My Wife The High School Teacher

My beautiful wife Sandra was in her 5th year of teaching high school in our mid-sized town of about 60 thousand people. It is located in the southeastern part of one of the old traditionally southern states. The population mix is about 60 percent black and 40 percent black. Yet the school population was just the reverse. While having lived in the deep south both of our lives, we don?t consider ourselves as being bigots or prejudice. While we don?t associate with the black population in general due to my wife?s position in the school system we know many of them. While our social lives consist mostly of the church and some close friends we do attend school functions like sports and various other activities. We have been married for 10 wonderful years filled with love. Our marriage had been one of the most beautiful in the whole town and many attended. There were many a young man in the community that were extremely heartbroken because she had chosen me over them. She was a virgin and I felt very blessed. Our wedding vows of love, honor and obey were taken very seriously especially that part of being faithful by us both. At 33 Sandra is probably considered one, if not the most, beautiful woman in the town and the whole county.

She keeps herself in top notch physical condition, looking just as firm and youthful as the day we were married due in part to being the cheerleading coach. At 5? 6? she is neither too slender or to heavy. She has an extremely firm, tight, 36DD-28-36 figure, her breasts with large pink nipples seemed to point upward slightly, shoulder length blond hair, full red lips, a beautiful smile, the deepest, bluest eyes and a peaches and cream flawless complexion. She dress somewhat on the conservative side yet her sexy figure and beauty are still most visible to the discerning eye for those who care to look. Her beautiful is of the type that is universal in appeal no matter what a persons national origin or race.

Sandy, as everyone calls her, is also the cheerleading coach for the high school and stays many afternoons a week after school working the girls on their routines. She dresses in a pair of relatively tight white shorts, loose fitting ?T? shirt with the school name across the front, white low cut tennis shoes and white socks. Her blond hair is usually tied in the back as she helps the girls with their performance practice. Despite her attempts to appear modest it is impossible for her to hide her fantastic figure. Many of the male teachers and upper grade male students often watch the girls practice but most of all concentrate on my beautiful wife Sandy. I sure couldn?t blame them if they were normal red blooded males that is for sure. Some of the football and basketball players seemed to take a special interest in watching the girls practice and of course, Sandy.

There were several young, 17 and 18 year old males hunks who definitely lusted after her. I am sure many of them had wet dreams at night about her. She didn?t look her thirty three years but almost as young as some of the girls on the cheerleading squad. Sandy had never been unfaithful, as was stated in our wedding vows, and never even considered such as a possibility. That was before, all this was until that fateful day 3 months ago. It seems that 3 of the star football players were having difficulties in their English classes and were in danger of not meeting state requirements needed to play. The principal asked her if she could find time in her busy schedule to tutor them. Always a staunch supporter of the athletic program she said she would find time to help them. The team fullback, a tight end and one of the centers were the ones who needed the help. She knew the three but was not their main teacher so had little contact with them except at games.

What she did not know was that these three had rather shady reputations concerning the girls at school and in the town. They were all over six feet and quite muscular due to their physical training for football. Powerfully built young men, two being 18 and one was 17. They were all black, a dark black, with typical negroid features. Many people of the white race still referred to them as ?Niggers? in this part of the country, old traditions seem to die a very slow death. While Sandy and I never used that term outwardly sometimes we would use it between ourselves to denote a particularly lazy, not too bright, somewhat dirty class of people who seemed to think that the world owed them a living. They were at that age where only athletics and girls held much interest for them so they were anxious to bring up their grades so they could possibly get scholarships at some university to play football. Usually Sandy would have them meet her in the classroom off the gym after cheerleading practice and spend about an hour, sometimes more, helping them with their assignments. Things went along smoothly for the first 2 weeks. The young blacks spent a lot of their time undressing my beautiful 33 year old wife with their dark lust filled eyes, thinking of how they would like to get in her pants, to fuck her hot, tight white married pussy. They had often seen my beautiful wife at games and had always thought about what it would be like to have sex with such a beautiful white woman. To them this would be a way to even the score with some of the whites in the community.

After the tutoring class one day the three of them got together and discussed how nice it would be have sex with my beautiful 33 year old white wife. Of course Sandy knew nothing of their conversation and continue teaching them as usual. They didn?t want to do anything to hurt their hopes of obtaining scholarships and knew that if something, like having sex with her, that were to occur it would have to be done in such a way as to make it appear to be at her invitation. How to accomplish this was something that would take a lot of careful planning on their part but they definitely wanted to have sex with what was considered the most beautiful and sexy white woman in town as did many others. None of the young men had ever had sex with a white woman and this would be the crowning jewel in their crown of conquests if they could make it happen. After several long discussions they decided to us a drug that was available that was known to work which they could get from one of their shady friends, it would make a female become very erotically aroused and then a pretty easy conquest. They decided to slip this drug in her water, actually an energy drink, that she always seemed to carry with her just before the cheerleading practice was over so she would be in the mood when they were in the classroom and she was tutoring them. The day arrived for their conquest and they were very excited about the prospect of fucking my beautiful, sexy white wife. Following their plan they were able to slip the drug into her drink 10 minutes before practice was over and then she headed for the classroom.

By the time Sandy got to the classroom the drug had already began to take effect on her already high libido and she felt an unusual hotness stirring in her crotch area and in her firm full white tits. As she began the lesson she began she began to fidget at the desk alternatively opening and closing her long sexy white legs in an attempt to quell the hotness of a desire that was beginning to burst into flame in her swelling, wet, blond married pussy lips. For the first time in her life she began to look at the three young nigger students in a different light, seeing them for the first time as men. Her big blue eyes would glance down at their crotch and she noticed the outline of huge bulges, bulges that were much bigger than the one I had ever displayed. Her 33 year old married lust filling white mind began to wonder if the tales she had heard about the size and staying power of nigger males was true. She knew she was getting into dangerous territory just thinking such things but the effects of the drug on her body was so strong that she began day dreaming about what they might look like, wondering if it was according to what she had heard.

The niggers had on their thin gray cotton gym shorts without a jockey strap and were tight enough to show the outline of their large black teenage cocks plainly, even though they were not fully erect but still very much larger than most grown white men. As Sandy sat there daydreaming the niggers started squeezing their black bulges making them harder, both lengthen and grow thicker. Sandy?s hot eyes opened wider as she now boldly, openly, gazed in amazement at what was happening, still fidgeting but more so now at her desk. Her married blond pussy was getting hotter, wetter and puffy with a forbidden desire. The young high school niggers knew her state from watching her squirm in her seat and the far away look in her big blue eyes as she would stare at their hardening black cocks, so they slowly got up and walked up to her desk while still squeezing their huge teenage black cocks which were lengthening by the second plus getting thicker, Sandy?s hot eyes never leaving their growing and obvious size.

One walked up behind her while the other two flanked her on either side in preparation for making their move, they were very nervous but spurred on by their consuming lust proceeded. The one behind her reached in front of her and squeezed her full firm, 36DD married white tits, kneading them and tweaking her rapidly hardening nipples. Sandy sat there not moving, her blue eyes closing in a desirous rapture as she got hotter, her married white pussy twitching and throbbing with a desire to be filled. She moaned and sighed in lust, her blue eyes glazing over in a lustful rapture, as he continued to manipulate her white tits his black hands going up under her tee shirt and bra to grasp those firm white tits black skin to white skin. The two flanking her each took an arm, lifted her out of the chair and placed her on the edge of her desk facing them. Her sexy white ass cheeks resting against the edge, her feet on the floor. They began pulling her shorts off and the small bikini panties dropping them on the floor. Sandy sat as if hypnotized neither protesting nor resisting, her blue eyes glazed over in desire, need and lust as if on another planet. They then deftly shucked off their cotton gym shorts revealing their now powerful looking, fully erect very long and thick nigger cocks which were throbbing in desperate need to get inside her married blond white pussy and fuck her hard.

As the first of the young high school niggers walked up between her now spread long sexy married white legs she looked down, her blue eyes opening widely in surprise and a sense of awe at the largeness of what was coming toward her sopping wet married blond pussy. Due to her highly aroused and natural high libido she was so focused on the hugeness that she only watched in amazement as it approached her wet white pussy. Everything she?d ever heard about nigger cocks was being confirmed right there in front of her lust filled blue eyes. She?d never seen anything ever that big, it dwarfed my cock and for the first time there was a sense of apprehension, fear, a not knowing in her eyes. It was so big and she felt she was too small for it to enter her pussy even if she was no longer a virgin after being married for so many years. She looked up into the grinning hot face of the young nigger, seeing a lust she had never seen before, as he placed the huge black tip against her puffy and wet blond married pussy lips and began shoving forward.

The huge black tip of the young niggers cock popped in between my wife?s blond married pussy lips and slowly, due to her unaccustomed tightness, up into her never stretched so much, vagina and up further and further into her until his whole awesome black length and thickness was amazingly completely embedded into her, the huge black tip pushing up against the entrance to her very sensitive white married womb. Sandy, her lips pursed in an ?O? sighing, practically swooned in such ecstatic pleasure at the fullness of her pussy, never had she ever had such a huge cock inside her., stretching her beyond belief, of anything she thought possible. Every super sensitive heated nerve ending inside her vagina and cervix was being stimulated erotically and completely. The young teenage nigger started thrusting his huge rock hard black cock backward and forward into her tight married pussy, fucking her hard as he so desperately wanted to be the first to shoot his nigger seed into this fantastically beautiful sexy married white woman, a teacher. Sandy was transported to another rapturous dimension, a world she had never know before and she began to move her sexy white hips and blond pussy up toward him as he thrust into her repeatedly wanting more, loving it. She began moaning, cooing in erotic pleasure, driving her sexy white hips up harder to meet his every hard completely filling thrust, as he fucked her. She had never experienced such an ecstasy flashing through her married white body before, her senses were exploding in sensations she was for the first time experiencing. Her white arms circled his back pulling him tightly to her, against her full firm white tits, her hot erect nipples burning against his black chest, her long sexy white legs wrapped tightly around his flexing black waist, pulling him deeper into her on his inward thrusts. Over and over she kept saying words she?d never used before like fuck me with that big nigger cock.

A second of the young niggers walked up to her head, turned it to face his drooling pre-cum black monster teenage cock. Sandy looked at the huge monster nigger cock in front of her glazed blue eyes, she had never sucked a cock before, not even mine. For some unknown lustful curiosity she flicked out her pink tongue and captured a slimy droplet and put it in her mouth, then another and another until she was licking the huge slimy head of his black cock moaning in lust. He shoved it forward against her slightly parted lips and Sandy fully opened her beautiful full red lips, stretching them wide, and admitted the head. She began sucking feverishly, earnestly while being hotly, lustfully fucked by the first young nigger student lying across the teacher desk. Slowly the nigger inserted more and more of his black cock into Sandy?s mouth until half of it was inside, he began flexing his nigger hips fucking her hotly sucking married white mouth. She was going wild with lust, grunting, making smacking sounds, slurping and moaning as the two high school niggers fucked her lustfully there in the classroom. A glistening sheen of sweat coated her beautiful, sexy married 33 year old body giving her a glow, one could almost see steam rising from her lust filled hot white married body. She was so hot, her squinting blue eyes glazed over in hot passionate, needing lust. The whole classroom had the particular familiar aroma of raw jungle animal sex, of wild animals in heat.

The nigger fucking her pussy began to increase his speed, fucking her even harder as he was getting ready to deposit his huge amount of pent up, a tremendous load of his hot, sticky potent nigger cum up into her fertile white married womb. I am sure Sandy had not considered this, the chance of getting pregnant by one of the high school niggers being as she was probably in one of the last couple of years for her to have a baby. For some reason, probably because she was so lustfully aroused, she didn?t stop for a second continuing to fuck back as hard as she was getting fucked. Even if she had thought about it, it was too pleasurable and too late for her to stop. He got faster and harder in this pounding of her married pussy, their bodies slapping, smacking together noisily. They were rutting, grunting and moaning as both were reaching a powerful, soul shattering orgasm. With one final hard inward thrust the young teenage nigger high school student pushed as tightly to her as possible and began to send a torrent, an inundating flood of his hot, thick, sticky and very potent nigger seed spewing deep into her fertile married white womb. It triggered the most intense orgasm Sandy ever had causing her to go wild, with even hotter passion, thrashing around on top of the desk. The nigger fucking her mouth also began to shoot his hot copious load of nigger cum into her rapidly, greedily swallowing mouth and throat. This went on for several minutes as they grunted, gasped for air, moaned, and groaned in unbridled, complete lustful abandon.

After the final twitches were completed the two young high school niggers withdrew their slick huge temporarily spent black cocks from out of Sandy?s mouth and pussy. Globs of their hot thick nigger cum oozed from between her open blond pussy lips and out of the corner of her mouth running down her cheeks onto the desk. As Sandy lay there still in the throes of the afterglow of their hot fucking, the third young nigger positioned himself between her still spread widely beautiful, sexy married white legs and shoved his also huge rock hard cock up and into her blond pussy. Immediately he began fucking her hard, Sandy was still so very hot, so very aroused and began thrusting her sexy white hips up to him in lustful passion. The two who had already fucked her watched lustfully, a big hot grin on their black faces. This hot, married white teacher, the beautiful sexy hot blond was really enjoying having black cocks fucking her. They knew that she was hooked on big black teenage cock and they would be able to fuck her again and again. She was a fantastic fuck too, she was so passionate, so filled with desire and lust that she was now or was becoming a cum slut for black cocks. They both were regaining an erection and knew that they would fuck her again that afternoon in the classroom. They decided that they would share her with some of their black friends later being as she obviously liked black cock so much. They would have her come to a motel and then have several of their black friends come and they would all fuck her and get blow-jobs from her, maybe even fuck her in the sexy white ass. They decided that they would also make videos of all the action.

That afternoon each of the three niggers fucked Sandy three times each time depositing additional huge loads of their nigger sperm deep into her married white womb and down her throat.

Part 2 later


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