The Milk Was Still In My Breasts

Written by Pam

Submitted by Monika Confess

My name is Pam, a 5?, 130 pound, 45 year old MWF. This happened to me five years ago, but the account is still fresh in my mind.

I was born and raised in the mountain country of West Virginia. I was also raised by my father and three older brothers. I could only date guys that they liked. The only guys in our area were lumberjacks and rednecks.

Of course this was a time when I was 30 pounds lighter. I was much cuter back then with long straight brown hair.

After high school, I met a nice guy named Jim. He was 4 years older than me, and came from a wealthy family. But we fell in love and even my dad and my brothers liked him.

I was far from a virgin when I met Jim, but he was much more special than the wood hicks who just dated me for sex.

I had no money for college, but worked at the Tasty Freeze in town. When Jim finished college, we were married and bought a small house in town.

My son Jacob was born, and not being able to find a job, I stayed home to raise our son. Jim was sales manager at his dad?s auto dealership, so I enjoyed being a housewife and mother.

When I hit my mid 30?s, I began to become bored, depressed and horny. Jim and I had a decent sex life, but I was fantasizing about other men. I began to want dicks longer than Jim?s. Jim never wanted me to work, but to get my idle mind off sex I got a job at the local library.

Although I kept busy, I nevertheless had days I was so horny that I would lose my mind. This happened during love making one night with my husband, and a month later I learned that I was pregnant. It was not planned, and I was now 40.

One day during my third month, two tall handsome black men walked in the library. There were no black people in our small town, but they were skiers at a nearby ski resort. A lot of my idle sexual fantasies were about black men and these men, Rob and Dale were every woman?s fantasy. They saw I was pregnant, and came on to me with questions ? asking if I was married and if I cheated? I was embarrassed, but hotter than a fire cracker! I was disappointed when they left because I knew I would never see them again.

I was never sexually aroused when I was carrying my son, but during my second pregnancy I was out of my mind for sex. Then on my ninth month, my heart stopped when Rob and Dale came back in the library again. It was a real snowy day and no one there but the three of us. I may have looked embarrassed, but I was on fire when they invited me to their ski condo. I told them it was tempting, but I had to decline. They told me that I looked like a little white woman that would do well in an Oreo orgy. I wanted to meet them so bad, but did not want to do anything to harm the baby. They gave me their card in case I changed my mind.

The next week I forgot all about my handsome black Playboys, as I delivered a 5 pound baby girl that we named Sara. My husband and son were happy to see the new family addition, but I was weak and still sick at my stomach.

A few days later I was craving sex so much that I was out of my mind. And when I breast fed my little daughter, my sensitive nipples seemed to trigger unusual sexual cravings. Instead of thinking of my baby girl, I was thinking how much I wanted to be that Oreo with Rob and Dale.

The following day, and like a woman processed, I called the ski lodge and spoke to Rob. He was happy that I delivered a baby girl, and his next question was what could they do for me? When I became silent, he said no word was worth a thousand words and gave me their condo number.

I never thought I could stoop so low as to leave my newborn girl. I told my husband that I was going to care for a sick girlfriend and it maybe late before I returned. Jim told me to go on and my son, who was now 18, said he would help take care of the baby.

My mind was numb as I drove 20 miles north to the ski lodge. I felt like a street whore as I knocked on the door of Condo number 219. Rob and Dale were glad to see me, as they welcomed the ?little town librarian? in their condo.

After some small talk about my newborn daughter and the snow outside, I hung my head in shame as both told me that they knew why I was there. I had never been kissed by a black man before. But as the two kissed me, I just stood as they removed my top. As the two tall ebony Playboys removed my slacks, I suddenly felt old and fat. My once long hair was now short. And my once slim and tight abs ? were now flab and full of birth stretch marks. But neither of these men cared about the old Pam. Removing my bra, their eyes were full of excitement as they saw my milk swollen nipples.

Without a word, both tall men leaned down and took a plump nipple between their lips. Once they saw and tasted my milk, I became as hot as they did.

?The milk is still in her breasts!? Dale said as they began to suck. ?This is going to be one hot night!?

Explaining that I could not say all night, Rob said nothing. My family guilt was soon gone as I watched the two men peel off their clothes. I bit my lip and stood in awe as their two long cocks were exposed. All I could think was that they were black and much longer than my husband. As they removed my panties, both were laughing and touching my vagina and telling me that my little hairy pussy was ready for some black dick.

After tasting some more breast milk, they lay me back on the bed. Exposing every inch of my vagina, Rob said that he had been waiting a long time to fuck the town librarian. Rob told me that he was 8?s, but since I had just delivered, I would have no trouble talking his long cock.

?She is one hot white mama!? Rob groaned as he drove his cock in my tender and sensitive vagina. ?I?m going to slice this pink meat and drink milk all night!?

As he pounded me fast and hard, I bucked and screamed as both men nursed on my nipples. My breasts and vagina were so tender, and I was on fire with his huge tool so deep in my womb.

I was out of my mind and Dale now had his long dick in my face. When Rob said, ?White wife and mama, suck that black cock,? I opened my mouth and hungrily took Dale?s big dick in my mouth.

After 10 minutes of the best sex of my life, both men traded places. Dale drove his thick and 9? black cock in my belly. My eyes dilated and as my mouth opened wide, Rob pushed his cock down my throat. I felt so hot and dirty, but too hot to care.

Sitting me up and drinking again from my breasts, they turned me over on all fours as Rob drove his black cock in me again. Dale was in front of me, and lifting my head up by my hair, and ordered me to suck him.

?Come on Pam!? he yelled. ?Show your little white husband and teen age son how you suck black cock!? Instead of feeling shame over his sick remark, I sucked him like a hungry whore as Rob was enjoying my pussy.

When they finally stopped, I told them that I had to go. Telling them that my husband would wonder, they said I could go, but only if I agreed on a few things.

?First, you are going to have to return tomorrow night,? Rob said. ?And you will have to tell your husband that you are going to stay all night with your sick girlfriend. Then you are going to shave that fat little pussy! We want it shaved clean, okay??

Laying me on my back again, Rob was in me again. As my eyes rolled back in my head, my mouth came open as Dale put his cock in my mouth. Describing my mouth like a bird looking for a worm, I released my second orgasm as Rob shot his load in me.

?Fill her up Dale,? Rob said as he stood up. ?Send Pam home full of black juice!?

?Pam, you are one hot mama!? Dale said as he took his turn on me. ?This is just the start Pam! Tomorrow night we are going to take all of your body and mind!?

?I hate you all, but I love it!? I said as Dale rammed his black cock faster and harder. ?My wood hick brothers would kill you if they knew what you were doing to their little sister.?

This remark only aroused them more, and as Rob ordered me to gulp his big black balls, I blew another orgasm as I felt Dale?s sperm shooting all through me.

I was so weak that both men had to help me dress. My sexual high was gone and guilt had taken over as I felt their sperm running down my legs.

It was cold as they walked me to my car. ?Are you coming back tomorrow night?? Rob said as Dale opened my car door.

?I?ll try!? I said as both men kissed me. ?I?ll come if I can!?

?You?ll be here!? Rob said. ?No white woman who fucks and sucks black cock like you is going to spend a Saturday night with her boring hubby. Now drive safe and shave that little fat slit for us. Good night Pam, and remember tomorrow night is all night. Tomorrow night we are going to blow your little mind and body out of this hick county. We?ll see you at 7, drive safe and think only of us!?

I felt as cold as the night air as I drove back home. It was after midnight when I walked in our bedroom and found my husband asleep. After I checked on my daughter ? I still had sperm seepage as I showered. After breast feeding my baby, I crawled in bed and recalled the awful thing I had done before I finally went to sleep.

The following morning I was grumpy and full of guilt and could not look either my husband or son in the eye. The last thing on my mind was a repeat of the previous night. But as I breast fed my baby in the afternoon, thoughts of Rob and Dale returned. Like a woman with no shame, I was on the toilet as I shaved my vagina.

My husband seemed surprised, but understood when I told him my girl friend was very sick and I had promised to spend the night with her. Using my breast pump, I left my husband and son a feeding for my daughter.

I hated to leave my little baby girl again. But as I made the cold drive north, I was horny and not only craving sex with Rob and Dale, but craving their attention. I knew that my husband was upset because I had gained weight and had bad stretch marks. But Rob and Dale seemed to love my 40 year old body. And I could not get my mind off their long black cocks.

It was after 7 p.m. when I knocked on their condo door. Both men were glad to see me and told me that we were going to dine in the ski lodge restaurant.

Luckily there were few in the dining room, and no workers or guests that I knew. Several couples however starred as they saw a white woman dining with two black men. I felt their eyes still on me as they watched us leave together.

The rib-eye, baked potato and ice tea was good and I was full when we returned to their room. Dressed modesty and with no perfume, both tall men leaned down and kissed me. Agreeing to do a slow striptease for them, the two men stretched out on the bed.

Both men went wild when I removed my panties and saw my bald vagina. This not only brought them off the bed, but anxious to remove my bra.

Seeing me swollen nipples, both men began nursing. I told them that I had just used my milk pump. I soon saw that I had replenished. ?Nothing like fresh breast milk from a white mother,? Dale said as they both enjoyed their feeding.

?I love that fat little belly,? Rob said as he kissed my stomach. ?I love your stretch marks. Pam, you are so natural! You are just what men like!?

Laying me back on the bed, they told me that my shaved vagina looked great and good enough to eat. As Rob lay on his back, they had me to sit on his face. My mouth fell open and my head fell back as I felt his tongue in my vagina. Pushing me forward, Dale began licking my anus. I was beside myself and had never seen men as horny and hungry as these two black California skiers.

Standing me up and pushing me to my knees, they told me to suck them. I was starved for their black meat. And as I took turns sucking them they spared no shame for my husband and son as they made degrading comments.

Throwing me on the bed, Rob was on top of me and fucking me. When he got off and Dale took his turn, I told them that it felt great, but that I was sore. ?We know you are little mother,? Dale said as he fucked me with his 9? cock. ?This is why we want you to take this bag in the bathroom and do an enema.?

Telling them that they were too big for my butt, they told me to go on and that my little round rose bud would adapt just fine.

Afraid to say no, I went to the potty and filled my gut with the fluid. I felt totally dirty as the enema cleaned me out.

?What are you doing with my wallet?? I yelled when I returned to the bedroom.

?Is this hubby?? Dale said holding up a picture of my husband.

?And the boy in the football uniform must be you son?? Rob said with a grin.

?Damm you!? I said as I tried to grab the pictures. ?Have you no shame??

?No, not when we are about to fuck a white wife and mother in the ass!? Rob said. ?Now get on the bed on all fours, Pam! And submit baby!?

As I obeyed, I felt oil hitting my anus as both told me I had a nice little pink asshole. I let out a moan as Rob stuck his finger in my ass.

?This is going to be sweet and tight and good to fuck all night,? Dale said as he put his finger up my ass. ?This is going to be dessert to our dinner!?

?You can take it Pam!? Rob said as he got on the bed behind me. ?Give it to me Pam! Relax that asshole!?

I cried out in pain and clutched the bed as Rob invaded my rectum. Coaxing me to grunt and relax, I felt him inch by inch ease in my bowels. After giving birth, my anus had been sensitive and with the pain, but now felt good as my anal muscles began to relax and enjoy this new forbidden area of my body.

?Man, she likes it!? Rob said. ?Dale, give me that picture of hubby!?

As I felt the picture being placed on my back, I knew what he was going to do, but my anus felt so good, that I just submitted to their sick desires.

?Hubby, I hate to tell you this,? Rob said as he looked at my husband?s picture. ?But your little wife is not with her girl friend old chap! She currently has 8?s of black cock up her ass. And I am going to tell you, your wife?s asshole is good. She?s grunting! She?s clawing the bed, and she loves fat, black dick in her backdoor. Her pink skin is so tight around my black pole!?

As I felt Rob pulling out of my insides, Dale was behind me and slapping his cock on my spine. I felt bad knowing what he was going to do, but I was too hot to care.

I again clutched the mattress as Dale pushed his oiled black cock up my ass.

?Oh son, your mother loves it!? Dale said as I felt the picture on my spine. ?You look like a tough 18 year old guy in that football uniform, boy! And I bet you would tackle me if you knew I was fucking your mother in the ass. Son, your mother has a nice warm behind! Son, we are going to fuck your mother in the ass all night!?

And for the next 2 hours, these two horny black studs took turns ramming my rectum. As the clock struck midnight, they both took turns shooting their sperm deep in my bowels.

I was too weak to stand, but Rob carried my lifeless body to the shower. After they made me wash their cocks, they each held me my head as they took turns putting their cocks in my mouth. I was weak, but still hot and hungry as I sucked their still hard cocks.

It was 1 a.m. when they towel dried my body and lay me on the bed for their feeding. I suddenly sobered up when I heard my cell phone ringing.

?Oh my gosh!? I yelled. ?It?s my husband!?

?Answer it!? Rob laughed. ?We want to hear you talk to your husband while we suck those fat, plump nipples.?

Pleading for them not to talk, I answered the phone. After my husband asked how my friend was feeling, he asked where our daughter?s bottle was. As I told him how to mix a milk formula, both men were sucking and drinking from my breasts. I felt so cheap, but still no one made me feel like Rob and Dale.

After I hung up, I told them that I was tired and sore. They told me that I was going to sleep tonight with my black lovers. Both naked men got on each side of me in the bed and cut out the light.

We all must have slept for 3 hours, but at 6 a.m. they turned on the light and showing me their hard cocks, they put me again on all fours. They told me they wanted some of my country pussy. In a minute, Rob was in my vagina as Dale was in my mouth.

As the sun was coming in the windows, they told me that they were ready for their morning feeding. I just sat and stroked their kinky hair as they drank my breast milk.

As they stood up, I was amazed how hard they both still were.

?Now it?s time for your feeding, Pam!? Dale said as they stroked their cocks.

?We know that Pam is hungry!? Rob said. ?We don?t want to send mommy home hungry. So we are going to send you home with that sexy pot belly full and satisfied!?

?I don?t think I can do this!? I said as they ran their cocks over my face. Instructing me to get on my knees, they pressed their knees on my swollen nipples. Putting their fingers in my mouth, Rob put his black dick in my face and told me the rest was up to me. Taking his dick in my mouth, I began to suck as Rob told me how hot I looked.

?You were made for black cock, Pam,? he said as I gulped his black bone. ?Any white mother who would do what you did the past few nights is certainly a black man?s whore! I am going to give you your breakfast, Pam. Swallow all of it!? As I felt huge gobs of sperm in my mouth, I swallowed, as Rob degraded my husband and telling me how wonderful I was.

As I coughed and continued swallow, Dale then stepped in for his turn and I eagerly took him in my mouth.

?Boy, you are hot, Pam!? he said as he ran in black cock in my mouth. ?Show me how hungry you are, Pam! Let us send you back home with that little sexy pot belly full and satisfied.?

Dale?s squirts of sperm were stronger than Rob?s. ?Drink your breakfast, town librarian,? Dale yelled. ?Drink it all, and don?t waste a drop.?

Slapping my tummy and pinching my nipples they handed me my bra and told me I was the first and best white mother they had ever had. When I declined to meet them again, they handed me their phone number and told me they would fly me to California free anytime I wanted.

I reached home full of guilt and shame, and to this day, I still fantasize and orgasm when I think of my two California Playboy skiers.


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