nearest kitchen chair, wracking his brain for what had happened to bring it about. He could come up with... nothing. True, he was no high profile lawyer or doctor, but he had always provided for them. If Cheri wanted something, she got it, including the imported high end SUV. His rise from the hourly wage line employee to a salaried manager with Chevy had been earned through hard work, but even so, it had hurt his chances to rise farther faster when word had gotten out that his wife was driving a non-American product... then the new Z3 by BMW. The pointed comments & veiled threats hadn?t bothered Marlin; the smile he?d seen the day she?d come home in the little silver convertible had enough he would?ve gone back to the line if that?s what it would?ve taken. The point was, he did not live to work... he job was merely the means to see more of Cheri?s smile.

?What did I do?? he?d asked when she came back in the last time, obviously checking for any last item she?d left behind. He hadn?t yet checked the house to see just how inequitably she?d ?divided their assets.? Though he?d come to believe she?d actually paused just praying he would ask that, she had provided an Oscar worthy performance. She had paused for a moment in practiced consideration, lifting her head, rolling her eyes, before staring down at him imperiously. ?It?s not what you did,? she?d sniffed, ?It?s what you don?t do.? Marlin could remember thinking she was implying he had been... lacking in his abilities in the bedroom. ?You don?t DO anything,? Cheri had sneered, ?We don?t go away except to the lake with your friends.? He had always thought it was their friends. ?We don?t have adventures. We aren?t what you promised me.? He still couldn?t understand her point. ?I won?t stay locked away like this... I?ve got a chance to live, & I?m taking it.?

?Cheri,? he?d stood up, reaching out for her, ?I can give you what you want... All you have to do is ask... Tell me what to do.? She?d laughed at that. & then she?d been gone. If she?d told him he wasn?t ?doing the job? in bed, maybe he would?ve just tucked his tail & run. Or if she?d told him there was someone else he had tried to convince himself he would?ve written her off as spoiled goods. Instead, he?d sat in the kitchen, in the over decorated house that no longer felt like his own, emptying beer after beer. Stripped of his usual inhibitions-- he didn?t usually drink more than a single beer-- Marlin had listened to what Cheri had told him replaying in her head. & he?d found himself becoming angry that she?d lied.

Like most line employees turned management, Marlin?s successes were borne out of self-control & organization. As the former fled on the tide of a twelve pack bender, the latter had proven to be Marlin?s salvation, or so his friends put it.

Marlin had stumbled into the den, digging out the lease paperwork, including the codes for the overpriced European knock off of On*Star that was incorporated into her SUV. He called, rambling that he was unable to find his wife, unnecessary subterfuge given his appropriate codes, & scrawled an address on the blotter before passing out.

The next morning, he?d ignored the headache driving to what he?d assumed would be a hotel or a girlfriend?s house. Instead, he?d found a bit of the truth. She had traded up to the assistant VP, a notorious womanizer whose wife had finally gotten fed up & had left him in the year before.

Cheri had taken most of the things of value in their house, but she?d left the digital camera she?d just had to have for Christmas the year before. Marlin didn?t remember picking it up. He didn?t remember sneaking around the house, since he was already more than certain of what was going on. Somehow, though, the jarring image of the wife he loved giggling & prancing naked about the fancy granite island in the designer kitchen, pursued by her equally bare lover, his boss? boss. Without thinking he?d studiously captured it in HD on the SDHC card as the older, overweight executive ?caught? his lithe, laughing wife, spun her bare ass to the cold smooth surface of the matching kitchen table, & proceeded to fuck her for 2 or 3 minutes as she loudly urged him on, emphatically announcing before she began to shake theatrically that she was cumming. He used the video setting, capturing her calmly standing up to pour herself a bowel of cereal that she ate, still naked in the kitchen, after her lover had retreated into the house, presumably to prepare for a day at work. Though the camera was Cher?s & he?d never been particularly interested in photography, the images turned out well, with none of the blur his tears had imparted to his initial viewing.

He hadn?t meant to use the pictures, the vestiges of his love enough that he would have let Cheri ruin him & pursue her happiness. But the total dedication he?d shown his wife was mirrored in his treatment of the people under him. There was shock & support & barely suppressed outrage at what Cheri had done to him. Even before his assistant, a man who had been injured working the line but who wanted to work rather than accept a disability pension, had learned of the photos on the disc, left in the drawer of his desk, he had spoken to the lawyers at the Union, & suddenly Marlin had been represented by the high powered lawyers he thought Cheri wanted him to have been.

Arguing various EEOC & ethics violations & Alienation of Affection, the court case had actually been a formality, after the in-house company agreement had been pounded out in smoky backrooms. Marlin found himself with his boss? old job, the man who had been cuckolding him having been forced into retirement, making room for his boss to move up. His legal costs... his living expenses from throughout his marriage & for the next 7 years... as well as recompense for the monies lost in the division of the estate had all been provided by GM separate from the monies paid to the Union lawyers who had crafted the deal.

Unwilling to risk adverse publicity on the heels of coming hat in hand to Uncle Sam, the executives had demanded only two things: the standard non-disclosure, of course, & that Marlin take a leave of absence-- without any reduction in salary or benefits-- for a year. Ignoring the advice of his counsel & friends, he had been ready to refuse at the thought of being away from the only thing he could still call familiar.

Ben, his aide, had finally gotten through to him, pointing out that Marlin?s saying ?no? in order to keep his job would only lead to the executives finding a way to quietly get rid of him; he?d unwittingly lose what he was fighting to maintain. So he had agreed. As a final ?incentive? the administration had tapped a little known agreement with Princess Cruise Lines. He had been provided the already scheduled 2 week New Zealand cruise cabin his ex-wife & her lover had been preparing to take on the company dole. Because of how much he?d loved Cheri, & how much of himself he?d devoted to their marriage, it hadn?t seemed like karma or kismet or divine justice to him, as friends had insisted. The counselor his lawyer had insisted he see-- also on the company?s dime-- had assured him he was ?entirely normal? & his responses & feelings were to be expected. She told him he?d been hurt by his wife?s callous rejection-- she?d used the word ?damaged,? he remembered. She had said if he could just ?turn off? his love it wouldn?t have been real love, & he wouldn?t have been so devastated.

She?d surprised him, agreeing that getting away would be good for him, warning him not to dwell on how frequently she would creep into his thoughts, & insisting he try to seek out some ?company? just as a casual encounter, upon which he could start to ?rebuild.? As he?d left her small office the last meeting before he left for the cruise, she?d warned him his anger was real & valid, & that he shouldn?t be surprised when it surfaced. He?d nodded as if he?d understood, but wondered if she was a quack after all... he only felt numb.

Marlin threw on his exercise gear-- the short & T shirt he?d worn the day before-- and headed to the sparse but adequate gym. He had protected at least an hour three times a week to stay in shape through most of the marriage, beginning the day after Cheri had complained he was ?starting to get fat.? Of course, she?d proceeded to complain that he was spending too much time ?preening? or ?being selfish,? but in that one small area of personal freedom Marlin had persisted, until the motivation for his beginning to exercise had long been forgotten. He had pushed himself harder in the days after Cheri left, whether to punish himself or prove she had been stupid to choose another man over him he never considered. When the head shrinker had asked if he was taking care of himself he?d conceded he was doing more than before, refusing to bite at her proferred, ?is it too much?? rejoinder. He hadn?t held back when she?d asked if he felt inadequate, reminding her pointedly that he?d seen what Cheri had left him for, & assuring the unflappable woman he had nothing to feel inferior about. Afterwards, he felt it?d been a small blessing that he hadn?t offered to prove it; at times all women seemed pushy & calculating.

Marlin lost himself for 30 minutes doing the ship?s version of the stairmaster. At 6?2? & 210 pounds, he had learned in the first trip to the gymnasium that the treadmill belts sometimes slipped as he tried to run, & the track was so short he felt dizzy trying to get his miles in. He would?ve kept at it for another 15 or 20 minutes, but acceded to the myriad signs asking that he not use the cardio machines longer than a half hour. Instead, he ran through the machines and worked the dumb bells for another 20 minutes before making another attempt on the treadmills. The unit he chose did not threaten to pitch him headfirst through the window. He pounded through almost 4 miles before his half hour had elapsed, & then spent a few minutes in the sauna before collecting a diet soda on his trip back to the room.

Showered & shaved, he donned a collared, short sleeved shirt & one of the 4 pair of Dockers that he?d brought, glad for the ?smart casual? designation & for the ?dine anytime? option. While it meant enjoying any of 3 or 4 restaurants, he had returned faithfully to the first he had attended. The food was the same in each, & keeping to a schedule meant the same wait staff cared for him in the majority. He frowned when he left his stateroom; the door hadn?t latched. He pushed it open, letting it close again, without the latch engaging. He tugged the door closed, making a mental note to tell Ricardo, the attendant about the problem. It didn?t really concern him-- there was little of value in the room not already locked in the safe. As the nights before, a bottle of wine had been set aside-- he assumed pre-ordered by the asshole who?d been banging his wife-- and Marlin enjoyed 2 glasses during his dinner, alone, seated with a view out of one of the big windows showing the expanse of ocean. He asked after the waiters, smiled at Boom, the little Thai bartender who doted on him, & having learned they could accept such gifts, insisted that they enjoy the rest of the bottle when they were done with their shifts. When Antonio, the head waiter, asked if he had not liked his meal, eyeing the plentiful remains when Marlin indicated he was done, the reluctant vacationer explained there was simply too much food, & that he didn?t want to go home too big to fit into his clothes.

The way Boom giggled at his lame joke, & considering the attention she had paid to him during his meals, Marlin wondered fleetingly if she might fit the role of a ?causal encounter? that had been encouraged. He surprised himself at even thinking it, leaving abruptly to escape the sudden discomfort. Behind him, the wait staff huddled, aware that the big, friendly American was troubled by something. Given that most problems boil down to sex or money, & considering that he was casually giving away ½ bottles of pricey wine each night, having dined alone, they agreed it had to be the former. None of them were about to ask, though.

While Marlin Day spent a quiet hour in the library awaiting the evening?s show, Lynette & her bridesmaids were partying in the top deck bar. The drinking had started during dinner, with ?bottomless? Limoncello shooters, white & red wines, & champagne with dessert. Lynette was not a belligerent drunk, but neither was she soothed, & after her party finally left, 2 teams of wait staff, who?d been working together to minimize the disruption for other diners & to defray the blonde?s expected ire, sighed in collective relief, sharing imagined ways of getting back at the impossible to please bitch.

Andrew, Lynette?s husband, had suggested they return to their stateroom before the show, hoping to enjoy some ?private time? with his new bride. Lynette had dismissed the idea, insisting she wanted to have ?fun on her honeymoon,? & dragging the other women up to dance. Andrew was, unfortunately, already used to such frustration. Rather than endure his gorgeous bride?s taunts about his lack of dancing skill, he & the other groomsmen headed for the casino. One of the few benefits of being Mr. Lynette Olsen was the nearly bottomless budget he could tap, & the men were soon enjoying a game of Texas Hold?Em.

None of the wedding party made it to the show. A benefit of cruising is the variety of almost constant entertainment. While the men moved to blackjack, craps, & back to Texas Hold?Em, most winning more than they were losing, the women continued to down the day?s cocktail & whatever other drinks the single men in the club hoping to get lucky were buying. & Lynette insisted the bar staff continue to honor the ?bottomless? Limoncello shooter deal she?d had Andrew buy her at dinner. By 11PM, she was barely conscious. Complaining she needed to go to her room to change into more comfortable clothes, she staggered away from the others, who laughingly bet whether or not she?d be back, or would even make it to breakfast the next morning. But they were having too much fun to consider going along with her. & none could imagine the pretentious, demanding blonde would get into any trouble.

Marlin had enjoyed the show-- a medley of show tunes & dance numbers managed despite the moderate pitch & roll of the stage caused by the rough open sea. He segued into the lounge on deck 7 where a jazz combo had played. Hidden in the shadows, he had enjoyed the music & 2 Foster?s lagers. When the combo took a break at 1100, he decided to call it a night. Tired, pleasantly buzzed on beer & good music, he slid the card into the lock, pushed into the room without turning the light on, stripped between the bed & the sliding glass door, & paused. There was a nearly full moon reflecting on the water. He dug the digital camera-- the same high-end unit he?d used when he?d discovered Cheri?s infidelity, & snapped a couple photos before setting the camera down & flopping onto the bed naked. He drifted to sleep, remembering the subtle curve of leg & bottom he?d noticed as Boom moved about doing her work, & the shy smile she offered whenever she approached his table...

Lynette staggered down the stairs-- the elevators didn?t reach the top deck bar. The hall pitched violently, only in part due to wave action, & the young bride held the stair rail in a death grip as she made her way to deck 14, immediately below. She stumbled past the elevator on the floor, giggling drunkenly as she weaved her way along the deck to the mid-ship access. She pushed the elevator button, then pouted, finding the indicators on every car were counting down.

While she was loath to use the stairs, she?d been more adamant-- even hopelessly inebriated-- not to use a public restroom, & at that moment it was a struggle not to wet herself. She turned, stumbling down the stairs. The world tilted & spun as she made a turn on the landing. She nodded her head in self-satisfaction at the next floor.

?Thirteen,? she slurred, & turned, managing to make the next flight. ?Twelve,? she crowed triumphantly, then giggled, ?Aloha!? the name preceding the number of rooms on her floor. She paused, orienting herself before weaving past the elevators & down the starboard side. ?Starboard, right!? she giggled, stopping at the second door down the hall; the outside cabin, of course. She fumbled her card out & slid it into the slot, leaning against the door as the urge to pee threatened to become overwhelming. She pressed on the handle & the door at once, nearly falling into the room, then giggling when she didn?t.

Closing the door, she felt along the short wall, turning into the tiny bathroom & barely getting her panties off before urine was hissing into the bowl. While she finished, she stripped out of her dress, smiling at the though of how surprised Andy would be when she jumped his bones. She intentionally didn?t flush-- the sound could wake everyone on the boat & she?d complained to the purser about it the first day-- slipping out of the bathroom & nearly falling into the closet when she missed the step down. Giggling again, she felt her way around the corner before climbing up onto the bed.

?Mmmm,? she sighed in surprise, finding Andy on top of the covers & naked, ?You never give up.? She closed her hand on his penis, finding him already getting big. ?Cheater,? she pouted, ?This was supposed to be a surprise...?

Though her friends had teased she?d never have to swallow again, Lynette had never swallowed even before her wedding day; she only occasionally deigned to put Andrew in her mouth, & then only until he was hard enough to get to work. But more than buzzed, & belatedly aware that she was horny, she paused in climbing the bed, dipping her head to her husband?s groin. ?Wha...ahhh? she heard him groan, hands closing on the top of her head. She bobbed ag his rising member for another moment, pleased he was already hard. She giggled, thinking she really had him wrapped around her little thumb... the way it was supposed to be. Moving up his body, she decided to prove she was the one in control. Instead of demanding they start in the usual missionary position, she threw her leg over his thighs, centering her pelvis above his. She paused, aware she was forgetting something, but she felt him, the tip of his penis pushing at her, stoking her need. Catching him in her hand, she held him against her pussy & settled lower, sighing as she felt him sip into her.

She paused when her hips met his. God, he felt good... he felt bigger with her on top that way. She shimmied her hips experimentally, groaning at how good it felt. She lifted, slipping up off of him, then settled down once again, taking him into her fully, moaning at the bottom of the thrust. She rose & fell, leaning forward when he started to rise, pinning his shoulders down with her hands. She gripped his deltoids, amazed at how big & strong he felt, riding him harder & faster.

He still felt bigger with each thrust, & on the next down stroke, Lynette arched her back, crying out as she climaxed. His hands were on her waist, by then, urging her up, actually lifting her on his jutting erection, dropping her back down. She spasmed & cried out again in pleasure, reluctantly resuming the rhythm she?d been maintaining. Usually sex was done when she was done, but God he felt good, & she groaned, realizing that she wasn?t done... that she?d never imagined sex could be so good.

She sighed as he rose, lips closing on one nipple, sucking lightly before moving to the other. Andy?s hands slipped down to her ass, tilting her pelvis, adding to the pressure at the front of her channel on each stroke & quickly building her toward another climax. She felt completely filled, & willingly gave herself to her pleasure, hungry to cum again. When he caught her hips & rolled she didn?t fight him. She reveled in his solid presence as his weight settled onto her hips & thighs, his penis thrusting into her steadily, pushing even deeper if that was possible. God he felt huge. She shivered & moaned, cumming within the first 10 strokes. Heat bloomed as he grunted, going still inside of her, & she knew that he was cumming, too.

?Don?t stop,? she whined, ?Keep going... So good... So big... Love it... Love this...? Andy lifted himself, tilting his head & bracing it beside hers, lips at the base of her neck. She moaned as he kissed her there, finding a trigger she hadn?t known of. Her body rippled & miraculously she knew she could cum again. He was still moving inside of her, not as hard as before, but still he felt so wonderfully big. She giggled, thinking she?d have to keep a stock of Limoncello on hand in the nightstand at home. He moved lower, nipping & kissing & sucking at her nipples in turn, all while his hips pistoned in & out. & after a couple minutes, she felt the change... felt him getting hard inside of her again. She?d never imagined Andy could manage that... Oh, he could go twice in a night; he?d proven that on their wedding night, but not without a break. She bit her lip & smiled as she moaned, pleased that he liked it when she took control like that.

Still moving over her, into her, he leaned to the side after a moment. He kept at her, but seemed distracted somehow. She was about to ask what he was doing when a hatchwork of red light flashed, followed by a bright flash & the unmistakable noise of a picture being taken.

?Wha,? she slurred, ?Naughty, naughty,? she meant to tell him to stop, but realized he already had. He was barely inside of her, moving back as if he would stop, & she clamped her ankles around his waist, locking him in place as she realized she needed him inside of her. God he already had her on the edge of her next orgasm... She needed to cum.

?Don?t stop,? she husked, trying to pull him into her, ?Dammit, don?t you tease me... Give it to me, Andy. Fuck me hard & fast.? She tugged & humped herself up at him, dimly surprised at his strength, ?I tol? you to fuck me!? her voice rose to a scream as he relented, pounding himself into her fully, driving his weight down onto her. Then he was up, penis nearly out of her; then he was driving down into her again. In & out... in & out. She twitched & screamed & came like a banshee, but he didn?t ease up, pounding steadily in & out of her spasming pussy.

She moaned, then whimpered, then cried out again, another climax coursing through her body before the last had ended. There were more blinding flashes. She realized she was panting, rambling, ?Fuck yeah... fuck yeah... fuck me... fuck me... Oh God... Oh fuck...? as he hammered into her. It wasn?t like her, but she couldn?t stop herself.

She came again. She was barely aware of him pulling out of her. She felt herself spin, the room continuing to twist madly as she was pulled up onto her hands & knees. Andy caught her waist, dragging her back as he speared into her, filling her up like never before. She moaned, sure she was being torn apart. She wondered for a moment if he was thrusting into her ass. Reaching down, she was relieved to find him thrusting steadily, endlessly, into her pussy. But God, he felt big, even in her fingers, he felt much thicker than she?d expected. Before she could dwell on it, he reached down, around her waist, wrist locking her in place as he truly pounded into her from behind, while his finer pressed up against her clit.

She thrashed & screamed & came explosively. Red lights & bright flashes filled her vision. The world spun. She moaned, wanting to tell him to stop, to wait, to let her rest. She was barely aware as her body began to writhe in time with his thrusting penis once again, & then as she felt the heat-- felt him spending himself within her, she orgasmed again, so strongly the world went black.

Milo lay panting atop the little blonde bitch for several moments. He was still trying to figure out what had happened. He?d been asleep... She?d climbed into his bed. He?d woken to her working his cock with her mouth-- not well, but a blow job is a blow job. He?d been dreaming about Boom, & so he?d already been half hard.

She hadn?t waited for him to be fully erect before she?d guided him into her sex, & as she?d begun to move he?d convinced himself it must be the pretty Asian woman; who else would have access to his room? By then it hadn?t really mattered. It?d been a long time since he?d had sex, & it?d felt too good to worry about anything else.

He?d waited until she?d climaxed before taking control; he wanted to feel her under him, to push even deeper into her delicious sex. He didn?t remember sex being so passionate & consuming. By the end, he?d been ready to spend the exorbitant fee to phone home the next day, just to tell his counselor she?d been right, & the only thing he?d needed to get his head on straight had been a friendly Thai bartender.

But then she?d urged him not to stop. & she hadn?t sounded Thai. Or Asian. But her voice had been familiar. & while part of him was delighted she didn?t want him to stop-- he didn?t want to stop, either-- he also wondered just who was in his bed.

He?d remembered the camera then. The unit had night settings, & so he?d turned it on, activating the setting, then snapping a picture to see who he was with by the light of the flash. He was starting to get hard again by the time he pressed the shutter release; whoever it was she was tight & into it, urging him on. He?d hammered into her fully a final time as the truth hit him; somehow he was fucking that bitchy little newlywed who?d made life for everyone else on board hell from the moment she?d boarded. But she was naked, beneath him, hands on his ass, urging him on, complaining when he backed out of her almost totally, trying to make himself stop. & God, was she gorgeous. He?d gritted his teeth. It wasn?t fair that such a bitch could be so amazing. & as he?d thought about that, the rage his counselor had predicted erupted. Suddenly he wasn?t in control of himself any longer. He hated the bitch beneath him. Hated the way she treated other people, hated the selfish expectation with which she approached everything. She deserved to be punished. She needed to be taught a lesson. She needed to understand she was just a cunt, no princess or queen or angel. In that moment, she?d become Cheri.

& he?d fucked her. He?d treated her like nothing more than a sex doll for his amusement, paying no mind to her pleasure, only his own needs. But somehow she?d responded, anyway. Instead of begging him to stop, screaming for mercy, she?d climaxed... & climaxed... & just kept cumming. Without thinking he?d continued snapping photos as he?d used her, finally setting the little camera to the video setting, & capturing the last few minutes from a fixed angle on the nightstand.

Having started to go soft, he pulled back, fully expecting the bitch to turn & scream ?rape.? He was relieved & simultaneously disappointed when she remained in place, ass high, legs spread lewdly, head turned to one side on the mattress. He realized she was snoring. & beneath the stink of sex, he could spell the booze. Padding to the bathroom, he wiped his drooling cock clean with the towel off of the floor, then emptied his bladder, choosing not to flush, now praying the bitch would sleep while he figured things out.

He knew where her room was... he remembered his door didn?t always close, but couldn?t remember if he?d made sure it was closed before turning in... probably not. But he couldn?t figure why such a prissy spoiled bitch would slip in & take advantage of him. He remembered her calling him Andy, thought her husband?s name was Andrew. He realized she?d somehow thought she was in bed with her husband.

Returning to the small main cabin, he dug through the cubby of the nightstand until he?d found the flashlight he?d brought along for the flight, always trying to be prepared in an uncertain world. The small light had a red lens that didn?t destroy night vision, & was less likely to wake the snoring blonde still positioned obscenely in his bed.

Sure enough, he found the door wasn?t closed-- they?d had loud & lengthy sex with the door against the jamb instead of seated within it. He found her clothes on the bathroom floor; he?d used the bottom of her skirt to wipe his cock. Grabbing what he saw, he went back into the room & gingerly but hurriedly managed to get her mostly into the bra, dress, & shoes. He wondered if she?d lost her panties somewhere else. He picked up the phone & stepped out onto the balcony. He dialed his room number but with the prefix for the floor above: 12. He heard it ring distantly, without an answer. Relieved that her husband wasn?t home, he paused to worry he could?ve been in the stateroom but asleep, only to be wakened by the call.

He didn?t hear movement, though. Collecting the woman?s clutch purse, he found her cruise card, & then bracing the door open with his belt in the doorjamb, he quickly scooped the passed out woman off of his bed & stepped into the hall. He was relieved when no one was in the narrow hallway, & ignoring the elevators, he hurried up one flight of the wide steps & into the hall directly above his room. He paused, worrying again when he saw that the state room number one floor above his was off by 10. Her state room was 413 instead of 423; he?d dialed the wrong room. He knew he couldn?t just dump her in the entryway. He?d kept one eye closed against the hall lights on the trip through the hall. It screwed up his depth perception, but would partially protect his night vision.

As he paused, trying to fish the woman?s card out of his pocket, a man & woman stepped into the hall from the middle stairwell. They paused, seeing him supporting the unconscious blonde, but by then he had her card in the door.

?Had a little too much too fast,? Marlin muttered as the couple approached. The man just smiled knowingly, while his wife covered her mouth, smiling. They passed, & Marlin was relieved when they continued down the long hallway without a word or a second glance. The little green light flashed & he opened the door, maneuvering to get them through the narrow entry without banging her head. He slipped out of one shoe to keep the door from slamming shut, glad he hadn?t gone up the stairs with the flashlight in his teeth. He turned the small torch on from where he was holding it under the blonde?s pert ass. The inside was mercifully empty.

Aware that Andy could return at any moment, Marlin didn?t bother doing more than tucking the snoring bride into the side of the bed with nail polish on the nightstand. He dropped her heels just inside the door, retrieved his shoe, & then stepped back into the hall, making sure the door was closed. He saw the couple who had passed more than fifteen rooms away & still walking. Neither looked back when the door closed. Breathing a sigh of relief, he returned to the mid-ship stairway, meeting no one else.

He?d dodged a bullet, he knew, but it?d left him far too keyed up to sleep. He hurried up the flight of stairs to the fourteenth floor, wondering again why in the twenty first century ship makers opted not to include a thirteenth floor; it seemed more silly than superstitious. He poured himself a cup of coffee & admitting he was a little hungry after the evening?s activities, he grabbed a plate with some finger foods. Marlin carried his bounty down to the seventh floor bar , but the jazz combo had long since packed up. He ordered a martini, ate his food, all the while considering whether he?d avoided getting into trouble or had created a problem by what he?d done. While he was confident the ship?s staff would listen to him, he was also keenly aware the woman in question was much younger, & was newly married, & was white. He returned to his state room confident he?d made the right decision.

He slept better than he had in weeks. He didn?t think about the pictures & video he?d shot until the next morning when he saw the camera sitting on the nightstand. Luckily it had cycled off automatically, so there enough battery power for him to prove to himself it hadn?t been a crazy dream. Watching the short video, he couldn?t believe it?d really been him having sex... it was like a crazed man or the stud in a porno, hammering into her relentlessly. & somehow, there wasn?t a single still or video frame that had captured his face, so he didn?t delete the pictures, though he did swap out the memory card, carefully secreting the SD card with the previous night?s memento in the safe. Her panties went into the safe as well-- he found them when he flopped onto the stool late in the morning.

Marlin resolved not to dwell on what had happened. He could admit that he felt better than he had in ages... He hoped he?d managed to vent all of that repressed anger the counselor had mentioned. & he was aware that he was hoping to find that Boom was interested in something more than a bartender-customer relationship for the next week & a half, although he wouldn?t feel bed if she declined.

He didn?t exactly avoid the snotty little bitch with the rockin? body. If she appeared where he was aboard ship he didn?t leave... he just didn?t look her way. Ever. Of course, everyone behaved that way. She was, by the end of the second week, more bitter & acerbic if that was possible but instead of being cowed, staff & fellow cruisers simply rolled their eyes. Marlin nearly choked on his Coca-cola when he heard one elderly woman opine to her husband after they?d not witnessed a rant about too little ice in a glass of water, ?That girl clearly isn?t getting enough sex.?

The only thing Marlin truly felt bad about was poor Andy. He hated the idea that he?d done to the man what Cheri had done to him. He debated about somehow anonymously alerting the new husband his wife hadn?t been faithful, but she?d called out Andy?s name as they?d had sex... She?d thought he was Andy. So he didn?t send any note, or copies of the photos that were tucked in the safe.

Similarly, he considered giving a copy of the pictures to some of the staff when he heard them talking in passing that the wedding party wasn?t getting off at the 2 week point, but was instead staying on for the return cruise. Amazed at the sort of money being thrown about by the entire bridal party, Marlin was reassured that Andy wouldn?t have benefited from learning of his wife?s infidelity. He could imagine the staff using a convenient photo of the little blonde moaning in ecstasy as a black cock thrust up into her to correct her perpetual bad behavior.

In the end, though, he couldn?t; he wasn?t sure how they?d use it, or more likely, he suspected it wouldn?t end with her being ?coerced? into behaving better, & instead into ruining her & Andy?s marriage. He didn?t want to risk being party to that. So the pictures went home safely buried in his carry on, a memento of the first step toward rebuilding his life & rediscovering the capacity to trust & love.

Lynette couldn?t understand what had happened... what seemed wrong. She woke after drinking far too much Limoncello, feeling indescribably stretched out, as if she & Andy had enjoyed a marathon sex session. But she found him asleep on top of the covers, still in his clothes, & there were no condom wrappers or used condoms on the nightstand or around the bed. & the pounding headache made really thinking about it impossible.

She cursed the girls for letting her drink so much, & wrote the aches & pains off to having staggered around blind drunk the night before... all after doing that painfully fast spinning class in the gym the day before. She?d known when she?d finished the instructor had simply pushed the class too hard, & had made it plain before she?d left. She got up, groaning, then pointedly ignored her snoring hubby, who?d been unmoved by her discomfort. She urinated, showered, & gulped down a pair of Tylenol before she dressed & called the other girls to get breakfast. They had similar stories & complaints-- everyone was hungover-- though Kimber admitted that she?d gotten lucky after the others had gone back to their rooms. The women agreed they?d have to scale back the boozing, then went on about their day, Lynette terrorizing the staff for her amusement.

Andrew didn?t go to the casino that night; the ship had docked, & after a day shopping & sightseeing, they?d returned to the boat, having dinner at the reserved Italian restaurant before attending the evening?s show. The entire bridal party had met for a nightcap, after which she?d reluctantly acquiesced to sex with her husband.

As he?d stripped & then helped her out of the last of her clothes, she?d quickly become thoroughly aroused... more aroused than she could remember being. She giggled as he began to go down on her, mandatory foreplay, as far as she was concerned, amazed to realize she really wanted to have sex.

She actually came once as he ate her, & she?d urged him up, whispering that she wanted him to ?fuck her,? surprising herself with the wanton demand. Andrew had been more than eager to comply, lunging up over her body & thrusting himself between her legs. She?d felt him push into her, & moved to match the rhythm he set... & then nothing. He excitement faded, even as she tried more fervently to urge him on. She succeeded only in his getting off within 2 minutes, collapsing to one side & falling asleep without bothering to remove the condom he?d slipped on while he?d eaten her.

She lay beside him for a long time, trying to understand her response... Sex wasn?t something she enjoyed or wanted... she could masturbate if she got ?that itch.? So why had she wanted it? Why had she expected to feel him fill her up... Why had she felt almost... empty as he?d thrust himself into her.?

She wrote it off to the booze, or too being tired from walking around all day. But the next day when she initiated sex to her husband?s delight, it was no better. & over the rest of the cruise, Lynette found she wanted it more, but enjoyed it less. She was increasingly irritable, browbeating staff unconsciously, & without really enjoying it.

Having meticulously planned the trip, it was nearly over before she had a clue what could be wrong; she missed her period. She tried to understand how it could happen-- they?d always used a condom, & Andrew had never said anything about a problem with one... But a ?good Catholic? girl, (American subclass) she knew they had no choice but to begin their family a lot earlier than they?d planned. She couldn?t know that after months of treating the obstetrician?s staff as she had the crew aboard the Princess cruise liner, the nurses were smiling with evil delight behind their masks, & further delighted in her utter shock & fervent denial upon delivering to her arms the healthy but very black baby boy late the next year...

.. ..


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