Grayman's Island ch.2

Grayman's Island - Part II

by RLM

Acknowledgment: The Author extends his thanks to DY without whose encouragement and urging, this second installment of "Grayman's Island" would never have been written. I am deeply indebted to him for his advice and insightful comments about the structure and nature this installment should have. All remaining faults of the story are the responsibility of the Author. --- RLM

Synopsis of Part I:

In Chapters 1-4, Ed and Marla Cargill have dinner with a couple, Darrell and Susan. To their great surprise, they find that Susan has somehow been transformed from and overweight, dowdy housewife to an alluring, seductive, and beautiful woman. In the course of the evening, they are informed that one of Darrell's associates, a Mr. Baxter Grayman, is in the business of transforming fat, dowdy housewives into gorgeous, exotic women at no cost. In fact, the offer even comes with a guarantee of one million dollars should his efforts fail. The only condition is that the wife becomes Grayman's "property" for one year. After some discussion with Grayman, Ed and Marla agree to the conditions. Chapter 4 concludes with Marla's departure with Grayman for his Island and her year of servitude.

Chapter 5 - A Plane Ride

The black cadillac carrying Marla and Gloria made good time as there was little traffic at this time of night. Thirty minutes after the car had departed from the warehouse, it was driving down a frontage road leading to the private airport owned and operated by Grayman Enterprises. The lights of the runway allowed the passengers to see the gleaming, twin engine Lear jet with its engines warming waiting for Grayman's arrival.

The car pulled to a stop fifteen feet from the open doorway of the jet. A tall, stately man sporting carefully coiffured salt and pepper hair stood waiting at the head of the gangway stairs leading to the interior of the plane. As the driver opened the passenger-side door for Grayman, the man walked down the stairs to greet him.

"Good to see you again, Baxter. What kept you? You're rarely late."

"I know. Sorry about that. It took longer than I expected to round up our new sow. Her name's Marla Cargill."

"How does she look? Does she look like she might be promising?"

"I would say very much so. Of course, she's fat and plump right now... maybe 30 to 40 pounds overweight, but on the plus side, she's hot and a good fuck. I don't think her attitude is going to any problem at all. And as soon as we get all the extra weight off of her and do some cosmetic surgery, we might get a couple of million for her at the auction."

"I presume you fucked you or are you just repeating Jackson's opinion?"

"I banged her while her husband worked her clit. I don't think he will be problem judging from how hard and hot he got watching me fuck his wife."

"Did you deliver Mrs. Larsen to the client for the week?"

"No. We didn't have time. As soon as we have all the luggage and Marla on board, Marvin will drive Gloria to the Hilton to meet our generous client."

"Have you been informed that two of our best customers will be joining us on the flight to the island?"

"No. Who are they?"

"Mr. Abdul Shamira and Mr. Mario Luigiano. I'm sure you remember Mr. Shamira. He bid over two million a year ago for Mrs. Goodman."

"I remember it well. I was stunned. I thought she might bring 1.5 million. I think he paid 2.1 million for 6 months of her services. Amazing!"

"You know why he paid that much, don't you?"

"No clue really. Why?" Grayman asked.

"In addition to being a sexy, beautiful woman, Mrs. Goodman is also Jewish. The idea of having a beautiful Jewish female slave was more than Shamira could pass up. I would imagine that he and his friends got their money's worth out of her."

"Undoubtedly. And Mr. Luigiano? Is he also a former customer? I don't recall his name."

"No. He comes highly recommended, however. All the right connections. The word is that he's a capo in one of the New York families. We certainly want to please him."

"Absolutely, and I'm certain that we will. Well, let's get everyone on board and be off. I want to arrive before noon, and it's already almost daylight." -------------------------------

Jackson led Marla to the gangway and motioned for her to board the plane. She had some trouble negotiating the steep stairs in her five-inch heels, but Jackson held her steady as she ascended the ramp.

"Don't worry. In a few weeks, you will have no problems moving elegantly in shoes like you're wearing. But right now, I realize its a problem. I'll be certain you don't fall."

"Thank you. You're very considerate."

Jackson chuckled. "Of course. You're much too valuable to permit you to be injured."

As Marla moved up the stairs with Jackson behind, she realized that he could easily see up the short sheathe. Instead of being concerned, she was shocked to find that she was excited by the thought. Once inside the plane, Jackson directed her to a seat near the back. On the way toward the rear, Marla saw that there were two men sitting in the wide, comfortable seats. One was clearly arabic. The other looked like he might be Italian. Both men carefully looked her over as she passed.

Marla's faced flushed with pleasure when she realized that both men had gazed at her big tits that were bulging out of her dress and her ass with lust. Even though she was overweight and not by any standard beautiful or even attractive, she knew they were both thinking about having some kind of sex with her or perhaps even fucking her. It had been a very long time since she had experienced the thrill of having men stare at her with lust.

She took her seat on the aisle and immediately crossed her legs so that the short sheathe, which was already high on her thighs, was now well above her stocking tops. She wondered if her panties were also on display.

At two hours into the flight, breakfast was served. The men all had their choice of ham, bacon, eggs, french toast, pancakes, coffee, and danish. She was served a bran cereal with skim milk, a low-calorie breakfast bar, and her choice of black coffee or unsweetened hot tea. When the breakfast trays were being cleared away, Jackson approached her.

"Mr. Shamira, the Arabic gentleman four rows in front of you, is an important client. There is still another two hours of flight time ahead of us, and he would like for you to entertain him. Do you understand?"

"I think so", Marla replied. "You want me to have sex with him?"

"I want you to accommodate any wish he has. He may wish to have you suck his cock, or he might just want you to strip naked for his viewing pleasure, or he may decide to fuck you. Just make him happy. Now, go up there. He's waiting for you."

A few minutes later, Marla was in the aisle seat beside the Arab. She smiled at him and introduced herself. "Hi. I'm Marla, Mrs. Marla Cargill."

At first the Arab ignored her. Finally, he turned and remarked, "Mrs. Cargill, you say? That's good. I very much enjoy using married women for my pleasure. Even the ones overweight like yourself. However, in your favor, you do have an aura of sexuality about you. Once Grayman's people get rid of that excess weight and do some cosmetic surgery, I can tell that you will be a sensuous woman. I shall imagine that you are already that. For now, I wish to see your tits. Take them out!"

"Mr. Shamira", Marla began. That was as far as she got.

"You will not speak unless I ask you a question. Is that understood? Now remove your tits from your dress."

Reaching behind her back, Marla fumbled for the zipper to open her dress. The Arab interrupted her. "Just pull the dress down in front... below your big tits."

Sliding her fingers into her cleavage, Marla did as she had been instructed. Her dress hugged her body so tightly, she had to yank hard before the material slid over her large mounds to bunch below them. Her nipples were already hard and erect. Abdul hefted first one, then the other, squeezing and twisting her nipples until she moaned.

"Nice tits. I'm sure many men will enjoy sliding their pricks between them. Now lift your ass, pull your dress up, and spread your legs so I can inspect your cunt." Moments later, she was spread wide open with only her thin, transparent panties covering her pussy. She was so wet with her excitement and the cum Jackson and Grayman had shot into her, they had become transparent.

"I see that you have been recently fucked", Abdul commented as he stared between her thighs. "I don't particularly care for "sloppy seconds" as you Americans call it. So I think I shall use your mouth hole. Bend over and take my penis inside your mouth."

Marla got on her knees in the adjacent seat and lifted the dividing chair arm. Bending over, she upzipped Shamira's pants and extracted his rigid 6-inch circumcized penis. Precum coated its tip. Lowering her head over his manhood, she took 5 inches of it into her mouth. Holding his balls, she raised and lowered her head until the entire shaft was thoroughly coated with her saliva. In this condition, the entire shaft slid easily into her mouth. The head had just begun to enter her throat but not enough to make her gag. Her nose was buried in his dark, coarse pubic hair.

Sucking hard, she moved her lips up and down the his throbbing shaft and was surprised when he stopped her after less than a minute.

"Push it all the way into your mouth, Marla. Once it's all the way in, do not move it in and out of your mouth hole. Leave it buried and suck.. suck and release... suck and release... but do not move your lips up and down the shaft. Just suck on it..then release. Suck and release. Do you understand?"

Marla nodded her head. "Good. Continue to suck and release, but do not move. I will inform you when I wish to cum."

For the next twenty minutes, Marla remained bent over the Arab's loins, motionless, his cock thrust all the way inside her mouth. It was difficult to swallow with his organ lodged in her throat so she had to allow the saliva to simply run from her mouth where it coated and soaked Shamira's pants. He did not seem to mind. He seemed to content to allow her to motionlessly suck on his cock.

Mario Luigiano was seated just to the right of Shamira. For the last 20 minutes he had been inspecting the large ass of the Cargill woman as she remained motionless over the Arab. He chuckled thinking how humiliating it must be for her to have to stay bent over holding his cock in her mouth for nearly a half hour now. He was treating the woman's mouth as if were nothing more than a scabbard for his sword.

Marla's position had caused the sheathe to pull high on her ass cheeks completely exposing her pantie-covered ass to Luigiano. It was a big ass that was clearly going to take some time to reduce. As he stared as her crack through her nearly transparent panties, he wondered what her cunt looked like. "Why wonder", he thought. "Let's find out."

Standing in the aisle behind her, he pushed the sheathe even further up over her ass and slowly pulled the panties down until they were around the top of her thighs. Her deep ass crack and cunt slit were exposed even though she still had her legs pressed tightly together.

"Mr. Shamira, I apologize for interrupting. I'm trying to see what her cunt looks like. Would it inconvenience you if I tell her to spread her legs?"

"Not at all, Mr. Luigiano. What other use is there for fat whores except to use them for pleasure. Please, have her spread."

Marla heard the exchange and didn't bother waiting for Luigiano to order her to spread her legs. She moved one knee off the seat and opened herself as wide as the position would allow. She also reached between her thighs and spread her pussy open so Mr. Luigiano could see it better. She was rewarded for her effort with a several hard blows on her exposed ass.

"When I want you to spread yourself, I'll tell you Mrs. Cargill. Don't do that again."

With Shamira'a penis fully embedded in her mouth, all Marla could do was moan and nod her head. Her ass was stinging like fire from her spanking. The cock Shamira held deep inside her mouth was beginning to make her gag and retch it had been in her for so long. Now, she felt Luigiano's fingers tracing the wet slit of her exposed cunt. When his fingers found her clit, her cunt began to contract and pulse rhythmically.

At that moment, the pilot's voice came over the plane's intercom: "We'll be landing on the island in 10 minutes."

"All right, Mrs. Cargill. I think I shall cum in your mouth now. Do not allow a single drop to escape. Do you understand?"

When Marla again nodded, he said, "Very well. Begin the pumping motions of your head..hard suck...hands on my shaft when it comes out..jack it as it slides back in... BEGIN!"

Marla did as she was ordered. Shamira grabbed a handful of her hair and began ramming her mouth rapidly up and down his rock hard shaft. In less than a minute, she felt his organ swell, throb, expand.. and then contract hard ejecting a huge volley of semen into her throat. He rammed her head down, held it in place. As the first gush of cum was sliding down her throat into her belly, she felt his cock contract and jerk again. Another stream of semen was ejaculated forcefully into her mouth. Before she could swallow all of it, Shamira's penis pulsed and throbbed again unloading still more male juice down her throat. Finally, his organ ceased to throb, and she felt it soften in her mouth for the first time in 30 minutes. He pulled it out and pushed her away.

Before she could rise, she felt her pussy lips being spread by Luigiano's large cock. She was wet and hot, fully lubricated from the previous cum load still inside her. The cock drilled inward... smoothly... forcefully stretching her cunt into a huge hole.

"UUNNGGHHH... AAAAHHHHHHHH.." she grunted as it thudded into the bottom of her vagina. Unlike Shamira, Luigiano fucked her hard and fast, intent on cumming inside her before the plane landed. He made it easily. As the passengers heard the loud "THUMP" of the wheels being lowered, they also heard the loud grunts of a rutting male shooting seed into a female cunt. Marla moaned and grunted several times as her pussy erupted in an intense orgasm at the same time the semen flooded her hole. ======================================= Chapter 6 - The Sow Barn

Grayman's Island was somewhere in the Caribbean. As the plane circled for a landing, it appeared to be more or less circular and perhaps 15 or 20 miles in diameter. It was located in international waters beyond the jurisdiction of any nation. The island had its own well-armed security forces, electric generating station, water distillation plant, sewage system, underground storage tanks for propane and butane gas along with a full support staff of maintenance men.

The main complex was a elaborate series of buildings, each elegantly appointed. These buildings were the working units of Grayman Enterprises, Inc. They housed the business offices, the living quarters for the administration, staff, and, of course, the women. They also contained all entertainment and dining facilities that included a nine-hole golf course, tennis and racquetball courts, an olympic-sized swimming pool, spa, exercise rooms, and a restaurant that would have easily qualified for five-star status had it been rated. The living accommodations were excellent and those for valued clients nothing short of lavish. All things considered, it appeared to be a wonderful place to spend an exciting vacation. However, the people on the island were far from being engaged in vacation activities. For them, this was a serious business involving vast sums of money.

When Jackson escorted Marla to her living quarters inside one of the larger buildings, the shock on her face was evident. Jackson had seen similar reactions many times.

"Do you like your new living accommodations, Marla?" he inquired.

Marla stared aghast at the apartment. It was at least 1500 square feet of living space comprising a sitting room, large bedroom with a king-sized bed, a small, but beautiful, kitchen and dining area, walk-in closets and a bath/spa combination. But it was much more than that. The furniture in the sitting room was elegant and expensive. Oil paintings covered the walls. The satin bedcovers, oil paintings, jade figurines, and oriental carpet in the bedroom took her breath away. The shower and spa in the bathroom had computer controls for water temperature, spray volume, direction, and intensity. Everything was spotless. The mirror and surface of her vanity were trimmed in gold leaf as were the faucets.

"Look in the walk-in closet", Jackson suggested.

When she opened the door, Marla discovered that it was filled with clothes.. dozens and dozens of outfits of all types. She had no doubt that their sizes were all too small so as to provide incentive for quick weight reduction. A two dozen pair of heels covered one of the side walls. The drawers of the built-in bureau will filled with lacy and seductive undergarments.

"As your weight drops, these will all be suitably replaced until you reach your final weight. At that point, all the clothes will be yours."

"I don't see a utility room for washing and ironing", Marla commented. It was the only thing she could think of that was missing.

Jackson laughed. "You will not be washing or ironing clothes, Marla. I think I can safely say that your washing/ironing days are gone forever. You will note that the kitchen has no stove and only a small refrigerator. You will not keep any food there. Only cold drinks for your "guests". And speaking of food, it's time for dinner. Follow me."

The dining room was a half dozen individual tables, each with linen tablecloths and napkins, china and sterling silver dinnerware. The glasses were all crystal. They were a little late, and Marla counted 11 other women present. All were overweight like she was; some more so, some less, but all were fat. She felt much better when she saw that.

"Dinner" as it turned out was beyond belief for Marla. The salad and its dressing were delicious. Since it was very low-calorie, portions were not restricted. The soup that followed was exquisite. Its subtle taste tantalized and satisfied with a minimum of calories. The entree was veal scaloppini, baked potato with herbs and spices, fresh asparagus with sauce, and a spiced, hot tea. The dinner was so filling there was no need for dessert.

The women were all very friendly. They welcomed her warmly and told her about the sexual delights to come and how they had been losing weight steadily when previously they had never been able to shed more than a few pounds.

"Where are all the women who have lost weight? Everyone here seems to still be on the fat side?" Marla asked.

Sandra responded by saying, "We're all fat in this facility because after you've reached a certain weight, they move you to a different building. This building is called the "Sow Barn" for reasons that you can probably guess. In fact, the Trainers all call us "sows". We all hate that, of course, but they just smile and tell us to lose weight and we won't ever have to hear that again."

"Jackson is the only Trainer I've met", Marla commented.

"He's really good. I'm sure you've already found that out. Well, there are a lot more and they're all fantastic. Wait and see."

Marla wasn't sure she could stand the wait.


It was 10 PM in the Cargill household. Ed was alone in his bedroom, his mind on his wife, wondering what she was doing.

"It's probably 11 PM where she is", he thought. "I wonder if she's having sex? Or sucking some guy? God.. Jackson's cock was a monster! Could they all be that big? Or bigger?" The thoughts had given him a throbbing erection that was rigid as steel. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and moaned as he slid his hand over the pulsing head.

"Ooohhhhhh god, that's good", Ed sighed.


The black Trainer slid his hand over his 9-inch, steel hard dick, coating it with his own precum. He moaned with the delicious feeling at the same time Ed moaned.

"Ooohhhhhh god, do you want this big black cock in your cunt, Marla?" he asked.

Marla lay in the middle of her king-sized bed, a satin pillow beneath her hips elevating her pussy into fucking position. Her legs were back, bent, spread wide. She couldn't tear her eyes off the huge shaft of man meat that was poised at the entrance to her vagina. She arched her hips and begged, "Ohhh YES.. PLEASE... FUCK ME.. STICK THAT BEAUTIFUL COCK IN ME..." ============================

Ed imagined that he had his cock inside a beautiful woman's throbbing cunt... that she was begging him to fuck her. His hand snapped up and down his hard dick as she begged for it:


"Take it, you hot Slut", he snarled as his hips rammed up and down, his hand jacking his penis harder and faster. He imagined how good it felt inside her pussy. =============================

Four inches of the Trainer's huge black shaft sank into Marla waiting cunt. It stretched to accommodate its girth. The pressure on her clitoris was intense. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through her pleasure button and radiated up her body causing her belly to contract in response to the hot spasms coursing through her cunt. Max forced three more inches into her hole and she shrieked with pleasure/pain as she felt her pussy being stretched into a huge hole by the man's cock.

"OOOOOOooooooo gawd... it's so damn big... fuck meee...FUCK ME HARDER... FASTER.. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH..."

Max gave her what she wanted. The final two inches were forced into her hole. Then, he began to fuck the helpless, groaning housewife as she grunted in hot passion. She began to cum... hard.. Her cunt jerked in hot spasms as the organ drove in and out of her. She squealed... screamed... moaned.. he rammed her even harder.

"OOOHHHHHH I'M CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGG", Marla announced. She didn't have to tell him. He knew. Her hot pussy was contracting again and again around his cock. ==================================

Ed's hand flashed up and down his cock. The imaginary woman he was fucking was cumming now. He was ramming her hard and fast. She was begging him for it. Then he felt her cunt throbbing around his big cock. He knew the slut was cumming on his cock as she screamed and moaned...

"OOOHHHHHH I'M CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGG", the hot whore announced as her hole erupted in intense spasms.

Her contractions were more than he could take. It was just too hot. Ed's load spewed out of his cock in a high arc then landed all over his chest and belly. ==================================

Marla's cunt hole continued to spasm and throb around Max's big dick. He plowed her again and again... until she was cumming again. Max's load spewed out of his cock in a huge stream that landed deep inside Ed's wife, completely filling her cunt. Again and again, he ejaculated inside her, each ejaculation pumping another thick stream of semen into the woman's waiting vagina.

After all of his load had been pumped into Marla cunt hole, Max slowly withdrew his cum-coated sex gun. She collapsed flat on her back with her legs wide open. Kneeling between them, he nodded with satisfaction as he noted the thick rivers of cum running off his big cock and from her stretched pussy.

"You were a delicious fuck, Marla. Now get some sleep. Breakfast is at 7 AM sharp. Be certain to read the directions for the day's activities before you dress and come to the dining room." ----------------------------------------------------------------

Chapter 7 - Morning and Afternoon Activities

The alarm woke Marla promptly at 6 AM. She brushed her teeth, filled the tub, and cleaned herself thoroughly. Afterwards, she relaxed in the warm water and read the instructions for the day.

Breakfast - 7 AM: Attire: Dress, blouse, bra, stockings, heels Exercise - 9 AM: Attire: Heels, hose, panties and bra (or teddy). Beauty Shop and Make Up Instruction: 11 AM: Attire. Hot and Sexy. Lunch - 12:30 PM: Attire: Hot and Sexy

Sexual Instruction - 2 to 4 PM. Dress as directed by Trainers. Dinner - 6 PM: Attire: Formal and Sexy. Evening - Free time.

As she attempted to dress for breakfast, Marla was distressed to find that all her clothes were too small. She knew this would be the case, but the short miniskirt was still a shock. In order to get it zipped, she had to suck in her breath. Once she had it zipped, her ample hips and ass caused the skirt to ride up almost to her ass. It was almost equally hard to button the blouse over her big tits. The stockings, however, were very nice. The came almost to the tops of her thighs. She surveyed her legs in the full length mirror and thought she looked really good. "I'm still too heavy", she thought, "but I do have really nice legs and tits." Her legs looked even better after she slipped the four-inch heels onto her feet. She was pleased to find that the shoes fit her perfectly.

She spent a moment looking through her lingerie for panties. After selecting a sexy pair of bikini panties, she realized that the instructions did not include panties. "Gawd.. with no panties on in this miniskirt, every time I move, my pussy and ass are going to be on display." The thought both distressed and excited her. When she walked to breakfast, she noticed that several of the male support staff stopped their work to check out her nearly exposed ass and her big tits.

As she walked into the dining room, she saw that about half of the other sows were already present and seated. Something about the scene seemed strange, out of place, to Marla but she didn't understand why. A moment later, she realized that none of the women were speaking. Six women around a table at breakfast and none speaking??

"Good morning!" Marla chimed cheerfully. The women looked at her, smiled, some nodded, one even said "Hi" in return, but that was all.

Helen was closest to Marla. The brunette had her eyes closed and seemed to be slowly undulating in her chair. Next to her, Carla also had her eyes closed. In addition, her mouth was open slightly and her tongue was slowly sliding back and forth over her top lip. Across the table, Becky was biting her lower lip as her hips rotated in her chair. Marla had not yet met the other three women, but they were all behaving the same way. Weird?

Shrugging her shoulders, Marla pulled out chair to take her place at the table. One glance at the chair seat explained fully the behavior of the other women. A six-inch thick plastic phallus protruded from the center of the seat. Marla noticed that the shaft had been thoroughly lubricated. Its purpose and where it was to go were both obvious. Directly in front of the phallus there was a smaller protrusion that would be pressed against the occupant's clitoris once she was seated and properly impaled. Marla hesitated.

"Take your seat, Marla", came Jackson's commanding voice. "I assume you followed your instructions not to wear panties to breakfast. Those are always standing orders. Now, please sit down."

It wasn't necessary for Marla to pull up her dress before she lowered herself onto the phallus. The miniskirt was so short that as soon as she bent her knees, it pulled up to the top of her thighs and over her ass. Both her ass and the entire plane of her cunt were exposed. Carefully, she lowered her body. As soon as the tip of the thick shaft touched her pussy, she felt its soft vibrations. She moved slightly and it touched her clit. The exquisite sensation caused her eyes to clamp shut and her body to undulate along with those of the other women already seated on their phalluses.

As her hips settled onto the seat, the entire phallus sank into her vaginal sheathe. Its thickness stretched her channel tightly around its vibrating length. Her weight mashed her clitoris up against the second, smaller protuberance, which was vibrating even more intensely than the phallus. It sent sexual shock waves through her clitoris and vagina that radiated up into her belly causing it to contract in sensuous waves of pleasure. Her moans mixed with those of the other women.

One by one, the other sows came into the dining room and seated themselves onto their respective phallic vibrators. All eleven women groaned softly, eyes shut, tongues out, hips rotating, some thrusting, as their sexual organs were pleasured. Eventually, some of the women managed to open their eyes, but their breathing was becoming more and more rapid. Marla and a few others tried to eat but the sensations rippling through their vaginas made it hard to concentrate on anything other than their cunts.

On the other side of the table, Marla saw Gloria's body go suddenly rigid. She threw her head backwards and her chest forward. Her arms gripped the chair arms with fierce intensity. Beneath the table, her legs thrust forward, rigid and quivering. All the woman watched with mounting excitement as Gloria's body began to tremble and shake in orgasm. Finally, she gasped, then moaned...

"Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh... fuckkkkkkkkkkk.... its making me cummmmmmmmmm.."

For almost a minute, she groaned as spasms of intense pleasure pumped through her loins. At the end, she slumped in her chair, her head falling forward, her breath coming in labored gasps.

Before Gloria's spasms had ebbed, Helen shrieked, "Ohhhhh Meeeee tooo... I'M CUMMINGG.... MY CUNT IS CUMMINGGGG!"

Marla was no longer able to sit still. Her hips thrust forward mashing her clitoris against the vibrating knob. At the same time, she rotated on the pulsing phallus that was causing her vagina to throb again and again. Simultaneously, Carol and Marla's cunts erupted in intense climaxes. Both women squirted over their chairs as their orgasms surged through them. Both women moaned. Carol announced her orgasm to everyone as had Gloria and Helen.

One by one, or sometimes two by two, all the women reached intense orgasms, each informing the others that they were cumming. After all twelve had climaxed, the vibrations ceased, and the women began to enjoy their excellent, but non-fattening, breakfast. All twelve vaginas slowly pulsed around the thick phalluses still embedded inside.

As Marla was leaving the dining room, a handsome blonde-headed trainer took her aside. "You did very well, Marla. Everyone is delighted with you. However, when you cum, the rules of the island require that you announce the fact to anyone around. In the future, remember that. Now go back to your room and get dressed for morning exercises." -----------------------------

Marla was flushed not only from her vibrator-induced orgasm at breakfast, but also from the sexy Trainer's remark about how well she was doing. It had been years since a handsome, young man had complimented her.

She stripped naked and carefully hung up her miniskirt and blouse in the closet, more determined than ever to lose sufficient weight to make them look really good on her. Studying the instruction sheet, she decided on something unusual and sexy for exercise.

Ten minutes later, her exercise outfit was lying on the bed. "There certainly isn't much to it", she thought with a smile. A few months ago, she would never have even considered wearing such an outfit out in public where men would see her. The thin, white bra wasn't really large enough to contain her big tits, and it was transparent. The men and other women would have no difficulty seeing her nipples. She felt the wetness between her legs increasing.

The crotch band of the matching white bikini panties was so narrow that there was no way she could possibly keep it from sinking into her ass crack and pussy so that it would look like she wasn't even wearing panties. The skimpy, white garter belt was just for sexy show since the white stockings she was going to wear were thigh-highs with elastic tops. Marla hoped the Trainers would appreciate the extra sexiness. The white pumps had four-inch heels.

Surveying herself in the mirror once she had every thing on, she almost lost her nerve. "God... I look like a dirty whore.. a complete slut. I bet Ed would have a fit if he saw what I was going to wear." Steeling her nerve, Marla walked confidently through the Sow Barn with her head high, her shoulders back, her tits thrusting forward. She also made certain to swing her ass as she walked. Several of the male staff working in the area stopped to look as she passed. A couple squeezed their hardening cocks. Marla smiled her appreciation.

She was one of the last women to appear in the exercise area. Two Trainers were there waiting. She thought they would scold her for being late, but they both smiled when they saw her outfit. Obviously, being sexy and hot was an acceptable excuse for violating some of the rules.

Barry, a black Trainer with a powerful build and a huge bulge in his shorts, was in charge. "All right, Sows. Let's take some of that flab off this morning, shall we. Assume the starting position", he commanded.

Being new, Marla watched the other women to see what was meant by the "starting position". Eleven women got down on the padded mats on their hands and knees and then lowered their heads close to the mat. Marla did the same. Barry and the second Trainer, Max, walked up and down the line of female asses thrust high in the air. Smiling, Marla thought, "We must make quite a sight."

"All right, Sows. On the command, "Lower", you will lower your bodies flat on the mat. On the command, "One", you push your shoulders up with your arms until your tits are well clear of the mat. On the command, "Two", you will pull your knees under you and get your asses up in the air. On "Three", you will roll over onto your backs with your knees up and bent. On "Four", your knees will be pulled back and pressed to your tits. You will hold that position until the command "Five" whereupon you will straighten and lift your legs straight up in the air. On "Six", you will spread wide open, legs still up and straight. You will keep them up and spread until the command, "Seven. On "Seven", you will lower your legs to the mat, turn over and resume the starting position for the next repetition. Any questions?"

It seemed straightforward and no one had any questions. A moment later, we heard Barry say "Lower!". Twelve women dropped their bodies flat on the mat.

"One!" I put my hands flat on the mat and pushed my shoulders up until my tits swung free beneath me. It was much harder then I thought it would be. I could feel the strain on my arms and shoulders.

"Two!" Getting my knees under my body was not easy in the position we were in. Finally, I managed it, but Martha was too slow. SPLAT! " OH.. AAhhhh" came Martha's squeal of pain from the paddle. Quickly, she hoisted her ass high.

"Three!" At least this step was easy. We just rolled over onto our backs and assumed the classic female fucking position. Everyone of us had assumed the position so many times, it was no problem at all.

"Four!" Unnggh... harder. If my thighs weren't fat, I could have gotten them back against my tits much easier. As it was, I had to work to get them back. Several other women had equal problems. SPLAT came the sound of the paddle on Brenda's upturned ass. SPLAT! Gloria's ass felt the paddle. "UUGGHH", SPLAT.. right on my ass. "Do it faster", said Max.

"Five!" Oh god! I didn't realize how hard it was going to be lift my legs straight up into the air, but I got them up in time to avoid another lesson from the paddle. Susan didn't't manage it, and we all heard her shrill cry as the paddle landed flush on her ass.

"Six!" This was not hard either. Spreading your legs is a natural motion for a woman. But then there was no command "Seven". We had to keep our legs up and spread wide open. The Trainers walked up and down the line of women with their legs obscenely spread. I knew my panties were buried so that my cunt was fully exposed. I suspected so were the other eleven cunts. The strain was intense. Sweat already covered my brow.

Barry stopped in front of Doris and stared between her wide open thighs. "Wow. You really know how to present your body to a man, Doris. You're getting me hard. Once we get those extra pounds off you, men are going to kill each other over you."

Eleven other, very jealous women looked over at the blonde slut spreading her legs wide open and showing off her sex to the Trainer. Each of us tried to spread wider.

Finally the command came. "Seven!" Gratefully, we lowered our legs. I rested for a moment before resuming the starting position. Barry noticed it. As soon as I was again on my hands and knees, SPLAT..SPLAT! right on the center of my ass, turning me red.

"Ohhhhhh... what did I do wrong?" I moaned, my ass stinging.

"You rested before turning over. You only rest when we tell you to rest." Now, Sows. Again! "Lower!"

They worked us for 15 minutes or so. We were all groaning before they let us rest. During the last couple of minutes, the paddles whacked our asses again and again as we were just too tired to respond. As we rested, twelve women were rubbing their stinging, reddened butts.

After a five minute rest, we each had mount a stationary riding bicycle and ride at ever increasing speeds for another 10 minutes. As we peddled, a slickened phallus would slide up and down through a hole in the seat. The only options available to us were to pull our panties aside and let the shaft sink into either our pussy or ass as we peddled. I chose my pussy, as did all the other women.

Seven minutes into the exercise, Max ordered us to stop. "You each have another three minutes of peddling to do, but take a two minute breather. Do not dismount the bike."

We all heaved a sigh of relief at the respite. The seat of my bike was soaked with the secretions from my pussy. In fact, the aroma of excited female pussy was heavy in the room. The two minutes went by too fast for us.

"Time to start again, Sows", Max commanded. "But this time with a small change. Move the peddles on your bikes so that the dildo withdraws into the seat. When it's out, switch holes for the last three minutes of your ride."

None of us had to ask what he meant. We did get another minute of rest as it took twelve women that long to get the dildo started into their ass holes for the last three minutes of our ride.

"All of you seem to gotten things adjusted. Begin!"

Once more we began to peddle. Barry quickly upped the tempo to its former level. The 12 dildoes surged in and out of our widely stretched asses. At first, we all moaned in discomfort as the shafts plunged in and out as we peddled faster and faster. Lorraine was in so much distress, she was begging Barry to let her stop.

"Please.. please. It hurts.. it really HURTS! ... Let me stop... please."

She slowed her peddling and Max pushed her forward over the bike's handlebars and applied the paddle to her ass. SPLAT.. WHACK.. SPLAT... SPLAT... Lorraine wailed and begged even harder.

"Ooohhh stop..stop..STOP.. I'll peddle fast... really fast... just stop.."

Max stopped whacking her ass and said. "See that you do. You will peddle for an additional two minutes."

The brunette immediately began peddling the bike furiously causing the dildo the drive in and out hard enough for us to all hear it squishing inside her hole. When we finished our ride, Lorraine still had two more minutes of peddling to do. So we all gathered around her and watched the dildo sinking in and out of her ass. Every time it bottomed out in her hole, we could all hear the dull thud. During the last minute of her ride, the woman's ass was stretched enough to relieve the pain. Most of us thought that she was going to cum before she finished the ride.

Barry also thought the same. When her extra two minutes were done, he ordered her to continue until she came. Thirty seconds later, we all watched her hole contracting and throbbing about the dildo as she climaxed. When it finally ebbed, Lorraine collapsed over the bike.

Exercises continued for almost an hour. We were all dripping with sweat when it was over. It was 10 AM. We were told to clean up and dress for our 11 AM beauty shop appointments. --------------------------------

The treatment we all received at the Island's beauty salon was extraordinary. Our nails were first prepared and then we were each given gorgeous artificial nails. Each woman had her hair beautifully set with our choice of a variety of available styles. A trainer beautician not only did our makeup, but provided instruction so we could do it ourselves if need be.

As the newest sow, I was informed that on every other visit, my body hair would be shaved or otherwise removed, once a week with a wax job and with a razor in between waxes.

"Do you shave me or is that job handled by one of the Trainers?" I asked.

When my female beautician smiled and informed me that she would be doing the honors, I expressed some surprise. "I thought that would be a job the men would want to do."

"Oh, I'm sure they would. In fact, we used to have the Trainers shave the women, but they had trouble concentrating on the job, and the women had trouble remaining still while the Trainers worked. The result was a lot of cut pussies. So now, we take care of that." --------------------------------------------

The directions for lunch attire called for hot and sexy. Marla was determined to outdo the others. She thought about a very short miniskirt, but she had worn that outfit to breakfast and so had several of the other women. Finally, she decided to wear one of the bikini bathing suits to lunch along with thigh-high hose and heels. The bikini was certainly going to be too small and, as a result, most of her tits would be on display along with ample portions of her ass.

Marla arrived early and sat down to wait in one of the love seats spread around outside the dining room. The male staff all eyed her as did a couple of the trainers.

Lunch itself was a surprise in that the chairs were normal. There was no phallus in the center. Turning to Susan, Marla asked, "What happened to the vibrators in the center of the chairs?"

"The vibrators are only present at breakfast. The idea is to get us excited and ready for sex during the day. The Trainers have other, better ways to excite us after breakfast, if you get what I mean."

Marla understood perfectly. ------------------------------------

The sexual instruction from 2-4 PM was also a surprise. Marla assumed it would be a lot of sex with several of the Trainers screwing all the sows. Instead, the day's instruction consisted primarily of how to dress, how to use makeup, how to move, how to carry on a sensuous conversation, all without being blatant about it. Carlos was conducting the instruction.

"Remember Ladies, the idea is to be hot and sensuous without having everyone in the room think your escort is out with a hired whore. You have to learn that showing more is not necessarily to be sexier. For example, take Marla. Her bikini covers almost nothing. Just look how her tits stick out of the top. And the bottoms hardly cover her ass. If she had not been shaved this morning, her pubic hair would also be showing."

Marla's face flushed red with embarrassment. She wanted to hide somewhere or least go back to her room and change clothes. But then Carlos continued.

"Marla is not the only woman who has some things to learn about sensuality. Take Becky. She her dress barely covers her ass. There are no sides to the dress so half of her tits are on display. A perfect dress if you're trying to pick up a man on a street corner, but not for the Fox that you will soon be. Now lets discuss how a woman can manage to be so sexy and hot that all the men in the room get erections, yet still appear to be appropriately dressed for the occasion."

By the end of the session, all twelve of us knew a lot more about feminine sensuality that we had that morning.

As I was leaving, Carlos called me aside. "I hope you don't feel badly about my using your dress as an example. You're actually the best prospect of the twelve."

"Thank you. That's very reassuring. I appreciate you confidence in me."

"You're most welcome. Here's your staff services card."

"What's this for?"

"Oh. I thought you had been briefed. You've seen all the staff working on the island. Carpenters, plumbers, janitors, gardeners, cooks, waiters, etc.?"

"Yes. What about them?"

"As you might suspect, Grayman pays them extraordinarily well. After all, they're stuck here on this island for months at a time. In spite of the excellent pay, if they have to go months without sex, we won't be able to keep order nor will we be able to persuade any one to work here. So, in addition to their pay, they have sexual privileges with the sows. Understand?"

"I guess. You mean they can fuck us anytime they wish, like the Trainers?"

"No. You can say "no", but that's the purpose of the staff services card. When you entertain one of the staff, sexually that is, he has a special punch that he will use to mark your card one time. Each sow must have her card punched at least ten times each week."

"When do we ever have time to do this? The entire day is filled with scheduled activities."

"Did you notice the item at the bottom of the activities list? Free time. During the evening, you're free to do as you wish. You can go to a movie, dancing, watch TV, chat with the other women, flirt with the staff, and have sex with them if you wish."

"What happens if we don't get the required ten punches on our card?"

"Nothing drastic. You just have to spend three hours in the "vending machine" during the evening for each punch you are short."

"What's the vending machine?"

Carlos smiled. "Ask one of the other sows who been in it. Many have. In fact, some women deliberately fail to get their required number of punches so they can have the experience of the vending machine." ---------------------------------- Chapter 8 - Free Time

After dinner, Brenda and I were chatting. She had been on the island a week longer than I and had lost enough weight that we were now about the same.

"To tell the truth, I'm nervous about going out tonight. All those men know we're available. Will they rape us?"

"Rape us?", Brenda asked, somewhat surprised. "Why should they bother to rape us. If we say no, there are always others who will say yes. And anyway, they know that all of us have to say yes sooner or later or we go to the vending machine and then we can't say no."

What's the vending machine? Have you been in it?"

"Not yet, but we all will be. The Trainers require that we serve at least one hour a week there. Carol got only 9 punches on her card last week and had to spend three hours there."

"Did she tell you what it's like?"

"I don't know the details, but somehow the women are tied to platforms or something. The men can pick a woman, insert their card, and the woman slides out or something so that they're available. The men have a maximum of 30 minutes with her."

"That sounds both scary and erotic at the same time."

"It does doesn't it. Want to go out with me tonight. Might make you feel more secure although there is absolutely no risk. There's no crime on the island. None at all."

"That would be great", I responded. "I would feel much better with you along."


By agreement, Brenda and I dressed similarly. We each wore a simple dress with straps holding up the bodices, which revealed some of our cleavage without being whorish. We omitted the stockings and went bare legged with 3 inch heels. By chance, we had both selected white, bikini panties. Our makeup was professional, of course, and we both wore a couple of rings in addition to our wedding rings, a bracelet, and dangling earrings. Given the fact that we were both 30 or so pounds overweight, we still looked pretty good.

As we walked down the street in the sow area of the island, which was the only area we were permitted to visit, the men stared openly. Several asked us if we were looking for some fun. We said, "maybe later", and they all accepted our refusal gracefully.

We visited a video arcade. All the games were free, and we had a great time. Later, we tried our hand at bowling and found that we were both terrible, but it was fun anyway. Around 8 PM, we decided to take in a movie. The seats were all comfortable and plush. Each seat accommodated two persons. We smiled, fully understanding the reason for the extra space. We took separate seats but sat next to each other with only the arm rest separating us.

Ten minutes into the movie, a group of four men sat down behind us. One man leaned over and asked if they could join us. We looked at each other and shrugged. Why not. We had to start sooner or later, and the men looked nice, 20s and 30s, and they were obviously very eager.

One of the men sat in the seat with me and one with Brenda. The other two sat behind us. They told us their names, one was Bud; another was Pete, but I can't remember the names of the other two.

We both quickly lost interest in the movie as male hands explored our bodies. Pete had his hand under Brenda's dress. From the way her hips were moving, it was obvious that he had it on her pussy. I didn't have much time to watch him working on Brenda, however. The hand on my pussy demanded most of my attention. What attention was left over, concentrated on the two hands that reached around from behind and explored my breasts.

The movie was quickly forgotten. The man behind me pulled down the top of my dress to expose both of my breasts. He hefted them and squeezed the nipples until I was squirming in my seat. Bud whispered in my ear. "Raise your ass."

When I did as he instructed, I felt my dress being pulled under my ass and up around my waist. With the top down and skirt up around my waist, my dress was essentially useless. A hand was now inside my panties with two fingers sliding in and out of my vagina. Another finger caressed my erect clitoris. There was no way I could keep my hips still.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed that two more men had sat down in front of us and were watching intently. Glancing to my right, I saw that Brenda's tits were also exposed. Her skirt was up high on her thighs, but she was still sitting on it. One of the men in front of us said, "Take off their panties so we can see their cunts."

With my dress already around my waist, Bud had no problem pulling my panties down. The man in front of me assisted by reaching over the seat and slipping them off my legs. After he had them off, he leaned forward so that his eyes were only a foot or so away from my pussy. I saw his arm moving as he jacked off.

I heard Pete ordering Brenda to lift her ass. She did and very quickly her dress was up around her waist like mine and the man in front of her had possession of her panties. Our hips thrust up and down together as the fingers worked inside our cunts while fingers stimulated our clits.

"I'm going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

It was Brenda's voice. She wailed loudly as her pussy convulsed in orgasm. Several people glanced her way to watch. The man behind me leaned over, grasped my legs, and pulled them up and back. As my legs rose, so did my ass. Almost immediately the man in front of me pushed two fingers into my ass. The four fingers inside me were too much.. they pushed me over the edge and I wailed as loudly as Brenda had when she came.

As soon as my orgasm hit, Bud was on his knees in front of me. He lined his cock up with my throbbing cunt and drove it all the way into me. The men watched as Bud fucked me. The guy in front of Brenda said, "Are you gonna fuck her Pete? If not, get out of the way because I intend to."

He didn't wait for an answer. Climbing over the seat, he positioned himself between Brenda's spread legs and began screwing her. While we were being fucked, the other men held and sucked our tits. The stimulation of being laid right out in public was intense. I came again as Bud pounded in and out of me. Brenda grunted like the sow she was every time the big cock in her hammered into the bottom of her cunt.

In less than five minutes, our pussies were full of cum. I knew that they were going to have to clean the seats because I could feel it running down the crack of my ass. After that, we were both fucked again while we each sucked one of the men.

When the men between our legs shot off, I thought the other two would take their places, but they preferred to cream our faces. When they were both ready, Brenda and I leaned back in our seats with our mouths wide open. The men stood in the aisle in front of us, aimed their sex guns at our faces, and jacked off until they unloaded. As soon as they had finished, two other men who had been watching took their places, and we were each drenched with two more massive loads of semen.

After that, the men helped us clean up and get our clothes back in place. We all walked out together. We gave them our names and they each punched our card.. three for me and three for Brenda.

On the way back to the barn, Brenda commented, "Well, we certainly got off to a roaring start, didn't we?"

I nodded as I felt the semen running down my thighs. ============================================= Chapter 9 - Night Sounds

The late hours on the Island are different than late hours elsewhere. Others close their bedroom doors when they retire for the evening; on the Island, bedroom doors are required to remain open. Trainers, or others, might decide to visit. Night owls who are having difficulty sleeping can indulge their voyeuristic desires. Grayman might want one of his important guests to have access.

I thought I would become accustomed to the situation and no longer hear the night sounds through my open door after four weeks on the Island, but I never did. I don't think anyone ever did. The sounds were too different, too sensuous, too arousing.

It was between 2 and 3 in the morning. The rooms and hallways of the Sow Barn were dimly lit to allow sleeping but not so much so that sight was obscured. The soft moans of the women had awakened me, as they usually did. Carla's room was two doors down from mine, and now as I lie in the shadows, I could hear her moaning and gasping as she was fucked.

At first, her moans had been subdued and widely spaced, but they had been steady. Gradually, their volume increased as did their frequency when the Trainer between her legs began driving his huge penis into her harder and faster. Soon the squeak of the bedsprings mixed with her excited cries of passion.

Toward the end, I could her pleading... begging.. "Please... don't stop.. more... more. Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. Oh.." Afterwards, the squeaking of the springs were being punctuated by the rhythmic banging of the headboard against the wall.

As Carla's screams of climax died away, the women heard new moans coming from the opposite end of the hallway in the direction of Sandra's room. At least it sounded like Sandra's cries, but it could have also been coming from Vera's room. It's very hard to tell one woman's moans from those of another. We all sound alike when we're being fucked.

Unable to sleep, I decided to see who was getting it. There was no need to check on Carla. She was quiet now having had an intense climax. The Trainer with her would allow her to sleep. Sandra's room was at the end of the hallway, so I had to pass several other open doorways before reaching it.

Lorraine's room was next to mine in that direction. As I passed her door, I could see the brunette on her bed, naked, of course. She had her legs wide apart, knees steepled. Carla's moans had awakened Lorraine as they had me. And they had gotten her just as excited. I could see her hand moving steadily between her open legs as she masturbated. I enjoy using a vibrator when I do it, but Lorraine always used her fingers. I had seen her do it many times in the last month.

She was already close, and the increasing groans of female pleasure from the end of our hallway rapidly got her to edge. She was saying "fuck me.. fuck me... fuck me... " over and over as her pussy convulsed in climax. I realized that I had my hand between my legs as I watched her cum.

I lingered a moment longer watching Lorraine with her thighs squeezed tightly together in the aftermath of her climax. When she rolled over onto her side, her hand still trapped between her legs, I moved moved on down the hallway toward Sandra's room where the moans of an excited female were becoming louder.

Martha was sound asleep. I wished I could sleep as soundly even with the sounds of sex echoing up and down the hallway. On the other hand, Doris was definitely not asleep. She wasn't moaning, however, since her mouth was filled with the Trainer's huge black phallus. At least eight full inches of cock was sinking in and out of her mouth on every stroke, but Doris never gagged. She took the entire shaft all the way into her throat and continued to suck.

She held his balls with one hand, and with the other guided his pulsing cock into her mouth hole. It was amazing to see how much his cock stretched her mouth. He was holding the back of her head as he thrust his cock in and out of Doris' hole. On every stroke he drove half of the organ into her. She still didn't gag.

Again and again, he forced her head downward as I watched. More inches of cock sank into the the blonde's mouth. When it was buried, he would slowly drag it out. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked during his withdrawal. His fingers were working in and out of her cunt while mine were doing the same between my thighs. Doris' eyes bulged as the black cock disappeared all the way to his balls. He held her head in place with the entire cock far down her throat. Her nostrils flared as she tried to breathe.

"Suck on it Sow. Think of yourself as nothing but a hot suck hole", the Trainer commanded. Doris began to moan about his cock. "GGGHHAAA... mmmmmmMMMM." Marcus paid no attention. Holding her head in place, he drove his weapon in and out of her mouth. Saliva ran down his cock shaft, off his balls. Other strands were hunging from Doris' chin.

I was rubbing my clit hard now, two fingers fucking in and out between my spread legs. Marcus rammed in and out, again and again. I could even see the bulge in her throat form and then disappear as the huge head entered and withdrew. She was taking all of him on every thrust.

Finally, Marcus withdrew his organ from her mouth. Her big tits bounced as her chest heaved for breath. Even as she was gasping for breath, her hand was working furiously at her cunt. "OOOhhhhhh... I'm so hot... put it in me... Please... put that big, beautiful black cock in my cunt and fuck me, Marcus.. PLEASE...I NEED IT."

"Get on your back. Spread your legs. Come on. You know how to present your cunt to a man. DO IT!"

I just a few seconds, Doris was on her back, her legs spread wide open with her feet pressing against the mattress thrusting her cunt high, making it a perfect target for the Trainer's cock. I noticed that she still wore her fuck-me heels. I wondered if Marcus had made her put them on or if she wore them anticipating male visitors.

Marcus was between the slutty blonde's thighs in seconds. With one swift, sure motion, he jerked her panties to one side to expose her open wet sex hole. Her hips were thrusting it upward, begging him to fill it. He hesitated a moment. His body blocked my view so I couldn't see, but I knew from experience that he was aligning his cock with the opening to her cunt. The next moment, he rammed himself into her. Doris wailed, her cries filling the corridors of Sow Barn."

The force of his first thrust, drove her hips into the mattress. Her legs few up and wrapped about Marcus' body as he began to fuck her with steady measured strokes. Each thrust brought new cries of intense passion from the shuddering female. Everyone in the building knew she was being fucked. Just as I moved on the down the passage way, I saw him pull all the way out and then drive all of it back into her wet, waiting cunt. Doris grunted as it thudded into the bottom of her pussy.

The shrieks from Sandra's apartment were louder than ever. I saw Becky standing outside her door watching whatever was happening inside. She wearing wearing nothing but a loose fitting, white night shirt. She had her hand on her cunt masturbating furiously. Whatever was happening to Sandra was really turning Becky on.

When I reached the door, I put my hand on Becky's ass and caressed her as her hips thrust back and forth in fuck motions. Her fingers never missed a beat thrusting in and out her of cunt. The aroma of sex emanating from Sandra's, Becky's, and my cunt was heavy and thick.

The two Trainers with Sandra had her naked except for her heels and stockings. They also had her blindfolded. They had been working on her for at least a half hour, probably refusing to let her cum. By this time, she was wild, begging, pleading with them to let her cum.

Fred was lying on the couch with Sandra straddling his hips with his dick sunk deeply into her vagina. The iron-hard dick was plunging rapidly in and out of her channel. Every time Fred rammed it into her, his hands gripped the woman's hips and pulled them down so that she was being impaled completely on every thrust. Each time the big shaft disappeared into her hole, a deep moan erupted from Sandra's throat.

Moving my hand between B


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