Blackowned Lisa


My name is Lisa. I am a true black cock slut, and thought that your site might be the perfect place to tell my story.

I was born in 1983 and grew up in a small town with a family that had a lot off issues. There is a million stories I could tell you from my childhood and if you knew some off them than maybe the rest off my life would make sense, but to me my old life ended in 2003 when I met and almost immediately married Clyde. The first 2 years of our marriage was better than I could have ever dreamed about. Clyde was loving, caring and sweet, and I rarely questioned anything with him. Truth be told, I wasn?t very experienced when it come to sex and guys at the time, so that wasn?t really a problem either.

One night we saw a movie together on the couch where a couple revealed there darkest secrets and fantasies and the other tried to live them out in order to bring them closer together. After that movie we ended up talking about just that. Our deepest secrets and fantasies and Clyde ended up announcing that he wanted me to have sex with another man. I was completely disgusted but I loved him and tried not to judge him, as he told me that this was quite a ?normal? fantasy. Long story short, we went back to our regular lives but he kept mentioning it. Not a lot, but when it was appropriate.

Around fall 2006 I was out in the local bar with a few co-workers just having a few beers, dancing and generally having fun. A biker had been trying to hit on me the entire night , and I found myself slightly attracted to him. Pretty big deal for me, as I was quite a ?good? girl and this guy looked damn right dirty. Eventually I called Clyde (Mainly because I wanted him to meet me half-way). I told him about the biker and Clyde to my big surprise asked me about him, how he looked, how tall he was, if I ?liked? him. And I was actually honest. He told me to ?go for it? and call him later. I was scared and exited at the same time. But the biker ended up kissing me. A kiss I answered. He had a room a room in the hotel over the bar and took me there.

It was different from anything I had ever encountered. He was rougher than Clyde, who had mainly made love to me for the past years, and I expected me to do things I had almost never done. He made me suck him off. He was slightly bigger than Clyde, but he tasted different. Dirty. He made me lick his balls as he jerked off in my face and shot his load all over my mouth and taste. He didn?t taste bad though? a sweet but salty taste. He wiped himself clean before throwing me on the bed and pulling up my dress before he pounded me like a 2-dollar whore. He came inside me after a few minutes of grunting and than he went into the shower and told me to get out.

I felt so cheap as I pulled down my dress and walking down to the street with a complete strangers semen running down my thighs. But strangely enough I was also horny as hell, it actually turned me on being treated like shit by that dirty stranger. I masturbated myself to 3 intense orgasms while confused about my reaction behind a dumpster before I called Clyde and went home.

He made me tell him all about it , in detail and he was so horny he came immediately after entering me. After that things changed. I had stepped over a line, and time would tell that I would step over a lot more lines.


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