1st Internal Water Sports!


I was introduced to a black guy named Richard by a movie friend of mine when I was 24. I was already involved with a few people who were producing amateur hardcore movies and had featured in three of them! The friend of mine hooked me up with Richard so we could both feature in an interracial movie that was due to be recorded. I wanted to get together with Rich before the movie so I could get to know him a little. Also because I wanted to sample his "special" talent. Which was still unknown to me. I thought he was either going to be completely huge or be a heavy ejaculator? but it wasn't really either.

He certainly was a nice size as I watched him sink inside my body inch by lovely inch that evening but I'd had bigger. As he worked me nice 'n' hard on my bed, we swapped positions so he was on top and I was on my back with my white stockinged legs wrapped tightly around him. He stopped pumping me and looked deep into my eyes... I wasn't sure what he was doing!

I started to feel a hot feeling deep inside that seemed to be swelling inside me. Filling every part of me. I felt an orgasm surge through my body very quickly! I'd never felt a feeling like this in my life!

I realized what he was doing as his golden liquid gently poured from my pussy. He'd filled every little nook and cranny so it was now pouring out of me. It was lovely to feel it running down between my bottom. He was a bit unsure at first but as I hit another orgasm, he blasted it inside me with full power. Allowing it to invade every available place inside me. This sent me soaring into another climax.

He started pumping me again and it was squelching out of me like crazy! He worked me faster and faster... I closed my eyes and screamed out as I felt waves of warm cum flow from his black shaft and invade deep into my young body. His initial spurt was breathtaking and felt fabulous as it hit me!

As spurt after spurt penetrated my body, I held him inside me very tightly with my long, firm, slender, white stocking encased legs and heels. They looked fabulous wrapped around his very dark skinned toned body.

We did fit together perfectly and recorded the interracial amateur movie in two evenings. Later he performed the same party trick and made me cum another 3-4 times!

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