Cuckolded By His Black Brother-in-Law

Synopsis: Infertile man is forced to watch his black bother-in-law impregnate his wife, as other female members of the family look on John just stared at the medical report in disbelief; it would have been the understatement of the year to say that he was devastated.

All along he?d thought that it was his wife Pauline who was responsible for them not having any children. Obviously this was not the case ?sperm count nil?; it read in large bold print.

?I?m so sorry, I know how much you?ve been looking forward to having a baby? sobbed John as they made their way out of the hospital. ?Let?s talk about it later? replied Pauline his 29 year old wife in a sour tone.

After a silent lunch at home Pauline made a quick exit to pay her mother Ann and younger Sister Laura a visit to tell them the bad news. That afternoon seemed endless as John sat on the sofa feeling sorry for himself, how could he possibly hope to hold on to his stunning wife, now he thought.

Upon her return Pauline seemed to be a bit happier, and announced that she?d arranged for them, her mother and sister, and John?s mother Olivia all to go out for dinner that evening at our favourite restaurant.

With the five sat around the table poor John didn?t know where to look. His mother Olivia had a face down to her feet, as she looked at her son with a permanent scowl.

Whereas Ann and Laura actually seemed to be enjoying the fact that he wasn?t able to father any children.

Finally after the meal and some small talk Ann got straight to the point. ?So John what are you going to do about your problem, you can?t expect my daughter to go through her life without having any children? she roared.

?But what can I do, you know what the Doctor said, I can never have any kids? replied John sheepishly not knowing where to look. Grinningly Laura began, ?We think we have the solution for you, you?re just going to have to get someone else to impregnate Pauline for you?.

Since their very first meeting Anne and Laura had made it very obvious that they didn?t think John was good enough for Pauline, you could tell by the look in their eyes that they were loving every second of John?s torment.

The silence around the table was thick enough to cut with a knife, as John first turned to his wife and then his mother asking them if that is what they wanted. ?I?m so sorry John but I can?t go throughout life without a baby? sighed Pauline. ?It hurts me to say but if you?re not men enough to give my daughter-in-law a child then some other man is going to have to do it for you? added Olivia.

At this point Laura seemed to relax, she knew that she had John by the balls. ?We need a man who is trustworthy and won?t say a word, and also very fertile. Tony my husband will do the job nicely? Laura announced with some glee.

?But, but Tony is black, everyone will know their not mine if Pauline has a little black bastard? John stammered, ?and you know I hate his guts, please, please anyone but Tony?.

?And what is wrong with having a black baby? roared Laura, who herself had two black children with Tony, a girl Lucy and a son Leon. ?Nothing, nothing? John stammered again realising that Tony would probably thump him if he found out what he?d said.

?That?s all decided then, Tony will be the father and you?ll just have to put up with the embarrassment? Ann laughed. ?It will be really humiliating for you son, but there not much you can do about it? added Olivia.

Laura planned everything, she and Tony, Pauline and John, together with her mother, and John?s mother would all spend a week in a cottage in the country.

Tony was loving it; he?d always hated John, and was determined to cause him maximum embarrassment during their stay. ?Tell that worthless son of yours, I want to see him now? he roared to Olivia. ?What do you want? John said curtly, to the powerfully built black man who stood before him.

?Show some respect to your betters, and call me sir while your at it? snarled Tony.

Biting his lip, John began again, ?what do you want Sir?.

?That?s much better, now ill be honest with you I?ve never liked you very much boy, but I always wanted to fuck your lovely wife. These are my conditions I?m going to make Pauline my whore and your going to obey my every word, do you agree wimp?, sniggered Tony.

?Yes sir? was Poor John?s reply, he was totally beaten.

John had never knows such embarrassment, Tony had decided that as John obviously wasn?t a real man, he no longer had the right to dress as one. Humiliatingly he announced that for the entire week John was to be attired in just a pair of Laura?s stockings and suspenders together with a pair of 5? high heels.

?Is Tony much bigger than me? John whispered in a timid voice, as Laura attached the black stockings to the matching suspender belt. ?Now what do you think? she giggled as she looked down at John?s erect penis standing to attention at its full 4?. ?Tony is a real man you know that not a sissy little boy like you?.

Standing before his mother Olivia proved to be an humiliating beyond belief. ?Oh god look at you, I?m ashamed to say you?re my son? she sighed.

Finally the time had arrived for Pauline to submit to Tony?s black cock. Adding to John?s shame, Tony announced that everyone was to witness the act. Laura, Ann and Olivia could hardly contain themselves; John on the other hand was dreading it. Clip clopping in his high heels, John followed the three women into the main bedroom where Pauline already lay on the bed dressed in only a pair of stockings and suspenders just like his.

?Well what do you want me to do? asked Tony in a sarcastic tone much to everyone amusement.

?P P Please fuck my wife and make her pregnant? replied John with his eyes to the floor.

With that Tony steeped up to the bed and began to unzip his trousers. ?Oh my god? John squealed as his enormous black cock came into view. It must have been 10? and thick as a baby arm. Without a hint of foreplay Tony lay Pauline back on the bed and inserted his black monster between her thighs.

?AHHHHHH? cried Pauline as his cock slid in.

?Oh please don?t hurt her? echoed John much to Ann?s and Olivia?s amusement.

Like a machine Tony began his onslaught, John couldn?t bare to look, and began to leave the room.

?Stay where you are boy? instructed Tony, as all three women began to slid their fingers inside their panties.

Pauline seemed to be in another world, her legs wrapped around Tony?s back. ?Oh yes harder, harder, fuck me oh fuck me? she cried. Taken aback by this John didn?t know where to look Pauline was normally so quiet during their lovemaking what had come over her.

?Tell me what you want? prompted Tony to Pauline.

?I want you to fuck m, fuck me and give me the baby that my useless husband can?t, Oh my god I?m cumming? she replied.

Suddenly Ann could take no more, for over five minuets she, Olivia and Laura had all been rubbing their clits. In a flash she pulled down her skirt and panties and dragged John between her legs. ?Lick me out you worthless fucking wimp? she cried.

What a picture they all made Pauline was getting the fucking of her life, whilst John was clad in only stockings and suspenders licking his 49 year old mother-in-law out.

One by one Laura and even his own mother Olivia forced John to pay homage to their moist pussies.

?Yes, Yes?, Tony cried ?I?m cumming I?m cumming? as he began to fuck like a madman.

Suddenly the room fell silent, John could only look on his eyes filled with tiers as he saw his wife?s stretched cunt filled with Tony?s virile cum. ?Well boy don?t sit there gawking, clean up that mess I?ve made?, instructed Tony in an assertive tone.

Almost in a trance John made his way onto the bed where Pauline lay, her legs wide apart, copious amounts of spunk oozing from her battered cunt. How humiliating could you get, there he was dressed in stockings and suspenders licking another man?s spunk from his wife?s pussy as his sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and his own mother looked on.

?That?s it boy do a good job clean it all up?, laughed Tony, as John began the task of cleaning away the sticky spunk.

?Look at him, just look at him, that?s all he?s fucking good for cleaning up a real man cum?, Cried Ann.

?If I?d thought he?d turn out like this I?d have had him castrated at birth?, added Olivia.

?The size of his cock and balls it wouldn?t have been worth it? snarled Laura mockingly.

Suddenly the bed began of move as John became aware that he and Pauline were being joined by someone else, someone big and heavy, and no doubt black and strong.

?Keep still boy?, instructed Tony, as he began to nuzzle his now rock hard cock against John?s bum hole.

?Oh please Sir, please don?t do that? stammered John, as Tony attempted to insert his fat black cock into his tight hole. Taking hold of John?s hips Tony slowly began to force his cock deep inside, he?d fucked Pauline and made her his whore and now he was about to do the same to John as well. Husband and wife used and abused turned into a black studs mere playthings.

?AHHHHHHH AHHHHHH, Oh please, oh please don?t fuck me? squealed John. Surly this was the ultimate humiliation John thought, there he was his face buried inside his wife?s spunk filled gash, as a powerfully built black man took his virgin ass from behind as his own mother looked on.

Sandwiched between his wife?s legs and Tony?s strong arm?s John was unable to move. His face buried deep into Pauline?s spunk filled cunt at one end, with a huge black cock thrusting into his arse at the other poor John was completely at their mercy.

?Fuck him, fuck him?, cried Anne and Laura almost in unison. ?Yes fuck him, fuck the worthless wimps arse off?, added Olivia. John could hardly comprehend what was happening there he was virtually being raped by a black man whilst his own mother looked on and encouraged what was happening.

?Oh yes make him your bitch? squealed Pauline, as an orgasm ripped throughout her body as John?s tong continued to lick away at her spunk filled pussy.

In all his years John had never experienced anything like it, he felt as if his whole body was on fire, yes somehow he actually began to enjoy what was happening to him.

His cries of ?No, No, No? went quiet and were in time replaced with ?Yes, Yes, Yes?.

?Look at him, look at the wimp he?s actually enjoying it? roared Laura.

?Harder, harder, fuck me harder, oh yes Sir, yes Sir fuck me ffffffuck me? screamed John.

Finally with one last hard thrust Tony began to pump his hot spunk into John?s arse. Like his wife before him John had been transformed into a black man?s whore.


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