Covering for a Friend

Covering for a Friend

by RLM

============Matt's Perspective============

The clock on the mantle chimed, twelve times to be exact. The TV was on but silent as I had it set on "mute". The mystery novel I was reading was interesting, but nevertheless, I was finding it increasingly difficult to pay attention. As a result, I was repeatedly becoming lost in the story line and having to go back and read sections for a second time. With the television muted, the empty house was silent. I even imagined that I could hear the boards creak as the house moved with the outside elements.

Peering into the midnight darkness beyond the bay window overlooking our patio and feeling the warmth of the still crackling fireplace, Poe's poem sprang to mind:

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,

Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,

As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.

`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -

Only this, and nothing more.

I chuckled, half in mirth, half in irony. "This is ridiculous", I thought. "Sitting here reading a murder mystery at midnight, watching the fire and listening to the house creak, and thinking about Poe's "Raven". I'm freaking myself out."

This thought was followed immediately by another. "Where in the hell is Rita? She said she and Arlene were just going out for a "girls night out".. shopping, dinner, a movie. It's after midnight and they're still not home." Thinking back to Lennard's call 30 minutes previously asking where the girls were, I knew I wasn't the only one concerned. But then midnight wasn't all that late. I knew when I was out with my friends, I often got home in the early hours of the morning.

When the clock again chimed a single time signaling the half hour, I found myself standing at the bay window of our study, staring out at the blackness.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

"This is stupid! What's the matter with me? Rita's fine. She'll be home soon. Relax!"

The thought had no sooner crossed my mind when I heard our front door being unlocked. A moment later it opened and my wife entered. She smiled broadly, and I breathed a silent sigh of relief.

I started to move toward her, but I was too slow. She threw her handbag on a chair and rushed into my arms. Our lips met. I tried to kiss her tenderly, to let her know how happy and relieved I was that she was home and safe, but my tender kiss was immediately smothered by the passionate crush of her lips against mine. Her mouth opened wide as her tongue forced its way into mine where it thrust, back and forth, furiously raping my mouth.

At the same time, Rita's large, 36D tits were being rammed against my chest, and her pelvis worked feverishly against my suddenly erect prick. She felt it rising against her belly. It seemed to drive her to even greater heights of passion as her mound gyrated and ground up and down against me. Her ass was thrusting back and forth in sensuous fuck motions. Suddenly, she pulled her mouth off mine.

"Oh god... I'm so glad you're still awake.. you marvelous stud! I was afraid you would already be asleep. But you're awake.. and you're hard! I love it! Hurry.. take me!"

I started to move to the bedroom, but my wife couldn't wait. She pulled me onto the couch on top of her body, her legs spreading wide so that I fell between her thighs. She was tearing my shirt open, trying to open my pants. At the same time, I pulled open her blouse and yanked her bra down exposing her big tits. She pulled my head against them and begged me to suck her nipples hard.

"Please. Hurry. Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

Together we shoved my pants and shorts down around my thighs. I started to remove her panties, but Rita was ahead of me. With one hand, she jerked her panties aside while her other hand wrapped around my now rigid cock. Her legs lifted above us as she pressed the head against her opening, her hips driving upwards so that it sank into her. All I had to do was drive my hips forward and the entire 8 inches of dick plowed into my wife's waiting cunt.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh...." came the passionate female moan of pleasure as the cock filled her.

She was a wild fuck, her hips thrusting against me, taking every single inch of cock into her cunt, again and again. I held her ass and rammed myself in and out of her as hard and fast as possible. She shrieked at the same time I felt her vagina contracting around my plunging cock.

"Ooohhhh fuckkkkkkk.... cumminggg..... I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGG", she moaned.

I kept thrusting, and she continued to erupt in one intense orgasm after another. When I plunged my steel-hard cock into her contracting vagina, forcing it open just as it was trying to contract, she screeched in protest:


She had me so hot there was no possible way I was going to stop. If anything, I fucked harder into her throbbing hole. In moments, her screams of protest turned to intense moans of pleasure...

"YES! YES! YES! Like that.. Like that. Fuck meeeeeee..."

My cum exploded into her like a cannon volley.. stream after thick stream. She felt my cock throbbing, contracting, and shooting inside her and came again. Her pussy was squishing loudly by the time I finished and collapsed on top of her shuddering body. We held each other tightly for several minutes before either of us spoke.

"That was incredible!" I whispered in my wife's ear.

In response, she giggled. "It was wasn't it. I didn't think I would be able to wait until I got home I was so hot. I was driving with one hand between my legs.

"What happened tonight that got you so worked up?"

"Come on, Lover. Take your hot wife to bed, and she'll tell you all about it while you fuck her again. Can you? Can you get it up again?"

"I'm almost hard again right now just from feeling your wet cunt quivering around my dick. Come on, you hot luscious Slut!"

We practically ran to our bedroom, dropping our clothes all along the way. --------------------------------------------

"So where did you and Arlene go?"

"It was just like I ... ugh ... ugh... told you. We went shopping. Then we...ugh.. ugh.. ohhh.. went to dinner at Amore's. We saw a really good movie and then ... aaaahhhh... we.. ooohhhh yessssss.."

"Yes.. then what.. Tell me!"

"Just a moment... wait... aaah... ugh .. ugh.. now.. give it to me hard.."

I pumped my cock in and out of her throbbing pussy even faster as Rita rode me like a champion. Her juices ran down my cock, over my balls, coating my thighs and her ass.

"Ohhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk.... cumminggg again", she moaned.

My wife gripped my hips with her thighs until I thought she might cut me in half. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she relaxed the pressure. Pushing herself up off my chest where she had collapsed, she squirmed on my iron hard dick that was fully buried in her slowly throbbing cunt.

Oh what a Stud you are... MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm... It feels like a steel shaft up my cunt. Where was I?"

"You were going to tell me what got you so hot. Certainly not shopping, dinner, and a movie."

"No. It was the men at the club where we went for drinks. We hadn't been there for more than 15 minutes before four guys started chatting with us. We knew we shouldn't, but they kept asking us to dance and finally we did... with several of them. After awhile, they had their hands all over ours asses on the dance floor."

"Did they feel your tits too?"

"How could they not? We were dancing close and our tits were mashed against their chests."

" I know that, but did they feel them with their hands?"

"Yeah. They did. We kept pulling their hands down when they did it, but they were very persistent. One guy told me I was the hottest woman he had seen in a long time. He had his hand under my dress on my thigh when he said it. I had to clamp my legs together to keep his hand off my pussy... Oh.. I can feel your dick jerking inside me, Honey. This is getting you as hot as it did me."

I was having to struggle to keep from shooting off in her. "Go on, you hot Slut. Then what happened? Tell me! Did they fuck you?"

"If they had, do you think I would have been as boiling hot as I was? No. They didn't get into me, but they certainly tried to. One guy kept whispering in my ear how much he wanted to eat me to a dozen orgasms. It was so hot. Ohhhh fuck... give it to me, Baby. Shoot it into me. Hurry."

Rita squeezed her vagina around my throbbing cock. That was more than I could take. My orgasm erupted sending a series of thick jets of semen deep inside her cunt. She kept milking me until the last drop was inside her.

Later, as we lay exhausted, side-by-side on the bed, Rita told me that it soon became obvious that she and Arlene had to leave or they would both end up having sex with several of the men. When they did leave, she said the men were not happy campers. She also told me that she couldn't keep her hand off her pussy all the way home.

"I was just dying for cock, as you already know." she finally concluded. "Are you mad at me?"

"Hell no! I loved it. You and Arlene can go out anytime you like."

"You really mean that?"


"Well, that's good because we plan to make a weekly thing of it, at least for awhile." --------------------------------------------------------

I was just about to leave for my lunch break at work the following day, when the phone rang. Picking up, I answered in my usual manner at work.

"Franklin speaking. Who's calling?"

"Hi, Matt. This is Lennard. Should I call back later or do you have moment to chat?"

"I was just leaving for lunch. We can chat if its quick. Or we can meet at Goldman's Deli if you want to chat for a longer period."

"Goldman's Deli sounds great. I'll see you there in 10 minutes." ------------------------------------------------------

I was waiting for my order when I saw Lennard enter the shop. He waved and went to the counter to place his order, which I knew from past experience would be his usual, a corned beef on rye and a beer. A moment later, he sat down across from me.

"Thanks for meeting me, Matt. I just wanted to chat some out the night out our wives had last night. That ok with you?"

"Sure. Why wouldn't it be. From what I hear, they both had a great time. What's on your mind?"

"Well to be frank, I got sort of worried about what they were doing. What time did Rita get home, if you don't mind my asking."

"Not a problem at all. I was worried about the late hour too. But then I thought about the fact that when I go out for a poker game, I rarely get home before midnight either. Sure enough, that's the way it worked out for Rita too."

"What time was it when she came home?"

Obviously, something was bothering Lennard, but I didn't see what it was at the moment. "The clock on the mantle had just sounded when she came in. So I know it was almost exactly 12:30 AM."

"Well, that fits. Arlene came in about 12:20 AM and it would have taken Rita 10 minutes to drive from our place to yours."

"So what's the problem?" I asked fully realizing just how jealous Lennard could be of his very sexy wife.

At that moment, our orders were ready and the next 15 minutes was spent picking them up, paying the bill, putting the condiments onto the sandwiches, and starting to eat. When we were finally working on our meals, Lennard returned to the subject. "I'm not sure there is a problem. It just seemed to me things weren't right."

"Any particular reason you feel that way?"

"Not really. Just a combination of things. First, was the late hour. I know we often are out that late when we have a poker game or something, but it hasn't been Arlene's habit to stay out that late."

"Well, she wasn't alone. She and Rita were together."

"I know. But then there was the matter of her appearance and condition when she got home. Actually, I was sort of horny and wanted to have sex, but she was so tired from the evening, she turned me down. Sort of pissed me off since I have been home all evening while she and Rita were out enjoying themselves."

"I wouldn't worry too much about it, Lennard. They shopped.. probably walked all over two malls.. went to a movie.. and then had drinks and danced a little. Would tire most people out."

"You're probably right. Arlene tells me they're going out again next week."

"That's what Rita said. Hope they have fun."

Later that afternoon, I couldn't get what Lennard had said out of my mind. Arlene had been too tired for sex whereas Rita was as wild for it as I had ever seen her. It was possible, I thought, that I just got lucky, but I still wondered. I couldn't help feeling sorry for Lennard. His wife was out with Rita having a great time and he didn't even get laid later in the evening. "It's a crying, dirty shame. The poor guy isn't getting any fun out of this at all." I thought. ------------------------------------

A week later to the day, Rita kissed me and said she would try to get in earlier tonight than she had a week ago. "But don't get upset if it's after midnight again", she warned me.

"That's fine, but just be certain that you come back as hot for my body as last week."

"Who knows", my wife said smiling. "You might get lucky again. But don't count on it." With that comment she was out the door and off to pick up Rita.

Around 10 PM, Lennard was on the phone talking to me. "Do you know where our wives went tonight?", he asked.

"No idea. Probably about the same as last week. Rita didn't give me any of the details."

"If Rita comes in anytime soon, give me a call will you?"

"Sure, no problem."

After hanging up, I was more than just a little curious. Why call Lennard if Rita comes home? If she's home, Arlene will be home before my wife since Rita is driving. Obviously, Lennard for some reason thinks that Rita might leave Arlene and come home without her. That seemed strange.. very strange.

I really don't know why, but 10 minutes later, I found myself driving around the city looking for my wife's car. By this time, I knew that they should be at a lounge somewhere. "There weren't more than 50 places they might be. There's no way I can ever find them, I thought. This is ridiculous."

But as luck would have it, just as I was about to give up and go home, I was passing the Holiday Inn and saw Rita's car in parking lot. I knew it was hers because of her personalized tag on the back.

"So the girls are in the Holiday Inn lounge. That's a very nice place", I thought to myself, pleased that they were being careful not to get themselves into the same situation as the previous week. Since I was already here, I thought I would sneak in and spy on them just a little.

I parked on the other side of the lot so they wouldn't see my car should they come out while I was still inside. Carefully, I made my way to a position where I could see the lounge. I immediately saw the attractive woman sitting at a table near the back. It was Rita. She was nursing a drink, but Arlene was no where in sight. I thought she must be in the ladies room, but more than 10 minutes passed and there was still no Arlene in sight.

At that moment, a man approached my wife carrying two drinks, one for my wife and the other for himself. Rita smiled warmly as he took a seat on her side of the table. Although they were out of earshot, it was obvious that he was hoping to get into her panties before the evening ended. It was equally obvious that my wife was enjoying teasing and flirting with him. She laughed and smiled repeatedly, and when his hand disappeared beneath the table, she moved even closer making no move to stop him.

His arm was moving slowly, back and forth, as they talked quietly. It wasn't long until he was leaning over and whispering repeatedly in my wife's ear. Whatever he was saying caused her to shake her head, but other than that, she didn't protest. About that time, I noticed that Rita's body was sliding lower in her seat, and her companion had now turned so that he faced her rather than just sitting by her side. His right arm was over the back of her chair on her shoulder; his left hand was still under the table moving slowly, and I thought further up her leg than before. I wondered if my wife had her legs open.

The man was now so close to Rita that he was having no problems looking straight down into her cleavage. He whispered in her ear again. In response, my wife blushed and moved her hand up to pull her blouse together. He shook his head and pulled her hand away. He spoke to her again. When she didn't reply, he smiled and spoke again. This time she leaned over and whispered in his ear. This produced a wide grin from the guy.

The word play continued for some time during which his hand never stopped moving. Occasionally, Rita's eyes would close and her tongue would caress her top lip. I saw him motion toward her blouse as he looked directly at her large breasts. She whispered something and I saw her unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse exposing half of both breasts. He momentarily moved his hand from beneath the table and pulled the sides of her blouse wider so that only her thin nylon bra prevented him from seeing her naked nipples. I realized that I had a raging erection from watching them. I suspected that his erection must be even harder than mine.

As soon as he had gotten most of my wife's breasts exposed, his hand once again moved beneath the table. I saw Rita's body shift slightly to accommodate it. The whispering and teasing continued. I got even harder when I saw my wife's hand disappearing underneath the table. Moments later, even from my distance, I could see my wife's hips squirming on her chair.

I just had to know. Looking around the lounge, I spotted another entrance that opened onto the indoor pool. If I came in through that door, I could take a seat behind them from which I thought I might be able to see what was happening under the table.

A couple of minutes later, I was in the pool area. Looking around, I saw the glass door leading into the lounge. Before entering, I checked to see if either my wife or the man was watching the door. It was a pointless precaution. They were so engrossed in each other, I doubted that they would have noticed a bear coming through the door. I opened the door just enough to permit me to slip inside. The area was dimly lit, which suited me just fine. A moment later, I was behind them.

I couldn't see the man's hand because it was concealed beneath my wife's dress, which was now well above the tops of her stockings. She had her legs open and even though I couldn't see his hand, I knew it was on Rita's pussy. The only question was whether he had it under her panties or not. But even that really wasn't much of a question. He had been working on her for almost an hour and she had legs were spread. He was certainly under her panties by this time with his fingers inside her cunt and on her clit. If I had any further doubts, they were dispelled by the slow undulation and thrusting of my wife's hips on the chair's seat.

He wasn't the only one who was feeling something. Rita had his erect penis in her hand. It was still inside his pants but she had it firmly in hand and was slowly jacking him through his pants. I wondered how he managed to avoid shooting off in his pants. He must have been close.

By this time, I knew they were going to fuck. As hot as he had my wife, there was no way she was going to be able to turn him down. However, at this point, I heard the cell phone that was lying on their table ring. She said "sorry" to her companion and answered after another ring.

She spoke briefly to the caller, hung up, and then spoke to the guy beside her. He was obviously very, very unhappy. My wife was apologizing. To make amends for the untimely interruption, she took out one of her business cards from her purse, wrote something on it, and then kissed him hard. As she moved away from the table, I heard her say, "I'm really sorry. Call me. I promise I'll make it up to you."

After that, my wife almost ran out of the lounge. It seemed obvious to me that that Arlene had just called my wife and she was going to meet her. I wondered if she would tell her what she had interrupted.

I waited almost fifteen minutes for Rita and Arlene to return to the lounge, but there was no sign of them. They were either on their way home or were going to a different lounge. It seemed pointless to wait any longer, so I returned to my car and drove home. My cock stayed hard all the way there. -----------------------------------------

Rita came in around 12:30 AM, just as she had the previous week. This time, however, she didn't rape me as soon as she came in the front door. She allowed enough time for us to reach the bedroom. As soon as we were there, she stripped off her clothes, threw them on the floor, got on the bed on her back still wearing her stockings and heels. She opened her legs, struck an obscene pose, and said, "Ok, Stud. Let's see if you can satisfy your wife's hot cunt."

This time I knew very well what had gotten her so hot. The guy in the lounge had spent around two hours getting her hot and ready, but I was the one who was going to be the beneficiary of all his effort.

I stripped quickly and moved my head between Rita's gaping thighs to her sex. Her cunt was gleaming with her wetness, the lips flanged open, ready, waiting. As soon as my tongue licked upward through the gushing slit to her clitoris, she arched her hips and groaned. In less than a minute, her vagina and clit contracted in a series of hard spasms as her orgasm erupted.

I didn't give her a moments respite. Ramming my hips into her sex saddle, I drove my rigid cock into her still-throbbing cunt hole. Her legs flew up and locked around my butt. As I fucked into her cunt, her hips rose to meet my every thrust. I didn't pull out until I had shot two loads deep inside her. I loved it... absolutely loved it! ------------------------------------------

Unfortunately, the following week, things changed. Once again, the girls went out as before. This time I followed them. There was no shopping or a movie. This didn't surprise me in the least. After dinner, they went to the Marriott. "Clever", I thought. "Change hotels every week so no one would recognize them."

I waited about 30 minutes before I went in to check out the lounge. My wife was not there. Nor was she any other place I could find in the hotel, but her car was still in the parking lot. Finally, I gave up and returned home.

It was nearly 1:00 AM before Rita came home. I was waiting for my tigress to attack me again, but while we had sex and she was wet and hot, it was much more subdued than in the previous weeks. I concluded that my wife was getting used to the situation, and it was not exciting her nearly as much as it did at first.

===============Rita's Perspective============

Two months previously, Arlene and I were having lunch at a very chic, upscale restaurant that served small portions of beautifully presented food at very inflated prices. But it was the "in" place to be. Arlene was uncharacteristically quiet. "So what has been happening with you?" I asked to encourage her to open up and talk.

She remained silent for another minute. Finally, she spoke, in a near whisper. "If I tell you, will you promise to keep it quiet?"

"Arlene, you've known me for years. Have you ever heard me pass on gossip or seen me betray a trust?"

"You're right. I'm sorry." Again, she hesitated before she continued. "I'm seeing a guy on the side. Lennard doesn't know. Isn't that just incredibly hot and dirty!"

"Oh god Yes! Tell me everything you hot slut."

"He's 28, unbelievable handsome. He sort of looks like a mixture of Tom Cruise and Tom Selleck."

"Is he a good lover too?"

"Oh.. he's fabulous. Really big, thick cock that he can get up over and over. And that's not all. He really knows how to lick a woman's pussy. I can tell you how hard he makes me cum and how often. I just can't get enough of him."

"How often can you get away from Lennard to see him?"

"Well. That's the problem. It's why I asked you to have lunch with me today. I need some help."

"You're telling me that he's too much man for you and you need me to help you satisfy him?"

"Only in your dreams, Honey." We both laughed.

"You know how jealous Lennard is. They only time I can see Ralph is during the day and he works days. He took one afternoon off and we spent the entire time in a hotel room. One other time, I told Lennard that I was going to the mall and to the grocery store shopping. Actually, I had already shopped that afternoon and had every thing in the trunk of my car. We spent two hours in the back of his SUV at the lake. That's it. Lennard isn't going to go for the shopping story a second time."

"So how can I help? What do you want me to do?"

"I want us to have a "girl's night out" once a week. If you're with me, Lennard won't be suspicious. You come by, pick me up letting Lennard see you. We go to dinner, then I go to a hotel and spent 3 hours or so with Ralph while you have fun flirting with guys in the lounge."

"Why can't I just pick you up later?"

"Won't work. Lennard is going to call and check. If you're not with me, he'll know."

"How would he know if I'm with you or not?"

"He'll make up some excuse to ask to speak with you."

"I still don't see how this is going to work. If he calls you on your cell, I'll be down in the lounge and won't be able to talk to him if he asks for me."

Arlene smiled deviously. "Simple, Honey. You keep my cell phone with you. If.. I probably should say "when".. Lennard calls, you answer. You tell him every thing is fine. that we're having a drink and that I'm in the ladies room. You'll have me call as soon as I come back to the table. After you hang up, you come up to our room and give me the cell to return his call."

"Seems overly complicated to me. Why not just call your room and tell you call?"

"Because we have caller ID. If I don't return the call on my cell phone, Lennard will know."

I thought about the plan for awhile. Finally, Arlene asked, "Will you do it?"

"Let me get this straight. While you're in the hotel room being screwed again and again by this awesome stud, I'm supposed to sit in the lounge for two or three hours drinking?"

"If I know you, Rita, I'm sure you'll find someone to pass the time with." ---------------------------------------

The first time we tried Arlene's plan, Lennard didn't call at all. I spent three hours in the lounge sipping drinks, flirting with several men, and dancing with a couple. Both of them wanted to fuck me, of course. They were courteous and polite, but neither was hesitant to ask me if I would come up to their hotel room for sex. I told them the truth... that I was covering for a friend of mine and had to stay in the lounge area in case he called. That way he could hear the sounds of the club and I could alert my friend that she needed to call her husband.

They both said that was such a wild story that it had to be true. Of course, they were both disappointed, and before the evening was over, so was I. If they couldn't have sex with me, they were determined to feel every inch of my body and make me want it as much as they did. They did exactly that. By the time Arlene returned, I could feel my cuntal secretions running down my inner thighs. My pussy was not only wet, it was swollen, wide open, and very, very ready.

My husband reaped all the benefits of my arousal later that night. As soon as I got into the house, I literally attacked him. He was stunned, but very happy. Later, while I was riding his big cock in our bed, I told about the evening while omitting the part about what Arlene was doing while I was dancing and getting felt up by the men.

The following week, we did it again. Things went almost the same as before except I spent the entire evening with Norman. We didn't dance; we were too busy feeling each other up. I had decided that I was going let him fuck me when Lennard called. I followed our plan and told him Arlene was in the ladies room. After hanging up, I had some problem getting away from Norman, who was wild to fuck me. I only managed to get away by giving him my phone number and address and promising to make it up to him later.

As soon as I knocked on the door to Room 521, I heard Arlene's voice from inside. "Who is it?"

"It's Rita. Lennard called. I told him you were in the ladies room, and he's waiting for your return call. I've got your cell phone with me."

The door opened a bit, but sufficiently to allow me to see that Arlene was naked. "There's no one in the hallway", I said to reassure her.

In response, the door opened. "Good. Come on in."

I hesitated knowing her lover was inside and probably as naked as she was. "I shouldn't. Take the phone. I'll go back to the lounge."

Arlene momentarily panicked. "You can't! What if Lennard calls again and wants to speak with you. Come inside. Ralph won't attack you."

With some reluctance, I did as she asked. As soon as I entered, I spied a smiling and very naked Ralph sitting up in the bed with only a sheet covering the lower part of his body. I tried not to look, but lost the battle. He was every bit as sexy and handsome as Arlene had described. His erect cock made a very prominent tent in the covering sheet. Obviously, he had been having sex with Arlene when I knocked. The excitement I had felt with Norman a few minutes before mounted even higher, so high that I realized that I was holding my breath.

Ralph seemed to be fully aware of how excited I was. I wondered if he could smell the musky aroma of my aroused cunt. "Hello, Rita. You're even more gorgeous than Arlene said. Wow!"

"Thank you. It's not every day that I hear that from a sexy, naked hunk."

It was Ralph's turn to grin. "Arlene was in the middle of sucking me when you knocked." With that blunt comment, he flipped the sheet back exposing his rigid, 8-inch cock. It was slick and wet, thick and hard; the big, engorged purple head pulsed each time his rod jerked. "It needs some attention from a beautiful woman. Why don't you take over for her while she calls Lennard?"

"I can't", I stammered, my voice breaking as I said it.

"Come on, Rita. I know you want to. Just suck me a little. Keep it hard until Arlene finishes her call."

I glanced over at Arlene who had her cell phone at her ear. She nodded and motioned with her hand for me to go suck her lover while she talked with her husband.

Obviously, I should have refused, but the sight of that incredible piece of man meat was too much for my aroused pussy to resist. A moment later, I found myself leaning over him with my hand wrapped around his cock, and my mouth wide open above the huge head. It was going to be a tight fit.

It was wildly erotic. I was completely dressed; Ralph was totally naked, and here I was, a married woman, about to suck his big cock. Precum coated the head. It tasted salty, smelled musky, as I ran my tongue all over the head and up and down his throbbing shaft. As I licked him, I felt his hand on my ass pulling up my skirt. When he had my ass completely exposed, his hand moved underneath me, between my thighs. A moment later, I felt his fingers spreading my pussy and exploring inside.

Abruptly, Ralph pulled my head downward and at the same time thrust three inches of cock into my mouth. As I sucked the head and ran my tongue all around the big cock ridge, I heard Arlene speaking to Lennard:

"Hi, Honey. Is every thing Ok at home?... That's good. Rita said you called. Is there a problem?"

Ralph pumped harder. Another inch went in. "Ugh UMMPPFFf...ugh ugh.."

"That's good. Every thing is fine here too. We're having a drink and listening to some good music. We should be home by midnight."

Ralph was now fucking six thick inches of cock in and out of my mouth. Every time he sank it in, my pussy throbbed in response. Saliva ran over his balls and my hand as I sucked and jacked his cock. I wanted to get all of him inside.

"Thanks for checking on me. Love you. Bye." Arlene broke the connection just as I managed to get the seventh inch of Ralph's cock into my mouth. At that moment, Arlene grabbed my hair and pulled me off her lover's cock. "My turn", she said. Reluctantly, I relinquished the big throbbing shaft to her.

I moved to the chair beside the bed and noticed with some satisfaction that Ralph's cock was now sticking straight up like an iron bar. "Damn, she can really suck cock!" he exclaimed. "Come on, Baby. Sit on me. Slide it in your hot pussy."

Immediately, Arlene straddled his hips, adjusted the big head at the entrance to her vagina and sank down. My hand worked feverishly at my pussy as it sank into her hot hole all the way to the balls. He had obviously been stretching her for some time to be able to get that monster into her cunt so easily. Once, he had bottomed out inside Arlene's pussy, he held her hips and began to fuck her hard as she bounced up and down on him.

"Oohhh god... get on top of me, Honey. Really ram me. I'm about to cum", she moaned.

Ralph held her waist and flipped her over onto her back. Arlene's legs rose and spread. His cock never came out of her pussy. My vagina was contracting and throbbing as I watched his cock turning her cunt into a huge round hole as it sank into her depths. Again and again, he rammed in and out, each thrust producing the squishing sound of cock fucking cunt. Arlene groaned every time the big head thudded into the bottom of her pussy.

My clit was throbbing. Holding it between two fingers, I rubbed rapidly, my eyes never leaving the connection between Arlene's pussy and Ralph big cock. His sex gun was loaded, hot, hard, and throbbing. There was no way he could hold back. "Ohhhh yeah! Fucking your cunt, you hot Bitch. I'm gonna shoot in you", he screamed. "TAKE IT!"

Arlene did as ordered and drove herself up and down the long, thick pole sinking in and out of her cunt. Then she moaned. "OOOohhhhhhhhhhh... you're cumming... you're shooting it into meeeeeeeeeeee.... fuck meeeeeeeeeee!!"

My clit and cunt erupted at the same time. ==========================

Arlene and Rita were again having lunch together. "I just can't thank you enough for covering for me, Rita. You're an angel."

"Well, maybe a good friend, but hardly an angel considering what we both did last week."

"You know we're going to have to change our plan this week don't you?"

"How so? It seemed to me like every thing worked really well."

"Oh it did! But that same plan won't work again. If Lennard calls and you again tell him that I'm in the ladies room, he's going to get suspicious."

"I can see that. So what do you suggest?"

"You're going to have stay in the hotel room with us so if Lennard calls, I can answer and you'll be handy if he wants to speak with you.. just to make sure we're together."

"You want me to spend the evening in a hotel room watching Ralph fucking you for three hours?! You've got to be kidding! That would be torture."

Arlene thought about it for a bit and then said, "You're right. That's not reasonable. Shit! I guess that ends my fun with Ralph. Unless he can get away during the daytime."

"Maybe there's another way."

"What? There's no way Lennard is going to believe that I'm just out grocery shopping or something."

"No. Not if you're the one who goes out. But what if he's the one who wants a few nights out? He could hardly object if you went out to dinner and a movie rather than just sit home waiting for him. And how is he to know if it's dinner and a movie or something else?"

"That would work fine except for the fact that he never goes out."

"Don't be so certain."

When we left the restaurant, Arlene was feeling much better about the situation. ---------------------------------------------

Lennard answered the door after the second ring. "Well, hello, Rita. What brings you over?" he asked.

"Just came over to chat with Arlene. Is she home?"

"No. She had a lot of things she had to pick up for the house. Said she would be home between 6:30 to 7:00 tonight. Anything I can tell her?"

"No. I just wanted to talk about plans for the company picnic next month. It can wait. There's no rush."

"Ok. Arlene tells me that you've begged off the girl's night out thing. How come?"

"Well, it was fun, but enough is enough. To tell the truth, I have a lot more fun when men are around than when it's just Arlene and I gossiping and shopping. Men are more fun. I bet you prefer evenings with women present rather just the boys."

Lennard chuckled and nodded his agreement. "That's for sure. Never did understand why Arlene enjoyed a girl's night out so much."

"What did you do with yourself all those evenings when Arlene and I were shopping, gossiping, going to movies and having drinks?"

"Not much. Just sat home wondering when Arlene would be home."

"Now doesn't seem very fair to you. You ought to be able to get out and have some fun too."

"I certainly agree with that! Say, why don't you sit down. Would you like some thing to drink?"

"I'd love a glass of wine if you have some."

"Coming right up."

I took a seat in Lennard's computer chair, crossed my legs, and waited. He came back a moment later with two glasses of red wine. "It's a little on the sweet side. Hope that's ok." He handed me my glass. As he bent over, he took the opportunity to stare down at my breasts.

I raised my eyes without lifting my head, smiled broadly, and said, "Like what you see, Lennard?"

I thought he would stammer, maybe even apologize. I was very wrong. He smiled back and nodded. "I love the view. You have fantastic breasts. In fact, your entire body is fantastic. Matt's a lucky guy."

"You should tell him that. He rarely notices nowdays."

He took a seat just opposite mine. "Why did you cancel out with Arlene? She was disappointed."

"Like I told you. I prefer evenings out with men or a man. That would be a lot more fun. Lennard squirmed a little, obviously at a loss as to how to proceed. I helped him out. "Are just a breast man, Lennard, or do you also like a woman's legs?"

I uncrossed and recrossed my legs in the opposite direction as I asked the question. The action caused my skirt to slide high on my thigh exposing the stocking top and my garters. I could almost feel his eyes devouring the naked expanse of thigh I was showing him.

"Your legs are awesome! Every bit as good as your breasts. I would love to see more."

"You just want to look? Maybe we could have a girl-boy's night out? What do you think?"

"How could I explain that to Arlene?"

"She's been spending evenings away having fun. Tell her it's your turn. That the guys are having a poker game. The next time you could say it was bowling.. or going to a movie. Arlene is fair. She's had fun. She won't begrudge you a few evenings out."

The implication of my "next time" statement was not lost on Lennard. "Maybe. Not sure." he commented.

"Well, then also tell her that there's no reason for her to just sit home alone. Suggest that she invite one of her friends to go to dinner, a movie, and then a drink afterwards. Tell her to go out, enjoy herself. That way she will certainly be delighted that you're also having fun with your friends. Of course, I suggest you NOT tell her that I'm the "friend" that you're going to be having fun with."

Lennard shifted in his chair trying to adjust his pants to accommodate his erection. I stared right at it, licked my lips, and said, "It looks to me like you have a very hard problem there. I'm afraid we don't have the time tonight for me to help you with your "problem", but with an entire evening available this coming weekend, I'm certain that I have the equipment to take care of your problem."

I turned the swivel chair so that I was directly facing him. Slowly, ever so slowly, I moved my right leg up until I my right ankle rested on my my left knee. Lennard actually leaned forward in his chair. With my left leg steepled, he had an unobstructed view up my skirt. Since I had removed my panties beforehand, he was staring at my naked cunt.

"Don't you think I have the equipment to take care of your problem, Honey?"

I rose shutting off the view and moved toward the front door. "I can get away Saturday night if you're interested."

For an answer, Lennard caught me before I reached the door, spun me around to face him, and crushed his lips against mine. I opened my mouth immediately and returned his kiss, running my tongue into his mouth as I did so. A moment later, his tongue was fucking my mouth as his hand moved beneath my short skirt to my naked ass. His erection felt massive against my belly. As we kissed, I could feel it jerking and throbbing. His fingers were trying to move between my thighs but with little success. I made it easier for him by moving my feet apart. He was on my pussy in a flash, his fingers slipping into my hot wetness.

"Oh fuck, Lover.. That feels so good. Go inside."

Two fingers penetrated my cunt and moved upward to caress my erect clitoris. Now we both felt the other's sex organs throbbing and contracting.

"Oh gawd, Rita. Let's fuck. I want you!"

"We don't have time, Honey. Later. Saturday night. Get up a room at the Hilton. Take me to dinner. Work me up right there in public and then take me to the room and use me, Lover."

"What time?"

"I'll meet you in the Hilton dining room at 8:30 PM. I won't be late. Be there, and be certain to bring your hard problem with you." -------------------------------------

Arlene was elated when I told her what had happened. "Just be certain", I warned, "that you and Ralph don't get a room at the Hilton. That's where Lennard and I will be going."

"I can never get him to take me out like that no matter how wild an evening of sex I promise him. How did you do it?"

"Oh come on, Arlene. What do you expect? He's fucked you thousands of times. He hasn't had me yet. His hard-on made the decision for him. Just like your pussy made the decision for you with Ralph."

"I didn't think you found Lennard attractive and sexy."

"I just didn't tell you, Honey. I find any man with a huge hard-on who is wild to get into me very sexy. You know damn well Matt would jump between your legs if you gave him half a chance."

"Well.... when I get tired of Ralph, I might just do that."

"Bitch!", I responded with a smile.

"Whore!" Arlene shot back. We both laughed.

==========Arlene and Rita's Perspectives==========


It was all I could do to keep from laughing listening to Lennard make up his elaborate lies about the poker game with the guys and how he had been looking forward to it for so long. He even took pains to suggest that I not stay home and pout. "Call up one of your friends and go out, have dinner, go to a movie, enjoy yourself." he said.

"Well, all right. If you think that's best." I told him, barely able to conceal my glee over the situation. "I suppose it would do us good to have some time with our friends, enjoy ourselves. We'll appreciate each other all the more later. Thank you, Darling, for thinking of me. I do hope you enjoy your poker game. Just be certain that you're in when you're supposed to be in and pull out when you're supposed to pull out."

The look on Lennard's face was priceless. If I had had a camera at the time, I would have been a sure winner at national photo contests. He still had a confused look when he left the house 15 minutes later. ---------------------------

Ralph was waiting for me at the entrance to the Marriott dining room. When he saw me, his mouth opened wide as he stared holes through me. It was obvious that he liked what he saw. I had selected a short black sheath that fit like a second skin and showed off a lot of thigh. The bodice was low-cut exposing a lot of my tits. In fact, I had to be careful not to move too fast or my nipples would slide out of the dress. Dark stockings and heels added to the eroticism. I struck a sexy pose for his benefit and let him enjoy the view.

I moved into his arms and kissed him with my mouth wide open. His erection jerked against my belly. Breaking the kiss, he whispered into my ear, "God... you look almost naked in that dress. Your tits are about to tear the top open."

"I'm naked underneath too." I whispered back.

As Ralph led me into the dining room, most of the men stopped eating to look at me. The women eyed Ralph and the bulge in his pants wondering who the slut was on his arm. --------------------------


Matt looked at my outfit with displeasure. "Is that what you intend to wear for your girl's night out with Arlene?" he inquired with not just a little surprise in his voice as he looked at my baggy shirt, jeans, and flats.

"Yes. Why not? We're not going to a party or anything. Just plan to browse around some of the malls shopping, have a hamburger or something fast, and then take in a movie. We don't plan on hitting any of the clubs tonight. We both think that it's better if we avoid that in the future."

"No. It's fine. Just surprised since you dressed hotter the previous times you and Arlene went out."

"We did and you know what happened. Anyway, I'll be home around midnight. Why don't you go out yourself?"

"I might, but don't have anything planned. Have fun." -----------------------------

Before I reached the Hilton, I made a stop at the Holiday Inn. Opening the trunk, I took out my small, overnight bag, made my way into the lobby and from there, to the ladies room. Entering one of the stalls, I quickly stripped off my flats, shirt, jeans, full bra, and panties. These, I carefully folded and placed in the bag for use later in the evening.

Now totally naked, I removed my fuck-me outfit from the bag. Strapping the small black garter belt around my waist, I sat down and pulled the dark, thigh-high stockings up my legs and fastened them to the garters. They looked and felt so sexy, I could feel the moisture forming between my thighs. The demi bra fastened in front and was easy to put on. It didn't quite cover all of my areolas, but it did thrust my 36D tits up and out. The blouse was harder to put on as it was a very tight fit, so tight I had problems fastening all the buttons. The short, tight, matching black miniskirt was just as hard to get over my hips. It had a hemline that was just barely long enough to cover the tops of my stockings when I stood up straight. Finally, I slipped the four-inch heels onto my feet.

Existing the stall, I checked out my appearance in the full-length mirror. I did look hot but I wanted more. Opening one of the buttons of my blouse, I glanced back at the mirror and liked the effect. I liked it so much, I decided to open a second button so that a lot of tit was on display. "I think Lennard will like this better." A short time later, I was back in my car on my way to meet Lennard at the Hilton.

I arrived 10 minutes early. "Not chic", I thought, as I sat down in the lobby to wait. Lennard arrived 10 minutes later, right on time. When he saw me, he stopped dead in his tracks. I was so pleased with his reaction, I rewarded him by raising my leg so that my short skirt pulled above my stocking top giving him a hot view of my thigh. He smiled, as did the several other men in the lobby who had been eyeing me, trying to get up the nerve to ask me for sex.

I hardly remember what I had to eat for dinner. Lennard sat beside me with one hand between my thighs most of the time. It didn't take him long to have my short skirt shoved all the way up to my thong. God... Arlene's husband certainly knew how to work on a woman's clit. ------------------------------


I was working on my salad when Ralph leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Pull your skirt up above your stockings, Arlene."

"Are you going to play with me right here in the restaurant? Men are still stealing glances at me and my tits you know."

"I know. So there's nothing to worry about. They're already looking you over. I'm just going to give them something else to look at. Pull your dress higher. Above your stockings. Do it!"

I pulled it up. Ralph glanced at my lap, didn't see my dress bunched there. "Higher!", he ordered. It didn't take long before it was all the way up. A moment later I felt his hand between my thighs. I spread wider. The hand moved onto my panties.. then up to a point that was right on my clitoris. I tried to continue eating my salad, but what woman can do that when she's being masturbated in public? -------------------------

Rita couldn't sit still. The motion of the finger over her erect clitoris was maddening. Lennard started right above her clit, rotating and pressing his fingers downward. The motion caused ripples of intense pleasure to surge through her vagina. She clamped her thighs together in an effort to shut off the sensations, but that only increased the friction and pleasure to a point she couldn't stand it. She had to open her thighs wide to keep from screaming. Two men across from their table watched Lennard working on her. She tried to suppress her orgasm. ------------------------

Arlene's cunt throbbed continuously. Ralph's fingers had moved beneath her panties and directly onto her swollen, throbbing clitoris. He had it between his middle and ring fingers, pressing as he worked up and down the shaft with a motion very similar to that a man uses when jerking on his cock.

“Please.. stop. You’re going to make me cum right here in the restaurant”, Arlene moaned.

“Of course I’m going to make you cum. I want you to cum. I want your pussy throbbing... other men seeing you cum. Eat your food, you hot slut, while I work your soaked pussy.”

Arlene’s eyes clenched shut as she felt the finger sliding into her vagina while two fingers continued to stroke her bulging clit. She knew she was going to cum soon. -------------------------

Rita was cumming. Lennard had two fingers buried up her cunt feeling her vagina contracting and throbbing, over and over. The finger he still had pressed against her clit rotated and flicked the tip as the orgasm washed over her. She had hunched her hips like a whore just before she came. Now, they were thrust upward, rigid in the throes of her climax. She knew the men across from them knew she was cumming... all that did was make her orgasm even more intense. ----------------------

Arlene’s mouth was open, her tongue out, flicking rapidly over her top lip. Both her vagina and clit were undergoing one intense spasm after another as she came. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw the man across from her squeezing his huge erection through his pants. She hoped he had shot off in his pants.


Lennard wasted no time once he got his luscious new conquest into their Hilton hotel room. As soon as the door had closed, he had her locked in a tight embrace, his lips pressed against hers, tits mashed into his chest while his cock throbbed and jerked against her belly. He was wild to see her naked. For several years, he had lusted after the gorgeous blonde every time he and Arlene were in Matt and Rita’s company. He had long since lost count of the number of times he had fantasized about her tits, her ass, her cunt when he was fucking his wife.

Breaking the kiss, he unzipped Rita's tight skirt and pulled it over her wide ass. "Sit on the bed", he ordered once he had the skirt around her thighs. As soon as she sat down, her skirt was quickly removed. "Now, open your legs. Spread wide. I can't wait to see you."

"Open your blouse, Rita. Take your tits out. You've got the hottest tits I think I've ever seen."

Smiling seductively, she slowly opened one button after the next until her blouse gaped open with only the demi bra barely covering her nipples. Rita didn't bother to remove the bra; she just pulled it down below her huge mounds and cupped them for Lennard to see. His hands cupped both tits, hefting and squeezing them, his fingers rolled over the erect nipples. A soft moan escaped Rita's throat.

Lennard looked between her wide open thighs at the narrow strip of panties covering her cunt. The material was thin so that he could see the wet slit beneath. His cock felt like it might tear through his pants it was jerking so hard. "Your panties. God... take off your panties. Let me see your cunt!"

Leaning backwards on the bed, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her thong and began peeling it down her thighs. The wet crotchband stuck to the folds of her pussy momentarily as the garment was lowered. Once it was around her thighs, she lifted both legs, bent her knees, and stripped the thong down her calves. Finally it was wrapped around her heels. One move tug and it would be off. She kept her thighs wide open so Lennard could see her wet cunt.

There no way he could resist. In moments, he had his clothes off and was looking directly into the V of her legs. His hand stroked his hard cock. The excitement was extreme. So much so, a strand of precum hung from the tip of his engorged penis and swung back and forth in the air.

"Oh god... you're incredible", Lennard groaned, his penis pulsing and jerking in his hand. "Turn over. Pull your knees forward and arch your ass."

"Do you just want to look at it, Honey? Or do you intend to fuck me? I'm ready. Come on, Stud. Do what you've been dreaming about doing to me for years. Get on me! Get in me. FUCK ME!" -----------------------------------------

Two miles away, Ralph had Arlene on her knees in their room at the Mariott. He stood in front of her as she stroked and fondled his enormous sex gun. Her tongue slid over the thick shaft, around the cock ridge, and then over the pulsing head making him throb. As many times as she had sucked and licked it, she still couldn't believe its girth. It was over 8 inches in length, but it was its incredible thickness that thrilled her, that stretched her, that made her throb with intense orgasms, one after another. Her cunt throbbed with anticipation when she pushed it into her mouth and began to suck.

She had managed to get 5 inches of the monster into her mouth. She knew she could take all 8 inches if she could just get her mouth open wide enough to let him push it into her throat. But it was just too big. Her mouth was already stretched to the limit and more than three inches of cock still strained to get into her.

Abruptly, Ralph pulled the cock from Arlene's mouth, causing her moan in despair. "NNooo don't take it out. Put it back in. I'll try to suck more of it. Please."

Ralph ignored her pleas. As she watched, still on her knees, panting with desire, he removed his clothes. Her hand went to her cunt; she began to masturbate staring at the thick pole all the time her hand worked feverishly inside her. Before she could cum, he pulled Arlene to her feet and stripped her naked except for her heels and stockings. Moments later, he had her on her back on the bed, legs up and back, wet, throbbing cunt hole exposed.

Arlene's vagina contracted in a hard spasm when she felt the tongue sliding up the length of her cuntal slit. As soon as it reached her clit, the contractions caused air to whoosh from her sex chamber. She began to moan; then she gasped and groaned; finally, she was shrieking. The pleasure was so intense, it was almost painful.

The tongue move lower... to her ass. It pushed inside.. back and forth, a miniature cock fucking her ass. Her hands grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples. Another orgasm surged through her loins.

"Are you ready to fuck?" Ralph asked with confident male authority.

"Ooohhh Yes! Now. Give it to meeeeeeeeee..."

Ralph sat down in the lounge chair, his cock standing at rigid attention... a huge spike ready to stretch her pussy. "Get on it", he commanded.

Arlene straddled his body. His surging cock pressed against her mound, throbbing in anticipation of sinking into her married cunt. She was desperate to get it inside her, but she couldn't raise her hips high enough. "Help me", she begged.

Being the consummate gentleman that he was, Ralph assisted the lady by circling her waist with his hands and gently lifting her hips sufficiently high for her to insert the phallus into her needy vagina. Once she had the head inside, he released his hold on her waist. Unable to hold herself up, she sank downward. The thick pole impaled her.

"OOOOHHHHHHHHHH....UUUNNGGHHHHHHHHHHH..." she groaned as it stretched her. "AAahhhhhh... hurts... ughh...ugh... ooohhhhhh gawd... too big...TOO BIG.. UGGHH...."

His gentlemanly urges were totally overwhelmed by the exquisite sensations caused by her tight, hot cunt throbbing about his cock, Ralph again took hold of her hips, but this time instead of lifting her, he pulled her downward. Immediately, three more inches of dick were forced into the tight cunt channel. Arlene wailed. -----------------------------------------

"Do you just want to look at it, Honey? Or do you intend to fuck me? I'm ready. Come on, Stud. Do what you've been dreaming about doing to me for years. Get on me! Get in me. FUCK ME!"

As soon as Lennard heard Rita's taunting words, both his anger and his cock surged. Moving between the slut's open legs, he pulled her hips higher and rammed his cock deep inside her waiting cunt. He loved hearing Rita's satisfied grunt when his cock thudded into the bottom of her hole. He pressed it even deeper, forcing he


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