Bound and Gagged Wife

Bound and Gagged Wife

by RLM

Derek and I were in our den enjoying the football games on Saturday afternoon as we had been doing for months. We were friends from college who had stayed close over the intervening years. Now in our early thirties,Tracey and I had been married for three years but had not yet begun a family. Derek, on the other hand, was still a batchelor.

I was not just a little surprised by the fact that Derek was still single. He was well educated, had a great and very lucrative job, a great build and was handsome in a rugged sort of way. He had dated more women than I knew,but had not yet found one he wanted to marry. As he often put it to me, "Why marry one when there are so many available?"

Tracey was sort of indifferent to Derek. She found him attractive but was put off by his chauvinistic, male attitude toward women. This had never created a problem because she was never home on Saturdays as that was one of the days she worked as tour guide for a local company. And after working hours, she would shop, pick up the groceries, and visit with her sister who lived in town. Derek was usually gone by the time she came home, so every thing worked out well.

The situation changed, however, when the tour company switched her work days so that Saturdays were free. Now she was home on Saturdays, and she didn't care much for football.

It was the same every Saturday. Derek and I would try to watch the game with Tracey keeping up a never-ending conversation about some topic other than football. I repeatedly asked her to wait until later, but she just ignored me and continued to talk, even though neither of us were listening. Finally, Derek asked her to please be quiet while were watching the game. She ignored him as well.

After a few weeks of this, it became obvious, even to Tracey, that we weren't going to pay any attention to her distracting conversations while we were trying to watch a football game. However, instead of taking the none too subtle hints we were giving her, she switched from irrelevant conversation to frontal attacks on football itself. After two weeks, her sarcastic remarks were really beginning to irritate both of us. On the third weekend, Michigan was playing a very important conference game, and Derek was an avid Michigan fan. We were both looking forward to the game.

Halfway through the first quarter, my wife sat down with a cup of coffee. "Would either of you like a cup of coffee? I have both regular and decaf." We both shook our heads.

"I think the coffee is excellent." We did not respond.

"I could make some sandwiches to go with the coffee. Would either of you like a sandwich?" We both shook our heads without removing our eyes from the TV set.

"Which team is which? I like the looks of the black uniforms the best. Don't you guys think the guys in the black uniforms look more masculine.. more macho?" Derek glared at my wife obviously ready to sell her to a slave dealer.

"How can you tell which team is Michigan? I don't see "Michigan" written on any of the uniforms."

"They're the team with the ball right now", I finally responded, hoping to shut her up. It was not to be.

"Look at all the players standing on the sidelines. They're only letting about a dozen or so play. Why can't the other guys play too?"

With amazing restraint, Derek calmly said, "They have to follow the rules, Tracey. Everyone has to follow the rules or bad things happen. Right now the rules here are WATCH THE GAME! TRY TO LEARN SOMETHING!"

"I don't see how men can possibly stand to watch such a silly game as this for hours", she remarked. Derek and I tried to ignore her, but she wouldn't stop.

"I had no idea your were a football freak when I married you, Doug." I'm surprised you didn't watch football games on our honeymoon. I guess the TV set in our hotel room must have been broken?" I just smiled and tried to ignore the obvious insult to my manhood.

"Do you guys know I timed a football game last week with a stop watch. When the ball was snapped, I started the watch. When the whistle blew, I stopped it. Not counting half time, the game lasted three hours and 14 minutes. The 143 plays that took place during the game took a grand total of 1126 seconds or slightly less than 19 minutes. So nothing at all was happening for 175 minutes. If the two of you had been watching, you would have been sitting here doing nothing..absolutely nothing.. except watching some commercials or two talking heads trying to figure out what was going to happen next when all they had to do was wait a few more minutes and the world would know what had happened next."

"Would you please shut up", Derek growled. "If you don't like football, why don't you go do something else? Like show some tourists some monuments or something."

"Listen, you. This is my home. If I want to talk, I'm going to talk. By the way, Doug, did I tell you that Joanne's baby shower for Gail is next Tuesday evening. We've both been invited. Will you go?"

At the moment, Michigan had the ball on their opponents 13 yard line, fourth down, a little over a yard to go for the first down. The quarterback was on the sidelines discussing the situation with the coaches... kick the field goal to tie the game or go for it.. the situation was tense... Tracey babbled on.

"I think it would be a very nice gesture if we both went to the baby shower, Doug. Derek, Joanne asked about you last week. I told her you were here on Saturdays, and guess what.. she invited you to attend the shower too. Would you like to go? You don't have to bring a gift or anything."

The quarterback returned to the huddle. They were lining up to go for it. The outcome of the game probably rested on the next play...

"Derek, you're not paying any attention! Would you like to go to the baby shower or not?" There was no answer. Derek stared at the set... I stared at the set.

Suddenly, moments before the ball was snapped, the screen went black! We looked over and Tracey held the remote in her hand. "I'm speaking to the two of you", she shouted. "Do you want to go to the baby shower or not? Answer me!"

The next two minutes were a pandemonium of angry shouts and screams from both Derek and I. I grabbed the remote away from my wife and turned the set back on but the crucial play was over and the officials were measuring to see if Michigan had made the first down. Derek was furious.

Without a word, he walked into our bedroom and came back carrying some of Tracey's underthings, which turned out to be two pair of her panties and several pair of her pantyhose.

"What are you doing with my pan....", my wife screamed. But she never got to finish the sentence. Derek easily pinned her arms to her sides, and, as she opened her mouth to protest, pushed both pair of the balled panties inside. He pulled her to the couch and tied one pair of pantyhose around her mouth and head trapping the panties inside. While she was making more muffled protests, he used a second pair to tie her hands securely behind her back. Three more pair were used to bind my wife's thighs, calves and ankles tightly together. When he finished, my wife's dress was rucked up around midthigh and there was no way for her to pull it down.

Derek now spoke calmly, but firmly, to my wife. "Now Doug and I are going to watch the rest of the game, Tracey, and you are going to lie here beside us quietly or we'll put you in a closet somewhere. Understand? Turning off the set like that was the most disgusting, bitchy thing I've ever seen a woman do."

For the next hour, I sat at one end of the couch beside my wife's feet while Derek was at the other end near Tracey's head. We drank beer, watched the game, and cheered while my wife lay docilely on her side between us with her knees bent. After a half hour, she was squirming. Rather than trying to free her legs, she seemed to be pressing them even more tightly together.

During a time out, I got us two more brews from the kitchen. When I handed Derek his, I noticed that he had his hand on Tracey's shoulder. It was a natural place to rest his hand. After all, there wasn't any extra room on the couch. Five minutes later, I had my hand on my wife's calf.

It was late in the fourth quarter, and Michigan had the game well in hand. Normally, we would have turned off the set and called it a day, but neither of us wanted to do that. Derek's hand was now moving up and down Tracey's arm and then over her shoulder. At the same time, my hand was exploring up and down her calf. Her dress was still up exposing her legs to midthigh.

When she was first gagged and tied, Tracey was grunting and struggling. She was still making sounds behind her gag, but they had now turned to soft moans. Both her thighs and hips were now moving, squirming, undulating. I looked at her face and saw that she had her eyes closed. As Derek's hand moved in slow circles, her shoulders pulled back. The action thrust her large breasts out. She held the position.

Derek looked at me, raised his eyebrows, and pointed to her outthrust mounds. He moved his hand over her ribcage and then downward over her stomach. As his hand moved higher, Tracey pressed her shoulders back as far as she could. Her moans grew even louder. I put my hand on her thigh. Her hips lurched.

Then Derek spoke again. "Tracey, Monday night football starts at 8 PM. I think I will come over to watch. I know you hate football and we will have to tie and gag you again to keep you quite. Do you understand?"

Muffled grunts came from behind the gag. "Oh. I'm sorry. I forgot. You're having trouble speaking because of your earlier behavior. If you don't mind if I come over again on Monday night and tie you up so you can't bother us, just thrust your hips forward on the couch like you've been doing."

I could hear my wife's labored breathing, but her hips didn't move. "Ok. I understand", Derek said. "I guess I won't be coming over anymore, Doug." There was another groan as her hips snapped forward on the couch.

Fifteen minutes later, the game was over with Michigan winning by 15 points. Derek's hand had spent the final 10 minutes of game caressing my wife's shoulder and belly but never touching her thrusting breasts. Mine moved between her knee and midthigh but no higher and never between her thighs. After and hour and a half of being stroked by two males while tied and gagged, Tracey was covered with sweat and clearly in a state of extreme arousal.

Normally, we never bother to listen to the post-game show, but this time we made an exception. As the reporters talked with the players and the coaches, we discussed who was likely to win the Monday night game between the Eagles and the Cowboys. In the middle of our discussion, Derek's hand finally moved to Tracey's breast where it slowly stroked its curving underslope, again and again. At the same time, my hand finally pushed between her bound legs to the inside of her stocking-covered thighs.

Tracey couldn't lie still. Her chest heaved in an effort to get Derek's hand onto her nipple. Her legs were now straining against the binding pantyhose, but Derek's had her tied so tightly, she couldn't open her legs even an inch.

"OOHMMMPPFF... plesezzzz... untiiii.. meeeee.. OOOHHH.. uummppfff.. goo innn... AAAHHH...", she moaned behind the gagging panties filling her mouth.

I forced my hand higher until it was embedded between the naked thigh flesh above her stockings. Her legs were too tightly bound to stroke her, but my fingers worked against her bare thigh. She couldn't keep her hips still. They pumped up and down in obvious fuck motions. My wife was beyond caring that Derek was watching her doing it.

Muffled groans erupted from behind her gag when Derek's hand began stroking the full expanse of her covered tits. The entire upper part of her body pushed against his hands in an attempt to get more pressure on her nipples. Her eyes were begging us to do more.

"Your wife's nipples are hard", Derek remarked to me as he squeezed her right one.

"UUUMMPPPPFFFFFFF.. UUGGHHHgghhhh.. OOOMMPPFF.." came my wife's muffled groan.

"Does she always moan and carry on like that when you squeeze her nipple?" He squeezed it several more times. Each time, grunts came from behind the gag.

"Wow. She sounds like she really enjoys this. Does she?"

"Let me check", I said as I pushed my hand higher between her bound thighs until my fingers reached the sodden crotch of her panties. As soon as my fingers made contact with her overheated, erect clit, Tracey's hips began to snap back and forth. She groaned even louder.

Derek twisted Tracey's nipple and I felt her cunt contract in a hard spasm. A groan escaped her gagged mouth. He continued to twist and squeeze her nipple as her hips thrashed and hunched on the couch, her eyes pleading with him. "Her cunt's throbbing like a jackhammer", I said.

"Do you want me to open your blouse, Tracey?" Derek asked her.

"OOoohhmmmpppfff....mmm huh... mumm... huh", she groaned as her head nodded up and down.

Derek opened the top button of my wife's blouse and pulled it aside to expose more of her cleavage. He ran his finger over the exposed tit flesh causing my wife to grunt and thrust her tit out. She tried to get onto her back for him, but with her legs tightly bound and my hand lodged between her thighs, she couldn't get over.

Derek opened a second button and pushed her blouse wide. The nipples of both of her tits were now exposed, and it was obvious that my wife had worn no more than a half-bra when she knew that Derek was coming over. Derek opened still another button exposing both of my wife's tits. I saw a small half-bra under them, which did no more than shove her tits up and out without concealing anything.

Derek pulled both tits out of my wife's blouse and hefted them in his hands, pinching and twisting both nipples. I felt her cunt contract in a series of hard spasms.

"Man! You're making her cum! Her cunt's contracting like a vise on my fingers. Keep squeezing her tits!"

Both of his large hands closed over my wife's tits. When he squeezed them, her eyes closed and her tongue came out again. When he twisted and pulled on her nipples, a spasm would ripple through her cunt.

Reaching behind my wife's back, Derek undid the knot in the pantyhose binding her wrists and pulled them off. Her hands flew to her tits and cupped them, holding them up for Derek's inspection. She began to pull her nipples as he watched her.

I tried desperately to undo the knots on the pantyhose holding my wife's legs together, but they were too tight. Fortunately, I had my Swiss army knife in my pocket and that made short work of the knots. As soon as I pulled the binding pantyhose off my wife's legs, they flew wide open. Her panties were so wet, they had become totally transparent revealing her cunt and the wet, swollen opening of her sex hole.

Her hips pumped up and down in wild fuck motions. With her legs spread wide open, there was no way I could get her panties off. So I again used the knife to cut the crotchband in half. The tightly stretched band flew apart as soon as it was cut leaving her cunt naked. I watching it throbbing as Derek played with her tits.

Taking advantage of her wide open legs, I lowered my head onto her cunt and swabbed the flat of my tongue all the way up the length of her slit. Her cunt throbbed around my tongue as a long, deep series of groans erupted from her throat.

Derek now had both of her tits fully exposed and was working on them pulling and twisting her nipples while squeezing each globe hard. I pushed my tongue as deeply as possible into her wide open vaginal sheathe. Her hips began to hammer up and down as I tongue fucked her.

My cock was so hard it felt like it might break off if I didn't get into Tracey. I knelt on the couch and pulled her hips up until I had her knees under her to keep her ass elevated in fucking position. Once there, I moved behind her, stared at the gaping hole between her thighs, aligned my cock, and prepared to enter her.

My wife realized that I was about to fuck her, but she apparently had other plans. Abruptly, she swung around on the couch to present her ass to Derek. She got into the same position I had her in, but this time her elevated ass and gaping cunt was being presented to Derek. Her invitation was blatant and obvious. As a consolation prize, she smiled at me and took my raging erection into her mouth.

Derek got just as hot looking at Tracey's gaping, wet cunt as I had. He quickly stripped off his pants and briefs, unleashed his thick, 8-inch sex gun, and moved it into position to fuck my wife. She sensed he was aligning his cock to fuck her. Her response was to moan around the 7 inches of my cock that was buried in her mouth and at the same time, to elevate her ass into better fucking position.

I watched as Derek took a firm hold on my wife's hips and fitted the head of his cock into her vagina. I knew when it went into her by her deep groan and the motion of her hips as she tried desperately to impale her cunt on his entire length of his cock.

I fucked my wife's mouth faster and deeper as I watched Derek driving more and more of his prick deep into my wife's waiting cunt. When his prick head hit her cervix, her mouth flew wide open and she stopped sucking me. All she could do was grunt.


Derek began fucking her harder, faster, driving his weapon all the way to the bottom of her pit on every stroke. As he screwed my wife, he bent over her body and took both of her tits into his hands, using them for leverage as he rammed in and out of her hot, wet vaginal sheathe.

"Ooohhhhh god... he's fucking meeeeeeeeee...He's fucking me, Doug. He's got that huge cock in my cunt ... fucking meeeeeeee... I'm getting it... he's screwing your wife's cunt sooooo hard...sooo deep.. oooohhhh...fuck me, Derek. FUCK ME HARD... CUM IN MEEEEEEEEEE."

Listening to my wife groaning and begging like a slutty whore was more than I could take. My cock jerked several times, expanded, then contracted hard. A huge stream of semen was ejected into the back of my wife's mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but couldn't get it all down her throat into her belly before my cock again contracted and pumped two more large jets of cum into her mouth. It began to run out of the corners of her mouth and form a long cum rope from her chin. My cock jerked and throbbed several more times shooting even more jizz into her mouth. I could see her throat working rapidly to swallow it all."

The fact that I was shooting a huge load of cum into my wife's mouth was not lost on Derek. The excitement of taking such a huge load in her mouth while another man was fucking her cunt made my wife's pussy contract in hard spasms around the big fuck cylinder buried inside her sex channel.

The effect on Derek was immediate. His loaded sex gun jerked and throbbed inside her hole, and he began screwing my wife like a wild stallion. She grunted every time the big cock thudded into the bottom of her hole. Finally, he was fucking in and out of her so hard and so fast, her grunts and moans turned to wild shrieks of pleasure as she begged him to fuck her harder... to cum inside her hot cunt... she even began to beg him to breed her.



Shortly after Derek and I had unloaded our cum into my wife's mouth and pussy, she got up and went upstairs to our bedroom without so much as a word to either of us. We didn't quite know what to make of that. When she didn't return, Derek got dressed and said he would see me Monday evening. I went upstairs to find Tracey.

I found her sitting on our bed, still dressed in only her stockings. She had her legs pressed tightly together and was wringing her hands as she rocked back and forth. She looked up when I entered and immediately buried her face in her hands.

"Oh gawd... I'm so sorry. Are you furious with me? Do you want a divorce?", she moaned.

"Want a divorce from my hot-assed, sexy wife? Do you think I'm crazy? That was the hottest, most erotic thing I've ever seen you do. It was like one of my wildest fantasies suddenly came to life right in front of my eyes. I loved it. I just don't understand it. What happened? I didn't think you particularly liked Derek?"

"I don't like him. He's conceited, arrogant, too full of himself."

"But then why?", I asked, totally puzzled. As the book says, "Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus", and I truly didn't have a clue as to what had happened or why.

My wife continued to wring her hands and rock back and forth on the bed clearly in some distress over what she had done. "I've been talking to Joanne about Derek. She's told me a lot about him."

"Such as?"

"Such as the fact that she's been having sex with him for months.. practically every time Drew is out of the house and they have enough time to do it. She told me that he does things that drive her wild and that she has more intense orgasms with him than she's ever had with anyone else."

"What does he do that drives her so wild?"

"I asked her the same question. Her answer was that he is very dom, very aggressive and confident. When I asked what she meant by that, she wouldn't tell me. She just said you'll have to try it yourself and find out. I haven't been able to get that out of my mind for weeks."

"If you wanted to have sex with him, why were you needling him so hard about football and then turning off the set when you did, you must have known that would make us furious?"

"I had tried other things. None of them worked. You just never noticed."

"You did? What did you try. You're right though; I certainly never noticed."

"The usual stuff women try to get attention. I wore shorter skirts, heels. A few times when Derek was over, I didn't put on a bra. I would sit showing a lot of thigh."

"I did notice that, but I thought it was an accident. You mean Derek didn't notice any of those things?"

"Oh, he noticed! He looked. He obviously enjoyed seeing your wife's unrestrained tits bouncing under her dress, and he liked looking at my legs. He really looked one Saturday when I didn't wear any panties."

"Oh FUCK! You're kidding me? You really went with no panties and let him see your cunt?"

Again my wife buried her head in her hands. "I'm so sorry. I just got carried away with the whole thing. You must be furious. I would be if you had done something like this with another woman."

"It's Ok. Don't cry. I'm not furious at all. I am just shocked. I wish you had told me. I've fantasized so many, many times about your doing more erotic, sexy things. Go on. I still don't understand why you started needling him about football and then today."

"Well, nothing else worked. He obviously liked my body and enjoyed my showing it off, but he's your friend and apparently he has a lot more honor than Joanne had given him credit for. He just wasn't going to seduce and screw your wife behind your back no matter how clear I made it that I was available."

"Then I remembered that Joanne had said he was very dom and aggressive. So I decided to challenge his manhood by calling football a game for little boys and making fun of him for watching it. At first, he just ignored me, but I kept it up for a couple of Saturdays and I saw that it was having a real effect. Today, I was sure he was ready to fuck hell out of me. So I pushed him further by turning off the set."

"You knew what was going to happen?"

"No. Not at all. I thought the two of you would drag me into the bedroom and fuck me. I was going to pretend to fight, but actually, I was so wet and hot, I could hardly wait."

"When instead of being "raped", Derek gagged me and tied me up with my own panties and pantyhose, I was stunned. But right in the middle of it, I got so hot feeling his hands all over my thighs as he tied me, I had a small orgasm. Then when he put me on the couch all hogtied like that between the two of you, I got more excited than I can ever remember being before."

"I did notice you squirming and pressing your thighs together."

"Did you realize that I was having orgasms?"

"No. I thought you were in some distress."

My wife smiled wickedly. "Yeah. I was in some distress. My cunt was throbbing; I was lying helpless between two studs; and no one was feeling me or fucking me!"

"When you started caressing my legs and Derek's was moving his hand closer and closer to my breast, I wanted to scream at the two of you to do it to me. To FUCK ME! But with that dammed gag in my mouth, all I could do was grunt and squirm."

"When Derek squeezed my tits and then opened my blouse, I came right then. You know that. You had your fingers on my pussy and could feel me throbbing. You knew I was cumming didn't you?"

"Yeah. I knew you were getting off. I was so dammed hot!"

"OMG YES! It was so dammed hot."

"Ok. I think I understand now. Can I ask you a couple of questions?"

"After the way I've behaved the last few weeks, I don't think I have the right to refuse to answer anything my sexy husband wants to know."

"When I had you in doggie position and was getting ready to fuck you, why did you pull away from me and turn your cunt toward Derek?"

Again my wife seemed in distress. "I was hoping that you had forgotten that. I just don't know what to say. It was such a bitchy, dirty thing to do to the man I love... The truth is that I wasn't sure if Derek would screw me if you had already cum inside me. He might not like "sloppy seconds" so to speak. I had already acted like a total whore coming this far; I just had to have his cock in me... fucking me... cumming in me. Can you forgive me?"

"Not till you answer my second question. Are you going to fuck him again?"

"Probably. He knows what turns me on and judging from what Joanne has told me, he's going to expect to fuck me a lot from now on."

"Do you still want to have sex with me? Am I going to lose you? Are you going to divorce me and marry him?"

For an answer, my new, slutty wife laid back on our bed, steepled her knees, and spread her legs wide fully open exposing her cum-filled, wet, gaping pussy. "Oh get on me, Stud. GET IN ME. FUCK YOUR DIRTY WHORE WIFE! NOW!"

She didn't have to ask me twice. We screwed for the next two hours. Tracey, who usually had never cum more than twice with me, had multiple, screaming orgasms, again and again. Even after I had poured a huge load into her; I stayed semihard inside her throbbing hole until, after a few minutes, I was fucking her again.


Sunday was my normal day on the golf course and this Sunday was no different. While driving to the course, I thought about the sex the previous day. It was easily the hottest, wildest, most enjoyable sex Tracey and I had had since our wedding night.. in fact, it was actually even better than it had been that night. I hoped that it was not to be a one-time thing.

As it turned out, I need not have worried about it being a one-time thing. After I had finished my round of golf and returned home, I found an empty house except for the note on the kitchen table:

"Derek called and wanted to see me. Have gone over to his place. Please don't be angry. I'll be home for dinner... at least I think I will. Kisses.. Tracey."

I read the note twice. By the end of the second reading, I realized that my cock was hard as stone.. so hard that it hurt. Derek was fucking my wife again. At least I thought he was probably fucking her again. Why else would she have gone over? Maybe he wanted to apologize and they weren't having sex? What if he was apologizing instead of having sex with her? My wife was so hot over it last night, she would probably seduce him... wouldn't she? They must be having sex. I wonder if he's already fucked her? He must have. I've been on the golf course for 4 hours and Derek knew when my tee time was. He probably called her as soon as I left... gawd... that would mean he's already been fucking her for three hours! THREE HOURS OF FUCKING AS SHE'S STILL NOT HOME! How could he possibly fuck her for three hours? No way. They're just visiting now... he can't be still fucking her... on and on and on... couldn't stop thinking about it. I began to jack off.


It was nearly 6 PM when Tracey's car finally pulled into our driveway behind mine. She came into the den and sat down on the couch opposite from me without saying a word. Her hair was mussed; her lipstick was almost gone. What was left was slightly smeared over her bottom lip. The way her tits had bounced when she came in made it obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra under her dress. Her legs were bare; she wore 4-inch heels. It seemed almost a certainty that she probably was without panties. So I asked.

"Are you wearing panties?"

"Not now. Derek kept them."

"You've been fucked?"

"Yes. I know you must be furious."

"How many times?"

"I don't know. I lost count."

"Gawd! Did you cum?"

Now my wife shook her head like she was taking to small boy. "Of course I came. Many, many times. After awhile, it seemed like I was having continuous orgasms."

"How could he keep it up? Didn't he cum?"

"Would you like to see your wife's cunt and then ask that question? He came in me five times."

"How the hell can he do that?"

"I don't know, but he can. Over and over. And hard.. oh my god... his cock is almost 8 inches and it's so hard ... like a steel rod.. I can feel it throbbing inside me constantly."

"How did he fuck you? On your back? doggie? every position?"

"On my back, but not the way you usually fuck me when you have me like that."


"He knows what turns me on. I was just helpless. He bound me.. I could hardly move. Then he started screwing me... and I began to cum.. and I came and came and came..over and over and over.." My wife was pressing her thighs together, masturbating as she said it."

"He tied you up like yesterday?"

"No. It was much more erotic than yesterday. That's why he had me come over to his place. He has a lot of restraint devices."

My cock was hard a stone again. I took it out and began to stroke it. Tracey watched me. "Oh I love watching you do that! That's so hot. Why haven't we done this before? .. Oohhh. yesss... " She yanked her dress up to her hips, spread her legs and began masturbating with me, her fingers flying over her clit as her eyes were glued to my hand jacking my hard shaft.

"Tell me!", I moaned.

"He put me on my back on a padded platform. Above me, there was a stock with holes for my feet and hands. He locked me into that stock with a pillow under my hips. The holes for my feet were wide apart so that I was spread and my legs were up. In that position, I was totally exposed for him... my pussy... my ass... everything. I was throbbing... hot... just wild for him."

We were both masturbating harder... faster... Tracey was rubbing her clit and finger fucking her cum-filled cunt. I had to concentrate hard to keep from ejaculating right then.

"At first, Derek put a vibrator on me. He ran it up and down my wet slit. I came almost immediately, but he didn't stop. He put a penis vibrator into my anus and ran the other vibe over my clit. I came again... then again... He kept this up for I don't know how seemed like it was forever.. I was begging him to stop... to let me rest.. "

"Did he have you naked", I groaned, about to shoot off.

"Not quite. I still had my stockings on. Nothing else. When I lost control of my bladder as he made me cum again, he finally stopped and told me he was going to fuck me. All I could do was moan. Do you want me to stop? Isn't this just tearing you apart to hear how much a slutty whore your wife is?"

"Oh god... don't stop. Finish it. Tell me!"

"He fucked me. Hard. Really hard. First in my cunt. Then in my ass. Back and forth. Over and over. When he would ejaculate in me, he would pull out for a bit, play with my tits, kiss me, caress my belly and my sex... until I was moaning and begging him for more... Then he would screw me again. When I was nearly unconscious, he stopped and released me from the device."

My load shot high into the air. It was unbelievable! The cum must have shot 4 or 5 feet up into the air... big huge gush of cum. My wife as stunned when she saw it, and it made her clit bulge and explode in her own orgasm. We most moaned together as our sex organs throbbed again and again. Finally, we finished and smiled at each other.

After we had recovered, I asked her, "Did that end it? Or was there more?"

"We had a drink. I put my dress back on, but he wouldn't let me put on my bra or panties. He told me how good it was, and there was no way I could lie. He had seen my cunt and clit cumming again and again... so I told him it was the wildest, hottest sex I had ever had. I'm sorry, but it was. Can we get some of those devices? I would get just as hot if you did me like that... probably even hotter."

"We are definitely going to do that!"

"Anyway, I told him I had to leave. That you were probably wild. He escorted me out to my car, turned me as I was about to get in, and kissed me. Really hard. I kissed him back and he got hard again. He made me bend over the seat and then he shoved up my dress. Since I had no panties on, all he had to do was stick it into me. He fucked right there in his driveway until he put another load into my cunt."

I was hard again. "I need to fuck you. I've just got to fuck you."

"And I need your big, hard cock in me too."

My wife led me to our bedroom where we fucked for an hour. It was wonderful. The last time, just before we were both about to cum again, I asked her if she thought Derek was going to fuck again tomorrow night during the football game.

"Oohhh harder...fuck me harder, Lover...Ah ah ah...uugghh...oohh yess... he's already told me... oohhh ram it innnnnnnn... told me that...ugh ugh ugh... that.. he's going to ...aahhhhh... to fuck meeeeeee... hard... ooohhh I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGG...SHOOT IT INNNNNN!"

I did.


The next day at the office, I couldn't concentrate on anything I was doing. All I could think about was the coming evening with my wife and Derek. She had told me that he intended to fuck her, and it was obvious that she would have no objections. I wondered how long we would watch the game before he had his cock in her. I got hard again.

When I arrived at home around 5:30 PM, Derek was already there. Hi said Hi as I walked in and gave me a big "thumbs up" sign. I could only guess what its meaning was.

"Where's Tracey?", I asked.

"She's in the kitchen fixing dinner, I think."

Derek was correct. When I entered our kitchen, I found my wife fixing a salad to go with the burgers and fries she had ready for cooking. The delicious aroma of a freshly baked cake filled the room. Looking around, I saw it was a chocolate cake with white icing, my personal favorite. I checked the fridge and found it filled with soft drinks and our favorite brew. An opened bottle of red wine was on the cabinet breathing.

"Wow! You have really outdone yourself tonight. Why didn't you let me help. There was no need for you to do all this work alone. I could have at least picked up the beer, wine, and soft drinks."

Tracey put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. "Things are going to change, Lover. From now on, I take of my husband's needs. As forgiving and understanding as you've been, you deserve it. And besides that, you've giving me incredible sex the last couple of days. I invited Derek for dinner. I hope that's ok."

"That's perfect." I kissed my wife again. "Has he .. eh.., I mean.. has"

Tracey squeezed my cock and found I was already hard. "God. What a man I've got! A highly successful, brilliant engineer.. generous wonderful provider.. understanding.. forgiving.. a hot stud with a big, hard cock.. who gets wildly excited when his slutty wife is naughty or even when he thinks she might have been. Every other woman I know would kill to have a guy like you, Doug!"

She kissed me again, grinding her big tits into my chest and pressing her mound against my erection. "You want to know if Derek fucked me before you got home, don't you?"

I groaned, and my cock throbbed several times against Tracey's mound. She felt it and said, "I think that means yes."

She pulled my head down and whispered in my ear. "He got here 30 minutes ago. Just came into the kitchen, put the wine on the counter, kissed me, and then told me to bend over the sink. He pushed my skirt up, pulled down my panties, and screwed me doggie. He finished about 10 minutes before you got home."

"Oh fuck...that's so incredibly hot! Did he cum inside you?"

"Put your hand under my skirt and feel the insides of my thighs, Honey."

I did and found them slick with Derek's load. "You didn't wash up?"

"No. Derek wouldn't allow it."


Dinner was wonderful and so was the company. The conversation was relaxed with an undercurrent of sensuality that was nothing short of delicious. Tracey waited on both of us. When I said I would get the cake for dessert, Derek stopped me.

"Let Tracey do that. She's our sex slave tonight and she expects to be treated as such."

My wife turned bright red but I could see her breasts start to rise and fall more rapidly. This entire scene was obviously a huge turn-on for her as well as for me.

Around 7:30 PM, I turned on the TV to find the Eagles/Cowboys game while Tracey cleared off the dining room table.

"Now there's no way we're going to permit this woman to interrupt our viewing pleasure again are we Doug?" Derek commented. I nodded in agreement. Tracey was standing with her head bent.

"Are your panties and bra off, Tracey?", Derek asked.

"No, they're not, Sir", came my wife's meek reply.

"Take them off. You won't have any further need for them tonight. Do it here."

Without a moment's hesitation, I watched my formally very shy and proper wife pull her dress off her shoulders, reach behind her back to undo her bra catch. A moment later the bra was lying over the back a chair and she was pulling her dress back into place. Next, we both watched as she raised the dress up around her hips to completely expose the thin, white bikini panties she wore. Hooking her fingers into the waistband, she pulled the sodden garment down her thighs and handed it to me. The pungent aroma of her cunt and Derek's semen filled my nostrils.

I watched as Derek put a pillow at one end of the dining room table and a smaller one at the other end. He then put all the chairs, save two, up against the wall. The two chairs were placed at the end of the table with their seats touching at the table's center. Their combined seats made a convenient platform for mounting the table or whatever.

"All right, Tracey. Get up on the table on your back. Put your head on the pillow and your feet on the seats of the two chairs."

When she was in position, Derek put a velcro strap around both of her wrists and attached a short rope to each. He handed on of the ropes to me and indicated that I should tie her right wrist to the table leg. While I did this, Derek secured her other wrist to the opposite leg.

"Doug, while I put the ropes around her thighs, you take off your wife's heels and get her dress up around her waist."

With her ass resting on the pillow, I couldn't get her dress up. "Lift your ass, Honey", I instructed. Immediately, her ass arched up allowing me to pull her dress to her waist and completely expose her naked cunt.

Ten minutes later, Derek had my wife's thighs pulled far apart and tied securely to the front table legs and the backs of the two chairs. I could still see flecks of cum on my wife's pussy.

"Let's make her cum before we start watching the game. Get her warmed up, so to speak", Derek suggested.

I nodded my agreement, and he knelt on the seats of the joined chairs and began sliding his tongue up and down the wet, open slit of my wife's cunt. Her hips immediately thrust upward:

"Oohhh YES... lick me... my my clit..OOOHHHHHHG Yesss... like that ...AAAHHHH....uunngghhh..."

Using his fingers, Derek stripped the hood of my wife's clit away from the erect, throbbing button and flicked the tip of his tongue over it.. again and again.. in rapid succession. Tracey's hips went into overdrive. When she was on the verge of cumming, Derek stopped and pulled away.


Derek looked at me. "Finish her so her moans won't force us to gag the slut during the game."

I moved into the position Derek had just vacated and stared at the pulsing hole of my wife's vagina. It was spread obscenely wide.. so much so, I could easily see into the depths of her sex channel. The turgid clit was erect and throbbing at the top of her slit.

"Want me to make you cum?", I asked teasingly.


When my tongue slid up the length of her sex slit, a hard spasm rippled through her cunt causing her vagina to slam shut and then open again. When I reached the top of her cunt, the clit was already pulsing in anticipation. I licked it. Her hole throbbed wildly and opened. Her clitoris contracted and pulsed. I sucked it hard and lashed my tongue up and down its shaft and over its sensitive head. In less than 15 seconds, Tracey's juices were gushing out and she was screaming in the throes of an intense climax.

For the next twenty minutes, Derek and I watched the game. Occasionally, we would hear my wife moan on the table behind us where she awaited our pleasure. When Dallas called a time out, Derek rose, moved to the table, knelt on the chairs and pushed his hard cock into my wife's wide open, wet cunt hole. Halfway through the time out, Tracey was grunting every time Derek's cock slammed into her. Just before the time out ended, she was begging him to fuck her make her cum again. But then the time out ended, and Derek returned to the couch leaving her moaning and begging.

At the end of the first quarter, I pushed the chairs further apart so I could stand at end of the table and fuck my wife. Her hips began wild fuck motions as soon as I entered her. Her tongue was out licking her top lip as I rammed it in and out of her throbbing sex hole. With 10 minutes between the quarters, we both came before the game resumed. There were still 5 minutes left so after I had finished, Derek mounted our slave again and fucked her hard, shooting his load into her already cum-filled hole. She did not have time to reach another orgasm. So again, she was left hanging, her vagina throbbing in unfulfilled need. She begged us to make her cum, but the game had already resumed.

During the half time, Derek pulled her dress the rest of the way up to expose both of her tits. Then we took turns fucking her until she had had several more orgasms and we had each pumped another load of cum into her vagina.

It was more of the same throughout the second half. By the time the game was over, we had each fucked Tracey three times, and she had had more than that many orgasms. We untied her and told her to clean up the mess while we talked about the game.

Afterwards, I had Tracey bend over the dining room table again and present her ass to us. She did it without question, waiting with her legs stiff, her ass elevated in fucking positions. This time I went first, holding her hips and ramming her cunt in hard strokes until I felt my balls about to shoot.

"Gonna cream her ass", I shouted as I pulled out and pumped my load over her ass cheeks.

Moving out the way, Derek took my place and pushed his cock back into the now familiar confines of my wife's cunt. She came very quickly. A few minutes later, he withdrew and shot his load on top of mine all over her ass.


Surprisingly, we did not hear from Derek at any time during the following week. It was hard for me to believe that he had already grown tired of having sex with Tracey. As Saturday approached, I still did not hear anything from him. That was doubly surprising since he hadn't missed a football Saturday at our place for several weeks. Finally, my curiousity got the better of me, and I asked my wife.

"Have you heard anything from Derek?"

"No. Have you?"

"Not a word. I don't even know if he's coming over this Saturday to watch football."

Friday came and I still had not heard from Derek. That night as Tracey and I were watching a program on television, the phone rang. My wife answered, talked for a while, and returned to the den.

"Who was it", I asked.

"It was Joanne. She wanted to know if I would like to go out shopping and to a movie Saturday evening while you watch football. Since we don't have any fun and games planned for Saturday, would you mind?"

"That's fine. You will certainly enjoy shopping and a movie more than you would watching a football game." We both laughed.


It was 3:00 PM when Joanne arrived to pick up Tracey for their shopping/movie evening. I already had the TV tuned to one of the football games.

"Hi, Doug. Is Tracey ready?"

"She's getting dressed. Ought to be down in a bit. Where are you going shopping?"

"We thought we might go over to Brentwood Mall. They have some really nice shops there, and also some excellent restaurants."

"Sounds like fun."

At the moment, Tracey came down the stairs, kissed the top of my head, and the two women were off. As they were leaving, I couldn't help but notice that they were both foxes.

Later, I was in our kitchen fixing some dinner for myself during halftime of the game when our doorbell rang. When I answered it, Drew was standing on the porch.

"Hi, Drew. What brings you over? Want to watch some football with me? I'm fixing some dinner. Want some?"

"No. Thanks anyway. I just came over to see if Tracey is home."

"Tracey? No, she's out with Joanne. Did you forget? Joanne told me that they were planning to go to the Brentwood Mall for shopping and dinner. Then later to a movie somewhere."

"You saw Tracey leave with her?"

"Yeah. It was around 3 PM or so. What's going on?"

"Probably nothing. I was just checking."

"Checking to see if Joanne and Tracey really went out together? Why?"

"Well, to tell the truth, I think Tracey is seeing someone behind my back. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I had to see if she was really with Tracey. I feel like a fool. Sorry to bother you."

"Really. Come on in. Have a beer. Tell me about it."

I got us a couple of brews, turned off the TV, handed one to Drew while I took a drag on mine. "Why do you think Joanne is seeing someone?"

"Usual signs", he said. "Dressing hot. Coming in from work later than usual. Wilder in bed. And sometimes her pussy is really wet. That sort of thing."

"Well, you may be wrong. Joanne went out with Tracey tonight. What time did she say she would be home?"

"She told me that it would be after midnight."

"That late, huh? Sure you don't want to watch some football with me?"

"No thanks. But thank you for the beer and for the invitation."


After Drew had left, I thought about what he had said, particularly the part about not getting home until after midnight. I hadn't asked Tracey when she would be home, but I had assumed it would be around 10 PM after the movie. If they weren't going to return until 1 AM or so, it was pretty obvious that they were going to be doing something other than going to a movie.

With those thoughts swimming through my head, there was no way that I could concentrate on the football game. I knew that Derek was fucking Joanne and he had spent last weekend fucking my wife as well. Now, the two of them were out somewhere together. And I hadn't heard from Derek all week, and he wasn't here watching football with me. Ten minutes later, I was in my car heading toward Brentwood Mall.

I spent 30 minutes driving around the Brentwood parking lot looking for Joanne's car. No luck. So I parked and went into the Mall. Another hour or so was spent checking out the shops and all the restaurants without finding a trace of the two women.

On a hunch, I decided to pay Derek a visit. He lived in a spacious, expensive home about 25 miles out in the country. I had been there a couple of times. His home was situated on a large 10 acre estate. The house and grounds occupied about two acres. Behind the home, there was a small private lake, some woods, and a small guest cottage. I reflected on the fact that we had similar jobs and similar incomes, but Derek was single while I was married. No further explanation was necessary.

Traffic was heavy so that the trip took about 45 minutes. By the time I arrived, it was nearly 9 PM. The home had a large circular driveway with plenty of parking off to the side of the house. There were about six cars parked there. I immediately recognized Joanne's Camry. It wasn't hard to recognize since the personalized tag proclaimed "JOANN9".

Now that I had located the two sluts, I wasn't certain what I should do. I didn't even really know what I wanted to do. Finally, I decided that I would pay the part of "peeping tom" for a bit. We were so far out in the country, and the house was set so far from the road, there was no chance anyone would see me prowling around the house and looking in the windows.

With the house being so secluded, Derek was not particularly careful about closing blinds. Many of them were wide open and most were open sufficiently to see into the room if you were close enough. I decided I would make a circuit around the house before picking a window. It didn't take me long to find Tracey. She was on the outside deck. A padded mat had been spread out for comfort, and she was on her back lying on it.

I couldn't be absolutely certain that the woman was Tracey. Three men surrounded her. Two of of them were holding her legs up in the air while the third was between her spread thighs fucking her vigorously. All I could see was her legs, heels, part of her ass, and her tightly plugged cunt that was being pumped hard by a large cock. However, I recognized her heels.

I also recognized the woman's voice and she moaned and urged the stud in her to fuck her harder. His hips were rising and falling in her sex saddle with harder and harder strokes. I could hear the hot, squishing sounds of the man's piston screwing in and out of my wife's eagerly waiting cunt hole.

"UUNNGGHH" WHOOMPF.. WHOOPF.. "Aaahhh.. like that... Yes.. like that.. HARDER!"


"Oohhhhh gonna cummmmmmm.... give it to meeeeeeeeeee... aaahhhhh.."

"Take it, Trace.. HERE IT CUMS!"

I watched the man's buttocks clench over and over as he ejaculated inside my wife's vagina. Toward the end of his orgasm, the churned cum froth was belching out of Tracey's pussy. Finally, the man's fuck motions stopped and he rested for moment on top of my wife. As soon as he moved from between her thighs, the men rotated and one of the men who had been holding her leg, mounted her. He drove his fully erect shaft into her on the first thrust. I heard my wife grunt with female satisfaction as she felt her pussy once more being stretched to accommodate a fully erect, hard male organ.

It was obvious that they were going to keep Tracey busy for some time. So, I walked through the dark woods to other side of the house where there was an open window that allowed me to see into the den. Another padded mat was in the center of the room. Two men, one of whom was Derek, had Joanne on her hands and knees on it.

Derek's cock was ramming in and out her mouth. From the depth of his thrusts, it had to be going all the way into her throat. I watched her throat as he drove it in until his balls were against her chin. The last few inches caused her throat to swell and even from my position, I could see the big cock head stretching her throat as it sank down her tube. Saliva was dripping from his balls as he mouth fucked her.

Another man I didn't recognize was behind Joanne fucking her hard. Since I was off to the side, I could see the size of the organ pumping into and out her cunt. It looked to be a thick 7 inches of manmeat. Every time he rammed her cunt, her mouth was forced all the way onto Derek's cock. They had set up a rhythm and Joanne was moaning and as they gave it to her at both ends.

"Oohhh fuck! I'm gonna cum in your mouth, Honey. Shit... suck me... Are you ready for my load, Baby?"

I heard Joanne grunt something unintelligible. Her head nodded and a moment later, she choked as the load erupted in her throat. She tried to swallow but couldn't. As Derek pumped the cum into her, her mouth flew open and it ran out in a thick stream to form a huge cum rope that dangled and swung back and forth from her chin.

When Derek withdrew, she lowered her head to the mat, raised her hips, and began to beg the lover behind her to fuck her harder.

"Cum in my cunt, Stud... Shoot it innnnnnnnn... GIVE IT TO ME, BABY. FILL ME FULL!"

The thought of cumming in her seemed to really turned the guy on. He began ramming her in hard, driving strokes and in less than a minute was pumping his load into her sex pit.

I looked in two more windows without seeing anything before I came to the window opening onto the master bedroom. A third woman I didn't recognize was in the middle of the bed with her legs up, her knees back against her tits. She was naked except for the high-heeled sandals with straps that she wore. A slim guy with a huge cock was holding her legs up with his arms while he fucked her with what looked like a 9-inch dick. Another man was sitting in a chair beside the bed slowly jacking his cock, obviously waiting his turn in the woman.

She was grunting on every stroke. He was ramming in and out of her pussy so hard, I could hear the hard thud of his body each time it slammed into her sex saddle. After a bit, she began screech:


The guy speeded up his fuck strokes, each on slamming all the way to the bottom of her cunt. The woman was shaking, her body convulsing, as she had an intense orgasm.

"Here it comes, Baby. Take my big hot cum load", he screamed.

"Nooo...don't.. Don't cum in me... PLEASE.. OOHHH GAWD.. PLEASE... NOO... DON'T CUM IN ME..."

"Too bad, Slut... Here it cums!!"

I saw the man's ass muscles clench hard as he rammed himself as deeply as possible into the woman's cunt and ejaculated. Judging from the number of times his butt contracted, the load must have been huge. He stayed on her for over a minute after he had pumped in the full load.

"Keep your legs up, Susan. Stay spread. Jack is waiting to fuck you", he warned as he pulled his cock out of her flooded vagina. As soon as he withdrew, a huge stream of cum bubbled out of her filled hole.

I stayed at the window until Jack had screwed the woman. First, he took her missionary. When she came, he rolled her over into doggie position and fucked her until she had another orgasm after which he ejaculated inside her cunt. I wondered who she was. Whoever she was, she was probably pregnant now.

I thought that I had better leave before someone noticed me. Retracing my steps, I once more found myself in the woods with a clear view of the deck. My wife was still there. She was now lying on the mat with four guys standing around here each pulling on their erect cocks.

I had heard of and read about circle jerks, but this was the first one I had seen. The fact that my wife was the cum target got me so hard, I jerked off along with the other four men. Tracey cupped both tits and held them up for the men. She also had her mouth wide open to give them a choice of targets.

One by one, the men spewed their loads all over my naked wife's body. The first load spattered over her face and snaked down to her tits. One gush shot straight into her mouth. A moment later, a second man began to shoot jet after jet of semen over her tits and belly. When he finally finished, her belly button was a small cum lake. He had hardly finished cumming when several more huge gushes of cum coated my wife's thighs and cunt. The last man was cumming at the same time as the third. He creamed my wife's face and tits. When they had each finished, my own cum shot out several feet but it fell to the ground rather than onto my wife.


It was 1:30 AM before I heard the front door of our house open and then close. I was in bed and had decided to pretend that I was asleep. She tip toed quietly into our bedroom, checked to see if I was asleep, and decided that I was. She then left as quietly as she had entered.

Five minutes later, I heard the water running in the shower in the guest bedroom. It was almost 2 AM before my wife returned carrying her soiled clothes under her arm. She shoved them to the bottom of the clothes hamper, and carefully crawled into bed with me. She was asleep almost immediately; it took me considerably longer.

Around 11 AM, I had Sunday breakfast waiting on the table when Tracey came down. I had prepared eggs benedict, hash browns, hot biscuits, orange juice, and coffee.

"Wow! That looks absolutely delicious", she exclaimed.

"I hope you're hungry."

"Starved!" She kissed me warmly before she sat down and enjoyed the meal together.

Afterwards, she moved to my side of the table, sat on my lap and squirmed her sexy butt against me. She kissed me again, this time with more passion and heat. Then she whispered in my ear: "I got fucked las


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