The Farmerís New Young Wife

Ed Ellis was a man in his mid-fifties when he married the young Ellie, his second wife, the first dying at an early age due to an infection that wasn?t caught in time to save her life. Ed had been a young man then and had loved his first wife so much that he had thought he would never marry again. That was before Ellie came into the picture. She was somewhat of a country girl, having been raised on a farm only a few miles from Ed?s sprawling 500 acre farm. Her father and Ed were good friends, had been for years. Ellie had gone to college and graduated with a degree in agriculture from one of the more outstanding universities in the deep south. She was a very sweet, innocent looking 27 year old woman who had one of those fabulous sexy hot looking firm figures that men lusted after. Her hair was always kept in a page boy cut, short, and she had the most beautiful of captivating smiles. Her voice was like a velvet soft southern drawl, smooth, disarming and could woo you into another world. She had, had many suitors, none of which she approved and her father had feared that she would become a spinster and never provide him with grandchildren, which he wanted desperately. Like the old families of long ago he thought it would be a good match for Ed and Ellie to get married even if he was twice her age. He could see in the future the joining of the two farms creating a vast amount of acreage, with his 500 and Ed?s 500.

Ellie?s father knew that Ed had always had a hankering for Ellie ever since his wife had died but was such a shy and proper gentleman that he would never approach her. They would all attend church on Sunday, sitting in the same pew. Andy, Ellie?s father, would deliberately make sure that Ellie always sat next to Ed, letting her closeness and perfume play on his subconscious. He would notice Ed looking at her out of the corner of his eyes, at her ample, firm large breast beneath her Sunday dress and at her hips and thighs while smiling at her sweet, beautiful, smiling face which required very little makeup. Andy and Ed would often meet in town and have coffee at the local caf? and the discussion would get around, guided by Andy on how worried he was about poor little Ellie, being as she couldn?t seem to find a man good enough for her; how she needed an older more experienced man who was established to woo her. Andy would always play the same game with Ellie, planting the seeds in her head that he hoped would eventually result in a marriage between the two.

Needless to say, it didn?t take long for Ed to fall madly in love with Ellie, he had always secretly lusted after her even when she was in her teens, before his wife had died. Being a very proper gentleman, he would never let on about his feelings plus he was very much in love with his dear wife; he would never be unfaithful to her.

Ellie had only kissed one young man and that was when she was in high school at her senior prom. Her virtue had never been in question for she had been raised to save herself for the man she would one day marry. She very deeply believed that her virginity was the most precious gift she could give a man and was reserved only for her husband to be eventually. She had often heard stories and had always wondered what it would be like to have sex but kept herself pure. Unknown to her was the fact that she had a very high sex drive and would have dreams when asleep about sex. At 27 she was rapidly reaching her peak years and the drive seemed to get stronger with every passing day. That it was an easy matter for her father to plant the seeds in her beautiful head about marrying Ed.

Ed and Ellie courted for about three months before they finally announced their intended marriage. It was a large, beautiful affair and family plus lots of friends attended.

Because of the demands of running the farm, Ed and Ellie were only able to spend a weekend in a large nearby city to have their honeymoon. While it wasn?t all Ellie had hoped it would have been at least she got her first taste of sex. She discovered that it was much more than she had hoped for but there just didn?t seem to be enough which was due to Ed?s being twice her age. Being a proper wife she quickly realized that this was all there was going to be. Poor Ed was under so much stress, this factored in with his age, left him less than what a young beautiful woman like Ellie needed. His performance was sporadic to say the least, so Ellie being true to her marriage vows resigned herself to few sexual encounters with her husband.

Fate would step in and change her life within the first year of their marriage.

Ed would often go off on trips with Andy to attend farming conventions and fairs. This would Ellie in charge of running the farm, seeing that the workers were paid and did their jobs. She would often wear tight tee-shirts that seemed to highlight her already ample firm breasts and what were called ?Daisy Duke? short shorts. She, who was already very sexy looking even looked more sexy in those outfits. Many of the workers on the farm would look lustfully at the ?Boss Man?s? beautiful, hot young white wife in such a way that would have gotten them lynched many years earlier. There were about 20 young blacks, ranging in ages from 19 to 23 who worked for Ed. They liked working for him for he was always fair and one to pay good wages. In this part of the South, where prejudices still were felt toward the blacks population, whites and blacks very seldom mixed. If they did it was considered of those who did as white trash. Many whites still considered them to be right out of the jungle and one step away from being apes plus they were still called ?Niggers? by many of the white population.

Ellie would often stand at the kitchen sink doing the dishes and preparing meals for she and Ed. The view from the window gave her an unobstructed look toward the large barn where Ed stored his hay crop to feed the animals during the winter months. Sometime, the range chickens would go into the barn and lay eggs which Ellie would gather. One day when she was hunting for the eggs in the upper loft she heard the rear barn door open and heard the voices of two of the workers plus the voice of what was a young black woman as they entered. Ellie started to yell out but her curiosity got the better of her and she lay down and peered over the edge of a bale of hay to see what was going on. While the light was subdued there was still plenty of illumination. This was during their lunch break that the two niggers escorted the young black girl into the barn.

Ellie watched intently as the two young niggers began fondling the curvy young girl, feeling her breasts and squeezing her ample ass. Quickly all three were completely naked. Ellie?s eyes widened as she gazed at them. Her blue eyes went immediately to the very erect black cocks of the two young nigger men. They were huge, very long and quite thick. She compared their sizes to that of Ed and realized that they were at least twice as big in all dimensions. She had never imagined that a man?s cock could be so big, thick and long causing her to wonder how any woman could take such a large cock into her body.

One of the young niggers got between the girls legs and started shoving his monster black cock into her. The girl moaned raising her long slender black legs into the air as he slipped the whole awesome length into her. Grunting like pigs the young nigger began to fuck the girl with long hard thrusts causing the young girl to moan and grunt in passion as she kept telling her lover to fuck her hot pussy, to fuck it hard, that she loved it inside her.

Ellie felt her own womanhood getting very moist and agitated, her blond pussy lips becoming swollen with desire, she had never seen anyone else fucking and it excited her more than she ever thought possible. Her mind began wondering what such a large cock would feel like inside her own body, she wondered if it would give her such a passionate response as this girl was giving to her nigger lover. The more she thought about it the hotter she got and for the first time in her life she reached down and began stimulating her dripping married pussy through her shorts. In her passion filled mind she pictured that big nigger cock thrusting back and forth inside her own married white pussy, filling her to maximum capacity. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning as she felt a fantastically huge orgasm beginning to build in her highly sexually aroused white married body. Her mind was totally focused on the sight before her blue eyes.

She watched as both of the young niggers hotly fucked the girl that afternoon and after they left, weak in her knees from her own gigantic orgasm, she climbed down from the loft and carried the eggs she?d gathered back to the house. There was an obvious wet stain at the crotch of her short shorts where she had extruded a copious amount of her lubricated sex juices. She scolded herself for what she had done, but the thoughts and visions were still in her fevered hot mind of what she had seen. She knew that the idea of having sex with on of the nigger workers was a definite no-no, just thinking about having sex outside her marriage and even more shameful with a nigger was the worst of taboo?s for any white woman, married or not. Yet the thoughts persisted, lingered no matter what she did to try and forget.

Later that week, due to her curiosity and the exciting thoughts she had, got the better of her and she decided, again, to slip into the barn again in the hopes of seeing a repeat performance of the fucking scene. Dressed in the usual tight short shorts and clinging tight tee-shirt she slipped into the barn. Unknown to her, she had been spotted by another young nigger who knew that his two friends and their girl sex partner would be coming that day to have another hot fuck session.

Leroy was 21 years old, slender built but very strong and like any young black man had looked often at Ellie?s sexy married white body with a desirous, burning lust boarding on rape. His curiosity caused him to follow Ellie into the barn completely unobserved and unknowing to Ellie. He watched her as she got behind some hay bales, kneeling, and was able to peek over into the stall where the girl and the two young nigger men fucked the girl before.

Ellie had unzipped the side of her tight shorts, had worn no panties and was able to get her small white hand inside to be able to stimulate her married white, already puffy, wetting pussy directly without clothing getting in the way. Leroy smiled when he saw this knowing that the ?Boss Man?s? wife was turned on by watching his black friends fuck the young girl. He crept up as close as he dared knowing that she would eventually get so involved, so focused in watching that she would not notice him slip up behind her. He had often dreamed, fantasized about this moment, he got a tremendous erection just thinking about sticking his huge, long and thick black nigger cock into her married white pussy and fucking her hard, hearing her beg for more, and for him to shoot his potent nigger cum deep into her married white womb. To flood her white womb with his fertile nigger sperm.

Sure enough within about 5 minutes the two young niggers and the girl entered the barn and went directly to the stall where they had fucked before. Already Ellie was breathing heavily in anticipation of what was to come. Reaching down she slipped her hand inside her shorts, but finding them too restrictive she pulled them down further to just below her knees. When Leroy saw this his huge black cock began lurching, throbbing and bobbing, painfully in the air. As soon as the niggers started fucking the girl, Leroy crept closer up behind Ellie. He looked at her, his eyes glazing over with lust, at her well rounded white ass, at the blond bush that surrounded her wet, dripping, married white pussy and at her hand which was hotly rubbing and stimulating her white pussy. All thoughts of the consequences of what he was about to do were pushed aside because of his burning desire to fuck this hot, sexy, beautiful married white woman, the ?Boss Man?s? beautiful white wife.

Silently, he crept closer until he was within a very few inches of her. The huge black tip of his extremely huge rock hard black cock was almost touching her white married pussy. Without saying a word or any preliminaries he suddenly grabbed her undulating white hips and pushed the huge tip of his black cock in between her already wet and swollen blond pussy. Ellie froze feeling the huge black cock sliding up, forcing its way up into her, stretching her. Looking over her shoulder she saw that it was one of the nigger workers who was shoving his huge black cock up into her super wet tight, needing married white pussy. Her blue eyes widened in disbelief that this was happening, that a nigger was shoving his massive black cock up into her married white pussy. Already she began to feel a strange, yet extremely exciting sensation course through her married white body as more and more of the huge nigger?s black cock slipped into her due to her super wet with passion juices. Her poor mind was torn between what was right and what she was feeling, what was happening. The knowledge of knowing that one of the nigger workers was shoving his monstrously huge black cock up into her hot married pussy actually made her feel more erotic, passionate than she had ever felt.

Leroy reached up and cupped her full white tits under her tee-shirt and began tweaking her hot erect nipples and slowly began sliding his massive black cock back and forth inside her married white pussy, fucking her. Ellie had never felt such passionate sensations before, her white hips began to rock back and forth in time with his thrusts as the young nigger began to fuck her. It felt so good, so erotic, so wonderful, she was loving it, she wanted him to fuck her, to fuck her good even if he was a nigger who worked for her husband. She tried to stop her moans but couldn?t. Turning over on her back, she raised her sexy white legs and clamped them around the muscular black ass of the young nigger pulling him closer making sure that all his huge black cock was going inside her pussy deep.

Leroy began kissing her full red lips and she was hotly returning his kisses with passion their tongues mingling. Her white arms circled his black back pulling, crushing him tightly to her full white tits, her hot erect nipples buring a hole in his black chest. Ellie?s white hips were rising and falling passionately as she felt the huge nigger cock reaching depths and stretching her like she had never been stretched before. Her blue eyes were glazed over in raw animal lusty passion, she was being transported to sexual levels higher than she never imagined. She was reaching the summit of blissful sexual love making. God, this young nigger was making her feel like a real woman and she didn?t want it to ever stop. It felt so good. She didn?t care that he was a nigger all she cared about was having this big black nigger cock in her desirous, needing married white pussy fucking her so wonderfully.

Leroy was in a blissful world all of his own, this married white woman was so hot, so passionate, so beautiful and her white pussy was so tight squeezing his totally embedded black cock, milking it, like a hand wrapped around it. Ellie was the very first white woman he had ever fucked. Just the idea of fucking a white woman, especially the beautiful, sexy married wife of his boss really turned him on all the more. This white woman was on fire with lust and passion as she bucked her white hips up with every powerful inward thrust of his huge black cock into her blond white pussy. He raised himself up on his forearms and looked down into her lust contorted white face, at her blue eyes filled with pleasure, glazed over in passion, her full red lips slightly parted as she moaned and groaned, hissing. He was not disappointed for even in his dreams he?d never thought it would be this good.

Leroy felt a stirring, boiling in his huge sperm filled massive black balls and knew that soon, very soon he would shoot his black seed up into her married white fertile womb. She didn?t seem to care and he knew that she wanted him to cum in her, she wanted to feel it spurting and flooding her white womb. He grunted, telling her what he was about to do. Ellie just smiled lustfully up into his black eyes and mumbled over and over, yes, yes, yes.

Ellie?s own orgasm was rapidly building inside her filled with black cock married white pussy. She didn?t care if he shot his nigger cum up into her married white womb, she just want to reach the total height of fulfillment only the earth shattering orgasm she knew was coming would give her. She clamped her white legs tighter around his black ass as with one hard final thrust he completely embedded his massive black cock up into her married white pussy.

Leroy?s black cock exploded, a ponderous gush of his hot, fertile nigger sperm quickly spewing up into her married white womb, literally flooding it until she could take no more. He kept spurting more and more, the overflow was now sliding back along his embedded black cock and oozing out of her packed full of nigger cock married white pussy.

Ellie kept moaning and moaning as each spattering shower of nigger cum filled her white womb. Her own orgasm rocked her hot white body sending her into another world, a world to fulfillment, of sexual delight and passion that was unbelievable. She pulled the young nigger?s head down to her and kissed him passionately time and time again, moaning and telling his how good he was, how she loved his big black cock fucking her married white pussy. She told him that she wanted him to fuck her some more, she wanted his big black cock inside her, that she loved him fucking her, that she loved big black cock and loved being fucked by him.

Leroy smiled down into her flushed pink, hot and beautiful white face promising her that he would fuck her white pussy anytime she wanted, that she was the hottest most passionate woman he?d ever known and he loved fucking her.

What Ellie didn?t know was that the two young niggers who were fucking the girl had heard them in the loft and climbed up and watched their friend Leroy fucking the hot sexy white woman, the ?Boss Man?s? wife. Leaving them undisturbed they decided to later fuck her also. Their black cocks had also desired to be in her hot, married white pussy.

After Leroy pulled his huge black cock out of Ellie?s married white pussy a literal flood of his nigger cum flowed onto the straw under her hot white ass.

Leroy left her lying her, her long sexy white legs open wide, her white pussy stretched wide as his black seed flowed out onto the straw. Ellie lay there for several minutes after Leroy left, her fevered mind reliving the hottest sex she had ever experienced, a lusty smile on her full red lips as she thought about how inadequate Ed was compared to his young nigger who had just fucked her so lustfully passionate. Although she knew it was dangerous to have an affair with a nigger, she still wanted to fuck with him again, to feel that huge black cock sliding in and out of her married white pussy taking her to the peak of sexual pleasure.

Ellie finally got up, rearranged her short shorts and tight tee-shirt, which now rubbed her sensitive erect nipples causing her to almost have another orgasm. She went in and immediately took a long soaking hot bath, washed her cum stained shorts where Leroy had wiped off his dripping black cock. Her beautiful face seemed to glow more radiant they ever before. She had finally found a man, even if it was a nigger, who was the answer to her dreams. Ellie knew however that she would have to stay married to Ed for it would be a disgrace for her to leave him and marry a nigger.

The next chapter later, ?Ellie?s Black Orgy.?


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