Impregnated In Front Of Her Husband


My husband had tried to get me to show off my sexy body to strangers and his friends, even going so far as to tell me some of his buddies would pay for a blow job. There was one time, I remember, when he sent his best friend into our bathroom when he knew I was in the tub. But I never took the bait. I was faithful in marriage and never dreamed of having sex with anyone else. Our sex was good so I never needed to look outside the marriage for a quickie, a fling or a one night stand.

Part of what kept it good was that we were both a little adventurous. We had done all the usual young lover stuff like having sex on the beach at night, going to the nearest teenage make out spot and screwing against our back yard fence. We had also tried our hands at role playing and it was on one such night in our fifth year of marriage that my outlook on sex changed forever, and my husband got his wish though probably not quite in the way he had hoped.

It was a warm, late spring night. Our house didn't have air conditioning beyond a small window unit in the living room, so we had all the windows open and a few fans turned on in various rooms to create a cross-breeze.

After dinner and a couple of hours just relaxing and cooling off we both felt the need for some sexual release. In our quest for new role playing ideas to keep our sex fresh we had each written down a number of general ideas on index cards which we kept in a locked desk drawer in the den. My husband went and got the stack of cards while I went into our bedroom to undress. He brought the cards to me, shuffled them and held the stack out to me. I used two long, painted fingernails to pull a single card out from somewhere near the bottom of the stack, then read it aloud:

"Whips and chains and I'm in charge." I winked and licked my lips in a seductive manner. We'd played this one before a few months earlier. While neither of us was into pain and bruising, it did allow me to call all the shots with him tied helpless on the bed. I got to go at my own pace and tease the living hell out of him until he literally begged me to let him cum.

My husband quickly pulled his gray tee shirt off over his head, unzipped his faded blue jeans and wormed his way out of them while lying on his back across our bed. I meanwhile went to the bathroom to finish undressing and deposit my clothes in the laundry basket. I stepped into the walk-in closet which connected to both the bathroom and our bedroom and found the perfect outfit. When I came out into the bedroom my husband eyed me up and down. The black bodice I had donned was a skin tight affair which had a low back, curved up my sides and clung to my round breasts for its only support, then plunged in a deep v-neck down to my belly button. I had on a pair of black bikini panties, black fishnet stockings and black stiletto heels with an ankle strap.

"What are you going to do to me?" he asked playfully. "The question is, what are you going to do for me?" I replied, purring like a sex-crazed kitten. "Don't hurt me," he said with a waver in his voice as he backed up on the bed, still just wearing his dark blue silk boxer shorts. I headed straight for the night stand between the bed and the East wall of our house. I found the fur-lined handcuffs I was looking for. The only key to open them was tied on a string which I slipped over my head and let it hang around my neck. "Soon you will tell me all I need to know," I threatened as I bent over him to cuff his wrists together around one of the metal bars of our headboard.

With my husband secured and completely unable to get free without the key which was dangling between my breasts, I settled in for a night of hot passion. First I dimmed the lights in the room and turned on the clock radio next to the bed to create some atmosphere. I left the bedroom to retrieve another of our favorite sex toys, a ball gag he'd bought for me on my birthday the year before. I sashayed back into the room stretching the ball gag's elastic band between my hands like a weapon. I got onto my knees on the bed, straddling his fit body, and scooted up until I was over his belly.

My husband clamped his mouth shut and turned his head side to side like a baby not wanting to eat its food, so I pinched one of his nipples and twisted it to give him just a bit of pain. He yelped aloud, which was all I needed to push the soft ball between his teeth. Shortly I had the band around his head.

Now both immobile and mute, I began to taunt and tease my poor husband. I gyrated my hips, keeping my pussy mere inches from his chest and mouth. I also lightly grazed his cheeks with my long fingernails. I moved down the bed, continuing to trace random shapes with my nails over his manly chest. After a few minutes of play I ground my pussy down on his crotch. The fabric of his underwear and my panties created an out of rhythm friction between us and a fair amount more stimulation than if we had both been completely nude.

Moving farther down the bed I bent over and licked each of his nipples while working my fingers in under the waistband of his boxers. I kissed down his belly as I slid off the foot of the bed and pulled his shorts all the way off.

My husband has a nice cock; a good five and a half inches when fully erect but too thick for me to get my whole hand around. Let me tell you, it fills me up just fine when we're making love. Right now it was standing at full attention before me and I knew my husband wanted me to lick it, suck it and slide my pussy down over it. But I wasn't finished teasing him and would not be for at least another half hour. I had plans to lapdance for him, to nibble his earlobes, lightly scratch his ballsack with my fingernails and probably get myself off while he watched helpless and unable to reach his own climax. Only then would I give him the benefit of taking his throbbing prick in my mouth, and I would savor the minutes as they ticked past with me sucking his rod for a few seconds, then letting up, then sucking his balls for a few seconds and letting up again. I figured I would get off at least three times before he did and I hadn't decided which hole to let him cum in tonight. Tell me, how could I even start to work him toward an orgasm until I had decided that?

I went to the kitchen to get some jam from the refrigerator to coat his nipples to make it more enjoyable for me the next time I licked them. Guys can get a stiffy sucking a woman's nipples anytime, but for women it isn't the same. However it is very good when mercilessly teasing your man.

On my way back down the hallway to our room I stopped. My body tensed and a tingle ran down my spine. I had heard something behind me and, knowing that my husband was safely tied up ahead of me, I was afraid to turn around to see what it could have been. But I found out soon enough as a whispered voice and a beam of light came down the hallway behind me.

I think the intruder was as surprised to see me as I was to see his flashlight reflecting on the walls around me. I heard him drop something on the floor. At this point, still unable to will myself to turn and face him, my knees began to shake. My husband could take care of the situation but his freedom was dangling between my breasts which were still constrained by the form-fitting bodice with the plunging v-neck.

"Sweet mother of Jesus," I heard him exclaim in a hushed tone.

"Dude, let's get the hell out of here!" hissed a second voice!

My legs became weak at the knowledge that there were two of them.

"Fuck no man, we came to get shit and that looks like the best shit in the house."

"Hey sweet thang, why don't you turn around so I can peep you?" This one was obviously a black man by the way he spoke; not just the words but the whole way the he said them reminded me of all the black athletes I'd known in high school and college.

"Are you home all alone?" the same voice asked, closer behind me now. I managed to take a step -- a single, solitary step -- toward my bedroom. A few seconds later the man was standing before me. I'm no giant at five feet five inches but this guy was only a little taller than me. He had his hair tightly curled and shaved into straight lines from front to back, a thin mustache and wore a basketball jersey with long pants. He shone his flashlight in my face and I blinked.

"Yep, she's real, she's just not movin'. It's okay sweetheart, we ain't gonna hurt you. We just wanna see what you got and then we'll be on our way."

The second one whom I had not seen yet stepped up behind me and slapped my ass hard. I yelped and sprang into action, ducking past the one in front and racing madly to the bedroom.

My husband had apparently heard the voices in the hallway and, lying stark naked with his mouth gagged and wrists attached to the headboard, he was straining to see what was going on and making muffled noises.

I stood bent over the bed, my stiletto heels giving a nice lift to my ass for the guys behind me, and fumbled with the key hanging around my neck. I could not seem to get the string off over my head.

To make a long story short, the two guys entered behind me, commented on my husband's state and then stood to either side of me. One held my hands behind my back as the other brushed my shoulder length blonde hair aside and cupped my face in his hand. "We gonna have us some fun tonight," he said before kissing me. His kiss was rough; all tongue and running saliva as he violated the depths of my mouth. He began to squeeze my breasts as the other one transferred both of my wrists into one hand and used the other to grope my ass through my panties.

As unable to complain about the situation as my husband, thanks to the intruder's tongue filling my mouth, I trembled quietly against their lusty touches. I could hear my husband's muffled screams through his gag and the guys laughed about how pitiful he was as a husband and how a fine piece of ass like me deserved a real man.

I still hadn't actually seen the guy behind me but when the one in the basketball jersey backed away and sat on the edge of the bed, he ordered the other one to put me on his lap. In a moment I was sitting, splayed out, in the black man's lap as he held me close around the waist and I got my first good look at his friend. It was another black man, much taller but thin and wiry. He seemed older with a completely bald head and he wore a black button down shirt and blue jeans. He was fairly handsome in a way, now that I think back on it.

So there I was, being held by one black guy who quickly pulled one bra cup of my bodice down to let my tit hang free while simultaneously shoving a hand down my panties. He rubbed around my clitoral hood and bounced my breast in the palm of his hand.

"Please don't hurt me," was all I could say. After what must have been the eighth or ninth time the guy in front of me, the cuter older one, said:

"This will shut her up." He unzipped his fly and fished out his black cock. It stood out at least six inches and had a head on it the size of a portabello mushroom (at least to my surprised eyes at the time). I began to protest, to beg them not to do this, but before more than a syllable was out of my mouth his cock was in it.

By now my husband was thrashing on the bed behind us, twisting and turning, rattling his handcuffs against the metal headboard, and kicking out at my assailants. But the guy holding me simply got up and bent me over with my mouth still wrapped around his buddy's enormous penis head. As he stood against my ass I felt his own cock through his pants. It was hard, hot and clearly ready for some action. He reached down my side to fondle my one free-hanging breast. His friend meanwhile took hold of each side of my head and began to slowly move my face up and down the length of his rod.

I became vaguely aware that my panties were being pulled down and they stopped at my knees. The man behind me kicked me feet apart and, still in my stilettos, I nearly fell over, but the two of them kept me steady and then I heard the sound of a zipper going down. I shut my eyes and wished this were a bad dream from which I would soon wake up. Then I felt a hot, throbbing horse sized cock slowly pushing between my pussy lips. The one in my mouth just had a huge head; the one going in my pussy was at least two full inches thick all the way along the shaft. I've always been a good judge of how much of my husband's cock was inside me and I lost count after seven inches this time. He pulled halfway back out and began to slowly push in again, expanding my vaginal walls and making me grunt around the cock in my mouth.

My husband's motions and stifled screams were frantic now. The rattling of the chain against the headboard was growing annoying. Glancing down I could see the key to our salvation spinning rapidly and swaying back and forth with each thrust of the cocks inside me. They were getting into a rhythm which kept me completely full on one end or the other. They kept up the pace for a couple of minutes before I just couldn't take it any more. My inner thighs were soon damp with my own pussy juice and my g-spot was taking such an incredible massage from the thick prick in my cunt that I spasmed and drooled all over the shoes of the tall guy in front of me. I began to choke and cough and he quickly pulled out of my mouth. More saliva ran in a line out of my mouth to the carpet as I caught my breath and relaxed the muscles in my mouth and throat which had been over expanded for several minutes.

"Aw yeah. Aw hell yeah. White bitch gonna take my black baby," said the man behind me.

"Oh please!" I wailed.

"Shit, she's beggin' fo' it!" said the one in front of me who had stood me more or less upright and started playing with both of my bare breasts.

"No, please. Don't do this. Please don't," I whimpered. But it was too late. I felt my insides splattered with hot, sticky cum.

I was too weak and defeated now to keep standing, so the guys laid me on my back on the edge of my bed just out of my husband's kicking range. The one with the mushroom headed prick now took his turn in my freshly seeded pussy while his friend came to kneel beside my head and pushed his cock, sticky with my own juices as well as his, into my mouth. He told me to suck and lick it clean and then as soon as his buddy was finished with me they would leave and not take anything of value.

But they had already taken my dignity and my black virginity.

As I numbly sucked all the sticky juices off his cock, his friend plowed into me at a fast pace. My tits flopped and bounced up and down with the force and speed of his thrusts. But he didn't last as long in my pussy as he had in my mouth and soon I felt his hot seed splattering my insides before running out and down the crack of my ass. He too came up beside my head and ordered me to lick him clean.

Then they left as promised without taking any of our material things. In retrospect I guess you could say they were honorable thieves.

It took me a half hour or so after they had gone to muster the strength to get up and shuffle into the bathroom to clean myself. I returned to the bedroom to set my husband free at last. As the next few days passed I reflected on how exciting that night had been; how much I relished the loss of control, my husband's inability to help and being plowed by two strange men at once.

We began to talk about me doing my husband's buddies once in a while but it seemed too comfortable to do it with people we knew. Thankfully for me as they say criminals always return to the scene of the crime and those burglars came back twice over the next two weeks. Once was during the day when I was home alone. I heard a noise at the back door and upon investigating recognized the shorter man with the thick prick. I don't know what possessed me but I let them both into the house of my own free will. I told them if they wouldn't steal anything they could fuck me again. If they did steal anything I would turn them in to the police for burglary and rape. How could they resist giving me another performance? Besides that it was summer and I was wearing a string bikini which they stuffed in my mouth to keep me quiet while they fucked me; I was just having way too much fun and kept shouting for them to give me their black meat, pump me full of cum and other things I would never had said to strangers before that first night. The second time they came around was again at night, on the weekend, and I had talked my husband into being tied down again. He didn't know the boys were coming over but I had already arranged it with them and we never let on that I'd fucked them a few days earlier or that I was expecting them that night. They did the double ended me-kabob again for a while and both filled my womb with their baby-making sperm.

My husband is a good man and stood by me during the next nine months as my belly swelled and my breasts got heavy with milk for the black baby or babies I was carrying. THE END


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