What Hapens At The Gloryhole Stays At The Gloryhole


We had come to Vegas to try new things, how new I did not know until me and my wife Susan went into the adult bookstore. Unlike the bookstores back home this one was modern, and clean, with couples going around to be novelties. ?Oh look! Peepshow booths.? My wife said feeling a little wicked and the effect of the three mojitos she had in the casino. I followed her into the booth and closed the door. She sat on my lap letting me feel the weight of her soft ass, as my hands wanted to reach around and feel her big tits.

?Honey we need your credit card for the film.? She said bouncing up and down on my lap just a bit. I got out my card and dipped it in the slot, and we choose a film to watch, something couples friendly. I clicked the latch on the door so nobody could walk in, then I reached around to grope her big breasts as we watched the movie. My wife heard some noise behind the booth and thought nothing of it.

There was a scraping sound as a cover from a previously unseen hole in the booth wall was moved open. Then to my wife?s shock the biggest, blackest cock either of us had ever seen came through the hole. Even limp it was far bigger than mine. ?Oh shit! What the fuck is going on here?? my wife said as the cock dangled through the hole. I explained to her the concept of a glory hole. ?So what does it want me to do to it?? she said. I told her anything from blowing it to just a hand job. She asked me what would happen if she did nothing. I told her it would go away.

She shifted around to look back at me, ?What do you want me to do?? I never thought I would hear those words from her. I told her she could give him a hand. She asked me if I was sure. I told her yes. She nerved herself up then reached forward and took her hand and put it around that fat black cock. I, and she could feel my cock rising as she gave the cock a tentative yank up and down. ?Shit! It is so big.? Susan said. She started pulling on it with a steady rhythm, her eyes went wide at how much bigger it grew. ?This thing is a monster!? she said as she bounced up and down on my cock.

I reached around and opened her blouse. ?What are you doing?? she said as I continued to the last button. ?What?? she said as I then unsnapped her bra. ?Rub the head of his cock against your nipples.? She hesitated for a second or so, then she moved her body forward and said ?Like this?? She said placing one hand to lift up her boob while the other hand took his cock head and pressed it into her soft white tit flesh. I could not take it anymore, the sight of my wife playing with that huge African cock was too much, and I shot a load into my underwear. I told her what had happened and this only spurred her on to be more wicked. She slapped his cock across her tits saying, ?So watching your own wife play with this big black cock turns you on. Why????? she said teasingly, as she slapped his cock against her tits again. She pressed his cock dark cockhead tight against her boobs and started to jerk him off again.

?You like watching me play with this monster cock. What sort of pervert are you?? She said grinning. In the twenty years I had been married to her I had never seen her like this. ?Why next you will be wanting me to take this big piece of meat and put it in my mouth.? She said holding it very close to her face. I wondered if she was actually going to do it, darn, and I had left my camera in the room. She looked at me, then she lifted his cock to her face, and moved her mouth closer towards his purple cock head, was she going to really do it I wondered. Her lips got closer and closer until they finally, after what seemed like a million years, touch the head of his cock, she gave his cock head a nice fat wet kiss. ?You like that? Just like those videos you watch.? She said making reference to the time she had busted me watching interracial porn. ?It tastes so good.? She said and kissed it again. Then she kissed it a third time, and as I watched she opened up as wide as she could and took his cock into her tiny little mouth. I could not believe I was now really watching my wife do the thing I had fantasized about her doing thousands of times. Was it still the drinks or was it something else? Even jamming his cock down her throat there were several inches still for her to pull, which she did with gusto.

Feeling left out I got her off of my lap and pulled out my own cock, she reached her other hand over and started to yank my cock off also, but I was so excited I came within a minute, she aimed it so it splashed all over the wall. Then she let go of my cock so she could work his some more.

She took his shaft; now coated with the spit from her mouth, ?Remember you cannot tell anyone, and this is a once in a lifetime thing.? She said, I shook my head in agreement. As she slowly jerked his shaft she asked if I liked watching her suck on a big black cock. I told her yes. She then looked me straight in the face and gave it another slowly yank, and said, ?It is really so big. The biggest one I have ever seen in fact.? I wondered where she was leading with this. ?I bet you?d like to see it in my pussy right?? I know I heard the words but I just could not believe them. Had she really said what she had said? ?But first there is something I?d like to see you do.? At that point I would have said or agreed to anything.

?Well, first you are going to have to leave this booth and get a rubber.? I was not going to argue that point. ?And next I want to watch you play with his cock and suck on it some.? Now I knew my wife had caught me watching one of those new wave sort of sex videos where the husband is humiliated into doing something bi-sexual, or cleaning up his wife?s pussy, but I did not think that my own wife would want me to do something like that. She stroked his cock a few more times and then said, ?Look I will be just as happy to let him blow his load all over my tits if that is what you want, but my pussy? Going once, going twice?? I thought it over and said yes, but only if the guy agreed.

My wife put her mouth as close to the hole as she could and said, ?Look I will let you fuck me but I have to send my husband out to get a rubber, unless you have one. The cock disappeared out of the hole and into the wall. There was some shuffling noises then two condoms in their packages were tossed into the booth.

?Thank you, and one other thing, my husband wants to play with your dick a bit before it fucks me, I think it would do him some good to see how big a real man?s cock is.? I couldn?t believe my wife had said that either, she was almost reenacting a scene from one of those ?cuckold videos.? The man must have agreed as he kept his cock out. My wife got up and checked the latch to the door to make sure it was secure. Then she undid her skirt letting fall to the floor and stepped out of it. She stood over me in a dominating way, and told me to get on with it. ?Grab that big black dick, go on grab it.? She said quietly. I could not believe I was going to do this, but the thought of her getting fucked by a black man overpowered my shame, and maybe my common sense. I reached out and grabbed his dick while I sat on the bench, it felt so much bigger and denser than mine.

?Stroke it honey! Stroke the dick that is going to fuck my pussy. See how much bigger it feels than yours.? I rubbed it up and down feeling it getting hard again. It was at eye level with my face.

?Very good. Now for the next part. Kiss that big fat baby maker. Come on, just like in the videos you watch. Kiss it. Or else my pussy stays closed.? What was I to do? I leaned my face forward thinking how much wanted to see my wife fucked by that large cock and kissed his cock, as she stared down at me. She took his cock in her hand and held it out to me. ?Open wide for mommy. Come on take it. You know you want to.? I opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth and sucked on it, it was so huge it could barely fit inside. ?That?s it suck on it, get it nice and hard for my pussy.

After a few minutes my wife yanked it away. ?Okay I think you are just enjoying it a bit too much, now roll the rubber onto it.? She said as she dropped her panties to the floor. Nervously I got the rubber out and rolled it onto that fast horse cock. My wife turned to me and said, ?You are going to be okay about this now. No shit afterwards?? I told her yes. She told me to do one more thing, to hold it steady as she turned around and backed herself up onto him. I held it and helped to line it up for her as she backed her round ass further towards it. She made a slight ?Uh!? noise as it pressed against the outside of her cunt lips. It actually bent slightly, and for a moment I thought it would not go in, but then it slid inside of her. She pushed her pussy against the hole letting him thrust for a while.

?Oh shit! My pussy is going to be so stretched out now. But you like seeing me get fucked, fucked by a big black cock. Right?? she gasped. My wife tried to stifle her moans as her tits shook from the force of each thrust. I played with her breasts but she barely seemed to notice as she was so caught up in being screwed by her anonymous black lover. After what seemed like hours his thrust got slower and harder, then he pulled out of her with a wet pop. My wife turned around to see what was happening, and saw that overstretched rubber fall onto the floor. She got to her knees and pressed his cock head deep into her boob flesh and started to jack him off.

?You liked watching me get fucked by jerk off this big black cock don?t you? You loved watching me get fucked by a black dick didn?t you?? She said as she jerked him off faster and faster until with a groan he came all over her tits. My wife took his cock into her mouth and sucked every drop out as she rubbed his cum into her breasts.

When she was done he pulled his cock back into the hole, there was the noise of him zipping up, then he tossed a folded up flyer through the hole, it landed on the floor. My wife got dressed and I picked it up. We looked around a little guilty as we left the booth, but with the loud music playing nobody really paid us any mind.

My wife toweled her tits off in the hotel room as I started to help her strip, I unfolded the flyer, on the front it advertised a male stripper show and on the back was a phone number written in blue pen. I asked my wife what to do with it, she said she?d like to hold on to it as a souvenir, and maybe someday she would call that number?..

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