Assistant to the CEO

Author's Note: The stories in this series are primarily fantasy. To be certain, the nature of the erotic encounters described are patterned after those experienced by my wife and I during a long swinging lifestyle, but the stories themselves are fictional. An effort is made throughout to keep the nature and sequence of events within the bounds of possible reality as it is my belief that erotic literature is at its best when it stays as close to real life as possible. RLM

Assistant to the CEO

by RLM

The office was crowded with women a lot younger than I. Although I thought I looked attractive in my tight blouse, short skirt, stockings and heels, I knew I really couldn't compete with the younger women in the room. At 32, I was probably 6 or 7 years older than any of the other applicants. Nevertheless, I still had some hope of landing the job. The ad had clearly specified, "Experienced, older women encouraged to apply". But then it had also stated that the job involved extensive PR work for which an attractive appearance was essential. All in all, I was not too hopeful, which was depressing since Phil and I needed the money, and the ad implied that the salary was negotiable depending upon the experience and qualifications of the successful applicant.

Two hours had passed and all of the other women had been interviewed except for me and one other woman. Finally, the receptionist approached and said, "Ms. Lansing? Ms. Paula Lansing, Mr. Baxter will see you now." I rose and entered the inner office, my heart in my throat. The office itself took my breathe away. Inlaid tile floors covered by what appeared to be a gorgeous Turkish carpet, jade figurines inside glass cases, a large walnut conference table surrounded by plush chairs, matching paneling on the walls, expensive, but comfortable chairs and a large sofa provided ample seating for visitors, and finally, a large ornate desk behind which sat Mr. Marcus Baxter, suggested a very profitable company. It must have cost a fortune.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. Please forgive me. I've been interviewing all day there were so many applicants", Baxter said and he came around to my side of the desk, smiled broadly, and motioned for me to take a seat.

I did, and he sat in the chair opposite me. It was a moment before I could answer him. He was an absolutely stunning man! He had to be the most handsome, virile-looking man I had ever seen. Thick, wavy black hair above equally thick, dark eyebrows, accentuated the piercingly dark eyes. He wore his beard with an unshaven look, like a two-day growth, that just seemed to emit waves of virile masculinity. His jaw was square, powerful. A knowing smile seemed to dance around his lips and eyes. I couldn't keep my eyes from wandering downward to the rest of his body.

His coat was tossed carelessly over a nearby chair. His white shirt was stretched tautly across his muscular chest and upper arms. It looked as if one deep breathe would rip the fabric. The silk tie with its intricate pattern must have cost over $100. His waist seemed to just disappear. I judged his height and weight to be around 6' 1" and 190 lbs. He wasn't a huge man, just an incredibly well-proportioned, powerful man with an impossibly handsome face.

Finally, I found my voice, "That's perfectly all right. I understand. I'm sort of surprised though that the position hasn't already been filled. The other women were beautiful."

Baxter stared at me without speaking. I could almost feel his eyes on me. They inspected my face. I smiled. Next, they took in the contours of my breasts beneath the tight blouse..then downward to my waist and hips. Finally, he looked at my legs and the portion of my thighs exposed by the short skirt. My face flushed. He nodded, looked up, stared directly into my eyes, smiled softly and said, "What a beautiful body you have. Your legs are incredible. But you don't seem to understand much about feminine beauty. The other women looked like pretty toys. You, however, look like a woman."

I felt the wetness seep out between my thighs. It seemed hard to control my breathing. I pressed my crossed legs tightly together. The pressure on my clitoris caused my mouth to open slightly. I saw that Baxter was carefully watching all of this. I knew that he knew I was wet. "Thank you", I stammered.

Baxter picked up my file and slowly leafed through it. "You're fluent in Spanish", he inquired? I nodded. He nodded and asked me a question in Spanish. I answered in some detail, also in Spanish. "Very good", he said.

He inquired about every facet of my experience. Then he turned to the PR aspects of the position. "You are aware that the successful applicant will have numerous duties among which will be substantial PR responsibilities with many of our most important clients. It is essential that you be prepared to handle this aspect of the job in a flawless manner." I again nodded and assured him that I could handle the responsibilities.

"I'm pleased that you have confidence in your ability. But I must make certain that everything is clearly understood. This is a commercial real estate firm. We deal in the sale of properties whose cost often runs into the millions. Both the buyers and the sellers must be pleased with both our efficiency and our service. That is why this position requires a very attractive, intelligent, mature woman. Your responsibilities will include your services as a woman."

I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. I watched as this man closed my file, tossed it on his desk, turned toward me, looked once more at my thighs. He stared long enough to make certain that I knew he was looking, and asked, "Do you have any questions about the position? Don't be shy. Better to ask than to be surprised."

I realized that Baxter intended to offer me the position. Why else waste his time explaining all the details and then allowing me to ask questions. "May I inquire about the salary and benefits?"

"Of course you may. I would expect nothing less. The position carries complete medical and dental benefits for yourself and your family. We also add 15% of your salary to a retirement plan of your choice within the limitations that it must be selected from among those we have judged to be a safe investment for our employees. These retirement benefits are immediately vested with you. They cannot be taken by the Company for any reason nor can they be attacked by legal actions that might be taken against you."

Baxter paused, smiled. I felt like I would melt under that gorgeous, masculine smile. "The base salary is $50,000 per year in addition to the benefits I have already described." I could not suppress a gasp. That was more than my husband made teaching in a junior college after 10 years on the job. Baxter continued: "In addition, there will be substantial bonuses and perks that will make the effective salary of the position more like $90,000 or so."

He stopped, leaned back in his chair, and again inspected my body, my face, my breasts, my waist, my legs, my thighs. "Stand up", he ordered. I rose to my feet as if I were in a trance.

"Turn around." I turned presenting my back to him.

"Bend over!" I hesitated. "Bend over", he repeated. I did it. I felt my skirt riding up high on my thighs. I wondered if he could see my panties. I held the position of perhaps 20 seconds before he finally said, "Wonderful! Just amazing. I think the base salary should be $60,000."

I sat back down. My breathing was fast, labored. "Services as a woman to whom", I asked.

"To me and our clients. Anytime, all the time, in anyway I require. There is, however, one additional requirement if you are interested. Your husband must be informed and he must agree. You will sometimes be working, how shall we say, "late hours", and I do not want to have to worry about a jealous husband."

"Why not just hire one of the single women. Then there's no problem", I inquired.

"Because they are too naive, too addle-brained, too immature. I prefer a sensuous, beautiful married woman like yourself who is also incredibly well qualified, sharp, intelligent, and I'm certain, passionate. Go home. Discuss the offer with your husband. Take these papers with you. If you both agree, I need both of your signatures and I need for you to decide by Monday. Understood?"


"Is he serious", my stunned husband, Phil, asked.

"Oh yes. He's very serious. You should see his office and this company. I mean, it's big, very big."

"But $90,000 to $100,000? Why?"

"Phil, don't be naive. You know why. I speak fluent Spanish; I'm highly qualified to handle sales and manage his schedule and business affairs; I'm intelligent and I'm married so he doesn't have to worry about entanglements, and he likes the way I look. He stared openly at my legs." The real question is, are you comfortable with this arrangement. Baxter made it very clear that you have to agree or it's no deal."

I waited for my husband to respond. Nothing. "Well?", I asked. When he still didn't say anything, I moved up close, put my hand on his crotch, and whispered, "Just think of all the fun we could have with all that money. Everything we want will be ours. And be honest with yourself...wouldn't it be hot for you to think about what I might be doing at work? Wouldn't you get hard thinking about it? And then when I come home and tell you all the hot details while you're fucking me, wouldn't you enjoy that?" Phil now had a raging erection.

"Will you tell me everything?"

"Oh yes. Everything. I promise."

"Oh gawd. That is so hot", Phil moaned.

I laid down on the couch, opened my legs wide, and pulled the crotchband of my panties on one side. "Come over her, Honey. Get on your hot slut wife. Get in her. Fuck her like a whore."

Phil practically ran over. He dropped his pants and shorts. His 7 inch cock was standing rigid, hard as stone, straight up. I rolled the condom onto his penis, and he mounted me, my hand guiding him into my opening. I felt it ram into me, grunting when it was fully buried inside my vagina. Thrusting my hips upward to receive his rapid strokes, my husband fucked me like a whore. Biting his earlobe, I whispered in his ear, "Just think how hot and sexy this is going to be, Honey."

His cock throbbed hard inside me. He fucked me even faster. "I'll tell you everything he did to me. How he used me. All the positions he took me in. Won't that be hot, Baby?" Phil exploded his cum into the condom into like a bull. He wasn't this hot and wild on our wedding night.

He collapsed on top of me. I kept his body pressed tightly against mine, making certain his penis stayed embedded deep inside my cum-filled channel. After five minutes, I began to undulate against him, squeezing and milking him with my cunt. In another five minutes, he was hard again. Before I let him continue fucking me, I had him sign the papers. ----------------------------------------------------------------

As soon as Paula walked into agency the first day, all the loud talking stopped. She could feel every male eye on her. Some were watching her legs, half exposed by the short sheathe dress she wore. She looked at Jamal at the first desk. His eyes were locked onto her ass that was perfectly molded by the tight dress. Fred Jackson was watching her large breasts bounce. She glanced down and saw that her blouse was sharply indented by her hard nipples that were exposed by the demi bra she wore. She hoped Baxter's reaction was equally positive.

The first couple of days at work were consumed with details. A secretary filled her in all the operational details of the office and Mr. Baxter's normal work schedule. She was amazed at the size of her private office. A list of all the important transactions that were in progress was provided. By the end of the second day, she was fully absorbed in the duties of her new job.

Ten minutes after Paula had arrived for work on the third day, the red light on her desk flashed. Baxter wanted to see her. She smoothed her hair in her private bathroom, applied additional red lip gloss and eye shadow, adjusted her thigh-high hose, and pulled her short skirt down as far as it would go. She was pleased with her appearance and thought Baxter would be too.

"My reports about your work to date are excellent, Paula. So far, it's obvious that I have made the right decision in hiring you. Tonight we will be having dinner with Mr. Julio Romero and one of his associates. Mr. Romero is considering the purchase of 20 acres of prime real estate for the purpose of building a new shopping mall. The asking price for the land is $50,000 per acre."

"I'm sure we can persuade Mr. Romero that it is in his best interests to purchase the property."

Baxter nodded. He carefully examined my body as I stood in front of his desk. Finally, he looked into my eyes and said, "I like what I see. Do you like what you see?"

Paula's legs felt like they might not hold her. She was keenly aware of the wetness of her panties and her thighs. "Yes", she panted. "I like it a lot."

"Lift your dress, Paula."

She knew what he wanted. Her hands began to work the tight sheathe up her thighs until she had the bare thigh flesh above the tops of her hose exposed. "You look hot, Paula, Now higher...Show me your panties."

She struggled to get the tight garment over her large hips. Finally, it was bunched about her waist. Her panties were so wet with her excitement that they had become nearly totally transparent. The neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair was easily visible.

"Your panties are very wet, Paula. Are you excited?"

"Oooohhhhh ", the overheated housewife moaned.

"I can see that you are. Turn around."

Quickly she turned. Without even being asked, she bent over to expose the wide expanse of her full ass. Her ass crease was in clear view as was the wet slit of her pussy.

"Spread wider", came Baxter's command.

Paula moved her feet far apart and bent forward. Again the wet crotch band slipped between her labia and disappeared. Her chest heaved with sexual excitement. She felt his large hand on her ass.

"Oh god... I'm hot. So hot!", she gasped.

Baxter's hand explored her inner thighs and then moved upward to the wetness of her pussy. He ran his fingers along the length of the bunched crotch band sunk into her slit until it reached the engorged clitoris. Although covered by her panties, it wasn't difficult to locate the erect knob of sensitive flesh. He rubbed its tip and felt it throb. He rubbed harder. Her hips began to undulate in fuck motions. Baxter listened to her moan.

"In the future, you will remove your panties when you arrive at work." The command brought a groan from her as the finger continued to caress her hardened clitoris.

"I like the small triangle of trimmed bush you have. Beautiful." Removing his hand from between her legs, he ordered, "Turn around. How large are your breasts? I would guess 36C."

"36D", I said with pride in my voice, which this man immediately noticed. He stared at my chest, but said nothing. He continued to stare right at them. I pressed my thighs together and moaned softly.

"Do you want to see them?"

"Why do you ask? Don't you know?"

Quickly Paula opened four of the buttons and pulled her blouse wide allowing the large mounds to thrust through the opening. The demi bra just barely concealed the nipples. Baxter waited patiently, staring at them. Her face flushed with sexual heat as she pulled the bra down. Both naked tits sprang out.

"Your nipples are very hard, erect. I knew they would be. Do you realize how incredibly sexy, how slutty, how sensuous you look right now?"

"Yes..yes..YES!!", Paula gasped. There was no way she could stop. She desperately wanted this incredibly sexy, virile man to see everything. Quickly she pushed the wet panties down revealing the swollen lips of her cunt and the wet inner thighs. Baxter pointed his index finger downward and made a small circle in the air.

Paula turned, presented her back to him. Her panties were quickly pulled out of her slit and down her legs. She stepped out of them and again bent at the waist so he could inspect her naked ass. She held the position, letting him look. Then Paula felt his hand on her ass. There was no way she could suppress the passionate moan. Female hips undulated to present her sex to full view.

"Get on top of my desk. NOW!" Paula moved immediately to his desk, pushed some things aside and laid back. "Get your legs up. What's the matter with you? Don't you know how to present your cunt to a man for use?"

She jerked her legs into the air, put her hands behind her knees and pulled them up and back. Her knees bent assuming the classic female fucking position.

"Knees on your tits. NOW!", came Baxter's command.

When they touched her nipples, she was completely exposed. She knew Baxter could see her cunt and her asshole. She wanted him to see her asshole. Her cunt throbbed in anticipation.

Baxter's tongue moved onto the pulsing shaft of the erect, throbbing clitoris causing ripples of pleasure to course through the wide open vagina. When it reached the tip, the tongue stopped and pressed against the swollen organ. Female moans filled the room. Then, it flicked back and forth causing the Paula's hips to arch upward, her legs to stiffen. As lips suctioned the turgid shaft into the waiting male mouth, the thrashing woman shrieked loudly and began a continuous moaning punctuated with gasps.

Inside the mouth, she felt the tongue rapidly lashing up and down her near bursting clitoris. Sex juices bubbled from her throbbing vagina; her toes pointed and her knees straightened locking her legs rigidly into a taut, stretched position.

When his finger wedged itself into the crevice of the tightly clinched ass and touched her hole, it opened spastically in response to the swirling motion of the tongue around her engorged clit. It sank into her inch...two inches..three inches...then it began sensuous in-out fucking motions.

Paula wailed in hot passion as the finger fucked her ass. She felt the tongue leave her clit and enter her overheated vagina, one inch, then two inches. Slowly, it was pulled out of her sex channel. She felt it slide up the length of her gaping slit until it once more found the throbbing bud at the top of her cunt. Her ass was now six inches off the desk, thrusting wildly.

"OOOHHHHHHHHHH GOD...LICK MEEEEEEEE", she wailed in response to the throbbing spasms of pleasure rippling through her clitoris.

Her boss felt the moaning wife approaching orgasm. Her vagina was throbbing throughout its entire length and the engorged clit jerked spastically every time his tongue touched it. Using his fingers, Baxter stretched the cunt lips wide and stripped back the protective hood to completely unsheathe Paula's clitoris. His finger massaged the shaft with slow up/down motions. He smiled as the woman's hips rose higher; her eyes clenched shut. He increased the speed of his strokes watched the wet hole open in hot response. She was begging him to finish her, to let her cum.

Clamping his lips over her near bursting organ, he sucked hard causing her clitoris to expand and throb within his mouth. His tongue lashed up and down the shaft and over the tip, again and again and again. Her mouth opened wide in a strangled gasp of helpless passion. Several more hard strokes of his tongue over the clit tip caused her tongue to shoot out and rotate in wide circles.

He felt her clitoris contract in a hard spasm and simultaneously felt Paula's vagina begin to throb wildly up and down its entire length. Her sex opening expanded and then contracted violently. He heard the hot whore grunting, then moaning and finally screaming as her orgasm exploded. For 30 seconds, hot spasms continued to surge through her clit and vagina causing her sex hole to open and close in hard contractions. Her legs fell to the desk top, her breath coming in labored gasps, her big tits rising and falling on her heaving chest.

Baxter's cock jerked, precum coating its swollen purple head. He had to get into her. He rose and moved between her legs. Paula felt him pushing her thighs wide. Instantly, she jacked her legs back into the air and pulled them back to elevate her pussy into fucking position. With her knees against her tits, her cunt was a perfect target for his cock. She spread herself wider as she felt his body press between her thighs. Looking between her raised legs, she saw his cock for the first time. It brought a gasp from her lips.

"OH GAWD! How big is it?"

"Ten inches", came the reply.

The bloated head swabbed up and down the length of her soaked cuntal opening. When it brushed across her sensitive clitoris, she felt her cunt contract in a hard spasm. Slowly, Baxter worked the head into her vaginal opening. She moaned in female passion as she felt is stretch her open.

"Ohhh gawd...he's in's gonna tear me open."

Then she felt it sinking inward, widening her cunt into a gaping, stretched tube. Panic seized her, and she began to thrash wildly on the desk. Baxter easily held her in place, his arms under her raised legs prevented her from lowering them. His powerful body had no problem holding her in fucking position. He pushed three more inches of cock into her cunt. Paula wailed helplessly.

Abruptly, Baxter pulled his cock out of the upturned, open cunt. Paula's eyes snapped open, surprised, relieved, disappointed, all at the same time. She saw Baxter staring at the widely stretched vaginal hole.

"What a hot piece of ass you are. That's the hottest looking cunt I've seen in a long time. Just beautiful. I wish you could see it. Your cunt is a wide open, soaked hole. The juices are bubbling out, begging to be filled. What a woman!"

Paula's passion flared in white heat at the words. "Ohhhh YES! It's wants to be filled with your huge cock. Fuck me... Please... FUCK MEEEEE!", she screamed in female heat.

Baxter drove his steel hard, 10 inch weapon back into the waiting hole. Now thoroughly coated with female sexual lubricant, 8 inches entered her easily, sinking into depths her husband had never reached in 11 years of marriage. Her hips surged upward to receive the huge cock. A wild shriek of pleasure erupted from her lips. She knew that others in the office could hear her and knew that she was being fucked. The thought enflamed her even more.

"More..more..give me more....", she begged.

Pulling five inches from the tight vaginal sheathe, Baxter put his hands under her ass, held her in place and drove back into her. He watched her mouth fly open, her eyes clench shut as the five inches of cock again entered her passage along with another inch of hard masculine cock. With nine inches of incredibly thick cock buried in her, her clitoris just exploded from the pressure on it.

Baxter felt her cunt contracting and throbbing around his shaft as she heaved on his desk in orgasm. The man on her ground his cock against her womb, pushing up and back, making more room inside her. She was still cumming when he withdrew and pumped her again..then again..finally burying the last inch into her spasming hole. Continuous orgasms rippled through her pussy.

Baxter felt his cum rising. He watched with pleasure as Paula's tits bounced back and forth on her chest as he fucked her. Her tongue was out, licking her top lip.

"Are you on the pill", she heard him ask.

"No", came the response. Her eyes opened wide.

"Too bad. The cum goes into your cunt anyway."

She came again at the thought that he was going to ejaculate his huge load into her unprotected pussy. Hard spasms rocked her vagina as she felt the huge cock swell even bigger inside her cunt. His strokes shortened. He hit into her harder, holding her ass steady as he prepared to unload in her hole.

Her entire body convulsed, shuddered, in a wild climax when she felt the hard male weapon in her jerking as it fired off. Her hands felt her lover's buttocks clench over and over, his powerful hips ramming into the open V of her legs, as more masculine cream was ejected into her cunt. Finally, his thrusts slowed..then stopped. He collapsed on her, his chest heaving with exertion, his semihard cock still twitching within her. She had never in her life felt more like a woman. ------------------------------------------------------------------

Phil sat on the bed and watched as his wife pulled the tan thigh-high hose up her shapely legs. His cock was steel hard and jerking, precum covering the tip and shaft.

"Oh gawd. He licked your pussy while you were lying on his desk? Did he make you cum?"

"You have no idea how hard me made me cum. I just exploded. And he stayed on my clit. He wouldn't stop. My pussy contracted and throbbed..over and over.. my juices spurted out. It was incredible."

He couldn't take his eyes off of his sexy wife as she selected her dress for the evening. It was black, form-fitting, with panels over her breasts that tied behind her neck. Phil was wildly excited, thrusting his hips upward as he jerked his hard, 7-inch penis. Paula watched her husband as he did it, a smile on her lips.

"Did he fuck you", her husband asked.

"My skirt was up around my waist, my panties were off, my blouse was wide open, the bra pulled down, and my tits sticking out. My nipples were rock hard and my pussy was soaked and still twitching from repeated orgasms. Of course he fucked me. Do you think he just jacked off", she asked sarcastically.

Phil tried to stop jerking to keep from cumming. "Did he say anything? How did he ask if he could fuck you?"

Paula turned, naked except for the thigh-high hose, she watched him masturbate.

With her hand on her hip, she replied, "Yes, he did say something to me. He said, "Get your legs up. What's the matter with you? Don't you know how to present your cunt to a man?"

Phil couldn't suppress a moan. He jerked his cock harder, faster, too excited to stop. As his hand flashed up and down his slickened shaft, he asked, "How big is his cock?"

"About 10 inches and very thick, twice as thick as you", Paula replied as she dropped the black cocktail dress over her head and struggled to pull the hem over her flared hips. When she had it down, her husband saw that it ended at mid-thigh. The top two panels that attempted to cover her big tits only managed to cover half of the thrusting mounds.

Phil was acutely aware that Paula hadn't put on any panties or bra. His wife selected a pair of black stilettos with wicked four-inch heels and silver highlights on the sides. When she bent to faster the straps about her ankles, one top panel fell away exposing her breast completely. Phil had to squeeze the head of his penis to stop the ejaculation.

"10 inches! How could he possibly get that into you!? I'm only seven inches. He's almost twice as big as me."

"Honey, you never were any good at math. Marcus' cock is 50% longer and twice as thick as yours. That makes his cock about six times as massive as yours. Go to Google...find out how to figure out the volume of a cylinder...a big, hard, massive fuck cylinder."

He knew she was right. "Gawd.. six times bigger than me."

His cock throbbed with the thought of that massive weapon in his wife's cunt and mouth. He wanted desperately to see it in her. Again and again, his hand flashed up and down the erect shaft. Then he desperately squeezed his thighs together to hold off the orgasm.

"How did he fuck you?"

"On my back, on his desk like I told you. I jacked my legs way up and pulled them back until I had my knees against my tits. I thought I was in perfect position for him, but still had to make some adjustments to get all of that monster cock into me."

Her eyes locked on Phil's cock as it jerked with excitement, ejecting another blob of precum over the head.

"He couldn't get the last inch into my cunt in the position I was in. So he had to shove my legs back further to elevate my hips. Once he had me like that, he held my ass firmly in place and drove the final inch into me. You have no idea, Honey. I could feel it shoving my womb up and back to make room for all of it. After that, he just fucked the shit out of me. He liked pulling it all the way out and looking at the big, gaping hole his cock had made between my thighs."

"He used a condom didn't he?"

"He did ask me if I was on the pill. I told him no. He just said, "Too bad. The cum goes into your cunt anyway." Then he unloaded in me. It was massive. I could feel his cock flexing and spurting, again and again and again."

"But you'll get pregnant", Phil screamed.

"Probably. If not that time, then the next time or the next. I've got a doctor's appointment later this month to get on the pill. Then I'll have a D & C done. Until then, I think my cunt will be receiving a lot of cum. In fact, I'm having dinner tonight with Marcus and two clients. I have a feeling several more loads will be in me before the night is over. Are you sure you're OK with this?"

For an answer, Phil just moaned, jacked his cock, and fired several huge streams of cum up into the air. They arched high and fell onto the carpet between 3 and 4 feet away. ----------------------------------------------------------------

Paula sat beside Baxter as they drove to the night club in his Mercedes. He looked approvingly at her attire. "You look fantastic..delicious. Did you prepare as I advised?"

"Yeah.. I did just what you suggested. Now I have a suggestion."

"What is it?"

"That you introduce me as your wife. I'm wearing my wedding rings. You just stay at the table and be my very docile, wimpy husband. I'll take care of Julio and whoever is with him."

"Tell me why."

"Men like fucking married women. They're sort of worried that you're screwing them on the price of the property, which you probably are. The fact that they think they will be screwing your wife ought to make them a lot more comfortable with the deal, not to mention the fact that I will be around for all future discussions with them."

Baxter smiled and nodded. "Once more, I say that I certainly made the right choice in who to hire for this position." -----------------------------------------------------------------

Within fifteen minutes after his wife had left the house, Phil was hard again. And with each slowly passing minute, his cock seemed to get more and more rigid. It felt like it might explode without even touching it. He paced, back and forth, wondering what Paula was doing now. Was she having dinner yet? She might able to get the clients to purchase the property without having sex with them, he thought. She can be very persuasive. It was hard for him to imagine that Paula would have sex with someone else the same day Baxter had fucked her.

Finally, he could stand no more. Racing out to the garage, he jumped in his car, and drove toward the Country Club where Paula had said they were having dinner. ----------------------------------------------------------------

Julio Romero couldn't take his eyes off of Baxter's wife. The sultry beauty just seemed to exude sex. The panels of her skin-tight dress didn't cover all of her ample breasts. The nipples made clear imprints in the material. He was certain that she couldn't possibly be wearing a bra. There just wasn't anyplace to hid the straps.

And she was really a mature beauty. Full, luscious red lips that she frequently licked with the tip of her tongue. Piercingly green eyes framed with eye shadow enhanced her face even more. Romero's erection grew even harder. The way Baxter ignored her was amazing.

The third man at the table, Hector Cortez, was Romero's associate and bodyguard. A large man, he busied himself wondering if there was any way he could get his cock into this hot bitch.

"Well, Gentlemen, I'm sure Marcus has told you about the marvelous location of the property. It's ideal for a shopping mall. There isn't one within several miles and the area is an upscale development with many high-income families. Everyone in the area has been waiting for a first-class facility to be built in the area. And if there are any problems during the development, I will be more than willing to help you with issues like building permits, utilities, zoning requirements, whatever. I would be available anytime you need anything."

By this time, both clients were ignoring Baxter. He seemed to be just a wimp husband. Romero had previously felt that Baxter had significantly overpriced the property, but now he felt that the man didn't have the initiative or the courage to do that. He decided to find out for certain. "Paula, would you like to dance. I would be honored." He rose and held out his hand, deliberately ignoring Baxter's presence as he invited his wife into his arms.

Paula gave him her sexiest smile, took his hand and followed him onto the dance floor ignoring her "husband" of the night. Once on the floor, Romero took her tightly in his arms and pulled her body against his. He enjoyed the feel of his large tits mashed against his chest. He moved her head close to his and whispered in the woman's ear. "You feel even more voluptuous than I imagined you would." Paula pressed her body tightly against him. ----------------------------------------------------------------

Phil couldn't concentrate on his driving. His mind kept picturing his wife with Baxter and some unknown clients. He imagined Paula lying on a bed, naked except for her hose and slutty heels, her legs spread wide open, and raised with knees bent, in open invitation. They're just having dinner, he thought. Maybe discussing the property. After all, they're in a crowded upscale restaurant. Nothing sexual could be happening there. His cock was still very hard in his pants. He adjusted it inside his shorts for more comfort.

He saw the Country Club ahead. Turning sharply into the parking lot, he found the first open space, parked the car, and ran to the entrance. The dining room was only partially filled. His eyes searched the room, but his wife was no where to be seen. In fact, there were no tables with several men seated. After searching the room again, Phil realized that he had either misunderstood where his wife was having dinner or they had changed their plans.

Ten minutes later, he was driving aimlessly around the city. He was now talking to himself: "She could be having sex, but I doubt it. The way she looked, she shouldn't have any trouble getting the men to buy the property." ---------------------------------------------------------------

They moved slowly around the floor, neither concentrating on the music. Paula felt the man's hands move to her buttocks, one on each cheek. Obviously, he didn't care who saw them. She moaned softly in his ear and felt the immediate response of his cock. She undulated her belly and crotch against his bulge until he was fully hard.

"What did you mean when you said you would be available anytime I required anything", Romero asked.

"Exactly what I said. I'm available anytime."

"Like now perhaps?"

" now or tomorrow or whenever."

"I want to fuck you."

"I know you do. When are you going to do it?"

"Your husband? Is he a problem?"

"Yes. You can't let him know or he may withdraw the deal. But a man of your experience should be able to handle that, yes?"

"I will handle it. Your tits are naked under the dress?"


"And your cunt? Is it also naked?"

Paula felt her vagina contract at the lewd question. She was acutely aware of his hands on her ass in full view of all the men surrounding the dance floor. She knew Romero wanted all of them to know he was going to fuck her. His commanding voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Well? Answer me."

"That would spoil all the fun", she teased.

"Fair enough. And if I should wish to verify that you're not wearing a bra?"

"I'm surprised you even bothered to ask me."

Romero nodded, reached down and pulled one of the front panels of her dress aside. The naked breast sprang out. Paula noticed two men at a nearby table watching her being exposed. "Two men are watching, in case you need to know", she whispered.

"Is that a problem for you?"

"No. Not at all."

"Nor to me. I don't care who sees your tits." He moved to the other panel and exposed her second breast. "Where are these men?"

"To your left at a table at the edge of the dance floor."

Romero moved Paula away from his body so that her naked tits were fully exposed. "Turn toward them. Show them your big naked tits."

She turned in his arms, arched her shoulders forcing her tits outward and presented them to the men a few feet away. One licked his lips; the other put his hand on his hardening cock bulge.

After a few moments, Romero pulled her back into his arms, once again shielding her exposed breasts with his own body. She felt his hand moving under her dress, up her thighs. "Please. Not here. Please. Take me somewhere more private", she begged him.

"After I enjoy feeling your wet panties, I will."

"You can't feel my panties."

"I can't? In just a moment you will discover how wrong you are." His hand moved higher until it reached her naked buttocks. "A thong, huh. I suspected you would be wearing a thong."

He moved his hand between their bodies to her crotch intending to slid his fingers into the front of the thong. Paula opened her legs to give him more access. The action made Romero's cock jerk in a hard spasm.

When his hand reached its intended target, all he felt was smooth skin, no crotch piece. Moving downward, he felt the hardened knob of the erect clitoris. Further down, his fingers sank into the slick moistness of her naked cunt.

"I apologize, Senora, you are right. I can't feel your panties. Follow me. I'm going to fuck you now."

As Romero led them off the dance floor, the two men were staring at her with lust. She winked as they passed.

Across the room, Baxter saw Paula being led out of the club into the parking lot. He gave no indication that he was aware of anything. Turning to Cortez, he said, "Would you like another drink? I'm going to order myself another."

Romero led Paula to his limousine in the valet parking area. His driver immediately leaped out to open the back door for his boss.

"Thank you, Pedro. I'm going to be enjoying this hot gringo woman for awhile. You may lower the partition if you would like to watch."

Pedro saw the naked swinging tits on the woman and was certain he would be watching. "If you save your load, you may have a better place to shoot it than into your hand", Remero advised.

Once inside the spacious back seat, Romero worked Paula's dress higher and higher on her thighs. Smiling, he watched her hips hunching in fuck motions..back and forth. Then her dress rose above her ass exposing her naked cunt. He wasted no time is jerking the dress up around her waist. The hot woman spread her feet apart to allow him to get between her thighs and grind his organ into her pussy.

After a moment, Romero moved back so Paula could get his pants down. He fondled her swinging globes as she worked at his pants. The 36D tits were firm in his hands. He pushed Paula to her knees. She knelt in front of him and examined the 8-inch fully erect cock. The head was a swollen big purple knob atop an equally large shaft. His hardness excited Paula. The sex weapon stood almost straight up against his hard belly.

Romero thrust his cock toward Paula and said, "Suck it, Slut...Get your mouth hole over my cock and suck me. Hurry up!"

She couldn't do it fast enough. Kneeling in front of the chair, she took his huge cock in her hand and began jacking him off.

"Don't jack it, Slut... Suck it!" Romero commanded.

She held his balls with one hand, and with the other guided his pulsing cock into her mouth hole. Her mouth stretched as wide as possible to get him inside. Romero hammered his organ deep inside the sucking mouth, ramming her head downward on the throbbing shaft. More cock sank into her cavity. As he dragged it back, Paula's cheeks hollowed, sucking him hard.

When only the head was still in her mouth, Romero pushed it back in. Five inches..then six inches.. then seven inches. The cock head entered her throat. Her eyes bulged. Another half inch of cock was forced in. She gagged. Romero ignored her distress. "Don't gag, Bitch. Suck. Suck like a whore."

Romero held her head steady and drove the last half inch of cock into Paula's throat. She gagged again, retching. Momentarily, she dislodged him from he throat, but Romero thrust it deep, again burying it in her throat.

"UUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH... OOOMMMPPPFFFFF..", came the strangled gasps.

Ramero paid no attention to her. He held her head firmly in place and mouth fucked her hard. Saliva ran down his cock shaft. Finally, Paula's throat expanded enough for her to take all of it. Her gagging ceased. Romero drove his cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked it harder.

Suddenly, Romero pulled his cock out of her mouth. "Lay back on the seat. Get you legs up in the air. Spread wide and open your cunt" he ordered.

She fell onto the seat on her back. Her legs rose, and she steepled her knees, spread wide as she did it. Her fingers spread open the entrance to her vagina. Romero moved between her thighs and lowered his face to her pussy. He stared into the opened hole. His tongue slowly and deliberately circled Paula's swollen clit, teasing the pouting lips of her hot pussy. Romero watched the woman writhing on the car seat, moaning "Oh God" over and over again, as she pulled his head closer into her bucking sex saddle.

Pedro stroked his hard six-inch cock as he watched the woman raise her legs way up into the air, bending them at the knees. His cock throbbed harder when she wrapped her slender arms around her knees, and brought her thighs down until they both pressed into her big, well rounded tits. This caused her back to arch up,lifting her buttocks high off the car seat. Romero's tongue worked deeper and deeper into the slut's cunt.

Pedro saw his boss slid two fingers up into the woman's hole while he sucked her dripping clit. She began a long breathless groaning that gradually grew louder as she approached what appeared to be a mammoth orgasm. He could see the fingers plunging in and out of her sopping vagina making squishing sounds on every thrust.

"Oh God, don't stop, don't stop now," the woman shrieked, thrashing about on the seat, "I'm going to come, please, suck my clit harder, make me come," she begged.

Her throbbing clit was sucked harder. The fingers ramming in and out of pussy became a blur of motion.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, I'm almost there, oh God, yesss...." Ramero shoved his thumb up her upturned anus. "Yesss... yessss.... like that.... yessss...I'm cumming..... I'm cummmminnnngggg!" ----------------------------------------------------------------

The TV was on, but Phil was not watching it. By this time, he had decided that Baxter's clients were ready to sign the contracts on the property. He wondered why his wife wasn't home yet. Finally, he realized that to sign the contracts, they probably had to go back to Baxter's office. That was it, he thought. They've gone back to his office and are signing the agreements right now.

He dialed Baxter's office phone and waited for an answer, confident that all his fretting and worrying that his wife was having sex with the men was pointless. They had been married for over 10 years and had two children. And she wasn't on the pill. There was no way she was going to actually have sex with them. He listened to the phone ringing in Baxter's office. ----------------------------------------------------------------

"Now Julio, now, please. Please put it in me, oh, let me, let me put it in. Fuck me, fuck me good", Phil's wife begged.

She took the head of his hard 8-inch cock and guided it to her flared vaginal lips. Romero drove his shaft into the moaning woman, and Pedro had to struggle to keep from shooting his load in the front seat as he watched.

The thick cock slid smoothly and easily into the lubricated tube of the woman's waiting cunt. He watched her hole quiver and stretch to accommodate the big male weapon. She took his cock so easily, Romero suspected that she had been very recently fucked by an even larger phallus. Romero pulled out and re-entered her again and again, enjoying the delicious entry, the hot moistness and snug clinging of her thick, fleshy pussy lips on his hard penis. Each of his re-entering thrusts brought a fresh "Aaahhh..." from Paula's parted lips, as her head whipped from side to side.

Romero fucked the luscious slut with hard driving thrusts that thudded into the bottom of her sex tunnel. She bucked wildly, her legs spreading as wide as the back seat of the car would allow. Her big tits bounced on her chest in time to the fuck strokes in her vagina. Pedro watched Romero's huge cock, covered with her juices, sliding in and out of the gringo's stretched cunt.


The feel of her contracting cunt pushed Romero over the edge. He slammed his steel-hard rod into Phil's wife. The big head lodged up against the mouth of the woman's womb where it exploded one thick stream of cum after another into her unprotected vagina.

As Romero exited the limo, he stopped to wipe off his cock and pull up his shorts and pants. Paula lay unmoving on the back seat, her legs still wide open, cum seeping from her distended pussy. Romero watched with interest as one large white blob was forced out by her cunt's contractions. It slid down her vaginal lips into the crack of her ass. It soon disappeared down her crevice.

"I have to get back inside, Pedro. If you wish, you may take 10 minutes and fuck her. After you cum, send her back inside."

As Remero walked toward the entrance to the club, he turned in time to see Pedro starting to fuck the woman. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Phil waited anxiously for his wife to return. He had tried to sleep without success. Once more, he glanced at the wall clock. It was almost midnight. Paula had said that she and Mr. Baxter were having dinner with two of Baxter's clients. How long could it take to have dinner and sign some contracts, he wondered. Once more visions of Paula being fucked raced through his head.

It was nearly 1 AM before Phil heard their garage door open for Paula's car. He couldn't suppress a gasp of shock when he saw his wife. Her hair was mussed, her lipstick half gone and smeared, one stocking was torn, her dress was wrinkled and one breast was almost completely exposed. "Are you OK", Phil asked with real concern.

"I'm fine, Honey. Just worn out."

"What happened? How come you're so late?"

"Romero and Gomez were hard to convince. It took some time and work, but I got it done, Honey. They finally signed, a million dollar deal. Marcus was ecstatic! And he's promised us a very nice bonus."

"How much", her husband asked.

"Don't know", his wife answered as she walked toward the bedroom, dropping her dress on the way. She was naked underneath except for the stockings and heels.

"Tell me about the evening", Phil begged. "Tell me everything!"

"Tomorrow, Honey. I'm just exhausted. I need to get to bed, tomorrow's another work day."

Phil's hard cock wouldn't let him back off. "No. Now. I want to know. Please, just tell me if you had sex with anyone. The way you look, you must have."

"It was a million dollar deal, Honey. Of course they fucked me. Are you mad? Are you still OK with this arrangement? You did agree and you knew sex would be involved"

"Oh gawd!" Her husband jerked his zipper down and pulled out his very hard penis. "They? How many? How? When? Oh shit!" He began to masturbate.

Paula removed her heels and was stripping off her torn stockings while she watched Phil jack off. "First it was Julio. He took out my tits on the dance floor and finger fucked me." Phil dropped into a chair, thrust his legs out, and began squeezing his pulsing penis harder.

"He took your tits out right there on the dance floor? Did anyone else see them?"

"I know two young guys sitting next to the dance floor did. Julio made me turn and show them my tits."

"Is that all? Did he do anything else while you were dancing with him?"

"He felt me up. Put his hand under my dress and finger fucked me. Then he took me out to the valet parking lot where their limo was parked. His driver, Pedro, opened the door, and I was pushed into the back seat. Julio told me to suck his cock."

"Did you suck him?"

Paula smiled. "I sucked his entire 8 inches all the way, Honey."

"Eight inches! OMG! Did he cum in your mouth?"

"No. I wasn't surprised. I knew he wanted to fuck me. After I had sucked him for several minutes, he pulled out and made me lie on my back with my legs up and spread."

"Did he take off your panties or did he make you do it?"

His wife smiled wickedly. "I wasn't wearing any panties. You saw me dressing."

"OHH GAWD! Then he fucked you? What was the driver doing?"

"He fucked your wife's pussy hard and shot me full of cum while Pedro watched and jerked off. Just like you're doing." After he had finished, he told Pedro he could fuck me if he wanted to. Then he left my lying there on the back seat of the limo with my legs wide open and his cum running out of my pussy. I think he went back to the club but I'm not sure. Pedro was all over me."

"Did the driver fuck you too?"

"He ordered me to get up on my hands and knees and stick my ass up as high as I could. I turned over, put my head on the car seat, pulled my knees under me and arched my ass up in the air. I wasn't close enough to the edge of the seat for him to get at me, so he took hold of my hips and slid me across the seat until my heels were sticking out the car door and he had my cunt in fucking position. Then, he did me doggie, Honey. It didn't take him long. Maybe a couple of minutes. He was really hard and hot from watching Julio giving it to me."

"Was that the end of the sex for the evening?"

"No, I'm afraid it wasn't. That's why I'm so late. Romero told Baxter he was ready to sign the contracts and wanted to do so immediately so they could leave in the morning. Marcus didn't have the papers with him so we all went back to the office for the signing. Baxter had me ride with them in case they got lost."

Phil was having to squeeze the head of his penis to stop himself from cumming.

"I sat in the back with Romero and Gomez. Gomez hadn't had me yet and he was wild to fuck me. We were on the back seat with Romero sitting facing us. Pedro had the partition down so he hear and see me getting fucked."

"How did he fuck you", Phil asked beginning to jerk on his penis again.

"He pulled my dress straps off my shoulders so he could suck my tits. While he got his pants off, I bunched my dress up around my waist."

"How big is he?"

"Seven inches, thick, uncut, about the same size as you." Phil breathed a sigh of relief. At least, not all the men had bigger cocks than he did.

"I wanted it in me. He told me get on it so I spread my legs on either side of him and sat down on his cock. I was so wet, he sank in all the way as soon as I lowered my hips. He started ramming me really hard and I had an intense orgasm. It was a 20-minute drive, but he only needed half that time to shoot his load into me. I came again when I felt his cock jerking inside me."

"What was Romero doing while you were being fucked?"

"He was watching Hector's cock pumping in and out of me from a foot away. He was also finger fucking my ass while he watched."

"OH GAWD! I'm gonna cum! Was that it?"

"No. I'm afraid we kept Mr. Baxter waiting. You wife was a total slut."

Phil struggled to hold off his orgasm. "After unloading in my cunt, Hector stretched out on the seat, spread his legs and told me bend over and suck him. While I licked him clean, my bottom was up in the air right in front of Julio. He got behind me and put his cock into my pussy. When we got to the firm's parking lot, he was still giving it to me. I had already cum twice more, but apparently, I was so stretched and wet, there wasn't enough friction to get him off. So he had me hold my cheeks open while he put it in my bottom."

"In your ass..", Phil repeated. "Did it hurt. Could you take him?"

"Not much. I was so wet. All that cum had run down my ass crack into my anus that I was really well lubed, and Romero had spent ten minutes stretching me with his fingers. He just put the head against my ass and pushed. I relaxed and it slid right in. Once he got the head into me, he had no more problems. He buried all eight inches into me on the first thrust.

When it was all in me, he held my hips and really started fucking me. Hard, driving strokes. I could feel his big balls slapping my cunt every time he bottomed out in my ass. I put my hand between my thighs and rubbed my clit while he did it to me. It didn't take him long to cum. I got off again while he was shooting his cum into me."

"AAAHHHHHHHHHhh...." Phil's cum exploded upward in a high arc, hitting his wife's thighs and legs on the way down.

Fifteen minutes later, as he watched his wife crawl under the covers, he asked, "Do you think I could watch sometime?"

"I doubt it. There's a lot of money involved. Not just sex. You might make the clients nervous."

"Please ask Baxter if I can watch or something. Please", her husband begged.

"I'll talk to him", he wife said as she fell into a deep sleep. -----------------------------------------------------------------

The following Monday evening, Paula brought home five surprises for her husband.

"What are they?", he asked excitedly. Paula handed him a small wrapped package.

"What's this?"

"It's surprise No. 1. Open it and find out. I'm sure you will love it."

Phil tore off the wrapping paper and used his Swiss knife to slit the sealing tape. Opening the box, he removed a stack of $100 bills secured by two rubber bands. Stunned, he removed the bands and began counting. There were 50 bills in the pack, $5,000. "What's this?", he asked again.

"That's my commission for helping land the Romero contract last week. And here's surprise number two, my first month's paycheck in advance."

Phil carefully opened the envelope and stared at the enclosed check for $4,127 and some change. He was speechless.

"Like I told you, I'm paid $60,000 per year. That's $5,000 per month minus withholding and social security."

"Damn! I knew the money was going to big but it never hit me until now just how big." He jumped up, pulled his wife into his arms and kissed her passionately.

"I knew you would like those two. I'm not so certain about surprise number three."

"What is it? After the first two I can hardly wait", her husband exclaimed.

"I have to be gone for a few days."

Paula was right. Phil seemed dejected. "Where are you going?"

"Two places. This evening I'm meeting with a small group that is considering leasing three large units in the new Southside mall. Hopefully, I can persuade them to sign the leases. Then early in the morning, Marcus and I are flying to the Cayman Islands to discuss another large deal. I'm not sure what that is but he said that it's as large as the one I landed with Romero."

"How long will you be gone?"

"I'm not certain. However long it takes to complete the business I guess."

"What am I supposed to do while you're gone?"

"That's the fourth surprise. Marcus has promised me that he has something you will like. He said you can't come with us and watch as you requested, but he has something planned. And, if nothing else, you can go on a spending spree. We can certainly afford it now."

"And the fifth surprise?", her husband questioned.

Smiling, Paula stood up and unbuttoned her blouse. When it was off, she opened the front clasp of her demi bra and let it fall to the floor. Her nipples were erect and hard. Unzipping her skirt, his wife pulled it down her hips. Now naked except for her heels, hose, and tight bikini panties, she stretched out on the couch.

"Just before I left the office, Marcus fucked me on the couch in his office. He had been saving his load all weekend, and he didn't fuck me this morning. This afternoon he fucked me missionary until he had made me cum twice. He pulled out of my pussy without cumming and got me on my elbows and knees with my head on the couch and my ass really high. When he sank that huge 10-inch cock back into me in that position, he was really in me deep. I came again when it thudded into the bottom of my pussy.

Then he began to fuck me, hard and deep, until I was cumming almost continuously. I was so hot, panting and grunting as he drove it in and out of me. Finally, I was begging him to cum. He told me that he was going to put a monster load into me. I came again when I felt him beginning to shoot it into me. His cock jerked and jerked and jerked... shooting in one huge stream after another. He wasn't half finished cumming in me when I felt it running down my thighs. After he did finish, he had me put on my panties and bring you Surprise Number 5."

At that point, Paula spread her legs wide open, one heel up on the back of the couch, the other one up in the air. Phil stared at the absolutely soaked, and now totally transparent, crotch of his wife's panties. He could see the cum-matted small triangle of pubic hair above her clitoris. The opening to her vagina was also clearly visible. Her pussy lips spread wide allowing Phil to see the gaping hole left by Baxter's huge cock. He could smell his wife's cunt from six feet away.

"Get my panties off, Honey, and clean me out good."

Paula brought her legs together to let her husband remove her panties. The massive cum load caused them to stick to her vulva as Phil pulled them down his wife's legs. As soon as they were off, Paula spread as wide as she could and arched her cunt upward for her husband's viewing pleasure and to give total access to his tongue and lips.

Diving between her wide-spread thighs, Phil pulled her lips


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