Mother & Daughter

Shortly after divorcing my white husband Wayne, I shacked up with my daughter's BLACK gymnastics coach, Harold.

I made a jaw-dropping lifestyle change, when I went from being a white suburban mother, to moving in with a hot single BLACK man. But the best was yet to come.

Harold is strong, well built & magnificently endowed, I really enjoy being his trophy white whore. When we go to parties he enjoys fondling, squeezing & pinching my ample juicy ass in public. I'll hear him teasing his black friends to check out my hot white ass, which is usually followed by gasps of astonishment and praise for my "ghetto booty", as if they had not noticed it until then.

At one party a friend joked to Harold, "I wish I were a death row inmate and I could have her ASS as my last dying wish".

I love Harold's beautiful BIG BLACK COCK and apparently it likes me too. I wake up in the morning to his caressing my nipples or my wet pussy, I am often half-dreaming an erotic copulation of some kind with his BIG COCK. In the mornings his BLACK COCK needs no encouragement, it is always HARD and ready for work. I'll climb on his THICK BLACK JOYSTICK and ride it deep into my pussy, while Harold enjoys playing with my big tits. I have a few orgasms and then he mounts me and fills me with his thick manly seed.

Harold's BIG BLACK COCK always fills me completely.

A few months later Harold's son Edgar turned 18 and he came to live with us while he attended high school.

Edgar had never fucked a white whore before, I begged Harold to let me fuck his son, and he agreed to let me. When Harold was out of town on business, I seduced Edgar after letting him know that his Father was okay with it.

I though being Harold's trophy white whore was the greatest thing, but getting fucked by two BLACK stallions, Father & Son, is even better.

Fortunately for me, I am built for their BIG BLACK COCKS, I am 5' 10" around 200 pounds, a good portion of that from my huge JUGGS and PLUMP ROUND ASS cheeks.

Both Harold & Edgar have muscular black bodies & skin that gleams in the dark, I have a creamy white skin and a soft curvy body that is often caught between a COCK and a HARD PLACE (another COCK), when we enjoy our frequent threesomes.

Some days Edgar is home from school before 4, having spent the day around scantily clad cheerleaders showing a lot of flesh and other ripe women, my young BLACK stallion's COCK is aroused and needs to be appeased. During those times, he'll mount me from behind in the kitchen or the living room, like a BLACK stallion mounts a WHITE mare. I hang on to the sink or a sofa arm rest as we both make carnal noises, as his sinks his BLACK COCK into my blond haired pink pussy,

We clean up together in the shower, I love running my lips on his dark skin and tasting it with my tongue, as he stands a few inches taller than me. Edgar will hold my chin and kiss me deeply our tongues tasting each other as we intertwine BLACK & WHITE wrapped in each others arms completely.

Then Edgar will get busy with schoolwork while I make dinner and before long Harold is home.

Dinnertime is like a mating dance and foreplay for us, so I dress in lace underwear and see through clothing before we sit down for dinner.

Harold & Edgar sit at the table and watch me, as I swing seductively carrying dishes from the kitchen to the table, the boys can see my curves, my cleavage and my ass though the clothing. By the time I stand between them at the table, to serve, neither can keep his hands off of me.

I chide them in pretend anger, "Keep those hands to yourself. Eat what is being served, when it is being served. Keep those hands on the table where I can see them"...and so on.

They both know I am just being a COCK TEASE, it increases their lust for me, for later.

After dinner we sit down with beverages and watch TV or just talk. Some time later I ask them, "care for some dessert ?", this is their cue.

My BLACK lovers, Father & Son, take me upstairs to Harold's big bedroom, which is like our fornication temple, where we FUCK with wild abandon. At this time of the evening, I am always dressed in black lace bra & panties for their viewing pleasure.

Every night, I open their pants or robes, like an exciting new present. I am always excited to see their throbbing COCKS emerge, I kiss the angry head and taste that lover's precum. His COCK is aroused and angry with me for teasing it for the past few hours. I love feeling the warm dark skin of their COCKS in my hand.

Both my lovers show great attention to my well fucked cunt with their fingers, their lips and their juicy BIG BLACK COCKS.

One of them will go down on me & eat my pussy and taste my wetness & know how excited I am for our fornication, while I suck the other's cock. Sometimes, the boys will alternately FUCK me doggie style, at other times they mount me and FUCK me one after another, as I lay on my back.

We tried double penetration a few times, with limited success. Despite my voluptuous big round ASS, their BLACK COCKS are simply too BIG to fit together at the same time.

I am grateful that Harold was willing to share me with Edgar, and that Edgar is comfortable fucking me with his father. They are my dream team.

Males experience a primal arousal when they watch another male FUCK a female, it makes them hard and ready to FUCK again. On most nights, both my BLACK lovers will each FUCK me hard for several minutes before cumming, by the time the second has cum, the first one is ready to FUCK again. When all three of us a fully satisfied, we fall asleep in a BLACK & WHITE body heap.

Edgar is up early in the morning to go to school, sometimes I join him in the shower and suck his morning hardness and empty his juicy balls. At other times, I prepare his breakfast & wait for him to come down to the kitchen. Depending on his mood he will let me suck him off or he'll push me on the carpet and empty his balls in my pussy before eating his breakfast & taking off to school.

Harold also owns his business, so he goes to work when he wants to.

I freshen up & get back into bed with Harold, who is blessed with BIG HARD morning erections. In the morning, Harold is fully rested and energized and his thrusts are deeper and his virile COCK means business.

I send off both my lovers fully satisfied in the morning.

There is a deep primal fullfillment when a male is strong and he uses the female to satisfy the sexual animal in him. In the mornings Harold is often rough in the way he uses me, I find that both exciting and very satisfying.

Whether I am with one of my lovers or both, it seems like we fuck all the time. What more could a bitch in the prime of her life want ?

So when my daughter Tiffany told me she was joining us for Thanksgiving, I was floored, her dad Wayne was going out of state for Thanksgiving.

I apologized to Edgar that he would have to sleep one maybe two nights in his own bedroom, while Tiffany stayed us for the holiday. He understood. I didn't want my daughter to find out about our threesomes and tell her dad, not that I cared.

Tiffany also announced that she was bringing her boyfriend Bob (skinny white boy) to the dinner, I said okay.

At thanksgiving dinner, I engaged in a shameless display of intimate public affection with Harold, kissing him intimately at every chance. I also hugged Edgar frequently and kissed his cheek and an occasional brush with his lips. Bob looked nervous watching me, a white woman, seem so happy & at home with these two black men.

At dinner I sat next to Edgar, as we talked & ate our salads, under the table Edgar took my hand and guided it to his HARD throbbing COCK. I slowly stroked his BLACK COCK, as the others continued talking. When he was close to cumming, Edgar excused himself to the bathroom, I went to check on something in the kitchen, and on the bathroom where Edgar was, I only needed to gently nibble his hard purple head with my teeth and his lovely BLACK COCK jerked into my hungry WHITE mouth.

Edgar & I returned to the table separately.

After the thanksgiving dinner, Tiffany announced that she & Bob were going to a party at a friend's house, and that she would be back by lunchtime Friday. I was very excited to hear that, now Harold & Edgar could FUCK me together thanksgiving night. The smell & taste of pumpkin pie had me feeling extra horny, my pussy was dripping wet and my panties soaked.

Pardon this WHITE turkey, but I really needed to be stuffed with BIG BLACK COCKS tonight.

Tiffany & Bob drove away and I wasted no time, I put the dishes away, Edgar helped me, sometimes reaching under my dress and fondling my tits or squeezing my ass globes. Like I said I have an ample juicy ass that all men desire but only BLACK men dare to explore.

We had a GREAT thanksgiving night FUCK fest after the feast, and we fell asleep in Harold's big bed, me sandwiched between my BLACK lovers.

Friday morning, Harold needed to go to his office for a few hours, Edgar was going to hang out with his friends. I made a big breakfast dressed in my sexy black bra & panties, for my darling lovers. My huge knockers made a deep cleavage and they were pouring out of my bra. My breasts had fresh love marks from last night's erotic adventure with Father & Son.

The smells from the feast and the sensuous memories from last night's FUCKING played in my mind, as they stirred my loins and I began to feel horny again. Watching my sexy behavior, Harold grabbed me by my hips, sat me in his lap and had me grind my ass against his growing erection, he unleashed my massive beauties and sucked my nipples and their darker circles.

I moaned in pleaure & pain as Harold punished my nipples with his teeth, I said to him "darling, one day these udders will carry milk for your drinking pleasure".

After he had his fill of my massive mammaries, he gave me a deep French kiss and handed me off to Edgar and said, "Son I have to get to the office, make sure you enjoy this juicy piece of ass for breakfast & show her cunt who is in charge".

I begged him stay and FUCK me with Edgar, but he laughed and headed off with another kiss.

Edgar dropped his robe and we couldn't wait to fuck, we were on the living room carpet in no time, making rug burns as Edgar thrust deep into me and I screamed for to him to FUCK me as his Father had told him to.

A virile young cock may have some limits, but a virile young BLACK COCK has NO limits, and that's a fact !

Edgar wore me out on the carpet before heading off to see his friends.

I dozed off on the carpet until I heard a noise upstairs and quickly put on my robe, Tiffany came out of her room, I hadn't known she was there all morning. She was supposed to be at a friend's.

I excused myself to freshen up and sat with her as she ate breakfast, I asked her how things went at her friend's.

She said, "terrible, Bob acted like a jerk, and we broke up".

"I am sorry to hear that honey, what happened ?", I asked.

She hesitated, and then blurted out, "he said, you are a BLACK COCK WHORE, and someday I would be one too", tears streaming from her eyes. I consoled her for his insensitivity and told her it was his loss.

We changed to other topics as I tried hard to look normal, it was really hard not to show the feeling of being so well FUCKED by two BIG BLACK COCKS. We had FUCKED almost non-stop since dinner last night, except for a few hours of sleep.

"When did you get in ?", I asked casually.

"After you guys had gone to sleep", she answered.

"Oh dear ! there goes my cover", I thought to myself. She had the look in her face, that demanded that I fess up.

Instead, I pursued "What did you see ?".

"I saw you sleeping between Harold & Edgar, Edgar was sucking your tits in his sleep, Harold's hand was were buried in your crotch and his COCK was rubbing against your back", she said as she glared into my eyes.

I was sunk, my own daughter had caught me with my hand in the cookie jar, tasting the forbidden fruit of fornicating with a Father & Son at the same time. I couldn't blame her for being angry at me, her boyfriend had accused me of being a BLACK COCK WHORE, and she came home to find out that we was more right than he knew.

She continued, "must be nice to have both of them to yourself mom, I am jealous".

I hugged her and told her not feel that way, I told her that we had a beautiful loving sexual togetherness between us.

I wanted to be sure I had understood what she meant by being jealous, so I put my hands on her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes and asked her, "are you saying you too want to be shared by Harold & Edgar, like I am ?".

"Yes, would you let them FUCK me ?", she asked.

I asked her again, "are you sure ? you cannot tell your father or friends about this".

She again said yes and I got very excited by the idea. I told her that BLACK men and their BLACK COCKS are a completely different experience than Bob or any of her previous white boy friends.

"How do you mean ?", she asked.

As I told her how, her eyes grew bigger & bigger. "Oh mom ! were you just going to keep the secret to yourself ?".

I wanted her & Edgar to be together and with Harold & I, I told her I wanted her to join our threesome and make a foursome, but it was not just up to me.

I told her I had a surprise to plan and we went shopping for some sexy lingerie for her.

Tiffany mildly resembles sexy actresses Amanda Seyfried or Scarlett Johansson, she has big beautiful blue eyes, soft cheeks, full red lips, a big chest and a nice round ass. I am glad she inherited my round ass and not her dad's flat ass.

Her chest is about the size I was, before she was born. Her birth inflated my tits to double Ds, for which I am grateful to her.

I closed my eyes and pictured my beautiful daughter getting her first taste of beautiful BLACK COCK, I became wet thinking how much my lovers would enjoy FUCKING her and how much she would enjoy being FUCKED by my lovers. And I would be right there to watch her bloom into a woman.

As we shopped, I thought about how Bob's confidence was shaken when he had thanksgiving dinner with us, he saw me exuding deep sensual satisfaction with my BLACK lovers. His feeble masculinity felt threatened, he didn't want to be so close to two BLACK alpha males and have to defend his turf. So he got scared and dumped my daughter. His loss !

I had arranged a surprise for Harold & Edgar.

After coming home from work, Harold changed and I sat him down on the couch blind folded, next to Edgar, also blindfolded. Tiffany came downstairs, dressed like a slut in sexy lingerie, revealing a lovely cleavage and showing her firm round ass.

They opened their his blindfolds and I yelled SURPRISE !

I told Harold, "darling I want to share my daughter with you and your son, just as you boys both share me".

Tiffany asked to dance with Harold, I danced with Edgar, soon both couples were kissing and fondling their partner. Edgar fondled my huge ass globes gently testing my darker nether hole with his finger, Tiffany was excited, perhaps feeling Harold HUGE BLACK COCK prodding against her soft white belly. I had laid cushions near the fire place and dimmed the lights so we could enjoy a great foursome of sweaty BLACK & WHITE naked bodies.

Harold & Tiffany sank into the cushions kissing passionately as Edgar and I explored each other. He laid me on the soft sheets and entered my wet pussy with deep thrusts, he whispered to me how hot and beautiful I looked, that he never wanted to stop fucking me. I told him I knew the four of us would be together, that I wanted him to have me and my daughter and make us both pregnant with his dad. That we wanted to have their babies and have our breasts fill with their milk.

The hot sight of my daughter riding his father's BIG COCK and her moaning pushed us both over the edge, Edgar & I came together and collapsed lips locked tongues sucking each other in intense excitemnet. I told him to join his dad and take my daughter with him, that I wanted to see Father & Son both have their cocks in her.

Edgar walked over and presented her with his still dripping wet COCK, she sucked Edgar hungrily as Harold came deep inside her. Then Edgar gently lifted & carried her and laid her on her back. As Edgar mounted Tiffany and entered her pussy, filled with his Father's thick cum, I sucked Harold's cock clean of my daugter's pussy juices and brought his cock back to stiffness before mounting him.

That Friday night we FUCKED & FUCKED, again & again by the fire, until we were dead from exhaustion.

Tiffany & I had the best BLACK Friday ever !

We now live as a foursome, our lovers take turns with both of us, sometimes together, sometimes separately. Tiffany & Edgar appear in public as a couple, as do Harold & I, sometimes we swap and Harold will take her on a business trip and FUCK her in their hotel room and take her to parties as his young trophy white whore.

Other times I go on roadtrips to football games with Edgar and we fuck in the hotel room as lovers, while his teachers and staff assume I am like a mother figure to him.

Our BLACK lovers, Father & Son, fill us, Mother & Daughter, WHITE whores with their thick baby making batter multiple times a day.

Tiffany & I hope to get knocked up and have Harold & Edgar's babies, neither one of us wants to know who the father is, we want both men to FUCK us & share us, and feel both babies as their own and abuse our udders for milk day in and day out.

Think we'll be knocked up by New Year ?




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