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Linking her fingers with his Mia relished the feel of him manhandling her tits as her pussy clenched harder around his cock and a thrill ran through her stomach. This time that flutter wasn't just from how hot it felt having him play with her body, or how incredible he was fucking her, it was also that deeply flattered and proud feeling she had felt throughout the day that this guy, who looked as hot as he did, who had so many women, who was known as being incredible in bed, honestly thought of her as his dream woman. Fuck! But if he hadn't already gotten her into bed then that charming honesty would have done it! 

That feeling curved Mia's lips beautifully, putting a gorgeous pleased sparkle in her eyes...but Theo was far from done and that feeling only got stronger. 

"Fuck your pussy is tight! Ungh...shit. Ahh fuck! I...ugh...thought your throat was fucking tight but...damn...your pussy feels like it's trying to suck the cum from my dick harder than your mouth did! FUCK squeeze my dick as I fuck you, Mia!" He half growled and half grunted as he continued to plow into her, slamming her ass into the bed as he sank his unprotected cock into her like only her boyfriend should. 

"Oooo yeah, ohhhh! Ummmm, fuck! Oh yes, ahh...fuck, your dick feels so fucking good in me! Ummm yeah, I love your cock! Mmm! Ohhh! Fuuuuck...your! Oh my god I'm so full of your cock, Theo! Ooooo keep fucking me! Oh yes! Oh my god!! You're fucking me sooo good!! Ughh...uhhmmm...yeah! Ohhh my pussy is so tight, ungh, because you''re so fucking big! Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuck YES! Ooooommmm! FUCK! You're so much bigger than Ethan! Oh god fuck! Oh wow! Ohhh you fuck me so much better than Ethan does! Oh my god, you're so good at having sex with me! Ummm! I love having sex with you!! Ohhh, uh, yeah...fuck...I love your cock...ohhhh...I love your big cock more than Ethan's!! Oh god yes Theo, fuck me!" Mia moaned loudly in response, her hand clawing at the headboard above her wildly as she forced Theo's hand to almost painfully grope her shuddering tits, her pussy literally on fire with pleasure as she tried to bounce her tight ass off the bed onto Theo's impaling dick. 

Tried, because Theo was nailing her so hard and fast that Mia could barely keep up! Staring up at him with utter passion painting her beautiful face Mia forced Theo's hand into her naked breast, the soft but firm flesh moulding fatly around his strong fingers as he squeezed enthusiastically while her other breast shook and rolled madly around her slender chest, "Oooo fuck my tight pussy, Theo! Mmmm, make my pussy yours, not Ethan's! Ohhhh! YES! Oh fuck yes! Ohh my pussy is yours, not Ethan's! Oh god! Ohhmm, yeah, your cock feels so perfect in me! Oh don't stop fucking me! Theeeeeeooooo! Yeeeeeaaah! Ohhhhhhh! Fuuuuu...Fuuuck! Oh, oh, oh, oooooo! Mmmm! Do you like that? Mmmm, do you like my pussy? Do you like...fucking me, Theo? Ohhmmm, are you glad you got to fuck me? Would you...ohhhh...would you rather fuck some other girl? Ohhhhhuuunnghh! YES!" 

Theo tried grinning at her again however all that happened was a slight twist to his lips as Mia's pussy sucked harder like a pleasure vice around his cock, her smooth, sexy legs strongly sinking that fat head deep in her hot hole. Groaning loud enough that even Mia's erotic moans were drowned out, her boyfriend's friend's expression became focused and almost dangerous with its intensity and for a moment all Mia herself could do was grunt as Theo literally pounded the hell out of her, his hips slap, slap, slapping loudly against her ass and legs as he rammed his long, thick dick home again and again. 

"Ahh fuck! I think you...ahh...know the answer to that. Ugh! There's no other girl I would rather be fucking! Ungh, fuck! Shit! Uh, I've...wanted to fuck you for so long, Mia! Ah, you know that." Theo's twisted features took on more of his usual winning charm as Mia rewarded him with a very pleased, and very flattered, plainly knockout smile and squeezed his hand into her tits hard. 

Not one to miss an opportunity, Ethan's friend suavely added, "Fuck! You're incredible. Ughnn! I, ah, glad I got to fuck you? FUCK YES! Unnn, fuck, Mia, having...ahuuuhhh...having sex with you is a fucking dream come true! Uh, more than that! Oh fuck your pussy feels so fucking good! Shit! Aghh, fuuuck! Fuck! You're so fucking sex! Fuck! I have to hold back...from filling your pussy with cum already! Ungh fuuu...I've never been this close so quick! Fuck but your pussy is so fucking good! It's like a vice! Ahh! And you know how to use it...unnnghhh...and work my dick! Shit! You're like a fucking sex goddess!" 

Proud flutters ran through Mia's stomach at that and the hot girlfriend excitedly pulled her hard nipple as Theo cupped her breast, squeezing roughly and almost pushing the soft but firm flesh close enough for Mia to lick her nipple. Her soft, parted lips curved even more pleased and she pushed herself down and up to meet Theo's thrust, driving his dick so deep the sexy dark-haired girlfriend thought he had speared into her womb! Fuck but she screamed a squeal as electricity tore through her body as her pussy almost split with fat, solid cock meat! 

Theo, on the other hand, had opened his mouth to say something else but no words came out as Mia's pussy swallowed his cock like her throat and mouth had not long before, and for a moment the look on her boyfriend's friend's face made Mia think that she was about to receive her second load of cum for the night...but this time deep in her fertile pussy! 

The thought sent shivers of lust rampaging through her 19-year-old body and for a second Mia herself thought she was about to explode into another mind-wrenching orgasm -- fuck! The thought of having cum shooting into her pussy was so hot! But having Theo's cum, not Ethan's, pumping inside her, just as he had unloaded in her mouth and down her throat earlier, was just...fucking orgasmic! That he would be doing it on the other side of the wall to where her boyfriend was sleeping...fuck...Mia's whole world began to spin! 

Clearly holding onto himself by his fingernails, Theo didn't miss a beat and continued raising his hips and slamming into her with barely a stumble as he visibly struggled not to fill his friend's girlfriend with cum too early. 

Almost holding her breath as her pussy tingled with excited anticipation Mia waited for that familiar feeling of thick, hot cum pumping from the expanding fat head of a hard cock that she knew so well from sucking dick, only this time it would be coating the inside of her pussy -- blasting against her unprotected pussy walls and shooting deep into her pussy, thick ropes of potent seed emptying into her fertile, 19-year-old, cheating womb -- for the first time ever. And it would be her boyfriend of a year and a half's friend getting the honour...and the pleasure... 

Staring up at him with eyes that sparkled with utter eagerness Mia locked her legs around Theo's waist, pulling his cock deeper into her, desperate to not let one drop of his hot cum escape her pussy. And her boyfriend's friend's cock twitched hornily inside her as he smirked, knowing exactly what she was doing...what she wanted...but all he did was slide his hand from her tits to grab her slender, curved waist as he continued to jackhammer his pussy-splitting cock into her, flexing his hips to match each roll of hers and driving Mia's clit and the inside of her pussy crazy. 

"See what I mean" He managed to croak out tightly, and Mia laughed softly as she continued to pull her nipple and play with her breast beneath him. 

Theo watched her hand avidly, gorging on the sight of her playing with her naked tits for him as he fucked her like he had wanted to see so many times, before he raised horny eyes back to hers and really began to lance her pussy with his nine and a half inch monster. The utter desire for her in his eyes sent a thrill down Mia's spine...and a fire of lust from her pussy...that was only doubled as he leaned down to wink, smile, and kiss her. 

"You're fucking incredible, Mia. Agh...At sex..." Theo rammed hard into her to emphasise the last word, " kissing..." He added, once more leaning down to press his lips to her as his hips worked his hard cock in and out of her pussy, their tongues dancing in a loud, open-mouthed, sloppy kiss full of moans, groans, and hot breathing, before Theo once more pushed himself up above her, "...And you're so fucking hot. Unng, fuck!" 

Cinching her slender waist for a moment, his hand began to wander all over her naked body as he spoke and continued to drill her pussy "Your pussy is the best I've ever had my dick in. Ungh! And you're so fucking beautiful..." Tracing his fingers around her face, across her soft lips, teasing her mouth, he added, "Ungh...You''ve got the most beautiful...big eyes...ungh...fuck...a perfect face...aghhnnn...the most...incredible lips...fuck...fuck, you knock me off my feet with your kiss...shit...every inch of you is so sexy..." 

His strong fingers trailed down her slender neck, brushing her shoulders as they lay pinned to the bed beneath him, shifting gently as he rocked his cock into her easily, slick and forceful, until his fingers once again traced around her large, heaving, gently rolling tits...before roughly grabbing each, mashing them painfully into his palm and between his fingers, squeezing so hard that Mia would have yelled out in pain if the sensation hadn't suddenly made the pleasure from her pussy flare to a blinding peak! "...You have the most...uuuughh...amazing...tits...fuck! Fuck, I've fantasised about...grabbing your tits so fucking much...unnnn...tried to...ah fuck...look down your top as often as I could...ungh...fuck! I love your fucking tits, Mia. So perfect...and soft...ungh...and squeezable...and...unnn, shit...perfect to suck on! Ahhh! I with your tits all day..." 

"Ummm, well...ohhh...they're yours to, ah, play with, ungh...whenever you want" Mia purred sultrily between soft, breathy moans, as she ran her fingers around her nipples. "Mmmm, even...ohhh...even when I'm around Ethan!" 

Theo's eyes roared like a furnace and his own fingers flexed, sexily dragging his nails down her flat stomach as he rammed her balls-deep onto his big cock. 

"Fuck, you're so hot! And, fucking bad" He breathed heatedly and Mia flashed him a naughty smile before her mouth fell open again in pleasure and she eagerly watched his hand descend to her legs, brushing over where his fat cock made her pussy bulge each time the hard, unyielding length sank quickly into her. "I, ungh, love how hot...your ass is, too. Ahh! Fuuuck! And you...ungh...have the most sexy legs. Shit. Unnn, Not to...mention, uhh, how you're...fuck...the best at sucking cock...that I've, un, ever known!" Mia's pretty smile broadened widely at that. And then Theo added, with a conspiratorial wink, "And...even already,'re the best...ahhhhht sex, ungh, Fuucck! Sex with you is the best...I've ever had!" 

Mia's smile swelled almost as much as her chest, pushing her tits out as they rolled lusciously in time with their hip movements. Theo saying that made what she was doing -- cheating on her loving, sweet, kind boyfriend who loved her with all of his heart...and who she genuinely loved! -- more than worth it. 

She had already sucked his cock better than she had ever sucked Ethan's and now this guy who had had more women than Mia could count thought she was the best he had ever laid. Mia felt such a swell of pride rush through her, and as she beamed up at her boyfriend's handsome friend her lips twisted a little lustfully. She had sucked his dick like a mad woman until his legs had given way. Best he had ever had already or not, Mia was going to fuck his brains out until he couldn't walk! And then she was going to ride him till he could! 

Looking down at her, his chiselled chest glinting with a light sheen of sweat, the animal tooth necklace gently swinging with each powerful thrust, and his hand gliding up her smooth leg, cinching her waist to pull her hard against him -- driving his enormous cock deep and hard into her red hot pussy -- before once more deliberately slowly sliding his hand up to grab a handful of her shaking, naked, 36D tits, Theo gave Mia a smile that took her breath away and made her madly begin humping her hips up at him. 

"Fuck you're beautiful!" He admired, looking as taken aback as the first time Mia had seen his dick. Mia felt another surge of pride as his eyes wandered over her. " ask if I'd rather fuck someone else?" He asked with playful yet honest affront. "Fuck,'re fucking as hell...hottest fuckk! Nnngh...greatest cocksucker! Aghh. Shit! fuckk...nnnngh...fuck your pussy feels so fucking good!...And you know...urgh, I've always wanted you! Fuck, just...just touching you makes me want to...cum all over that gorgeous face of yours...fucknnn!" 

"Mmmmmmm fuck!" Mia moaned appreciatively, her body shaking from the feel of his hands groping her big naked tits as much as how good his cock felt pumping into her, before with a dirty smile that made her body shudder in pleasure at what she was saying, she added, "Is it all of that that you love about me?" She asked teasingly, "Or, mmm, is it that you're...oh...fucking your friend's girlfriend? Oooo, that you're finally getting to...uh...fuck me, after...mmmm...I resisted for soooo long, mmm? Fuck! Oh fuck, squeeze my tits, baby! Mmm, fuck! Your fucking cock is so fucking good! Oh god you're so fucking deep in me! Fuck! Mmmm, do you like fucking me more, ahhh, because you finally get me as a notch on your bed? Ohhhh, or're fucking me, ohh fuck, fucking me with my boyfriend next door!? Mmmm! Yes!" 

With each word Theo's hand gripped her breast harder, kneading the soft but firm flesh hornily as he increasingly began to ram his cock into her more enthusiastically, obviously as turned on as she was by what she was saying. As Mia finished with a deeply appreciative groan, Theo reached down to gently tease her nipple with his mouth, licking and biting the sensitive nub as he nipped her full tits, before raising up once more to look hotly into her eyes. 

"All of that is hot, fuck, ah...and just makes the whole thing better" He admitted charismatically, before adding in his charming, pussy-pleasing way, "Ungh, but, fuck, I meant everything I said...ugh...regardless. Agh, shit! Ngh, you're fucking incredible, Mia, even...shit...even if you weren't Ethan's girlfriend! Ugh, there's no one I would...rather be fucking! And...fuck...I'll prove it!" 

"Good answer" She teased, leaning up to mash her lips against his in a noisy, sloppy kiss, her hand once more seizing his to thoroughly squeeze her tits, "That means you get to fuck me again after tonight" She added playfully as she broke the kiss, before dropping to her back and reaching up with her other hand to press both against the headboard above her, pushing herself down on his cock with all of her strength and leaving her heaving tits all his to play with. "Show me how much you love fucking me, Theo. Mmmm, yeeah...fuck me! I, ummm, want to watch you fuck me! Ohhh! Yes! your, ugh, big...oh...unprotected...cock...disappear into my hot...ummm...tight...ohhh...cheating pussy! So give it to me, Theo! Mmmm, give Ethan's girlfriend all of your cock!" 

"Aghh fuck, Mia! You're such a hot fucking slut. Nnnngh, it's, ah, no wonder Ethan loves you!" Theo growled in reply as his hand almost made a fist as he groped Mia's soft tits and he picked up his pace to relentlessly feed her his dick. 

The bed gently began to make soft shuffling sounds with every quick stroke the ripped 20-year-old made into his friend's girlfriend's pussy, driving her ass into the soft, giving mattress with every nine-and-a-half inch, balls deep spearing of his pussy-stretching cock. Again and again the gorgeous dark-haired girlfriend's ass sank into the bed as her boyfriend's friend ruthlessly ploughed his cock into her pussy, his hips ever so slightly rotating to send erotic shivers through her as he teased her clit while fucking deeper into her and filling more of her stretched pussy than her boyfriend ever had...or could. 

Over and over again the room filled with the cheating girlfriend's soft moans of absolute pleasure as she received the dicking of her life. Her soft, smooth legs clung around her boyfriend's friend's waist almost for dear life yet hungrily, almost starvingly, yanking him into her every time Theo pulled almost all of his cock from her slick hole. 


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