Reluctant Booth Wife


Not in a million years would I have ever dreamed I would be sitting at a keyboard and typing this account of what happened only a few short months ago. I had thought about putting this into words several months from now, but decided I needed to do this now, not only because the memory is fresher, but also due to the fact that I will soon be pre-occupied with a situation you will soon read about.

I don't quite know where to start, and I don't want to bore you will meaningless historical details of my marriage so I'll try to hit the high points and go straight to the "meat".

My wife and I don?t have either a hippie or a yuppie lifestyle. Both of us received college degrees, landed professional jobs, became involved in several organizations, moved into a new house in the suburbs, had 2 kids, and have a mini-van and car in the garage. It was, and still is a great life, but over the years, as in most marriages, our sex life sort of dropped off the deep end - our sex drive seemed to all but disappear. Over the past year, we'd tried the usual stuff you read in the various magazines, "toys" of which my wife was uncomfortable with, hard R tape rentals and having sex in new and different places. All of these had some limited success, but not what we expected.

The only thing that we did discover that worked was discussing our fantasies while making love. At first my wife was really uncomfortable with telling me her deepest fantasies because she felt they were "wrong". But with time she opened up to me and revealed to me that since she'd never been with another man, it was her biggest fantasy to have sex with another guy, especially a stranger. Well!!! As she told me this, my cock jumped to life like it had been injected with steroids! She had hit on a subject that I too found to be incredibly exciting, and that was of my wanting to watch her have sex with another man!

For several months, we explored this fantasy while having sex and it never failed to get both of us off. However, when I brought up the subject of us actually fulfilling this, she immediately told me she could never ever go that far. I tried to convince her I wouldn't be jealous or the like, but she seemed to be obstinate on keeping this a fantasy.

That takes us up to a few months ago. Both of us took a Thursday and Friday off, left our 4 & 6 yr. olds with the grandparents, and left on a trip to Dallas for an extended weekend getaway. We left home early Thursday morning (from Oklahoma City), but we began to have problems just when we crossed the state line in Texas. We limped into Wichita Falls, found the nearest dealership, which serviced the car, and learned that the fuel pump was going out and that it would be well after 5:00 before it would be repaired. So, we decided to stay there for the night and head to Dallas the next morning. We checked into the Holiday Inn, and when we got our car repaired we spent the remainder of the evening checking out the town. I'd driven through the "Falls" several times but never stopped, so we finally found a good place to eat, and then stopped at a bar in the downtown area for a few drinks. They had a live band that night, and Jenna seemed to really take to their music. We stayed there for almos t 2 hours, during which time she consumed several drinks. I would have done the same, but someone has to drive!

On the way back to the motel I got completely lost, and like most men I told myself if I drove around enough I would find it. At any rate, I ended up on a service road that goes to the base and I knew I was at least close to the freeway. Meanwhile, Jenna was quite loose from her drinks and feeling, well... let's just say a bit frisky. She was wearing her usual "conservative" dress, but was making it a point to reveal her legs to me, which I immediately began to rub with my free hand.

"Mmmm... I'm really in a mood for hot fuck tonight!" she said in a mixed sexy & drunk voice.

I smiled at her and told her maybe we could find a guy to join us in bed, and to my surprise she replied, "Hmm.... maybe! You never know!"

Locating a side road that headed back to the freeway, I was preparing to turn when I noticed an adult bookstore on the east side of the road. I've admittedly been in my share and knew what they were like, but I knew Jenna had never stepped foot in one. Pointing to the store I asked her if she was up to a new experience. She stared at the dimly lit store for a few moments and I could see the curiosity in her eyes, but also the apprehension.

"C'mon, it'll be fun. You've never been in one, it'll be a new experience."

She gave me that look, and I sheepishly admitted to her that I'd frequented a "few" before, and with a drunken smile she replied, "Sure, I'm game".

Moments later we were parked in the gravel lot and walked inside. There wasn't much on the inside, a scant selection of magazines and it had a moderate selection of videos. But to Jenna it was all new to her and she wanted to look at every rack. And as she did so I found it exciting to give her some space. As I did, I couldn't keep from noticing the other guys milling about, catching glimpses of this conservative looking wife in a bookstore!

After seeing everything to offer, she pointed to the peep booth area and asked me what it was. I winked at her, asked the man behind the counter for ten dollars worth of tokens, and led Jenna into the darkened booth area.

Most of the front booths were occupied or broken, so we headed to the back row of booths. There were several guys milling about, eyeing my sweet wife, and I LOVED it!

Finding an empty booth we entered, locked the door and sat down side by side on the bench seat. I fed the video box several tokens, and soon the video flickered to life. Jenna's eyes soon became as big as quarters as she quickly realized what the booths were for. And she didn't waste any time in scanning the channels. She finally stopped on a video where a buxom brunette was being service by what had to be a 10 or 11 inch cock. The more she watched, the more excitement I could see building in her eyes. And I took that opportunity to take liberties with her body! At first she resisted, but when I convinced her the door was locked and we were safe, she reluctantly gave in. Lifting up her skirt, I placed my hand on her pantyhose/panty-clad crotch, and I could already feel her damp heat. My cock jumped a little as I realized that she was indeed getting hot in this environment. As I rubbed her, my fingers discovered a small hole in the crotch of her pantyhose, and I took advantage of it imm ediately. Poking my fingers inside it, I quickly ripped open her hose to expose the wet cotton panel of her white panties. She let out a deep moan as my fingers dipped under the elastic of her panties and touched her pussy. Her clit was standing erect, and as she continued to stare at the flick I began to finger her pussy until she was all but squirming in the seat. After a few minutes of this I could feel my cock throbbing in pain, just begging for release. As quickly as I could I unzipped my pants, pulled down my briefs and my cock sprung straight up in the air. Seeing my condition, she gave me a "naughty" look before she took my cock in her grasp and began to jack me off. I sat there for a few moments enjoying her soft warm hand, looking at her total infatuation with seeing her first full XXX movie. After only a few minutes, I was well primed and ready to fuck!

"Oh Baby... can you bend over in the seat? I've just got to fuck you!" I groaned.

"Well, I'm afraid you'll have to settle for a blow job. My diaphragm is at the motel, and this is my fertile week. But... I know I can get you off with this".

With that, she stuck her index finger in her mouth and with a flirtatious, seductive look she ran her full red lips up and down her finger.

"Ohhh shit, you're driving me nuts!!!"

She gave me a dirty smile as I stood beside her, and taking my hard cock between her lips, she continued to take in as much of the flick as she could while she worked my cock in & out of her mouth. As said, the surroundings already had me close to cumming, so it didn't take much of her sucking & pumping before I was going off like a rocket. Holding the head of my cock tight between her lips she collected every drop of my cum. Then turning away, she spat it out onto the floor. That always irritated me, but she said the taste of my cum almost gags her! Sitting back down beside her, my spent cock was still jerking with post-ejaculatory spasms. I wanted to rest a few minutes but Jenna had other plans. "It's my turn now!"

Spreading her legs apart, I knew what she wanted. She flashed a very wicked smile as I moved between her legs and squatted on the dirty floor. With both hands she pulled my head towards her cunt, and holding her panty crotch aside I began to eat her pussy. Quickly aroused, she began to lightly moan, and making a hissing noise through her teeth, her hands were raking the sides of my head, pulling me in tighter to her cunt. It was at this point she lifted her right leg to place it on the wall in front of her. I can only guess she was trying to give me a better shot at her cunt. But whatever it was that she did, the sound of something falling filled the booth. Looking at the side wall, apparently she had hit a piece of plywood that had been attached to the booth wall, and it had fallen down.

Glancing to where it had been attached, I immediately knew what it was. It was a "glory-hole", and quite a large one at that - about 10" in diameter or so. Whatever the reason, the owner had obviously attempted to block it off and it didn't work. What caught my attention next was the light from the TV screen in the other booth; it too was occupied.

Jenna on the other hand didn't have a clue as to what this was. In fact, she really didn't think anything about it as she wasn't able to see that the hole opened into the next booth. Instead, she pulled my head back between her legs wanting me to continue. Well, the thought that I'd be giving the guy in the next booth a show made me follow her lead. Dipping my tongue back into her wet pussy, I once again began to lick away at her hot pussy.

A minute hadn't passed before Jenna let out a light scream and yanked me away from between her legs, covering her pussy with her hands. Looking up at her I could see a look of shock in her eyes as she stared at the wall. Turning I saw what had frozen her. Through the hole was poking a huge, and I do mean huge cock. It was a good 9 or 10 inches long, as thick as Jenna's wrist, and was cut to look like the perfect dick. Although it was almost fully hard, it still drooped from it's sheer size and weight. You could see the thick bulbous head, and a clear drop of pre-cum was slowly oozing out of it's half-inch long piss-slit. For a few moments neither of us spoke.

My eyes soon turned back to my wife, and in her eyes I saw something. That initial look of shock had gone and was replaced with a look of total fascination. And what she did next sent ice-cold shivers through my whole body. Her right hand slowly came up from her crotch, and in what seemed like slow motion, she reached for this huge cock. Her eyes darted at me a few times to check my reaction, and I'm sure she didn't see any objection from me. Closer and closer... then she touched it. Encircling her small hand around his shaft, she began to gently caress his cock. She seemed to intimately study it's every detail as she stroked it back and forth, running her slender fingers over every ridge and vein, sliding them back and forth over the fat head. His enormous cock seemed to pulse from the mere touch of Jenna's fingers. Not once did she remove her eyes from this stranger's pitch penis as she grasp it in her hand, feeling it throb from her gentle massaging. It was so easy to see that her repressed sexual desire was slowly taking over, as this strange manhood seemed to gradually melt away her virtues. But his cock wasn't the only thing that had her undivided attention. Underneath it hung a set of balls that were the size of eggs! And the large glory-hole made it easy for Jenna to take each of them into her hands. Pulling his scrotum into our side of the booth, she gently squeezed his huge balls, kneading them, feeling their weight in her hand.

All of the sudden her curiosity seemed satisfied and a sense or gratification took over. Her left quickly joined her right, and with a wild, intense look on her face, she began to jack off this stranger off! Stroke by stroke, she pulled on his cock, sliding her beautiful hands down it's full length. And ever so slowly I began to notice that with each stroke, she inched her head closer to the tip of his cock. I knew what she was thinking. She may have wanted to resist it, but I knew she wanted to slip her lips around his cock. And no sooner than did that thought enter my mind than did she close the distance. I watched in awe as she slipped the end of his cock into her mouth, let it slide past her lips, and sink into her warmth. In a matter of seconds she was taking as much of his shaft into her mouth as she could, sliding it deep into the back of her throat a few times only to pull it out and slide her tongue down it's length. Not only did I hear this stranger moaning, but Jenna was moaning as well. Of course she couldn't take much more than two-thirds of his cock into her mouth, but she seemed to delight in pulling it and sucking on the tip of his cock. Sitting beside her, watching this sight unfold, my hand slipped back between her legs to work on her pussy some more. But she was already there with her right hand, frantically rubbing her clit! Sensing my hand was there to take over, she quickly grasped his cock with both hands again as I plunged my finger into her pussy. And as I slipped my finger inside her, I honestly thought she had lost control of her bladder. She was so fucking wet, her juices were almost to the point of running out of her cunt. I don't think I'd ever felt her that wet before!! Feeling her pussy literally flooded with her natural lubrication, being SO wet, and seeing how intensely she was sucking his cock; all the signs were giving her away. I knew that deep down she wanted to be fucked by this cock.

And as if this stranger was sensing her mood as well, he suddenly withdrew his wet cock from the hole and Jenna's grasp. I swear she had the look on her face of that of a kid who had just had her candy stolen. But seconds later it reappeared; this time clad in a clear, thin condom.

Jenna stared at his protected cock for a few seconds before she gingerly reached out for it and grasped it in her hands. As she ran her fingers down the slick rubber I think it became clear to her as to what he wanted her to do. Regardless of what she was thinking, I broke the silence and said, "Babe, I think he wants to fuck you!" "Nooo... I... I can't" she stammered.

Thrusting a finger into her sloppy wet pussy I replied, "Uh-huh, but your cunt is giving you away... you know you want that huge cock inside you... filling you up like you've never been filled before!" I continued by adding, "Just think about how good that huge, hot cock will feel deep inside your pussy!"

She didn't reply, verbally that is, but her eyes were filled with lust. Grabbing her arm, I made her stand to her feet. "Nooo.... I can't do this." she moaned in desperation. She looked at me with eyes that were filled with lust, but at the same time eyes begging for me to stop. She put up a feeble struggle as I lifted her skirt up over her waist. "Nooo... I can't do this..." she moaned. But, she didn't resist at all when I turned her ass toward the glory-hole and had her bend over. I placed her hands on my knees allowing her to support herself in this position. Not giving her time to think about it, I quickly pushed her back against the wall so that her legs were straddling the hole. And as she moved into position I grasped the huge cock and pressed it up against her wet panty crotch. She tried to hold back a deep moan, but she couldn't. Pulling her panties aside with my other hand, I then pressed his hot cock up between her pink pussy lips. She inhaled deeply as she felt his hot, hard cock touch her cunt, and that was all I needed from her. Not wasting time, I pushed his cock back into his booth several inches, positioning its huge thick head up between her pussy lips. "Ummmmmmm...... Noooo... PLEASE! No!"

Inside her I knew there was a battle going on between her strict morals and her pure sexual lust. But I knew what the outcome of that battle would be. Holding his cock next to her I whispered, "Ohhh Baby! Feel that huge cock next to your cunt... Do it!! Take it inside you!!"

That was all it took. I could feel her whole body shudder and I could sense her caving in to her primal craving. Using my index finger, I pushed the end of his cock into her cunt and this stranger did the rest. He pushed forward, and inch by inch, I felt his cock slip up into my wife! And as he slid inside her, I all but had to hold Jenna up as she became "one" with him, emitting a deep guttural groan as he entered her. From that point, nothing was slow. From the other side of the wall, this stranger took to fucking my wife like a pit-bull. As for Jenna, her eyes never opened. They were tightly clenched as she moaned "Yesss..." with every stroke he made. In less that half a minute she was entirely lost in the act, not aware of anything but the fucking she was getting. Her fingernails were clenching deep into my thighs as she did her best to push her ass against the dirty wall. Reaching into the front of her blouse, I flipped her bra down, and once again I had the surprise of my life. Maybe it was only the moment, but I swear I'd never felt my wife's nipples so hard and erect! They were literally so hard and so sensitive I knew she didn't want me playing with them so I left them alone. But that didn't stop me from reaching back between her legs to rub her clit. The instant I touched her clit, her head reared back and she let out a deep moan. I was feeling sort of left out, and wanting to be part of the action I decided to help her get off by massaging her clit. And as I did so, I couldn't resist the temptation to move my finger back and feel the thick cock that was pumping my wife. On the next stroke, I let my middle finger wander back. And as he took his next stroke, my fingertip rubbed along the underside of his cock. I heard him moan "Yessss" as I did so, making it obvious he liked the added sensation. It dawned on me that since he was unable to get all of his cock inside Jenna's pussy, I assumed he might like a bit of added stimulation, especially at the base of his cock. Reaching back close to the wall I let my fingers, lubricated with Jenna's pussy juices, ride across the base of his cock as he stroked. Once more he moaned in gratitude, and I responded by wrapping my thumb and index finger around the base of his cock and squeezing him tight. It never dawned on me what would be the result of my doing this. As he withdrew on his next stroke, I felt the rim of his condom catch in my grasp. And before I could release my grip, his condom had slid half way down his cock. You would think that as he pushed inside her the next time, it would have slipped back down his cock, but that was not the case. He didn't miss a thrust, and with the next several strokes, I did my best to try and slide it back down his cock. But the more I tried, the more it seemed to work it's way closer to the head of his cock. Then in an instant it slid completely off his cock, was poked up into her cunt for a stroke or two, then I felt his wet, wadded up condom drop into my cupped hand. Jenna had no clue as to what happened. I was certainly aware of it, but so was the stranger. As he felt his cock, now unsheathed, slide up into Jenna's pussy, he moaned so loud that the entire peep booth area had to know something was up.

I had every reason in the world to stop everything right then and there and put the rubber back on this guy before continuing. But for some reason I didn't. Instead, I simply sat there holding his discarded rubber and stared at the sight in front of me. Only then did it hot me as to what I was really watching. I was witnessing my wife of 14 years, performing a filthy sexual act that I would have never dreamed of her doing, not even in my wildest of dreams. She was faithful to me through to our wedding night, and during all the years of our marriage, I know she had never strayed. She was the "textbook" wife and mother, with spotless morals. Yet here she was, in a place I never imagined I'd ever get her to go into, her first adult bookstore, in the most perverted section of a bookstore, the peep show booths. And there in this small, filthy cubicle, my eyes were glued to the sight in front of me. It was all so uncharacteristic of my wife! I couldn't believe this was the same woman I'd married! I couldn't believe I was seeing her bent over, pressing her full ass & thighs up against a wall covered with the dried cum of countless men. I felt like I had a 120 degree fever as I listened to her panting aloud, her face contorted in erotic ecstasy as through this glory-hole, she was totally lost in the sensation of having her pussy serviced by a huge cock that belonged to a nameless, faceless man. The best term I can think of is "surreal" - watching her flatten her ass against the wall, doing her best to get his cock deeper inside her, seeing her try to keep her footing in the slippery goo in the floor.

And as I looked on, I made the stark realization as to why I didn't pause their copulating to put his condom back on. As hard as it was to admit it, I was incredibly turned on over the risk of her being impregnated! And the fact that this strange man had his bare cock inside my wife's unprotected pussy, and that she was in the most fertile part of her period, it only fueled my desire beyond imagination. As much as I tried to suppress it I couldn't. In the heat of that instant, all logic and clear thought had vanished from my mind. I yanked HARD on my cock as it was so very clear what I wanted. I wanted this strange man to squirt his sperm deep inside my wife, and impregnate her with his baby! That thought was suddenly interrupted by Jenna's heavy, loud moans. Only then did it dawn on me that I had been in sort of a trance, totally unaware of how much time had passed. Sensing she was almost to orgasm, I quickly reached between her legs and began to massage her clit. All it took was a few seconds of rubbing her and she began to show all the signs of an oncoming, intense orgasm. But I could also sense by the hurried strokes of this stranger that he too was about to cum. Rubbing Jenna's clit faster and harder in time with his strokes was all it took. Jenna inhaled a deep breath, and the small booth echoed with, "YESSSSSSSSSS.... OHHHH YES!!!!!!!!"

There was no way possible she could contain her emotions. She almost screamed as if she was in pain as she kept her ass securely welded to the wall, letting this cocksman send her to heights I know I'll never give her. I could hear his thighs slam into the wall on the other side of the booth, my fingers feeling every inch of his cock literally stab into my wife's pussy as if he were trying to rape my wife with each stroke.

For an instant I told myself I couldn't allow him to ejaculate inside her. But no sooner did that thought appear, while Jenna was in the peak of her orgasm, he delivered one final... almost brutal thrust. With that, I knew what was fixing to happen as I felt his veined cock sink up into the depths of my wife's vagina one last time, and hold motionless. I had a split second to think about grabbing his cock and yanking out of her... But I didn't.

Instead, I placed my fingers on the underside of his cock and felt the huge vein on it's underside throb. And with that immense pulse, I knew it was too late to stop nature's course. Over and over again, I felt this stranger's cock ejaculate his sperm inside my wife's pussy, no doubt flooding her 35 yr. old womanhood full of what I knew could result in a baby. And as he continued to gush inside her, I found myself frantically rubbing her clit, extending her orgasm to mask any sensation she might feel of her being filled with his hot semen. I wouldn't have believed it possible that a guy could cum so much, but for what seemed like a solid 15 seconds, he kept his cock planted deep inside my wife, pumping spurt after spurt of his cum inside her.

All of the sudden it was over... quiet except for Jenna's heavy breathing. I felt Jenna's body relax, and at the same instant I felt a hot, sticky fluid covering my fingers as the stranger withdrew his spent cock from my wife. I suddenly realized that if she pulled away from the wall and stood for even a few seconds, she would realize she had his sperm in her, and I certainly didn't want her to know that. As his cock slipped out of her pussy, my hand was right there to "innocently" rub her pussy. She had no clue that I was doing my best to keep his sperm from dripping out of her cunt. Pulling her away from the wall, I directed her ass to my face and once more had her bend over, placing her hands on the bench. Moving my head up close, I licked her open pussy, and for the first time I tasted another man's cum. But there was also a different smell! Of course there was the familiar smell of my wife's pussy, but it was almost overpowered by the distinct, musky scent of sperm! I continued to lick her pussy for a few moments, tasting and smelling their combined juices. But, I just had to see what was inside her - what it was I had been tasting. Moving her ass around into the light from the video screen, I slowly opened her cunt lips. As I spread her open, I was expecting to see a flood of sperm pour out of her. But there was only a small trickle; it drooled down between her labia to where thick drops of cum collected on her exposed clit, and trailing sticky rivulets behind them they slowly fell to the floor. Opening her cunt even more, I discovered where the majority of his sperm was. Just a few inches inside her labia, there was a thick mass of sperm clinging to her pussy walls, and it wasn't about to drain back out of her. Appearing to be as thick as jelly, and creamy white, it seemed to be acting as a plug to hold every drop of this guy's semen inside her. I remembered thinking that if color, thickness and strong scent was any indication of potent sperm, it was already working on one of my wife's eggs. As I stared at his thick sperm, only then did it really hit me that there was a strong possibility that in nine months I could be seeing these same pussy lips expand wide.... and see my wife deliver a baby!

Jenna never felt the sensation of his cum in her; I suppose his huge cock had stretched her out so much, her vagina was a bit numb. But then again, she really didn't stop to think about it either. For whatever reason, panic once again took hold of her. She turned, and with anxious eyes told she wanted to leave. I kissed her cunt one last time, and careful placed her panty crotch back over her cunt. Standing back up, she straightened her skirt and buttoned her blouse, then we made a quick exit from the store. I kept my eyes peeled for a guy with a smile, but he was not to be found.

Back at the motel she wanted to shower, but I told her I didn't want her to. Instead, I directed her to the bed and had her lie down. She was quick to inform me that she was too sore to fuck me, but I told her that I had other plans. Flipping up her skirt, I couldn't believe she wasn't able to feel her panties stuck to her pussy with this guy's sperm. Not wanting her to know what happened, I was planning on making sure she didn't make the discovery. With her lying on her back, I told her I wanted to jack off on her body. She gave me a kinky look and said, "Go for it!"

Moving between her legs, I told her to open her blouse and show me her tits as I began to jack off. As I stared at her body, we began to chat about what had just happened. And as I massaged my cock, I told her how hot it was seeing her fuck that cock. And in reply she proceeded to tell me it was the hottest sex she had ever had. She quickly tried to correct what she said by telling me that I was the best, but I knew she was lying. I felt a twinge of jealousy as I realized some strange cock had taken her to new heights. But my cock was harder than ever, and in less then one minute I was cumming. Taking careful aim, I sprayed my runny load all over her panty crotch, eliminating any chance of her realizing her pussy was leaking sperm. Not allowing her to remove her panties, I insisted that she wear them the remainder of the night. Moments later, we were under the covers and I snuggled up behind her. Holding her in my arms, she quickly drifted off to sleep. Gradually, I l et my hand slide down until I had it placed over her tight belly. As she slept I rubbed her abdomen, wondering if there was an egg in her womb, surrounded by sperm, wondering if she was already pregnant. And it was at that moment I confirmed what I had been thinking earlier in the booth. As much as I tried to tell myself it was only the heat of the moment, I couldn't. I realized that I was intimately caressing her firm tummy in such a way that made me accept the fact that I wanted her pregnant with this unknown man's baby!

When she missed her period in September, I had to tell her what happened. But I lied to her, telling her that I wasn't aware of your rubber coming off until it was all over. I explained that I didn't want to tell her, hoping & praying that your sperm didn't impregnate her. Thank God, just a few days later, her period came? honestly, we weren't ready for a baby, but the thrill was uncomparable!


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