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Beaten Up Cuckold Wimp


(Note: I read some photo captions in which nasty wives enjoy seeing their cuckold husbands get smacked around and otherwise mistreated by bullying Bulls. Wouldn't want it to happen in real life but I find the fantasy to be VERY powerful. So, as a fantasy only, I wrote this story. Rough treatment of the cuck abounds. You have been warned.)

"But... I can't go to the beach wearing this tiny thing. It looks like the bottom of a woman's bikini." Wally held up the very brief garment.

"Actually," his wife Vera pointed out, "it's the bottom of a GIRL'S bikini. The woman's sizes were too big for you. And I got it in your color... pink."

The little man looked like he was ready to cry. His wife smiled, enjoying his discomfort. She put her hands on her wide hips and took a deep breath, making her very full bust rise and fall. Vera was wearing a red one piece suit with a scooped neckline and thong bottom, so her body was well displayed. He gazed longingly at her gorgeously over-padded figure and sighed. With his lower lip trembling, he got out of his clothes. Vera stood there smirking. When Wally removed his shorts, she got a good look at his shaved crotch, as smooth as a prepubescent boy's. She also saw the cock cage she had locked on him six months ago. That device gave her special delight. She loved to lounge around the house in slutty revealing clothes, her long red hair falling over her creamy white shoulders, knowing that the sight of her that way drove him crazy with desire. And because she hadn't let him out of the snug cage during that entire time, he had gotten absolutely no relief.

As Wally pulled the bikini bottom up his slender legs, which he had to keep as hairless as the rest of his body, she snickered. Vera loved putting him through these humiliations. But there was something she knew she would enjoy even more, which was going to happen once they got on the beach. She told Wally to grab all of their stuff and, while he struggled to handle the umbrella, cooler, beach bag and everything else, she walked haughtily out the door of their rented beach house. His eyes were fixed on her rolling double-bubble bottom. It was so sexy. He knew that every other guy on the beach would be looking at it too, and that she would get a kick out of that. She had been talking to one of them yesterday, a hulking caveman. The guy was over six foot tall and had a bulge in the front of his swimsuit that made Wally sick with envy.

Vera strolled over the sand dune with her husband hurrying along behind. She wore slip-on shoes to protect her feet from the hot sand, but Wally enjoyed no such luxury. He did a comical hopping walk to try to keep his soles from getting burned. His wife reached the cooler sand and began to look for the perfect place to set up. She had him trailing along behind her while she walked around and took her time choosing. At last she spied a spot she liked and gestured for him to spread a blanket and set up the umbrella. As he was doing that he realized that they were very near to that brute from the day before and his buddies. What bad luck.

Wally's wife stood there and stretched languorously, giving everyone an eyeful of her stupendous curves. The man she had previously talked to saw her and eyed her up and down, obviously not caring that her spouse was there. He strolled over and nodded in greeting. Vera pulled back her shoulders to thrust out her bust and smiled seductively.

She said, "Oh, I didn't see you there. What a coincidence. I'm so glad to run into you again."

"Same here," he said, scratching his broad hairy chest.

Vera put the tip of her forefinger on her rounded chin and said, "Let's see. You told me your name was... Bill. Right?"

"You know it is, baby." He stepped closer, until they were almost touching. "So, you brought your little brother with you?"

She laughed as if he had said something clever. "No, Bill. That's my idiot husband. He's not much fun on the beach. Or at home, if you know what I mean."

"Kind of comes up short?" he asked, looking meaningfully between Wally's unimpressive thighs.

The nervous husband stepped back reflexively. He was aware of how the insulting bikini bottom showed off not only that he didn't have much down there but, if one knew what they were seeing, that he was in chastity.

"So," Vera said to Bill, her voice extra sweet, "would you like to share my blanket?"

"You mean your beach blanket or the one on your bed?"

She laughed throatily. "Whatever."

Wally forgot himself and moved toward Bill. He pointed one skinny finger at him and said, "Listen, that's my wife and you shouldn't be talking to her like that."

As soon as the words had left his mouth he knew he had made a grave mistake. He let his hand drop and stood there, staring up at the towering figure.

Bill told him, "She doesn't mind what I said. So I guess it's just you I have to convince. Right?"

"Well," Wally responded weakly. "She's my wife."

"That's her bad luck. I'm trying to help her do better." He put one large hand on Wally's shoulder, as if making a friendly gesture.

Then Bill began to squeeze. The muscles in his long, well developed arm stood out. Wally whimpered in pain and his knees began to bend. Vera's eyes got wide and she licked her plump lips, breathing harder.

Whispering to Bill, she said, "Hurt him. Please. It's getting me so turned on."

Bill told her, "Sure, baby. But you're going to owe me."

Without letting go, he turned Wally partway around and slapped him on the back, making it appear playful, except that he did it as hard as he could, causing Wally to stumble forward. Only Bill's punishing grip on his shoulder kept him from falling. Blinking back tears, Wally tried to speak, but he couldn't form words.

"Hey," Bill said loud enough for everyone nearby to hear. "You're always saying we should wrestle, buddy. Let's give it a go."

Before Wally could react, Bill pushed him away and dropped into a wrestling stance. With practiced ease, he grabbed Wally and bent one arm behind his back. The smaller man yelped but Bill gave his pinned arm a hard jerk and told him to shut up. Wally gritted his teeth while Bill tortured that arm and then, moving expertly, switched to the other and gave it similar abuse. Now both of Wally's arms were too sore to use. Bill smacked him around, landing punches where they would cause the most pain. Then he got Wally in a headlock and walked him around like that, bent over and groaning. He put him directly in front of Vera and angled his head so he was looking up at her.

"So, Wally the wimp," Bill began. "Your wife doesn't want to go to bed with a squirt like you. She wants a real man like me. With a real cock. Why don't we both do what's best for her? She told me yesterday that you've got a place right over the dune. We can all go back there and I'll give her what she's missing. Sound good to you?"

He gave Wally's head a vicious tug, sending a blast of pain through his neck. While Wally was still trying to recover from that, Bill released his hold, grabbed Wally's hair to keep him bent over, and brought his knee up hard into his midsection, lifting him off the ground. Vera watched with sadistic glee. That was when Bill flung his opponent aside, making him land hard on one of his injured arms. As Wally lay there in agony, Bill kicked sand into his face.

"What do you think?" Bill asked Vera, putting himself toe-to-toe with her. "You like my idea?"

"I like it a LOT," she replied, rubbing his pelted chest with one soft hand. "You want to lay down for a while and rest up after that fight?"

Bill laughed. "Right. Like I need that. But we could hang out here for a while. Let the shrimp think about what's going to happen when we get to your place."

"Yeah," Vera seconded. "Make him squirm. Let him suffer."

She got down on the oversized blanket, in the shade from the umbrella, and stretched out with her legs apart. She patted the spot alongside her. Bill put himself there and moved nice and close. He reached over and stroked her upper arm. She rolled toward him slightly so he was also touching her breast where it bulged halfway out of her suit. Wally was back on his feet, staring in horror.

Bill snapped at him, "Hey, twerp. Hold that umbrella up straighter. I'll tell you when it's where I want it."

In fear of more physical mistreatment, Wally took the umbrella and, without a word, brought it up a bit further.

"That's it," Bill said, not really paying much attention. "Right there. Just hold it and don't let it move at all."

Poor Wally stood there, hurting all over, having to keep his arms stretched out to maintain the umbrella's position. It was a fool's task that Bill had given him just to add to his shame and punishment. While Wally endured that, Bill began to talk to Vera.

"So, baby," he said smugly, "I've got a big cock and I know how to use it. I hope you're not going to get all cute on me once we get to the bedroom."
She assured him, "No way, lover. I am so hungry for a monster prick like yours that I'm starving. I want it in my mouth and then in my pussy. I want to get banged hard, for a long time. I'll act like a total slut if you treat me like one... and if you keep treating my shithead husband bad."

"No problem," he told her. "I like to treat a girl like you, with fat tits and a huge ass, like she's my private whore. And knocking the jerk around is fun. Plus, if it gets you wet, it'll be easier for me to stuff my cock into your pussy."

It went on like that, the antithesis of witty repartee. Wally felt more and more sick to his stomach. He had to listen to their crude exchanges for another half hour while they touched each other and the sun beat down on his bare back. Finally, his wife made a joke about him getting bikini bottom tan lines and then they decided to head to the house and have sex. They each grabbed a can of beer from the cooler and drank them while they stood facing each other. Then Bill's eyes lit up. Against all odds, he had gotten a clever idea.

"Yo, guys," he called to his buddies. "Come here."

They all swaggered over, pointedly ogling Vera. Bill took the attention that they paid her as a compliment to him. He told them all to crowd around and block everyone else's view of Wally. Then he clamped his hand on the short man's skinny arm and yanked him close. Still standing, he put one leg out and bent the knee slightly, then forced his captive to bend over his firm thigh. Holding Wally by the back of the ear, he told Vera to pull down his bikini bottom. To his dismay, Wally was suddenly standing there with his narrow pale buttocks exposed. Bill guffawed and raised his free arm. All at once, Vera saw what he intended to do.

In a voice choked with arousal she said, "Yes, Bill. Spank the sissy's ass. Make it really red. I want to hear him cry. If you make him cry, I'll... I'll eat your ass, baby. While I pump your cock with my hand."

Bill liked the sound of that. He tightened his grip on Wally's ear even more and began spanking, using all of his might. The small man's feet shifted around and he wailed in pain. The other guys began to talk loudly, making it harder for anyone to hear what was happening. A few curious girls came over and thought what they were seeing was funny. One of them crouched in front of Wally and made sad faces, pretending to feel sorry for him. The spanking didn't end until Bill had landed three dozen swats, leaving Wally's rump blazing and tears streaming down his face. The crouching girl caught Wally's nose between her first two bent fingers and twisted it violently, making him scream out loud. That set off more laughter and had Vera putting her hand down the front of her bikini bottom, she was so aroused.

Defenseless and pathetic, Wally managed to straighten up after he was released and, with everyone watching, pointing and making heartless comments, to get his pink bikini bottom back up. He still had to gather all of his wife's belongings and haul them along as he limped behind her, his reddened backside halfway exposed by the undersized swimwear. He went through the burning sand again and back to the beach house. The soon-to-be lovers paused and kissed, their hands roving freely over each other. They went up the steps, not offering to help Wally with his burden. He got everything to the upstairs porch and divided up what stayed there from what belonged inside. By the time he was done, the couple had stripped each other and were in the shower. Vera sank to her knees and gave Bill's thick eight-inch cock a spirited sucking, deep-throating it and fulfilling her promise to be his whore/slut.

Still wet, they went toward the bed. Vera yelled at Wally to fetch them towels, which he did rapidly in the hope of being ignored by Bill. While Vera dried Bill, paying special attention to his superior endowment, Wally tried to melt into the background. But his luck ran out.

Vera told Bill, "Before we fuck, I want to see you do something else really nasty to my asshole of a husband."

"Sure," Bill said casually.

He thought for a second and then gestured for Wally to come to him. Almost too scared to move, the defeated husband inched closer. Bill snorted derisively and grabbed him by the hair. He wrenched him forward, at the same time bringing up his knee. When Bill's kneecap smashed into Wally's balls, the small man nearly fainted from pain. He squealed like a schoolgirl and then doubled up, clutching his groin and falling onto his side.

"How was that, babe?" Bill wanted to know. "Nasty enough for you? I don't think the gimp will be thinking about sex for a while."

Vera was salivating with lust. She licked her pillow-lips and shook back her long red locks. "That was perfect. Now let's hit the sheets and I'll do anything you want, starting with my mouth on your ass."

He shrugged and said, "Yeah, you can do that. Last time I had a tongue up my shit chute, I was in jail and making some sissy do it. In fact..." He looked at Wally on the floor. "How about if we make the loser do it instead of you. That'd be pretty damned funny. Him paying your debt."

They both laughed as he hefted Wally up and then pushed him back down, but on his knees. Vera told her husband what was expected of him and warned that if he did a bad job it would be her attacking his balls next time. Still nauseated from having his testicles rammed, Wally dazedly opened his mouth and extended his tongue. His wife clapped a hand against the back of his head and shoved his face into the space between Bill's hard butt cheeks. Wally gagged as he licked and rimmed and probed. Then Vera left him there to continue his disgusting task while she knelt in front of Bill and hungrily mouthed his shaft. It went on for a while, with her stopping only to kiss Bill's heavy balls. At last she began to bob her head on his meat, faster and faster, until she made him shoot into her eager mouth. Vera didn't swallow, however. When he was drained she went back to Wally, pulled his face out of Bill's ass, and bent back his head. With her other hand she forced him to open his jaws and then she spewed Bill's slimy ejaculate, along with lots of her own saliva, between her spouse's spread lips. With his stomach rolling over and over, Wally swallowed the entire mess.

When he was done and she had spit into his mouth a few times for good measure, Vera shoved him over backwards so that his head hit the wooden floor with a satisfying crack.

As he lay there, stunned, Vera said to Bill, "Crap. I got you off before we could screw."

He told her, "Don't worry. I'll be good to go again in, like, fifteen minutes. And after I dump a load in your pussy, you can make the ass-licker go down on you, so he gets to eat two helpings of my stuff in a row."

She smiled and said, "I like the way you think, Bill. How about if we just keep this going for the whole week. I really love the way you beat up on my worthless husband."

"Yeah, me too. And he deserves it for being such a wimp."

"With such a tiny dick."

They grinned at each other, in perfect harmony when it came to their cruel intentions. Wally knew he was doomed until Sunday afternoon when his wife had to turn in the keys to the beach house. In the meantime, he was going to spend day after day in his own private hell. He prayed silently that she wouldn't think to give Bill their home address and invite him to visit.


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