A Life well Lived

This was it.  After 25 years together, tonight was the night.

My wife Marissa, had often teased me about my impending disposal.  she made me sign a consent form as a pre-nup on our wedding day.  I remember watching her walk down the aisle, her petite frame swollen with her first black child, I was so terrified, and a roused, and in love.  I thought she was going to have me snuffed out on our wedding night.

She didn’t of course, I watched as our best man, and the father of her unborn child took her over and over again on our marriage bed.  He deserved her, we both agreed.  Whiteboys deserved to be erased from existence, and we were grateful for any chance to serve our betters.

 Our marriage was perfect as far as I was concerned.  While I was never allowed to penetrate my wife, and rarely allowed to have my penis free from a tight cage long enough to jerk off, I get to spend my life with a beautiful and vivacious woman, And she loved me, there was real affection, even if she knew that it would be racist for her to go as far as to have sex with me.

 Shortly after she returned from our honeymoon, my wife gave birth to our first daughter, Alesha.  She was as beautiful as her mother, and as dark as her father.  She was my world, as I took the brunt of the childcare so Marissa could having another one! In four years we had three beautiful brown baby girls, Alesha, Harriet, and Zora.  Marissa decided that was enough and went on birth control from then on out.  Though she often said she missed the feeling of a superior life growing in side of her.  She wanted us to be able to provide a stable home life, and full education for our daughters, we knew that they would grow up to be strong black women who would inherit the world.

 While my little girls called me daddy, it didn’t take long before they realised I had nothing to do with their conception.  By high school they were well versed in black supremacy, and Marissa didn’t bother hiding the fact that she had several black lovers.  

 I remember the first time she mentioned my disposal in front of them.  I was making breakfast, and burnt one of the waffles.  Marissa was at the table with our kids and one of her lovers.  She joked that I had “better be careful or Leon would take me out back for a home disposal.” That provoked a lot of questions from the girls, and I had to hide the fact that I was dripping in the cock-cage concealed in my trousers as My loving wife calmly explained that she would eventually have me “snuffed out for the same reasons she hadn’t let me father any of them.  Whiteboys deserve nothing more and nothing less than extinction.” I had to look my little princesses in the eyes and tell them that I looked forward to being snuffed for the betterment of humankind.

 After that, it became a running joke in our house for quite a while.  My girls would often threaten disposal if I tried to make them clean their rooms, or wouldn’t let them borrow the car.  My wife would suggest maybe that’s what I’d be getting for father’s day or christmas.  But it never came.

 When our youngest got accepted into Berkeley State my wife told me that she had decided to had me disposed of upon our daughter’s graduation.  Hearing her calmly state the dated of my death, caused a cold chill to run down my spine, and a hot load of cum to spontaneously pump into my underwear.

 The next four years were the most erotic of our marriage, Marissa was having more sex than when she was trying to get pregnant.  Almost nightly she’d smother me with her cum-filled cunt, and tell me to imagine it’s the end as I gasped for breath.  Sometimes she would make me lie under her and her lovers and describe how she would be fucking black studs on my grave as soon as the final shovelful of dirt was tamped down.  Her new favorite lingerie was all black lace with a black pillbox hat and veil, her widow’s wear, she called it.

 One Christmas break, I realized that Marissa had told my youngest what her education meant for me.  She said she was planning on taking a double course load so she could graduate early, and then laughed in my face.  It became clear soon enough that Zora, didn’t keep that a secret either.  I got some happy “Last” fathers day cards, and for my birthday they watched delightedly as I opened my gift, a tie-box that had a noose inside.

 And today the day has finally come.  I had tears in my eyes as Zora walked across the stage in her cap in gown.  I was so proud of her.  Afterwards the whole family went out to dinner.  Marissa had me take lots of pictures, all of her and the girls, I didn’t need to be in them she said.

 I was practically shaking the whole night, my wife, and daughters were giddy and excited, Marissa was especially affectionate, and my girls were all over me, pulling me by my arms like when they were little and wanted to get to the playground faster.

 The Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal Center in our city is nice, white walls, plush minimalist furnishings.  When we got to reception my wife pulled out the consent form I had filled out the day we got married.  The five of us were lead to a private consultation room, and a young woman in business wear and carrying a tablet came in and introduced herself.

 “So, Marissa, officially you are the sponsor of your husbands disposal, but I’m getting the feeling that this is a family affair, are we celebrating this evening?” The girls squealed when, Marissa explained that she wanted all four of them involved in my disposal, and they chatteres excitedly when she let them start making decisions about how I was to be snuffed.

 There was a lot of giggling and whispering for the next hour as I sweated and listened to them hash out the details.  Harriet was definitely the cruelest one, voting loudly to toss me alive into the grinder.  Whereas Alesha, just wanted to make sure they had enough black cock to go around.  Zora, my little princess, made the final call on how I would go, not too painful she said, since I had been a good whiteboy daddy, but also nothing so pleasant as drugs or lethal injection.  They all agreed that my body should be cremated to leave as little evidence as possible.

 A couple of tough looking Disposal Techs came and got me then, and took me to the room where it would happen, while the ladies got freshened up.  They cut my clothes away with scissors and tossed them down the incinerator chute.  There was no denying it any more, this was happening.

 The men forced me onto my execution device.  A high tech aluminum framed Guillotine on wheels, that could be moved around the room, or rotated to face wherever my executioners wanted.  My caged genitals hung free below the surface of the table as I was strapped in, my legs spread, arms, tight to the side.  For the time being I could raise my head out of the depression in front of me and look around.

 Their job finished for now, the techs stripped out of their uniforms and made a radio call.  Two more studs entered the room and stripped down, taking their seats on the plush chaise lounges arranged around the room.  I was facing the door straining my neck as my wife walked in first.  Her pale creamy skin contrasting with the “widow’s wear” black lingerie she was sporting.  She winked at me as she embraced and passionately kissed one of the men who had locked me in place.  “I hope they weren't too rough honey.” She laughed.  

 As she went out of sight behind me I could feel her unlocking my chastity cage for the first time in over a year, and I realised, the last time ever.  At the same time My oldest daughter, Alesha strode into the room.

 Alesha was taller than her mother, all the girls were, and she had generous dark curves held in place with a silky blue bra and panty set.  She hardly acknowledged me as she jumped into one of the tech’s arms.  Harriet by contrast was wearing a black vinyl executrix outfit, with crotchless panties.  She embraced her stud, but made a point of jerking his cock right in my face before spitting on me.

 Behind me Marissa had gotten the chastity device off and immediately let my dick drop from her hands as she returned to her lover for the evening.

 Zora came through last, and she was a sight to see.  My baby girl in white bridal lingerie, she looked so much like her mother, just darker, and I realized then that that was the whole point.  My daughters’ babies would be darker, and darker, until no trace of Marissa’s whiteness remained.  And for me, I had never cum in anything but my own hand, and I was about to be snuffed out to ensure I never did.

 “Ready to die now daddy?” my princess asked, as she broke free of the embrace of the last of the techs, her hands trailed down his perfectly muscled black torso and toyed with his swelling cock as she stepped forward.  She pushed my head down into place, and pulled the blade down from the top till it rested just at the nape of my neck, holding me in place.  “See this, daddy?” she showed me a little bracelet that looked like a fitbit.  “We each have one, and everytime we have an orgasm on one of these big black cocks, that blade is going to raise a few inches.  Then when it reaches the top, one last orgamsm with cause it to drop down and cut off your head.”

 Zora gave me an innocent peck on the lips and turned to her lover, and knelt before him and gave a series of much less innocent kisses to his massive member.

 Behind me, and to the side I could hear my wife and daughters moaning as they began to copulate with the black gods I was being sacrificed to.

 Harriet exclaimed “Oh, wait.  I had something I wanted to do.” She walked in front of me and pulled at my hair, I could feel a warm trickle of blood seeping down my neck.  “Mommy may have let your white dicklet out of its cage, but you don't deserve it daddy, do you?” My mouth was dry as I answered “No sweetheart”

 Harriet dropped my head and wandered out of my field of vision “Good, I'm going to make sure that if you do get off watching your daughters getting fucked by real men.  Your loser sperm dies in your white balls!”

 I felt cold metal slip over my scrotum, then with a click, there was a squeezing pressure strangling my testicles.  My dick that had been hard and dripping wilted because of the pain.  I could hear Harriet cackling as she rejoined her lover.

 Just then Alesha started moaning and screaming as she had her first orgasm, and I felt the guillotine buzz into life as the blade was raised up off my neck.  Now I could turn my head and watch as my wife and girls pleasured their studs.

 Marissa was on her back with her arms and legs wrapped around her black lover.  She was kissing him passionately and pulling him deep into her with every stroke.

 Harriet, off to my side was splayed open on the couch, furiously rubbing at her clitorus.  “Fuck me! Make me cum! Fuck me! I want to cum hard enough to kill my white daddy.  Oh God, I can't wait till he's dead.  Till all whiteboys are dead! Ooooohhhhh...yessss!” She came repeatedly causing the blade to rise again and again.

 Alesha was facing her lover and bouncing on his lap.  Totally focused on him.  She worshipped he dark flesh with her hands and mouth.  She didn't even care that I was in the room, That these were the last few minutes she had with the man that raised her.  She was too busy cumming on a thick black cock.

 Finally, Zora had positioned herself just to the left of her mother and was spread open wide in a reverse cowgirl position with her feet on her stud's muscular thighs.  “Oooh, watch me daddy! See how I'm taking his big black cock in my pussy.  Mommy said that you have never done this even once.  Does it turn you on to watch your little girl fucking this sexy superior cock?”

 My own dicknwas throbbing as my testicles burnes and went numb.  I felt my body trying to cum, to spurt out one last futile load, but all I manages was a slow drip of sterile cum as I watches the women I love most rapturously give themselves their black lovers.  The knowledge of my impending death only inflaming their passions.

 “Oh, I'm cumming daddy!” Zora screamed and it seemed that the blade was very near the top of it's climb, when my youngest daughter pulled her cum drowned snatch off of the massive cock she'd been riding and went over to whisper something in her mother's ear.

 Marissa got a wicked smile on her face as she repostiones herself in a reverse cowgirl position.  I could see her cut was already dripping with her and her lover's fluids.  Zora, with help from Harriet wheeled the whole guillotine contraption over to their Mother so my face was right in front of her pussy as her lover pummeled into her from below.

 “What are you waiting for honey, I want you to get me off one last time.” With that Marisa wound her fingers into my hair and pulled me to her.  Obediently I licked and her her lover where they were joined.  I was intoxicated by the heady mixture of black cum and my wife's juices.  I nearly forgot where I was as I focused on pleasuring my betters.  Then Marissa's legs started to tremble at the same moment her Bull's nuts began to contract.  He pulled me hard against her as she and he came at the same moment…..THWAAKKK!

 A sharp pain and then just warmth as all I could.  Feel was the lovers pumping against my face.  Then dull thud as I was dropped to the floor.  My last sight was a magnificent set of swollen black balls emptying into the women I love.  Then everything went grey, then black, forever.


Epilogue … Marissa's diary

 I couldn't even begin to describe the pleasure.  Greatest orgasm of my life.  The perfect combination of being stretched and filled with a black godcock while my clit is worshipped by a submissive whiteboy never fails to send me over the edge.  Then Just as I was cumming for the third time, James the VWD tech started pumping a second huge hot load of his cum deep inside of me and simultaneously my legs and crotch were bathed in the hot arterial spray of my white husband's lifeblood.

 Cumming as hard as I was it took me a second to drop his head as I tries to take in exactly what happened.  So unbelievable, I waited so long for that moment.  Of course I turned and melted into James, worshipping him like he deserves, thanking him over and over for disposing of my white husband.

 The girls and I went and got cleaned up in the sponsor washrooms and Harriet, couldn't stop laughing about the surprised look on her “daddy's” face.  I swear if she had her way, we would have done this when she was about fifteen! Alesha was just exclaiming over what a good pounding those VWD techs can deliver.  And Zora mostly had a dreamy smile on her face, as if she was playing over the night in her mind.

 A few days later a courier dropped off his ashes in a tasteful urn just labeled “Whiteboy Remains” I had to call the girls over to celebrate.  I'd already taken all his stuff to the dump.  But it was nice together to say a final goodbye as we flushed the ashes down the toilet!

 Zora is saying widowhood agrees with me, and I agree.  Friday I have two dates! A (white) Single father Hank, who I was in the PTA with when the girls where in school is taking me out for dinner and a movie.  Then I have an appointment to meet James at the VWD after, maybe Hank will want to come inside and look around.


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