The Night Caller

The Night Caller

by RLM

After 11 years of marriage, Steve and Mandy Davis had fallen into a rut. Each morning, Mandy would prepare breakfast, which was invariably juice, a bran cereal, fruit, and dry toast. Steve would read the newspaper. They generally ate in silence. After the meal, Steve would help clear the dishes, rinse them, and place them in the dishwasher. Then they would head out to their respective jobs, Steve as an engineer and Mandy as an executive secretary in a large firm.

At dinner time, things were just as routine. They would both help with the dinner preparations, chat about the events of the day, clean up the dishes, watch some television or a DVD, and then go to bed. When they were first married, sex was constant, usually 10 times a week or more. Then, as expected, it gradually decreased. They both understood that this was the norm, but neither expected it to become so routine and dull, so much so that they were now having intercourse no more than once or twice a week. With no children, both Mandy and Steve had become very bored.

One evening, Mandy looked at her husband and said, "You know, I still love you a lot and I think you love me as well."

"Of course I do. Why would you think otherwise?", Steve responded.

"I don't. It's just that I think we've both become very bored. We rarely do anything new.. anything exciting. I would really like to change that situation. How about you?"

"It would be nice", Steve conceded. "But we both have jobs; we have some civic responsibilities. It's not that easy to just change things. Do you have any ideas?"


"Well, what are they? Don't keep in suspense."

"Before I tell you, I want to ask you a few questions and I want you to tell me the absolute truth. Will you do that?"

"What's this all about?"

"Just answer my question. Will you answer me truthfully?"

"All right. Why not. What do you want to know?"

"We've been married for 11 years. That's a pretty long time. Have you always been faithful?"


"Do you need for me to repeat my question?"

"No. I'm just surprised at the question. "Yes. I've always been faithful. Of course, I've looked at a lot of other women and wondered what they would be like in bed, but that's as far as it's ever gone. Ok?"

"That's the truth?"

"Yes. Are you shocked?"

"Frankly, yes. I had no idea I was married to such a saint. I doubt that there are many husbands who haven't strayed at least once in 11 years. For example, those fishing and hunting trips you and David take... you haven't had sex with any woman in all those weeks you've spent away from home... fishing... hunting?"

"No. I haven't."

"All right, Honey. I believe you. I am shocked and somewhat amazed, but I do believe you. Now let me ask you two more questions. When you came back from your fishing trip to Canada two years ago, did you notice any difference in the sex we had together?"

"Oh hell yes! Did I ever. How could I forget it. I had been gone for a week and I was really anxious to fuck you, and the sex was fantastic!"

"Why do you think that was?" Mandy asked.

"Well, we hadn't been together for a week, and we were both hot for each other."

"Have you thought about the fact that that was just two years ago and now we go without having sex for over a week sometimes and it isn't hot like that. If not seeing each other was the reason, why aren't we ripping each other's clothes off like we were after you got back from Canada?"

"I hadn't thought about it like that. I'm not sure."

"Ok. Now another question. Are you Ok with that?"

"Go ahead."

"Do you remember any other time in the last two years when you thought that sex between us was incredibly hot and wild?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. It was about 8 months or so ago and it lasted for about four months. You were wild in bed. I was having erections all through the day thinking about getting home to you and into your hot pussy. Why are you bringing this up?"

"Be patient. Do you have any idea why sex was so incredibly during that four months or so? You didn't take any trips to Canada or elsewhere during that period."

"I really don't know. I wondered about it at the time, but was enjoying it so much, I didn't care."

"Would you like for sex between us to be like that all the time? Hot, passionate, "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you" type sex? Did you enjoy it when I would nearly rape you some nights?"

"I loved it, and I would really like to get back to that. Can we?"

Mandy walked to the bar and poured two brandys. She gave one to Steve and took the second one for herself. "Take this. You may need it."

Mandy stared at her husband of 11 years and said, "I hope you meant it when you said you really do love me because you may have been totally faithful for the last 11 years, but I haven't been."

"Who? When? How? I don't believe it!", Steve stammered.

"It's true, but before I answer all those questions, I want you to know that that's the reason our sex was so incredible when you got back from Canada and for that four month period last year. Having sex with someone else is an unbelievably exciting turn on for me. When I'm doing it, I seem to be hot all the time. I can't wait to get more cock into me, and since your cock is the one I have the most access to, I can't keep my hands off of you."

"So my suggestion as to how to put more fun and excitement into our lives is for us to occasionally have erotic sex with others, you with other women; me with other men, maybe separately, maybe together. Do you want me to go on, or do you just want to beat hell out of me and get a divorce?"

"Go on."

"I'm going to tell you about the other men I've been with. If you can't deal with it and find enjoyment in it, then my suggestion is obviously not going to work."

"When you and David went off to Canada to go fishing leaving me here all alone, I was pissed, to say the least. So, I asked for and got a week off from my job and decided to take a vacation myself. I bought a lot of new, hot outfits, called Ceasar's Palace in Vegas and made a reservation, and drove there the day after you and David left for Canada."

"I called you a couple of times when we were gone, but you weren't home. I thought you had gone to a movie or something. Once it was midnight when I called and you still weren't home. I figured you were visiting your mother", Steve said.

"See what I mean. You call at midnight and I'm not home. You conclude that I must be visiting my mother. That's why our sex life is nearly dead. Why in hell didn't you think that I was out with a guy being fucked?"

"Let me finish this. I checked into Ceasar's at 4 PM. By 6 PM, I was dressed in a black sheathe that had two straps that tied behind my neck with a large hole between my breasts that exposed them almost to the nipples. The sheathe hugged my body so tightly that the only reason I could walk in it was the fact that the dress ended at migthigh. I wore black 4-inch fuck-me heels and thigh-high stockings. For the next 5 hours, I circulated in the casino, lounges, and shops."

"Did anyone hit on you?" Steve asked.

"Jezz.. what do you think? I was so excited, I wondered if men could smell my sexual aroma. A lot of men asked me to dance, or sat down beside me in the casino. Around 9 PM, I was having a drink in one of the bars when a real hunk sat down next to me. He didn't ask if he could join me, he just did it."

"I smiled at him and started to leave, but he stopped me. All he said was "Stay". I sat back down as he ordered us another round of drinks. He told me his name was Blake and that he was in Vegas on business for the rest of the week. He asked me how long I would be in town. When I told him 5 days, he just said, "good".

"The fact is I hadn't really intended to cheat on you. I just wanted some excitement, but this guy was something else. Dark complexion, rugged face, good body from the way he filled out his clothes, maybe 30 years old, fantastic smile, but most of all, his masculine confidence and sensuality were just overwhelming."

"Is this making you just furious?" When Steve didn't answer, Mandy went over to the couch, sat beside him, and put her hand on his crotch. "MMmmmm... I think this is turning my husband on.. big time. Your cock is hard as steel. Want me to continue or would your prefer to just fuck me and then throw your slutty wife out?"

"Go on. Please. Don't stop. You're driving me wild!"

"See how hot this sort of thing can be. I was just as hot sitting at that bar with Blake as you are now. He noticed my wedding rings and showed me his. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I love fucking incredibly beautiful married women like you." My vagina and clit throbbed when I heard him say that."

"He asked me if I had already checked in. When I said that I had, he shrugged and said,

"That's not a problem. Let's go check you out. You'll be staying with me for the next five days. If you had planned on having more than one man during your stay, that's not a problem either. We can arrange that. Are you ready?"

"God. Was I ever ready! I could feel my juices soaking my thin panties and wetting my thighs. Blake escorted me to the front desk with his hand on my ass. Everyone could see him fondling me. Instead of being embarrassed, I was thrilled. I didn't care if others saw him caressing me. I just wanted him to keep his hand on my ass."

"Oh shit.. I'm so damn hard I can't believe it", Steve shouted. "Let's go to bed and fuck, PLEASE!"

"No. Not yet. You have to control yourself and let me finish all this. I've got to know if you're really going to forgive me and if you really want to do this more in the future."

"As I was changing my registration at the front desk, Blake told the clerk that I had decided to spend the week in his bed and wouldn't be needing my room. The clerk looked me over, and I blushed and throbbed even harder. The clerk was just finishing the paperwork when Blake remarked that he hadn't seen me naked yet. He asked the guy how big he thought my tits were. The man was just driving me wild, and he knew it."

"All the way to the elevator, his hand caressed my ass, moving in slow circles over both cheeks. Once in the elevator, he untied the straps of my dress and removed both of my tits. I prayed the elevator would not stop on the way up. Thankfully, it didn't, but when we got to his floor, he led me out of the elevator without allowing me to cover my tits. I had to walk down the hallway with both of them out."

"I kept hoping we would get to his room without anyone coming out into the hallway, but we didn't make it. The door to a room opened in front of us and a young man emerged with his wife. The husband stared at me as we approached. He couldn't take his eyes off my naked tits. His wife also stared at me with a smirk on her face, but when she looked at Blake and saw how ruggedly handsome, virile, well-built, and confident he was, her smirk turned to one of envy. While her husband was busy looking at my tits, she looked directly at Blake and slowly ran her tongue over her top lip."

"Blake told the guy that my tits were 36D. Then he said, 'They're all hers too, and really firm. Go ahead feel them. She doesn't mind. It excites her to have men feel her tits.' It was obvious that he really wanted to feel me, but his wife was standing right there. Blake said, 'Don't worry about your wife. I'll keep her busy while your enjoy Mandy.' And he did just that. It was wild!"

"What did he do. What happened?"

"He turned to the guy's wife, smiled, took her in his arms and kissed her. She struggled a little at first, more to put up a show of resistance than really trying to get away. After her token resistance, she wrapped her arms around him and opened her mouth. At the same time, her husband was busy hefting my tits, feeling and squeezing them. Finally, he began sucking my nipples."

"Did his wife say anything?"

"She was too busy moaning to notice anything other than Blake. He had unzipped her dress in back and had one of her tits out, cupping and squeezing it. His mouth was still on hers while his other hand was under her skirt and inside her panties. He told me later that he was working her clitoris and her juices were gushing out."

"Her husband wasn't nearly as confident and as aggressive. All he did was play with my tits and feel my ass through my dress. After a minute or so, Blake pulled away from the woman. She had to lean against the wall to support herself. She was panting. I know he could have fucked her right there in the hallway if he had decided to to so. Instead, he just told her that he would call her in a couple of days."

"As we moved on down the hallway, I asked him if he was going to fuck the woman. "Of course I'm going to fuck her. Didn't you see how hot she was. We'll get together with them later in the week. After you wear out her husband, I'll do both of you at the same time". I had no doubts at all that he was going to do exactly that."

"As soon as we were in his room, he had me on my knees in front of his cock. It was so big and hard that I had trouble getting it out of his pants."

"So he was bigger than me", Steve groaned.

"Actually, no. He about the same size.. maybe seven and a half inches.. just like you, and he was every bit as hard as you are right now. It was more his confidence and his awesome masculinity that were so overpowering. There was no way I could have refused to suck his cock."

"I sucked him. It took awhile, but I finally got all of it in my mouth and throat, just like I do with you. Then he held my head and fucked my mouth. You don't do that. You make love to my mouth. Blake fucked my mouth hole. He didn't bother to tell me before he shot his load down my throat. It almost choked me, but I swallowed all of it."

"Next, he put me on the bed on my back and ordered me to pulled my dress up. When I did, he removed my panties and had me put a pillow under my ass and spread wide. My tits were still out, of course. For the next 30 minutes, he ate my pussy and licked my clit. I came and came and came. Finally, I was begging him to stop. He looked at me and told me my job was to cum..not to talk. I came again almost as soon as he said that."

Steve had his legs crossed tightly, clearly struggling to keep from cumming in his pants. His hands pressed hard on his throbbing erection trying to control it.

"Are you Ok?"

"I'm just so damn hot and hard, I can't believe it. Go on."

"It just went on and on. My hips were thrusting against his mouth continuously until finally, I lost control of my bladder and wetted the bed covers. At that point he stopped and let me rest."

"Ten minutes later, he brought several warm wash cloths out of the bathroom and began to give me a gentle sponge bath. As he cleaned and caressed my body, my clothes were removed. When he finished, I was naked except for my heels and stockings. He stood up and removed his clothes. His cock was hard and ready again."

"He climbed onto the bed with me, and I opened my legs. He moved between them and told me to lift and spread myself for him. When I had my knees almost against my tits, he said, "Put it in!"

"I did, and he began to fuck me. Slowly at first, but hard, very hard. When his cock reached the bottom of my vagina, he would lift my ass and grind himself against my womb. The friction on my clitoris was intense. After several minutes, my vagina contracted in a hard spasm and I came."

"As soon as he felt me cum, he began fucking me harder and faster until he was hammering my hips deep into the mattress on every stroke. His cock was jerking and throbbing inside me. It seemed like I could feel every ridge, every vein as he rammed it in and out of me, using my vagina like a hot fuck hole. I had two more orgasms before he told me to get ready .. that he was going to cum in me. I was begging him for it when I felt his cock jerking and pulsing inside my cunt, filling me so full it was running down the crack of my ass."

"How many times did he fuck you?"

"The sex was pretty much constant for the entire five days. That first night he fucked me three times and again as soon as we woke up in the morning. We took a shower together and I got it again with the water pouring over us."

"We went to wonderful restaurants and shows and it seemed like he always had his hands on my body somewhere. He kept me in a constant state of arousal. And true to his word, on the third day, he called the couple we had met in the hallway. He spoke to the wife and told her to bring her husband and come to our room at 8 PM that night."

"Did they come?", I asked.

"They arrived 15 minutes early. Gail was wearing a dress and heels, nothing else. Blake had me on the bed in a garter belt, stockings, and heels. My ass was on a pillow and I was spread wide waiting for the husband to mount me. They weren't in the room more than five minutes before Don was in me. Blake had his wife on the other bed working on her. She came before either of us. They spent the night."

"Did Blake do both of you like he said he would?"

"Oh yes! By 1 AM, Don was exhausted and couldn't get it up any longer. He told Gail it was time to leave, but she told him that he could leave if he liked but she was staying. At 1:30 AM, Don was essentially unconscious on the other bed while Blake was busy fucking both of us. At one point, we were both sucking him at the same time. Later, he had us both side-by-side on our hands and knees while he was behind us switching from one cunt to the other, back and forth. He made us both cum twice before he shot off."

"Which of your cunts did he cum in?"

"Both. He started ejaculating inside me, after two spurts, he pulled out and finished cumming inside Gail's pussy. We went to sleep with him between us. In the morning, he fucked us both again, one at a time, before he would let Gail leave."

"So now do you understand why our sex life was so hot when you came back from Canada? I had become addicted to cock that week. Blake was in me constantly either with his cock, his fingers, or his tongue. I was having orgasms in bed, in the shower, in lounges, restaurants, in his car. When you came home, I was desperate to get your cock into me..anywhere, anytime."

"You said that you had been unfaithful with two men. Who was the other one?", Steve asked unable to keep his hands off his raging erection.

"Do you remember Walter, the young apprentice engineer who trained in your office for six months?"

"Yes. Did you fuck him?"

"I did. It started at the Labor Day party last year. You had too much to drink and passed out at the party. Remember?"

"Vaguely.. that entire evening is more or less a blur to me."

"That's not surprising considering that you were dead drunk and essentially unconscious. Walter helped me get you into the car and followed us home. Then he and I got you out of our car and into bed. It wasn't easy since you were totally out, just dead weight."

"Walter got your clothes off and covered you up while I went into the kitchen to make us some coffee and a snack. I never finished because he came up behind me, put his arms around me cupping both of my breasts and kissed my neck."

"You let him do that?", her husband asked.

"I said something like... 'we shouldn't be doing this' .. Walt just whispered in my ear .. 'no, but we're going to'. As he said it, his hands opened my blouse and moved inside my bra. I just leaned back against him as he caressed my entire body. He quickly had my dress up around my hips and his hands were inside my panties stroking my clitoris. I couldn't keep my hips still and suddenly I had an intense orgasm."

"He carried me into the guest bedroom and fucked me. Later he went down on me even though my pussy was filled with his semen. He didn't mind at all. I had another orgasm on his tongue. He was hard again, so he rolled me over onto all fours and fucked me doggie. He didn't leave until after he had put his fourth load into me. It was almost 4 AM."

"Was it just that one time?"

"Of course not! Walt was fucking me two and three times a week for the entire last four months he was in your office. That's why our sex was so good. He had me wildly hot for it all the time, and when he wasn't around, you got the benefit of it."

Steve groaned and pressed his hands against his crotch. "I can't stop it. I'm gonna cum in my pants."

"Like hell you are! My husband doesn't cum in his pants when his hot wife is here."

Mandy quickly unzipped her husband's pants and pulled out his throbbing erection. The head was huge, purple, throbbing. Precum covered it and ran down the shaft.

"Oh my god! That's just gorgeous!"

Mandy grabbed his near bursting organ and rammed 7 inches of it into her mouth and throat. She held his balls as her cheeks hollowed, sucking him hard. Her lips flew up and down her husband's jerking cock. In less than 15 seconds, he grabbed her head and rammed his cock all the way into her throat. Roughly, he fucked her mouth and began to shoot one large stream of cum after another down her throat. Finally, he pulled out and shot the last two cum ropes over his wife's face.

Mandy's hand rubbed her cunt furiously as she felt her husband ejaculating down her throat and over her face. When the last cum rope landed on her nose, she convulsed in her own orgasm.

After her orgasm subsided, Mandy looked at her husband's cock. It was still hard even after shooting that huge load into her. "My god.. you're still hard!"

"I know. I can't believe it. I've got to fuck you!"

Ten minutes later, Steve was in his wife's sex saddle ramming his rigid cock in and out of Mandy's throbbing sex hole. She was urging him to fuck her harder, faster.. to use her like a whore. Before they uncoupled, Steve had put two large loads of semen into her.


The next day, Mandy suggested that they open up their marriage and find some other people to share their bed. "We could find some sexy couples, a hot woman for you or a hot guy for me, or we could go to a swing club. What do you think?"

"It sounds incredibly erotic. How do we start?"

"How about we buy some magazines and place a few ads. See what happens."

This sounded like a reasonable place to start so we placed ads in various magazines for swingers in which we invited couples and singles interested in meeting to respond with a letter describing themselves, their interests and, if possible, recent photographs. The majority of responses we received were from single males, but a reasonable number of couples also responded. Occasionally, we would receive a response from a single female, but these were rare. These responses were sent to the editors of the magazine who would then forward them to us.

Initially, we found placing such ads to be a rather unsuccessful procedure, but this changed when we included a photograph of Mandy that showed a lot of her breasts, all of her stocking-clad legs, and a little of her panties. She was lying on the couch with one leg raised and bent at the knee while the other was flat on the couch and spread slightly.

This ad produced many more responses than had been the case with our previous ads. One of the responses was from a young man who said his name was Dennis, that he was single, 24 years old, and ruggedly handsome. He had also included two nude photos of himself that showed his good physique and his large, erect penis. I had not paid much attention to his response as it was from a single male, but later on I noticed that Mandy seemed to be really taken by his letter.

"You seem to have found a response that really interests you", I said to her.

"You might say that", my wife smiled.

"Really? Let me see." My wife handed me the letter. I had expected it to be from a couple and was somewhat surprised to find that it was the letter from the well-built, single stud.

"What's so special about this guy?"

"Haven't you heard, Honey? Guys in their early twenties are supposed to be at the very peak of their sexual energy. In addition, he only lives about 65 miles from us. Besides that, take a look at these photos he sent of himself."

Again, I stared at the hard body of the guy in the photo, both impressed and a little envious. My wife said, "Just look at the size of his cock! It's not only long, but look at how thick he is. There's no way my hand would go all the way around that monster."

"I think that thought sort of turns you on", I smiled.

"You might say that", my wife grinned. "Can we respond to his letter? Maybe offer to meet him somewhere to see what develops?"

"Well, we're both about 10 years or so older than he is. What makes you think that Dennis will be interested once he learns that?"

"I was thinking about returning the favor and sending him a few photos of me."

"Of just you or both of us?", I asked.

Again my wife grinned and then laughed. "I have the feeling that he's not that interested in you."

"Ok. You win. How about you write a letter and then we'll find a photo or two of you to send him?"

"I'll be glad to write the first draft of the letter, but I want you to look it over before we send it. And I would also like to take some new photos of me to send him. Ok?"

"Sure. Why not."


I knew my wife was very serious when she went right to work on the letter. I turned my attention to the TV set and soon became engrossed in one of the programs. It was nearly an hour later when my wife handed me her first draft. The letter was not very long, but it was descriptive and suggestive. It read:


"Dear Dennis,

We just received your response to our ad and are very interested in exploring the possibility of meeting you. Steve and I are both older than you as we're in our early-thirties. I'm a blonde, 5'6", 134 lbs with a fair face and nice body. My measurements are 36D-25-36. Steve is an engineer, 5'11", 170 lbs, nice trim body but not as muscular as yours. I think we live only 65 miles apart so travel will not be a problem.

We're enclosing a few photos we recently took of me. I hope you like them as much as I like yours. Our phone number and mailing address are on the back of two of the photos. If you're interested, please call or write.

Sincerely, Mandy and Steve ---------------------

While I read the letter, Mandy went to our bedroom and returned with our digital camera.

"Is the letter Ok?"

When I responded that I thought it was fine, she said. "Great lets take some photos of me to send to Dennis."

For the next hour we took numerous pictures of Mandy. Some were so revealing as to be almost pornographic. In the end, we elected to send three of them to Dennis. I was surprised at how revealing they were as Mandy is usually somewhat shy about sending her photos out. It was becoming more and more evident to me that she was more than just a little interested in Dennis.

One of the photos we sent showed Mandy in a skin-tight, clinging white dress. The bodice consisted of two cups that just barely covered her breasts with small straps that tied behind her neck. Her shoulders were bare as was the top half of her back. The dress was just long enough to cover her buttocks and two inches of her thighs. Underneath, she was naked. She was bare-legged and wore open-toed, red sandals with four-inch heels and a heel strap. In the photograph, she was facing the camera and holding the dress up in front so that her small triangle of neatly trimmed bush was exposed.

In the second photo, she had placed her left foot on a footstool elevating her thigh so that it was parallel to the floor. This caused her dress to ride high enough on her thigh to again expose her cunt bush. She had untied the strap around her neck and lowered both cups to completely expose her tits.

The last photo was almost obscene. Mandy was seated on a couch with her left arm resting on the left arm of the couch and her body wedged into the corner. Her right arm extended out over the back of the couch. The cups intended to cover her breasts were both lowered exposing her tits as in the second photo. Her left leg was resting over the left arm of the couch with her heel dangling in the air. The heel on her right foot was planted on the sofa cushion so far out to the right that her thighs were spread as wide as possible. She had her right leg raised and bent at the knee. The white dress was pulled high on her belly completely exposing all of her trimmed bush. With her legs spread wide open, her cuntal plane was totally exposed along with part of her ass. Her labia were fluted open and the glistening wetness of her slit betrayed her excitement. Her erect clitoris extended out of its protective hood and was clearly visible at the top of her cunt.

We mailed the letter with the photos included that same day.


A week later around midnight, Mandy and I were asleep in our bedroom. Actually, she was asleep but I was having some trouble falling asleep and was still awake lying with my back to her. At that moment, the phone rang awakening Mandy. As the phone is on her side of the bed she answered it.

"Hello." A pause followed. "Who did you say this is?" Another pause followed, and then "Oh, yes. I remember you very well. How are you Dennis?"

I was somewhat surprised that Dennis had called us, particularly so late at night, but my wife seemed very pleased. As she continued her end of the conversation, I got more interested in the call."

"We're in bed right now. I think Steve is asleep. At least he hasn't moved since you called." She paused as Dennis said something.

"Well, I'm wearing a short, black nylon nightie. It comes down to about midthigh. It has two straps over my shoulders and is nearly transparent."

"No. I'm not wearing any panties under it, Dennis. Steve likes to have my pussy bare when we're in bed in case he decides he wants to use it during the night... Listen, Honey. We're going to wake up my husband talking like this. Let me go into the guest bedroom down the hall and take your call there. Don't hang up."

Mandy carefully laid the phone down across its cradle so that the connection would not be broken, but so that it looked like the phone was hung up. She slipped quietly out of bed, carefully opened the door, and disappeared down the hallway in the direction of our guest bedroom. I waited for a bit and then put the phone to my ear and listened.

"No, I don't have on a bra either, Dennis."

"Your letter said you have 36D tits. They look even bigger than that in the photos you sent. You look incredibly sexy. I just love that small little triangle of bush you have right above your pussy. And you look so wet and open. Had you just been fucked before that pic was taken?"

"Steve got really turned on as we took the pics. He had to stop in the middle and get some relief. That photo was taken after he had finished fucking me."

Mandy felt her pussy throb when she heard Dennis groan at the other end of the line. "Are you wearing a bra right now?", he asked.

"No. I'm not wearing a bra. Women never wear a bra to bed. So if you were in bed with me right now, my tits would almost be naked... just that thin nightie covering them. You wouldn't have any trouble getting them out."

"I'm hard just thinking about that."

"I have my nightie pulled up around my waist right now so that my pussy is totally exposed. You like that thought?"

"Ohhhh fuckk.. keep this up, Mandy, and you're gonna make me cum. Take your tits out for me right now."

There was a slight pause and then, "They're out, Honey. I just pulled my nightie down and took my tits out over the top of the bodice. I'm essentially naked right now."

"Are your legs spread?"


"Spread them. Do it now. I want them wide open."

"Mmmmm... you don't take "no" for an answer from a woman do you... Ok. My legs are wide open right now, Dennis. They're lying flat on the bed. But I'm sure you know that it's hard to get into a woman if her legs are flat on the bed."

"Well, that's not a problem. Lift your legs and bend your knees.. keep them wide apart. Keep your feet on the bed.... Now lift your butt and push a pillow under your ass so that your cunt is totally accessible."

"My legs are wide open, knees bent, pillow is under my ass now, Dennis. My cunt is wide open and very wet right now. It's elevated and in fucking position. Does it excite you to hear me refer to my vagina as a "cunt"? A lot of men call it my cunt. Others call it my "sex hole". Would you rather stick your big cock into my vagina, or into my pussy, or into my cunt, or into my fuck hole or sex hole?"

"I intend to stick it into your cunt, Mandy."

"I've been fantasizing about that big cock of yours. How big is it when it's fully hard, Lover?"

"A little over 9 inches. And it's pretty thick."

"I could see that from the photo you sent, but I would love to actually see it in person when it's that big."

"I'm jacking off... finger fuck your cunt, Mandy. I'm thinking about fucking you!"

" making men want to fuck me. I'm pumping my fingers in and out of my cunt hole, Honey. They're sliding in deep without any problem you have me so hot and so wet. Wish you were here to fuck that big hard cock into my cunt."

"I'm looking at your pics. The one of you on the couch with your legs wide open exposing your hot fuck hole. Sticking my cock in you. Oh yes...yes...yes.. I'm fucking gonna cummmm!"

"Do it Honey. Shoot my cunt full of your big load. Cum inside my fuck hole. I'm rubbing my clit thinking about you hammering it in and out of me. I'm gonna put the receiver right beside my cunt so you can hear my fingers fucking in and out of my sex hole. Now do it, Stud. SHOOT IT INNNNNNNNNN."

Dennis' loud groans echoed in my ear as he grunted and pumped out his load. I could hear the squishing of my wife's fingers churning in and out of her cunt.


When Mandy returned to our bed, I had replaced the phone as she had left it, and again pretended to be asleep on my side facing away from her. I heard her hang up the phone quietly. She pulled up the covers and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, I waited for my wife to tell me about the phone call. She just gave me a devilish smile and licked her finger. "Well, are you going to tell me about it or not?", I asked.

"He phone fucked me, Honey. Ohhhh god... did he ever phone fuck your wife. He made me cum twice."

"Did you get him off too?"

"Mmmmm... oohhhh yeah. He was jerking off listening to my fingers pumping in and out of my pussy while he was looking at the pics we sent him. It sounded like he really shot off big."

"You hot dirty Slut."

My wife smiled... licked her lips and leaned back against the kitchen counter. "I loved making him cum, Baby. What are you going to do about it?"

Grabbing her, I kissed her hard, running my tongue into her mouth. She opened it wide to take all of it. A moment later, I had her bent over the kitchen table, her skirt up around her hips. Yanking down her panties, I started sliding my entire length into her tight pussy. She was wet and ready. About halfway in, she started to moan and didn't quit until I hit bottom.


Holding onto her hips, I started slamming into her, trying to open every inch of her pussy with my tool. She was coming again. Thrusting my hand between her thighs, I flicked her clit with two fingers. She groaned, her cunt contracted hard, and I felt her coming again.


Perspiration was running down the crack of her ass as I fucked in and out of my wife's drenched cunt. Thrusting deeply, I held myself in her cunt and felt the hot sperm shoot into her body. Mandy groaned when she felt it fill her body. When I finally withdrew, I could see my white load starting to dribble out between her thighs.


That night, the phone rang again around midnight. I was almost asleep when it rang. My wife answered it almost before the first ring was complete. Again, I feigned sleep. Again, she told her night caller that she would go into the guest bedroom. Like the previous night, she placed the receiver on its cradle but did not break the connection. She checked to see if I was asleep, and then quietly got up and left, closing the door behind her. I checked the bedside clock. It was 12:10 AM.

The conversation with Dennis followed much the same pattern as the previous night. After 10 minutes or so, he had my wife totally naked, lying on the bed, with a pillow beneath her ass and her legs spread and knees steepled.

"Put your fingers in your cunt, Mandy. Is it wet?"

"Oh yes! It's soaked, and my clit is erect and hard."

"Rub your clit, Mandy, while I tell you what I want you to do tomorrow."

"I have my fingers on it, Honey. What do you want me to do?"

"Tomorrow, you will put on a tight, low-cut sweater that shows a lot of your breasts. You will not wear a bra. Do you understand? No bra!"

"Yes.. no bra.. mmmmmmmmm... "

"You will go out and buy a pair of jeans that are two sizes too small so that they are so tight they hug every crevice and look like they're sprayed on. If you have such a pair, you may wear that. You will pull the jeans up tight against your ass and crotch so that your ass and cunt slit are outlined perfectly."

When there was no answer, Dennis asked, "Are you there? Do you understand? Answer me."

"OOooohhh fuck.. I'm so hot, Dennis. My clit and cunt are twitching.. I'm getting very close."

"You will wear red lip gloss, eye shadow, earrings, and several rings on each finger. You will be bare legged and have on 4-inch heels or 5-inch heels, if you have any. When properly dressed, you will go to Southern Hills mall where you will display your body to men for several hours. I will be watching to be certain that you do as told. If you do not have a pair of 5-inch heels, you will buy several."

"Aaaahhhhh... "

"Finger fuck into your hot cunt now, Mandy. It's my big cock buried up your married cunt.. fucking you.. ramming you.. taking you."

"Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh.. mmmmmmm.... doing it...AAAAAhhhhhhh.."

"Fuck your cunt hole faster..harder.. jerk on your clit."


"I'm unloading my cum into you right now!!"

I could hear the bed springs squeaking over the phone as my wife thrust her hips up and down on the bed while following the orders of her night caller and making herself cum.

I fell asleep while I was waiting for Mandy to return, but awoke when she crawled back into bed. My eyes went to the lighted digital clock. It read 1:25 AM.


The next morning at breakfast, my wife said nothing about her night caller. As she poured both of us a cup of coffee, I noticed the bounce of her big tits under her low-cut sweater and knew that she was braless as Dennis had ordered. With her large 36D tits, she never goes braless unless we are going out for some erotic sexual adventure.

I looked over the rest of her attire. Below her sweater, she wore jeans. Reasonable enough, except for the fact that they were two sizes too small, again as she had been ordered. The jeans hugged every crevice. The crease of ass and her camel toe were both on display. The legs of the jeans clung to her thighs and calves. With four-inch heels on her feet, she looked hot.

"What are you plans for the day?", I asked.

"I thought I would go to the mall, do some shopping, and maybe take in a movie."

"You really look hot. Just what are you going shopping for?"

My wife laughed. "My, my.. you seem to have a really dirty mind this morning. Don't worry. I intend to behave myself."

I was so certain that she intended to meet her "night caller" that I drove down the block, waited, and then followed my wife when she drove away. She drove to Southern Hills mall and went inside, her ass swinging with every step. Of course, I assumed that he was going to meet her somewhere inside. So I waited until she was a reasonable distance away and then followed.

For the next two hours, I shadowed my wife. She took every opportunity to bend over to let some admiring male or males look down her sweater and see most, if not all, of her tits. Sometimes she would bend over at the waist to examine something on the bottom shelf of a store. The position stretched the jeans tightly over her butt and caused the material to sink deeply into her ass and cunt slits. Although both openings were completely covered, every fold of her cunt was outlined.

At one point, she went into Victoria's Secret and tried on "fuck-me" heels for 30 minutes or so. As far as I could tell from my vantage point, every pair had 5-inch heels.

Although Mandy was obviously having a lot of fun teasing every nearby male, it became obvious that she had no intention of meeting anyone. Dennis had said that he would be watching, but he may have just said that to get my wife to follow his orders, which she had certainly done. I waited until she left and then followed her again. This time she drove home, parked her car in our garage, and carried her purchases into the house. I waited for another 30 minutes, but she did not leave the house.


That night, it was 12:30 AM when Mandy's night caller was on our phone. Again, I let her think that I was asleep. She left as she had done the previous two nights.

"You did well today at the mall, Slut. I like the 5-inch heels you bought. You will be wearing them whenever I fuck you. Do you understand?"

"Oh yes! I'm required to wear my slutty heels when you decide to fuck me."

"Get on the bed in the usual position, but get your vibrator first. You will cum on your vibrator tonight."

My cock was hard a stone listening to this. Five minutes later, I heard the sound of the vibrator and my wife moaning as it slid in and out of her cunt.

"Pump it deep inside your cunt, Mandy. In and out. Rub your clit as you fuck your cunt with the vibrator. Imagine that it's my cock in you..fucking you... making you cum."

"Oohhh yessss! Give it to me. Ram he harder. OOohhhhh you're gonna make me cummmmmmmmm."

"Did Steve fuck you tonight?"

"Yesss... my cunt is full of his cum right now. You're going to put another load into me right now aren't you?"

"Not yet. Not until I feel you cum and am ready to shoot it in."

"Oh Oh Oh.. yes.. like that... like that.. pump me, Stud.. pump my pussy harder..."

"Tomorrow you will wear a tight, low-cut blouse with no bra. You will also wear a miniskirt with thigh-high stockings and a pair of your new 5-inch heels. You may wear thin, transparent, white bikini panties or you may leave your cunt naked, your choice. Now fuck the vibe harder. Ram it all the way in on every thrust. Imagine that it's my big cock in you."

"AAaahhhh...fuckkkkkkkkk... yesssssss... you're in me... fucking meeeeeeeeeee... give it to meeee."

"When you are properly dressed, you will go to the Marriott Inn on Broad Street. Go to the lounge and expose yourself to the men in the lounge. You will treat them to generous views of your tits, your legs, your thighs.. and of course either your panties or your naked cunt. As usual, I will be watching. I may decide to pick you up and fuck you. Now it's time for you to cum, you hot married slut. Rub your clit... make it cum. DO IT NOW! I'm going to cum in your cunt."

"Ooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkk meeeeeeee... cum in my cunt..aaahhh!!"

It only took Mandy about 30 seconds to cum. She moaned and gasped as her orgasm exploded through her cunt and clit. It was 2:00 AM before she returned to our bed.


At breakfast, Mandy wore a long cotton nightgown that was as far from sexy and erotic as it was possible to get. She was very sleepy from her late night conversations with her night caller, and I figured that if she went out as ordered, it would be later in the day.

I went to the office, took care of all the meetings and conferences I had scheduled and then told my assistant to cover things for me as I had some business that would take me out for the afternoon.

Driving home, I first determined that Mandy's car was still parked in the driveway. Then, I took up a position that allowed me to watch our house. By 2:00 PM, I was beginning to get very bored and considered leaving. But then I saw my wife emerge from the house and walk to her car. She wore a tight, low-cut blouse and a miniskirt with stockings and heels, exactly as Dennis had ordered. The way her big tits were bouncing, it was obvious that she wore no bra. I wondered if she had decided to wear the bikini panties or nothing over her cunt.

She drove to the Marriott Inn, parked, and went inside. I was absolutely certain that she was going to meet night caller, as I had come to think of him. However, she went to the lounge, sat down at a table and ordered a drink. I stood behind some large plants just outside the lounge and watched.

At this distance, I could easily see that every man was going to know that she was braless. Her tits bounced when she walked and the imprint of her erect nipples were obvious beneath the tight blouse. She had her legs crossed exposing a wide expanse of thigh and the bare skin above the top of her stocking. At least I now knew that she was wearing thigh-high stockings. I wondered if she had on any panties.

After 10 minutes or so, my wife uncrossed her legs and recrossed them in the opposite direction. The motion gave me a clear view of her crotch. She was wearing thin, white panties.

Over the next hour, over a dozen men entered the lounge, noticed her, and took seats so that they could enjoy her exposed charms. However, only one of the men approached her, even when she treated them to a brief view of her panties or bent over to allow them to see most of her tits. She spoke briefly to the man who had approached her. He smiled and left without ever touching Mandy.

After an hour, no night caller appeared. I wondered what in the hell was going on. I thought it was obvious that she was ready to fuck him. Why wasn't he taking advantage of the situation.

At 3:00 PM, my wife got up and left the lounge. I followed her and watched as she got into her car and started driving in the direction of our house. When she passed Lakeside Park, she pulled in and parked by the lake. She didn't get out, but just sat there looking at the lake. After 20 minutes, she started the car again and finished driving home. As soon as the garage door had closed behind her car, I drove back to the office for the afternoon.


The night caller did not call that night or the next. In fact, it was several days before he again called a little after midnight. Once again, she went off to the guest bedroom thinking that I was asleep, and again, I listened to their conversation.

This time he had my wife get on all fours on the bed, with her head on the bed, her knees widely spread, and her ass arched high. She was ordered to insert a dildo into her ass hole, her vibe into her cunt, and to masturbate her clitoris as he gave her instructions.

"Tomorrow, you will put on your black sheath, the one you purchased at Victoria's Secrets that just barely covers your ass. You will wear the crotchless pantyhose you bought and a pair of 5-inch heels. You will wear no bra nor panties. You will return to Southern Hills mall where you will expose your cunt to at least a dozen men. Ride the escalators and bend over. Stand near the railing on the second floor with your feet well apart and allow the men below to see your cunt and ass. Go to the restaurant, buy something to eat, and be certain to keep your legs open under the table while you eat. Go to a shoe store and buy some regular shoes. You will allow the clerk to examine your naked cunt throughout the entire time you are seated in the store. If he asks to meet you, you will accept, and make a date for later in the week at which time you will fuck him. Are these orders clear?"

For an answer, I heard my wife explode in an intense orgasm. She moaned and grunted like a whore. When her spasms ebbed sufficiently to allow her to speak, she promised to do everything he had ordered.

"Now spread your legs wide open lift them. Expose your hot pussy to me so I can fuck you."

Moments later I heard my wife say, "Am I spread wide enough? Is my cunt in the right position for you to fuck me?"

"Perfect. I'm going to put it in you now. Do not make too much noise and wake your husband. Ready?"

"Ohhhh god yes... RAM ME... FUCK IT INNNNNNNNNN.."


The next day, I followed her again. She left the house at 10 AM. By 10:30 AM, she was in the mall carrying out every instruction her night caller had given her. Crowds of men would ride the escalator behind her. She would bend over slightly to allow them a clear view of her cunt fully exposed by her crotchless pantyhose. A lot of time was spent standing at the railing on the second floor. When she ate a snack, I could see her glistening pussy exposed between her open legs. So could half a dozen other men. I think the shoe store clerk may have cum in his pants. On the way home, Mandy again stopped for 20 minutes at Lakeside Park, but did not leave her car. She was back home by 12:30 PM.

Again, I saw no sign of Dennis. I was beginning to conclude that he just didn't have the nerve to actually approach my wife. I was both relieved and disappointed as the thought of that young, big-cocked stud fucking my wife had turned me on.


Although nothing more than some phone sex had resulted from our contact with Dennis, the sex between Mandy and I had become increasingly hot and erotic, just as my wife had predicted it would. So I was overjoyed. We were having sex everyday now, and it was always hot and intense.

The evening after she had gone to the mall wearing just her black sheathe and crotchless pantyhose, we were sitting on the couch watching some TV show. It was boring, and my thoughts returned to that afternoon in the mall. In moments, my cock was hard as stone. Moving over beside my wife, I began caressing her breasts, then her legs, then up her thighs. She moaned softly and purred, enjoying the sensations of my hands moving over her aroused body. I removed her blouse and exposed both tits. Next came her skirt as she arched her hips to allow me to pull it down over her hips. In ten minutes, I had my wife naked.

She was begging me to fuck her. She said I was driving her crazy. Her pussy juices were running down the inside of her thighs as she groaned and hunched her hips. I stood, removed my own clothes, and then pulled Mandy to her feet.

"Bent over the back of the chair and hold onto the seat", I ordered. "I'm going to fuck you from behind."

Mandy followed directions, bending over the chair and spreading her legs wide open. I rubbed her cunt, sliding my fingers through her wet folds and coating my fingers with her juices. I greased my throbbing cock with her slick cunt juice, pushed the head against the fluted opening, and held her hips preparing to fuck her. A slight push parted the lips of her waiting cunt. She moaned when she felt it sliding into her depths.

Mandy pushed her hips back onto me sinking most of my shaft into her sex pit. As my cock filled her, I squeezed her dangling tits hard. Finally, we rammed out bodies together and my hard pole slammed to be bottom of her twat. She moaned as my balls slapped her erect clitoris.

She was writhing on my shaft like a wild woman. I started pulling out of her cunt and when almost all the way out, I rammed it back inside so hard that she grunted when it thudded into her cervix, my balls again banging against her clit. Holding her hips, I fucked my wife like a machine. Mandy's tits were slapping her chest with each plunge of my rigid cock.

"Oh Shit.. Fuck me.. Fuck Me Hard! uunnnggghhhh....", she babbled, saliva running out the corners of her mouth.

Without warning, her cunt hole contracted in a hard spasm as she came for the second time. The pressure her pussy was exerting on my cock was incredible. I started thrusting faster and faster, in and out of her gaping sex hole. Every thrust brought more screams of delight from my wife. My pistoning cock churned her juices in a thick white froth that squished and bubbled each time it drilled into her cunt.

When I felt the cum rising in my balls, I told her to get ready, that the load was coming. With a loud groan, my hot cum started spurting up her cunt. I heard myself grunting like a wild stallion as my load continued to rocket into her hot hole. My wife came again.


Two nights later, Mandy's night caller again called at midnight. This time, my wife shook me. I pretended to wake up.

"What is it?", I asked.

"It's Dennis. We're going to have phone sex. I want you to listen. I promise it will be hotter than you can imagine."

My cock, which was already hard, got even harder. "Oh hell yes. I'd love to!"

My wife kissed me passionately. "You're going to love it. I promise." She handed me my cell phone. "Listen on the extension while he phone fucks me, but keep your cell phone handy in case I want to call you."

A few minutes later I picked up the extension and once again heard Dennis having phone sex with my wife. I had heard it before so it wasn't that exciting, but I couldn't tell my wife that I had been eavesdropping before.

"I want to give it to you doggie, Baby. So I can see my big 9-inch cock sinking into that hot married fuck hole."

"Oh yes!! Give it to me like that. Hurry. I'm already so hot I can't wait."

Mandy got on all fours, lowered her head onto the bed, and raised her butt high. Then she spoke into the phone.

"I'm on all fours, Dennis, right at the edge of the bed. My ass is sticking over the edge waiting for you. You're going to sink your huge monster cock into my hot pussy aren't you? My ass is up in the air. You have me ready."

"I'm shoving your nightie up over your ass until it's around your hips."

"Oh gawd, yes! My nightie is shoved up around my hips now. My ass and cunt are exposed. You can see how wide I'm spreading waiting for you to fuck it into me."

"Damn! Look at that hot fuck hole. You're so wet, you're dripping on the bed. You can't wait for me to stick this monster prick up your hole, can you Bitch?"

Mandy moaned. "Please.. please.. don't torture me.. don't make me wait like this.. get into me... FUCK ME!"

"I'm getting behind you right now. You can't stay still.. the bed is bouncing.. you're begging me to give it to you... "

It was amazing how hot the phone sex was getting my wife. I not only could hear her groaning at the make believe sex, her body was thrashing around so much I could really hear the bed springs squeaking.

"OOhhhh yesss... you're so damn hard .. so damn big.. thick .. Aaahhhh.. you're gonna stretch meeeeeeee. OOOHHHHHH... I can feel it.. the big cock head against the lips of my cunt... oohhh shit.. you're going to fuck meeeeeeeeeeee.. aaahhhhhhhh... ooohhh fuck... it's going innnnnnnnnnn.. innnnnnnnn.. I can feel it going into my hot hole...aaahhhhhhhhh... it's stretching meeeeeeee.. open... "

"Take it you hot, Bitch. Spread your legs wider... get that hot ass up in the air..higher.. higher.. reach back.. spread your cheeks wide open for me."

"I'm doing it.. you can see me spreading my cheeks...showing you my asshole... letting you see your big huge cock sinking out of sight into my cunt.. "

"I'm fucking you, Baby.. sinking it all the way into your cunt.. pulling it out... sinking it back in... in and out... in and out.. what a hot fuck hole you are!"

"Ooohhhhh you're all the way in meeeeeeeeee...ooohhhhh .. you're giving it to me sooooo hard.... so faster.. FUCK ME HARDER.. FUCK MY MARRIED CUNT HARDER, STUD!"

"Oh yes.. I have my hand on your clit... rubbing it as I fuck you. Listening to you groan and beg.. I can feel your cunt beginning to throb... you're about to cum, you hot Slut."

"OOOHHH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSS... IM CUMMINGGGGGGGG... Ugh .. Ugh.. Ugh.. Ugh.. Oohh gawd.. he's hard.. so damn hard.. and in me so damn deep! Can you feel my cunt throbbing around you big prick, Dennis? Can you feel how hard you're making me cum?"

"Oh Yeah! Can feel that fuck hole throbbing.. now I'm going to make your asshole throb just the same way. Gonna put it in your ass."

"Ooohhh No No NO... I can't take back there... you're too big.. please.. in my cunt.. no.. not in my ass... please .. no.. too big..."

"Shut up, Slut. Here it comes.. Up your hot sexy ass!"

"Oh no... you're gonna do it, aren't you? Ohhh.. you just pulled out of my pussy... gonna do my ass... NO.. NO .. NO.. Don't.. please... don't ass fuck meeeeeeeeee... "

"I'm there, Slut! Cockhead right against your small puckered asshole."


"AAAHHHHHHHHHH... INNNNN... So damn more..please ... no more cock... can't take more... AAAAEEEEEIIIIIIII"

"Sticking it up your asshole, Baby. Take it!"



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