My First Cuckold Experience


Nancy and I sat side by side on the beach in Jamaica. The breeze was warm and the sky was blue. We were having a perfect vacation. Nancy looked gorgeous in her bathing suit, a bikini with a thong bottom. Her perky tits barely covered by the tiny top. We read our books and drank pina coladas. I checked out the hot women on the beach through my shades. After a while Nancy rolled over onto her stomach and unfastened her top. In time she drifted off to sleep, her book slipping from her hand onto the sand. I drifted off too.

I woke up to the sound of my wife giggling. I opened a sleepy eye and saw her sitting up having a conversation with a man standing over her chair. He was tall, about 6?4?, black and buff. He had the body of an athlete. He wore a Speedo that made it impossible to miss the enormous package he had. Nancy certainly had to notice as it was even with her face with him standing next to her chair.

?Hi sleepy head,? she said when she noticed I was awake. ?This nice man rescued my book from the sand.? ?He?s from Chicago too.?

?Wow, small world,? I said. ?Thanks for picking up my wife?s book.?

?No problem man. I like to do whatever I can to help beautiful women in need,? he said with a smile. ?I?m James, by the way, nice to meet you.? He offered his hand and I shook it.

?James was just telling me about a great club he went to last night. It really sounds like an exciting place. Maybe we can go tonight,? Nancy said.

?Sure,? I replied. ?Sounds like fun.?

?It was really nice to meet you both. I?ll let you guys enjoy the beach,? said James. ?Likewise,? I answered.

James looked at me with a little smile and said, ?You?re a lucky man to have a woman like her. Be sure you?re giving this beautiful lady everything she needs.?

?Oh I always do,? I said. Nancy giggled a little at that. James walked away.

Nancy and I went for a swim. The water was great. We played like a couple of kids, splashing and dunking each other. Soon I was embracing her in the water, my hand cupping her tits, caressing her ass and slipping down the front of her suit to feel her pussy. She seemed a little annoyed at this and pushed my hand way. ?Not now Baby,? she said.

We went to the club James had told Nancy about that night. It was a fun place, great music, everybody having a good time. Nancy looked incredibly hot. She was wearing a super short dress and tiny panties. When she danced her ass would show as she moved. Whenever she leaned over her it was easy to see her tits. We drank and danced a fair bit. I knew I was in for some great fucking later that night. A vacation in paradise always seems to bring out a person?s sexuality.

Back at our table we ordered another round and caught our breath. Suddenly, there was James. ?Well hello you,? Nancy said with a big smile. ?Fancy meeting you here.? James smiled back and said, ?Well don?t you look gorgeous tonight. Let me get a look at you.?

Nancy stood up and spun around for him, her dress flying up to reveal that tight ass. ?Mmmmmm girl you are killin? me,? James laughed.

?Glad you like it,? she said.

Nancy turned to me. ?Honey, James is here all alone. You mind if I dance with him a little??

?Um ?sure?have fun,? I said, and she grabbed his big hand and lead him to the dance floor. I sat at the table alone. Three or four songs went by and they were still gone. Our drinks arrived. I got up and pushed through the crowd to the dance floor. I couldn?t believe what I was seeing. She was bent over in front of James grinding her ass into his crotch. Then she stood up. Still facing away from him she threw her head back onto his shoulder. Hi ran his hands all over the front of her body. They continued to dance like that as I tried to get her attention. I wanted to tell her that her drink was getting warm and to come back to the table. When she finally saw me she mouthed the words, ?I can?t hear you? and tuned away. I went back to the table and sat. After about a half hour they came back. She was glowing with sweat. He looked cool and confident and completely in control.

?Whew, that was fun!? she said as she threw herself down in the chair. James stood next to her with his hand on her shoulder. ?Honey, it takes so long for that waitress to bring drinks. Would you be a sweetie and go to the bar and get James and me a drink??

I should have told her to go fuck herself and told him to keep his hands off my wife, but for some reason I meekly walked over to the bar. There was a big crowd at the bar and I waited a long time for the drinks. When I got back to the table James was in my seat. He had his arm around Nancy and she was sitting close to him with her hand on his leg. I put the drinks down and waited for James to give up the seat. ?Thanks man,? he said and made no move to get up. I stood there awkwardly as they continued to laugh and flirt with each other. I couldn?t hear anything they were saying over the loud music.

After about an hour, Nancy took James by the hand and stood up. ?C?mon honey. Let?s get out of here. James has invited us back to his room.? We all went outside and got a cab. Somehow I ended up in the front with the driver and Nancy and James sat close together in the back. The two of them whispered and giggled the whole way back to the hotel. James had a much nicer room than we had, a suite with a full bar. ?Make us all something to drink, would you honey,? Nancy said to me. I went over to the bar and mixed the cocktails. When I returned to the living room Nancy was giggling again, ?Just let me see it,? she giggled. ?I felt it all night on the dance floor, now I want to see it.?

?Well if you want to see it go ahead and get it.?

?Alright then, I will,? she said with a smile. And, with that she dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle his belt. She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. Her hand reached inside.

?Oh my God!? she exclaimed. She took her hand out and grabbed the waistband of his pants and underwear. He lifted up so she could pull them down. The cock that sprung out was enormous, maybe 11 inches long and as thick as my wife?s arm. Her hand didn?t go all the way around it. Looking over at me she said, ?Honey, have you ever seen anything like this? It?s amazing!?

?Really James this is really incredible. Honey, isn?t this just the biggest cock you?ve ever seen?? she asked me waving his giant pole as she spoke.

?It?s really big,? I muttered.

?It?s so much bigger than his,? she laughed, pointing at me. ?Honey take your dick out so James can see how much bigger he is.?

?I think we all know he has a big dick sweetheart,? I said.

?Of course he has a big dick, silly. I want him to see how much bigger he is than you. Just show him. Pleeeeeease.?

I really didn?t know what to do so I complied. I took off my clothes. I stood there naked in front of them. My own cock was fully erect, all 5 ½ inches of it. My cock isn?t particularly wide either, a little wider than a hot dog, thinner than a peeled banana.

?Well, it looks like my little hubby is excited by your cock too, James.? James just smiled and shook his head a little.

?Wow, what a difference. It?s amazing that two men can be so different,? Nancy said. ?Well, two people anyway.?

Without any further discussion she started sucking his cock. She couldn?t fit much of it in her mouth. I watched as she bobbed up and down on it, her lips stretched obscenely around his massive meat. Both her hands were wrapped around it, stroking as her head went up and down. The sucking didn?t continue for very long. Nancy got up and standing in front of James let her dress slip to the floor. She stepped out of it and tuned around. She bent over showing him her ass. The wet spot on her panties was hard to miss. She slipped them off. Her pussy glistened with wetness.

She climbed on top of him and rubbed the head of his cock on her slit. She began to ease herself down on him slowly, allowing her pussy to stretch to accommodate his size. When she had him fully inside her she began to move up and down. Her pussy lips clung to his immense shaft, stretched wider than they ever had been.

?Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! This is incredible. It?s never felt like this before! Oh my God!? Nancy moaned.

?Honey, are you watching? Are you seeing this? Come closer and watch this.?

I crawled closer to them. I was on my knees in front of the couch getting a close-up view of my wife being fucked by another man with cock five times bigger than mine. ?Honey, lick my ass while I fuck him. Lick my asshole baby.?

I brought my lips to her ass and began licking and kissing. Despite the humiliation I was being forced to endure, I was more excited than I?ve ever been in my life. ?That?s right honey, lick my ass while a real man fucks me! Lick his balls and ass too.?

I moved down and began caressing his big balls with my tongue, then farther down flicking my tongue between his muscular ass cheeks to lick his asshole too.

They changed position to doggy style with me underneath them. I continued to lick his balls while he fucked her. Sometimes I?d lick her clit and feel his shaft sliding against my tongue in the process. In this position my own little hardon was just below my wife?s mouth, but she didn?t pay it any attention.

He fucked her hard and fast and soon she began to come. ?Oh James! Fuck me baby! Fuck me like a real man fucks a woman! Oh God! Oh God! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!? She came so hard. She even squirted and I felt the warm liquid showering my face. I?d never seen her squirt before.

They continued to fuck in different positions for almost an hour. She came four more times. I was amazed at his stamina and control. He fucked so hard and fast without coming. Finally it was his turn. ?Come for me baby! I want to feel your hot load shooting inside me. Fill me up baby!? she cried.

With that he thrust a few more times and finally he thrust deep and stayed there. I could see his cock pulsate as he pumped his seed deep in my wife?s hungry pussy.

At last he pulled out. His penis was covered with come and Nancy?s juices. They caught their breath. Nancy saw me sitting there on the floor, my little erection still throbbing. ?Oh honey, you must feel so left out. Come over here sweetie.? She said

I came closer to them. ?I want you to be a part of this. You?ve always been so good with your tongue. Would you be a good boy and clean us up? Start with James.? James was lying on his back on the floor with Nancy cuddled up beside him, her head on his chest. His cock was still hard. I knelt next to him taking him in my hand. I was stunned by the weight of his cock. I began to lick and suck the come and pussy juice off him. I cleaned his balls and ass too.

?You?re such a good boy honey. Now, lie down on your back.? I did and she lowered her pussy down to my mouth. As she did a large glob of James? come slid out of her and onto my lips. I licked it from my lips and swallowed. I licked and sucked at her gaping cunt drinking her lover?s come. Soon she had another orgasm, sending more of his come into my mouth as she did.

As she sat there on my face she reached down and took my little cock in her hand. ?I?ve never felt you so hard honey. This really turned you on didn?t it?? I nodded.

?Do you want to try to fuck me too little man??

?Please baby,? I replied.

?Well OK then,? she said and climbed off of me and lay on her back on the floor.

I got between her legs. Her pussy was gaping. I entered her and began thrusting. There was almost no feeling for me with her pussy having been so stretched. I continued to fuck her.

?Come on honey put your cock in me.? I heard her say. She reached down between her legs and felt.

?Oh my God, it is in!? she said, bursting with laughter. James gave a little laugh as well.

?Honey, it?s so cute how you?re trying so hard to fuck me. I can see your working up a sweat. But, I just can?t feel it. I?m sure you can?t feel it either. I?m sorry little man but you just can?t do it with that little pee pee.? She spoke to me in a tone like a woman talking to a little boy who just tried to ride a bicycle and fell off. ?I?m so proud of you for trying so hard. Why don?t you kneel here between my legs and play with yourself. Won?t that feel nice? You can look at my pussy while you do it.?

I knelt there staring at her gaping hole and jacked off. It didn?t take long before I shot my load on her pussy and ass. ?Did my hubby just shoot his little load on me?? She asked smiling.

?There now, doesn?t that feel better?? She pushed my head down and I knew she wanted me to lick my come off her. When I?d finished licking up my come she told me to get on my knees on the floor. She brought James over and had him stand in front of me, his beautiful black penis now soft but still enormous.

?Don?t you think you should thank him honey?? she said. Come on and thank him for taking of your wife and satisfying her in a way you never could.?

I thanked James for giving my wife what she needed, and at her request kissed his cock.

Now Honey, take James? cock in your mouth and make it hard for me. Then go back to our room and I?ll see you in the morning. I sucked him and felt him swell in my mouth. When it got fully hard, she pulled me away. I went back to our room.

I couldn?t sleep. I tossed in bed filled with emotions, more excited than jealous. I masturbated twice and finally fell asleep.

I woke up around noon when Nancy came back to the room. She walked like she was sore. She sat down on the bed next to me. ?Honey, you know I needed that last night. You?re so nice and sweet and you take such good care of me in so many ways. You take care of all my material needs and I really love your company and I want to stay with you forever. But, I need a real man in the bedroom, someone who can take control of me and pound me till I explode over and over again. Someone with a real man?s cock that can reach places you can?t.?

?You know you?re not a real man don?t you? Would a real man do the things you did last night. Would a real man lick my lover?s ass while he fucks me or clean his cock when he?s through. But, you liked all those things, didn?t you? As soon as you dropped your pants and I saw your little cocklette was hard I knew things would work out for us.?

?From now on,? she continued ?I?ll need to sleep with real men. But don?t worry I?ll always bring their come home for you nice and warm in my pussy ready for you to eat. And sometimes I?ll bring them home and we can all play together like we did last night. And sometimes you can even try to fuck me although I doubt it will work any better than last night. But, I?ll always let you play with yourself and lick your come off me. Doesn?t that all sound nice??

I nodded.

?That?s my good little hubby,? she said lowering her dripping pussy to my mouth. I savored the taste of James? come and licked her till she came again.

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