The Frustrated Mother and her Daughter

Author's Note: The stories in this series are primarily fantasy. To be certain, the nature of the erotic encounters described are patterned after those experienced by my wife and I during a long swinging lifestyle, but the stories themselves are fictional. An effort is made throughout to keep the nature and sequence of events within the bounds of possible reality as it is my belief that erotic literature is at its best when it stays as close to real life as possible. RLM

The Frustrated Mother and her Daughter

by RLM

Sarah was so frustrated it was driving her crazy. Here she was 41 years old, completely faithful for 20 years, and she was lucky if she had sex more than once a month. Even on those rare occasions that her husband Phil was interested, it never lasted more than five minutes. To make matters even worse, he was a regional sales manager. His job required constant traveling to visit all the offices in his assigned area of responsibility. As a result, he was usually not home more than a week to 10 days a month.

They had had two children who now almost grown. There oldest, a son, Brian, was 19 and a freshman in the state university. He was a smart kid, and Sarah had no doubts that he would do well in engineering. Linda as their youngest at 17. She was a senior in high school and still lived at home.

Linda looked a great deal like Sarah, a fact for which she should have been very thankful. Both women had long blonde hair down to their shoulders. Sarah's now had grayish streaks through hers, but it still looked very attractive. Both had blue eyes with very similar facial features. Sarah was slightly taller at 5'8" while Linda was 5'7". Both had bodies that turned men's heads. Sarah's breasts were 36D while Linda was 34D, but on her smaller frame, they looked every bit as large as her mother's. Both had attractive bottoms. The major difference was that Linda had more boyfriends than she could handle and Sarah sat alone every evening.

Linda had been dating boys since she was 16. Therefore, Sarah was somewhat surprised when her daughter approached her 4 months earlier after dinner and told that she thought it was time that she started having sex. Sarah couldn't conceal her surprise. "You mean you've been dating for over a year and haven't had sex yet?"

Linda was clearly nervous. "Well, we've fooled around a lot. You know.. kissing and petting.. Jack has been begging and pleading with me to have sex for six months. I've put him off every time. I've masturbated him and the last month I've been giving him oral sex, but we haven't fucked."

Sarah could feel herself getting wet. The conversation was the closest she had come to erotic sex in over a year. "Does he do anything to you?"

"As much as I'll let him. I'm afraid to let him do too much. He'll get me so hot, I won't be able to stop. And I don't want to get pregnant. He's offered to use a condom, but I know they sometimes break. Will you take me to a doctor so I can start taking the pill?"

Sarah hugged her daughter tightly and kissed her cheek. "Of course I will. And thank you for thinking enough of me to come and ask. I'm make the appointment first thing in the morning. Think you can wait that long?" she asked teasingly.

"I hope so, but maybe not. All I can think about is sex when I'm out with Jack."

Sarah hesitated and then decided to go ahead. "Linda, you know we have a beautifully furnished guest bedroom in the basement that we never use more than once a year, if that. My bedroom is upstairs. Why don't you and Jack use that room? It's a lot more comfortable than the back seat of a car. Also, I won't have to worry that some thugs are going to see you parked somewhere, beat Jack up and rape you. Or worse."

"Oh Mom! You're wonderful. You sure you don't mind. Most of my girlfriends have to sneak around to keep their moms from knowing they're having sex with their boyfriends."

"One more thing. When you see the gynecologist, she can surgically open your hymen. It's very easy. With a little local anesthetic, you won't feel any pain. She will ask you if you want her to perform the procedure so you need to decide before you go. Otherwise, you probably know that there will be some pain and a little blood the first time."

"I'll think about it, but to tell the truth, I sort of want a man's cock to open me up. What did you do?"

Sarah smiled, leaned over and whispered in her daughter's ear, "I had a big hard 8-inch cock take my cherry, Honey. But don't tell your father."

Linda hugged her mom. "Jack's not that big, but I'm sure he's more than big enough to bust me wide open."


Sarah had taken her daughter to see the gynecologist two days later. She got on the pill with directions as to how to use them. She declined the doctor's offer to open her hymen. Now, four months later, Linda was having sex regularly while Sarah got more and more frustrated.

Sarah taught English in the local high school. One evening she had told Linda that she would be coming in late due to a PTA meeting that always lasted until nearly 11 or 12 PM. However, 15 minutes after the meeting began, someone had dropped a lighted cigarette into hallway container for scarp paper. The resulting fire had quickly emptied the building. The fire department was summoned and had no difficulty extinguishing the blaze with no damage to the building, but the hallways were filled with smoke making it impossible to continue the meeting. The Principal postponed it until the same time the following week.

It was only 8 PM when Sarah returned home. The stairs leading to the basement were right off the entryway. One flight led to the upstairs of the house, the other, down to the basement. She heard the soft moans coming the basement as soon as she walked past the stairs. Sarah knew exactly what the source of those moans were. She felt her pussy and thighs getting wet.

She knew she should go upstairs to her bedroom, but she was so horny and frustrated, she was drawn down the stairs to the basement like a moth to a flame. She had the good sense to remove her shoes and move slowly so as to make no sound. Toward the bottom of the steps, she saw light coming from the partially open door to the guest bedroom. They had been so anxious to get into the bed, no one had closed the door. Moving in the darkened basement next to the wall, she reached a position that allowed her to see into the bedroom.

Her daughter was lying on the bed naked, her legs high in the air and spread wide. Her knees were bent and pulled back so that they almost touched her large breasts. A pillow had been placed beneath Linda's hips to elevate her pussy. A boy lay between her thighs, his body socked solidly into her daughter's sex saddle. His hands held her hips, steadying her body and keeping her pussy in position. He was well built, muscles rippling and gleaming with sweat, as he fucked her daughter with hard thrusts, each one bringing a moan from her lips.

It was the most erotic, the most thrilling thing Sarah had ever seen. Her cunt contracted. Every time the boy fucked into Linda, it contracted again. In less than a minute, she had her dress up around her hips, her panties down, and her fingers working frantically on her throbbing clitoris and sinking in and out of her dripping vagina.

As Sarah took in more of the sensuous scene, she saw that Linda wasn't naked. She still wore her heels, which were jerking back and forth in the air. Oh god.. it looked soooo hot.. and soo wonderfully slutty. Her big tits were being jarred back and forth in response to the hard thrusts her lover was driving into her pussy. She could count his strokes by counting the number of times her tits danced on her chest. Sarah squeezed her thighs together as her first orgasm exploded. Her fluids gushed out over her hand.

Laura's lover hooked her legs over his arms, pushed her knees back against her tits, and began driving his rigid cock straight down into her cunt. The impaled teenager's vagina squirted her cum all over the plunging cock as her orgasm erupted. "Ooohhhhhhhh.. FUCK ME...JACK..FUCK ME HARDER...I'M CUMMMINGGGGGGGG.."

Sarah plunged her fingers in and out of her own cunt. Jack slammed against her daughter again and again.. she could hear the squishing sounds when he pulled out of her tunnel followed by the thud of his body against hers... Laura groaned and shrieked each time he plunged into her. "OOOHHH BABY... I'M GONNA CUM... GONNA CUM IN YOU..!!"


Sarah came again watching Jack's buttocks clench over and over..firing thick streams of semen into Laura's pussy. Jack's body blocked her view so she couldn't see his cock pounding into Linda's cunt, but she knew he was shooting in a huge load. She wished it were going into her pussy.

Jack rested on top of Linda for 10 minutes or so before she pushed him off and began sucking his cock. Sarah knew she should leave, but she just couldn't. She stayed for over an hour. When Linda had him hard again, she got on her hands and knees, held her pussy open and invited him to fuck her doggie. He didn't have to be asked twice. Two more orgasms rocked Sarah before Jack finally came a second time inside her daughter's cunt.

Before she left, she had watched Linda riding him, driving herself to two or three orgasms. When he told her that he was about to cum, she dismounted, bent over him and sucked his rigid dick deep into her mouth. She continued sucking him until his cum load was in her belly.

Sarah quietly went up to her room. She was in a frenzy. For the next hour, her vibrator buzzed on her clit and inside her vagina. She reached several orgasms, but it didn't really satisfy her. She needed a man's cock in her hungry pussy. She just had to have one. ---------------------------------------------------------

The next day Phil returned from his most recent trip. He had been gone for a week and hadn't been in the house more than an hour before he told Sarah that he had to make a tour of the western half of the sales area and would be leaving for 10 days on Sunday morning. It was more of the same, but she had gotten to the point that she no longer really cared if he was around or not.

As expected, Phil showed no interest in fucking her even though he had been gone for a week. He said he was exhausted from the trip. Apparently, he wasn't rested the next night either. Finally, on Thursday night, he decided to provide her with one of his 5-minute specials. Actually, he outdid himself, stripping her, executing foreplay, fucking her pussy missionary style, and shooting his cum into her in less than four minutes. Sarah wondered if it were a record. Even as starved as she was for sex, she wasn't even close to an orgasm when her husband rolled off her body and fell into a deep sleep. That was it for sex during this stay at home. At that point, she decided to see a lawyer about a divorce.

After school Monday, Sarah went to her bedroom, stripped naked and surveyed herself in her full-length mirror. She cupped her 36D breasts, rubbing her nipples in the process. They got hard and erect almost immediately. <I think men would really like these tits.>, she thought. <I bet most men would get incredibly hard and hard if they saw them.> Her eyes drifted downward to the neatly trimmed triangle of light-brown pubic hair that seemed to point the way into her vagina. Using two fingers, she spread her labia open to reveal the moist, pink interior. <I think a lot of men would love to sink their cocks into this wet, hot pussy.> She turned her ass toward the mirror, bent over at the waist, and moved her feet apart. Using a hand mirror, she studied the swell of her ass. She smiled. <I've got a really sexy ass.. a big round bubble ass.> She let her eyes focus on the thick wet lips of her cunt and the inviting slit peeking out from between her thighs. <I wonder how many men would pay or travel to get into me.> She was determined to find out.

An hour later, Sarah was sitting at her computer having used google to find the addresses of several adult chat sites. She had heard about such sites but had never actually visited one before. She checked out several. They all seemed to offer a free, three-day trial without paying the membership fee. Some were totally free but withheld certain privileges for members. She picked one at random and logged in. There were a variety of different rooms in which to chat. She picked the one called "Horny Housewives" as that seemed to describe her perfectly. The site asked for a login name. She used her own, Sarah.

As soon as her name appeared as being logged into the room, a lot of men and some women began sending her messages. Some spent time asking her how she was, how her day had gone, etc. Others moved immediately to sexual topics. She was shocked at the questions, but also incredibly excited.

(How big are your tits, Sarah? What are your other measurements?) When she answered truthfully, the man responded, (Damn! Would love to suck your big tits, Sarah. Does your pussy throb when a guy sucks the nipples really hard?) She typed "yes".

(What are you wearing right now, Sarah?) She told the man a skirt, blouse, bra, panties, and slippers. (You should wear heels, Honey. Pull your skirt up to your hips. Are you alone? Can you do that?) She felt her pussy getting wet; her breathing rate increased. She pulled her skirt up as he had asked and told him that. (Spread your legs really wide, Sarah. Feel your pussy. Are your panties wet, Honey?) She told him that he was getting them very wet. (I want your panties off now, Bitch. Take them off!) Her anger flared at being called a bitch, but almost in a trace, she realized that she was removing her panties. When they were off, she typed a message that said they were off and her pussy was now naked. After five minutes, the man had her naked. He wanted her to finger fuck herself. She couldn't believe she started doing exactly that.

Another question appeared on her screen. This one came from a man who called himself "BIG HARD COCK". (Are you horny, Sarah?) Yes. (Is your cunt wet?) Very. (What are you wearing, now?) I'm naked. (When were you last fucked?) Last Thursday night. (Was it good? Was it hubby's dick in you?) It was terrible and yes it was my husband's penis. (What was the problem? Little dick? Jackrabbit fuck?) Both. (You need a real man to fuck you, Baby.) I know.

Another such exchange with "Young Stud-10" Cock" produced, (I want to fuck your cunt, Sarah.) I would love it. (Where do you live, Sarah?) Texas, Ft. Worth area. (I travel to that area a lot. Would you meet me so I can fuck you with my big 10" cock?) This is really too fast for me. It's my first time to chat at a site like this. (No Problem. Here's my email address. Let's keep in touch. When you feel comfortable, we can meet for hot sex, OK?) Yes. I would love it! (Can I see a picture of you? Email me one?) I'm sorry. I don't have any of me. (Get one made. I want to see the luscious body I'm going to be fucking. Better yet, get a cam.)

After 30 minutes, Sarah was so excited, she had to stop and masturbate. She came as soon as the vibrator touched her engorged clitoris. Here were dozens and dozens of men who wanted to fuck her.

When she turned back to the screen, a black guy, BLACK BULL DOM, was posting her. (Hi, Baby. Ever had black cock in your white married pussy hole?) No. (You don't what you're missing. Wouldn't you like to have a real man up your hot cunt rather than your sissy wimp little dick hubby?) Oohh YES! (Do you ass fuck, Sarah?} I never have. (You will when I fuck you.) Ooohhh god. (You on the pill?) No. My husband fucks me less than once a month. (Good. Stay off the pill, Baby. I want your cunt unprotected.)

Many of the posts were more polite, more subtle, but the men all wanted something sexual. Some wanted to see photos of her body and face; others wanted to see her naked on cam. Quite a few wanted to set up a meeting at which they would have sex. After two hours, Sarah had brought herself to four orgasms. But she wanted more. ================================================================

The photographic studio was large and spacious. Copies of Bart Larsen's work adored all the walls. The photographs were beautifully posed and the images were incredibly sharp. A young man, around 34 approached. The fact that he was very handsome in addition to being an excellent photographer was not lost on Sarah.

"What can I do for you today, Mrs. Morrison? Are you interested in some photographic equipment or portraits?"

"Well, it's sort of personal.. actually somewhat embarrassing, Mr. Larsen."

"Please, call me Bart. It's a lot less formal."

"All right, Bart. If you promise not to call me Mrs. Morrison. My name's Sarah. As I was saying, I eh.. I want to have some personal photographs made."

"I see. That's not a problem. You can see examples of my work on all the walls. I assure you that you will be very pleased with the results. I can do outdoor shots in settings of your choice, or I have numerous sets here in the studio that will set off your beauty fabulously well. I have a lot of experience with fresh, natural photography as well as glamour shots with beautifully done make up. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, as I say,.. eh.. eh.. this is just so embarrassing."

"There's no need to be embarrassed, Sarah. I can already guess what you have in mind. Something erotic, or maybe more, something naughty? Am I right?"

"Oh thank you. I didn't know how I was ever going to able to tell you. I want a complete set of photographs with hard color copies and the digital images on a CD for an anniversary present for my husband. He doesn't know. I want it to be a surprise. I would like for the photos to start very proper and gradually progress to .. to.. well, you know.."

Bart smiled. "I know exactly what you have in mind. I suggest you leave everything in my hands. I know what you want. The dressing room is in the back You'll find a lot of different outfits there. Let's start with something very prim and proper, like a long dress. You pick it out while I get everything set up here."

"But, what if someone comes in while I'm ... uh... you know.. "

"My assistant will be covering the front of store. The photo shoots are done in my private studio. The doors will be locked. We will have complete privacy, and this is like a doctor-patient or a lawyer-client relationship. I tell no one. Every thing is strictly confidential."

Thirty minutes later Sarah was sitting in a chair wearing a long skirt with a hemline to midcalf. The bodice buttoned around her neck. It was a beautiful dress, but a very conservative one. Bart moved around her with an expensive digital camera snapping shot after shot giving directions continuously.

"Beautiful. You look almost virginal." (Little did he know that she was almost virginal.) "Now cross your legs. That's it. Now recross in the opposite direction. Slowly. So I can catch an upskirt shot. Yes.. like that! Pull your dress higher Sarah. Let's see your calves and knees. snap..snap..snap..snap... "

I felt myself blushing. I wondered if the red would show in the photos. When I had recrossed my legs as he directed, I kept them open more than long enough for Bart to aim the camera at the gap between my legs and take a shot. I knew the shot would show my panties. Now he had my skirt up to knees. I could hear my heart beating.

"Move to the couch, Sarah. Look back at me over your shoulder. Seductively, like you're inviting me to join you on the couch. snap..snap.. Lie down.. Arms over your head.. thrust your breasts higher, Sarah. Show the camera how big they are. snap...snap..snap.

My shoulders were back, my tits (tits now..not breasts) were shoved as high as I could get them. I felt my nipples beginning to tingle, my pussy becoming increasingly wet. I actually hoped that Bart would come over to the couch and feel me.

"Great. Now steeple your right knee. Let the dress fall naturally up your thigh. Wow. You have dynamite legs. snap .. snap.. Pull the dress up to your hips so we can see the tops of your hose and the garter straps. Damn.. you look like pure sex. snap...snap."

He was about to make me cum with his comments. My body quivered with excitement. I saw him looking at my exposed legs and telling me I was pure sex... I couldn't wait for this man to order me to show him more. My vagina throbbed in anticipation.

"Drop your other leg off the sofa.. open your thighs wide, Sarah. Show us your legs, your thighs, your wet panties...mmmmm.. snap..snap..snap.. arch your hips a little..thrust it up... need to get closer... . wow.. your husband is going to be able to see how wet you are in these shots...snap..snap..snap.."

OOoohhhhh god. He had the camera aimed right at my cunt. I was so wet, my panties had to be nearly transparent by now. Sexual heat consumed me. My vagina throbbed on the verge of orgasm and I hadn't even touched it.

"Let's get those big tits out, Sarah."

<Ohh god.. he's going to take my tits out. Aahhhh> <MMmmm.. I can feel him.. he's unzipping my dress.> Sarah's thighs opened wider as Bart pulled the dress from her shoulders exposing her bra. She looked down at herself. <AAaahhh... I can see my nipples through the bra..soo thin. I'm being stripped. OOooohhh>

"Sit up, Sarah. Pull your shoulders back, thrust your big tits at the camera..yes.. like that.. snap .. snap... snap.."

I wanted my tits even closer to the camera. I thought about all the men on the internet who were going to be looking at them. I put my hands behind my head, pulled back my shoulders, and shoved my chest close to the camera.

"Take out one of your tits.. just pull it out of the bra... damn.. woman you have cannons for tits... snap.. snap...snap.. both tits out now.. how big are they..?"

"36D", I whispered, too hot and excited to speak normally.

"Snap..snap.. pull the nipples.. make them harder.. snap..snap.. now cup them..hold them up.. snap ..snap..snap.. stand up.. let the dress fall to the floor...snap..snap... step out of it.. bend over.. face away from me...snap .. snap.. now look back at me.. lick your snap .. snap... spread your legs more.. snap..snap.. "

"I have to stop, Bart. Please. I need to calm down. I feel like I'm about to cum."

"I don't want you calm.... do what I tell you. Slot your panties."

"Do what?"

"Don't be naive. Slot your panties.. pull then into your pussy and ass. I don't want to see any of the crotch band.. hide it in your slit... that's the way... yesss snap..snap.. snap.. snap... bend over further... god.. you have me hard as stone... snap...snap..snap.."

My vagina and clitoris began to throb. My orgasm washed over me.. delicious bolts of pleasure seemed to radiate from my cunt. My nipples tingled and felt as if they might burst. The fluids seeped around my slotted panties and ran down my thighs.

"Lie down on the couch.. panties still slotted... spread wide open.. damn.. you're the hottest looking woman i've ever photographed.. snap..snap...wider.. as wide as you can.. got to get a close-up of your incredible pussy.. snap...snap..snap.. Shit.. I can see it throbbing. You're soaking wet! You came didn't you ... DAMN!"

Bart ordered me to take off my bra. My hands were shaking so badly, I tore the clasp trying to get it off. As it fell away, I arched my tits high, thrusting them right at the camera.

"You're all tits and cunt"... snap ... snap...snap..

Take the panties off..halfway down your thighs... expose your pussy.. snap..snap... arch your hips..put your pussy high... snap.. snap.. all the way off.. let the panties dangle from your heel... snap... spread wider dammit.. wide your cunt...snap.. snap.. snap... lose the panties.. hold your pussy open.. snap.. snap.. snap... "

"Now.. legs up..wide open..snap..snap..spread wider.. snap..snap.. finger fuck .. snap..snap.. turn me your hot ass... snap .. snap...hold it open...snap..snap..snap... OHH FUCK!:"

Sarah stayed on her hands and knees, her ass arched high, legs open, waiting for more instructions. Then she felt Bart getting on the couch with her. Looking back, she saw he was naked, his 7-inch cock rigid with lust, precum hanging from the tip. ---------------------------------------------------

My pussy began to throb when I felt Bart's naked body behind me. My juices were pouring out of my vagina. I reached back and opened my pussy for him. Then I felt it...ooohhh god.. that big hard cock head sliding up and down my slit..over my clit... I started to cum.. juices squirting from my pussy every time I throbbed.

He entered me.. pure heaven.. aaahhhhhhhh... his cock swelled and throbbed in my channel. I was being fucked...ooohhhh finally...I was being FUCKED...!!!! His thick, hard shaft was sinking innn...ooooohh... I could feel every inch throbbing inside me. I had cock in my cunt.... a big cock was in me!!!

"oOHH oh oh oh OH OH OH .. It's wonderful! UUNNGGHH... push it innnnnnnn...all the way innnnnnnn... oooohhh fuck me..fuck me...fuck meee.."

I felt the head thud into the bottom of my vagina. Ramming into my cervix.. His hands were on my tits..holding them for leverage to allow him to fuck me harder..fuck me like a slut... "

"Like it? Like my cock in you?"

"Ohhh yess... I do..I do.. I love it. That big thick cock in my pussy...sinking into mee... you just can't imagine how wonderful that feels to a woman!! Fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!"

"I'm gonna cum in you. Do you want my load up your hot cunt? Are you on the pill?"

"No.. but I'm safe. Ohhhh god, I want you to cum. Yesss, cum! Cum in my cunt. Shoot it innnnnnnnnnnn... Oh shit, I'm cumming again, Bart. Fuck me hard. Pleeeze, harder. IT'S SOOO GOOD!!"

He groaned, stopped stroking his cock in and out, and just buried himself deeply in my hot wet pussy. As his cum ejected deep inside my cunt, he grunted over and over, the beautiful sound of a hot male pouring his cum into a woman. I rammed my ass back against him, trying to force his throbbing cock as deeply into me as possible. My own orgasm exploded. I could feel my clitoris jerking and throbbing.

It was an hour before I managed to clean up and get back into the clothes I had worn to the studio.

"Where would you like to have dinner?", Bart asked.

"I need to get home. My daughter will be worried."

"Forget that. You can call her and tell her she's on her own. We're going to dinner and then to my place. My wife is out of town and I want to fuck you again. In fact, I can't wait to fuck you again. You're amazing!"

"When should I come by to pick up the CD and prints?"

"Two days and plan to stay the day. Because I'm not giving you the photos until I get to fuck you again."

"You're saying I have to pay for the photo shoot with my wet cunt?"

"Yes..with you're wet cunt and maybe with your hot luscious ass."

I shuddered in anticipation. -----------------------------------------------------------------

Loading the digitals photographs of herself on her computer and them uploading them to a site that permitted adult images to be posted without charge had proved to be very easy. From that server, she would be able to post her pics to anyone on the chat sites.

As she examined each of the photographs, she was thrilled with both their professional quality and with how good she looked in them. In some, she appeared to be a pretty, but very proper woman. In others, she was more than pretty; she was beautiful and sexy. In several more, she looked like a luscious woman. And in some of the last ones, she was clearly a hot, wanton slut who needed to be fucked. The final several photos, taken after Bart had fucked her, were pure hardcore. In both, her cunt gaped open from the fierce fucking she had just received. Her body was covered with sweat from both their bodies. Her nipples were hard, erect, and if anyone had any doubts as to what had just happened, the thick stream of semen sliding from her vagina gave them an excellent clue.

As she stared at her cum-filled cunt, she became acutely aware of her womanhood. Her pussy was still pleasantly sore from the repeated fuckings Bart had given her the day he took the photos and again when she picked them up. With hot female pleasure, she mentally counted the number of times he had fucked her and shot his cum into one of her waiting holes or all over her body. Once after the photo shoot.. four times that night in his apartment.. again at his photo studio yesterday and three more times that evening again in his apartment. In three days, Bart had fucked her nine times. She didn't even attempt to count her own orgasms. She knew the number was more than fifty.

Sarah knew she had to see her doctor and get on the pill. Maybe she could borrow some of Linda's in the meantime. Her pussy throbbed at the erotic nature of the thought.. <Linda, can I borrow some of your birth control pills... your mom is going to be fucked tonight.>

Later that night, I logged onto the sex chat site I liked the best, once more choosing the "Horny Housewives" room. This time, I used a small version of one of the more conservative photos as a avatar, which is a photo or image that appears on the screen whenever the person posts a message or logs on. I was immediately swamped with responses from the men on the site. I smiled. It was going to be a difficult, but very very pleasant task to pick the right guy.

Twenty minutes or so later, I had settled on a man who was using the name, Hung Husband. He was in his mid-thirties, married to a wife that didn't satisfy him sexually, and he was within driving distance of me. His description matched the photo that he posted. He was trim with a nice body and a very masculine, virile appearance. He said his cock was 8 inches. So, making allowances for male lying, I figured he was at least 7 inches, which is more than sufficient.

Best of all, he was wild to fuck me. As I posted the photos Bart had taken of me, he got hotter and hotter for my body. When I posted some with my legs wide open and up showing a lot of my ass and all of my pussy, he said, "Sarah, I've just got to fuck you. When can we meet?"

We made arrangements to meet the coming Saturday at 6 PM in the lounge of the downtown Marriott Inn. "You need to bring some things with you, Honey. Either a large package of condoms or a recent certificate showing you've been tested and are disease free. I'll have a certificate for you. If you have one, we can forget the condoms. You also need to bring that big hard cock."

"Should I get a room at the Marriott or would you let me fuck you in your own bed?"

"We'll talk about it on Saturday."


Saturday afternoon, Sarah took a long bath and thoroughly cleaned herself..inside and out. "Hard Husband" or Martin as he said his name was, had mentioned anal sex and she wanted to be ready. Before getting out of the tub, she applied lather to her pussy and carefully removed all the light brown pubic hair on her lips. Then she trimmed her bush and shaved it into a neat little triangle just above her clitoris. After tending to her pussy, she shaved her arms, legs, and thighs. Finally, she rubbed on a soothing lotion to her body paying particular attention to her newly-shaven pussy and thighs.

Later, sitting at her dressing table, she applied a red lip gloss to her lips until they gleamed. Blue eye shadow and a dark eyeliner made her eyes look large and beautiful. A touch of rouge was added to her cheeks and dangling ruby earrings attached to each ear. She had had her hair done that morning and the silver combs in it looked sexy.

Reaching into her bottom drawer, she pulled out a black half bra. It was the type that thrust her breasts up and out while leaving both nipples exposed. Sarah selected a pair of matching black, silky, transparent panties. She pulled these up her thighs and over her hips. Most of her buttocks were exposed. She pinched the crotch of the panties together and pulled up on the panties until it sank out of sight into her cheeks of her ass and her cunt slit. She smiled thinking that she had just slotted her panties for Martin. Next came a pair of thigh-high hose. Sitting at her dressing table, she pulled them up her thighs until the elastic tops almost touched her pussy lips. A pair of black spikes with wicked, pointed 4-inch heels were placed on the bed. Sarah surveyed herself in the full-length mirror. She rubbed and pinched her nipples until they stiffened to hard knobs. She looked hot, really hot. Martin would go wild.

Reaching into her closet, Sarah pulled out a very short cashmere skirt. The material hugged her flesh as she slid it up her legs to her waist. It did not come to midthigh. One side had a slit that extended almost up to the tops of her hose. She put on a cream-colored blouse that buttoned down the front. It was not transparent, and it completely covered her breasts and bra. But when she opened the top three buttons, the top third of both of her 36D tits were exposed. If she leaned forward, both nipples came into view.

Finally, she sat down and slipped her feet into the heels. The 4-inch heels thrust her ass out, flexed her calves, and really made her hot and ready. And she felt exactly that way.


Martin was waiting for her in the lounge when she walked in a little after 6 PM. He looked even better than his photo. She was beside him before he saw her. When he looked up at her, his mouth fell open. She bent down and kissed him letting her tongue slide into his mouth and receiving his in return. When she broke the kiss, she held the position and smiled. "Like what you see?"

Martin's eyes were glued to the thrusting tits more than half exposed by the half bra and her bent over posture. Her nipples were hard. "Oh.. god.. I already have a hard on!", he exclaimed. She reached down and felt him. His cock was like a steel bar in his pants and just as big as he claimed..maybe even bigger. Sarah felt her pussy wetting her thin panties.

She took a seat facing him, crossed her legs. The short skirt pulled high enough on her thighs to let him see that she was wearing thigh-highs and panties, not pantyhose. The cashmere clung to her outlining every curve. "Did you bring a lot of condoms, Martin? You're going to need them."

"No. Not a one. But I have this." He laid the health certificate on the small table beside them. She looked at it and smiled. She laid her own on top of his. Then he smiled.

"I want you to take me to dinner.. then take me dancing and show off your new slut.. then take me somewhere and fuck me like a whore."

"I can get us a room here, but I was actually hoping to fuck you in your own bed."

"I have a 17-year old daughter. She may hear us. You ok with that?"

"I hope she hears us." ----------------------------------------

I hardly remember what I had for dinner or even if I ate anything. As soon as we were seated, I felt Martin's hand on my thigh. My cashmere skirt was more than halfway up my thighs so he had a lot to work with. When the waiter came to take our order, his hand had reached the hem of my short skirt and was trying to move between my closed thighs. Embarrassed, I pressed my legs firmly together preventing the exploring fingers from reaching their goal.

Martin, who was in the process of giving the waiter our orders, felt my resistance. Without a moments hesitation, he turned to me and said, "Sarah, I need for you to open your legs wider." Turning back to the wide-eyed waiter: "Just a moment." When I didn't move, he said more sternly this time, "Sarah!" I opened my legs.

Martin smiled broadly, his hand moving onto my inner thighs. "That's much better. Now, where were we? Oh yes. We'll have the lobster salad for starters, and then the fresh salmon almandine. Please bring a bottle of chardonnay."

The waiter was doing his best to look under the table, but since he was standing, he had no chance to see Martin's hand caressing my thighs at my stocking tops. The two men at the table across the aisle, however, had no problem. I could see their eyes glued to my exposed thighs. "Martin", I whispered. "The men over there are watching us. They can see what you're doing."

"Good. Open your legs wide, Sarah. I want to see how wet your panties are. Sarah..spread wider."

The spread of my legs forced my skirt above my stockings. All through the meal, Martin's fingers slowly stroked my pussy through my soaked panties. Up and down, over my erect clitoris, then back down the wet slit... over and over. I couldn't keep my eyes open or my body from quivering.

Then the quiet whisper in my ear: "Sarah, move forward on your chair."

As I moved my body forward to the chair's edge, the motion forced my skirt to the back of my ass. Only my panties separated me from the chair's seat. My pussy extended over the chair's edge. The men at the next table stared right at it.

Martin continued to enjoy his meal, but his hand never stopped moving over my now throbbing pussy. I knew if he concentrated on my clitoris, I would not be able to suppress my orgasm. The waiter brought our dessert, an excellent NY raspberry cheesecake. Again, Martin leaned over to me and whispered, "You are the most sensuous woman I've ever been with. Your pussy is drenched. The two men over there have been staring between your legs all through the meal hoping that they would get to see your cunt. Do you want me to pull your panties to one side while I finish my dessert so they can see it?"

"Oh please. Don't.", I begged.

"Don't what?"

"OOohhhh god... don't pull my panties aside and let them see my cunt."

"They're going to be incredibly disappointed. And they might have a chance to get their erections to subside so they can leave the restaurant. If they see your cunt, they won't be able to leave for another half hour. You're certain you don't want to show them your cunt?"

"No.. please don't.. I just ... I can't.. its.. ooohhhhh"

"All right, I'll just finish my dessert and we will leave."

With one hand, Martin began to enjoy the cheesecake. With the other, he continued to caresses every inch of my pussy through the totally soaked panties. I knew the waiter was going to have to clean the chair it was so wet. My hips began to grind against the chair.. <god..why didn't he work my clit so I could cum.. This was sheer torture.>

Then he did run his finger over the tip of my bursting clitoris. It jerked in a hard spastic contraction. A few more strokes would be enough. Martin moved his finger. When the electric sensations had ebbed, his finger again circled my clitoris. Again, it contracted hard. He moved his finger.

"Ohhhhh god.. do it..go ahead and do it", I moaned softly.

"Do what?"

"You know.. please.."

"Tell me."

" it to them... show them my cunt."

"How much do you want them to see your cunt?"

"Ooohhh please..hurry... do them", I begged.

Martin slowly pulled the crotch of my panties aside exposing my cunt. Both men stared right at it. I raised my hips involuntarily giving them an even better view. As Martin finished his dessert, my entire body shuddered as my first orgasm washed over me.

As soon as I had regained some control, Martin threw two $100 bills on the table and led me out of the restaurant.

Later on the dance floor at an after hours club, it was more of the same. He kept me in a constant state of female heat. I was so aroused, I could smell the aroma emanating from my pussy. I wondered if the men around us could smell me.

"Sarah, go to the ladies room and remove your panties", Martin instructed. I could hardly breathe I was so excited.

Once in the ladies room, I pulled the cashmere skirt up to my waist, hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties, pushed them down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I picked them up and felt their wetness. They were dripping. Putting the crotch to my nose, I inhaled their musky fragrance. The aroma set shivers up my spine. Back in the club, I handed my panties to Martin who smiled and put them in his pocket.

The lack of panties in the club excited me beyond belief. Every time I moved, I was conscious of the gentle breeze on my naked pussy. With the short skirt, any fast movement would expose my nakedness. The thought was delicious.

Martin wasted no time in taking me out to the dance floor. I could feel his eyes on my nearly exposed breasts. Being taller, he was able to look straight down my blouse at the exposed nipples. They instantly hardened. His hand moved downward to my buttocks, cupping them. As we moved to the music, his hands were all over my ass. He unbuttoned another button on my blouse. It gaped even further open so that most of my tits were exposed to his gaze as he looked down from above. He cupped both globes and felt them. Then, I felt his hands under my skirt, his fingers tracing the crease of my naked ass. I saw men watching us as the fingers moved around my hip to my wet pussy. Two fingers entered me, fucking in and out. Just when I was on the verge of orgasm, Martin withdrew his hand and led me out of the club to his car.

"Ohhh god.. please hurry. I'm dying. I've never ever been this hot before." -----------------------------------------

On my front porch, Martin pulled me against his body and began to kiss me. Hot, probing kisses, his tongue deep inside my open mouth. I felt my skirt pulled up to my waist leaving my ass, belly, and pussy naked. His hard male shaft ground against me. My pussy oozed and bubbled, the wetness running down my inner thighs.

Breaking the kiss, I unlocked the door, and led my lover up the stairs to my bedroom. Martin was pushing the door shut when I threw my arms around him, kissing him deeply, my tongue sliding into his mouth and receiving his in return. Frantically, I unzipped his pants and extracted his throbbing, hard 8-inch prick. The head was slick with his precum. He throbbed in my hand, thrilling me to the core. He was every bit as big as he had claimed.

Yanking his pants down, I feel to my knees in front of him. I had to have it, all of it, in my mouth. I took over half immediately and then began to bob my head back and forth on his cock, trying to get all of him inside. When the head entered my throat, I gagged, but I didn't care. I forced more cock inside taking it down my throat. Finally, he was all the way in. My cunt throbbed wetting me all the way down my thighs.

Not wanting to cum in my mouth, Martin pulled me to my feet and began to kiss me again. I was wild for it. I threw myself onto bed on my back, the skirt still around my waist. I steepled both legs and spread them wide. "Ohhhhh hurry. I can't wait any longer... Get in meee!! Fuck me!!"

While Martin stripped, I tried to remove my blouse and bra. But my hands trembled so much, I couldn't open the buttons. In frustration, I tore the blouse open and removed it and the bra in two quick motions. My big 36D tits tumbled out, the nipples hard, swollen, and erect with excitement. My ass hammered up and down on the bed, legs gaping wide open. "Please.. OOOH PLEASE... HURRY!"

As my lover moved between her thighs, I lifted my legs higher until the black spikes pointed toward the ceiling. Martin crawled onto the bed between my legs, his tongue licking its way up my calves, then my inner thighs, until finally it reached the swollen, pulsing lips of my pussy. The tongue licked both lips, around and around, pausing at the erect clitoris. He flicked it. My pelvis arched high as I moaned with pleasure. His tongue probed into my vagina causing it to spasm and close. In and out... in and out. "OOhhhh Please... suck meee... make me cum!"

Martin's tongue lashed the erect clitoris, up and down the throbbing shaft. Then, he sucked on it hard, pulling it into his mouth. When he released it, my tortured moan erupted above his head. His fingers stripped back the protective hood, completely exposing the clitoris. His tongue tip flicked it again and again. Suddenly, it began to dance, throbbing in hard spasms. "Ohh OH OH I"M CUMMINGG... OOOHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK.."

Sarah continued to gasp and moan for a full minute. Martin kissed her belly, her thighs, her nipples, and finally, her mouth, sliding his tongue inside and caressing hers. When her orgasm ebbed, he lifted her legs and pressed them back toward her tits. Her cunt was a perfect, wet target. Moving deep into her sex saddle, Martin rammed his full length into her, his hips fucking the steel-hard, 8-inch cock into the sucking hole of Sarah's vagina. She squeezed the thick shaft with her cunt muscles as it drove into her depths. "OOOHHHhh yeessss... That's the way... UGH UGH UGH UGH... UUUMMMMM... OOOHHHH..I CAN FEEL IT SINKING INTO MEEEEEEEEEE.... FUCKKKKKKKKKING MEEEEEE."

Sarah was spread wide with her dress shoved up to her waist being fucked senseless by her internet lover in her own bed. Martin's butt pounded into the wide expanse of her open legs. Suddenly, she felt his strokes shortening and the muscles of his ass clench. She knew he was about to cum! Another orgasm shot through her body as she felt his cock ramming in deep, pulsing and throbbing against her womb. He growled and grunted as he shot thick jets of cum into her cunt. His strokes slowly decreased in intensity. The cum overflowed and seeped between the lips of her pussy and the slowly pistoning cock to slide down the crack of her ass. ----------------------------------------------

When Linda heard the front door open and close followed by voices, one her mother's, the other a male, she was first curious and then excited. It was obvious that they were trying to be quiet. She waited for 10 minutes and then, as quietly as possible, climbed the two flights of stairs to her mother's bedroom.

The door was closed, but when she was closer, she saw that in their hurry to fuck, they had failed to shut it sufficiently allow the latch to seat. She couldn't see into the bedroom, but a gentle push would open the door. Linda felt her pussy throb. She was still trying to decide if she should peek or not when she heard the bed springs squeak. Then she heard her mother, "Ohhhhh hurry. I can't wait any longer... Get in meee!! Fuck me!!"

A minute or two later, she was listening to her mother moan and gasp in intense passion. She was begging her lover now: "Please.. OOOH PLEASE... HURRY!

Her moans increased in volume until finally, "OOhhhh Please... suck meee... make me cum!" Linda's pussy contracted causing her fluids to gush out, soaking her panties and wetting her thighs.

Turning out all the lights in the hallway, she pushed the door. It slowly opened enough to let her see the bed. Her mother's legs were rigid and spread on the bed. Her toes pointed as her hips thrust her pussy into her lover's mouth. She had her eyes shut, her mouth open, her tongue out. Her hands squeezed her tits and nipples hard. "Ohh OH OH I"M CUMMINGG... OOOHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK.."

As her mother throbbed in orgasm, Linda pushed her fingers into her sodden panties and quickly found her own clitoris. She started to stroke it using two fingers, but she never took her eyes off the bed and the man between her mother's legs. When he moved back to let her orgasm ebb, she saw his cock. Her clit jerked and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning as her cunt began to throb in orgasm. As she came, her eyes never left the thick, erect phallus.

Now she saw him lifting her mother's legs so he could put that monster cock into her cunt. She watched as he pushed her knees against her tits. Linda'a vagina throbbed harder when she thought about how wide open and exposed the man had her mother. She couldn't tear her eyes off his cock. When he buried all of it in her mother's vagina on the first thrust, she buried four fingers into her own vagina as far as she could.

The man began fucking her mother. Hard driving strokes all the way in.. all the way out..over and over. Linda was panting with excitement. Her mother screamed: "OOOHHHhh yeessss... That's the way... UGH UGH UGH UGH... UUUMMMMM... OOOHHHH..I CAN FEEL IT SINKING INTO MEEEEEEEEEE.... FUCKKKKKKKKKING MEEEEEE" A moment later, the man began to grunt as he shot his semen into her. Linda had another orgasm watching her mother lock her legs around her lover and pull him into her as deeply as she could.


Martin left early Sunday morning so he would be out of the house before Linda got up. At the breakfast table, Sarah had a constant smile on her face.

"Are you going to fuck him again?", Linda asked.

Sarah was stunned. She went rigid and said nothing for a full minute. "I don't know what to say", she finally stammered.

Linda hugged her warmly. "I think it's wonderful. And it's about time. I don't know why you haven't done it before. Was that the first time? He was really wild."

"You saw us? How?"

"You were both so anxious to get into bed, you forget to shut the door all the way. You were moaning so loud, I couldn't resist spying on you." Linda paused for a moment. "Just like you did that night Jack was fucking me."

"You saw me? You knew I was watching?"

"I knew and it made me incredibly hot. Couldn't you tell? Anyway, we're even now. I hope you're not mad at me. It was the most exciting thing I've ever seen."

Sarah smiled at her daughter, then hugged her warmly. "I masturbated when I spied on you and Jack. Did you do that too last night?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmm...did I ever! Several times! You didn't answer my question. Are you going to see him again?"

"I hope to. Unless he gets bored with me and wants someone else. How about you? Are you still seeing Jack?"

"Occasionally. I went out with a new guy last week. His name's Craig. He's a sophomore in college, a business major I think."

"Have you .. eh.. you know?"

"Oh come on, Mom. You know the words." She laughed. "Not yet, but probably soon. We have a date for Wednesday night, and I've invited him over for dinner Saturday evening. I'll fix everything. Is that Ok?"

"Of course, it's Ok. This is your home as well as mine. And I'll get to meet this Craig."

How about you, Mom? Are you seeing anyone else besides Martin?"

Sarah blushed. Linda smiled again. "I assume that blush means yes. Who is he?"

Sarah told her about having the erotic photos made and how she ended up having sex with Bart after the session. "Since that photo session, I've seen him several other times."

"And?", Linda questioned.

"And he's had me every time I've seen him, usually several times."

"Can I see the photos he took?"

Again Sarah turned red. "Well, they're not exactly the kind of pictures a mother ought to be showing her daughter."

"Mom, I sort of doubt that they could be anymore hot and erotic than seeing Martin giving it to you last night or what you saw when Jack was fucking me. Come on. Let me see them.. please."

Ten minutes later, the two women were seated before Sarah's computer. One by one, she brought her photos up on the screen. The pictures became more and more erotic as Sarah brought them up in the order in which Bart had taken them. Halfway through, she noticed that her daughter had her hand between her legs. When the final photos were on the screen showing Sarah immediately after Bart had fucked her, Linda was openly masturbating.

"Oh gawd! Those are soooo hot, Mom. Do you think Bart would take some sexy photos of me?"

"Young Lady, I suggest you stay away from him unless you want to have a pic like that one of yourself", Sarah said as she pointed to a photo showing her with her legs open and semen coating her pussy and seeping from her stretched vagina.

"Wow! How did you find Martin? Or maybe I should ask how he found you?"

Sarah told her about the chat sites and how she had met him there.. how one thing led to another.. and they finally met. "I posted some of these photos and he was wild to meet me. You've just got a slut for a mom, I guess."

Linda hugged her warmly and whispered, "And you have a slut for a daughter too. Isn't it wonderful! -------------------------------------------------

Wednesday evening around 7 PM, the doorbell rang. When Sarah opened the door, there stood a very handsome young man of around 20. He was dressed casually, but tastefully, in a sweater and slacks.

"Yes?", Sarah asked.

"Hi, I'm Craig." Seeing no recognition in Sarah's eyes, he continued, "I've been dating your daughter for a couple of weeks. I asked her out to dinner tonight and some dancing. She accepted. I hope that's ok with you and Mr. Morrison."

"Oh Yes! I'm sorry. Linda did tell me about you and about your date this evening. It just slipped my mind. Please come in and make yourself at home."

When Craig had taken a seat in one of easy chairs in the den, Sarah went up stairs to tell Linda her date was downstairs waiting.

"Craig is downstairs waiting for you, Honey. Better hurry up."

"He's already here?? Damn! He forgot the time. He was supposed to pick me up at 8 PM, not 7 PM. I'm not even close to ready. Do you mind chatting with him while I finish getting ready? I'll hurry as fast as I can."

"Sure. Not a problem. I would be delighted to chat with Craig. He's very handsome. I can see why you're dating him."

When she was back in the den, Sarah broke the news to Craig. "I'm afraid that Linda thought your date was for 8 PM. She's not nearly ready."

"That's Ok. She's probably right that I did say 8 PM. I guess I just got overly anxious."

Sarah went into the kitchen and brought back a couple of beers. "May as well have something cold to drink while we wait."

As she bent over to hand the beer to Craig, she saw his eyes move to her breasts which were partially exposed by her bent over posture. The knowledge that this handsome young man wanted to see her tits sent a shiver of pleasure up Sarah's spine.

She took a seat on the couch opposite Craig and they began chatting about his college work, his future plans, Sarah's high school teaching, and other things. As she listened, her eyes assessed her daughter's new boyfriend. The sweater was stretched to the limit over his chest. His biceps and pecs caused the garment to ripple every time he moved. His deep blues eyes and very handsome masculine face held Sarah's attention like magnets. She thought Craig probably had women waiting in line for his attention.

"Looks like you need a refill." Without asking, she retreated to the kitchen and got another beer for him. Again, she bent over when she gave it to him, and again, his eyes locked onto the tops of her exposed breasts. She stayed in position longer than necessary to let him look, and when his eyes rose to meet hers, he smiled and said, "Now I understand where Linda gets her large, beautiful breasts." Sarah felt her breath catch in her throat.

When she again took a seat on the couch, she crossed her legs letting the dress slid up to midthigh. "That's a very nice thing to say, Craig. Older women don't get compliments like that very often. Thank you."

"Older woman? You could easily be Linda's older sister. You're gorgeous. Your husband is a very lucky man." His eyes traveled up the length of Sarah's exposed thigh. "Now you seem to need another beer", he said. "I'll get it this time."

A moment later, Craig was standing in front of Sarah holding out a fresh can of beer to her. Now it was her turn to stare. In her seated position, Craig's crotch was right in front of her face. His erection was obvious as was the large size of his penis. She had provided him a view of her breasts and thighs, so he was returning the favor. And like her, he stayed in position for longer than necessary to allow her to enjoy the view of the turgid organ flexing and throbbing a few inches from her eyes. Her pussy throbbed right along with it.

"Linda says your husband is never home. Travels all the time and has little interest in sex now."

Sarah didn't know how to respond. All she did was nod her agreement.

"That's really too bad. Must be very difficult for you. Do you date?"

The conversation was definitely exciting her, but it was also making her very uncomfortable. She squirmed a bit on the couch and her skirt rose higher on her thighs. She saw Craig's eyes following its upward motion.

"Just recently. For the last month."

The conversation lagged, but not Craig's interest in her legs. "Linda said you're a very cool mom. That's really great. Not many women are that sensitive to their daughter's needs." His eyes seemed to bore into the crease where her thighs met.

"I don't think that Linda was wearing panties the last time we dated. Unfortunately, I never did get to find out for certain." His eyes again explored her legs. "Are you wearing panties, Sarah?"

Sarah breathing had deepened so much that her breasts were heaving. "We shouldn't be doing this. Linda is right upstairs and will be down soon."

"We're just enjoying each other. That's a lot more fun than chatting about your high school classes or my business courses, don't you think?"

"Oohh yes. A lot more."



"Are you wearing panties?"


"What color?"

"They're white.. very thin.. bikini style."

"That sounds very sensuous. Do you think Linda will wear panties tonight?"

"I don't know", Sarah replied and then added, "I wouldn't."

She watched his crotch when she said it and was rewarded with two or three quick jerking motions of his cock. It was becoming uncomfortable for him in his tight slacks. Sarah loved it!

"Will you show me?"

"No. I can't. You're my daughter's boyfriend."

"I'll still be her boyfriend if you show me. Hurry! Show me before she comes down. I know you want to."

"Oooh god!"

Craig slid forward in his chair and leaned back. The motion thrust his pelvis high making his large cock bulge very evident. He wrapped his hand around his erection and squeezed it. At least four inches of dick extended past his large hand. Sarah couldn't tear her eyes away.

With one quick motion, she jerked her skirt up to her hips, uncrossed her legs and then spread them wide totally exposing her panties to him. His hand began to move up and down his cock as he stared right at her cunt covered only by the thin panties. Sarah arched her mound high to match his, her hand moving to her slit. As Craig's hand stroked his cock, Sarah's fingers slid up and down the length of her cunt. If Linda had been five minutes longer, they would have both cum. But, they both heard the upstairs door open and close and Linda's footsteps on t


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