Caught My Wife on Her Knees at a Halloween Party


What a Halloween party it was! I'm calling it the night mine and my wife's lives changed forever. The night I became a voyeur a cuckold or whatever you want to call it. The night I unexpectedly watched my wife of eight years fuck a black man, and loved it! My wife Denise is stunning to say the least. She stand's 5'4", tall has long wavy sandy blonde hair, a nice womanly figure, with a great set of 36d's. She really light's up a room with her smile, it set's her apart. That's how I met her many years ago at a friends party. We have a great marriage and I've never wanted anyone else. I thought she felt the same, until our Halloween party.

My wife and I hosted a Halloween party last year for about 100 guests. It was a real blowout party too. People of all social and racial groups from friend's to friend's of friend's, including people from both of our offices. I dressed up as Hugh Heffner and Denise was a Playboy Bunny. Denise could not find a real Bunny suit so she improvised and wore a black one piece slip that looked like a one piece swimsuit with lace around the legs. Her tit's were barely concealed under the thin material. I asked her about showing so much, and she just replied "it's time we lived a little. Besides....I've got a great body and am not ashamed to show a little." Then she slapped her firm heart shaped ass!

The party started and like I said earlier, it was a blowout. Everyone was having a great time and the booze was flowing, I even smelled weed. The costumes people wore were interesting. But the one guy I got a real kick out of was David. He works with my wife. He came dressed as a pimp. Fur coat and hat with a purple velvet suit. He was really acting the part too, playing with all the female guests. Including my wife. At one point during the party I heard him say to Denise "hey bitch! I'm looking for new women to ad to my stable. I always have opening's for fine assed white girls. Do you have any openings I could use?" Denise replied "hmmm.....let me give it some thought and get back to you." This went on all night. Denise even danced with David several times, and was very flirtatious with him the whole evening. The way she danced with him reminded me of the lap dances at strip clubs. She even rubbed her beautiful ass on his crotch! I should have been angry, but the hardon in my pj's told me that I was turned on watching her behave this way!

It was obvious that Denise was enjoying herself, with all the whistle's and catcalls about her costume. I could see she was flushed and excited. At one point during the party, one of Denise's coworkers came up to me to warn me about David. She said he has a reputation at work. When I asked her to explain, she just smiled and winked and walked away. This got me curious. Denise would never cheat on me? would she? Well the party was winding down and people were leaving. It was about one thirty in the morning and the last guests had left? or so I thought. It just dawned on me that I had not seen my wife for a while. So I searched the house. When I got to the basement what greeted me shocked me! There was David sitting on the couch, and my wife was on her knees in front of him giving him a very enthusiastic blowjob! And what she was sucking was a huge cock! David had to be a 9 or 10 inches long and very thick. Denise's small hand's didn't come close to going around his girth! I should have said something or broke it up.....but I was turned on by the scene! I had a raging hardon and I began to stroke it, but stayed out of their line of site.

Denise continued to suck David and making comments about how big he was and how she has wanted to see his package for herself since she's heard so much about him. She then pulled David to his feet and helped him out of his clothes! I wanted to break this up, but the whole scene was to erotic, and I was enjoying watching my beautiful wife being a slut. David said to Denise "let's get you out of these clothes so you can feel what a real man feels like between your leg's." Denise playfully tossed off her bunny ears and collar and cuffs then kicked off her shoes. She then very seductively took off her outfit. When she was nude, she embarrassed David and gave him a passionate kiss. She then said to him "I want you to fuck my brain's out." David asked her if she had any condoms and she replied "none that are going to fit that monster! Besides? I want to feel all of you with nothing separating us." Then she sat on the couch and spread her legs. I couldn't believe this! Denise has never even hinted at wanting anyone else during our time together! What changed her? I don't know. David was getting into position, and I couldn't see very well anymore. I took a bold move and walked over to where they were.

Denise saw me first. She looked up at me and said "hi honey! You want to watch David fuck me? Look at his cock! Isn't it beautiful! I can't wait to feel him!" I asked her "why are you doing this?" She replied "David's has fucked half the women in my department. Hearing all their stories about his cock? well I just had to find out for myself. When I first saw his cock, I new I had to have him inside me! It's just sex honey!" David looked at me and said "have a seat man...and watch a real man fuck your wife." Denise said c'mon Bob and sit right next to me please." I sat next to Denise on the couch and watched as David roughly start to stuff his big cock into my wife. Denise screamed out how it hurt, but David did not seem to hear. Denise continued to scream "oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! your hurting me!" David said "it only hurts because you've been fucking little dick white boys! Just relax and let it happen! Relax and accept what you've always wanted!" Denise adjusted her ass and did seem to relax some. David buried his entire length into her and Denise let out a grunt. David began to rotate and grind his hips stretching my wife's once tight pussy. After several minutes of this, Denise started to meet his grinding. Then without warning David began to really fuck her hard, causing her to yell out with every thrust.

The basement was filled with the sound of slapping skin as David fucked my wife hard. Denise was yelling "yes! yes! yes! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeee!!!!!!! This went on for several minutes, Then David picked Denise up and grabbed her sweet ass and was fucking her standing up. Raising her up and then slamming her down on his big cock. Denise was continuing to yell out with every thrust. I have never heard her so loud while having sex. Then again, I don't have a ten inch cock. So I knew it was David's cock that was causing her to yell with pleasure and pain. Then David sat on the couch and Denise began to ride him a mere few inches from me. While she was grinding on his cock, she smiled at me and said "oh honey.....his cock hurts so goooood! My pussy has never been so full before! Your going to have to get use to this, because David is going to be fucking me on a regular basis now." She then began to grind faster. She said she was cumming and David said the same. In a few seconds they came almost simultaneously. Denise was shaking from her orgasm. She's never cum like that with me. Then I noticed that I too came in my pj's. Denise was leaning down and kissing David. Then David said "get up and clean my cock."

Denise got off his cock. When she rose up, her pussy made a plopping sound and David's love juice poured out. She was on her knees sucking David while his cum dripped on the carpet. He must have cum a quart! It was starting to puddle under Denise. In a matter of minutes David was hard again! He said to Denise "c'mon....I want to fuck you again. But not here. I want to fuck you in your bed. Denise grabbed his hand and said "let's go....but I'm sore so be gentle this time. O.K.?" David agreed. Then Denise said to me "you coming honey?" David looked at me, then my pj's and said "he already has." Then he said to me "you enjoyed watching me fuck your wife....didn't you?" I stammered "I guess I did." David continued "you liked watching her get fucked by a real man?s cock? stretching her pussy like it should be know she likes it, because she want's more. Now get off your white ass and come watch her take me again!" We all walked upstairs to our bedroom . Once there, Denise laid on her back and spread her legs and David wasted no time in putting his cock to her. He was going slow this time as Denise had asked him.

Denise was meeting his grinding and telling him how good he felt, how no one has fucked her like him. Denise then told him to give it to her hard, which David did. David reached underneath her and grabbed her ass and started to pile drive into my wife. Denise was yelling at him not to stop, then she had one of her many orgasms that evening. Soon after that, David came, filling my wife's once tight cunt with another load of his seed. David collapsed on top of Denise, then abruptly climbed off and told Denise to clean his cock, which she did eagerly. I myself also came. I should have been furious with my wife I know, but the whole situation turned me on for some strange reason. Watching my wife act like a total slut and watching her take a big black cock really was a turn on! When Denise was finally done cleaning David's cock, he went and used the shower and left my wife tired and spent on the bed.

Denise then asked me "so....did you enjoy the show? You better have, because your going to be seeing a lot more big dicks in my pussy!" I again asked her "what brought on this sudden behavior. Why did you fuck another man in front of me?" Denise replied "Bob....this was something I've wanted for a very long time now. I'm sorry I had to break it to you this way....but I just had to have David's cock tonight, especially after hearing all the stories at work from the other women he's fucked! I understand if your angry, but it seemed to me that you enjoyed watching me fuck David, am I wrong?" I replied "we've always have been open with each other. Why couldn't you have come to me with this and tell me your fantasies?" Denise said "yea right....and how would you have reacted? This was the only way I knew of.....bluntly letting you know my desires. Now that it's out in the open, I'm going to continue fucking David and any other huge black cock I can get my hand's on! I'm hooked, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. I need to be stretched like this on a regular basis." I really didn't know how to respond. She was right tho, I was turned on watching her get fucked. I asked her "can I at least watch, to make sure your safe at least?" Denise thought about it a few moments then said "as long as you don't get in the way....sure." Then Denise came and sat on my lap, David's cum dripping on my lap. She hugged me and gave me a small kiss.

David finished his shower and got dressed. He walked over to us and kissed Denise, then said to me "your wife's a hell of a fuck. But you do know that pussy belong's to me now, because your little dick is never going to satisfy her again." I said "we were just talking about that, and we have come to an agreement." Denise spoke up "you and any other black man can have me, but Bob has to be present, understood?" David said "yea....that's cool. I'll be over next Friday night. Your pussy should feel better by then. I want you to answer the door but ass naked, you understand?" Denise said that she did, then David left.

This all happened six month's ago. Since that time I have watch Denise fuck at least 50 different men. Her favorite thing to do is go to hotel lounges and have black men pick her up. One guy she met had 14" and was super thick! He was in town on business, and Denise can't wait to see him again. I've adjusted to my new role. I obviously don't get to fuck Denise's pussy anymore because she's so stretched out. But I do get plenty of blowjob's! So I guess my message is this....if your wife want's to experience something new, let her. Because a happy wife is less headache's!


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