Fuck Me Daddy

FUCK ME DADDY by X. Marx Despot

As Diana climbed out of the swimming pool I smiled to myself as I watched all the men's eyes. They tried to hide it but it was obvious that my sexy, twenty five year old wife was the best looking woman most of them had ever seen. Their tongues almost hung out of their mouths as she pulled herself up out of the water, the sunlight bouncing off of the beads of water that ran down her body.

A lot of guys might have felt jealous that their wife was being stared at by so many horny men, but I loved it. I was damn proud of her beauty and my chest swelled with pride as she walked over to where I sat and plopped down beside me, toweling off her firm body.

"Boy that was great!" she said with a smile, "You should have come in the pool Tim". I handed her a Cola out of our cooler and replied, "That's OK babe, you know me, I get my fun just from watching you swim, you look great today as usual." Diana laughed softly and then bent over and whispered in my ear, "You're not fooling me Tim. You and I both know how you get your fun, you like to watch all those men checking me out in my bikini, you bad boy!". With that she grabbed a little white tennis skirt and a tight T- shirt and pulled them on over her bikini. I was a bit surprised since even though I had suspected that she knew how much I liked to see other men check her out, she had never actually said it to me before. I had to wonder if this was going to develop into something interesting.

On the way home from the pool I looked over at her and thought about how damn lucky I was to have Diana for my wife. We had known each other since Junior High school and I still could not believe that she had ended up with me. Every guy in the school had wanted her but somehow she liked me and I was certainly not going to complain.

I still found myself totally in lust with my gorgeous wife. And if you saw her you would know why that is for sure. Diana is fairly tall at 5' 10" and there is not an ounce of fat on her tight body. Her long legs and incredible ass are possibly the best part of her body but her small but very firm little B-cup tits are not bad either. And her face. Well it is the face of an angel if I do say so myself. Diana has huge brown eyes with long lashes, a cute little up-turned nose and full lips that drive men crazy. Imagine the best cocksucker lips you can and that is my Diana. Add to that incredible body and pretty face the most silky long dark brown hair that hangs clear down to her round ass and then you can picture my wife.

At home I could tell that Diana was ready for some action and I was too after watching all those horny guys lust after her all afternoon. We almost ran into the bedroom and I stripped quickly and jumped into bed so I could watch her take her clothes off. After 6 years of marriage I still loved to see her get naked and my cock began to pulse as she stood beside the bed and began to slowly strip.

First she sensuously pulled her T-shirt over head and her bikini clad titties popped into view. Next she bent over and tugged the tiny skirt off her hips and kicked it over into the corner. As she stood there in the tiny string bikini my cock swelled when she stretched and put her hands up over her head and said, "Sometimes Tim, I think that you like it when other men look at me. Am I right?"

I was a bit taken back, not sure how to respond since we had never openly talked about anything like this before. But I decided that maybe this was my chance to heat things up a bit so I replied, "Well, Uh, Yes I do kind of like it Honey. I am very proud of how sexy you are." She smiled and shook her finger at me like I was a naughty little boy and said, "I think it is more than just that Tim, I think maybe it makes you horny to think of all those men staring at my body. Now I think you should admit it or I am going to put my clothes back on right now."

My cock was rock hard and I knew that the time had come for me to tell her the truth. "Well yes, it does excite me to know that they want you and you are my wife. I love it when they look at you". Diana reached down and touched my cock and said, "Hmmm, I guess you must like it, I haven't seen your cock that hard in a long time. Maybe I can make it even harder, what do you think?"

I was having trouble imagining my cock getting any harder than it was at that moment but I just nodded to her and my hand found it's way to my crotch and began to stroke my balls slowly. Diana stood there in the bikini and brushed her long dark hair behind her shoulders and said softly, "How many men do you suppose looked at me today in this little bikini Honey? Two? Or maybe three?" I was breathing so hard I had trouble replying but finally said, "More like a hundred Babe, every guy there was checking you out and they liked what they saw too."

"I know you liked it when they looked at me Tim", she said in a throaty voice. "Do you think they were looking at my pretty little boobies?" As I stared she cupped her tits in her hands and pinched the nipples through the thin material. All I could do was nod yes as she slowly reached up and untied the string that held her top on. "Maybe", she said in a whisper, "The next time we go to the pool I should just take off my top like this." Her hands slowly pulled the bra away from her high firm baseball shaped tits and she stood proudly before me. "If you like for other men to look at your wife then maybe I should really show them what I look like, what do you think?"

"Yes I think you should show them your tits", I replied as I stroked my rock hard cock, "I want them to see how pretty my wife's tits really are". She grinned and then reached down and untied the strings on the sides of her bikini panties and said, "Well if you like that then maybe I should take off my panties for them. Maybe all those men would like to see your wife's tight little ass, don't you think so?" The bikini bottom fluttered to the floor and she turned around and showed me her naked ass and said, "Just imagine Tim, if I took off everything and they all got a good long look at your naked wife. Maybe I will even lay down and sun bathe while they are watching, is that OK with you?"

She climbed on the bed and lay on her back and spread her long legs wide open and then spread the lips of her pussy and said, "Is it OK if I show them my pussy Tim? Do you want other men to see your wife's naked cunt? Do you Tim?" "Yes I want them to see your cunt!", I said as I climbed between her legs and put the tip of my cock in her already dripping wet pussy.

I began to plunge in and out of her tight cunt and then she whispered in my ear and said, "I think you want them to do more than just look at me Tim. I think you want them to fuck your wife while you watch, don't you?" "God yes" I almost screamed, "I want them all to fuck my wife while I watch, I want to see them cum all over your tits and ass and I want to watch you suck their cocks till they cum in your mouth!"

Suddenly Diana pushed me off of her and flipped over and got on her hands and knees and said in a frantic voice, "Fuck me doggy style, hurry and fuck me like a whore. If I don't see your face then I can imagine that other men are fucking me just like you want them to do!" I wasted no time in climbing up behind my gorgeous wife and shoving my throbbing prick in her cunt as I clutched her firm round ass in my hands. "Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder damn it!" she almost screamed.

As much as I was enjoying what was happening I was also a bit shocked. Our sex life had always been good but I had never seen Diana so absolutely insane with lust. In our six years of marriage I had never seen her this crazed to be fucked. But that was nothing, compared to the shock I felt when I heard what she said next.

As I lunged in and out of her cunt from behind she suddenly screamed in a voice full of lust, "FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME HARDER DADDY!" I was beyond the point of questioning what she meant by that and all I knew was that I had to cum in her sweet cunt. I shoved my cock in and out and fucked her harder than I ever had before and soon she was almost crying as she said, "Oh God yes! Cum inside me Daddy, Fuck me hard Daddy! I'm cumming so good!!!!" That was all I could take and I began to fill my sweet young wife's pussy with my cum and finally both of us collapsed onto the bed and into each other's arms.

The next day everything seemed to get back to normal. I went back to work, Diana went back to her job and I was left wondering why she would have screamed what she did during the hottest sex we had ever had together. I knew that her real father had divorced her Mom and moved out of state when Diana was only three and she had never even really known him. But I did not know much else about her family life since she never seemed to talk about it much. I also knew that her Mom had remarried a guy named Paul when Diana was about 14 but I had never met the guy since her Mom and him had only been married a couple of years before they were divorced when Diana was 16. The more I thought about it I began to worry that perhaps something bad had happened to her as a young girl and I knew that I needed to ask her about it and see if there was any way I could help her cope with it.

At first she did not want to even talk about it at all. But then I explained to her that I loved her and was concerned that if something bad had happened to her that maybe she might feel better if she talked about it with me and that I would love her no matter what had happened. That was when I asked her if she had been molested by her step Dad as a kid.

At that point she looked at me and said, "Honey you've got it all wrong. It's nothing like that at all!" She took me by the hand and we sat on the couch and she said softly, "OK, I will tell you what is going on but it has to be our little secret and no one else can ever know, OK?"

After I promised to keep her secret she began her story. "As you know, when I was 14 my Mom married Paul. He was really a sweet guy and I loved it because it was almost like having a Daddy again, something I had never had. He always treated me so well and even encouraged me to call him Daddy, which I loved. But I was also a bit jealous of my Mom. I wanted my new Daddy all to myself but he and Mom had just gotten married and they liked to spend time alone. Now that I am older I understand that but at the time I felt really jealous of Mom for taking all his time."

She then looked me with a guilty look and went on with the story. "So one day I came home from school early and I heard noises in the bedroom. I knew that men and women made love but had never seen anything like that of course. I peeked in though the crack in the bedroom door and there was my Mom on her back totally naked with Paul between her legs fucking her so hard I thought he would break the headboard! I could tell that my Mom loved what he was doing to her and it made me even more jealous that she was getting all his attention. As I watched they both got off and then as he held her I heard her say, "Paul I love it when you fuck me like that, I love it when you pay attention to me". Paul kissed her and replied, "Well I will always have plenty of time for you Baby, especially when you are so damn sexy and make me cum so good and hard."

As I held Diana I could not imagine where this story was going to lead next. I encouraged her to go on, mostly because I loved her but also because I just had to know what was going to happen next.

"Are you sure you want to hear the rest?" she asked me as she looked in my eyes. I assured her I did and she proceeded. "Well after that I decided that if I was going to compete for Paul's attention that maybe I needed to be sexy like my Mom was. So I started to do things to tease him a little bit, for instance I would run around the house in only my little Baby Doll Nightie, knowing that he was able to see right though it and he would see my tight little body and maybe he would pay more attention to me. I also used to leave the bathroom door open when I showered, hoping that he would see me drying off and pay more attention to me. I know how terrible that is now but at the time I was just a mixed up kid and I wanted him to notice me. But to his credit Paul never once did anything that was inappropriate. No matter how many times I cock teased him he never touched me and I never even caught him looking at me that way even though I made sure he had every chance to see my body."

"I guess I'm confused" I said to Diana, "If he never touched you then why did you say what you said while we were screwing the other day?" She looked kind of embarrassed and then said, "Even though he would not respond when I teased him I found myself getting horny from showing off for him. And that was right about the time that I discovered masturbation. I used to get all worked up from cock teasing him and then I would go in my room and lay on the bed while they were in the next room together. I could hear them fucking and sometimes I even heard my Mom begging him to fuck her harder. So I started fantasizing when I would masturbate that Paul was fucking me and I used to say to myself, "Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me harder" when I was almost ready to cum, just like I heard my Mom say."

"Please don't be hurt Tim but most of the time when you are fucking me I am imagining that it is my step Daddy fucking me and that's the truth! Nothing else can get me off as good. And the other day I was so horny from all the teasing we did that I got carried away and I said it out loud for the first time. Please don't be mad at me, it just makes me cum so good!"

I was so relieved to hear that my fears had been unfounded that I just hugged her and smiled, then kissed her deeply and said, "Heck Diana is that all it is? I don't care about that, I was afraid that someone had hurt you or something." "You are the best husband in the world", she said with a big smile. Then she began to unzip my pants and she looked up at me with her huge brown eyes and said with an ornery grin, "Can I suck your big hard cock now Daddy?"

After that it became a regular part of our sex life that we would talk dirty about other men fucking her and she would always call me "Daddy" whenever she was close to cumming. Our sex life was better then it had ever been and I was sure not going to complain about her having a little fantasy as long as I was having such a great time too.

One day I got word from the office that I was being sent to a neighboring city to attend a big sales meeting. The meetings were all during the day and the nights would be free, and my boss said if Diana wanted to go along it was OK since the room was a double anyway. She was delighted at the thought of a few days away and that night we talked about it in bed.

"Tim, I was wondering about something", she said as I held her, "You know how much you love to fantasize about other men fucking me? What would you think if we took it one step farther? Maybe while we are on vacation we should do it for real." I absolutely could not believe what I was hearing. My sexy young wife was actually offering to let me watch her get fucked by another man! My mind was racing, I was totally turned on and my cock was hard as hell but at the same time I felt pangs of jealousy running through my body. Fantasy was one thing but this was a hell of a big step. Could I really handle watching another man fuck my wife? In the end my cock won the battle over my heart and I decided that this was my chance to do it. I was going to watch another man's cock fuck my wife.

Time passed slowly that week until finally Saturday came and it was time for our little vacation. We checked into our room in a nice but not fancy down town hotel. It was after all a business trip and my boss was not going to spring for a room at the Ritz! Still it was a decent room and we were excited and happy. The meetings went well and late that afternoon I walked the few blocks from the hotel where the meeting was back to the place we were staying. That was when I saw it.

It was a huge XXX Book store, and it was only a couple of blocks from our hotel on a side street. I could not resist and I went inside to see what was going on. It was a pretty decent looking place as X-rated places go. Lots of dildos, dirty books, motion lotions, sexy lingerie, and tons of videos on every sexy subject you could imagine. And in the back they had a row of small rooms, each with a small TV to watch videos and I went in to check them out. That was when I realized that on each side of the room there was a hole cut out to the rooms on either side. I had heard of Glory Holes but had never seen them before. I knew that this was something I had to tell Diana about. Also considering my mixed emotions about another man fucking my wife this seemed like the way to do it. I didn't think I was ready to see my wife kissing another man but somehow the idea of her sucking off or being fucked by a stranger, whose face we would never see did not bother me as much.

When I got back to the room Diana was already getting dressed to go out. "Getting ready for something special?" I teased her as she dressed and did her hair. "Well, yes I am" she taunted me in return, "My husband wants to watch me get fucked tonight and I can't wait to go out and get a big hard strange cock shoved in my pussy! What do you think of that?" I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her toward me, my hard cock pulsing in my pants as it rubbed against her panty covered pussy. "I think that makes you a very bad little girl, that's what I think. I think that means you are one sexy little whore and I can't wait to watch you get fucked like you deserve!"

Diana just giggled and continued to get ready. She had made a trip to the shopping mall and had a new outfit that I had never seen her in before. Partly because it was something that she would never have worn back home. She had on a pair of tiny white lace thong panties and no bra. Over that she pulled on a little yellow sun dress that barely covered her ass and swished when she walked over to pick up her shoes. As she bent down to get her shoes I was thrilled to see that her firm little tits almost hung out of the scooped neckline. The top of the dress was held up by two little spaghetti straps over her pretty shoulders and her dress was so short that her ass cheeks showed for a second before she stood back up. When she added her four inch high heels the image was complete. My wife looked like a complete sex machine and it was obvious that she wanted to be fucked before the night was over.

I was filled with pride as we walked the few blocks to the bookstore. Every man we passed did a double take, their heads almost snapping off their necks as they strained to get a better look at Diana. She was playing it to the hilt, her hips swinging seductively as her heels clicked on the sidewalk.

When we walked into the bookstore I saw that it was much busier than it had been that afternoon. I had not thought about the fact that most of the customers were working guys and there must have been twice as many people there as there had been. As we walked down the aisles every man there noticed Diana, her long tan legs looking like a million bucks in the short sundress. There were a few other women in the store but none remotely close to being as gorgeous as my wife. It was driving me nuts knowing that every man there probably had a hard on from looking at my wife and that before we walked out one of them would fuck her.

She giggled as we came a huge display of dildos. "My God", she said in a whisper, "Look at the size of this thing! How would you like to see me with that between my legs?" She had in her hands a huge black dildo at least ten inches long and covered with veins. It looked so life like that I knew it must have been molded from the real thing. It was hard to imagine that a man could have that much between his legs, not to mention that a woman could ever get it all inside her cunt. As Diana inspected it I noticed a middle-aged man working his way down the aisle, his eyes darting back and forth between Diana's long legs in the short dress and the huge black dildo she held in her hands.

"Don't look now", I whispered to her, "But you have a fan I think". She glanced up and saw him staring at her body and smiled. "Well I don't want to let him down", she said softly, "Watch this."

I stood back a few feet and pretended to be looking at some other items while I was really watching Diana as she began to look even closer at the huge black cock in her hands. Her admirer stooped down as if he was looking at something on the lower shelf but I knew that what he was really doing was attempting to get a look up my wife's short dress. I almost broke out laughing as she bent over at the waist and without bending her long tan legs she reached for something on the lower shelf. I knew that the middle-aged guy had just had a nice clear look at her almost naked ass and the little thong panties that barely covered her pussy. It was then that I realized that he had his hand in his pocket and was actually stroking his cock while he stared at my wife's hot body!

Diana stood back up and turned to me and then holding the huge black cock in her hand she said in a voice loud enough for him to hear, "What do you think of this one Darling? Do you think this one is big enough for us to have some fun with? You know I only like nice big fat ones." "Uh, well, I guess it is up to you Dear", I stammered, "As long as you like it, it is fine with me." Diana ran her hands down the length of the dildo and said, "It certainly has nice big veins doesn't it? And, I love the big fat head, doesn't it look realistic? I can't wait to get home and try it out." Just then I heard the older man groan and when I looked his way I saw a large wet stain on the front of his slacks. He had cum in his pants just from watching my sexy young wife! When he saw me looking at him he got a very embarrassed look on his face and left the store in a hurry. Diana wiggled up to me and said in my ear, "Take me somewhere and fuck me right now or I swear I will fuck the first man I see Tim. I am so damned horny!"

I knew this was my chance. As I led my pretty young wife to the back of the store my stomach was in knots at the thought of what was about to happen. On one hand I couldn't wait to see her get fucked but at the same time I was also feeling apprehension and wondering if we were doing the right thing. But by then my cock had a mind of it's own and I knew that Diana wanted it as bad as I did. I took her into the little glory hole room at the back of the store and almost before I could shut the door she was on top of me, kissing me and rubbing her tits against my chest.

"Fuck me Tim" she begged, "Fuck me right here on the floor, I need you so bad!" I reached down and tugged her tiny white panties down to the floor and then began to finger fuck her as I roughly squeezed her firm little tits. That was when I noticed motion in the room to our left and I watched in wonder as a rock hard cock suddenly poked through the hole. I stopped kissing my wife and motioned to her to look. "Oh My God!" she said with a giggle as she stared at it in disbelief.

"Get down on your knees and suck it Diana", I said as I pushed her toward the stranger's cock, "I dare you to suck his dick till he cums in your mouth!" Diana looked at me with her big brown eyes suddenly very, very wide, and replied, "Are you serious? Do you really want me to suck his cock? Think about it Tim, do you truly want your wife to suck a strangers cock like some cheap little whore?" In response, I reached behind her back and unzipped her sundress and then pulled the little straps off her shoulders and pushed her dress to the floor of the dirty booth. My gorgeous wife stood there naked except for her white thong panties and I pushed her toward the stranger's cock and said, "Do it Diana, show me what a hot little whore my wife really is. Get down on your fucking knees and make him cum in your mouth!"

I could not believe that I had said what I did but I was even more shocked when I realized that she was going to do it. My cock throbbed in my pants as I watched my almost naked wife slowly drop to her knees. Her ass length dark brown hair was dragging on the dirty floor as she crawled toward his cock. Her hand reached out and she began to stroke him slowly and I heard him groan from the other side of the thin plywood wall as he shoved his cock farther into the hole. Diana took her other hand and grabbed her long dark hair and flung it over her back to get it out of her way as her mouth moved to the throbbing cock she craved. As she stroked him to full hardness she turned her head toward me and said softly, "Look Tim, is this what you want? Do you want to watch your wife suck a stranger's big hard cock? Do you want me to lick it first?" I almost came in my pants as her soft pink tongue flicked past her pouty lips and she ran it over the head of his cock. She slowly swirled her tongue over the head of his dick and then took both hands and spread his pee hole wide open and almost shoved her tongue inside his cock, making him twitch and groan loudly. "MMMM, that tastes good", she said as she looked me right in the eye. "Your wife is sucking another man's big hard cock Tim, does that make your little pecker hard?" I could only grunt and nod my head in response, I was beyond talking at that point as I pulled my cock out of my pants and began to stroke it. She smiled and pulled the stranger's cock deep into her mouth and began jacking him off and sucking furiously at his hard rod.

I couldn't believe things had gone this far. Here I was watching my pretty young wife on her hands and knees on the filthy floor of an X rated bookstore while she eagerly sucked the cock of a man that she had never even seen before. I was horrified but at the same time incredibly turned on and I watched her mouth bob up and down on the man's cock as I moved closer and began jacking off, my dick inches from Diana's face. Faster and faster she sucked and I matched her stroke for stroke until finally I could last no longer and began spurting my load on her face, drenching her pretty lips and cheek with my cum. Just then the stranger began to moan even louder and he shot his full wad of hot white cum into my slut wife's eager mouth. He must have shot a huge load because even though Diana tried to swallow it, it was obviously more than she could handle. Part of his cum dripped down from her chin and made her look like the little slut she had always been. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and licked it clean, getting every drop of his cum before she finally let go of it and he pulled it back out of the glory hole into his own room.

Diana stood up and looked me in the eye and said, "I need to be fucked right now Tim, Please fuck me, I need a cock damn it!" My own cock now hung limply between my legs, useless after the work out I had given it. Diana dropped to her knees and began to suck it, trying to bring it back to life but I knew that was not going to happen.

That was when I saw it. On the opposite side of the little room there was another glory hole. Whoever was in that room had obviously been watching my wife from the back as she sucked off the other stranger and now wanted a piece of her for his own. His cock was huge, at least 8 inches long and much thicker than my own as it poked proudly through the glory hole. I pulled Diana to her feet and guided her backwards, her naked ass finally against the wall, the huge hard cock poking between her long slender legs. "Oh God", she groaned as she reached between her legs and felt the monstrous shaft, "It is so fucking big!"

"Fuck him", I said to her, "Take that big fucking dick in your cunt, you know you want to. Fuck him like a little slut Diana!" She backed her ass against the wall and guided the huge cock into her tight little pussy. Her unknown lover began plowing into her cunt, the wall between them almost falling down as he fucked my wife and I watched. "Oh shit!" Diana grunted, "He is fucking me so good! He is fucking me better than you ever fucked me Tim, God I love his cock!" Her tight little ass worked in time with her lover's rapid thrusts and soon she was in total bliss as the stranger fucked her pussy and she rubbed her clit franticly. I knew what was coming when her big brown eyes rolled back in her head and she began to almost scream, "FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME HARDER! OH GOD I'M CUMMING SO GOOD! FUCK ME DADDY!" Her screams almost went to a whimper as her body was racked with one orgasm after another and then finally the stranger shoved one last time and filled my wife's unprotected cunt with his cum, marking her as his whore. Diana almost collapsed with exhaustion and as I caught her in my arms I saw something out of the corner of my eye. As the stranger pulled his long dripping cock back through the hole in the wall I saw a large horseshoe shaped ring on his finger, encrusted with diamonds, sparkling even in the dim light of the booth. Then, I heard him walk back out into the other part of the store as the door banged behind him.

I held Diana in my arms and she slowly began to get her breath back. Then I started to dress her much to the disappointment of the men who had gathered in the booth on the other side of us. I slipped her dress on, wiping the cum off of her legs the best I could with my handkerchief and we finally started out the door.

Just as we were outside of the store her head turned suddenly to the left, and I heard her say, "Daddy? Is that you?" When I looked I saw a tall fit looking man in his early fifties, his face breaking out into a huge grin as he walked toward us. "Well, I'll be damned", he said with a smile, "If it isn't my little Princess. How the heck are you Diana? Boy you sure look different but then I guess it has been quite a few years."

They hugged and then Diana remembered that I was standing there beside her and introduced us. "Tim" she said, "You have never met but this is Paul, my Mom's ex husband." His grin was infectious and I smiled as he held out his hand to shake mine. That was when I noticed the large horseshoe shaped ring on his finger.

He hugged Diana tightly and as he turned to leave he said, "Now Tim, you be sure to take good care of my little Princess, you hear? You take care of her just like I would if I was around". I had to chuckle to myself as he walked away. If I could take care of Diana as well as he did we would never have been in the bookstore in the first place, would we?


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