The Sexual Awakening of the Laurent Family

The Sexual Awakening of the Laurent Family

by RLM


Preface: The background of the events described in this story are contained in two stories, "Vacations" and "Two Precocious Daughters". The present narrative may be read without this background, but the reader's enjoyment will probably be greater if these stories are read first.


It was Monday, five days prior to Kent's return from his week-long sales convention trip on the following Saturday. (see "Two Precocious Daughters). Although the students had not yet returned to school, the start of the semester was rapidly approaching and all the staff and faculty at the local community junior college were at work preparing course materials and taking care of required committee work.

All the teachers in the Languages and Speech Department were talking about their new department head who had been recently hired by the College's administration. Rumors were that he came highly recommended from a large state university, that he held his doctorate, and that his scholarly work had attracted some national attention. Such credentials were unusual given the fact that it was a junior college.

Among the female teachers, however, most of the talk and rumors revolved around Dr. Ross Schaffer's personal appearance and background. These rumors had him divorced with no children and incredibly handsome with a reputation as a ladies man who left a long trail of broken hearted women where ever he went.

Over lunch, Jackie had told Darla some of the things she had learned from a faculty member she knew at Schaffer's former school. Everything she said was conveyed in conspiratorial whisper.

"Cathy says he's sinfully handsome and sexy ... sort of George Clooney handsome and Matt Damon/Brad Pitt sexy. And she also says he's aggressive, very dom, virile, and sometimes quite ruthless. On top of all that, word is that he's very smart and creative."

"That all sounds too good to be true. If he's all that wonderful, why did he leave a large university to take a job in a community college?" I questioned.

Jackie leaned even closer and lowered her voice still further. "Word is that he was fucking the wives of several deans and a vice president. And that was in addition to the wives of some of the faculty. Apparently, they "suggested" that it would be in his best interests if he quietly resigned and moved to a new position. This is probably sort of a stopgap job for him until he finds a better position... which might be hard to do if they find out about his ability to bed all the wives."

"Maybe... but it has the ring of gossip .. Let's give the guy a chance. He might be a real hot shot faculty member and head."

Jackie considered this and finally commented, "You're right. He might be all that and at the same time more than able to put some of his special "hot shots" into a lot of pussies."

"Jackie.. you're incorrigible!"


Two days later, Thursday, as she drove home, none of Jackie's comments seemed like gossip to Darla any longer. Dr. Ross Schaffer had only been in his new position for two days when he had his secretary call Darla and ask her to come by his office for a conference that afternoon at 3 PM. She had arrived at 2:45 PM and was immediately ushered into Schaffer's inner office.

Schaffer had been seated in his desk chair, but with his back toward Darla as he looked out the window of his office. "I must say", he commented, "I've never had an office with such an outstanding view as this one. Being up on a hill like we are, really makes the view of the campus spectacular."

At this point, he turned and Darla was face-to-face with Schaffer for the first time. It was all she could do to keep from gasping. Jackie had understated the man's appearance and totally, no grossly, under estimated his total animal magnetism. He smiled at her, but his dark eyes seemed to penetrate right through her clothing and examine her body.

"Several members of the male faculty have informed me of your beauty, Mrs. Laurent, but I must say that their descriptions fell far short of doing you justice. I'm Dr. Ross Schaffer, the new department head. I would be most pleased if you would feel free to address me as "Ross". My I call you Darla or do you prefer the more formal "Mrs. Laurent"?"

I was having trouble breathing, must less talking coherently. Schaffer's coat hung on a hanger by the door. His shirt was form fitting and looked like it might rip apart if the man should decide to flex his muscles. His dark eyebrows, penetrating eyes, full lips, devilish smile, hirsute arms, and trim, supple frame gave off an aura of overwhelming masculinity. When he rose from his chair and moved to one in front of his desk beside mine, there was no way I could keep from noticing the size of the bulge that ran a sizable distance down his thigh. My face flushed a deep red when I realized his eyes were following mine, and he knew where I was looking. At the same time, I felt the thick cream of feminine excitement seeping from my vagina. I wondered if this man could smell my aroma.

Finally, I managed to stammer, "Darla will be fine... Ross. We're all very pleased that you've been offered and have accepted the position as our department head."

"Thank you, Darla. I hope to make some changes that will really move the department forward. I have been given a mandate to do that by the Administration. The reason I asked you to visit with me this afternoon is closely connected to this new initiative in the Department."

I nodded, crossed my legs, and after inspecting my newly exposed leg, he continued. "I'm certain that you understand the need for adequate financial resources to put new programs in place that will advance the stature and excellence of the Department. The sad fact is that the Administration has left the gathering of these resources up to me; they have little extra money to allocate to the projects I have in mind."

Shaffer paused to give me time to consider this fact. I was now beginning to dislike the way the conversation was proceeding. It was far different than anything I had anticipated when I had entered his office.

"Let me come right to the point, Darla. In order to obtain the additional money required to implement several new projects, I am going to have to cut the faculty size in the Department by one. Since releasing tenured faculty is not to be considered, I'm afraid that the cut will have to come from our non-tenured faculty. I've looked over the personnel records and found that you are the most junior of our non-tenured faculty. So, I'm afraid that I have to inform you that your teaching position in this department will be terminated effective immediately. Please understand that this is no reflection on your performance. I will, of course, provide excellent recommendations for you. It is simply a matter of money."

I was too shocked to move.. to speak. If I lost my job, we were in serious financial trouble. Steve certainly made a good salary as a production engineer, but, based on our combined incomes, we had purchased a much larger, more expensive home than we could have ever afforded on Steve's income alone. Without my salary, there was no way we could possibly make the mortgage payments. To make matters even worse, we had recently purchased two expensive foreign automobiles, and my penchant for buying more clothes than I needed had our credit card bills very high with substantial interest payments. The bills for the week's vacation to Hedonism hadn't even arrived yet. There was just no way we could make it if I lost this job.

Schaffer waited patiently for me to recover.. to speak. When I did, I began to plead with him not to fire me. I explained our financial situation.. pointed out my very high teaching evaluations.. the large enrollments my classes always enjoyed. I became so distraught, that I had to wipe tears away. I ended up begging him.

He handed me a couple of tissues to wipe my eyes, turned and stared out the window for a long time. I wondered if this was his way of closing the conversation and dismissing me. More tears rolled down my cheeks which I quickly wiped away. When he turned toward me, he shook his head. "I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no way I can keep you on in your present position. As I have carefully explained, financial considerations force me to cut a faculty member and I cannot justify selecting a more senior or tenured faculty member."

"However... however.." he paused looking at me, his eyes traveling down to my legs and then up to my very large 36DD breasts. "The Administration has given me a new administrative position to fill at my discretion. This is part of the employment package they used to persuade me to accept their offer of the position. The position of which I speak is for an associate head whose primary responsibilities will be to assist me with the work required to implement the new projects that are now planned, handle a variety of personnel matters so as to free up my time for academic research and executing the intricate planning required for these intitiatives, and finally to teach one or two classes. As I'm sure you can appreciate, this position will be demanding of time and effort, sometimes with work extending well past 5 PM."

Again he paused to let his comments register. "On the positive side", he continued, "the position carries a substantial salary, second only to mine in the department. It is roughly three times your current salary. While I cannot possibly keep you on as a faculty member, I could consider you as a candidate for the position of associate head, if you're interested."

I couldn't keep the desperation out of my voice. "Please.. yes... please consider me for the position. I'm certain that I could do an excellent job for you. I'm extremely well organized, work hard, am an excellent teacher, and I would love to help you move the department forward."

Schffer nodded... tilted his head to look at me... obviously considering the possiblity of such an appointment. "I understand and agree that you have all the qualifications for the position that you have just listed... but then, so do several other faculty members in the department. What qualifications do you suggest that you have that they do not?"

The moment of truth had clearly arrived. Schffer had been blunt.. very blunt.. and very ruthless, as Jackie had warned me he was. We simply had to have the income from my job. Three times the income from my present position would be a bonanza.

"You're been looking at the special credentials I have ever since I sat down in this office. I'm certain that you are very well aware of what they are. And I can absolutely assure you that no one else in this college has anything approaching these credentials."

"I fully agree, Darla. You have some of the most awesome credentials I have ever seen. But..but, you're married and I do not see that you would be able to apply all of your abilities, skills, and credentials to the execution of your job responsibilities in an.... how shall I put it.... in an unfettered manner."

"I assure you, Mr. Schaffer, my husband and children would not interfere with the execution of my job responsibilities."

He paused, and I could see the confusion on his face. "Are you sure we're talking about the same responsibilities?"

Now it is was my turn to smile at him. "I'm sure we're talking about the same responsibilities. You're concerned that I might not be able to apply these in the execution of my job responsibilities." My hands moved and cupped my breasts. "I know exactly how to use them, and I'm very willing to do so." Smiling, I rose, stood directly in front of my new boss, and slowly pulled the bodice of my dress downward until both of my tits were nearly exposed, their nipples peeking over the top of my bra. I was quite pleased to see that Dr. Schaffer's bulge had grown significantly larger.

"So what do you think of my extra "credentials and qualifications" for the position, Dr. Schaffer? Are they good enough, extensive and large enough?"

"From what I've seen so far, your credential are indeed extensive. Any others?"

"Of course. There's my legs that you've been checking out for the last 30 minutes or so. And between them is what will really allow me to satisfy you with my job performance better than anyone else you might hire."

"Show me", he commanded. It really wasn't a request.

I sat back down in the chair. As I did so, I pulled my bra all the way down completely exposing the entire expanse of my breasts. Parting my legs, I let him see halfway up my thighs. "Do they look good enough to meet your expectations for job performance?"

"Perhaps. And the rest?"

One quick tug on my skirt had it up to my hips totally exposing my legs, thighs, and panties. "Dr. Schaffer what I really want to emphasize is that not only do my qualifications look very good, you will find that when I put them to use, the job you're looking for will be done better than you have previously seen." He, he leered at my legs and my crotch. Reaching down, I pulled the panties aside to expose my cunt.

Being very careful to keep my legs wide open, my panties pulled aside to expose my cunt, and leaving my tits fully exposed, I asked, "Do I get the position, Dr. Schaffer? Please. I'll do anything."

"You have the best qualifications I've ever seen for this position. But, as I said before, you're married, are you not? And I really don't have the time nor the patience to deal with jealous husbands and curious pouting children."

"I promise you that Steve... he's my husband.. will not be a problem at all. We have an ... an "understanding". That is, we have an open marriage, and we have a guest bedroom. He's slept in it before; he won't object to doing it again when my job responsibilties require that you and I work very late into the evening in my bedroom."

"I'm not sure you fully realize how extensive your job responsibilities may be. Can you and your husband cope with that? At the first sign of dissatisfaction from either of you, I will certainly not force you to remain as as associate head. You will be dismissed. Is that perfectly clear?"

"Absolutely. I promise."

"How can I be certain? What guarantees do you offer?"

"I would never expect you to appoint me as associate department head without first examining my work in great detail. Shall we say, Saturday night, at your condo for you examination and inspection?"

"Saturday night, but at your house."

"That will be fine. Shall we start around 8:00 PM?"

"What about your children?"

"Sherry is very precocious. She dates almost every night and all her dates usually involve sex. So her boyfriends will be keeping her very busy. She also knows about the arrangement Steve and I have and has, on occasion, joined us. In fact, a couple of months ago, she and one of her best friends both joined us."

"Interesting. Is she as gorgeous as you?"

"She's only 15 and a half... so she's not as ... "fully developed".. let's say. But she soon will be."

"Excellent! And what about your son?"

"Bill is only 7. He has an early bedtime if we work at our house. If it's at yours or some where else, he won't be around to bother us."

"Mrs. Laurent, I look forward to evaluating your performance starting at 8:00 PM this coming Saturday night.

I pulled up my dress, covering my breasts, and then adjusted my panties so that my pussy was again covered. Standing up, I smoothed my skirt so that I once again looked proper. Schaffer never took his eyes off my body. "Do you happen to have a photograph of yourself I can borrow until Saturday?"

"Certainly, but why do you want it?"

"I want to show it to my husband. He needs to know that if he agrees to this, his wife's going to be spending a lot of time with a very handsome, very masculine and virile man."

The dark, devilish smile that seemed to be Schaffer's trademark once again appeared. Reaching into his desk, he extracted a folder and removed a photograph. "Here, this should do the job." It was a photograph of himself on a beach somewhere. He wore only a very brief spandex bathing suit while a very attractive brunette held his arm.


That evening after dinner I took Steve into the study and told him everything that had happened in Schaffer's office that afternoon. At first, my husband was furious and insisted that we file a suit against him and the school for sexual harrassment.

"We can't really do that, Honey."

"Why in hell not?" my husband thundered.

"Because", I reminded him, "all he did was tell me my position was being terminated and that the reasons were financial having nothing to do with my performance or abilities. Ross didn't ask me to be his associate head; I begged him to keep me on, not to fire me. I was pleading and crying. In response, he offered me the position."

"Yeah, but he made it very clear that he expects you to provide sex."

"No, he didn't. He didn't demand sex. I offered it in return for the position."

"How? I didn't hear that offer in the conversation."

"No. You didn't hear it because it wasn't spoken. But when a woman opens her legs and lets a man see her thighs, she's hinting. When she lowers the top of her dress and shows him her tits and then pulls up her skirt to reveal her panties, and finally, pulls the panties aside to expose her cunt, most people would conclude she's offering sex."

Steve fell silent. "Look, we both know that there's no way we can keep up the mortgage payments on our home, cars, pay the vacation bills, so on and so forth if I don't have a job. My teaching position was paying us $35,000 a year. If I lose that, I would be lucky to find an entry-level secretarial position at half that salary. We can't make it on that. If Ross appoints me to the associate headship of the department, I'll be making $75,000 a year."

"I thought he said three times your present salary?"

"He did. He either didn't know what I'm presently making or he exaggerated a little."

"Honey, if you don't want me to do it, I won't. But we both need to understand our situation. We need my salary. If I lose my teaching position and have to take some low-paying secretarial job, we'll have to sell our home and find one less expensive somewhere. If I take the associate headship position, we'll have more money than we've ever had by a long, long ways, but you'll have to share your wife with this man." I handed Steve the photograph of Schaffer.

"If I do fuck him, you know it will just be sex... nothing else.. the same as when Kent fucks me or you get into Raquel. What do you want me to do. It's your call."

My husband stared at the photograph of Ross for a long time. Finally, he looked up. "Well, I can see that it's going to be a tough, unpleasant job for you. Do you think you're up to it?"

Moving into my husband's arms, I kissed him hard and full letting my tongue slide into his mouth. I felt his erection throbbing against my belly. "I think I'm up for it, but I know you are, you hot sexy man! You're hard thinking about that stud fucking me."

Five minutes later, Steve had my blouse open, dress up around my waist, and my panties pulled to one side just like Schaffer had seen them that afternoon in his office. The big difference was my hot husband had me balancing myself on one foot while he held my other leg up in the air to give him access to my cunt. I balanced myself by leaning on the computer table as I felt his raging cock stretching my pussy open and a moment later sinking fully into my hot, ready, and waiting vagina.

He fucked me like a whore, hammering one hard thrust after another into the bottom of my hole. Every time his cock thudded into the end of my wet tunnel, I couldn't suppress the grunt of hot female satisfaction. I knew Sherry could hear me being fucked, but it didn't matter. I was a slut getting properly screwed by her enraged husband, just as I deserved. My pussy convulsed in an intense orgasm at the same time as Steve pumped in his load. I loved it!


At 10 AM Friday morning, Darla's office phone rang again. As she expected, it was Schaffer.

"Good morning, Darla. Ross here. Would you please come to my office?" The line went dead before she could answer.

Smiling, she thought, "The man certainly doesn't take "no" for an answer.. even to little things." It only took her three minutes to reach Schaffer's office.

"Thank you for coming so promptly. I really like that in the people who are going to work for me. I assume you've discussed the position of associate head with Steve?"

When she smiled and nodded, he didn't need to inquire as to what his response was. "Here's the contract. The appointment is for three years. If your work is satisfactory, you can expect the appointment to be renewed. Salary is $75,000 per year plus health and insurance benefits and four weeks of vacation. If you want the position, you need only sign the contract."

Schaffer leaned back in his chair and waited. Darla didn't hesitate. What was the point. They had already decided, and she needed the job... in addition, she realized that her pussy was wet. Being around this man had that effect on a woman.

"Let me show you your new office. Follow me."

He led Darla out the side door of his office, down a hallway, to the associate head's office. The elegance of the office took Darla's breath away. It was every bit as plush and well appointed as Schaffer's. "I selected the furniture myself. Only the best for my people. I hope you approve of the choices."

"It's marvelous", she gasped. "Frankly, it's a lot more than I expected... a lot more."

"A lot of things are going to be a lot more than you expected, Darla." His voice was close.. practically in her ear, but still soft...thrilling. She smelled the aroma of his masculinity and the heat from his body.

She could hear her heart beating, feel the wetness gushing from between her thighs. Ross slipped a key into her desk, opened the drawer and pointed to a small light. "When I want you, that light will come on ... green to tell you I am leaving the office and you're in charge... pink for businss, red for sex. You will come to my office when the light flashes pink or red."

Schaffer's hand circled Darla's waist and swept upward to her front to cup her full breast. "God.. you have incredible tits!"

"What are you doing?" she gasped. "We're at work in the office." Even so, her knees felt weak and she leaned against him.

"I think you know what I'm doing." His hand slid under her blouse, moved inside her bra, and cupped her naked breast, kneading it, catching the nipple between his fingers and rolling it back and forth. Her nipple pulsed and grew until it was hard and pointed like a nail. His fingers rapidly opened the buttons of her blouse as his mouth kissed her neck and slid down the swell of her shoulder, pulling the blouse down her arms as he went. In a moment, her large breasts were covered only by her bra. A moment later, the bra was around her waist and both huge tits swung free.

Turning her body to face his, he bent lower so that his mouth slid over her taunt nipple, his tongue rimming it, circling it, sucking it, sending bolts of erotic pleasure surging Darla's heated body.

"Oooohhhh please... ooohhhhh...", she groaned as she ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his mouth hard against her tit.

His hand was under the skirt, on her buttocks. Another moan escaped her lips when she felt him exploring her ass, her cleft, her hole. A moment later his hand was sliding between her wet thighs and rooting through the long trough of her cunt. Her juices were spilling over his fingers in a thick stream.

"Please what?" he asked softly, his fingers sliding in and out of her married sex hole. Without waiting for an answer, he kissed her. She felt his tongue in her mouth. Hers open wide to receive it. A moment later, her skirt fell down her thighs and bunched on the floor about her feet. Only her panties, stockings, and heels kept her from being naked in her office.

She trembled as Schaffer moved her to the large couch. Her shoulders pressed against the soft cushions. "Please don't," she moaned.

"Don't what?" came Shaffer's reply, his body covering hers, his face only inches from hers.

"Don't.. don't... don't fuck me. Someone could come in at any time... please."

His hand moved maddeningly between her thighs, his fingers probing, playing with her. One of them slid over the smooth flesh of her cunt lips. Darla sighed and lifted her hips for him. Fingers continued to caress the swollen lips of her cunt...slip between them into her sex slit... she was losing control. Her ass hunched. The fingers moved upward and took possession of her erect and throbbing clitoris. Darla shrieked!

Schaffer's body moved atop hers. He adjusted his clothing, and Darla felt his thick, heavy cock pressing against her, gouging into her long slit as he wetted the cock head in her copious juices. She knew he was now aligning his plunger.

"Don't what?" he asked again...

Darla voice broke. "Oooohhhhhhhhh....I can't stand it... Fuck me. Please.. FUCK ME!"

Schaffer laughed and moved against her, ramming his huge, throbbing cock into her belly. Darla groaned and quivered. Her body stiffened, her legs lifted off the couch and wrapped around her lover's body. Setting her heels against his buttocks, she frantically drew him back into her cunt when he pulled out.

His shaft surged in and out of her hole. Darla hammered her hips against his plunging prick every time he drove it into her depths.

"OOOooohhh God.... " she gasped. His hips were swaying, twisting... his cock cork-screwing in and out her, scraping against every inich of her thorbbing vagina. He was huge... just huge... maybe 9 inches.. thick.. incredibly thick. She felt like her pussy was being stretched into a huge hole. The prick jerked spastically inside her belly. The sensation caused her cunt to leak like a river. All the impaled woman could do was pound her pubis against his engorged prick as she felt it splitting her pussy again and again as he pumped in and out of her body.

"OOOOohhhhh God... Fuck me... Fuck me!" She guided his hand to her tits and their swollen nipples. Once he held them, she helped him cup and squeeze her tits. "Hurry... hurry... I'm about to cum... Cum with me", she urged.

Darla tightened her legs around his waist and pulled him deep into her sex saddle holding his cock sunk all the way into her erupting depths. His balls slapped repeatedly against her lifted and exposed ass hole. Her pussy clenched about the thick male shaft as it exploded. Her throbbing cunt finished Schaffer. He jerked and shivered as he poured the nearly unending stream of hot jism into her waiting cup.


Steve and Darla were having an after dinner coffee while Bill watched TV and Sherry got ready for her date.

"Well?" asked her husband.

"I got the position. $75,000 per year and a brand new office. It's really amazing.. three times the size of my old office and much more nicely furnished."


"And Schaffer described my responsibilities, showed me my new office, had me sign the contract, and spent an hour or so going over the new projects that will be primarily my responsibility."


Darla got up to see where Bill was. After finding him engrossed in his TV program, she came back to the table. "And.. he fucked me. Is that what you wanted to know?"

"You know it is, you hot Slut. Where did he do it to you?"

"In my new office.. after he had shown it to me, explained the call lights, and given me the keys."

"Over the desk?"

"No. On the large couch, on my back, legs up. His big cock in me."

"Couch? In an office?"

"Of course there's a couch. He has one in his office too. I expect I'll be spending a lot of time on those two couches."

"How long did he spend fucking you?"

"This is really turning you on, isn't it? Your hot slutty wife getting fucked by her big-dicked, handsome boss."

"God YES! I'm so hard it hurts. How long?"

"Someone could have come in at any time. He had to do it to me pretty quickly. Maybe 15 minutes from the time he got his hands into my blouse until he pumped his big load into your wife's hot cunt."

Steve moaned and squeezed his cock through his pants. His hand moved and then stopped.

"You look like you're about to cum in your pants", his wife said.. totally amazed.

"I am.. oh god.. I am. How big is he?"

"We didn't have time for me to suck him, and I never got to feel of him before he was fucking me. It felt huge.. maybe 9 inches or more and incredibly thick...god... it stretched me... really stretched me.."

"Did you cum?"

"Three times.. once as soon as he stretched my cunt open for his big cock... again when he was ramming me really hard.. and a third time when I felt that cannon dick pumping cum into my cunt."



A moment after her father had ejaculated in his pants, Sherry walked into the kitchen.

"What was that all about? I sounded like the two of you were having sex. But you're just sitting here?"

Darla laughed. "We're sort of were having sex, Honey. I got your Dad so turned on, he came in his pants. That's what you heard."

"WOW!! REALLY?! Did you really shoot off in your pants, Dad?"

"Mind your own business!" Steve screamed as he left the room, holding his napkin in front of his pants.

"That's so hot. Mom, you're just fantastic. How did you get Dad to shoot off in his pants? I want to do that with my boyfriends."

"I just told him that I've been promoted to associate head of the department as of today. Have a huge salary and a wonderful office."

"Oh Mom... that's so cool! I'm so happy for you." Running over, she hugged her mom warmly and kissed her on the cheek. "But what made Dad shoot off? I know he's happy about your wonderful promotion, but it doesn't seem to me that that's the sort of thing that would make a man cum?"

"Of course it wasn't. Close the door. I don't want Bill hearing any of this."

After Sherry had closed the door and returned, Darla said, "I have to tell you this because you're going to find out about it anyway and it's better if it comes from me. After my new boss, Dr. Schaffer, gave me the position and showed me my new office, we had sex on the couch in my office. I told your dad all the hot details and he got so hot, he shot off. But please don't tease him about it. Men get very sensitive about things like that, and it was really my fault. I knew how excited I was getting him. I just couldn't resist."

"I can understand why he was so hot. My pussy is wet thinking about you doing it on the couch at school.. God! Weren't you afraid someone would come in?"

"Very much so... but have you tried to stop your boyfriend from having sex when he's wild to have you? There's no stopping a determined male when he knows you're wet and ready."

"Ohhh...I know." Sherry pressed her hand on her pussy and tightened her thighs around it. "Will you do it again with him?"

"That's the part I have to tell you. It's a condition for my appointment as associate head. I'll be having sex with Ross quite a bit. In fact, he's coming over tomorrow night. You'll meet him. I think he will probably be spending the night. This is something you do not tell anyone. Do you understand? That's very important. We will not be telling Bill. He's too young right now."

"Don't worry, Mom. I won't say a word to anyone. I promise. Is he handsome? Sexy?"

"Yes and yes. Very handsome... Incredibly sexy. You'll see for yourself tomorrow evening."

"Do you love him? Are you gonna leave Dad?"

"Of course not. It's just sex with him. I love your Dad, deeply. Who are you dating tonight?"

"A senior. His name is Dan. Do you know him?"

For some reason, the name was familiar to Darla but she couldn't remember why. "What about Bryant? Don't you date him any longer?"

"Sure.. he's really nice. We date, but I like some variety too."

"So do I. So does your Dad. We all do. It's great fun isn't it? But it's not love is it? Do you understand?"

"I do. And no, it's not love."

"What is it then?"

"It's just sex... hot sex... and I'm wet thinking about it."

"I'm thinking about later tonight in bed with Dad and tomorrow night when Ross comes over", Darla whispered in Sherry's ear. "And my pussy is soaking wet too."


Up in his bedroom, Steve stripped off cum-covered pants and shorts. "God.. cumming in my pants like a teenager and then my daughter catches me... Shit."

Even though he had cum 15 minutes before, his cock was still semi-hard. Images of his wife spread out on the couch in her office... naked except for her heels... her legs thrust up in the air... Schaffer between them... staring down at his wife's open wet and very ready cunt.

"I wonder if she begged him to put it in her?" "Did she masturbate for him? Finger fuck her cunt while he watched?"

The images and thoughts had his cock rigid again. It jerked in the air. His hand wrapped around the 8-inch shaft. "Darla said he was big.. how big.. she said 9 inches... god.. nine inches of cock up my wife's hot cunt... Maybe he was 10 inches... and she said it was thick..."

He could hardly imagine how big a hole a 10-inch thick dick would make between his wife's legs. "She must have screamed. Begged.. She said he made her cum three times... first time as soon as he put it up her cunt... God..."

His hand flashed up and down his rigid dick. Holding his balls in one hand, the other hand jacking his shaft furiously and running up over the throbbing head on every other stroke, Steve arched his hips as his excitement rose.

"Oh Yeah, Ross.. fuck the hot Bitch", he moaned aloud. "Stick your big cock up my wife's cunt. Make her cum. Ahhhhh.. Spread her wider.. Ram it innn...Harder..harder... Oohhh fuck ... Cum in my wife's hot fuck hole...SHOOT IT INNNNNNNNNNNNNN... LET'S BOTH SHOOT IT INNNNNNNNNNNNNNN..."

Steve's cock and balls exploded in an intense spasm firing his load three feet into the air.


Throughout dinner and the movie afterwards, Dan had a hard time keeping his eyes off Sherry's big tits, thrusting ass, and beautiful face. He had an even more difficult time trying to keep his 9-inch dick from becoming painfully hard and obvious inside his pants. He didn't want to his thick black snake to frighten her until he got her on her back with her legs spread. Then, she could be as scared as she wished. It would be too late.

"It's amazing", he thought. "Her tits are bigger than Raquel's and much bigger than Carol's. They're not yet as big as the huge cannons her mother has on her chest, but for a 15-year old girl, they looked huge, particularly on her small frame." He guessed they were at least 34Ds.

Every time she had her back toward him, he was equally amazed at the sight of her luscious ass. He knew some sisters in high school with bigger asses, but they were a little older and the rest of their bodies were much bigger. He was fairly confident of being able to fuck this blonde bitch either on this date or the next one, but getting into her ass would probably be more of a problem... particularly once she saw the size of his fuck stick.

After the movie, Dan took her to a sandwich shop that was a very popular hangout for teenagers. She flushed with pride when all the other girls saw that her date was the handsome, black football player. They each had a piece of pie and he introduced her to all his friends and their girl friends. Sherry was particularly impressed with Glenda. She was very friendly and Sherry thought that she was easily the most attractive girl there.

Before they left, Sherry had to visit the ladies room and Glenda walked in just behind her. When both girls were seated in their stalls, Glenda asked, "Have you dated Dan before or is this your first date with him?"

"This is my first date. I'm having a great time. It's really exciting for a sophomore to get to hangout with juniors and seniors."

"Good. Well, I hope you like huge black cock, Sherry, because Dan has one of the biggest in the school and I can tell you, he intends to have it up your hot cunt tonight. So.. a word to wise, Honey, if you catch my meaning."

Sherry was shaking when she returned to her date. She was very nervous and uncertain as to what to do. Her pussy was also very wet and throbbing.

As soon as they were back in the car, Dan had his arm around her pulling her against his body as he drove. "I hope you enjoyed the evening, Sherry. The guys at the Deli all think you're gorgeous. In fact, Jack asked me if I would like to trade dates."

"Really?" The young teenager flushed with pleasure over the remark.

"Yes, really! Jack couldn't take his eyes off these." Dan's hand dropped to her breast which he continued to stroke and cup as he drove. Sherry knew she should stop him, but his hand felt so good and the nipple he was fondling was already hard and erect.

"Open your blouse Sherry. I can't wait to see how beautiful your breasts are."

"There it is", she thought. She thought of Glenda's warning and knew that if she let him see her tits, he would soon be fucking her. "Don't, Dan. This is just our first date. We need to get to know each other better," she protested.

Her protests fell on deaf ears, and she realized that it was probably already too late. His hand slipped lower over the rounded mound of her belly, probing... touching her near her mound. The feeling it produced was sending shivers of pleasure through her body. Abruptly the car came to a stop and Dan killed the engine. The rippling water of the lake could be seen through the moonlight.

A moment later, Dan's lips were on hers; his tongue seeking entrance to her mouth and finding it. She felt her clothes being removed, his hands sliding smoothly over her body opening buttons and zippers. When her blouse was hanging open and the black netting she wore for a bra had been pulled down below her breasts, she felt him working on her skirt. The side zipper was pulled down.

"Lift your ass, Sherry." She was amazed to find herself doing exactly that. With her hips lifted off the seat, Dan had no problem pulling her skirt down over her hips. Next, her blouse was completely removed. It was tossed onto the dashboard where it joined her skirt. "Lift your ass again, Honey," came Dan's order. She did and her panties were stripped away.

The cool air on her nipples and pussy made her keenly aware of her nakedness. Only her black spike heels the netting around her waist remained. Dan's fingers were playing across her pussy with light touches, each sending a spasm of pleasure through her young body. She shivered and let Dan move her to the more spacious back seat of the SUV.

She had to bend over to climb into the car. The motion completely exposed her ass and cunt to Dan whose cock jerked upward to total erection at the sight of the hot blonde's exposed sex holes. He pushed her into the car keeping her bent over with her ass elevated. "Put your head on the seat", he ordered. When she obeyed, the sight was the hottest thing Dan had ever seen. He had a nearly overpowering urge to mount her and slam his hard cock up her ass, but he had enough control to know he needed to wait before doing that. Right now, he needed the bitch on her back.

Dan guided her body with his hands until he had her on her back with her legs wide open. Placing his strong black hands behind her knees, he levered her legs up...up..up.. and then back forcing her to bend her knees. Realizing how exposed she was, a shiver of fear/excitement shook her frame. With her legs up as they were, not only was her cunt totally exposed, so was her ass. Her cunt lips were quivering.. begging.. she felt her sexual secretions sliding down the crack of her uptilted ass.

"This is wrong, her reason cried, but her pussy wasn't listening. I don't want Dan's penis in me... her mind said. Then her cunt throbbed and informed her that it couldn't wait to be filled.

Sherry felt Dan's hands fondling her trembling buttocks and the crevice between them. She couldn't suppress the groan when his finger entered and explored inside her ass hole.

"Shit! Oh Baby! You're prime. Never had a girl that looked as good as you do. I'm gonna sink my tongue into your fat pussy, Honey. Ready?"

"Yesss... lick me... but please..", she begged. Don't... don't fuck me. At least wait until the next date."

Her words were suddenly cut off by the hot probe of Dan's tongue that was jabbing against the squishy lips of her twat. Her vagina contracted hard around the warm, probing tongue. "OOOOoooohhhhh!" she moaned.

His tongue was now dragging up and down the length of her gaping cunt slit. She tried to squeeze her hole closed... to prevent his entry... but found that a woman's cunt isn't equipped to prevent male penetration. Just the opposite.. her lubrication flowed out preparing her pussy to receive cock. A succession of deep groans erupted from Sherry's throat as the tongue seemed to completely fill her throbbing gash. As it thrust inward, her cunt lips spread willing, feverishly to provide entrance.

Dan took his time. He desperately wanted to ram the bitch's cunt, but he knew that if he took his time... if he made her cum multiple times, her cunt and ass would be available whenever he wanted to fuck them. His tongue continued to lick and wet the writhing teenager's cunt and clitoris. Her passion button was hard, erect, throbbing every time he flicked it his tongue. Then, Sherry began to cum, her vulva twitching uncontrollably.

"God! OH.. God! You're making me cummmmmmmmmmmmm...." She pounded her hips up against Dan's sucking, licking mouth. "More!.. More! Please... Do Me More....AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..!!"

Dan sucked the girl's jerking clitoris into his mouth, applied intense pressure until she thought her clit would burst. His tongue slashed over the bulging tip. The entire organ went into hard spastic contractions... again and again and again. Each spasm caused the helpless girl to shriek like some wild creature being tortured. Her ass hole opened...closed... opened... closed.. as a series of intense orgasms flowed through her throbbing cunt.

While her cunt was still convulsing, Dan moved his tongue downward to the girl's ass crevice. Spreading her buttocks wide, he exposed her round hole. Sherry hissed with intense female pleasure when she felt his tongue worming its way into her rear entrance. Her ass contracted squeezing his tongue out, but as soon as her sphincter relaxed, Dan drilled her hole again and again until it relaxed and opened wide to admit its conqueror.

Sherry's cunt was leaking streams; intense tremors rocked her body.. the sensations in her ass triggered another orgasm that caused her cunt to contract and whoosh air.

"OOOHHHHHHhhhh..., Dan... Please!... OOOHHHHHH...."

"Do you like my thick tongue in your hot ass, Honey?"

All she could do was babble and beg... "Please...please...oohhh please... don't stop...don't stop."

Dan's tongue thrust in and out of her gaping ass hole.. then it traveled upward to her pussy and clitoris which it tortured with firm upward strokes the entire length of her clit shaft.. and from there over the sensitive tip .. flicking it...sucking it... making it erupt in spastic contractions that had the girl howling at the top of her lungs.

Finally, Dan pulled away from her. Her body was now just a quivering mass of female fuck meat. Her fingers flew between her thighs to spread her lips wide open... the instinctive action of a woman who is desperate for cock. "Fuck me," she moaned... begged as she thrust her cunt high to show it to him. "FUCK ME.. I CAN'T STAND IT... STICK THAT COCK IN MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..."

Dan climbed between Sherry's gaping legs. She grasped his huge cock in both her hands, jacked her hips high in the air, and guided the black fuck stick into her waiting hole. Dan groaned deliriously as he felt the hot flesh of her overheated vagina sliding down his pole, the fiery hotness of her cunt engulfing his prick and squeezing it as it sank into her depths.

The girl began to howl, screech, gasp, and scream as 7 inches of black fuck stick filled her. Dan pulled it out until only the big head remained seated in her tunnel. Holding her ass firmly in position, he fucked 8 inches of cock into the blonde bitch. She grunted as the breath left her lungs.

When he pulled it out for the next thrust into her convulsing tunnel, he also aligned his finger with her ass hole. As the entire 9 inches of man meat sank into her, her ass stretched open to take three inches of finger. Her hips heaved, jamming every inch of dick deep into her cunt. He was pounding her ass into the car seat on every thrust, stretching both holes, making continuous orgasms surge through her belly, her cunt.

"I hope you're on the pill, Baby... don't bother to tell me if you're not cause this big fuck load's going into your hot cunt. You ready?"


He gave the moaning girl her wish as his thick cock expanded, jerked, and then throbbed deep inside her hole...again and again.. as it fired in its huge cum load.

When Dan pulled his cock out of her cunt, Sherry rolled onto her side, panting and gasping, trying to get her breath. For five minutes, she lay naked and panting in the back of the SUV, Dan's thick white semen seeping from her stretched vagina. She was about to push herself erect when she realized that Dan was turning her over onto her stomach.

"What.. what are you doing?"

"I'm going to fuck you again. Get on your hands and knees and arch that sexy ass as high as you can."

"No.. no.. I'm too tired. I can't do it again now. Please."

Dan ignored her protests and finished turning her onto her belly. He gave her one sharp spank on her fleshy ass and said, "Get your ass up in the air, Sherry... Now!"

"Noo..please.. you're not going to do it. You're not going to fuck me again right now."

Dan whispered, "I think I am. Now lift your ass. High!" Again he spanked her.. this time three times turning her ass pink. She squealed with the stinging sensation. But quickly hoisted her hips and ass as high as she could.

She felt the handsome black stud mounting her from the rear. Thrusting his legs between hers, he spread her and with a short accurately aimed lunge, jammed his big cock halfway into her unresisting cunt.

"OOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh God... you're in me again........ aaahhhhhhhhh..."

"Like it?" Dan hissed in her ear as he pumped the sexy teenager.

"Yyessssssss.. It's good.. Oh god... it's good. Fuck me... Do it to meeeeeeee."

He rammed in and out of her pulsing hole for several minutes, bringing the girl to two intense orgasms. After the second one, she was moaning and babbling a long series of fuck noises.

She suddenly realized that her cunt was empty... that he had withdrawn. For a moment, she thought he had cum and was finished fucking her. But then she felt his hands spreading the soft cheeks of ass until he had her brown, wrinkled hole totally exposed. Next, she felt the soaking wet, blunt cock head pushed up against the tiny hole. Dan began to push and she felt her ass hole opening to admit him.

"OOowwwww...that hurts", she cried as Dan continued to push his cock deeper and deeper into her ass. "Please... put it back in my cunt... don't ass fuck meeeeeeeeee...please.."

"You have to learn to take it up your ass sooner or later, Sherry. You're hot as fire right now and there will never be a better time. Now relax. Let you ass open for me and the pain will be over in a moment and then you'll love it."

The impaled teenager screamed. "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO.... AAAGGGHHHHH!"

But her plea did no good. Inch by inch, the 9-inch thick cock invaded her ass, stretching her, fucking into her deeper and deeper. His hand reached around her hips and began to work her passion engorged clitoris. Electric fuck sensations exploded inside her vagina causing her ass to open and contract. When it opened, Dan took the opportunity to bury all 9-inches into the girl's stretched rectum.

Sherry was moaning now...half in pain... half in incredibly hot passion... the thought that she was being ass fucked excited her immensely.. she had always dreaded it, but now found it to be hot...dirty...exciting.

"Uuuhhhhh...uuuhhhhh..ugh... ugghh... ugghhhh... uuuhhhhh", she grunted in time to Dan's fuck strokes in and out of her ass.

At that moment, Dan wrapped his arms about her waist and turned them so that she was seated on top of him with her back against his chest and his huge cock buried up her asshole. Dan held her hips and hammered his prick in and out of her ass with hard, ramming strokes. Finally, he stopped with it buried halfway inside.

"Now it's your turn to do the work, Baby. Bounce on my big dick.. make us both cum. Do it, Honey. Fuck your hot ass on my big black fuck stick."

Sherry put her feet on top of Dan's thighs for leverage and rammed her ass up and down his big cock. Her ass was now stretched into a gaping hole and its entire length sank easily in and out of her. Dan kept his fingers on her clit working it, exciting her.


Moments later, Sherry had Dan's second big load deep inside her ass.

Thirty minutes later when Sherry kissed her date good night and walked back into her house, Dan's load was still flowing out of her well-fucked cunt and ass holes.

-------------------------------- --------------------------------

Saturday morning Steve awoke with a raging erection. He had been half awake for 30 minutes thinking about Ross Schaffer fucking his wife and his erection grew bigger and harder as image after imagined image flashed through his brain. Now fully awake, he couldn't wait to sink his big cock into his wife's hot cunt. He rolled over and reached for her... only to find her side of the bed empty.

"She's probably in the bathroom..." Steve smiled, his cock growing even harder at the thought of surprising Darla in the shower, getting in with her, and fucking her up against the shower wall. He practically ran into the bathroom. It was empty.

After getting dressed, he found Darla in the kitchen fixing breakfast for the family. Bill was sitting at the table, fork in hand, waiting for the pancakes.. his favorite. "Where's Sherry?", he asked.

"Still asleep", his wife replied. "She didn't get in last night until sometime after 1:00 AM. I imagine she'll sleep late this morning. I went to check on her. She didn't even bother to put on her nightgown.. just fell into bed in her panties. She's one tired young lady, I would say."

"Is she all right? Is she sick?"

"No.. she's fine. Just really tired.. and also sore, I imagine."


Darla gave him an exasperated look and then nodded toward Bill. "Later", she said.

Steve was helping with the dishes when Bill ran off to play on his computer. "Well?"

"Well what?" his wife answered.

"Sherry. What's wrong with our daughter?"

"Nothing except she had a date with a black high school football player last night. I haven't had a chance to talk with her yet, but I'm pretty certain that he fucked her."

"Is she Ok?"

"Sure..why wouldn't she be. How many times do I have to tell you that it doesn't hurt a woman to be fucked. She's worn out and might be a little sore, but she'll be fine by this evening."

"How can you know that she had sex last night? Do women have some type of hidden signal or something?"

"No.. no hidden signal. But when you see a young woman sleeping past 9 AM in nothing but her panties when she usually puts on her nightgown, it does look suspicious wouldn't you say?"

"Suspicious..probably, but you seem absolutely certain. How come?"

"She was lying on her back with her legs open when I went in to check on her this morning."

"So? She was wearing panties you said."

"Yes she was. Panties that had dried cum stains and crusts all over the crotch and back. Take my word for it, Honey. Our daughter was fucked last night."

"Ok. I guess you're right." Steve went back to putting the dishes in the dishwasher. He stopped a moment later. "Cum stains on the seat of her panties?"

"Yeah.. that's what happens when a woman gets fucked in her ass." Darla glanced down at her husband's crotch. "You're hard again, aren't you?"

"I've been hard ever since I woke up. I was wild to fuck you but you had already gotten up. Let's go upstairs and do it."

"Sorry, Honey. I can't this morning."


"Ross called and told me to meet him at his office at 9:00 AM. sharp."

"I thought you said he was going to come over tonight?"

"He is, but he said we're going shopping this morning for my outfit tonight. We're going out first.. then coming back here. You still Ok with this?"

"Yeah. Let's not go over it again. Where are you going?"

"He didn't say." ------------------------- -------------------------

At 10:27 AM, Darla knocked on Schaffer's office door. His commanding voice said, "Come in. The door's unlocked."

When Darla entered his office, she found him sitting at his deak going over a stack of papers. "I'm putting this stack on your desk. Directions as to how they are to be handled are attached. Starting now, I want you to dovote full time to taking care of all of these matters. We'll work until noon, then have some lunch and shop for your clothes. If there's a problem, see me. Understand?"

"Perfectly. Where are we going today to shop for my clothes? And you said we're going out? Where to? What should I wear?"

Schaffer chuckled. "That's a lot of questions. But they all have answers. Yes, we're going out tonight. I'll pick you up at 7:30 PM. We're going to the Country Club where I'm a member. I'm taking you so I can show you off to the other members of the club. You're such a beautiful, sexy, and luscious woman. Everyone is going to go wild over you, and every man there is going to be green with envy.

As for your question, "What should I wear?", that's what we're going to take care of on our shopping trip today. You will wear exactly what we buy and nothing else. Clear?"

"Of course. I'll be delighted to wear whatever we select today."

"Correction! What I select. You will have nothing to say about the matter. Now, take the papers, go to your office and start work. I'll see you at lunch."

As Darla was leaving, papers in hand, Schaffer stopped her. "One more thing. Open the top two buttons of your blouse. When you're here working, I want some of those marvelous tits always on display."

Darla nodded and quickly opened the top two buttons. For good measure, she pulled the top of her blouse open as much as possible and faced her boss with a third of her breasts on display. "Is this better, Dr. Schaffer?"

"It will do for the moment." ----------------------- -----------------------

At 5:30 PM, Steve sat in their bedroom watching his wife prepare for her evening out with her boss. Having just emerged from her bath, she was naked except for the large towel she wrapped about her sexy body. Her hair sported a new exotic hairdo.. obviously something that she had had done that morning for her boss. At the moment, she was sitting at her vanity working on her makeup.

"You certainly took a long time to take your bath", her husband commented, somewhat curious as to what had delayed his wife.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize you had come home and were waiting for me or I would have tried to hurry. But not too much. A woman has to go slow and be careful when she's shaving her pussy."

"You shaved it? Why? It looked perfectly shaved the last time I got into you."

"Thank you, Darling. You always know exactly the right thing to say to a woman. It was a little scratchy and I wanted it smooth and bare for tonight. By the way, what are your plans for tonight?"

"Well.. not sure", Steve said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"I thought you'd be spending the evening with Raquel and Kent. Why aren't you? That would be a lot more fun for you than sitting around here with nothing to do."

"I know. I was going to give them a call, but before I got around to it, Kent called and wanted to come over and spend the night with us... well.. that's not quite accurate... he wanted to come over spend the night fucking you."

Darla was surprised. "Didn't he just get home from an 8-day sales convention? I would have thought he would be wild to be with Raquel."

"Oh he is! Except that she's worn out.. or sick.. or something. Not sure. Anyway, he called and wanted to come over. I told him you would be going out with your new department head. So.. we both got turned down. We're going out to bowl a few lines earlier


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