A Weekend At The Beach With My Wife And Daughter


Every year my beautiful wife and equally beautiful 18 year old daughter Amy rent a beach house on the Gulf of Mexico for two weeks. The area use to be somewhat deserted but in the past two years others have built or developers have built rental houses and many families and others show up during the season.

To say that my lovely wife and daughter were extremely beautiful and sexy would be an under statement. Amy was born when Joslyn was only 19 and now at 37 looked to be in her mid-twenties. They both had figures that were awesome to say the least. Joslyn kept herself in top physical condition flawless complexion and tight firm skin, and had a firm, tight looking figure that caused men to stare in desirous lust with a fantastic 38DD-24-36 mouth watering beautiful face with deep blue eyes, full red kissable lips and naturally, shoulder length true blond hair. Amy was almost a duplicate of her mother. Our sex life had waned somewhat in the past few years but was still relatively active. Joslyn was a real tiger in bed and loved having sex sometimes making me think that she was somewhat of a nympho However she was faithful, loving and a very good wife and mother.

This particular summer a group of young college boys, eight of them, from a predominately negro university close by rented the house next to us. They seemed nice enough and didn?t bother us although they played that rap music at night sometime kind of loud. They would dress in those loose knee length swim trunks, play touch football and generally stick to themselves. However once they had seen Joslyn and Amy in their small figure accenting tightly hugging bikini bathing suits their attention seemed to shift.. I knew what they were thinking and kind of felt sorry for them for I was quite aware of how male hormones are in the young.

The reputation banded about concerning blacks was well know, of their seemingly constant state of sexual arousal. I observed even in their loose fitting swim trunks obvious lumps in the groin area and they weren?t even erect to the full extent. Just soft their cocks looked to be the size of mine when I was fully erect. They all had muscular very brown or black bodies and were relatively handsome for ?niggers,? as we called them here in the south where we lived and were raised. I found myself wondering just how large those black cocks were once fully erect. I was soon to find out.

They began to get real friendly with us, chatting with us when we were on the beach and being very nice while gawking somewhat lewdly and filled with desire at both Joslyn and Amy. Their minds were definitely on sex, sex with my wife and daughter. Just to see how far they would go I would often go into the house and then spy out the window. Both Joslyn and Amy would chat with them often laughing at something one of the boys, or should I say young men, said. Joslyn and I had not had sex in about 2 months and I knew how horny she could get if we missed a week, extremely horny for sure. While she had never been unfaithful to our marriage I was wondering if she had the chance would she be especially with those niggers knowing her overall low esteem for them in general. I was concerned about Amy for I knew she had gotten her mother?s libido but somehow had remained a virgin. I pictured in my mind my wife and daughter having a gangbang with those eight young niggers. This caused my cock to harden just thinking about it. I had always fantasized about watching my beautiful sexy wife having sex with another man but the idea of them being black really excited and enticed my senses. To see a big black nigger cock pounding lustfully into my wife?s blond pussy almost made me cum in my bathing suit.

I invited the blacks to come over and have dinner with us one night which they readily accepted and told them to come over casually dressed. I had been able to purchase some very strong sexual stimulates and planned to put in our drinks that evening and then let nature takes it course. I would pretend to be asleep and see what would happen with 8 extremely horny niggers and 2 sexy beautiful hot to trot white women, my wife and daughter. I installed a couple concealed video cameras that were remotely operated so I could record and also view the action live as anything happened, in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and everywhere I could think of where anyone would fuck. I gave the niggers some cold beer while Joslyn and Amy had a small glass of wine. Joslyn knew that if I drank wine I would quickly fall asleep.. I put the stimulate in the beer and wine.

After drinking my wine, which wasn?t drugged, I pretended to get sleepy and excused myself to go into our bedroom and turn on the cameras and recorder. As Joslyn and Amy began cleaning off the dinning table a couple of the niggers began helping them carrying things into the kitchen. I was able to get very good close-ups of them all and noticed that the drug, mixed with the alcohol had already begun to take affect. Both Joslyn and Amy were dressed in tight short shorts with a halter covering their full firm white tits. The niggers had on a kind of cotton gym short and tee shirt.

I focused the camera down to their crotch area and noticed a perceptible increase in the size of the lumps in their shorts. Even semi-erect they were bigger than my poor white cock, what would be their full length and thickness I wondered. Poor Joslyn and Amy were now feeling extremely horny from the effects of the drug, not that either of them really need much outside help in that department being as their libido?s were always very high. It got too much to bear for the niggers, the drug giving them a courage to be very forward because of the great need they were experiencing to fuck these hot, sexy looking white women. She had told them that due to my consumption of the wine I would probably be fast asleep for hours.

One of them walked up behind Joslyn as she stood against the sink washing the dishes while rubbing her hot pussy against the edge further stimulating her already hot wet pussy, and molded his crotch up tightly against her sexy white ass and began flexing his hips, his massive nigger cock fitting against the, tight material of the shorts, her white ass crack. Joslyn stopped washing the dishes turned her head back toward him and smiled hotly. He reached up under her halter and began kneading her firm 38DD white tits and tweaking her already hard nipples. Putting his head next to hers, Joslyn leaned her pretty white head back and they kissed lustfully. Reaching down and behind her my wife found his enormous rock hard nigger cock and started squeezing it through his shorts. I saw her eyes open in awe at the very large size she was feeling in her small white hand. I heard the nigger tell her that he was going to fuck her hot white pussy, was going to fill her tight married pussy with his big black cock and fuck her good so she?d never go back to white cock again.

Quickly turning Joslyn around and pulling down her shorts and bikini panties then his shorts exposing his long, thick fully erect nigger cock, it was at least 11 inches long and as thick as a baby?s arm, he got between my wife?s long sexy spread white legs and being as her pussy was already wet with desire began pushing the glistening with pre-cum black tip between her blond pussy lips. Joslyn moaned, looking down between his body and hers, eyes wide with disbelief, as it stretched her wider than I had ever been able to do and slowly, at first, slide up into her tightly grasping vagina. Her blue eyes were half closed in feverish lust as more and more of the gigantic monster nigger cock slipped further and further into her. She was totally consumed in lust and passion and began telling him that he was so big, that she?d never had such a big cock inside her and how good it was, her sexy married white hips shoving forward as he totally embedded his awesomely long nigger cock into her vagina and cervix going to depths I?d never come close to reaching, filling her completely.

He kept telling her that she was so fucking tight, so hot and he wanted to fuck her married white pussy for a long time and to fill her with his nigger cum. My sexy hot wife was having multiple climaxes like she?d never had in her life and would groan and moan in lusty passion, sucking in her breath in short gasps as she shuddered and trembled in ecstasy. The young nigger began to thrust back and forth with long, married white pussy filling, thrusts as Joslyn clasped his muscular young black body tightly to her kissing him repeatedly on his black neck and thick black lips. He was grunting and hissing in pleasure as he lustfully fucked my hot white wife.

Amy was sitting on the couch in the living room between two young niggers, Her halter was lying on the floor and one of the niggers was sucking her erect nipple while the other had his black hand inside her shorts and was finger fucking her sweet virgin white 18 year old pussy and kissing her full red lips, their tongues entwined as she moaned and shoved her sexy white hips up to the invading black finger that was as large as my white cock.

Almost with the speed of light the two niggers had stripped off her shorts and panties as well as theirs. Their black cocks were also gigantic, rock hard with drops of pre-cum poised at the huge black tips. They kept telling her how pretty she was, how hot she was and that they were going to fuck her tight little white pussy. One of them reached up behind her blond head and pulled her face down to his ridged black throbbing monster cock. Amy licked the huge black tip the pre-cum coating her pink tongue. He kept pulling her head down telling her to suck his black cock.

Without missing a beat Amy opened her mouth and took the huge tip between her full red lips and started sucking it. How she got that thick thing in her mouth I will never know but she did making slurping and smacking sounds. The nigger moved his black hips up and down fucking into her sucking white mouth. She was placed on all fours so she wouldn?t loose the black cock in her mouth and the second nigger got up behind her, spread her sexy 18 year old white legs and nudged his huge black cock up to her soaking wet blond pussy lips He shoved forward with a steady pressure and after several attempts was able to slip the huge black tip between her super stretching blond pussy lips.

Amy moaned and groaned around the black cock in her mouth as she was stretched almost to the point of being torn. She was so very tight and it took a few minutes for the nigger to start slipping his monster black cock up further into her young virgin vagina. She suddenly screamed out though muffled by the cock in her mouth as the nigger took her virginity. After several seconds he started fucking the young 18 year old, hot pussy, no longer a virgin, Amy with long hard thrusts burying his huge nigger cock completely up into her vagina and cervix. His muscular black arms tightly clutching her to him as her sexy white hips thrusting back against him with each of his powerful totally embedding black cock inward thrusts.

In the kitchen Joslyn and the young nigger had gotten down on the floor and were fucking like rabbits, her long sexy white legs wrapped around his muscular black waist clutching him tightly to her as she passionately thrust her sexy white married hips up to his powerful inward pussy filling thrusts. I saw an addition three niggers, who had taken off their shorts and were stroking their huge black cocks in anticipation of also fucking my wife.. She kept telling the nigger fucking her to fuck her, to fuck her good, that she loved his big black cock inside her grunting and groaning all the time. He started moving faster and faster, their bodies smacking together loudly as he was preparing to shoot his nigger seed into my wife?s still capable of impregnation, white womb. A final hard thrust and freezing completely up tightly inside my wife?s white pussy he let out a low wailing sound as his black cock erupted forth an inundating torrent of thick hot nigger cum into her climaxing white pussy. This seemed to last for several minutes as he pumped more and more of his nigger cum deep inside her.

I had never seen her so carried away before, never heard the words she spat out then, telling him she loved his cum filling her, it felt so good and was sending her to sexual heights she?d never thought possible. When he started pulling his spent cock out of her she begged him to fuck her some more not realizing that there were 3 more niggers there to fuck her. As soon as his black cock left her white married well fucked pussy another of the niggers was shoving his huge black cock up into her nigger cum filled white pussy and began fucking her passionately, lustfully.

Another kneeled at her blond head and pushed his massive black cock up to her full red lips smearing them with his pre-cum. Joslyn opened her mouth, stretching it wide and took the glistening black tip between her full red lips sucking it in. He began fucking her mouth as she desperately took more and more of it into her, as the nigger fucking her continued to bang into her hard. My wife was in a sexual paradise, going ballistic in sexual joy and fulfillment like she had never known.

All eight of the young niggers repeatedly fucked my hot white wife and daughter that evening. When they finally left early in the morning their mouths and pussies were overflowing with nigger cum and they lay exhausted on the floor big contented smiles on their beautiful white faces.

Everything the next day kind of was in slow motion, they both seemed very happy, like in a dream state, yet I could tell that they were rather sore from all the fucking the niggers had given to them. They both slept late, till almost noon. There was a radiant glow in their faces and eyes, I could tell that they were looking forward to another encounter with the 8 young nigger college boys, to have their very large long, thick and hard black nigger cocks to suck and fucking them.


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