The Sunbather and the Black Lover

The Sunbather and the Black Lover

by RLM

It all began one beautiful early summer day. The temperature was a warm 79 to 80 F, the sun was shinning, and a gentle breeze blew from the west making it seem cooler than it actually was. As usual, I was working in my office around 2 PM, but as the breeze wafted through my open window, my thoughts began to wander. Ever since we had had a sensuous vacation in Jamaica during which Elaine had had sex with several men and I had screwed one of their wives, our sexual adventures had greatly expanded. Even better, our personal sex lives had become much fuller and more erotic. It was not unusual for us to have sex two or three times a day. Before that evening at the xxx-theater, we had sex no more than 3 times a week and usually much less.

So as the cool breeze and the aroma of spring and flowers filled my office, I found myself thinking how erotic it would be to forget about work for the day, drive home, and surprise my sexy wife with an afternoon of sex. It didn't take long for those thoughts to give me a hard erection that demanded attention.

It was somewhat a problem to walk through the entire office complex to the elevator with my very obvious hard-on tenting the front of my pants. Judi looked up from her desk as I passed and noticed my problem immediately.

"Need some help?", she asked, smiling seductively.

I stopped in my tracks. When I turned toward her desk, I saw that she had moved her legs out from under her desk and crossed them so that a large expanse of her very attractive thigh was on display. My erection got even harder. Try as I might, there was no way I could suppress its throbbing contraction. Judi stared directly at the jerking, pulsing bulge in my pants.

"Oh yes!", she moaned softly. "Why don't we go somewhere more private and see what we can do about taking care of your problem, Brett"

"I was thinking about paying my wife an unexpected early afternoon visit."

"And she caused that problem? Wow! Your wife must be something else."

Judi turned her chair to face me. She uncrossed her legs and let her thighs drift open exposing her lacy white panties. "It's got to be long drive home, Brett. Are you really sure that your problem can wait that long? I'm sure I can take care of it much more quickly." She licked her lips and opened her legs even wider.

"I don't have the slightest doubt about that, Judi. But I've been thinking about Elaine all day long, and I'm really hoping to let her take care of this problem that you've just made twice as bad as it was."

"Are you sorry I did?" "No. Not at all. I love it, but I'm warning you, the next time you're going to have to take care of the problems you cause."

"Mmmmmm... I understand. And I'm very willing to accept the responsibility for any problems I cause and take whatever actions are necessary to take care of them. I hope you will give me the chance.. soon."

"Count on it", I said as I walked toward the elevators my erection throbbing even harder against my briefs. I hoped my wife was home.


The drive to my home takes about twenty minutes. When I turned onto our street, my cock was still erect and the thought that I might soon be getting into my wife's hot cunt was rapidly getting me fully hard again. Our house at the time was at the end of the street on a cul de sac. As I approached our driveway, I could see that Elaine's car was in the driveway so she was home. I couldn't wait to surprise her.

I carefully unlocked our front door and slipped as quietly as possible into our living room. From where I was standing, I had a clear view of the den. My wife was no where in sight. Carefully, I moved into the kitchen, but again failed to find Elaine. I checked the utility room thinking she might be doing the laundry, but it was empty, a fact which didn't surprise me since my wife never does the laundry during the week.

The master bedroom was at the end of the hallway, and I thought how convenient it would be if I found her there taking a nap. I had just the thing to wake her up. Carefully, I peeked around the open door to see if she was curled up on the bed asleep. The only thing I found on the bed were the clothes that my wife had been wearing when I had left for work that morning. They were neatly folded on the bed. Obviously, for some reason, my wife had decided to change clothes sometime during the day.

The only place left was upstairs. Somehow, I had the feeling that I wouldn't find my wife upstairs. The feeling was so strong that I dropped any effort to be quiet and took the stairs two at a time. After checking the three bedrooms on the upper floor and the bathrooms, it was clear that my wife was not at home.

I cursed to myself, still acutely aware of my semihard cock. When I was again in the den, I sat down to try to figure out where my wife might be. Her car was still in driveway, but she was not in the house. Therefore, she had obviously left with someone for an outing. The fact that she had changed clothes seemed to fit with this picture nicely. The only unanswered question seemed to me to be who was she with.

Considering that my wife had changed clothes before leaving, I had the nagging feeling that she must be with a man somewhere. That thought caused my cock to surge to full erection again. I squeezed it through my pants as it jerked and throbbed with the excitement of wondering what was happening.

There was no way I could go back to the office now. In the first place, I knew Judi would tease me unmercifully for coming back with my cock still hard and throbbing. But mainly, I knew it would be impossible for me to concentrate on whatever I was doing. All I would be able do was speculate on who was doing my wife.

In the end, I decided to park down the street and see who brought Elaine home. Since our home was on a cul de sac, whoever it was would have come down the only street leading to our house. I drove the car to a park at the entry to our dead-end street, parked in a space that afforded a clear view of the street and waited. It was 2:45 PM.

At 4:30 PM, there was still no sight of my wife. Only two cars had entered the street and both of those cars belonged to our neighbors, and in both cases, I could clearly see that my wife was not sitting behind the wheel or a passenger.

Leaving my car, I walked around the park to stretch my legs. There was still no sign of my wife after another 30 minutes. I was now very puzzled. If Elaine was with another man, she would certainly arrange to be home by 5:00 PM so as to be there when I arrived from work. Even if she went out shopping with one of her friends, she would want to be home by 5:00.

I decided to drive back to our house and see if there was some note or something that I had overlooked. As soon as I entered our house, Elaine's voice called to me from the kitchen. "Hi, Honey. I've got dinner cooking. It will be ready in about 40 minutes. Want a drink?"

To say I was surprised is an understatement. There was no possible way someone had brought my wife home without my seeing them from my vantage point in the park. Yet, I knew she was not at home earlier around 2:00 PM. To add even more mystery, Elaine was once again dressed in the same clothes she had been wearing when I had left the house that morning.

When I checked our bedroom, there was no clue as to what she had been wearing earlier that afternoon. Where in the hell had she been? I continued to ponder the question as I sipped my drink and helped my wife set the table. I considered just asking her, but somehow I had the feeling that that was the wrong thing to do.

I didn't know what she had been doing, but whatever it was, she was being very closed-mouthed about the whole thing. Why had she changed clothes? What clothes had she worn and what had happened to them? Why change back? But most of all.. once more.. where had she been and who was she with?

Later that evening as we watched a new release on our DVD, my mind was elsewhere. I decided to approach the problem analytically, almost like a research problem in engineering:

Fact: My wife wasn't at home, but her car was and no one had picked her up and taken her anywhere.

Fact: My wife had felt the need to change clothes before she left and then change back after returning.

Fact: I couldn't determine what clothes my wife had worn or what had happened to them.

Fact: My wife had said absolutely nothing about her activities during the day. She appeared to hiding that information.

Possibility 1: My wife decided to walk to one of our neighbors and visit. She changed clothes to look better. Analysis: Unlikely. The clothes she was currently wearing were very attractive. There would be no need to change clothes to visit a neighbor.

Possibility 2: Some guy in the neighborhood was fucking my wife and she had had an afternoon sex session with him. Analysis: Unlikely. First, most of the other men in the neighborhood were retired and Elaine had shown little or no interest in any of them. Second, it would be very risky to meet in their house when the wife might come home. Why not meet in our house since she would have thought it was safe as I was at work. Third: Why change clothes? Her outfit was already attractive and she wouldn't want to look like a whore for fear that some of the other women would see her entering our neighbor's house like that.

Possibility 3: Elaine had decided to take a walk through the woods in back of our house. She liked the area and there was a very nice small brook with a rapid current that ran through the woods. Analysis: Likely. But why change clothes? The area is not muddy or dangerous. Also, why the secrecy? Why wouldn't she mention her afternoon stroll through the woods?

Possibility 4: Elaine had taken a walk through the woods but was doing something she didn't want me to know... something that made a change of clothes necessary or desirable. I felt I was very close to the solution, but I needed more information to fill in the missing details.


By the time I entered my building the next day, it was obvious to me that I needed to do a little spying on my wife if I was to learn what she was doing. I knew she would be furious if she discovered my spying so I would need to be very careful and discreet.

Judi was waiting for me at her desk when I walked down the hallway. She smiled as she saw me coming. Once more, she turned her body away from her desk and rested her right ankle on her left leg right above her knee. The position allowed her skirt to fall down her right leg exposing a lot of both legs. Obviously, she intended to impress upon me what I missed the day before by declining her offer. I was impressed!

"And how are you today, Brett?", she asked cheerfully. "Did you get your hard problem solved yesterday?"

"Well, not really", I answered truthfully. Judi was obviously surprised by my answer. She had assumed that either Elaine would have taken care of my problem or that I would lie about it. Her tone softened considerably.

"That's awful! Your wife must need a brain transplant to turn you down like that. I wish I had been more insistent that you let me help. Do you need me to take a letter or something in your office right now, Mr. Brett?"

"Truthfully, I do. But I'm going to leave early again today. Maybe I'll be more successful this time. I don't want to "take the edge" off just in case I am."

Judi smiled knowingly. She moved close to me, leaned over, and whispered softly, "If you're not, or even if you are, you know I'm available to help you anytime you want."

I quickly scanned the office and saw no one else in sight. I moved even closer to her until her breasts were pressing against my chest. She did not pull away. Leaning forward, I kissed her. She responded passionately, her mouth opening, her tongue moving against mine. When she felt my hand probing under her short skirt, she moved her feet further apart to allow my hand to explore all the way up to her panties. She was wet... very wet. I could feel her heat through the thin material. I could also feel her sex slit pulsing under my fingers.

She pulled her mouth off of mine and moaned softly, "Oh god, Brett. I'm hot. So damn hot."

Her hips began to move against me; her mound pressed against my thigh. I stepped back. My erection raged and throbbed. "Judi, I need for you to take a letter and also some notes for the manager's meeting tomorrow. Will you bring your pad and come into my office please."

As soon as the office door closed behind us, I had my arms around Judi, my hands cupping and squeezing her large mounds as she ground her ass back against my hard erection. The blouse opened in front, and my fingers made short work of the buttons. When the last one popped open, I jerked her blouse aside and yanked her bra down freeing both of her large tits. Both nipples were hard as pencil erasers. She moaned when I pinched and pulled them, her hips humping wildly against me. Suddenly she spun around in my arms and we resumed our deep kiss, our tongues caressing inside first my mouth...then inside hers.

She moaned as she felt my hands under her skirt and then inside her panties, my fingers digging into the crease of her ass. After pulling her skirt up, I thrust my leg between hers. She spread immediately and began to grind her mound against my leg. Holding her ass, I worked her pussy up and down my leg. Her passionate moans soon filled the room.

"Ohhhhh...oohh.... gawd, Brett... you're going to make me cum. Not this way.. please.. I want to cum on your cock."

Breaking the kiss, she slid lower in my arms until she was kneeling in front of me. Frantically, her fingers worked on my pants zipper until she had it open and my pants down around my ankles. Desperately, she clawed at my briefs trying to release my steel-hard cock. When she finally got the briefs over the throbbing head, it sprang free like an unleashed tiger.

"Oh my gawd! Look at that beautiful huge thing", she exclaimed. Judi wants it!

I was so hard she had to use two hands to pull it down sufficiently to get the head into her mouth. Once inside, she devoured me..shoving the head all the way to back of her throat and mashing her lips as far down the throbbing shaft as possible. She held my balls as she began to bob her head and suck it. In moments, saliva was dripping from my balls as the shaft sank in and out of her mouth. Six inches of my cock was sliding in and out. The sensation was delicious! And it got even better. Every time she rammed it back into her mouth, another inch disappeared.

She gagged, but held me stationary inside her throat until the gagging sensations ebbed. As soon as they did, she began to suck it again. I looked down and saw her hand working feverishly inside her panties as she sucked me. Finally, my balls were banging against her chin was she worked it all the way in and out of her throat. She used her free hand to jack my shaft when I pulled it back for the next fuck stroke into her mouth hole.

Suddenly, a muffled groan erupted from her tightly plugged mouth. Her thighs pressed together against her hand. She began to grunt rhythmically as her cunt throbbed in orgasm. But she didn't slow her hot sucking motions even as she was cumming. After a couple of minutes, I knew I would cum if I didn't stop it soon.

"Oh Fuck! That's good, Judi. But I've got to get into you. I need your cunt."

She pushed me back toward my desk chair until I was seated. Quickly she stripped except for her hose and heels. At the same time, I got rid of my clothes and waiting with my dick standing straight up, jerking and throbbing at the luscious sight of her big tits bouncing on her chest and her wet, open cunt between her thighs. Spreading her legs, she straddled me in the chair. Her big tits mashed into my face, her fingers holding her sex hole open.

"Hold my tits, Brett. Suck my nipples while you fuck me."

I didn't have to be asked twice. Holding both tits, I attacked the bulging nipples with my mouth, switching from one to the other until both were red, swollen, and throbbing. Judi moaned continuously. When neither of us could stand anymore, she stood up, reached between her spread thighs and took my cock in her hand. Mashing her mouth against mine, moaning as we kissed, I felt her center my cock head against the opening to her cunt. I moaned when I felt her hot, velvet slick lips stretching open around the head and enveloping me inside her hot sex tunnel. We both groaned as cock entered cunt and thudded into her cervix.

My hard throbbing dick sank into her depths as her hips lowered on my lap. By the time her ass was resting on my thighs, Judi had 8 inches of hard cock deep inside her cunt with the walls of her pussy stretched tightly around it. She mashed her clitoris against my pubic bone.. rotating and thrusting against it hard until it again exploded...


The contractions of her cunt around my embedded cock almost triggered my orgasm, but I pressed my thighs together and suppressed the urge to shoot into her. She was still throbbing when she began raising and lowering her cunt over my cock, fucking me, using me.

"Ohhh yess.. you big stud.. Give it to me. What a cock! Fuck me with it. Cum in me, Baby."

I held her ass as my hips began ramming my shaft in and out of her cunthole. She moaned as it thudded into her cervix on every thrust, hammering the mouth of her womb. The entire length of her vagina was stuffed with my throbbing, steel-hard shaft.

"Damn", I hissed between my teeth as I drove my cock to the end of her pussy. "You've got one of the tightest, hottest cunts I've ever been in, Judi. I love it!"

Judi groaned in response. Her clit was contracting and throbbing so hard all she could do was grunt each time the cock head battered into the end of her pussy.

"Umph! Umph! Umph! Umph!"

I tried to hold back... to prolong the exquisite pleasure of her throbbing vagina on my prick, but it was hopeless. I could feel my shaft swelling and getting ready to cum. In a frenzy, I doubled my effort and fucking speed, driving it in and out of her like a wild man. She could feel me swelling, throbbing, jerking.. she knew that I was about to unload in her.


My hot liquid load roared into her cunt hole, washing throughout the length of her tightly plugged vagina. Some of it ran out around the edges and leaked down the crease of her ass. Her eyes popped open as she felt my organ exploding inside her cunt. I could feel her pussy contracting hard as she attempted to milk the last drop of my cum out of my balls.


It was almost noon when I finally arrived at the entry to the street leading to the cul de sac where our house stood. I left my car in the park where I had waited in vain for my wife the previous day. I made way down the adjacent street to a point that abutted the woods behind our house where, by my analysis, my wife was taking her afternoon strolls.

As soon as I entered the woods, I realized that I had a real problem. Assuming that I was correct about where my wife had been, the woods were so large I really had no idea where she might go. Fortunately, they weren't dense so that it was relatively easy to walk through them.

I knew that Elaine enjoyed the rapidly running water in the brook so I figured that my best bet was take a vantage point somewhere along the brook close to our house where I could see her if she came this way. I wanted to be on the side of the brook opposite our house. Fortunately, I knew that further along there was a tree that had fallen across the brook at some time far in the past. It now formed a natural bridge that allowed me cross without getting soaking wet in the water. It took me 10 minutes to reach the tree and cross to the other side. Another 10 minute walk brought me back to my chosen vantage point. If Elaine was taking a stroll through the woods and meeting someone, I would be able to see her easily.

It was around 2 PM when I had come home the previous day and found her gone. It was now almost 1 PM so I estimated that I should see her within the next hour if my guess about her whereabouts were correct. Actually, I only had to wait less than 30 minutes.

As my wife approached on the other side of the brook, I saw that she was carrying a small chest and a blanket. She had again changed her clothes and was now wearing a very brief pair of shorts, a tight, low-cut sweater, and sandals. From the bounce of her big tits, it was obvious that she wore no bra. The shorts were cut so high on her ass, that if she had on panties, it had to be a thong.

As I crouched behind a bush, she passed on the far side of the brook. I let her move away far enough to allow me to follow without fear of detection. She walked about a quarter of a mile further into the woods, then stopped in an open area that allowed sunlight through the trees. She spread out her blanket, tossed a couple of small pillows from the chest onto the blanket, and pulled her sweater over her head. Even though I had seen my wife's naked tits thousands of times, seeing them exposed like this out in the open gave me an instant erection. She tossed her sweater to the side of the blanket, arched her back and shoulders to thrust her big mounds out. It was almost like she was putting on a show for some hidden audience. Her hands rose to her breasts, cupped them while her fingers began caressing her nipples. She pinched and pulled each of them until they were red and swollen.

I could see her breathing rate had noticeably increased. With one quick tug, my wife unzipped her shorts and pulled them over her hips. She had to squirm and tug to accomplish this as they were so tight that they looked as if they were sprayed onto her. As the shorts fell away, my dick throbbed again. She wasn't wearing any panties.

Arranging the pillows around the end of the blanket, my wife spread herself out, naked except for her sandals. She retrieved a pair of sunglasses from her bag, put them on and laid back on the blanket. A few minutes were then spent rubbing sun screen onto her skin so she wouldn't burn. I figured that I had been partially right about everything. She was indeed taking a walk in the woods, but I had suspected that more than just sunbathing was involved since she had been so secretive about it. I watched for 10 minutes with nothing happening other than a call from someone on her cell phone.

I was about to leave when I saw my wife's legs spreading. They continued to open until she was spread wide with her pussy on display. Her hand moved to her clitoris and began to slowly stroke it. Once more, I got a huge erection. Elaine's fingers worked slowly over her clitoris. As I watched, her fingers moved faster and faster. Soon I saw that she was alternating stroking her erect clitoris with sliding two fingers into her cunt. There was no way I could resist taking out my cock and jerking it as I watched my wife masturbating out in the open like this. Then it got even hotter.

As her excitement rose, I heard her begin to moan and talk passionately to an imaginary lover. "Ohhhh yes.. Leon.. like that. Mmmmmmmmmmm... rub my clit, Darling.. make me hot and wet for your big, hard, black cock, Baby. Ooohhh yess... go deeper inside me, Stud. Make me cum... Make you hot slutty whore cum all over your fingers..."

I jerked my cock harder, but trying not to cum. I wondered if Leon were an imaginary lover or someone she knew.. someone who had fucked her.. or was fucking her. The thought that my wife had a black lover was so hot that I knew I was going to shoot off very soon.

Elaine was plunging three fingers in and out of her vagina now as she begged Leon to fuck her harder. I was certain that she would cum soon. Again, I was wrong.

"Oh gawd... you want me to turn over so you can fuck me doggie... that's so dirty.. you want to fuck me like a a hot whore... mmmmmmmmmmm... am I just a hot whore for you? is that what you think?"

I was amazed at my wife's imagination as she worked herself to a higher and higher sexual peak. I watched as she let her phantom lover turn her over into doggie position. When she was on her hands and knees, she lowered her head to the blanket, pulled her knees under her body for support, and arched her ass high in the air. Her legs spread wide to completely expose her sex holes to the imaginary Leon. Reaching back, she pulled her cunt lips wide open.

"Ooohhh do it to me, Leon. Get that big hard black prick up my married cunt, Stud. Fuck your hot whore like a dog. Make me cum... Shoot your big load into me. I'm not on the pill.. go ahead and cum in me... breed me, Baby.. Ohhh hurry... I just can't wait. FUCK MEEEE!!"

I watched my wife frantically rubbing her clitoris and then, later, ramming three fingers in and out her cunt until finally she could take no more. Her fingers literally flew over her clitoris in a blur of motion. Her cunt juices squirted out in a wild spray that arched up into the air and fell to the blanket a foot behind her elevated ass.

I jacked my cock hard and my load flew out just moments after hers. As the third spurt was leaving the tip of my throbbing dick, Elaine's vagina contracted again as her fingers coaxed another big surge of juice out of her hole. I cleaned up as well as I could and settled down to wait for my wife to leave.

There was no way I could get back to the other side of the brook without being seen as long as she was there. She laid on the blanket recovering from her intense orgasm for 10 minutes or so. Finally, she got up, pulled on her shorts and sweater, packed the chest, and walked back toward our house. I waited until she was completely out of sight before I retraced my steps back to my car.


During dinner that evening and later, Elaine said nothing about her afternoon adventure in the woods. In fact, she never gave a hint that she had ever even taken a walk through the woods. I assumed she didn't want to answer questions I might have about what she had done on her stroll.

When I climbed into bed with her that night, she literally attacked me. Her mouth sucked my tongue into hers as she ground her naked body wildly against mine. As our tongues fucked each other's mouth, she thrust her wet cunt against my thigh, grinding her clitoris hard against my flesh until she was gasping. I felt her cunt contract in a hard spasm as she reached her first orgasm.

Her hand reached for my erect cock and found it. In a flash, Elaine had licked her way down my body until she had reached my throbbing shaft. I felt her tongue lick up its length and her lips close over the head.

"OOoohhhh Fuckkkkk... that's so good. Suck me, you hot slut. Suck my big cock!"

She pushed seven inches of my shaft down her throat and began to bob her head up and down as I throbbed and jerked inside her mouth hole. In a moment, she had all 8 inches buried with my balls against her chin. I looked down and saw her hand working feverishly between her thighs as she sucked. When she felt me swelling and throbbing preparing to unload, she stopped. She raised up until she was on her knees.

"Gawd... what a cock you have, Brett. I want it in me.. NOW! Get on me! Get in me! Hurry... Please.. I need it in me."

Elaine climbed over my body, threw her legs around mine, and lowered her weight onto me. I moved my hands to her gyrating ass.. cupped her mounds and ran my fingers through her ass crease.

"Put it in me! Oh God! PUT IT IN ME!" she screamed. Her body lifted clear of mine as her hand reached between us to align my cock with the opening to her cunt. Her hips rammed down impaling her sex hole and sinking my cock into her depths.


I felt my wife shivering in passion and spasms of pleasure. Her heels dug into my butt as she drove her pussy up and down my cock. Back and forth, she rocked on the thick, meaty spike fucking herself on my prick. I could feel my rod bumping against her womb as she fucked herself full with it. Elaine's body was shaking... trembling. The walls of her vagina contracted in several hard spasms as a second orgasm rocked her. Her pussy was still throbbing as I pinched both nipples of her tits that were dangling right in front of my face. Her cunt was like a hot sheathe all along the length of my throbbing cock. There was no way I couldn't hold back any longer. Grabbing my wife's hips, I slammed it into her with all the force I could muster. My hips were a blur of motion as it shot up and down her sex hole like a racing piston.

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmm...mmmmmm... UH!" she grunted sounding like a hot whore. "Fuck me..! fuck me! .. do it to me.. hard... hard.." she howled.

Locking my arms around my wife's body, I turned us over so that I was on top of her. As soon as she was on her back, her legs shot open. Then, she raised them until her feet were jerking wildly in the air high above my back. I rammed it into her... again and again.

"Here it is, Baby. Here it cums. Take my load you hot slut."

My cock quivered at the end of her pussy channel, throbbing, ready to pour my load into her depths. She moaned as I drew back... then grunted as I rammed back against her cervix. That was all it took. My wife's orgasm exploded. It poured out of her, a hot, wet gush of cunt juice. Her hips gyrated uncontrollably beneath me as she convulsed in spasms. In response, my cock jerked, throbbed and then erupted in hard contractions spitting hot semen into her cunt.


As soon as I arrived at work the next day, Judi was waiting for me. She smiled as I approached and again moved her legs from beneath her desk. I smiled back and was rewarded with a nice beaver shot as she opened her legs for me. Looking around to make certain we were unobserved, I moved over to her and kissed her letting my hand explore between her open legs. Her panties were already wet.

"I would love to have you take another letter for me, Honey, but I've got meetings with the engineering staff all day today and tomorrow."

"I know you do. In fact, here's the itinerary for the meetings today and tomorrow. I just thought I get your day started off in a nice fashion."

I grinned and said, "I think you just wanted to send me to the first meeting with a raging hard-on, you sexy bitch."

"You're right. Did I succeed?" Her hand reached out and felt my engorged member. "I think I did."


It was almost 6 PM before the day's meetings ended. However, as soon as I entered our house, I could smell the aroma of Elaine's pot roast. "That smells marvelous! But you didn't need to wait dinner on me. I told you I would be late."

"I didn't mind waiting on you at all. After the way you took care of me last night, I owed you one."

Elaine smiled warmly and kissed me tenderly. I returned the kiss the same way, but I couldn't resist caressing her shapely ass as I did so.

"Not now, you horny stud. Go wash up. Dinner will be on the table in 15 minutes or so."

In our bedroom, I quickly changed out of my business suit, put on a fresh shirt and some slacks. As I opened the clothes hamper to discard my shirt, I saw the shorts and sweater Elaine had worn the previous day when she sunbathed and masturbated in the woods. I thought that was strange. I would have thought that they would be further down in the hamper rather on the top. I couldn't resist removing her shorts from the hamper. As soon as I touched the crotch band, I felt its wetness. Obviously, she had worn the shorts again today on another walk. But why was the crotch wet? She had removed the shorts before masturbating the day before. Putting them to my nose, I inhaled their sensuous aroma. The musky smell of my wife's cunt made my cock twitch.

But there was another aroma... that of male semen. In addition, the material was still slick with it. My twitching cock became rock hard with the knowledge that some guy had fucked Elaine in the woods or somewhere. I wondered if it was the black guy, Leon.

As expected, dinner was wonderful. It was almost delicious enough to make my hard-on subside but not quite. I was trying to figure out who had balled my wife that afternoon when she said, "The Peterson's have asked over to their house Saturday night for a party. I told them I would have to ask you. Would you like to go?" The image of Carl Peterson flashed through my brain... handsome, well built, rugged, masculine, former football player, and the guy my wife had been flirting with on and off for months. I wondered if it was Carl who had boned my wife that afternoon.

"Well?" my wife asked again.

"Oh... sorry. I was just trying to remember if we had any Saturday meetings scheduled. We don't.. so yes. I think it would be a lot of fun. Tell the Peterson's we'll be there. Will it be just the four of us or a larger party?"

"A larger party. Joan told me they were inviting a lot of the couples at your firm. Is that ok?"

"That's fine. The more.. the merrier. Besides, we haven't seen the Peterson's in a long time... since last tax season, I believe, when you did their taxes. Isn't that right?" There was a slight hesitation... not much, but a clear hesitation.

"Yes, I think you're right. It will be nice to see them again."

I couldn't tell if Elaine was lying or just seriously thinking about whether we had seen them since the previous tax season.


I had to work all day and into the night on Friday just as I had the previous day. Consequently, I had no time to take advantage of Judi's sensuous invitations, but, more importantly, I had no opportunity to spy on my wife again and find out who was getting into her pussy. It was so late Friday night, I called my wife and suggested we meet at a popular Mexican restaurant for a late supper. She was delighted with my suggestion.

The party at the Peterson's Saturday was a gala affair. Elaine hadn't been kidding me about the number of guests. I estimated there were 10 to 12 couples present and a few unmarried singles who worked at our firm. I knew practically everyone there. Elaine and I gradually became separated in the crowd. I was standing at the bar fixing myself a bourbon and water when I saw Judi. She had been reading a book from the library shelf while sitting on the bureau. As soon as she saw me, she closed the book, smiled broadly at me while crossing her legs. The motion caused her tight skirt to ride high revealing a generous expanse of her stocking-clad, sexy legs. I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. It was hard to tear my eyes away from her legs.

"Hi, Lover. See anything you like?" she asked seductively.

"I see a lot I like, but my wife is here."

"I think she's busy in the game room. Carl pretty much had all her attention the last time I looked in."

"What were they doing?"

"Well... he wasn't fucking her.... yet", Judi grinned.

"Do you think he will?"

"Maybe. It depends. She was certainly showing him enough to let him know that she's available. If Carl can get away from Joan, I think he will. What do you think?"

"I haven't seen them. I have no idea", I lied.

"Go take a peek. They're in the game room, but just peek. Don't barge in and be a spoil sport. If your wife abandons you, I'll be around, Honey. Look for me."

After telling her I would do that, I made my way slowly to the game room which was down the stairs in the basement. As I approached the door opening into the game room, I could hear Elaine's voice:

"Stop that, Carl! What's the matter with you? The house is full of people including your wife and my husband."

"You're what's the matter with me. You have me so hot and turned on, I don't have all that much control. I know you damn well do it on purpose. You've been teasing me and shaking it at me for months, you sexy witch."

I heard my wife laugh. "You're right. I do. It's just so much fun to see you sweating and afraid to mingle with your guests because they will all see your big throbbing hard-on."

"Come on.. just a little higher. Pull your dress a little higher. You can always pull it down if anyone comes in."

"Grow up, Carl. We're in public for god's sake. You can already see up to the tops of my stockings and that much has you hard as stone from the looks of your pants. If I were to show you even more, you would cum in your pants." My wife giggled and then laughed.

I heard Carl begging. I could almost sympathize with him... but not quite. "Please, Elaine. Just a little more."

"How much more?"

"Let me see your panties. Pull you dress up and spread your legs so I can see your panties."

"That's not going to happen, Carl. At least not here."

"Then pull it up enough for me to see your bare thighs and garters. Come on, Elaine. I know you want to do it."

For a moment, there was silence from the game room. Then, "All right. But this is absolutely as far as it goes. If you ask me to show anything else, I'm going to leave. Understand?"

"I promise. No more... just let me see those sexy thighs." Again, there was silence inside the game room. Then I heard Carl's voice again. "Oh Damn! You have legs to die for, Elaine. Let's go outside somewhere."

"I don't think that's a good idea. With all these people around, someone is bound to see us."

"You worry too much. I know a perfectly safe spot. You have me so hard it feels like my cock is going to break off."

I just had to see what my wife was showing him, but I was mindful of Judi's admonition not to be a spoil sport. Carefully, I edged up to the side of the open door and peeked around the corner. I immediately saw my wife sitting on the end of one of the sofas in the room. Carl had to be on the other side of the entry way. My cock instantly got hard when I saw how my wife was sitting. She had her legs crossed high on her ankle. She holding her dress up around her hip exposing essentially all of one thigh and a lot of the other. Her naked thighs were on display above her stocking tops. Her garter straps cut deliciously into her thigh flesh.

I had even more sympathy for Carl. She had obviously been teasing him all evening. I continued to spy on them for a while longer to see if Elaine was going to relent and go somewhere with Carl. Nothing happened for the next few minutes and then other people were coming down the stairs toward the game room. I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and retired to the upstairs area before something happened and they caught me.

I looked around for Judi but couldn't find her. I wondered if she was somewhere having sex with one of the other husbands. I did see her husband Frank nursing a drink by himself at the bar. He looked very unhappy so I figured there was a good chance that somebody was getting into his wife.

As I contemplated this possibility, I heard a woman's voice behind me. "Hi, Brett. Haven't seen you in some time."

Turning, I saw Joan Peterson, Carl's wife. She was about our age, attractive, but less so than either my wife or Judi. Still... she had a nice body and an equally nice smile. "Hello, Joan. It's a wonderful party. Great food.. drink.. people. Thank you for inviting us."

"We wouldn't have even considered having a party without inviting you and Elaine. I already had your names on the guest list when Carl reminded me not to forget to invite the two of you. You're the only persons he reminded me to invite. Does that surprise you?"

"Why should it? He probably saw you already had a very complete guest list and didn't bother to suggest anyone else."

"Possibly.. Aren't you going to ask me to dance?"

A moment later I held Joan in my arms as we moved about the small dance floor. After a few turns around the floor, she moved up against my body, circled my neck with her arms, and pressed herself against me... her breasts against my chest, her mound mashed against my pelvis. My cock immediately began to harden. When she felt it, her hips began to rotate, grinding her pussy against my shaft.

"My god, Joan. Carl and Elaine are both here somewhere. They're going to see us. Back off a little."

"What's the matter? Don't you like the feel of my body against you? Quit worrying about our spouses. I think Carl is too hot over your wife to bother about what I'm doing, and your wife probably can't wait."

"Why do you think something like that?" I asked as my cock reached full erection against her mound.

"He's been trying to get into her panties for a year or more. And judging from the way I've seen Elaine coming on to him, my guess is that he's probably in them right now."

"You're wrong. I just saw them 10 minutes ago in the game room. They didn't know I was at the door. All they were doing was chatting." I knew this wasn't the entire truth, but under the circumstances, I thought a small lie was appropriate.

"Well... if he's not screwing your wife right now, he probably will be soon. She's been flirting and teasing him for months. And if he's going to screw Elaine, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be doing me. Interested?"

"Of course I'm interested. What man wouldn't be. But not here. Not now."

"I didn't mean right here on the dance floor, Silly. I live here you know. I know all sorts of private places we could go. Judging from what I'm feeling against my pussy, I think you're more than ready. Come on."


"Ooooohhhh yesss... harder... give it to me harder!" the woman gasped. The velvet sleeve of her tight, hot vagina slid up and down the length of the iron-hard cock driving in and out of her sex tube. Male hands held her ass in place as the prick was rammed repeatedly in and out of her wide open cunt.

"GGghhhhhaaaa.... more... more.. Ohhh fuck it.. give it to me Baby. That huge prick feels so damn good inside me." ========================= The car seat was a tight fit but there was enough room to get her legs up and spread so that he could easily get between her gaping thighs into her sex saddle and from there into her throbbing cunt. He aligned his cock with her opening and pushed the head into her wetness. The slick, wet tunnel enveloped him, and he sank the entire length of his throbbing organ to the bottom of her sex hole. "Damn.. she was so tight", he thought. Every time he pushed into her depths, he could feel the wild throbbing contractions of her overheated vaginal sheathe gripping him.. milking him.. pulling into even deeper. ======================== "Push a finger into my ass... do it... oooohhhhhh that... like that", she screamed as the cock head thudded up against the end of her sex tube.

Abruptly, the cock withdrew from her throbbing vagina. He moved up and presented the throbbing erection to her mouth. She smiled as she fondled his balls... then pulled his cock to her mouth and sucked the head inside. The rod jerked spastically inside her mouth, and almost shot off its load, but with intense concentration, he held back. She was having none of his holding back. She delighted in having him fuck his big prick in and out of her mouth as he was now doing. She wanted him to do it, wanted every drop of cum his balls had stored up. She squeezed his balls and sucked even harder. But, as hot as her mouth was, he really didn't want to unload there. He wanted to shoot it into that tight, wet cunt between her thighs. ======================== "Ugh Ugh Ugh...aaaahhhhhhh... ooohhh god.. What a cock... ram meeeeeeeee with that big thing."

Her legs were up, her high heels resting on his shoulders, her cunt an open, inviting target for his cock. Intense spasms of sexual pleasure ripped through her body every time she felt the huge shaft stretching her open..sinking into her depths.. thudding with authority into the bottom of her pit, and then grinding it into her, the friction sending wave after wave of sensation through her engorged, pulsing clitoris. ======================== "Spread wider so I can get into you, Honey." Her legs flew open and then her hips jerked upward to meet the electrifying sensation she felt as the big shaft drove into her cunt. It raked back and forth on the sensitive lips causing her to moan helplessly. It felt so damn smooth as she felt it pumping in and out of her aching, throbbing cunt. She lunged upward with her ass and buried its entire length inside her pussy.

"Ooohhh yesss... What a cock! It's soooo good... soo hard.. ", the woman gasped. Her head rolled back and forth, her mouth opened sensuously as her tongue shot out and flicked over her top lip. The rutting male on her grew more and more excited as he watched her writhing and squirming beneath him as he impaled her again and again. Her legs flew up and wrapped around his hips, her ankles locking behind his thrusting ass. He suddenly pulled his cock all the way out of her throbbing vagina causing her to moan.

"No no.. don't ... put it back it... please... I'm about to cum... fuck it back into meeeeeee.." ======================== He was now driving short, hard thrusts into her ramming into her cervix on every thrust. She could feel his organ swelling, pulsing, throbbing deep inside her cunt. She knew he was about to cum. So was she. She wailed in hot passion.

"NOW..NOW.. CUM IN ME.. FUCK ME FULL, LOVER..SHOOT IT INNNNNN... I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGG.." ======================= The big cock rubbed repeatedly over the swollen, erect clitoris making it jerk in hot spasms each time her slapped it against her.

"Don't torture me... stick it back in... Please.. do it... I'm about to cum."

Abruptly, he gave her what she wanted and thrust it all the way into her sex tube on the first thrust. The woman under him grunted and then moaned as she felt it once more stretching her cunt as it sank all the way into her. Holding her tits in his hands, he screwed the moaning woman with hard, deep strokes until he felt her vagina contracting and throbbing around his plunging shaft.

"I'm cumminggggggg....I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMM.... DO IT TO MEEEEEEE."

The huge load raced up the length of his cock and spewed out against the mouth of her womb.. One... two... three.. huge spurts of hot, male semen. Two more smaller jets pumped into her hole..filling it and forcing it to run out of her tightly plugged cunt and down the crease of her ass. ====================== His cock jerked hard and spurted a huge gush of cum into the still throbbing hole between the woman's thighs. She felt it filling her and wailed in hot passion as the rutting male screwed and pumped a second load into her hole. Before the third load could shoot out, he pulled his cock out and spewed the third, fourth and fifth spurts all over her belly, tits, and cunt mound.


It was after midnight when Elaine and I were finally on our way home from the party. I commented that I thought it was a very nice party. My wife nodded but added nothing to the conversation.

"Did you have fun?" I asked her.

"Oh yes. I had a lot of fun. It was really nice."

I, of course, had no way of knowing that she was thinking about the semen seeping from her vagina as she said it.


"Let's wait until tomorrow to clean up, Joan. I'm really tired. How about you?" Carl asked his wife.

"That's a good idea. I'm really worn out too", she said as the cum ran down her thighs.


We did very little on Sunday save lounge around the house, read, watch TV, and do a little yard work. Elaine said nothing about her chat with Carl at the party the previous night. In fact, she said it was sort of a boring party. Of course, I said nothing about having overheard their conversation.

On Monday, I hurried through my work as fast as possible so that I would be free to leave by noon. I wanted to be back at my post in the woods to see if my wife was going to take another stroll and whatever. As usual, Judi sat with her legs open giving me a hot view of her thighs and panties. Naturally, I got hard but I just had to find out what Elaine was doing and with whom.

At 1 PM, I was once again at the same vantage point on the opposite side of the brook as I had used several days earlier. I waited. By 2 PM, I was regretting my decision to sit out here in the woods alone rather than accept Judi's invitation to spend the time between her legs. I decided to wait another 30 minutes before giving up. Fifteen minutes or so later, my patience was rewarded when I saw my wife walking through the woods.

Today, she was wearing a skirt and blouse. I could see that her legs were bare. I wondered what, if anything, was under the skirt and blouse. Once again, Elaine walked past my position on the other side of the brook and moved on through the woods toward the same spot she used the previous week. Assuming that was her plan, I walked back into the woods to a point that would bring me to the same observation point I had used before. As it turned out, I reached the spot before Elaine arrived, but I didn't have to wait long.

Once more, she chose the same spot. She spread out her blanket and removed her blouse revealing the fact that she had worn no bra, as I suspected. Kneeling on the blanket, her breasts swung free as she leaned over to get her sun screen lotion from her bag. She removed her skirt (she had not worn any panties either) and rubbed the sun screen onto her nude body. After that she stretched out on the blanket with her legs open and eyes closed. I had a perfect view of her shaved cunt.

I wondered if my wife intended to masturbate again today thinking about Leon or some other stud fucking her. My cock was hard with the anticipation of watching her doing it. I was destined to be disappointed however. I heard him moving through the woods before I actually saw him. But then he moved out of the cover of the trees and I could see him clearly. However, I did not recognize him.

My wife opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Open you legs wider so I can see that hot cunt while I undress, Honey", he said.

Elaine's legs opened. He removed his shirt and they opened even wider.... then wider still when he took off his pants. When he pulled his jockey briefs down revealing his massive, thick, black erection, my wife jacked both of her legs into the air and bent her knees. He bent down and removed his shoes and socks. From his crouched position, he was looking directly between my wife's raised and opened thighs into her wet vaginal hole. "God.. that looks good", he moaned.

Elaine's wet cunt gaped open for him. Moving between her upraised thighs, he pressed his mouth to my wife's cunt and began to lick... slowly at first and then gradually faster. His tongue made the complete journey from her ass up her cunt slit to the throbbing pleasure button at the top. She gasped every time his tongue flicked her throbbing clitoris. Her hips danced wildly on the blanket.. her ass hunching up and down in lewd invitation.

The guy really knew how to eat a woman. Within a minute, he had my wife arching her butt high off the blanket where it gyrated and humped frantically against his mouth and tongue. I had my cock out in a flash and was jerking it in time with Elaine's coital thrusts against her lover's mouth.

"Please.. Leon... fuck me. I'm about to cum. I want your cock in me when I cum", she begged.

Leon moved up her body, positioned his thick, erect shaft at the entrance to her sex, and slowly drove his cock into my wife's cunt. He gave her 4 inches of dick. She gasped and begged for more. He pulled three inches out, paused to look down at the his thick cylinder lodged firmly in her opening, and then pushed those 3 inches back into my wife along with 2 more. Elaine honked with female pleasure. Five inches came out of her cunt... 5 hammered back into her. She screamed with passion. Again, 5 inches were withdrawn but this time 6 inches filled her sex cavity. The big cock head thudded against her womb.

Leon's hands held my wife's ass firmly in place as he began to fuck her. Hard.. fast.. making her grunt whorishly every time he impaled her. He screwed her relentlessly... in and out... in and out... her cunt hole filled with her sex juices ... I could easily hear the sensuous squishing noises as cock screwed cunt. The thick prick stretched my wife's cunt wide open.

My hand jacked my own hard erection in time with the fuck strokes Leon was giving Elaine. Leon pushed my wife's legs further and further back until her knees were on either side of her large tits, which were bouncing back and forth in time to the hard fucking she was getting. When he had her legs all the way back and her ass elevated, I watched as he withdrew his prick from her stretched cunt. He looked down at the gaping hole made by his thick cock. When Elaine begged him to put it back in, he drove it into her depths with one, hard thrust.


After a half dozen strokes in and out of her pussy, Leon had his prick fully embedded deep inside her cunt fucking it with hard, driving strokes. Elaine screeched and shrieked continuously as her fingers flew over her engorged clitoris. She began to cum, and as she did, my load arched high into the air, again and again as the semen pumped from my balls in huge spurts. Leon wasn't far behind. I saw his buttocks clench. He slugged it in deep and held it there pumping stream after stream of male juice into her pussy.

After their first fuck was finished, they rested, side-by-side, on the blanket, which was slowly getting soaked with their combined sex juices.

"How much longer will you be here, Leon", my wife asked.

"The assignment is over in another 10 days. So.. about a week and a half. Will I get to see you everyday?"

"I've been here sunbathing and waiting for you everyday since that first time, Honey. You stood me up last Thursday. I was so hot waiting for you, when you called and said you couldn't make it, I had to masturbate."

"Mmmmm... Hot Bitch. And did you cum thinking about my big cock fucking you?"

"Oh god yes! I had an intense orgasm. I imagined you were on me... in me... fucking me."

"Shit. You're getting me hard again. Suck me. Suck my big cock, Elaine. Get it hard as stone and then mount it."

My wife couldn't do it fast enough. She leaned over him and took his cock in her hands. He was already half hard and with her tongue sliding up and down his shaft and over his cock head, he was fully erect in less than a minute. I could see him throbbing even as far away as I was. It looked to me like he had 10 or maybe and 11 inch prick and incredibly thick.

"Suck me, Baby. Suck my fuck pole."

My wife followed orders and put it in her mouth. She had to stretch her mouth as wide open as possible to get the head inside. Once it was in, Leon shoved her head down on it and forced 4 or 5 inches of cock into the back of her mouth. Elaine gagged and he released her head to let her back off a bit. After the gag reflex passed, he pushed it back in and this time, she managed to take almost 6 inches of it. It looked like it might dislocate her jaw it was so huge.

My cock was hard again, not as hard as Leon was with my wife sucking him, but still very hard. I stroked slowly, wondering if he would cum in her mouth. He answered as if he were reading my mind.

"Stop, Baby. I don't want to shoot in your mouth this time. Get on me and ride it."

Elaine took several deep breaths after the huge rod was dislodged from her throat. Then, she mounted his body holding herself up on her knees while she reached between her thighs to align his prick with the opening to her cunt. When she had him centered, her hips dropped, and I watched as her labia spread around the big mushroom head. Once inside her hole, Leon held my wife's hips in place as he thrust upward to sink almost all of his length inside her sex tunnel.

For the next 15 minutes, Leon fucked my wife as she rode him like a woman possessed. Again and again, he made her cum until, even from my position, I could see the thick white froth of their combined churned sex juices coating his cock and Elaine's cunt and ass. The sound was incredible. Every time he rammed it into her, there was a loud "WHOOMPF" sound. When he pulled the thick piston out of her hole, I heard a "SQUIZZZZ" sound. Over and over and over..


"Oh Baby! I can't hold it much longer... you hot cunt is just sucking the load right of me. Are you ready?"



I shot off my second load at the same time Leon was pumping his into my wife's cunt hole. She was already so full and stuffed with cum and cock, I could see the semen spurting out between his cock and the tightly stretched lips of her pussy.


After dinner that night, I felt it was time to discuss the situation with my wife. "Elaine, I need to make a confession, apologize to you, and hopefully find out what's happening."

My wife giggled. "What have you done now, Brett. Get caught with your hand in some woman's cookie jar?"

"No, not that. Sit down." Once she was sitting opposite me on the sofa, I told her about getting hot and hard during the day and coming home hoping to have sex with her. I could see that she was getting nervous.

"You weren't home, but your car was. I searched every where, but couldn't find you, but I did find your clothes in our bedroom where you had put them when you changed. I figured you had gone out with someone. I thought it might be a man. I waited in the park at the head of the cul de sac to see who brought you home, but no one did. However, when I did return, you were back in the house wearing your original clothes again. I had no idea what had happened.

Elaine tried to interrupt me, but I held up my hand. "Let me finish. I'm afraid I spied on you, and I'm sorry. I finally worked out that you must be taking walks through the woods behind our home. So, last Thursday, I got there before you and waited on the opposite side of the brook. For awhile, I thought you were just sunbathing, but then you spread your legs and began to masturbate. God! I got so hard I couldn't believe it. I'm sorry about spying on you, but that was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen. I shot off twice watching you do it and listening to talk about a black lover named Leon who you imagined was fucking you."

"Oh, Brett. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen."

Again, I indicated that she should let me finish. This afternoon, I again waited on the opposite side of the brook and saw everything. God.. what a stud Leon is. I can understand why he turns you on so much. Again, I came twice watching him fuck you. What I need to know is who is he? Are you in love with him? Are you going to leave me?"

I waited, half fearful and half in anticipation. Elaine stood up directly in front of me. She didn't say a word. She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her body. Once it was off, she threw it aside to the floor. Next came her bra. She unhooked it and let it fall to the floor to join her


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