Two Precocious Daughters

Author's Note: This story is fiction. It begins several weeks after Kent and Raquel Korting enjoyed an erotic vacation at Hedonism in Jamaica with Steve and Darla Laurent. The events surrounding this vacation, before and after, are described in the story "Vacations". Readers interested in the background that inspired the present story should first read "Vacations".... RLM

Two Precocious Daughters

A Fantasy by RLM

Sherry's 15-year old pussy throbbed as she lightly stroked her fingers through her very wet slit and up over the hard, erect, and now throbbing clitoris. Even though her bedroom was dark at midnight, in her mind's eye, she could imagine how her mom must have looked when Mr. Korting was fucking her. The mental image sent shivers of pleasure through her teenage body causing her legs to spread wider of their own accord. Her fingers moved faster between her legs, her hips arched higher. In desperation, she shoved a pillow beneath her ass to keep her pussy elevated.

When her friend, Carol Korting, had confided three days ago that her mom was being fucked regularly by Mr. Korting, she didn't believe her.

"I swear, it's true!", Carol had whispered in her ear, quietly but emphatically. "Whenever my mom is having her period, my Dad goes over to your house and fucks your mom. Every night, as far as I can tell."

Sherry's clit throbbed harder under her fingers as she remembered protesting that it couldn't be true, because her Dad was home most of the time. She remembered how her pussy had contracted hard when Carol had said, "I know he's home. They both fuck your Mom at the same time... in the same room. They're having threesomes."

"How can you possibly know this?" she had questioned.

"Because every time your Mom is having her period, your Dad spends the night in my Mom's bedroom with my Dad. They both screw her. I've heard them... listened at the door while she's in there moaning and screaming for them to give it to her harder. And finally, I've told my Mom that I know and told her it was fine.. that I wouldn't tell anyone. So.. I lied a little. I'm telling you."

Sherry's legs shot out rigid. Her toes pointed; her mouth opened in a silent scream as her ass arched high, and her clit went into the hard, spastic contractions of orgasm. She loved the feeling of her pussy throbbing about the fingers she had just inside her opening and was always amazed at how her juices spurted out when she came. Her fingers slowed their motion on her cunt until the intense sensations ebbed. Five minutes later, she began to masturbate again. This time, the squishing noises her fingers made as they moved through her soaked slit added an extra level of excitement.

After Carol had told her about their parents, they had rushed to her home since both her Mom and Dad would still be at work, went to her bedroom, stripped and masturbated each other as they talked about what their parents were doing.

Carol was stroking Sherry's pussy when she told her about the other times. "They do it other times when neither one of our Moms is having a period. Sherry remembered vividly how she had been unable to suppress her moans when Carol told her that. Her fingers rapidly made her cum when she described how Steve liked to come over while her Dad was out bowling and fuck Raquel. "You can't believe how loud she squeals when he's giving it to her. I can hear every word outside the door."

Later, as Sherry was between Carol's legs licking her pussy and clit, Carol asked, between her own moans and gasps, "Haven't you heard my Dad fucking your Mom? I'm sure he's doing her more than just when she has her period. OOOoohhhhh yesss....lick that pussy... don't stop... ooohhhh...make it cum...make me cummmmmmmm."

Now, lying on her bed, spread wide open, fingers frantically moving over her clit, about to cum for the third time, Sherry remembered the three times she had seen Kent come over to their house and later in the evening heard him fucking her Mom. "OH... she's so loud when she's being fucked", she thought, her fingers working her cunt toward another orgasm. "I had no idea women screamed and moaned like that when they're being fucked."

Her hips arched high for the third time. This time, she lifted both legs high, arched both feet curling her toes back, imagined that Kent was fucking her, and screamed as loud as her Mom always did. Her young cunt contracted and caused her sex juices to spurt several inches into the air. ----------------------

At the same time Sherry's pussy was throbbing in her second orgasm, two miles away, Carol Korting was sliding the metal tip of her vibrator up and down her wet and open cuntal slit. She tried to resist the urge to press it against her clitoris. From experience, she knew the longer she resisted, the more intense her climax would be when she finally put it on her clit shaft and then moved it up over the sensitive tip. The anticipation of the explosive climax that it would trigger was almost too much to endure.

Closing her eyes, she pushed the vibrating post a full inch into her vagina. Another little bit and it would be at her hymen. She was careful not to go deeper as she wanted a big cock to bust her open, not her vibrator. Her sex channel clenched hard around the vibrator pushing more of her juices out and onto her pussy. She could feel it trickling down the crease of her ass.

As her climax approached, her cunt throbbed harder until a hard, spastic contraction caused it to expel the air within in a loud "whoosh". She couldn't resist any longer. As soon as she moved the vibe up to her hard, erect clitoris, it responded to the vibrating tip with an intense spasm that caused her to shriek. The sensation was so intense, she had to take the vibe off her clit for a moment and press her thighs together.

As soon as the sensations ebbed slightly, she couldn't get the vibe back against her dancing clit fast enough. Her hips pounded up and down on the bed, and each time she thrust her cunt upwards, she grunted with the intensity of the pleasure.


Raquel Korting had had difficulty going to sleep. Her pussy was wet and ready, but Kent was too tired to service her and had fallen asleep almost as soon as his body had hit the bed. As she lay there listening to her husband snore, she was thinking, "I bet he spent the afternoon fucking Darla.. that's why he's exhausted. That big-titted slut!" But as soon as the thought crossed her mind, she had to smile. She really had no right to complain about Darla since she had entertained Steve's cock in her pussy four times this past week. He was probably as exhausted as Kent was tonight.

Since she couldn't sleep, she got up, went to the kitchen, and fixed herself a snack of cheese and crackers with a small glass of wine. Afterwards, she went upstairs to check on her 8-year old son, Hal and found him sound asleep. There was no need to check on Carol. At fifteen, she could take care of herself. However, just as she started to walk back down the stairs, she heard soft moans coming from her daughter's bedroom.

Initially concerned about Carol's well being, Raquel turned and walked briskly to her daughter's bedroom door. Once there, the moans had increased in volume and frequency. Then, she heard Carol's husky voice: "Ohhh yesss... Give it to me! Hard! Fuck Me... Fuck me!"

"My god! Carol's being fucked!" she thought, somewhat shocked but mainly concerned. The fact that she wasn't really shocked didn't surprise her as she vividly remembered how Fred Samuels, a handsome, well-built senior, had taken her cherry in the back seat of his car shortly after she had turned 16. He had fucked her for over an hour. She recalled clearly how he had made her cum halfway through the sex, and after that she begged him to keep doing it to her. From then on, he had fucked her on every date and would often just take her out to the lake in the afternoon for sex. "So Carol's getting it several months earlier than I did.. no big deal."

She was very concerned, however. First, Carol wasn't taking birth control pills and maybe the boy wasn't wearing a condom. She would certainly have to have a talk with her daughter about this as soon as possible. Secondly, she didn't like the fact that a boy had entered their home so late in the night to fuck Carol without either Kent or herself knowing anything about it.

She carefully tried the doorknob, but was not at all surprised to find it locked. She told herself that the situation was serious enough to justify her using the hidden key to unlock the door. It was hidden in a crevice in the linen closet. A moment later, this key was in the door lock, and Raquel was slowly turning it.

As soon as the door opened just a crack, Carol's passion-filled voice grew much louder: "OOOHHHH...I'm gonna cummmmm.. !" she screamed. Looking through the partially opened door, she saw her daughter alone in the middle of the bed, legs jerking back and forth in the air, her hand pressing the vibrator against her clit.

Raquel's face flushed red with embarrassment. Instead of catching her daughter being fucked as she had thought, she found herself spying on her as she pleasured herself. Her first impulse was to shut and relock the door and then quietly leave. But at that moment, Carol began to cum. "Ohhhh you're big fucking cock is making me cum.... Fuck me harder, Steve... ram that big dick in me...DEEP.."

Raquel felt her own cunt gushing when she realized that Carol was fantasizing about Steve Laurent's big 8-inch cock fucking her as she got herself off on her vibrator. She could hardly blame her. Steve was a fantastic cocksman, and Carol must have heard her many times screaming as he made her cum with that cock. She realized that she had her hand buried in her own pussy where it worked on her clit while watching her daughter getting off. "Oohhhh yessss.... Steve.. fuck us both with that big hard cock... Carol needs it.... I need it... Make us cummmmmmm..."

As excited as she already was, Raquel's pussy began to throb in orgasm a moment after Carol's orgasm was ebbing. The gentle throbbing of their cunts continued as Raquel closed and locked the door.

---------------------- ----------------------

During the lunch hour at school the next day, Sherry and Carol were again confiding in each other.

"I did it again last night", Sherry whispered. "I just couldn't resist. I laid there in bed trying to sleep, but the only thing I could think about was your Dad's big hard dick up my Mom's cunt."

"Did you cum?"

"Of course I did. Who wouldn't have?"

"How many times?"

"Twice.. Do you think I'm a total slut?"

"Not unless I am too."

"Did you do it last night?"

"Three times... with my vibrator. You like to do with your fingers... I get off harder on my vibe."

"Were you thinking about your Mom when you came?"

"Yes, some. But mostly I was thinking about your Dad's big cock and how good it would make me feel. I imagined that he was fucking me."

"This is so dirty and soooo hot", Sherry exclaimed.

"I know! But I can't stop thinking about it. I'm hot all the time. Today Victor asked me to go to the movies with him this weekend. Do you know Victor Krauer?"

"I know him when I see him, but I don't really "know" him. He's a senior isn't he?"

"Yeah. He's on the football team too. First string."

"Wow! And he wants to date a freshman? I know you're really pretty, like your mom, but why a freshman?"

"I'm so turned on all the time over what our parents are doing, I think he can smell me. I'm sure he wants to fuck me."

"Are you going to let him?"

"I'm not on the pill yet so I doubt it."

"What if he has condoms. Would you do it then?"


"On what?"

"On how hot he has me. Have you done it yet?"

"Not yet, but Bryant has been trying really hard to get me to do it with him."

"Are you taking the pill now?"

"No, but he always has condoms."

"How far have you let him go?"

"I sucked him off the last time we dated. He loved it. I played with my clit while I did it and got off too. He loves my tits. He knows Darla and told me that he jacks off thinking about her tits. Isn't that just wild!"

"It is. But you know what would be even wilder?"

"What?" asked Sherry.

"If we could somehow get to watch my Dad fucking your Mom. Or your Dad doing it to mine. My pussy throbs when I think about doing that. Do you think about something like that?"

"All the time. Like when I was getting myself off last night. How could we do it?"

"Not sure. They always go into Mom's bedroom and lock the door when your Dad comes over to our house.

"Darla does the same thing. But I can hear her moaning every time she cums."

"Our master bedroom has several large windows with individual blinds. I might raise one of the blinds a little, not enough to really notice, but enough for us to be able to watch them from the patio outside the bedroom."

"But what if your Mom or Dad notices and closes the blind?"

"Then we'll have to think of something else. But just think... what if they don't notice it.. or if they do, don't bother to close it."

"Ohhhh... that thought's making me wet", Sherry moaned.

--------------------- ---------------------

"Who did you say you were dating tomorrow night?" Raquel asked Carol after dinner Thursday night. Kent was busy on the computer with Hal, and the boys had left the women alone.

"His name's Vic, Victor Krauer."

"Oh yes. I know his parents fairly well. but isn't Vic a senior now?"

"Yeah. He is."

"And he's asked you out on a date? A freshman? Aren't you a little young for him?"

"I don't know. Am I too young for him, Mom? Did you date any seniors when you were a freshman or sophomore?"

A vivid image of Fred Samuels' cock driving in and out of her cunt filled Raquel's mind. She blushed and Carol saw it. "You did, didn't you? I know you did. You're blushing." Carol's eyes were fairly dancing with glee.

Raquel blushed even more, her entire face a bright red now. "Tell me, Mom. Come on. Dad isn't here. Tell me."

"Ok. You're right. I did date a senior, but I was 9 months older than you are now."

"Nine months isn't all that much particularly since things are a lot different now than they were when you were a sophomore."

"I know. You're right."

"Well?" Carol questioned expectantly.

"Well, what?"

"Oh come on, Mom. You know what I'm asking. Did he fuck you?"

When Raquel didn't respond, Carol smiled leaned really close to her Mother and whispered, "Was he big? Did he take your cherry? Did he make you cum? Did he fuck you a lot after the first time?"

"I'm so embarrassed I can hardly breathe", Raquel choked.

"Why? I've got the most considerate, beautiful Mom of any of my friends... and that includes Sherry, even if her Mom's tits are bigger than yours... you're still a lot more beautiful. I just hope I'm as sexy and hot as you are when I'm your age. I would really like to know about the senior. You know and I know that Victor is going to want sex from me. I need some advice from you as to how to handle it."

"Let's take a nice drive around the lake. I don't want your Dad and Hal hearing any of this."


After circling the lake a couple of times, Raquel finally parked in a nice cove overlooking an inlet. When she was halfway through her story of Fred Samuels, it was obvious that her daughter was thoroughly excited. When she reached the sexual parts, she had tried to skip over them by just saying something like... "well you can figure out what happened next". But Carol was having none of that. Raquel had finally given up and told her all the hot details. By the time she was finished, both women were wet with excitement. Carol was so turned on, she even had her hand on the crotch of her jeans with her thighs pressed tightly together. Raquel wanted do to the same thing, but was too embarrassed to do it.

"Were you taking birth control pills when Fred first fucked you?"

"Must you say it like that, Honey. Couldn't you please just ask me if I was taking birth control pills when Fred and I had sex or something like that?"

"I could but it excites me like WOW! when I think about Fred fucking you when you were just a little order than I am now. So were you on the pill when .... you and Fred had sex?"

"No, I wasn't. But I had just had my period and knew I was safe, at least for that first time."

"First time? There were other times? You left that part out."

Again Raquel blushed furiously. Finally, she shook her head and said in a totally different tone. "Ok, Young Lady. I'm through blushing and being embarrassed. You want to hear all the hot, sexy details.. fine! From now on, I'm going to talk to you like you're one of my female friends... like Darla. Are you Ok with that? If not, say so, and I'll go back to speaking to as my daughter, and you will stop embarrassing your Mother. Deal?"

"Absolutely! Deal."

"There were a lot of "other times" after he had fucked me that first time in the back seat of his car. In fact, except when I was having my period, he screwed me on every single date the rest of the year. Sometimes, he would even come by, pick me up in the afternoon, drive out to the lake and fuck me. I got my mother to get me on birth control pills the week after that first time."

"Had you intended to let him screw you when you went out with him that night?"

"I had thought about it, but thought that I wouldn't do it yet. I was still pretty young, and I was very nervous. My Mom hadn't had a discussion like this with me."

"What changed your mind? How did he persuade you to have sex?"

"He didn't persuade me. His tongue on my pussy and clit persuaded me. He just kept it up until I had an incredibly powerful orgasm. After that, I was throbbing, soaked, open and completely ready, and Fred knew it. He just undressed and began fucking me."

"Oh god..." Raquel thought her daughter was going to cum. Her hand was now moving between her thighs.

"Are you still a virgin, Carol?"

"Yes", she whispered, her eyes now closing as she got closer to an orgasm.

"Well, I doubt seriously that you will be after this weekend. You're so hot for it right now, I think any male could screw you. We better get you to my doctor tomorrow afternoon and on the pill before Saturday.

"Oh.. I was hoping you would say that. You're wonderful.


"Are you still willing to talk me like I'm one of your close female friends?", Carol asked.

"If you like. What is it?"

"Is Mr. Laurent still coming over regularly?"

"Mr. Laurent? Why are you calling him Mr. Laurent when you've been getting off on your vibrator fantasizing about him screwing you.. and begging Steve to give it to you harder when you're cumming?"

Now it was Carol's turn to blush furiously. "How... I mean how.."

Raquel delighted in being able to paraphrase her daughter's remark to her a few weeks earlier. "I think you're trying to ask me how I know. Well, Carol, you're really, really loud when fantasize that Steve is fucking you. For example, two nights ago when you were in your room with your vibrator on your clitoris, I could hear you screaming "Ohhhh you're big fucking cock is making me cum.... Fuck me harder, Steve... ram that big dick in me...DEEP.."

"Are you mad at me?" Carol finally asked.

"Why would I be mad about having a perfectly normal, sexy daughter who is turned on by a virile man. Just be sure you keep you hands off of him, understand?"

"He's still fucking you, isn't he?"

"Yes.. several times a week, in fact."

"And Dad? What about Dad?"

"What about him? He's an equally lusty, virile, sensuous man. I hope you get a husband the equal of him."

"I mean... you know... when you and Steve are doing it... ?"

"We all have sex together. It's called a threesome. When you're a bit more experienced, we can talk about it."

"Really? I'd love that. She leaned over and hugged her mother.

"Careful, Honey. You don't want me to have a wreck."

"And Dad? He visits the Laurents doesn't he?"

"As I said, Honey. Your Dad is a very lusty, sexy man. He really likes Darla's big tits and she loves having him between her legs."

--------------------- ---------------------

On Friday afternoon, Carol left school two hours early and accompanied her Mother to see her gynecologist. She examined the young woman, explained about the use of birth control pills, STDs, and finally, losing her virginity.

"It will probably hurt a little at first. There will also be some bleeding. That's perfectly natural and nothing to worry about. Be certain to tell your partner that. Otherwise, he may think that he's seriously injured you."

"Well even if he does think so", it won't really matter will it?" Carol asked. "He'll find out later that I'm Ok and nothing bad has happened so why worry about that?"

The doctor smiled and gently explained, "Because, Honey. If your partner thinks he's badly injured you, he will lose his erection and your first sexual experience will not be a pleasant memory. Take the advice of an experienced woman and warn him in advance. Tell him to ignore the bleeding and your cries. Just whisper in his ear before he enters you not to even think about taking his big cock out of your pussy no matter how much you ask him to."

"And what if he's just average and doesn't have a big cock?"

"Tell him he does anyway."

"I should lie?"

"Yes. Absolutely! You should lie and make him believe it."

------------------- -------------------

Saturday morning Sherry was on the phone with Carol. "Bryant tells me that you have a date with Vic this evening for the movies. Bryant wants me to go with him to the same movie."

"Great! Maybe we'll see you there."

"Maybe. Just wanted to give you a heads up that we would be there. Wouldn't want you to think that I'm spying on you."

"Why would you do that?"

"Because I'm dying to see if you're going let Vic fuck you."

"You don't have to spy to find that out. You gotta know that I will tell you."

"I know you will. But, I'm sooooo curious."

"How about you? You finally going let Bryant get into you?"

"Maybe. I know he's gonna try. He's been trying for a month now."

"Are you taking the pill now, Sherry?"

"Not yet, but I just had my period, so I'm safe, at least for this date."

Carol remembered her mother telling her the same thing about when she first did it with Fred Samuels. The thought of Sherry getting it with her pussy unprotected was turning her on. "Will you let him fuck you tonight?"

"See! You're just as curious as I am."

"I guess we're both just dirty sluts", Carol suggested.

"Like Mothers.. like daughters, I guess."

------------------------- -------------------------

Saturday night both girls and their dates went to the movies. Afterwards, Vic drove out to the lake and parked very close to where Carol and her mother had parked two days before. She moved over close to him, they embraced, and he kissed her for the first time. She opened her mouth and took his tongue inside.

The kissing continued hot and heavy for 15 minutes. Her tits pressed against his chest, so hard he could feel her nipples and at the same time, she had no doubt about how hard he was. It felt like a rigid spike against her belly.

She had to feel it. Her hand dropped to his bulge, and, at the same time, his cupped her shapely 34B breasts. Carol's nipples felt like they were on fire they were so hard.

Two hundred yards down the shoreline, in the back seat of a buick, Bryant Sommers thrust his hips upward, driving his rigid 6-inch cock into Sherry's sucking mouth. "Ohhhh Yeah! Like that... like that..", he moaned as the blonde took all of his dick inside. Every time he thrust himself into her, he felt his balls hit her chin and her nose delve into his pubic hair.

As the sucking continued, and Bryant got closer and closer to shooting, his hand searched out her big hanging tits. The nipples were hard. Sherry's nipples always got hard when she sucked his dick. "Oh Baby. Keep sucking .. I'm almost there!" Bryant rammed in all six inches.

Just as the six inches of cock entered Sherry's mouth, seven inches sank into Carol's mouth. At first she had gagged when the head of Vic's cock sank over an inch into her throat. He tried to pull out, but she held his hips, her hands urging him to shove it back in. He was easy to persuade, and now his cock was pumping smoothly and easily in and out of the excited teenager's mouth.

Both girls felt the cocks swelling inside their mouths. Each time they ran their tongue over the near-bursting cockhead, the prick jerked spastically. Having sucked Bryans's cock many times before, Sherry knew her boyfriend was about to unload. Even with much less experience and none with Vic, Carol was also sure she was about to receive a massive load of semen in her mouth and belly.

But both girls were wrong. Bryant held Sherry's head and slowly withdrew his cock. It throbbed and jerked in the air as it exited her mouth. Sherry's saliva dripped from its tip and her chin.

"Put it back in... I'll cum when you cum." Sherry pleaded.

"Not this time, Baby. This load's going in your cunt. Get on your back and get those hot legs open."

"But Honey, I'm not on the pill. You'll knock me up."

"No Way! You just finished your period two days ago You're safe now. Now spread! You've been teasing me with it for months. NO MORE!" Bryant pushed Sherry onto her back and knelt between her legs. Her 34C tits heaved with excitement.

Leaning over her body, Bryant whispered in her ear. "Spread.. now.. spread.. show me your hot cunt. Get you legs up and back. I'm going to fuck you!"

"I'm a virgin", Sherry whined, hoping the hot male would ignore her.

"Not for much longer. Get your legs up... Wide!"

She felt her pussy gushing wetly in anticipation as she raised her legs, spread them, and pressed her heels against the car's ceiling. Bryant's fingers slid smoothly and easily through her gaping slit and into her hole. Her vagina throbbed around them. Lowering his body, the boy aligned his cock with her opening. "Higher... raise your hips higher!" he ordered.

Sherry used her hands to pull her legs back further to elevate her cunt. She felt the cockhead press against her pussy, the head swabbing up and down her soaked slit, which opened easily to admit its invader.

"AAAhhhhhhhhh god.... it's going innnnnnnnnnnnnnn", she squealed.

Bryant entered the excited girl's pulsing vagina.. one inch.. then two.. before he felt the obstruction. Slowly, he worked his weapon over its surface, pressing inward. It gave slightly. Sherry wailed and moaned. Anyone within 20 yards of the car would have know some woman was being fucked.

Bryant held his cock in place against her hymen.. keeping up a steady pressure. His hand sought out Sherry's large tits, cupped them, squeezed them bringing moans of excited passion from her. When he bent over between her gaping legs and took one of her sex-hardened nipples inside his mouth and sucked it hard, Sherry's cunt contracted spastically around his embedded prick.

At the same moment as her cunt contracted, Bryant drove his hips forward. His cock throbbed and jerked in its intense excitement as it ripped through the thin membrane and sank deeply into Sherry's previously virgin, but now throbbing cunt. She was gasping and moaning when the big cock thudded solidly into the bottom of her vagina, fully embedded, her hymen a thing of the past. He held his jerking rod in place, buried deep inside her, allowing her pain to subside and her cunt to become accustomed to accommodating a cock.

For two minutes, Sherry got a glimpse, a harbinger, of the man her boyfriend was to become. Every fiber of Bryant's being told him to thrust.. to fuck.. the beautiful girl whose cunt now housed his throbbing cock. But with iron will, he held steady.. waiting for her pain to leave. He couldn't keep his prick from throbbing and jerking inside her vagina, but somehow, he realized that this was not hurting her..instead, it was exciting her female libido to feel her lover's cock throbbing helplessly inside her hot tunnel.

Bryant's will almost broke when he felt Sherry wrapping her legs about his hips and squeezing him into her body. Holding his head against her breasts, she moaned... "Yessss...ooohh yesss... suck my tits, Lover... bite my nipples.."

Bryant complied and felt her body surge against him. His hand instinctively slid beneath her hips and covered the fleshy globes of her ass. He pulled her pelvis against him forcing his cock to grind against her womb. It was all the impaled teenager needed.


Ten minutes later, Sherry was a thoroughly fucked female whose cunt now held its first massive load of cum.


Two hundred yards in the opposite direction, the SUV was shaking. Female shrieks echoed off the walls inside. They were loud enough to be heard by the couple walking along the shore line 30 yards away. It made the woman hot to hear them. "Do you hear that?" she whispered to her fiancé. "She's being fucked. I wanna be fucked too."

Carol wailed again and again as Vic pounded his rigid 7-inch cock in and out of her squishing cunt. He had long since slammed it through her hymen. Although it had hurt, she ignored the pain and urged him to fuck her hard and fast. The randy senior was delighted to comply with her request.

Within a minute, she had had an intense orgasm and was building toward a second one, when she felt his cock swelling and jerking inside her cunt. "Are you going to cum in me, Baby. Fill my hot pussy with your big load?"

"Can I? Can I cum inside you?" he asked while displaying consideration for her beyond his years by holding off the raging desire to shoot his load into her hotly contracting cunt.

"Pump it in, Stud. Fill me full. CUM IN MY CUNT, BABY!"

His will collapsed. His male scream of triumph was also heard by the couple on the beach. The woman wrapped her legs around his body more tightly than ever as she felt her lover begin fucking her like a wild stallion. Her dress was getting badly grass stained, but neither of them cared about anything other than his hard prick inside her hot, steaming pussy. The man poured his load into her cunt at the same time as Vic shot into Carol's. Both cunts clenched spastically around the cocks within as the women moaned in their climaxes.

Carol let Vic rest for awhile, but soon she was all over him. Kissing his lips, running her hands over his chest and fondling his now semihard cock. When she felt it beginning to grow, she held her tits up to his mouth and pleaded with him to suck her nipples. Finally, she lowered her mouth to his now reawakened penis and took all of it into her throat. For several minutes, she sucked his cock and caressed his balls. At the end of that time, his man meat was raging and jerking inside her mouth. She removed her it from her mouth, turned and knelt on the back seat of the buick. Looking back over her shoulder, she raised her ass and moved her knees apart.

"Please, Lover. Fuck me again."

-------------------------------- --------------------------------

The following Monday, Sherry asked Darla if they could talk. "Sure. What's the problem?" her mother asked concerned.

"You know I've been dating Bryant for almost three months now. And last Saturday night we went to the movies and then afterwards out to the lake.. and.. well.. ", she hesitated. Darla helped her out.

"And Bryant fucked you...right?"

"Yeah. He did. Several times in fact. He was really wild. But he was amazingly considerate. It hardly hurt at all when he did it the first time. He took it very slow and helped me."

Darla was impressed.. really impressed. She had had sex with numerous men who wouldn't have had that much maturity and consideration. Apparently, her daughter had shown very good judgment in picking her first lover. "And did he see to your pleasure too?" she asked.

"Ohhh did he ever! He wouldn't shoot off until he had made me cum." Darla was now even more impressed with this young man.

"And he even did me... you know.. with his tongue and mouth."

"You mean he gave you oral sex?"

"He did.. a lot! I just couldn't stop cumming, Mom."

Darla was stunned. "Are you telling me that even after he had cum inside you, he still gave you oral sex?"

Sherry nodded. "Several times."

At this point, Darla hugged her smiling daughter. "You're either very very smart or very lucky. You really picked a winner for your first time."

Sherry just beamed. She had been worried about what her mother's reaction might be to her losing her virginity. "Mom, last Saturday night, it had just been two days since my period and I was safe, but I'm getting close to my fertile time. I need to get on birth control."

"We'll take care of that this afternoon, Honey."

------------------------- -------------------------

Finding herself alone with Carol, Raquel's curiosity got the best of her. "Ok, young lady! Out with it. I'm so curious I can't stand it. Are you still a virgin?"

Carol leaned over and whispered in her mother's ear. "Not since last Saturday night at the lake."


"And what?"

"You're getting to be quite the tease. And how many times did Vic fuck you?"

"Four. I didn't think men could do it that many times. We were there until almost 1 AM."

"Some men can. You seemed to have picked a very lusty guy. And since last Saturday night?"

"Vic has fucked me everyday since then except Thursday."

"I'm surprised he let you rest on Thursday. As I remember, Fred Samuels was in me everyday for over a week once I had let him fuck me."

"He wanted to do it, but he had to practice football very late yesterday. Afterwards, he was so tired and worn out, he called and said he couldn't do it."

Raquel laughed. "I doubt that it was football that wore the young man out, Honey. As I understand it, he's screwed you three or four times a day for five straight days. I'm amazed that he can still walk much less play football."

"He did say he had played very badly, and the coach kept asking what was wrong with him."

Neither of them could stop laughing.

--------------------- ---------------------

The next day, Kent was upstairs showering after his Saturday afternoon golf game while Carol was getting ready for her date with Vic. Raquel had told him that their daughter's new boyfriend was Victor Krauer, but he hadn't paid that much attention. He did know the Krauers and had met their son on a couple of occasions. He thought Carol could do much worse.

When Kent came downstairs, he found Raquel fixing a light supper for the two of them in the kitchen. Carol was dressed and waiting on the sofa for Victor to arrive and take her to dinner. Kent couldn't help doing a double take when he saw how his daughter was dressed.

Carol wore a clinging, one piece dress with lace around the bodice and hem. It was sheer, almost to the point of being transparent. Two straps over her shoulders held the dress in place although it fit so tightly, the straps probably weren't needed. It seemed more like a lacy slip than a dress. The imprints of her nipples were clear and Kent even thought he could see her areolas through the bodice, but he wasn't sure. The dress didn't quite make it to midthigh, and he hoped that she was wearing panties underneath.

Carol was bare-legged, but she was so tanned, it looked like she might have been wearing pantyhose. The 4-inch heels with pink sashes for straps looked both cute and sexy at the same time.

As soon as he walked into the kitchen, he moved behind his wife and whispered, "Have you seen what your daughter is wearing for her date tonight?"

"Oh yes. I have. We picked out her outfit together this afternoon. I think it's really cute... and also very sexy. Do you like it?"

"It is attractive and sexy. But don't you think it's a little too old ... to risqué for her?"

"No. Not at all."

"But..but.." Kent stammered. "She looks.... you know.. "

"Hot? Is that the word you're looking for?"

"Yes. Hot! Very hot in fact. If she wears that out on her date, she's probably going to be fucked."

"I'm sure she will be." Raquel ignored him and went back to fixing the dinner.

"What..what?" Kent followed her around the kitchen. "Doesn't that concern you?"

"Why should it? You know perfectly well that I got fucked the first time when I was just a few months older than Carol is now. So she's getting a few months head start on me. What's the big deal? Boys want to fuck girls and girls really love being fucked. Haven't you noticed how much I enjoy getting laid?"

"But she'll get pregnant", Kent continued to object.

"I doubt that. She's been on the pill for two weeks now. And I've checked every morning to be certain that she's not forgetting. She isn't. We have a very conscientious daughter, Honey."

"Ok. You seem to have thought of everything. But I can tell you for sure that Victor is going to be so blown away by the way she looks, he won't know what to to act. He doesn't have the maturity to handle a woman who looks like that."

Raquel stopped, laid down the utensils, moved very close to her husband, and kissed him hard. As she kissed him, she felt his cock and found it hard. "MMMmmmm... the thought of his daughter getting laid seems to be turning my randy stud on. Don't worry about Victor not knowing how to handle Carol, Honey. I'm sure he knows exactly what to do with her. He should know. He's been fucking her almost every day for the last week or so."

Kent's cock lurched inside his pants. Raquel felt it throbbing in her hand. "As soon as Carol and Victor leave, I want this big prick up my cunt, Lover."

"Why wait?"

"You sexy bastard." She turned toward the butcher block in the center of the kitchen and bent over it, pulling up her dress in the process. "I'm sure you know how to handle sexy sluts and work around their panties."

Raquel felt her panties being pulled aside. She couldn't keep from grunting when Kent's cock thudded into her upturned cunt. She held onto the block as his thrusts jarred her body back and forth. Even in spite of her bra, her tits danced every time the cock rammed into the bottom of her cunt.

"You hot Slut. Carol might come in at any moment. Doesn't that worry you?" His fucking never slowed even as he asked the question.

Grunting, she tried to answer. "Unnghh... hard to worry...ugh ugh.. with a big hard... aahhh... cock.. in my ... ugh ugh ugh.. cunt.. Besides...ohhhhhhhhhh that... besides.. she knows we fuck...aaahhh... ugh ugh..mmmmmmmmmm.... also knows Steve is fucking meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."

As soon as she said it, she felt Kent's prick swell and explode ejaculating one huge stream of semen after another into her hole. Her climax was right behind his.

Kent's body fell across his wife's backside. Raquel could no longer support herself and fell onto the block, her husband lying on her back. As they lay there panting with the exertion of their hard coupling, they heard Carol's awed voice:

"WOW!! That was incredible!! My god I hope I get a husband who will do things like that to me! Victor better be ready is all I've got to say."

-------------------- --------------------

Victor thought he was ready, but he wasn't prepared at all for the wild woman who attacked him. "Forget dinner! I can't wait. Take me to the lake. Now! I need to be fucked!"

She was all over his cock even as he was trying to drive. "Oh god.. Carol. I'll wreck the car. Wait till we get there."

"I can't wait. I want to suck it. Now!" She had his cock out and buried in her mouth. Intense, uncontrollable spasms shot through his cock as he felt it sinking in and out of her hot mouth. Looking over, he saw that she had her hand between her thighs masturbating as she sucked. Whenever he thought he was going to cum, she would stop and let him calm down before she plunged his dick back into her mouth.

Carol kept it up until Victor was going crazy. When almost ran the car into a ditch, he pushed her away. "Cool it, you hot Bitch. I'll give you all you can take as soon as we get to the lake."

She settled back in the corner of the front seat, a devilish smile on her face. "Promises... promises.. as they say." She crossed her legs making certain that the short dress rode all the way to her ass. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

Victor drove faster, exceeding the speed limit and praying that they wouldn't be stopped. Carol spread her legs and let him see her sheer white panties pressed tightly against her pussy. She rubbed the palm of her hand over her mound and then down between her thighs. "I'm going to have to finger fuck myself if you don't hurry."

"Vic, do you have any idea how wet my cunt is right now. I'm just dripping. My panties are soaked. I can even feel the wetness coating the insides of my thighs. Look here." Carol got up on her knees on the front seat and pulled her dress up to her waist. The white panties clung tight against her pussy. "Look at my panties, Vic. Can you see how wet they are. Reach over and feel between my legs."

Vic reached over keeping one hand on the wheel, but she was just out of reach. "Oh.. you can't reach my hot cunt. You need to get to the lake so you can use it. You won't any problem getting your big hard prick into me now. I'm really ready."

"Wanna see my big tits? My nipples are sooo hard right now."

There was no way Victor could possibly resist. "Oh god YES! TAKE THEM OUT. SHOW ME YOUR HOT TITS!" he screamed at her. He felt like he might cum in his pants.

With one fluid motion, Carol yanked down the top of her dress letting her big tits tumble out. She cupped them for his viewing pleasure. Sliding a finger into her mouth, she sucked it like a cock until it was dripping... a moment later, her finger was coating her turgid nipples with the wetness.

"Like them? See how hard my nipples are, Vic. They get like that when a woman needs cock. I need cock, Vic. Your cock... inside my very wet cunt. Victor knew he would cum in his pants if he didn't get to the lake soon.

Carol reclined in the front seat, her tits still out, the dress bunched uselessly around her waist. She put her feet up on the seat, steepled one knee and let her other leg lie on the seat. The position spread her thighs wide open. Vic could see the wet slit of her cunt gaping beneath her panties. Her big tits were rising and falling rapidly. "Ohhhhhh Please... hurry...", she begged.

Finally, Victor found a secluded grove of trees and wheeled the car in among them. They were almost concealed from the road, but it didn't matter if the world saw him fucking this hot slut. He was wild to get into her. He tore off his shoes, socks, pants, and shorts. It took too much time to remove his shirt and undershirt.

Carol lay with her legs gaping open, her hips now undulating, thrusting her wet cunt up and down in fuck motions. When his engorged prick sprang out of his shorts, it was swollen, the big head purple and throbbing. Precum hung in a strand from its tip. Reaching across the seat, he literally ripped off her panties. When she heard them tear, she came, her cunt contracting in hard spasms.

Vic was a like a lust-maddened bull. He threw the two pieces of her panties into the back seat, pulled Carol's ass toward him, put his hands on her legs and shoved them up and back. Her cunt gaped open, completely exposed and defenseless. She was moaning as her cunt continued to contract and throb.

He mounted her, rammed his hips into her sex saddle, and drove his throbbing cock into her. "TAKE IT, YOU HOT TEASING SLUT!" he roared.

There was nothing gentle about his fucking. Carol was shocked at the intensity and the fierceness with which he rammed his cock into the bottom of her cunt, driving her deep into the seat. There was a little pain, but she thrilled, her entire body tingled and pulsed as she felt the strength and power of his pulsing male organ taking her, using her, fucking her. She wrapped her legs around his thrusting ass and held on.


And cum she did! Carol's cunt exploded into a continuous series of wild contractions. Her juices spurted out of her tightly plugged hole, drenching his cock and her pussy. Her screams of wild excitement matched his determined male grunting as he powered into her wide open, waiting cunt again and again. His cum began to shoot into her.. one load.. two loads.. three loads... big, huge gushing loads... filling her pussy to overflowing. Victor shoved two fingers into Carol's flailing ass. She screamed; he ignored the shrieking female as he buried his still jerking cock deep inside her cunt where he ejaculated several more spurts of cum.

They heaved and panted in each others' arms for several minutes. Her pussy continuing to contract and throb around the conquering male shaft that still claimed ownership of her cunt. She felt his organ jerking inside her, swelling, throbbing, his pubic bone grinding steadily against her clit making her moan and gasp. Gradually, their bodies became still. Five minutes later, they still lay in the same position, his cock slowly hardening once again inside her. She felt him growing, becoming hard, holding her in place as he began to once again fuck her hot hole.

"Oohhhhh let me rest... please.. let me rest."

"Shut up. You rest when I say you can rest. I'm going to fuck you again."

"Ooohhhh god... I can feel you getting hard again. Oh... you are going to do it to me again.. fuck me... oohhhhh yesssssss..."

Slowly, Victor pulled his throbbing organ from Carol's clenching pussy. Rising off her body, he looked down at the connection between cunt and cock. The sight of his prick stretching open the beautiful girl's pussy immediately got him fully hard.

"Turn over. I'm going to give it to you doggie."

Obediently, Carol turned on her side exposing her ass and cunt, which gleamed with their combined sex juices. Victor spanked her once on the ass. "On your hands and knees. My cock is hard and it needs to be inside your hot, wet cunt."

Carol screeched from the stinging pain, but at the same time, her cunt contracted and pulsed in anticipation. Quickly, she got into position with her head on the seat, her ass arched high, her cunt open, wet, ready for his cock. She waiting, panting, copious streams of semen running from her vagina.

Victor did not make her wait long. The young woman grunted when the cock entered her cunt again. She wailed as it thudded into the bottom of her hole, and then began to moan and gasp as it relentlessly fucked in and out of her upturned, gaping cunt. Vic held her hips and drove his cock in and out her pussy again and again. She felt him throbbing and knew he was about to cum in her again. She squeezed her cunt around his shaft and suddenly began to cum again. Her orgasm intensified when she felt his cock jerking inside her. She knew he was pumping even more cum into her.

--------------------- ---------------------

Sunday morning, Carol was still in bed asleep at noon. Becoming concerned, Raquel went up to her room. She found her daughter sprawled nude on her bed, the blankets failing to cover anything other than her lower legs. The red, swollen condition of Carol's pussy made it obvious that her daughter had been very soundly and thoroughly fucked the previous evening.

Sitting down on the side of the bed, Raquel gently shook Carol's shoulder until she opened her eyes. She moaned softly as she awoke. Her mother leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Good afternoon, Sleepy Head. Do you know it's almost 1:00 PM?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmm... Is it?" She pushed herself up on her elbows and groaned with the strain. "I'm still tired.. sore."

"What happened?"

"Victor was like a wild bull. He just fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. I just couldn't stop cumming. One right after another.. again and again. A couple of times I asked him to let me rest, but he just kept giving it to me."

Raquel was shocked and surprised. "Why did he do that? What did you do? Challenge his manhood or something. Did you goad him into it?"

Carol's face turned two shades of red. She finally confessed how she had demanded he take her immediately to the lake and fuck her. She also described how she had teased him unmercifully. "It was so exciting teasing him like. Every time he was about to cum, I would back off and urge to hurry..get to the lake. He was about to cum in his pants. Did you ever do anything like that, Mom?"

"Many times, Honey. Many, many times. It is incredibly exciting to drive a man crazy with lust. But when you do it, you can certain that you're going to be royally fucked later on. Is your pussy sore?"

Carol grimaced and moaned. "Oh yes. Very sore. Will it be all right?"

Now Raquel laughed. "It'll be fine, Honey. A pussy has great recovery powers. In a day or so, it'll be hot and ready for more cock. In the meantime, just remember you got what you deserved so don't complain."


Later in their den, Kent asked about his daughter. "Is she all right. I've never seen her sleep this late unless she's sick."

"She's fine, Honey. Just tired and very sore. She got royally fucked last night."

"Victor? Did her hurt her badly?" Kent's anger was rising.

"Calm down, Honey. She'll be just fine. She just got what she deserved."

"How's that?"

Raquel spent the next ten minutes describing how their daughter had teased and taunted her date. "She just kept it up. It was her first time to discover just how much fun it can be to excite a man to the point where he's about to cum in his pants. Our darling little daughter turned Victor into a raging bull, and, as a result, nearly got her hot little ass fucked off." Raquel couldn't stop giggling.

"I don't see that it's funny. Our daughter was hurt, injured. It was probably a traumatic experience for her."

"You really think so?"

"I do.. I absolutely do!"

"That's interesting... Carol loved it. She couldn't stop telling me how many times he made her cum. In fact, she got so turned on describing it all to me, she was rubbing her pussy before she finished... so you know, it's not all that sore."

Raquel was still giggling and laughing when she walked into the kitchen. "What a drink, Honey. Or perhaps you'd like to take me to our bedroom and fuck my ass off? I can tell you... I'm wet and ready."

------------------ ------------------

The following Wednesday evening, Raquel had to attend an emergency business meeting at the law firm where she worked. Since Kent wasn't due home until 6:00 PM, she took their 8-year old son, Hal, to her mother's for the evening.

At 8:00 PM, Carol was still alone in the house as her mother was still at the meeting and her dad hadn't come home yet. She was watching TV when the phone rang.

"Carol, this is Sherry. Can you come over here... right now?"

"Mom and Dad are not here. Mom's still at work and Dad hasn't come home yet either. I don't have any way to get over there."

"It's only a couple of miles. Ride your bike. You can be here in 15 minutes. Believe me! You really don't want to miss this."

"Miss what?"

Sherry lowered her voice. "You know why your dad hasn't come home yet?"

"He's still in his office, I suppose."

"No. He's in my Mom... right now."

"What? He's at your house and he's fucking your Mom?"

"Yeah.. My Dad's in the bedroom with them. She's getting it from both of them, I think. Hurry.. put on something sexy like stockings, heels, and a miniskirt. Then, get over here. I'm pretty sure there's a way we can watch them fucking Darla."

"I'll leave as soon as I can dress. I'll get there as fast as I can."


Carol was in Sherry's bedroom a little less than 15 minutes later. "Are they still fucking her?" she asked breathlessly.

"Yeah. They're in the master bedroom. My guess is that they'll be there most of the evening. Is your Mom having her period?"

"I think so."

"Figures. Your dad always comes over when her pussy isn't available."

"Do you know how all this got started?"

"I'm not sure, but judging from some things Mom has said, I think your dad fucked my mom and my dad did your mom a lot on that vacation they took to Jamaica. In fact, I sorta think that Darla and Kent stayed in one room and Steve stayed with Raquel."

"And they just continued a good thing when they returned."

"It's so hot", Sherry whispered. "Do you want to watch them fucking my mom?"

"I can't wait. How do we do it?"

"Just like we planned. I opened one of the blinds in the master bedroom just a little a week ago. No one has noticed it for a week. There's enough space that we can see in."

"Will they see us?"

"No way. It's too dark outside and we'll be right next to the opening in the blind. They're all going to be on the bed."

"What if they have the lights out in the bedroom?"

"Then we won't be able to watch... but knowing my mom and dad, I'm sure they want the lights on so they can see each other."

"How do you know they're fucking?"

"I can hear them. Come on. Listen for yourself.. then we'll sneak out onto the patio and watch mom getting it."


The two teenage girls moved closer to the locked bedroom door and listened.


"Which one is fucking her?" Carol asked quietly.

"I can't tell.. maybe both of them."

Carol pressed her ear against the door. The sound of a male body thudding against Darla mixed with her moans and grunts as the cock fucked in and out of her.


"Ohh let's go watch... I can't wait!"


The blind was open even more than Sherry thought. The bedroom was well lit and there was no problem seeing the two men on the bed with Darla. She was still wearing her heels; otherwise they were all naked.

The scene was incredibly erotic and hot. Kneeling at the window, Carol felt Sherry's hand on her pussy, two fingers sliding in and out of her wet opening. She moved her own hand onto Sherry's cunt.

The view was incredible! Darla was mounted on Kent's cock with her back to him. Her legs were wide open so that the girls could see every detail of the thick cock stretching her cunt as it pumped in and out making her big 36DD tits bounce wildly. Her mouth was wide open, tongue out. Darla was moaning continuously as Kent's cock slugged in and out of her pussy.

Sherry and Carol's pussies were throbbing nearly as hard as Darla's. "My clit... do my clit", Carol moaned as she moved her own fingers up to Sherry's erect clitoris. Their excitement doubled when they heard Carol's dad shout...


Both teenagers and Steve watched Kent's cock jerking inside Darla's cunt. His balls drew up as his organ contracted in a hard spasm sending a thick stream of cum pumping into Darla. As soon as she felt the cock in her swelling, jerking, contracting, shooting, her pussy exploded in an intense orgasm.

"Look at Mom's pussy", Sherry whispered excitedly in Carol's ear. "Can you see it throbbing around your dad's big cock?"

"I'm cumming", Carol gasped. Her warning was unnecessary. Sherry could feel her friend's vagina contracting around her fingers.

When Kent finally pulled his semi-hard dick out of Darla's cunt, a thick stream of churned white semen flowed out of her pussy. The sight of her mother's cum-filled, stretched cunt, triggered Sherry's orgasm. Carol helped her by working feverishly on Sherry's throbbing clitoris.

As soon as Kent withdrew his prick from Darla's vagina,


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