A Bad Day For My Husband


My Husband,

If you had gotten off your lazy ass you might have found yourself a job. Instead, you laid around whining that we never had any money to do things. You left the house in total filth, refusing to clean. So, I would have to wash the dishes, vacuum, dust, and take out the trash. After working all day and cleaning up after you, how could you think that I would want to give you a fucking blow job?

Since I knew that you didn?t have any money, I also had to do the grocery shopping. While pushing the cart up and down the isles, I realized that a real man was watching me. I strutted my stuff as I bent over to get something from a bottom shelf. An extra wiggle of my fanny had him drooling. As he gently brushed against me, I could feel his massive bulge and I just knew that this was going to be more than a harmless flirt.

Right in the store, I grabbed his giant dick and asked him if he would like to fuck. We left the store without buying the cart full of food that was supposed to be your dinner. He took me to his house and man was it nice. He barely got the door closed before he began peeling my clothes off. Without so much as a guilt feeling, I found myself on my knees in front of the biggest cock in the world.

My mouth and tongue went to work on that massive tool. My hands stroked it as it slid into my mouth. My tongue flickered up and down it?s long shaft. My lips sucked on the head of his humongous organ. As it swelled with the pleasure, my hungry pussy flowed like a river. His big hands caressed the breast that you hunger for. I trembled like a school girl for a man you can never be like. His powerful arms lifted me off the floor and carried me to his bed. Our lips met in the most passionate kiss of my life.

I felt no shame as he leered at my naked body. The body that you so easily put down. My nipples stood out, excited by his warm gentle kisses and loving caresses. Then he opened my thighs and saw the hungry pussy that will never be able to feel your tiny cock again. A trickle of pussy juice ran down the crack of my ass. Yes stupid man, I wanted to have sex, just not with you. This total stranger had me completely under control. I was willing to perform any act he asked.

I reached between my spread open legs and held that gigantic member in my hands. It was so fat that I shook with fear at the thought of it going into me. I came just thinking about your anger and tears. Once you learned that your laziness caused your precious wife to cheat, you would have to live with it for the rest of your worthless life.

Here I was laying naked under a strange man, in a strange bed, and he had a cock that was bigger than anything my imagination could ever have dreamed. I let my fingers take in the sensation of every throbbing vein. Even though I was scared to death by the sheer size of his cock, I caressed its length. I trembled at its girth. I kissed him long and hard, moaning with anticipation. I rubbed his incredible thing against my starving pussy and juices flowed. I was dizzy with desire.

His sweet kisses drove me insane and I begged him to enter the pussy that had known only you. You may not choose to believe me, but you were the only one.... until now. His hands raised my hips and gently pushed them away. The weight of his oversized dick made my mind spin with desire. I could feel my clit tremble as the head of that cock pressed on me. I tried to guide him into my pussy, but it just wouldn?t fit. Pain shot through me as he forced it in. A scream fell past my lips. My poor pussy ripped. I could feel the warmth of my blood trickling over my asshole.

Stretched beyond anything you could imagine, he gently worked that gigantic cock in and out of my wounded twat. With each trickle of blood, my cunt gave way to the massive penetration. Masterfully his cock slipped deeper into my aching hole. I moaned loudly under this strange man. Something you would know little about as you didn?t have the tool to make me moan. Within a few moments he had that thing touching places that no other man had ever touched. Pressing into my orgasmic cunt and turning me inside out as it pulled out. Then all the way in again. My mind swirled with excitement as this total stranger drove his humongous organ all the way in then all the way out.

Holding my legs high in the air let his huge tool hit bottom. Orgasm after incredible orgasm left me thoroughly drained. My naked body convulsed under his powerful thrusts. My aching cunt tore again as his swelling member began to twitch with orgasm. I thought I was going to split to my boobs as his sperm shot into me. Just imagine that hot sticky cum spraying into your poor torn wife. Gush after gush, his goo just kept drenching my depths. Total exhaustion took over as I trembled and shook, fading in and out of consciousness.

He crawled up my stomach and slapped that humongous cock on my lips. You could never get me to taste your cum, but he left me no choice. I gleefully licked up every drop. With one last blast, I swallowed a cup full of his sperm. I must say, it was rather tasty. Kind of salty and sweet. Made me wish that I had tried yours. I got to tell you that it won?t be the last time. I have discovered a new found craving for the taste of sperm.

I fell asleep as he kissed my back and caressed my breasts. Laying naked with a total stranger and not even thinking of how hurt you would be. I slept a sleep like I had never known. Completely naked in a man?s bed while you went hungry wondering where I might be. I slept like a baby. When I awoke I realized that my hands had been tied and my eyes had been covered. I was on my back and my spread legs were tied to the posts of the bed. Damn I was so afraid. I actually found myself thinking that I needed you to rescue me.

I could hear several voices laughing but had no clue of how many there were. The floor creaked and the voices grew nearer. I heard the bedroom door open. A super heavy cock slapped me on my mouth and I heard a strange voice order me to suck his dick. The memory of my first taste allowed me to open my lips. Someone held my head so that the cock went right into my mouth. I sucked and licked with a fevered pitch. It only took a few moments and gobs of sperm filled my mouth. I swallowed all I could, but it sprayed all over my face.

With jizz running down my cheeks in waves, another cock took the place of the one that had just spooged. Again, it was only a short moment before another load of spunk got shot down my throat.

Someone climbed on top of my naked body and rammed an even bigger cock into my sore aching cunt. Slamming deep into me I screamed in agony. Pounding in and jerking out, my twat began to bleed again. It wasn?t long before orgasms took over and I humped right back. I even found myself squeezing that huge manhood in my cunt. Begging for more, his swollen member poured its cum into me.

My legs were untied and they lifted me up. Turned me over and laid me back down on top of yet another man. The guy underneath me drove his gigantic dick into my quivering cunt. Another moved up behind me and rammed my virgin ass. I screamed and the world went blank.

When I came to, I was freshly showered and dressed. A cab waited outside to bring me home to you. I begged them to let me stay. As you may imagine, you will just have to live with the thought that your wife is not coming home. She, along with a dozen other wives, now belongs to a group of men called the Twelves; each having at least a foot of cock. There are now sixteen of them and they own my soul, mind, and body. Your wife serves their every whim and desire. And you will just have to clean up after yourself.

No Longer Innocent, Your Wife


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