A Bad Bad Thing

A Bad, Bad Thing

I did a bad bad thing last night. I rarely enter chatrooms anymore but for some reason I felt compelled to last night. I logged into this blacks looking for sluts chatroom and making no effort to hide, I used a sexy white girls name which is what I am. I finally found one interesting private message after getting hit with about ten others in a space of seconds. I won't reveal his handle but the handle identified him as a black dom type with another kinky part of the handle I won't go into just yet. We soon got into a easy going chat mood and when he asked me what my secret desires were, I honestly told him. I was black curious and all my fantasies involved me with blacks, often groups. He pressed for more information and I expressed an interest to be owned and used for my Masters pleasure however he wanted. He said for me to be more explicit and I told him a black master could whore me out, even pimp me, if I found the right Master. He asked if I had pics and I said yes. He said send me one with you in heels. I told him I didn't have any of me heels but I ended up sending him a pic of in short tiny cutoffs showing off most of my legs and half my ass.

I suppose here I should tell you something of me. I'm 22, blonde, married and blessed with a killer body if I must say so myself. My measurements are an honest 36c-22-36. Anyway, as the chat continued he told me to call myself a Nigga cock whore, his words, not mine. So I did just that. I was getting very turned on by his descriptions of what he expected of me. Always nude and ready for him except for the heels, which he insisted on. I would not be allowed to touch his 11 inch cock with my hands unless he asked. He said all blowjobs would be from my mouth only, no hands. I was to suck his balls and even rim his asshole and stick my tongue into his butt. He wanted to see me fuck gang members and even fat old disgusting black, oops, I meant Nigga's for his amusement. Then he began describing how he wanted to breed me with some dogs and maybe donkeys and horses and he just kept hitting all my secret fantasies. At one point he asked about toys I may have, and I told him I had a huge black vibrator 14 inches long and he said get it. Once I had it in hand he told me push it into my wet pussy. Then when I had maybe half of it up inside me, I suddenly sat down and the whole thing was forced deep into me. We continued to chat with that monster buzzing inside me. Finally he said if he flew into to see me, how would I dress for him. I began to describe the scene, when suddenly I realized by the clock on the pc that a store I had to go to was closing in half an hour. I had to log off but promised him my fantasy of us meeting real time and down below the story continues only this is my fantasy.

I kept calling the airline to make sure his flight was on time. Ever since 9-11 if you were picking up or dropping off anyone you were only allowed a short access in the terminal so I kept driving around trying to time it just right. His plane was on time taking into account luggage waits and all that, I kept circling the parking lot sometimes pulling up into the pick up area when I saw him and I knew it was him cause he'd sent me a pic of him via email. I stopped the car in front of him and opened my door and got out and walked around the car and I knew from the sudden stops of people walking around they were checking me out. I had on black 4 inch fuck me heels like he wanted but it was the rest of my outfit they were looking at. I had on this short black leather jacket that barely covered my ass and that was all I wore, nothing underneath but me. I leaned up to kiss him, our difference of skin color making a striking contrast. I said I hope you're pleased Master. He looked down at me and made no attempt to soften his response, he said and you must be? He waited and I knew I had to say it, I said, I'm your Nigga Cock Loving Whore Master. He smiled pleased that I'd remembered that.

I drove us to the swingers motel I had told him about and we checked in. He didn't mention my lack of luggage and in truth, I had no luggage, in fact I had no other clothes with me at all, just the heels and jacket. He had said he always wanted me ready to be used and naked at all times. We spent the next six hours in bed fucking like no tomorrow and as he expected, I never used my hands on his cock, only my hot mouth. After getting him hard he had me suck his balls and then simply waited and I knew what he wanted and even though I had never done it before, I quickly used my tongue to rim his ass sticking my tongue into his shit hole. He came in my mouth three times and twice in my pussy and even twice in my asshole which was another new first for me. Finally we took a break and just watched the porno channels playing on the tv then he asked me about the pool. I told him it was clothing optional but no one ever wore a suit there as far as I knew. He smiled at this. He then used the phone to call a taxi and I wondered if we were going out but no he said. Where he came from if you wanted something, you called a taxi. The driver showed up and my Master had to walk out of the complex and through the security gate to talk to him. He was there for a minute and pointed out our room then he came back alone. He came back telling he'd told the driver to get us a pizza with the works and bring it back. That sounded good since I was rather hungry. After about 15 minutes he said he was going to go check out the pool and for me to pay for the pizza and bring it to him when the driver got back. He didn't offer to give me any pizza but I think that was the plan.

I saw the cab return, then the driver spoke through the intercom and the locked gates were electronically opened and he drove through and parked right next to my car. The door opened as I stood in the doorway of our room and out stepped a black driver, about 50 years of age with a beer belly. He reached into the back and pulled out a large box with the pizza in it and walked right up to me grinning and I guess it was because I was nude. He said the total is $44 including tip and when I tried to smile sweetly he said, let me guess, you don't have any money do you? I said no. He eyed me up and down and said maybe we can come to another way you can pay me? I knew this was a test so I said, if that works for you it will work for me and I stepped back and he entered the room but he left the door wide open. I knew anyone walking by would be able to look in and see me, a 22 year old blonde fucking a 50 year old black man. I sat on the bed and he stood before me and I unzipped him and using my hand I reached inside to get his cock when suddenly, whack, he slapped my face and hard. He said white ho's never touch a Masters cock unless told to, with their hands. Try again he said. Now I able to unbuckle his pants with my hands and even tug down his shorts but the rest was up to my mouth.

I got him hard kissing it and sucking it and then his balls and then he turned around and bent over a bit and looked back at me and said, well? I had no choice but to rim his butt too only because he sat all day long, his crack was very smelly and sweaty. But I knew I had to do it. As he was fucking me on the bed which was only about ten feet away from the open doorway, I could see various men stopping by the open door just looking in and enjoying the screwing I was getting. After he was done, I took a quick shower and carried the pizza to the pool area and handed it to my Master. Without a word, he simply began to eat it. When he'd eaten what he wanted he said you may eat now. I wolfed two large slices down and felt a ton better. The pool area began to fill up now as all the guests were ending up there after getting off work. There was about ten other couples, about 6 or 7 single guys, the same one's who seen me fucking the taxi driver and us. Master was the only black man there but that didn't seem to bother him. Some visitors swam in the heated pool (all indoors) and others sat around in the chairs just watching the first two couples having fun in the pool fucking. The hot tub, a ten person large hot tub, was basically empty. He told me to go turn it on and get in, he'd be back in a few minutes. I turned on the jets and climbed in enjoying the hot water when it began to fill up with all the single guys in the area. So there I was alone in the hot tub with 7 guys and all of us were nude. They asked me about my relationship with the black guy I was with and I told them, I was his property and he was my Master. One of the guys then said, you know when a young girl like you gets in this hot tub with all us guys, it's usually cause she and her man want to see her used. Here I got a bit confused cause I was by rights so supposed to be a Nigga Black Cock Whore but what if Master had told me to get into the hot tub and then left me alone to see I could be anyone's cock whore? So I said, well I'm in hot tub with 7 horny guys and I'd hate to ruin anyones evening and that was all they needed. For the next hour, I was used by all the men, taking loads down my throat, up my cunt and up my ass and it was one of the few times I could look around the room I spotted my Master in his chair watching me and smiling as if in pride. Finally one by one the men were drained and climbed out of the hot tub and jumped into the pool to calm down. Then I was alone till my Master joined me in the tub. He said that was a test to see how willing you were to be a slut for me. Those guys all paid me $20 each to fuck you and that's why I left you alone. I had Just Been Pimped Out!

The next day my fantasy would get wilder. The taxi driver would often pull up and drop off three or four other drivers from the company who all fucked me and they all paid my Master some money, which I didn't know the amount and he never told me. That night he had the driver take us to a all black club where the clientele was a mixture of gang bangers and pimps with their whores I guess. I was the only white girl and all I had on was my heels and jacket. After we sat down, a large black man with gold teeth and chains dangling from this neck brought us over some drinks. He complimented my Master on his choice of ho to bring to the club. My Master leaned over and untied the strap around my waist and pulled the jacket open exposing every inch of my body to the man. He whistled and said a fine ho like that should make my Master a ton of money. Master said, she's new at this but eager.

Later that night I proved my eagerness. The other Masters all used me on the sofa in an office. The gangbangers had their way with me on the pool table. Then I was led out the back door, hair streaked in cum, cum around my face, dripping off my tits and running down my legs leaking out of my pussy and ass and here in the alley the lower rung of the clubs clientele used me as I lay on the cement behind the club. My Master would watch for a while and then go back inside but returned often enough to make I was being dragged off somewhere I guess. All told, that night at the club I had swallowed and drank down about 30 loads of cum into my belly. About 50 more had been spunked into my now gaping and sore pussy. 30 more loads had swelled my belly even more from the loads I had taken up the ass. I slept the sleep of the dead once back in our room and the next morning I took him back to the airport. Once he was off I went back to the motel and cleaned up and headed home to my husband to tell him all about my weekend. I wasn't on the pill or anything and no one the entire weekend had used protection. My husband was fixed after his first three kids were born so he couldn't get me pregnant if he wanted. I've always wanted my own children and I guess time will tell if I got knocked up that weekend or not.

Anyway readers, that was my fantasy, still unlived, after my visit to the chat room. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I had fantasizing about it. Oh, Master did say something about his next visit in my fantasy about visiting a farm ha ha.

PS. I can't leave this just as it is so I better add this next part. My visit to the chatroom was on my older sisters pc when I housesat for her. I sent her pictures off cause I think she's very hot. The email address I used is hers since I don't have a pc yet. She calls me her sick and perverted little sister but always with a laugh. I have done this type of thing, chatroom etc, about 4 times now including today. She often gets a chuckle seeing what some of the guys write to her thinking it's me they are sending them to. Thankfully her pc has a block sender option so while the emails do come to her, they are automatically deleted as unread cause she doesn't want her husband to think she's the pervert in the family. Being unreturned, I'm sure the senders think I'm ignoring them, but truthfully, after I've had my fun, I never see the emails. To the Master who played with me last night, thank you I had fun and while it was a fantasy, something inside me tells me someday I may live them out.

Love and kisses, cheryl (sort of ha ha)


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