A Distraught Housewife

A Distraught Housewife

by RLM

Sandy's Story

It was almost 11:00 PM, and, as usual, I was alone in our den watching some meaningless TV sitcom. My eyes kept darting back and forth between the TV set and the clock on the mantle. "He should be home soon", I thought. "Maybe tonight he would not be totally exhausted and we could have some time together." I knew it was a forlorn hope, but I tried to remain positive.

It had begun a little over six months before when Carson Electronics had finally gone bankrupt and closed its doors. My husband, Greg, had been a vice-president with the firm having risen from the ranks during his 7 year tenure. The $155,000 per year salary he had earned in that position had permitted us to buy an up-scale home in a very nice neighborhood, own two cars, and enroll our 8 year old daughter, Gwen, in a private academy. We had joined the country club in our area, took nice vacations every year, and I had more clothes than I could possibly wear.

Now, just six months later, it had all changed. We had suddenly found ourselves with zero income and a pile of monthly bills. Greg had tried in vain to find another comparable position, but the general condition of the economy had made that pretty much impossible. He did find a good job, but its $54,000 yearly salary did not come close to covering all of our expenses. We had few options. One choice was to sell our home, one of our cars, take Gwen out of the private academy, resign from the country club, limit or eliminate our vacations, and so on. A second choice was for me to get a job so we would have two incomes. The final choice was for Greg to work two jobs.

The most straightforward option seemed to be for me to get a job. Easy to say, not so easy to do, unfortunately. I applied for numerous jobs but my lack of work experience and education beyond high school eliminated me almost immediately from consideration for good jobs. The only ones available to me usually paid minimum wage and required work during hours when I needed to be home to take care of Gwen. I simply couldn't make enough money to make my working a viable option.

Neither of us wanted to lose our home, our car, or Gwen's private academy. So, the only remaining option was for Greg to work two jobs. He had been doing this for five months now. To get to his first job by 8 AM, he had to get up between 6:30 to 7:00 AM. From 8 AM until 4 PM, he worked as an associate loan officer in a large bank. His second job was as the night manager in a local club from 4:30 PM until 11:30 PM. This gave us another $35,000 plus bonuses. So even with two jobs, we were still strapped as both together did not approach his former income as vice-president of Carson Electronics.

I heard the front door open. "Hi, Sandy. I'm home.", came Greg's tired voice.

I greeted my exhausted husband with a warm kiss, embracing him tightly. "I missed you, Honey. A lot." I kissed him again, harder. My sex starved female body pressing tightly against his masculine one. I had hoped to feel a raging erection against my belly, but he was just too exhausted. It had been like this for five months. As a result, it had now been three weeks since I had been fucked.

"Would you like some thing to eat. I have a pot roast that I've keep warm. It will only take a couple of minutes. Sound good?"

"Yeah. It really does. Thank you."

While I got the meal ready, Greg showered and changed into his pajamas. He looked a lot better when he came into the kitchen, but the fatigue was still obvious in his face. Dinner consisted of pot roast done exactly the way he likes it, potatoes cooked with the roast, fresh green beans, a salad, hot bread, and freshly made cake. Having had nothing but fast food all day, he was starved. Even so, it seemed almost too much of an effort for him to eat.

I didn't bother with the dishes after we finished. I wanted to be with him. As we walked to the bedroom, I whispered in his ear. "I'm so hot.. can we have sex tonight? I need to feel you in me."

Of course, my husband agreed. What man wouldn't. He got into the bed while I went into the bathroom to remove my clothes, wash my pussy, and put on some perfume. Five minutes later I crawled into bed with my husband, already throbbing with need and desire. He was sound asleep.

At first, I was furious! "I practically beg him to fuck me and he goes to sleep??!!" "Oh Fuck!", I said aloud. My pussy was throbbing with need. A moment later, however, I calmed down sufficiently to realize that no man can work 15 hours a day at two jobs with another 2 hours needed to get from one job to the next so that he has only 7 hours to eat, sleep, and take care of personal hygiene and still have the energy for sex. At first, Greg had continued to fuck me a couple of times a week, but as the demands of the jobs wore him down, this had deceased to once or twice a month, and it was still decreasing.

With my husband unconscious in exhausted sleep, I did the only thing I could. Spreading my legs, I moved my fingers into the wet folds of my pussy. As soon as my fingers touched my engorged clitoris, it began to dance wildly in and out of its protective hood. "Ooohhhh fuckkkk" I groaned, half hoping my moans would awaken my husband. When they didn't, I pushed two fingers into my vagina. It began to throb and contract around them immediately. I wanted to make it last, but I was just too hot. Frantically, my hand flew over my mound and clitoris with a fast, rotating motion that almost instantly worked my clitoris to the bursting point.

Planting my feet against the bed, I arched my hips high off the bed as they began to hammer up and down in fuck motions. My thighs splayed wide open as my fingers plunged in and out of my cunt and rubbed my dancing clit. It exploded!


My juices spurted out, arching over a foot into air in a gushing stream. My vagina and clitoris continued to throb for over a minute as I lay naked on the bed, my big tits heaving as I tried to suck air into my lungs. It was an intense climax, but not satisfying. I needed cock inside my body.


The next Saturday afternoon, while Greg slept at home, I was sipping a cool bloody mary on the veranda of our country club with Doris Hendricks. Gwen was playing in the swimming pool just in front of us. Doris and I had been friends for some time, and she could tell that something was deeply troubling me.

"You haven't been yourself for months, Sandy. I know something is wrong. Want to talk about it?"

Her obvious concern caused my reserve to break, and I began to sob. Doris immediately became concerned. Putting her arm around my shoulders, she handed me a tissue and just held me until I regained control.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go to pieces like that on you. Thank you for caring and trying to help."

"Come on. What are friends for? Tell me what the problem is. Maybe I can help."

Over the next 20 minutes, I described all of our problems. Once I began talking about them, every thing just flowed out like water through a broken dam. Finally, I concluded with, "So.. we're still having some financial problems, but worst of all is that fact that Greg is totally exhausted... 15 hours a day on the job... two more traveling to and from work. It's sheer torture for him, and I can't get a job that pays anything to speak of so I can help out."

As usual, Doris went right to one of the critical problems that I had not mentioned. "A constantly exhausted husband and financial problems generally lead to really bad problems in the bedroom. Have they?"

Tears welled up again. I nodded and answered, "Yes."

"How often is Greg fucking you?"

"Once or twice month. He tries but its impossible. No man could."

"And have you found a lover yet to take the pressure off of him?"

Now I was shocked, really shocked. "No! Of course not! There's no way I could cheat on him when he out there slaving to support us."

"Okay. Just asking. Just wanted to find out how extreme your situation is. My take is that it's getting close to the breaking point. Do you know what my husband does to make enough money to support us in this lifestyle?"

"You mentioned once that he's in the publishing business in some way. He does subcontracting from a wide range of publications and businesses or something like that."

"That's right. He does. And he's very, very successful at it. Probably one of the best in the business. At least I know his services are highly prized by numerous businesses and publications. The reason I mention it is because I think he might have a job for you... one that wouldn't take you away from Gwen when she needs you."

"I've tried to get a job, but I just barely managed to finish high school, and I don't have any work experience. With that background, the only things available are low-paying, minimum-wage type jobs that have impossible work hour requirements."

"I understand that, but my husband regularly hires people who work only 2 to 3 hours a day or even less, but who make a substantial income. Would you like for me to mention your name to him. I'm sure he would be delighted to talk to you about the possibilities. You could do it when Gwen is in school and Greg is at work. Like this Monday if you like. Interested?"

"Of course I'm interested. If I don't so something to take the pressure off of Greg so he can work only one job, our marriage is simply going to collapse. When can I see your husband?"

"Just a moment." Doris took out her cell phone, punched in a quick-dial number and waited. Very quickly her husband answered. I listened to her describing my situation. Then, I heard her say, "Great. I'm sure she'll be delighted. Please try to help her if you can. Thanks, Darling."

She looked at me, smiled, and said, "One PM, his office, Monday. You know the address?"


At 12:50 PM, Monday, I waited nervously in Mark Hendricks' outer office for my 1 PM appointment. The waiting room was impressive. The walls were decorated with glossy posters of the many publications his firm had produced and also with what looked like a wide array of expensive and beautiful oil paintings. Even the chair in which I sat, was plush and comfortable, unlike the hard seats provided in many waiting rooms.

Promptly at 1 PM, I was invited to go into Mr. Hendricks' office. As soon as I entered, he rose and greeted me with a warm kiss on my cheek. I was not the least offended since we had known the Hendricks for some time and were good friends. A handshake would have been too cold and impersonal.

He indicated an even nicer chair and took one beside me rather than sit with his large, imposing desk separating us. "First, let me say, Sandy, that we had no idea... absolutely no idea.. of the financial problems you and Greg were having. If I had known, I would have approached you sooner about some work."

"We usually don't like to burden others with our personal problems." I said by way of explanation.

"Well, on the one hand, that's laudable, but on the other, it keeps your friends from assisting you when you need some help."

When I didn't response, he continued. "I'll come right to the point. The combination of your lack of college training and restricted work hours make it impossible for you find a job that will help solve your financial problems. That's what Doris has told me. Do I have it correct?"

I nodded trying to hold back tears. I was determined not to cry in this man's office.

"As you know, we subcontract various jobs for large publishing firms and various businesses. One of our primary services is to provide modeling and professional photography services to magazines, advertising companies, and mail-order businesses so that they do not have to retain such professional personnel on their own payrolls nor purchase the very expensive equipment required to do a high-class job. Understand?"

"I think so. How does that affect me?"

"We have, in-house, the professional expertise to produce the absolute highest quality video and pictorial layouts possible. We also have state-of-the-art equipment, but we hire our models on a fee-for-services basis. Most of our models are 18 to 35 years of age, some have prior experience, some don't. The primary requirement is that their appearance fits the needs of the firms who pay for our services. Work hours are short and flexible, and the pay scales surprising large."

Mark stopped and waited for a response. "You want me to model for you?", I asked with not just a little surprise.

"That's the general idea. You're about 27 or 28, extremely attractive... I hope you're not offended by my saying that, but the truth is that Doris describes you as.. how did she put it... drop-dead-gorgeous ... I believe were her words. And I agree. We could set up the working hours to fit your schedule... while Gwen is in school and Greg is working. Are you interested? Should I go on?"

"Yes, I'm interested. Please go on. What would I have to do?"

"Only whatever you're comfortable with. No more.. no less. The amount of work and the fees you would command, of course depend on what type of work you wish to do."

"This may save our lives... I hope you don't mind my being so forward as to ask what kind of money would I be making.. how much I would have to work...what, specifically, would I be doing."

"Not at all. That's the expected and correct business thing to ask. I'll give you some literature that you can study at home and discuss with Greg. I'll just give you an overview now. Ok?"

I was too much in shock and too desperate to do more than nod. "There are several types of modeling you could elect to do. For example. Many of our clients want young women to model their latest clothing lines, skirts, blouses, slacks, swimsuits, etc. They use the results to illustrate their catalogs and for magazine advertisements. As in all modeling, you would have to sign a release permitting them to publish the photographs. There's a reasonable demand for this type of work. We generally pay a flat fee of $100 an hour to the model. With this type of modeling, you could expect maybe 6 to 8 hours of work a week so you would be making about $3,000 a month.. $36,000 a year."

I was stunned...absolutely stunned. Nothing else I had found paid anything close to that amount, particularly for no more than 6 to 8 hours of work a week, and at my convenience. It was almost enough to let Greg quit one of his jobs. But, Mark continued:

"That type of modeling may be what you want, but it pays the least. There is more demand for young women to do lingerie modeling... bras, slips, panties, pantyhose, stockings, garter belts.. that sort of thing. You would have more opportunity for work, more hours that is, and the fee rate is higher, $125 per hour."

I was so excited, I could hear my heart beating. I was acutely aware of my increased breathing rate and how it was causing my large breasts to rise and fall. I saw Mark looking at them. It had been so long since I had had a man; his gaze on my tits was producing ripples of pleasure between my thighs. I felt ashamed, but also, incredibly turned on.

"Another choice available to you is similar to lingerie modeling, but at the same time, very different. Fredericks of Hollywood and Victoria Secrets contracts with us among others for this type of modeling. It involves young women modeling lingerie, but much more erotic garments such as demi bras, bras with nipple cutouts, transparent and crotchless panties and pantyhose, teddies, transparent bedroom attire, mesh stockings, 5 inch heels, and so on. This type of modeling pays between $150 to $200 per hour depending on the beauty of the model, her experience, and demeanor."

"Demeanor? Why is that important?"

Mark's face flushed. "Well, some women just aren't comfortable looking sensuous and sexy. If the model feels like that, the result will be poor. We have to have models who are enjoying their work, so to speak. Understand?"

I nodded. "Is that all the choices?"

"Not quite. We have numerous contracts from a wide variety of men's magazines and a much smaller number for magazines that target women as their audience. They require full nudity, sensuality... you know. You must have seen some of these magazines."

"And what's the fee for that type of modeling?"

"$250 to $300 an hour."

"Any others?"

"Probably none that would interest you. The rest is video .. essentially legal pornography.. showing a variety of different sex acts between consenting adults. That type of modeling carries very large fees that depend upon the beauty, sensuality, and popularity of the women. That's about it. Why not take this literature that goes over everything I've told you in complete detail and discuss it with Mark. Give me a call if you're interested. We would really like to help you out. I would try to direct as much work to you as you want."

"I don't know how to thank you."

"You just did. Give me a call."


That night around 11:45 PM I had just finished explaining the situation to Greg. I wasn't certain how much he had grasped. He was so tired and sleepy, I had to wake him twice. "What do you think?" I asked.

"Gee, Sandy. I don't know. I guess your working is fine if you think it would help. The fees seem way too big. You may have misunderstood. Doesn't seem possible for you to make so much. Why would they pay you that much?"

"I guess they pay models that much. I really don't know. Should I do it? Are you OK with it? I need to know."

Greg nodded off again. After I shook him awake, he said, "Sure... if you want to do it, go ahead. Every little bit would help. I really need to get to bed. I'm just exhausted. What kind of modeling did you say you would be doing. Hard to remember."

"Certainly the first kind... dresses, slacks, sweaters, normal clothes. But Mark said there was a very limited amount of such work available so the amount I could make doing just that will help but probably not get us out of this mess. How about I do that and also lingerie modeling. That should give me all the work I can handle and still take care of Gwen, and the money may be enough. Ok?"

"Yeah.. ok. I've got to go to bed." With that, my husband staggered off to the bedroom where he was asleep in less than two minutes.

The thought of modeling had me incredibly excited. Another night with no sex. I just had to get us out of the situation. My husband was going to die of overwork and lack of sleep, and I was going to go crazy if I didn't get some sex soon.


Two days later, I had my first photo shoot. I was modeling bras, panties, and stockings for use in fashion catalogs. I was relieved to find that the models dressed in private and wore a robe out to the shoot. When the photographers and lighting crews were ready, we took off the robes and posed as they directed.

"The first set of shots, Sandy, will be of you wearing each one of the bras that are on your dressing table. Put on the stockings, heels, and skirt but just the bra above the waist. We'll take a series of shots with each bra until we've gone through all of them. Then we'll go on to the rest. OK?"

I nodded and went to the dressing room to get ready. It didn't take long. Before going back, I debated whether or not I should put on the robe. I decided against it and walked back with nothing but the bra on above my waist. Most of the men on the set stopped what they were doing to check out my big tits... 36D in case you're wondering. I flushed with pride when I saw them looking, and at the same time, I could feel the wetness forming between my thighs.

The first shots were normal frontal and side shots. The more I posed, the more excited I became. I had thought that I would freeze with nervousness. It was just the opposite. When the camera boom moved up over me to take a shot down my cleavage, I felt my vagina throb.

"Lean forward, Sandy. Just a little to maximize the cleavage the bra shows. Most women want to be also to show some. Let them see just how much they can show off with the bra. That's what sells the product."

I did exactly as he directed. When the cameraman on the boom was snapping pics, I not only leaned way over to expose as much cleavage as possible, I also pulled my shoulders back to thrust my tits as far out as I could. Several of the crew whistled their appreciation... god... it was wonderful. I had an overpowering urge to do more.

We did an entire series of different types of bras, ach one more erotic than the last one. By the time I put on the last one, the bra cups exposed the entire inner slopes of both of my tits. My nipples were just barely covered. When I returned to the set, the men stared openly. Jack had me pose at a desk, leaning over the desk, my tits hanging down, kneeling on a bed, then lying on the bed on my back with the camera directly over me. Of course, they did the shot from above that showed the maximum cleavage. Jack decided that it would be sexier if I wore a flimsy white blouse open all the way down for this shot. There was so little to the bra, that the shot with my blouse open made it appear that I had no bra on at all. The photo would certainly sell a lot of bras to women who wanted to show off their tits.

When they had taken the overhead shot, Jack announced that was it for the bras. "Take a short break, Sandy. Then we'll start on the panty shots."

I couldn't believe how excited I was. All the men were looking at my large breasts. I knew they were all wondering what my nipples looked like. As I stood up, I pulled off both the blouse and the bra and walked to the dressing with both of my big tits exposed, swinging and bouncing. Before I got to the dressing room, I turned to face all the men. "Jack, what do I wear above the waist for the panty shots?"

"Just put on one of the bras. That way a blouse won't block any of the shots of the panties."

Back in the dressing room, I looked over the assortment of panties laid out neatly on the table. There was one pair that was blue and nearly transparent. It was obvious that my ass would show through them. If my pussy weren't shaved, my bush would have shown as well. I elected to model them first to get over any nervousness I might have. I chose the last bra I had modeled to wear. It was the most revealing and, for some reason I couldn't understand, I wanted my breasts exposed.

Pulling the blue panties up my legs, I examined myself in the double mirror that permitted me to see my back. They showed even more than I thought they would. I could hardly wait to go outside wearing them. I wondered if they would soak through with my cuntal secretions and become even more transparent.

When I emerged wearing the blue panties, heels, and the low-cut bra, all eyes were on me. I could feel the hungry male stares boring between my thighs, into my bra, caressing my exposed ass. I shuddered with excitement. I didn't understand why this was turning me on so much. I had never been an exhibitionist. What in hell had come over me?

The photographer took a dozen photos, many of my exposed ass, before Jack told me to go change. The next pair were white, totally opaque, but they were cut high. The sides were nothing more than a strap. All of my thighs were exposed. I pulled them up tighter than necessary so that the panties sank into my ass crack and cuntal slit. I felt like a total slut.

After that came a pair of form-fitting pink panties that were on the modest side. I realized I felt somewhat disappointed. Another white pair of bikini style panties followed. They fit snuggly about my hips and thighs but were opaque. The fifth pair was the same type that had a leopard skin pattern. I felt sexy and erotic in them.

The last pair was a white thong. I covered none of my ass and very little of my cunt. They were partially transparent. When I looked in the mirror, I could see a hazy outline of my slit. The sight made my cunt throb.

I felt almost naked on the set. I saw two men adjusting their pants. One had an obvious erection. I had to press my thighs together the excitement was so intense. Jack posed me a dozen different ways.... standing, bending over from the front, bending over from the back, a shot that I knew showed my naked ass. He had me sit on the arm of a chair, and then lie on the bed on my back. Finally, I was directed to lie on my side. The photographer zeroed in on the panties, snapped two pictures, and then moved closer and toward my feet for some more shots from that angle. As he aimed the camera, I raised my right leg and planted my heel on the bed. The position completely opened my thighs and he was aiming the camera right between my legs. I heard the shutter click several times before he moved much closed, focused right on the crotch of my panties and took several more shots. I fully realized that these pics would never be published. He was taking them just so he would have a photograph of my opened legs. The white thong became soaked, almost transparent. I felt like I was going to have an orgasm.

Fortunately for my modesty, Jack called a halt to the set. "OK. Sandy, we're almost done. You're doing fantastically well. Just unbelievable! All we have left is a dozen or so pairs of pantyhose and thigh-high stockings. Let's do them and call it a day."

"How do you want me dressed for those shots?", I asked Jack, standing in front of him and all the other men with a hand on my hip wearing nothing but the skimpy bra, thong, and 4-inch heels.

Jack thought for a moment and said. "Put on one of the blouses in the dressing room with a bra, and pair of matching panties. Pick any one you like. Then the stockings or pantyhose."

I sauntered off to the dressing room swinging my ass as I went. I knew I was acting like a slut, but I didn't seem to be able to stop. I dressed as Jack had directed and returned to the set. They had pushed a bed into place along with a chair and a couch. The photographer took shot after shot of me on all of them. In some, I had my legs crossed. In others, Jack wanted them open with my feet on the floor. Finally, there were only two pair of thigh-highs left.

Neither pair of stockings had elastic tops so I needed a garter belt with each. I thought both would look good with one of the black belts on the table. It was little more than a narrow belt around my waist with several straps hanging down to hold the stockings up. I put on a reddish-brown pair with patterned tops and hooked the garters making sure the stockings were pulled up high and tight. There was a matching transparent blouse that I liked, so I put it on over the black bra I had selected. A black miniskirt and black heels completed my outfit.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I flushed red with a mixture of embarrassment and sexual heat. "If this outfit doesn't get them all hard, nothing will", I thought. When I returned, I was hoping for an enthusiastic response, and I got it. "Wow", Jack exclaimed. "If that doesn't sell those stockings, nothing will."

Again, I was posed in a variety of positions. Until finally, Jack had me sitting in a chair upholstered in red with my feet on the floor, legs crossed. The photographer snapped some shots, but Jack didn't like the pose. "Bring that table over next the chair", he directed.

When it was in place beside me, he said, "Sandy put your feet up on the table, both of them."

I did as he directed. The pose was almost obscene. With my legs up on the table, my ass was elevated and the spread of my thighs took the viewers attention away from the stockings and focused it on my panty-covered pussy. "That won't do. Close your legs, Sandy. Press them together so the viewer sees the stockings." When I did it, Jack smiled. "That's perfect! Get that shot. Get it!" The photographer was on top of it and snapped several shots from different angles.

The last pair of stockings were black with black tops. The blouse I had worn with the last pair didn't go well with black. So I took off the blouse and came out wearing all black, bra, panties, mini skirt, stockings, and heels. The men whistled again. One guy said, "Now that's one dangerous woman in black."

After a couple of dozen shots, Jack was looking for one more... something special he said. "How about if I sit on the side of the bed with one foot on the floor and the other lifted a little... like this?"

"Sexy, but we've got some shots almost like that. We need something to really catch the viewer's eye. Any ideas anyone?"

Several were suggested, but none seemed to satisfy Jack. Finally, he was shaking his head. "Well, I guess we'll just have to go with what we have. They're pretty good... in fact, more than pretty good... they're really good."

"How about this?" I asked. Every man looked at me. I was still sitting on the side of the bed with one heel on the floor, the other one raised to mid-calf, the same pose I had suggested before that Jack had rejected, but this time with one significant difference. While the men were discussing different possibilities, I had pulled down my black panties and they were now around the ankle of my raised leg and the knee of the one on the floor. My raised thigh concealed my now naked pussy so that the shot would be erotic but in no way obscene.

The effect of the pose was electric. Male mouths opened all around the room. Several hands squeezed freshly produced bulges in their pants. Jack was mesmerized. Finally, he found his voice: "YES! YES! THAT'S IT. GET THAT SHOT!"

Five minutes later, my first photo shoot was history. Two and half hours had passed. As I drove home I realized that I now had $325 more than I had had that morning. I also realized that I had a very wet cunt.


That evening I put Gwen to bed around 8 PM and then sat down to wait for Greg to come home. I had incredibly mixed emotions. I was appalled at my behavior at the photo shoot. I knew I had acted like a total slut, but once it started, it was so incredibly erotic. I couldn't remember being that turned on in a long time. As soon as I had gotten Gwen in bed, I couldn't resist masturbating with my fingers and my vibrator. It had only taken me a few minutes to have an intense orgasm.

That orgasm had taken the edge off my raging sexual desire, but a vibrator and my fingers were a poor substitute for a cock and a man. I hoped that Greg wouldn't be too tired tonight, but I knew it was hopeless. Fifteen hours of work a day for six months would finish any man. He was just too tired to even think in the evening, and since a man's sexual organ is really his brain, being that tired all the time kept him from getting erections. Even when he did, he was too exhausted to do much. As a result, it had been over a month since I had been fucked.

One thing was absolutely clear to me. If I continued to go back for more modeling sessions, I was going to end up having sex with one or more of the men. Just one session had turned me into a near helpless slut. But if I didn't do more sessions, Greg would never be able to return to a normal life where we had sexual relations like any man and wife. In addition, he hardly ever saw his daughter anymore. She was asleep when he came home, and he had to leave before she got up. And, at this rate, there weren't going to be anymore children, at least not with my husband as the father. That thought made me tremble, both from excitement and fear.

At 9:30 PM, Mark Hendricks called. "Hi Sandy, Mark Hendricks here. I just called to tell you that I just got Jack's report of the photo shoot this afternoon, and he showed me some of the results. You were fantastic! Jack is amazed and elated. To quote him exactly, he said, "She's absolute dynamite in front of a camera. It was incredible to watch." I just wanted you to know how pleased we are. Jack said you worked two and a half hours. At $125 per hour, that's $325. I told him to add another $100 just to show how much we appreciate the quality of your work."

"I hardly know what to say. Thank you for the bonus. We can certainly use it. But.. well.. I have to tell you that... well.. "

"Is there a problem?" Mark asked, concern obvious in his voice.

"I can't think of any nice way to put this, Mark. The truth is I behaved like a total slut this afternoon. I don't think I can do any more modeling... but then I know if I don't, Greg is going to kill himself with work trying to support us and pay our bills. I just don't know what to do."

"Tell you what, Sandy. I know Greg doesn't get home for a couple of hours yet. Would you mind if I have Doris drop by for a girl-to-girl chat. I think she can help you a lot."

"I don't mind at all. Would she mind coming all the way over here this late?"

"It's only a 10 minute drive. She'll be there in about 15. And Sandy... I'm looking forward to a very long, very mutually profitable working relationship between us. Within a few months, Greg will be able to quit one of his jobs. In six months, he could probably quit both of them if he wants to. Doris will be there shortly. Good night."


Doris arrived at my front door in slightly less than the 15 minutes that Mark had estimated. I poured us both a glass of wine and we sat across from one another in the kitchen sipping it.

"We don't have a lot of time before Greg comes home so if you don't mind, Sandy, I'd like to get straight to the point. Are you cool with that?"

"Yes. In fact, I would appreciate it."

"Mark told me about your conversation a little while ago. He said you were considering not modeling for him any longer because you had behaved like... how did you put it... like a total slut, I believe. Is that more or less correct?"

"That's what I said."

For what seemed like a long time, Doris didn't say a word. She just sipped the wine and looked down at the table top. Finally, she spoke.

"Sandy, when Mark and I started his publishing/consulting business, we didn't have a dime. We had to borrow money to rent the photographic equipment, and our studio was an abandoned warehouse that we rented for practically nothing. Mark had a friend who was very skilled at photography even though he wasn't a professional. He was our one and only photographer."

"I wasn't aware of that. That's really amazing that you built such a business from next to nothing."

"It was. It still is. My point is that we had no contracts, and we had essentially no money left after getting the warehouse and renting the equipment. Where do you think we got the professional models we had to have to build the business?"

"Friends?" I suggested.

Doris chuckled. "How many female friends do you have who could be sexy, professional models? And of those, how many would do it for no money?"

"How did you manage it then?"

"Simple. I was the one and only model. I did it all.. the clothes, the lingerie, the exotic lingerie, the posing for nude shots in men's magazines, and so on. I was younger then, of course, but even so, I wasn't in your class. Fortunately, there was much less competition in those days so I was able to do the job for us."

"Do you think I acted slutty? Do you think I felt like a slut doing it?" Doris asked, looking directly into my eyes.

"I don't know. Did you?"

"Never! We needed my help. Without it, we would have failed and be poverty stricken today. Now, Greg needs your help or he's going to die from overwork. Even if he doesn't, your marriage is a sham right now. You told me that your husband hasn't fucked you in a month or so."

"I can see why you didn't feel badly about doing it, but while you were posing.. didn't you get sexually excited? turned on.. that sort of thing?"

"Of course I did. Alan, our photographer, was taking erotic photos of me everyday. I was wearing practically nothing. Then when I started doing the modeling for men's magazines, he saw it all... my tits, my ass, my cunt, all of it, and he was directing me.. telling me to spread wider... to arch my ass... to lean forward so my tits would hang freely... every day.. My husband was never present. He didn't want to inhibit me. And I got hot... I mean hot! My pussy was dripping. I could feel my clitoris throbbing with excitement."

"A woman is supposed to get excited when she's naked or nearly naked in front of a virile, handsome man... or any man for that matter. And in our business, if I hadn't gotten excited and hot, it would have shown in the photos and we would never have been able to market them. Mark is wildly excited over your work precisely because you were excited...hot.. and your excitement is obvious in the photos. He says everyone of the photo sets taken today is going to command top price."

Now it was my turn to be silent for an extended period. "Can I be totally honest with you?"

"Absolutely! This is between the two of us. I won't even tell Mark."

"I've told you that Greg and I haven't had sex in a month or more. Even when we last did it, he wasn't able to maintain an erection. He was just too tired. I was able to manage a weak climax before he lost it. That's the total extent of our sex life in the last five or six weeks." I paused, rubbed my head, and then plunged ahead.

"I wasn't just acting slutty today. I was a lot more than just hot. I wanted all those men to fuck me... to ravish me. I was deliberately trying to excite them so that they would. If I go back and continue to model, I'm going to end up being fucked and unfaithful."

"So? What's the big deal about that? Do you think that Alan didn't fuck me countless times while I was posing for him. He would get so hard that no man could have resisted, and I would have been humiliated if he had."

"Does Mark know that?"

"Of course he does. I told him before it happened that it was going to... I told when it did happen ... and I continued to tell him all the sexy hot details every time Alan fucked me. Our sex life got better.. not worse. Just one word of caution: When the time comes to tell Greg, be certain he's fucking you when you tell him."

"Listen to me. A huge amount of the pain of the world, the unhappiness, the grief, the divorce, the broken homes, the suffering, the stress, wars, murders, everything.. is due to the nonsense that love and sex are the same thing. They're not. They never have been. Every religion of the world claims that they're inseparable. Why do they persist in such obvious nonsense? Because it gives the priests, the rabbis, the Imans, the preachers of the world enormous power. It allows them and others who subscribe to this absurdity to control our lives. They can tell you who you can fuck and who you can't. They can dictate when you can fuck and when you can't. And if this produces pain, grief, unhappiness, so what? They have what they want. Lawyers make their living in large part due to this nonsense."

"So Sandy, it's up to you. You can live with the idea that if you have sex with someone else, you're a slut and unworthy. You can turn down the very job that will save your home, your child's education, your husband's health, your marriage and your happiness so that you can claim to be a virtuous woman in the eyes of religion. Or you can tell others who live by that nonsense to go to hell and save everything dear to you and in the process, have a wonderful time and a fulfilling, marvelous life. I chose the later, and I've never regretted it, and neither has Mark."

"That's all I have to say. Mark has set up another photo shoot tomorrow at noon. You'll be doing exotic lingerie, and you can be certain that all the men on the set are going to see most of your hot body. I hope you show up."

She kissed me on the cheek and a moment later, I was alone in my kitchen.


I was on the set 15 minutes early the next day, and I had come with a new image of myself, thanks to Doris. Instead of the jeans and sweater I had worn the first day, I wore a form-fitting sheathe that exposed a substantial amount of cleavage, thigh-high stockings, and sandals with 3 inch heels. Underneath, the push-up demi bra accented my already large breasts to the point that instead of 36D, they appeared to be 38DD. There wasn't much to the nearly transparent, bikini panties that I wore.

Jack gave me a big smile and a "thumbs-up" sign as soon as I walked onto the set. The lighting crew stopped work to look me over. The photographer was a different guy. Jack introduced me to Felix. He couldn't take his eyes off my thrusting tits. I didn't have to be Einstein to figure out that he was thinking about they would look like through the viewfinders of his cameras.

"I was worried that you were going to desert us, Sandy. Mark had warned me that you might not show."

"Well, I'm here and you don't have to worry about that any longer. I'll be here for as long as you want me. What am I modeling today?"

"Today, it's exotic lingerie. More explicit than yesterday. Sexier. Are you cool with that?"

"Watch me", I responded immediately. "If it's not hot enough, let me know. What do we start with?"

"All the outfits are in your dressing room. Go get ready. Joanne will help you with the makeup. We'll start as soon as you're ready. I know every guy here is more than ready."

I felt myself flush with a mixture of pride, pleasure, and not just a little female heat.


The first outfit was a black corset with matching black thigh-high seamed stockings and 4-inch heels. Looking at myself in the mirror, I had to admit that it was very sexy by itself. I put on a black bra and panties and strolled out to the set.

"Ready, Guys? Their stares were more than enough to tell me that were ready. "Where do you want me, Jack? That is, where do you want me to pose. I have a pretty good idea where you want me."

"That chair will do just fine, Sandy. Put your hands on the arms and bend over so the shapes of your ass and legs show."

I assumed the pose and Felix snapped away. As usual, Jack wasn't satisfied. "No. Don't think so. Let's try the couch or the bed. The chair isn't doing it."

"Is this better?" I asked unsnapping my bra and then slowly removing the black panties in full view of the men. This time when I assumed the same pose, my big tits hung down and there was no problem seeing my ass."

Felix's mouth fell open. Jack stared into my eyes and rubbed his bulge. "Perfect. Just perfect. Get some shots of that, Felix."

As soon as he had taken a half dozen exposures, Jack decided there was no way to better those shots and said lets go on to the next corset.

The next item was a grey and black patterned teddy. The bodice just barely covered my tits. There were matching panties, brown thigh-highs with black tops, and white stilettos with 5-inch heels and straps. It was a real "fuck-me" get up. And the way I was beginning to feel, I was hoping someone would do just that.

Jack posed me a lot of ways. After two dozen or so shots, he had me leaning against a glass top table. Felix took a couple of shots before Jack said, "Open you legs a little more, Sandy." I did and Felix snapped more photos. I thought that was be it, but, to my surprise, Jack looked at me and asked, "Any suggestions before we go to the next set?"

I hoisted my left leg up onto the table and planted the heel on its surface leaving my other foot on the floor. The position spread me wide open. My pussy throbbed when I saw half the crew moving closer and moving into better positions to see between my thighs. "How about this?"

"Oh fuck.. fantastic!", I heard Jack whisper. He nodded at Felix who couldn't take enough shots of me. When he was shooting directly between my nopen legs, Jack intervened before he mounted me. The way I felt, I would have loved it.

"Do you like this even better?" I asked as I pulled the top down just enough to expose both of my nipples? For effect, I stuffed some bills in my bra and the top of one stocking. One of the lighting crew left abruptly and headed to the men's room. I felt like I might have an orgasm. Felix took another two dozen shots.

It went on like that for almost three hours. Outfit after sexy outfit. Finally, there was only one left, a yellow corset/garter belt with beige stockings and the same 5-inch white stilettos I had worn earlier. There wasa sun dress that went with it. To see the corset, which was the object of the shoot, I would have to raise the dress. I looked around but couldn't find any matching panties. Instead of this bothering me, I felt more of my juices seep onto my thighs.

This time, Jack suggested the pose we finally used. I was facing away from the camera, bent over slightly to thrust my ass out but not enough to expose my pussy. My hands were on my ass to emphasize the corset and draw attention to how sexy it made my ass look. Once Felix had finished those pictures, Jack called it a day.

"OK, folks. That's a wrap. Let's shut it down and call it a day. Sandy, don't run off. I need to have a word with you."

As the lighting crew moved to start shutting every thing, I called out to them. "Hey, Guys! I bet most of you like this pose better than any of the others we've tried this afternoon."

When all the men turned in my direction, they saw me lying on the carpet, my left leg lying flat on the carpet, my right one steepled and spread wide open. With no panties on, my entire cunt was on display. For good measure, I had my hand touching the top of my clit. There was no argument about it being their favorite pose of the day.


Before I went back to the dressing room, Jack caught me. "Well, that was quite a finish, I must say. You have me and every other guy here hard as stone."

"That was the idea", I grinned.

"Well, it worked. I'm supposed to tell you that Mark and Doris want you to have dinner with them tonight. I'm going to drive you over. One of the crew will take your car home. Mark will take you back when the evening is over. Mark said to tell you that he's already arranged to have his personal secretary pick up Gwen and take care of her until you get home."

"Why can't I just drive myself?"

"Mark's worried that you'll have too much to drink or something and won't be in condition to drive home. Anyway, that's what he wants. I just work for the man. I'll wait for you outside."

As I dressed in my original sheathe, I reflected on two things. First, at $200 per, I had earned $600 for the afternoon's work. With the $425 from yesterday, I had made over a $1,000 in two days. That was more than Greg had made as vice president of Carson Electronics. And the second thing was .. well you can guess... my throbbing, soaking wet pussy and no man to take care of it.


Mark and Doris met me at the door of their home. Doris kissed me on the cheek. Mark was more forward, hugging me and then kissing me on the mouth. In my state, I knew that I returned his kiss with even more intensity than he had given it. When he finally broke the kiss, I flushed red. His wife was standing right there.

"Doris.. I'm sorry. I just got a little carried away. The afternoon was ... well.. very exciting."

"So we heard", Doris smiled. "Jack phoned us about it while you were changing. Don't worry about kissing my randy husband. In your place, I would have probably raped him. Come on into the den. We have another guest I want you to meet."

As we entered the spacious den, a young man around 25 or so rose to greet us. "This is Wayne Bowman. He's our special projects manager. That title means he gets paid a lot and he handles the projects that require his personal attention. Wayne, meet Sandy Matson. She's the new model I told you about."

"Wow! You're even more beautiful than Doris suggested. We're very lucky to have you working for us."

I moved closer and turned my cheek for his kiss. He promptly turned it back so that my mouth was available and covered it with his lips. It was a light kiss, but as his lips touched mine, his tongue slipped out and very lightly ran over the surface of mine. In my state, the effect was electrifying. I shuddered and he knew it.

We had drinks and I had time to look over the man Mark had obviously invited to be my "date" for the evening. He was about 25, dark-headed, piercing brown eyes and heavy eyebrows, full lips, ruggedly handsome. He had a very masculine, virile appearance with a beautifully muscled body to match. In short, the man was a "hunk".

Naturally, Mark and Doris had seated Wayne next to me at dinner. I hardly knew what I was eating. Mark kept up a constant stream of conversation, mainly informing Wayne how erotic I had been on the set that afternoon. It didn't embarrass me because I hardly heard a word. All I could think about was Wayne's hand on my legs.

He had started at my knees. The sheathe was short and both of my knees and half of both thighs were exposed. At first, it was a light, gentle touch first on one knee..then on the other... caressing me... stroking me. By the time the salads were removed, his hand reached halfway up my thighs. He paid equal attention to each... over the top.. down to the knee... back up the inside of my thighs..higher..higher.. I was panting and having difficulty keeping my eyes open and my tongue from extending and flicking over my top lip.

Everyone knew what was happening under the table, and I knew that they knew, but I couldn't have cared less. I wanted this! I NEEDED this! And Wayne was giving it to me.

The entree arrived. It was a superb veal scaloppini with wine sauce, fresh asparagus, and a broasted potato with spices, but I was too hot and excited to eat. Wayne took mercy on me and removed his hand and nodded at the food. I soon found that I was very hungry and enjoyed the meal enormously.

As soon as the dishes were removed and the chef brought in the dessert, Wayne's hand was back on my thigh. Higher this time.. under my sheathe.. on my inner thighs. He caressed them lightly.. pushing higher until his upward progress was blocked by my closed legs. Throughout dessert, he continued to stroke me. My vagina and clitoris were throbbing with intense need. His hand exerted gentle outward pressure... telling me in the way a man always tells a woman that he needs access... he needs her to open herself. I spread my legs. His hand moved to my cunt. I spread even wider.

Suddenly my body trembled, my eyes squeezed shut, and I couldn't keep my head from tilting backwards. Mark and Doris watched Wayne making me cum. The trembling finally subsided, but my breath had deepened and my chest was heaving.

"I don't think Sandy is hungry for dessert, at least not what we're serving here. Why don't you show her the rest of the house, Wayne."

I never even occurred to me to resist when Wayne took my hand and led me up the stairs to the upper level. Having had no sex for six weeks, having teased and exhibited myself like a slut for hours all afternoon, and finally to have this hunk caressing me all through dinner, I was totally helpless. Even though I had just had an orgasm, I needed more... a lot more.

Wayne took me into the first bedroom, shut the door and was all over me instantly. In no time, he had my sheathe and bra off leaving me in just panties, stockings, and heels.

"You're a luscious piece", he whispered in my ear. The words, which I hadn't heard from my husband in months, thrilled me to the core.

I sauntered across the bedroom floor with my 4-inch heels thrusting my ass out and emphasizing the curves of my legs. I knew I looked good and hoped I was exciting this man. The erotic wickedness of knowing that he was going to fuck me, going to drive his cock into my married cunt hole, sent shivers of delight through me until I was quivering with eagerness.

I saw Wayne's eyes settling on my crotch. His eyes bored inward seeking out my core. "God", I thought. "I may cum again before he even gets into me."

I felt his hand sliding over my flared hips. He knelt and pulled my crotch toward his face. A moment later, I gasped in intense pleasure when I felt his mouth against my nylon-covered pussy. I heard the man inhaling the heady odor of my cunt. I was so wet...so hot, even I could smell it. His mouth nibbled at me causing me to squirm in intense delight. He obviously loved the aroma of my cunt.

I ran my hand down across his shoulders feeling the hard bulge of his muscles that rippled with excitement as he buried his mouth into my crotch.

"My panties are soaked. Let me take them off. Please."

Wayne grinned, "That's the best request I've heard in a long time."

I gazed down at the stud. A lewd twist curled my lips... this was easily the hottest sex I had ever had... even counting my wedding night. I arched my naked tits forward letting him see how hard he had made my nipples. I saw his cock jerk in response inside his pants. He looked large... really large... my cunt contracted at the thought.

My panties were a sodden mess when I peeled them down my thighs and then tossed them aside onto the floor. Turning my back to him, I bent over to pick up my panties fully aware of how the plump mounds of my ass bulged out in his face. I wondered how much of my shaved cunt he could see.

Wayne apparently was almost as turned on as I was. He stepped behind me and ran his hands over my shoulders and back and from there, down to the full spheres of my ass cheeks. I pivoted around swinging my tits into his bare, muscular chest as my belly rotated against the bulge of his cock.

"Oh god... please... take it out... I want to see it."

"You take it out", he commanded.

My fingers trembled as I removed his pants. The enormous bulge his iron hard erection made in his jockey briefs was awesome. His cock was so big, the head had pushed out of the top of the briefs by a full three inches. I yanked his briefs down exposing the full extent of his sex gun. That's the way I thought of it... a sex gun... a huge sex gun that was going to fire shell after shell of hot male cum into my belly.

It was maybe 9 inches in length and so thick I couldn't get my hand all the way around it. I squeezed it and the huge, powerful male snake jerked wildly in my hand. It felt like an iron bar. Juices were streaming from my cunt as I felt it throbbing in my hand.

"I want you to fuck my brains out. Don't stop. Don't pay any attention if I beg you to slow down or stop. Ignore me.. I want you to fuck me like I've never been fucked before. I NEED IT.. OOOHHH GOD... I NEED IT!"

With that, I plunged the huge dick into my wet sucking mouth and took as much of him inside as I could.

"Ooohhh fuck!" Wayne groaned and pushed in deeper.

I opened wide and let him shove it into my throat. I expected to gag, but I was so hot and wild for him, I took him deep without gagging. I had never, ever done this for my husband.

Wayne finally withdrew his cock from my mouth even though I desperately tried to keep it inside. He reached for the heaving mounds of my tits and used them like handles to pull me up flush against his hard, masculine body. I guided them, one at a time, into his mouth when he sucked my nipples until it felt like they would burst. I realized I was moaning.. begging him to go easy... he ignored me and sucked even harder ... just as I had told him to. I was at his mercy and loved it.

Wayne moved us to the bed. He lay on his back and pulled me over him. I scrambled to mount him. Frantically, I squirmed my crotch over his rigid, upright cock until I was finally able to position the mouth of my cunt hole over the big head. He slipped into my drenched, steaming channel like a well-oiled shaft.

I went wild. I pumped my ass up and down hard..fast. Our bodies slammed together. I leaned forward and let my tits dangle against his big powerful chest. He held my hips and began to ram himself into me with hard, driving, fast strokes... one after the other.


I heard myself hissing in intense female pleasure as this fantastic stud fucked me. I churned my wet pussy against his turgid pole as my thighs gripped his body in a vise. My cunt erupted.


I felt Wayne unleash a huge fountain of hot jism into the burning channel of my convulsing cunt hole. His sex gun...fired.. point blank.. into me. It fired again.. another huge volley..."AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh....yes...CUM IN MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE", I shrieked as his gun blasted into me again and again.

"You are a great fuck", Wayne said. "An absolutely unbelievably great fuck! I can't ever remember shooting off that much cum into any woman. And you cunt just exploded around me... again and again... DAMN!"

I was shaking and crying with gratitude as I kissed him harder than I've kissed any man. "Ohhhh thank you... thank you... you'll never know how much I needed that."

I waited a moment for my pussy to stop throbbing, and then whispered in his ear, "Can you fuck me like that again? Please. I'll suck you till your hard and ready."

I hardly needed to suck this marvelous stallion. He was already halfway hard when I put it back into my mouth. In less than a minute or so, he had a new, raging hard on that was once again forcing its way down my throat. I sucked him hard, pulling his ass hard to force his cock down my throat. Saliva dripped from my chin and his balls as he pumped in and out of me.

As I sucked him, I glanced at the door and saw that Mark and Doris had come in to watch. He had his wife bent over a chair with her skirt up around her waist. He was behind her slowly pumping his cock in and out of her cunt as they both watched Wayne doing me. I was shocked to realize that I loved having them watch me getting fucked. I sucked even harder until his balls were on my chin.

"Oh Honey", Doris sighed. "Just look at that. She's actually sucking all of Wayne's cock. I've never seen anyone able to do that. OOhhh..sooo hot... please... fuck me harder, Darling."

Pulling out of my mouth, Wayne turned me over onto my stomach. "OOohhh god... you're going to fuck me doggie, aren't you... jeeezzz... it's going to come out of my mouth in that position...... hurry..hurry...please hurry."

"You've got a beautiful ass", Wayne said as he stroked it, spreading my cheeks so he could see my asshole. "I want to fuck your ass, but not now. Your pussy needs more attention."

I shivered in response and waited for his cock. He pushed his hands under my belly and pulled me up and back. I felt the heat of his body as he covered me. "Oooohhhhh yessss.", I moaned as I felt his cock probing between my legs and then his hands pulling my cunt lips apart to expose my hot


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