The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party

by RLM


Cathy and Derick Rostron married a few years after each had completed college. Cathy was 24 at the time, Derick was 26. After 16 years of marriage, the Rostron's have two children, Martha 15 and Larry 10. Cathy is the executive secretary for a large law firm with four younger secretaries reporting to her. Derick is computer programmer who holds a senior position with a large electronics firm.

Their very close friends, Jane and Ray Sheppard, live across the street, two houses down the street. Ray is an agent for a large insurance corporation. His wife, Jane, works as the chief accountant for the same law firm that employs Cathy. At 38 and 40, Jane and Ray are slightly younger than the Rostrons. They also have two children, both girls, ages 12 and 14.

Both couples are conservative politically and sexually. Ray has had two brief liaisons with women working in his firm. He believes Jane to be totally faithful, but during an out-of-town conference with a collaborating law firm, she spent a week in the hotel room of a young lawyer with the other firm. Derick has been completely faithful during his 16 years of marriage to Cathy and is totally convinced that his wife has been equally faithful. He is right in that conviction.

In spite of the demands of their separate jobs, Cathy and Derick have always managed to find time for family, friends, and for each other. Cathy is an excellent homemaker and mother. Both Martha and Larry are honor students active in several extracurricular activities. Derick is always home in the evenings to assist the children should they need help or tutoring with their school homework. The family is active in civic affairs.

From his perspective, Cathy is close to being the perfect wife. Even at 41, she has maintained her voluptuous figure. Although her 36D breasts are not as firm as they were at 25, Derick still considers them beautiful. But as nice as her breasts are, he thinks his wife's most attractive features are her beautiful face and incredibly sexy legs and ass. Every time they go out in public, he always sees other men checking out his wife.

In bed, his wife is an exciting bed partner. Vocal, aggressive, and passionate, Cathy has never had any problems keeping her husband well satisfied. Derick thinks their sex life couldn't be better, and he is often amazed at his good fortune. Not many men have the opportunity to fuck such a gorgeous woman as Cathy.

So it is with the Rostrons and the Shepperds. Or, more accurately, that is the way it was until the birthday party.


The Party:

It began one Tuesday evening right after dinner. Derick was cleaning away the dinner dishes while Cathy rinsed them and put them into the dishwasher. As they worked, they were chatting about various events at work.

"Cindy Davis is all upset because she's turning 30 this coming weekend. To listen to her whine, you would think it was the end of the world", Cathy commented.

"She's one of the secretaries with the firm?" Derick asked.

"Yeah. She's been with us for four or five years now. All the other secretaries are planning a big surprise birthday party for her this weekend. Actually, it sounds pretty wild. It ought to perk her up a little."

"What are they going to do?"

"Well, Louise and Glenda are doing all the planning and Janice is doing the leg work, so to speak. As I understand it, the Marriott Inn is having a special this weekend, two bedroom suites for the price of an ordinary room. They have reserved two adjoining suites for Saturday night. The girls are taking Cindy out for a night of drinking, dancing, and partying."

"No husbands invited?"

"Right. No husbands allowed. A girls only, stagette, party."

"That's sounds like a lot more fun than a birthday party with cake and ice cream! I bet they'll all have a great time. But what do they need the two suites for?"

"I think the plans are to stay out drinking and partying until the wee hours. All of them will probably be falling down drunk by that time and no one wants to go home to hubby and kids dead drunk. So after they've finished partying, the plans are to crash at the Marriott Inn, sleep late Sunday morning, have a birthday breakfast, get cleaned up and presentable, and then go home to hubby and kids."

"Wow! That's really a great idea. How come I never get to have birthday parties like that? Just the four secretaries involved?"

There was a pointed break in the conversation as Derick waited for Cathy to answer his question. He thought she must not have heard him, so he repeated his question. "Just the four secretaries or do they plan to invite some other friends?"

"They've invited two of Cindy's other friends."

"So six of them. I see why they need two suites. Also with six, it cuts the expense since they can split things five ways. And it will probably be even more fun with six. Wish I could go", Derick grinned.

Once again there was a pronounced break in the conversation. Derick waited, but when there was no further response from Cathy, he asked, "Is there something more about the party?"

His wife shrugged. "Yes, there is. Jane Shepperd and I are the two other women who've been invited to the party. Of course, I can't go, but was nice to be asked."

"Why can't you go? Do we have something else scheduled for next Saturday night?"

"No, but obviously I can't go. I'm 41 years old. Cindy is only 30, and Louise, Glenda, and Janice are all 25 or younger. They aren't interested in having an old-lady chaperon along to throw ice water on the festivities."

"What the hell does it matter that you're 41. Jane is 38 and I'll bet she's going, isn't she?", Derick asked.

"Yes. Jane told me today that she was going to go. She's told Ray and he's fine with her going."

"Well, I'm fine with you going too. Why not? Go! Enjoy yourself and your friends!"

"I'm not comfortable spending the night in a hotel room away from you", Cathy said.

"First, there's nothing wrong with you spending the night with your friends at the Marriott. Secondly, if you don't want to stay the night, you can always just come home."

Cathy considered the suggestion for a bit and then said, "Ok. If you don't mind, I really would like to go. But I definitely will not be spending the night. I'll be home around midnight or a little later. Are you sure you're ok with this?"

"I'm fine. Stop worrying about me. I'm not worrying about you. In fact, I think your should go shopping and buy yourself a new sexy outfit to wear."

"I'm just going to help Cindy celebrate her birthday. I don't need something sexy to wear to do that."

"Ok. Fine. But if you change your mind, go ahead", Derick commented. ------------------------------------------

After buying the women a gift the next day, Derick forgot all about the party for the rest of the week. Cathy did not mention it again, so he was somewhat surprised when he saw his wife coming out of their bedroom Saturday afternoon wearing an outfit he had never previously seen.

"Wow! You look great! What's the occasion?", Derick asked.

"Have you already forgotten that tonight is the party I told you about. I thought we would have dinner around 6 PM. That will give me plenty of time to clean up the dishes and get to the night club by 8 PM."

"I'm sorry. It did slip my mind. Don't worry about the dishes. I'll take care of every thing. Just have dinner and then go enjoy yourself. What night club?"

"The party is starting at Carl's Club. There is live music, a dance floor, a game room."

"And who do you girls expect to be dancing with?", Derick asked with a sly grin.

"Who knows. There will probably be some men around. Just make certain that you're not among them. That would be embarrassing if you follow me."

"I have no intention of spying on you. You know I would never do that. Any other places on the party itinerary?"

"Louise hinted that there were, but she didn't tell me any more."

Derick now looked more carefully at his wife's outfit. Her cocktail dress plunged in the back almost to her waist. The low-cut bodice exposed some of her ample cleavage. Cathy's tits were not only large, they were well separated on her chest so that a deep, dark valley was visible between them. The top of the dress was held up by two small straps that tied behind her neck. Although not a form-fitting sheathe, the dress showed the swell of her ass and a lot of her legs as the hem was about 4 inches above her knees.

"I thought you said you didn't need a sexy new outfit for the party?"

His wife's face turned red. "It's not a sexy dress! It's just a new outfit that keeps me from looking as old as I am."

"Hey! Don't get mad. I love it! You really look nice, particularly your legs. Yum-yum... Are you wearing hose or pantyhose."

Cathy blushed again, this time even more than before. "I didn't want to wear pantyhose and panties. That just seemed so "old" and I already feel out of place with these young women."

"So what are you wearing? Wait! Don't tell me. Pull your dress up and let me see."

"I will not pull up my dress so you can ogle me like a school boy!", his wife stormed.

"Oh come on. You're going to a party and will have a lot of fun while I stay home. The least you can do is let me see my beautiful wife's legs."

"Well, if you're going to put it that I way, I guess I should."

After looking around to see if any of the children were present, Cathy pulled the dress up around her hips. Derick's mouth fell open when he saw that his wife was wearing a small black garter belt with thigh-high stockings, and a small, transparent pair of bikini panties that were over the garters. With the four-inch silver and black pumps on her feet, she looked incredibly sexy.

"I think you like what your see", Cathy teased.

For an answer, Derick moved against his wife, kissed her, and pressed his erection against her mound.

"Uuummmm... you really do like it, don't you."

"Let's go to the bedroom and fuck", Derick whispered in his wife's ear.

"No way! You'll just have to keep that in your pants until I get home later."


After dinner, Cathy checked her make up one more time, kissed her husband on the cheek, and said, "See you later, Honey. I'll be home around midnight probably."

"Ok. Wait. Just a minute. I almost forgot the present I got you and the other women."

Derick went to the cabinet in the kitchen and took out a basket containing three, freshly chilled bottles of French champagne. "These are for a few toasts when you get back to the hotel or whenever you like. Wish Cindy a happy birthday for me and also many happy returns of the day."

"You're one hell of a man, Derick Rostron", Cathy said, this time kissing him on the mouth. A moment later, the door closed behind her.


Carl's Club was dimly lit. The band was playing a combination of fast and slow dance music. Glenda had reserved a table for eight even though there were only six in the party. "Someone might be joining us. Who knows." Everyone laughed including Cathy.

All six women were dressed seductively like Cathy. Glenda and Janice wore miniskirts that showed off almost all their thighs. However, their tops didn't show as much of their cleavage as Cathy's did of hers. Jane was wearing a form-fitting sheathe that came to mid-thigh. The neckline was high covering her breasts completely, but the clinging material molded and outlined both of her globes perfectly. Louise and Cindy had elected to wear sweaters with a V-neck and skirts that came to mid-thigh. Every woman was wearing either four or five-inch heels. Louise was about 25 pounds overweight, but she still looked voluptuous.

Glenda had already ordered two bottles of wine for the table and the waitress was busy bringing the women their second round of drinks. Less than 20 minutes had passed before the men began appearing at their table, ostensibly to wish Cindy happy birthday, but, in reality, to ask one of the women to dance. One by one, they were taken to the dance floor by men few, if any of them, knew.

Cathy was surprised when a young 30-ish male asked her if she would like to dance. She was also secretly pleased.

"I'm the old lady of this group. You ought to be asking them", she replied.

"I'm asking you", he said staring directly into her eyes and smiling.

A moment later she was in his arms moving about the dance floor. The song was slow and meant for close dancing, which is exactly what Matt was doing with her. He held tightly against his body as he moved her about the floor, smoothly and confidently. He was an excellent dancer and made it very easy for Cathy to follow his moves.

Halfway into the dance, she became acutely aware of the pressure on her breasts as they were thrust hard against Matt's chest. She was also equally aware of the thrust of his erection against her mound. She knew she should pull back, but it was such a wicked, delightful sensation that she couldn't bring herself to do it. Instead, she found herself rotating her hips and sensuously sliding her mound over his erection.

"How is it that six beautiful women like you are all here with no men?" Matt asked.

Cathy explained about the birthday party for Cindy. She also told him about the two suites. Matt nodded his understanding and said, "Well, I'm sure there will be a lot of men around you before the evening is over. I just love the way your body feels against me."

"And I like yours too", Cathy heard herself say. She was having a hard time believing that she was really doing these things.

Matt took that as an invitation to go further. Cathy felt his hand moving lower on her buttocks. It sent little shivers through her body. Then it went even lower... then lower still.. until his hand was cupping her ass cheek. When he began to pull her body harder against his rock hard erection, Cathy had to bite her lip to suppress a moan. When the song ended, she excused herself and said she needed to get back to her friends.

Back at the table, more drinks followed until Cathy lost track of how many she had had. Soon, she was back on the dance floor with yet another man. This one was in his late 20s. He wasn't as good a dancer as Matt, but his handsome, confident manner made up for it. During the second slow dance, Cathy again felt a hard male cock grinding against her mound as her tits were crushed against the man's chest. This one felt even larger than Matt's, and he was making certain that she knew just how big he was.

"God.. you're gorgeous. How big are your tits?", Bob asked her.

She was shocked to hear herself answering him. "36D."

"Thought so. That dress you're wearing shows a lot of them. Would love to see the rest." She felt the cock throb against her belly. She also felt her pussy throbbing in return.

Around 10 PM, Louise announced it was time to move on to the next place. Glenda paid the bill with a credit card. She had been designated as the person would pay all bills and then send out individual statements later to the other women for their share of the expenses.

The "next place" proved to be a club featuring male strippers. The clientele was almost exclusively female. Men were permitted entry but they had to remain at the tables along the wall and were forbidden to approach any of the women. Glenda had come equipped with a large supply of one dollar bills and passed them out for the women to slip into the jocks of the dancers. She gave each woman $20.

Thanks to Glenda having reserved a table right along the stage and runway, they all had the best possible seats. After a waitress brought them more drinks, a young blonde adonis took the stage. At first, he was wearing a cowboy shirt, chaps, western hat, cowboy boots.

He danced erotically to the music making suggestive coital thrusts of his hips right at Cindy, Jane, and Cathy who were next to the runway. Halfway through the first song, he removed his shirt to reveal an incredible build. With wide shoulders, a narrow waist, and beautifully tanned skin, he looked like a Greek god. His biceps and pecs rippled and bulged as he moved about the stage.

He tossed his hat aside releasing his long blonde hair. A moment later, the chaps were gone. When they fell to the floor, Cathy and most of the other women near the runway gasped. His jock strap was packed, so packed that it was unable to contain all of his fully erect, thick 8-inch cock. Two inches had forced its way out the top.

A moment later, he was right in front of Cathy grinding his hips at her, thrusting his cock at her face. Unable to resist, she took two bills and held them up. The dancer moved closer to her so she was able to pull back his jock strap and slip the bills inside. In the process, his entire penis surged up and brushed against her hand.

During the second song, the jock strap was removed and the huge, ramrod dick was presented to each of the women along the runway. Cathy saw Jane reach out and cup the man's balls and wrap her hand around his shaft. She looked like she was dying to suck him. She stuffed some bills into his socks.

Cathy could feel her pussy pulsing. She knew her panties were sodden with her excitement. She also knew that the other five women probably had equally wet pussies.

Between strippers, the waitress brought more drinks. Cathy knew she was getting very drunk, but that was, after all, the plan. Just as a new dancer was taking the stage, she noticed that the blonde adonis had joined them at their table. He was sitting between Jane and Cindy, but paying the most attention to Jane. He probably knew that she was on the verge of sucking him when he was dancing. With a shock, she saw his hand moving underneath her friend's dress.

The next dancer was black man who was even more powerfully built than the blonde dancer. Some of the women around her called him Hal. All Hal wore at the start was a loin cloth. His dancing was slower, but even more erotic, than that of the first dancer. Cathy couldn't wait to see his cock. "My god", she thought, "here I am, a 41-year old, faithful housewife, and I'm wild to see this stud's cock!"

During the second song, Hal moved to the edge of the stage and invited Glenda to pull his jock strap down. While the other women were tossing bills onto the stage, Glenda pulled it down. When it cleared his cock, the huge organ fairly leaped into the air, 9 full throbbing inches of thick manmeat. He waved it in front of Glenda's face. As she stared, he ran the big head over her left cheek and then over her right one. Finally, he held it an inch in front of her mouth. She opened wide and moved forward to suck him, but he backed away at the last moment.

More drinks followed. More wine. And, of course, more dancers, each with big hard, throbbing cocks. After they danced, a lot of the dancers joined the women at the table. One olive-skinned man was sitting beside Cathy chatting with her. As he chatted his hand moved over her thigh. She knew she should stop him, but her head was spinning from all the liquor and the hand was so insistent and his cock was so big and so hard...

"Take out your tits", Brent said. "I want to see them."

When Cathy hesitated, Jane said, "Oh for god sakes, Cathy. It's not like you're a virgin. Show the big man your big tits, Honey."

All she had to do was push the straps off her shoulders and pull the top down a little and both 36D tits popped right out. Her nipples were rock hard, like pencil erasers, erect and protruding. She felt Brent hefting her tits, cupping them, squeezing them. She moaned...then she gasped when she felt his lips close over her nipple and suck it hard.

Around 11:30 PM, a guy with a 10-inch dick was dancing. She had pulled her top back up but within five minutes another one of the dancers, Max, had one or both of her tits out again. She didn't feel all that self-conscious, however, because the other women also had their tits out. The hand under her skirt was dancing over her inner thighs trying to persuade her to spread her legs. Jane had already given in and had her legs open. From the way her hips were moving, Cathy was certain the man with her was finger fucking her pussy.

Max whispered in her ear, "Open your legs, Cathy. Let me feel that hot pussy."

She shook her head. Max kept one hand moving over her thighs and the other over her naked tits. He persisted, "Come on, Honey. You know you want to. Open your thighs." Still she resisted, but still his hands kept caressing her, his voice urging her to spread. She knew he was right. She did want to open her legs for him.

Cindy was watching Max working on Cathy. She had never watched a man playing with another woman like Max was doing, and she found the sight incredibly erotic. She wanted Cathy's legs open almost as much as Max did.

"Oh do it, Cathy. Open your legs. Let him feel you!", she hissed, keeping her eyes glued to the Max's hands.

She felt Max pressing his hand between her thighs. "Oh fuck.", she thought. "I want to do it. Cindy wants me to do it, and I know Max is dying for me to do it. It's not going to hurt anything for me to let a guy feel my cunt." She squeezed his dick at the same time she spread her legs wide. Max's cock jerked under her hand, and her hips jerked as the fingers sought out the opening to her pussy.

A moment later, she was being finger fucked and the motions of her hips matched those of Jane's. Both women humped against the hand working between their legs. Jane came first, her eyes clenching shut, her mouth opening in a wide "O", as she moaned in the throes of her orgasm. Cathy heard Cindy's voice:

"She's about to cum, Max. Do her harder. Make her cum."

Max knew exactly how make that happen. Two fingers moved to the pulsing shaft of her clitoris and began to work it. "Do it faster. She's gonna cum", Cindy urged. Max's fingers flew up and down her throbbing sex bud. Cathy shrieked and shuddered in her orgasm as her fluids drenched Max's hand. --------------------------------------------

When midnight arrived, Louise suggested that we head back to the hotel. I was so shaky from the alcohol, one of the dancers had to help me walk the six blocks to the hotel. Before we had covered half the distance, the guy had one hand under my dress feeling my ass with the other around my waist cupping the underside of one of my tits.

Once inside their suites, Janice broke open the champagne Derick had provided and everyone toasted Cindy's 30 birthday several times. Cathy felt very lightheaded, but she wasn't so far gone that she failed to be aware that at least a half dozen of the dancers had accompanied them back to their hotel. She saw Hal, the black dancer, her olive-skinned guy, Brent, and the blonde adonis, Jim. She also saw some of the men the women had met at Carl's Club including Matt and Bob.

Cindy soon became the center of attention of several of the men. They were taking turns giving her open-mouth "birthday kisses". During each kiss, Cindy's body was being explored. Finally, Jim asked her to strip for him. When she refused, Jim told her, "I stripped for you. It's only fair that you do it for me. Come on. Let's do it together."

Someone turned the TV to a music station, and Jim began to gyrate in front of Cindy. The other women were all urging her to dance, to strip... "Do it... do it... do it..", the chanted in unison. Finally, Cindy was on her feet gyrating her body a few feet from Jim's.

Jim's shirt hit the floor once more exposing his rippling muscles. Cindy's blouse followed, his tits almost totally exposed by her small bra. Jim slipped his pants off. His small briefs were stretched to the limit by his growing erection. All of us yelled, "Take it off... take it off... take it off."

Down came Cindy's bra. The nipples of her firm 34B tits looked hard and erect. She looked straight into Jim's eyes and cupped them. He licked his lips.

My breath was becoming more and more labored. My head was spinning, but not so much that I was unaware of Max's hands once more covering my breasts. Just as Cindy's tits came into view, so did mine. With practiced ease, Max slipped my dress off my shoulders and pulled it to my waist. I realized that my nipples were just as hard as Cindy's.

All around me, the other women were being caressed and stroked. With each minute, their moans grew more frequent and louder. All of us had at least one man fondling our bodies; some had two.

Looking at the dancing couple, I saw that Jim's cock was fully exposed, hard, and erect. It rubbed against Cindy's thighs as he pulled her panties down her legs. As Cindy's pussy came into view, Max was getting his fingers into mine. Once more, he was urging me to spread my thighs.

It was becoming increasingly obvious that if I and any of the other women stayed, we were all going to be fucked. The fleeting thoughts of my husband were quickly washed away, however, as I felt Max caressing my mound, my tits, my ass. I was too hot to stop.

Max was finished asking me. He was taking over. "Cathy! Open your legs. Your tits are out; you have my cock hard as stone. Open your legs."

It wasn't a request, and I knew that I wanted my legs wide open. I spread them. Max didn't let the opportunity escape. He opened me even wider and moved his hand onto the wet crotch of my soaked panties. He had the dress hiked high on my thighs as his fingers traced up and down the slickened slit of my cunt. I saw Glenda watching his fingers working between my thighs. Moments later, she saw my panties being pulled aside and the fingers entering my cunt. My sex hole throbbed.

We all watched as Jim speared Cindy's cunt with his hard cock. She moaned as it sank into her depths. After a few fuck strokes, Jim put his hands under her ass and lifted her body. She circled her legs around his hips and held on tightly as he bounced her up and down on his rigid prick. He was still fucking her like when they moved into one of the bedrooms.

Max pulled me to my feet and led me into the other suite. He made short work of my dress, unzipping it and letting it fall to the floor. A moment later, my panties followed leaving me standing in only my garter belt, hose, and heels.

"Wow. You look incredibly hot, Cathy. I love women who wear garter belts and hose. Your legs are even sexier than your big tits."

All I could think about was that I was about to cheat on my husband for the first time in 16 years. It wouldn't have made any difference if Derick had walked into the room right then. I had to have that big hard dick in me. And Max fully intended to put it in me. He put me on the bed on my back, and I raised my legs and bent my knees to get in position for him.

I was waiting for Max to mount me, when he moved his head between my thighs. His fingers spread the lips of pussy open. Then they stripped back the protective hood of my clitoris to completely expose it. It throbbed in anticipation. His tongue slid up the length of my slit. I convulsed in a hard spasm, my belly muscles knotting. It reached my clit, and I screamed in helpless passion. Then he sucked it into his mouth and began lashing it with his tongue.

The sensation was so intense, I tried pull away. Max held me in place easily and used my hot sex organs for his pleasure. Two fingers began sliding in and out of my vagina while his lips worked up and down and over my clitoris. I held onto his head and came in hard, wrenching contractions, screaming and gasping, juices spurting over his face.


Max mounted me, wedged his body between my spread thighs, and aligned his prick so he could fuck me. His eyes locked on mine; his hips snapped forward sinking four inches of cock into my pussy. I heard myself gasp as I felt it stretching me open. Holding my ass, Max worked another two inches of dick into me. I groaned as he pulled it all the way out. He looked between my thighs at the pulsing opening of my vagina, leaned forward, and whispered,


"Oh god YES! PUT IT IN ME!"

His next thrust buried the entire eight inches of cock into my throbbing hole. Locking my legs around his thighs and my arms around his back, I held on tightly as he began to fuck me. It was glorious! The friction of his huge cock on my clit was fantastic. I could feel every ridge of his shaft as it pistoned in and out of my cunt. My first orgasm rippled through my body in less than a minute.


It was almost 1 AM and Derick was getting worried. Cathy wasn't back yet and she had definitely assured him that she would return around midnight. He wondered if everything were ok. Finally, he decided to call his wife's cell phone. Her phone rang in the hotel suite just as Max's cock entered Cathy's cunt. Of course, he didn't hear her wailing in hot passion as it sank into her.

After ringing a few times, he was relieved to hear a woman's voice answer. "Hi, Cathy. This is Derick. Just calling to see if everything is ok. You said you would be home at midnight and its almost 1 AM."

"Derick, this is Jane. I heard her cell ringing, figured it was you so I answered it. Every thing is fine. No problems, but Cathy has had too much to drink. She's asleep now."

Jane moved further away from the bedroom so Derick wouldn't hear his wife grunting every time the cock drove to the bottom of her cunt and hit her cervix.

"Don't worry. She'll be home tomorrow around noon or so. Give her time to recover. Ok? She really doesn't want you to see her dead drunk."

"Ok. That's fine. No problem. I just wanted to be sure that she was ok. I'll see her tomorrow. Have fun. Is there anything you need?"

"No. I think we have every thing we need. See ya."

After she had hung up, Jane heard Cathy begging Max to fuck her harder, and then she screamed that she was cumming. Jane looked into the bedroom again and saw Cathy holding her legs up and back with her knees almost against her heaving tits. Max was ramming his cock straight down into the her upturned cunt as her friend grunted and moaned in hot passion. "She's certainly getting every thing she needs", Jane thought with a smile. ----------------------------------

Max had his hands beneath her ass while he fucked his 8-inch cock into Cathy's dilated pussy. He loved the way she groaned every time he sank into her cunt. Even more, he loved the way her pussy milked him when she came. On his next stroke, he pushed a finger into her rectum and felt her body convulse in another climax.

"I'm gonna pump you full of hot cum, Honey", he said as he delivered another hard thrust into her hot depths.

"OH YES. Cum in me. Shoot me full, Max. Give it to me!"

Cathy felt his strokes quicken and become more forceful. His body went rigid on top of hers; he drove his organ as deeply into her cunt as he could, held it there. She wrapped her long legs around his hips, locked her ankles, and groaned, "YES! NOW! CUM IN ME, STUD!"

Max's sex gun fired a huge volley of semen deep inside her sex chamber. The woman under him moaned loudly as he pumped in another load. She continued to groan every time his cock contracted and shot in her.

Cathy drifted off to sleep only to be awakened 30 minutes later by Hal as he pressed his big erect cock against her hip. His hands squeezed both of her tits while his mouth suctioned both nipples. She felt one hand leaving her breast and moving downward over her garter belt to the V of her legs where he lightly caressed her mound and her clitoris.

"Mmmmmmmm... fuck me, Baby. Fuck me with that big hard black stick", Cathy whispered in his ear.

Jane and another man were making out on the couch off to one side of the bed. They paused and watched as the large black stud moved over Cathy and prepared to fuck her. Her cum-slickened vagina offered a minimum of resistance to the hard black shaft. The big head stretched her pussy open and entered. Jane felt her own cunt throb as she watched the black cock disappearing inside her friend's sex hole.

After a few thrusts, Hal had his prick buried inside Cathy. He began to screw her with slow, powerful thrusts that thudded into the bottom of her channel. Jane's body gyrated on the shaft embedded inside her pussy as she watched Hal giving it to Cathy. "God..what a cock.. I hope he screws me with it later", she thought.

Cathy felt the black stud holding her hips steady while he entered her cunt. The first thrust buried 4 inches of thick cock inside her pussy. Intense spasms erupted throughout the length of her vagina. Her clit danced and throbbed as another orgasm surged through her loins and into her belly.

Two thrusts later, the entire cock was in her, fucking her, hard. Electric shocks surged through her every time the big phallus rammed against her cervix. The friction on her clitoris was intense. She came again, the spasms causing the muscles in her belly to ripple with pleasure.

"OOOO... god... oooohhhhh .... SOOOO DAMN GOOD... AAHHHHHHH..."

Hal drove his cock into her again and again, stretched her vagina into a huge hole. She arched her back and locked her legs about her stud's butt, pulling him into her cunt as far as possible. His pace picked up. The harder he screwed her, the louder she screamed. Her toes curled upward as she climaxed again.

"I'm gonna cum in your cunt, you sexy Bitch!", Hal announced

"Ohhhhh...yesssss....cum in meeeee...MAKE ME CUMMMM...SHOOT IN MEEEEEEEEEEE", Cathy babbled.

She exploded in another orgasm when the load shot into her cunt. -----------------------------

Cathy got almost no sleep the entire night. One after the other, the men climbed into the bed and begin fucking her. Her belly, legs, thighs, pussy, and ass were awash with her juices and the many loads of semen that had been previously pumped into her. So, even the men with large cocks had no problems entering her fully on the first thrust. She came repeatedly with everyone of them.

Since there were only four beds for the six women, two of the beds were usually doubly occupied. Which two varied throughout the evening. At one point, Jane and Cathy were together. Both were riding big male cocks, their asses thrusting up and down on the hard shafts. They smiled and Cathy said, "I think my guy has a bigger cock than your guy."

"Maybe. Not sure", Jane gasped as she nearly her climax. "Lift your ass and let me see how big he is."

Cathy raised up until just the head of the cock was still lodged inside her vagina. "I think you're right. He's really long, but I think the guy in me is thicker."

"Raise up. Let me see."

Jane was humping faster. "Wait a moment.. I'm about to cum." --------------

At 5 AM, Cathy finally lapsed into sleep from sheer exhaustion. --------------

At 10 AM, she awoke with Matt between her legs licking her clitoris. She couldn't believe how marvelous it felt. Grabbing his head, she pressed it hard against her upthrust cunt.

"OOhhhh that's just wonderful...please..please..don't stop.. make me cummmmmm", she begged.

Matt granted her wish. When her first orgasm exploded causing her vagina and clitoris to contract in hard spasms, he kept his tongue moving over her pulsing clit. Two minutes later, she was screaming in a second orgasm.

Her body was still convulsing with one sexual tremor after another when he mounted her. His chest pressed against her heaving tits, his mouth crushed against hers, tongues caressing.

"I want to fuck you. Would you like for me to fuck you?"


"Please what?"

"Fuck me. Fuck me with that big hard cock."

"You know where it is. Put it in."

Reaching between their bodies, Cathy grasped the steel-hard organ and pressed the head into the soaked opening to her cunt.


He pushed it slowly into the groaning woman. She bucked her hips upward to receive it. it went until all 7 inches was inside her. With a grinding motion, Matt began to screw his cock in and out of her throbbing hole. Cathy hunched and moaned as she took his shaft again and again.

"You're gonna make me cummmmmmmmm", she whispered in his ear.

He hit into her harder. Cathy screamed. Her cunt contracted hard as the climax surged through her. It contracted in similar fashion three more times before Matt pumped yet another load of hot semen into her married pussy.


At noon, she staggered into the bathroom to bathe and to try to make herself presentable before going home. The water was still running in the tub when Jim walked in.

"Hi. Cindy, Glenda, and Janice kept me pretty busy last night, but I did look for you. Every time I found you, you were busy with someone else. But now I've found you and you're free."

Cathy shook her head. "I'm too tired and I need to bathe. Have to go home."

Jim ignored her. "Bend over and put your hands on the edge of the tub."

"I'm too tired", Cathy protested.

"And I'm hard and you were teasing me all night. Now bend over so I can fuck you."

She was too exhausted to fight or protest when he pushed her head toward the edge of the tub. She bent over but was too weak to support herself with her hands on the tub.

"I can't. I'm just too exhausted. I'll bend over the sink."

Cathy lowered her upper body onto the cabinet beside the sink, arched her hips to elevate her cunt and waited.

"Move your feet wider apart. Spread wider so I can get into you", Jim ordered.

Cathy moved her feet another two feet apart, reached back, and spread herself with her hands.

"Lady, you have a gorgeous cunt. The way the lips are fluted, it just seems to be inviting a man inside."

Cathy hissed with pleasure when Jim accepted her cunt's invitation and stretched her channel open with almost 9 inches of manmeat. He pulled 7 inches of it out causing her to moan and then gasp as she was filled again.

Jim fucked her for almost 10 minutes. As tired as she was, she still had an intense orgasm just before he emptied his load into her.

When he left, she locked the door so that she might bathe and clean up without another randy stud coming in to fuck her.


The Aftermath:

Author's Note: It is clear that the party will produce profound changes in Cathy and Derick's life. What is not certain, however, is the nature of those changes. There are numerous possibilities. Some readers would prefer future events to follow one path; others would prefer something very different. As the story is fantasy, there is essentially no limit on the possible pathways of future events. I have written two to allow each reader a choice. Pick the one you prefer, or pick both, if you wish. The options are:

Aftermath 1: The New Slut

Aftermath 2: Sharing a Hotwife


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