The Arrogant Wife

The Arrogant Wife

by RLM

Darlene Kempler walked briskly through the offices of the investment firm of Lambert and McCorey. Her conservative business suit, even with its short skirt that stopped three inches short of her knees, announced to all in sight that she was a serious player in the highly competitive investment firm. Darlene never wasted time. Where ever she went, whatever she did, it was with a purpose, and that purpose was inevitably her advancement up the corporate ladder of success. She pursued this objective with determined vengeance and extremely aggressive tactics. As a result, at 34, Darlene was, by far, the most successful and highly paid investment broker in the firm.

Her customer accounts were the largest of any of the brokers, dwarfing many of those held by her male competitors, who claimed it was solely because she had the advantage of being both female and beautiful. There was no doubt that Darlene frequently took full advantage of her beauty and femininity, but she was also intelligent, sharp, incredibly cunning, and often unprincipled in her actions. Her credo was simple: If it brought in more customers with bigger investments, go for it!

Her male colleagues could have probably tolerated her presence and the competition she presented were it not for her arrogant demeanor and sharp, caustic tongue. The problem was simple. She was good, better than any of her male competitors, and she knew it. In addition, she made certain that everyone else also knew it.

It was also an often whispered fact that anyone putting themselves in her line of fire by openly opposing her and her ambitions would probably regret it. Jason Thomas was one well known example. He had opposed Darlene to the point of openly making disparaging comments about her work and methods in staff meetings with senior executives of the firm present. As a result, Darlene leveled all guns and fired for effect. Again and again, she would point out how much worse Jason's record of winning new customer accounts was than hers. Finally, she suggested in one staff meeting that, for the good of the firm, Jason should resign. Nothing personal, of course. His work was, regretfully, just not up to the standards needed for success by Lambert and McCorey. Two weeks later, Jason Thomas resigned.

The problems her male colleagues had in competing with Darlene were not only her innate intelligence, aggressiveness, and cunning, but also her beauty. At 5' 7", 137 lbs, with a beautiful 38D-25-36 body, she turned the heads of most males she passed. Moreover, she had no problems using her body to advantage to land accounts. No one accused her of sleeping with prospective customers, but she was more than willing to provide well-timed flashes of her legs and tits to keep the customers interested.

If that weren't enough, Darlene's husband was a vice-president of a construction company with a $400,000 per year income. Together, their combined incomes made them so financially secure, Darlene would pursue accounts and customers with no concern or worry about money. This was far from the situation with her male counterparts.

On this particular morning, Brian Cramer looked up from his desk as he saw Darlene passing and greeted her with a big smile. "Good morning, Darlene. You're looking very energetic this morning. Hope you had a nice weekend."

Darlene stopped, scowled, and cut Cramer off at the shoetops. "My weekend is none of your concern, Cramer. And if you would spend more time worrying about your accounts and trying to make money for the firm and less time poking your nose into my affairs, Lambert and McCorey would be far better off. In fact, speaking of your new accounts, I checked on them this morning. Pathetic! No other word for it. Christ! A high school kid could do better. Maybe you're just not cut out to be an investment broker."

She turned without waiting for a response and moved on down the hallway. Brian's anger rose to a red fury. "That miserable castrating bitch! Shit.. someone needs to cut off her big tits and then see how many accounts she would land."

Before entering her spacious office, Darlene stopped by the secretaries desk. "Joan, I need the ledgers for the balances in the accounts that I gave you yesterday."

"Yes, Ms. Kempler. I got them ready as soon as you told me. They're on the side table over there." Joan motioned to a table off to the left side of her desk.

"Well, in that case, I suggest you get up off your pretty ass, haul your big tits over to that table and get them for me like I told you to. Maybe you can get the men in this firm to do your work for you, but when I tell you to do some thing, I expect you to do it and hand me the completed work in a timely fashion. Is there anything about that which you can't understand with your high school education?"

"No, Ms. Kempler. I'm very sorry." Joan practically ran to the table to fetch the balances for Darlene.

"I hope you have the right accounts here with up-to-date balances. If not, you can start filling out your resume." As Darlene entered her office holding the account ledgers under her arm, she turned to Joan and said. "Get me a cup of coffee and run down to the cafeteria and bring back one of their garden salads. Make sure it's fresh. I presume you're smart enough to tell a fresh one from one three days old. Don't dawdle! I want it in five minutes before I have to go to Board meeting."

To get the salad in the five minutes Darlene had given her, Joan had to run down the stairs and back up. At this time of morning, there wouldn't be time to wait for the elevator. As Joan hurried down the stairs to the cafeteria, she cursed under her breath. "That stuck up, arrogant, bitchy cunt. I wish someone would take her down a peg or two. In fact, a dozen pegs would be much better."

The Board meeting was a nightmare for Brian Cramer and several of his fellow brokers. Darlene had pulled all their account ledgers. She had all the balances on their new accounts ready along with her own. During the meeting, she spent almost 15 minutes comparing and contrasting her excellent record with the much worse records of her competitors.

In fact, their productivity was very good. The problem was Darlene. She was, without question, much better. That would have been fine... not everyone can be a superstar.. but she used her talent, her beauty, her cunning as a weapon to destroy others, not to enhance and help them improve. She was an incredibly destructive force, but her superior performance gave her the latitude to attack at will.

After work, Brian and four of his colleagues who had been the targets for Darlene's attacks during the Board meeting had agreed to meet in the lounge of the Marriott Inn. The waitress had just brought their drinks. The men could just barely control their fury.

"That disgusting cunt!", hissed Duncan. Duncan Brokeman was the most senior of the five investment brokers. "I can't understand why Lambert or McCorey or both don't fire her. She destroys the morale of the firm."

"That's true", said Roy Griffen. "But they don't know that. All they see is the bottom line of the ledgers. And around them, you can bet that Darlene is all sweetness and smiles as she flashes her legs and those big bazooms."

"He's right", Jeff Brunnert commented. "They aren't going to help us. If this problem is going to be handled, we're going to have to handle it ourselves. The question is, how? She is good. She is smart. She's just a total bitch."

The five men thought while they sipped their drinks. Several suggestions were put on the table. None seemed feasible. Finally, Marlon Fauble spoke for the first time. "Gentlemen, as I see it, we have to use her arrogance and her utter disdain for us as a weapon against her."

"How the hell do we manage that?" asked Brian.

"I think I have a way we might take care of this problem", Marlon whispered. "None of us can do it alone. We're all going to have to cooperate and make some sacrifices. But if the plan works, we'll not only take care of this dirty bitch, but we'll have a great deal of fun doing it."

"We're listening", several of the men said in unison.

Over the next hour, Marlon outlined all the details of the plan. When he finished, Roy made a critical point. "We're going to have to have the help of Joan and a couple of the other secretaries and Wilma."

"You're right. We have to have that", Duncan volunteered. "But I know for a fact that the women hate her worse than we do. She never stops telling them how inferior they are. How stupid and uneducated they are.. how miserably low their incomes are and she makes certain to tell them that they're all making more than their worth. Believe me, they're going to be eager to help."


Darlene was enjoying dinner with her husband Carl in their new home that had been appraised at $1.6 million. Darlene ignored the maid as she brought the various dishes to the table. In contrast, Carl never failed to smile and thank Susan.

"Why do you bother thanking that dumb blonde. She's hardly smart enough to appreciate it."

"Well, it never hurts to be kind to people trying their best to help you, Darlene."

"It's been my experience that spending time exchanging pleasantries with dumbos is not productive. Speaking of dumbos, let me tell you what happened at the Board meeting today."

For the next half hour, Darlene related the strategy she had used to gut her competition at the meeting. "They all looked like fools. After a few more episodes like that, I'll be writing a report to upper management recommending that they be released and we seek some better investment brokers to take their place."

Her husband nodded. "I wouldn't presume to tell you how to handle your professional affairs. Not my area. I'm in construction that's not nearly as difficult or as devious as your work seems to be. My only comment is "be careful". Many a large dog has cornered a much smaller, less powerful tom cat leaving him no option but to fight or die. The big, slow, powerful dog moves in for the easy kill and then suddenly finds the vastly faster tom cat on his back tearing him apart, going for his eyes, leaving him blind and defenseless. You're much smarter, more aggressive, more cunning, more talented, and more attractive than your dumbo male colleagues, as you call them. But you now have them cornered, and a cornered animal or person is dangerous. Keep that in mind."

Naturally, Darlene ignored her husband's advice. He made a very good income and supported her in the style she liked. But he was really out of his league when it came to providing advice. In addition, he really wasn't very good in bed. She knew this was a result of his feeling intimidated and insecure when he was with her. "That's probably reason he has a woman on the side", she thought. Occasionally,she was curious about who he was screwing, but not very often. It just didn't matter that much to her. ---------------------------------------------------------

On Friday morning, Brian walked up to Joan's desk, smiled, and gave her a thumbs up sign. She returned the smiled and nodded. "Does Mrs. Kempler have a few moments to see me?"

"I'll check, Mr. Cramer. Just a moment." Joan spoke for a moment into her phone and then said, "She has ten minutes. That's all."

Entering Darlene's office, Brian was all business. "Thank you for taking the time to see me, Mrs. Kempler. I won't take long."

"I have ten minutes. No more. What is it?"

"You made us all look terrible at the Board meeting earlier this week. It was pretty hard to take, to tell you the truth."

"Tough shit, Cramer. Do a better job and you won't have to listen to a discussion of your inadequacies."

"I understand. I just wanted to come and tell you that I think you're underestimating my abilities." He held up his hand when she opened her mouth to protest. "I know you don't agree, so I have a business proposition to offer you in an attempt to change your mind."

That approach surprised Darlene. She had anticipated some feeble argument that she would destroy like stepping on a cockroach. Instead, Cramer had something else in mind.. some thing more concrete. "Go on. What do you propose?"

"Nothing spectacular. Just a simple straightforward wager. I'll bet you $500 that my new accounts this coming week outstrip yours. I realize that $500 is pocket change for you and your husband while it's a substantial sum for me, but in the interest of making my point, I'm willing to risk it if you are."

"Are you out of your mind? Why not just take your $500 and flush it down the toilet. There's no way in blue blazing hell you can beat me. You know that. What the hell is this?"

"Will you take the bet or not. If you refuse, I can assure that everyone will know."

Darlene hadn't considered that. There was no way she could have everyone talking about how she was afraid to take such a wager. "Ok, Asshole. You're on. Next Friday, we both go to Wilma and ask her the totals for the week. Have your $500 ready. No checks. I want cash. Got it? Coin of the realm.. cash. Now get out of here. I don't have time to humor idiots."


The following Friday, Brian was at Darlene's office again. "Are you ready to go see Wilma?"

"You have your $500 ready, Schmuck?"

"Yes. But I don't think I'll need it."

An hour later, Wilma had informed them of the accounts for the week. Darlene's were almost three times the amount Brian had been able to secure. She was laughing and telling everyone in sight what a complete dumbo he was as he handed her the five crisp $100 bills.

"I hope you learned something, Cramer. You're a loser. A real loser."

"Maybe. But I think you got lucky this week. I can beat you. I know I can beat you."

Darlene snorted. "Not on any day you'll ever live to see, Dumbo."

"Bullshit. All you do is insult me. Same wager next week, but this time for $1,000. Ok? Or are you afraid to put your money where you mouth is?"

Darlene shook her head in wonderment. "You're even dumber than I thought. Ok. $1,000. You're on."


A week later, Brian had lost another $1,000. Darlene was telling everyone in the firm about his idiocy. She had just finished raking him over the coals in front of some of secretaries in his presence when he said. "I still think I can beat you. Let's make it $5,000 this next week."

Darlene considered his offer. Suddenly she realized that here was a golden opportunity to crush this mouse. Instead of trying to get Lambert and McCorey to fire him, she would just bankrupt him and then tell his wife. She would divorce the creep; he would be broke; and Lambert and McCorey would be rid of him. "You're on, Loser. Have the money ready in cash, as usual."

On Friday, Brian lost the $5,000 bet. He immediately suggested they raise the stakes to $10,000.

Darlene thought about the situation. That amount was still small change to her, but it was so much for Cramer that it might break him.. or at least come close. After she won the $10,000, one more larger bet would surely do the trick. She was almost home. She accepted the wager.

The following Friday, Wilma announced the totals, and while Brian had closed the gap slightly, Darlene's new accounts were still nearly three times Brian's. She gleefully pocketed his $10,000 cash.

Now Darlene sensed she was close to bankrupting the ignorant little man. "How about a real wager this coming week, Brian?" she suggested.

Brian hesitated. Darlene was afraid he had somehow found some brains inside that empty head of his. "There's some thing wrong", Brian commented in apparent puzzlement. "I know I'm better than you, but you keep winning. Let me consider this. I'll talk to you later this afternoon."

"You know where to find me."


Right after lunch, Brian was back in Darlene's office. "Well?" she asked. "Is it a bet or are you giving up?"

"I have a different bet to propose. I've figured out the reason you're able to beat so easily."

"Sure. Everyone knows that. I'm smarter, more aggressive, more talented, etc, etc. than you are."

"Not at all. It's the fact that the money means nothing to you. You and your husband have a combined income that is 6 or 7 times mine. You can lose the bet and it won't even bother you. Therefore, you're under no pressure at all. I, on the other hand, am under a great deal of pressure since I can't afford to lose money like this. In fact, if I lose one more large bet, I'm going to have to take bankruptcy. I want a level playing field... one where you're under just as much pressure as I am and then ... by god.. I'll beat your pretty ass off."

Darlene regarded him in the same manner she would look at an ape in a zoo. "How can anyone be so incredibly dumb? she thought. Out loud, she said, "Ok. You have a point. What do you propose to "even up the pressure"?"

"Simple. We bet some thing that I can't afford to lose and some thing that you can't afford to lose. That evens the pressure and makes the playing field level."


"For me, $20,000. To guarantee payment, I'll deposit that amount in an escrow account to be released to you on Wilma's notarized statement that you won the contest for the coming week. Ok?"

"Sounds reasonable", Darlene commented barely able to suppress her laughter. "What's my stake to even up the pressure? I won't go for more than $20,000."

"You don't put up any money at all. You have too much. There's no way to level the playing field that way. Instead, you bet your freedom for the weekend. How you explain it to your husband is your problem if you lose. That way the pressure is leveled."

Darlene was visibly shaken. She had not expected this. "What do you mean by my freedom?"

"Exactly what is sounds like I mean. If I lose again, you get my $20,000. I lose my home, my wife, my job probably. If I win when the pressure is leveled, you become my total slave starting Saturday morning at 10 AM and ending Monday morning at 7 AM. That means a lot to you... as much as $20,000 means to me and the pressure is leveled."

"What would I have to do as your slave?"

"Anything and every thing I tell you to do. I won't have you do drugs or anything dangerous. You're a very smart.. even brilliant woman.. I'm sure you can figure out some of the things I'm going to have you doing. But then.. why worry? You know you can beat me, right?"

"Worthless, stupid Bastard", she thought. "All right you little shit. I'm going to love bankrupting you and causing you to lose your home, wife, job.. and who knows what else. You're on. It's a bet!"

"Just one more thing. I've put the $20,000 in an escrow account to guarantee my end of the bet. We have to find a suitable means for you to guarantee your end."

"Well, I can't very well put my freedom in an escrow account, Schmuck."

"No, you can't. But you can make a tape recording agreeing to every thing we've discussed. Here's a script I've written out for you to read into the tape. After it's made in my presence, we check the tape and then seal it. We let your secretary hold it for safekeeping. If you lose the bet and then renege on your end, Joan will make copies of the tape and circulate it to every employee of Lambert and McCorey as well as your husband. That should be sufficient to provide my guarantee of payment. If you make your payment, Joan will be instructed to return the tape to you with the package unopened. And one more thing.. If you lose, you will give me a key to your house so you can't hide inside when I come to collect you at 10 AM, Saturday morning. The key will be returned as soon as we leave your home. Agreed?"

"Let me see the script."


Thirty minutes later, Darlene was recording the script on tape. After describing the conditions and the bet, she said, "If I lose the bet, I agree to be the total slave of Mr. Brian Cramer from Saturday morning, 10 AM, June 12th until 7 AM the following Monday. During this time, he may have me do anything he wishes except drugs and things which endanger my life. I will follow him where ever he commands. I promise to wear whatever he orders me to wear no matter how demeaning and slutty it may be. I agree to willing participate in any and all sexual acts with whomever he commands in the manner which he commands. I will shave my pubic hair, if it is not already shaved. And if commanded, I would have nipple and clit rings inserted as well as any other piercing Mr. Cramer may command. I voluntarily of my own free will, without coercion of any kind, make this agreement. This is Mrs. Darlene Kempler speaking."


That Saturday, the five of us again met in the Marriott lounge. "All right, Gentlemen", said Marlon. "The plan has worked perfectly up to this point. Let's not fuck it up at the last step. We all have to work like crazy this week. Remember, the plan. Every new account any of us obtains will be shunted to Brian. We'll tell the customers that we will remain his chief contact but policy at Lambert and McCorey requires that Brian examine all new accounts and process them. This way, Brian will receive credit for the work of all five of us. With the Bitch outdoing us by a factor of two or three, five of us should be more than enough to win."

"What about the $16,500 we've invested in losing bets so far?" asked Roy.

"As everyone knows, we've split those costs equally so that this has cost each of us $3,300. Brian will split his commissions on the new accounts for the first month and then turn them over to whoever secured the account in the first place. As we agreed. Right?"

There was no dissent. Jeff did comment, "$3,300 to get rid of that Bitch is well worth the cost. And I'm gonna love fucking the shit out of her." We all agreed.


The week seemed to drag by. I was working 13 to 14 hours a day on the phones and making visits to prospective clients. I pulled out all stops as I had never done before. Duncan, Roy, Jeff, and Marlon were doing the same thing. We even switched off. If I was having trouble persuading a client, I would tell him I wanted him to have a second opinion and put him in touch with one of the others who then try to persuade him to invest. They did the same and, much to our surprise, we found that the technique worked very well. In fact, we were more successful working together than we ever had been working separately.

Finally, it was Friday. At 1 PM, I was waiting outside Darlene's office. She saw me and came out. "Well, Brian. I hope you've already retained a good bankruptcy attorney. You're going to need it. I've had one of my better weeks... not that I really needed it." She burst into laughter. And she continued to laugh all the way down the hallway to Wilma's office.

Darlene swept into the office like a conquering general. "Wilma, get out the ledgers for last week's new accounts. Just mine and Mr. Cramer's please."

The accountant hurried to obey the imperial command. Darlene was so busy gloating and laughing she failed to notice the small smile that Wilma flashed me. "Oh how sweet it is!" I thought, remembering the line made famous by Jackie Gleason.

Wilma laid the two ledgers face up on her desk. She opened each to the page that showed the bottom line for the week...first for Darlene.. and then for me. Darlene, of course examined hers first and smiled at the large total. Over her shoulder she said, "Kiss your ass goodbye, Brian."

Then she glanced at the bottom of the page containing my total. Darlene's smile suddenly vanished... completely. In its place was nothing short of sheer shock. My total was 60% greater than hers. "Who's ass should I kiss goodbye?" I asked. "Didn't quite get that."

Now Darlene screamed. "Wilma. What the hell is this? These totals can't possibly be correct. NO WAY!"

Now it was Wilma's turn. "Listen you! I was in this office doing the ledgers when you were still playing with dolls. Don't you dare tell me I do not keep the ledger books of Lambert and McCorey correctly. Every single one of these entries is backed up by all the appropriate contracts, all signed, all notarized as we require. If you want to check them, be my guest. And when you finish, I'll be pleased to hear your apology. Am I making myself clear or do you need for me to repeat any of this."

Darlene's face went white.. absolutely white. She knew Wilma and she knew the ledgers were correct. She had used them herself to crucify her colleagues many times.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear. "You have until 10 AM in the morning to get your affairs for the weekend in order. Do not pack anything. Nothing. I will provide every thing you will be wearing or using. Understand? I know your husband plays golf on Saturday mornings so I will be at your house at 10 AM. Tonight, you will receive a special delivery package containing the clothes you will be wearing when I arrive. If you are wearing anything else..even a necklace.. we will delay our departure until I have finished administering your disciplinary whipping... and I assure you... you will not enjoy it. Your ass will be whipped until it is beet red and stinging like fire. 10 AM... tomorrow... be ready, Slave. Now give me the key to your home. NOW! Hurry. I have too much work to do to waste time waiting on my slave."

Numb with shock, Darlene handed me her house key, and I walked from the room. Darlene sank into a chair, her legs unable to hold her up.

At 3 PM that afternoon, Darlene was outside my office asking my secretary to speak with me. I told Carol to inform her that I was busy and would have no time to listen to her until next Monday. When Carol told her my reply, I thought she might break into tears. She pleaded with Carol to call me back.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Kempler. When my boss makes a decision, that's it. He's very firm and dom." Lowering her voice to conspiratorial whisper, Carol said, "I find that really exciting. I never know what he's going to do next." Darlene's body began to visibly tremble and shake.

After Darlene left, I called Carol into my office. "How did you enjoy that, Carol?"

"Oh god. I loved seeing that haughty, arrogant bitch squirm like that. She's terrified of what you're going to do to her."

"Here's the key to her house. You know the address. Her husband won't be home until 6 PM or so and Darlene has meetings this afternoon, so you have several hours. Leave immediately. She probably keeps them in her bathroom, but you would know about that than me."

"Don't worry, Brian. I'll find them if I have to search every inch of the house."

She turned to leave, but I stopped her. "Carol, thank you."


At 9 AM the next morning, the doorbell on the Kempler's mansion rang. Darlene assumed it was me, but instead she found a uniform-clad delivery boy on her doorstep.

"Special delivery for Mrs. Kempler", he announced.

Darlene signed for the package and took it into her bedroom. When she opened it, a weird mixture of fear, anger, and sexual excitement coursed through her body. It was the outfit she was to wear on penalty of a severe whipping if she failed to do so.

There were only three items in the box. The first was a flimsy, pink halter that consisted of nothing more than one string around her neck, another around her back and two small triangles to cover her tits. She shuddered when she looked at the size of the triangles. They wouldn't even begin to cover up her 38DD tits. The second item was a pair of white and gold sandals. The open toed shoes had gold straps across her foot but no back straps. Their 4-inch heels and stiletto heels made them into pure "fuck-me" shoes. The last item in the box was a pair of cut-off jean short shorts. Holding them up, Darlene realized that there was practically nothing to them. Half of her ass would be exposed. They were going to be so tight, she wasn't certain that she would even be able to pull them up over her hips. She went back to the box and searched for the panties, but found none. She felt her pussy juicing at the erotic thought that it was going to be naked under the shorts.

Mindful of her instructions to pack nothing.. to take nothing, she realized that she was forbidden to augment her outfit with a pair of her own panties. She felt her pussy juices pouring out.

Just before 10 AM, Darlene went into her bathroom to take her daily birth control pill. Her plan was to put two day's supply into a small vial which she would hide inside her pussy. If Cramer found them, she would claim that they were her required medication for diabetes. The agreement stated that he could not put her life in danger, so she was certain that there would be no problem. Her certainty, however, vanished when she could not find her pills. She always kept them in her bathroom cabinet, but they were no where to be found. It was 13 days since she had started her last period. Thinking of her fertile, ready uterus, she began to panic.


An hour later, at exactly 10 AM, her doorbell rang a second time. When Darlene answered, I saw that she had done as directed. Her cutoff jean shorts hugged her like a second skin and exposed fully half of her ass. The flimsy halter was nothing more than a couple of strings and two small triangles of cloth that had no chance of covered her huge 38DD tits. The sandals with their 4-inch heels arched her legs and ass. She looked distilled essence of whore.

"Very good! You look outstanding, Slave."

"Please. I know that I'm your slave for the weekend, but couldn't you call me Darlene?"

"If you please me properly, I will consider your request. Until then, your name is Slave. Let's go Slave. We are on a tight schedule."

"Are any of the neighbors outside?"

"The lady next door is out watering her shrubs and flowers in the front yard. Come on."

"Please. Please, Master. Couldn't you drive into the garage? I'll get in your car there. I don't want her to see me in this outfit."

"But I do want her to see you like that. That's why you're wearing that particular outfit. Now move your sexy ass out that door!"

I kept my hand on Darlene's ass as we walked down the sidewalk. I moved slowly, rubbing her butt all the way. She began to think we might make it to the car when I stopped her with my hand around the crotch of her shorts.

"Hello, Mrs. Jones." I called out to the lady watering her flowers next door. Mrs. Jones, an older woman around 50, looked up and smiled and then waved at me. A moment later, her eyes fell on the nearly naked body of her neighbor. When she saw her large breasts almost completely exposed, her hand flew to her mouth. Then, she looked downward and saw half of her ass exposed. But most of all, she saw my hand in the crotch of her shorts holding her in place.

"I'm glad you're out this morning. Haven't seen you in awhile. If you see Mr. Kempler, please let him know that I got his wife to the airport in plenty of time for her to catch her plane."

"Oh. I will certainly tell him, Brian. It's so nice to see you again. It's been awhile. I know you're in a hurry to get Darlene to the .. eh... eh.. airport, but have you got just a second to look at these roses. I'm really very proud of them. Just take a moment. Please."

"Sure, no problem. I'd love to see them." Turning to Darlene, I whispered "Don't move one inch, Slave, or I'll whip your ass until you're begging me to stop."

Leaving Darlene standing nearly naked on the walk, I walked over to the hedge where Mrs. Jones was waiting. Looking over the hedge, I failed to see any roses. "Where are the roses?" I asked.

Mrs. Jones moved closer. "There are no roses, Brian. I just wanted to speak with you a moment." In a louder voice, she said, "Don't you think my roses are magnificent?" Then in a much lower voice: "I don't have any idea where you're taking that worthless Bitch, but... (here she whispered in my ear)... I hope you fuck the shit out of every one of her holes."

"We'll do that and more."

"I hope you'll stop by and tell me all about it sometime."

"Count on it."

Darlene was fidgeting and squirming by the time I returned to her side. She vainly tried to find someway to cover up her almost totally exposed body. Ushering her into the passenger seat, I drove away leaving the safety of her home behind her.

We had only gone a half mile when we passed a Walgreen's drug store. "Stop. Stop right here. I need to get something", Darlene commanded.

I ignored her and drove past the store. She yelled louder for me to turn around... that she had to get some medication. To her surprise, I did turn off the street into a park, but instead of turning around as she had ordered, I drove deeper into the deserted park and finally parked in a clump of trees.

Darlene opened her mouth to speak. She didn't get out the first word. "Don't you dare open your mouth, Slave. For the rest of this weekend, you speak only when answering a direct question or requesting permission to use the bathroom. You absolutely do not... repeat.. DO NOT.. give me orders. Now take off that halter. Get your big tits out."

She stared as I removed my belt from the loops in my pants. Terrified, she pulled the string behind her back and removed the halter. Her big tits swung free.

"Now the shorts. Get the shorts off! NOW!" I swung the belt in my hand to emphasize my order. She had to struggle to get the shorts down her thighs. Finally, they were off and only her heels prevented her from being totally naked in a public park.

"Get on your hands and knees on the seat. Head down on the seat. All the way down. Ass up high. Do it!" I snapped the belt across the dashboard with a resounding WHACK! Darlene was in position very quickly after that.

"Reach between your thighs and pry open your cunt. It's time I saw what your primary fuck hole looks like, Slave." She hesitated and the belt whacked the dashboard a second time. Her hand literally flew to her pussy and pried it wide open.

"What a hot slave you're going to make. A hundred men are going to be dying to fuck that hot hole."

I could see tears running down Darlene's cheeks as her body shook violently. But she dutifully assumed the punishment position on the seat, now almost naked, with her ass arched high in the air. No longer the arrogant, haughty bitch, she was whimpering.. begging me to give her another chance.

"Slaves get one chance... that's all... then they are severely punished. Trying to order your master to stop so you can do some shopping is outrageous! You hear me.. OUTRAGEOUS! You get the belt on your sexy ass for that."

"Ohh..please NOOOOO!! Don't whip me. Please. I just needed to get some birth control pills.. I couldn't find mine."

"That's tough shit, Slave. Boost your ass higher. If you move, there will be twice as many lashes."

Taking careful aim, my belt whistled through the air and then cracked smartly over the black-haired bitch's ass.... sssssssssssssss... WHACK!

"AAAEEEEEIIIIIIIIII.... ", she screamed but did not move her ass.

sssssssssssssss... WHACK! Darlene howled in pain as the red welt rose on her ass.

sssssssssssssss... WHACK! sssssssssssssss... WHACK!

"Oohhhhh please...please...stop..stop... no more... can't stand it...oohh god.. oh god... stop...stop..please..please..please."

"That's your four lashes. Remember what they felt like so we won't have to repeat this lesson again this weekend. All right. Put your halter and shorts back on. We're leaving."

Darlene fastened the halter around her big tits and then gingerly pulled the tight shorts up over her burning ass. "Oohhh it hurts... it hurts... god." When she had the shorts on, I felt her crotch. It was wet.

"You hot slave bitch. Your cunt is already wet."


The drive took a half hour. For the last fifteen minutes of the drive, I blindfolded Darlene securely. We had tested several blindfolds to find one that completely blocked any chance that she could see. We arrived at a warehouse that contained an apartment upstairs. The realtor had been having difficulty renting the place and was delighted to give us a cheap price for a two-week lease.

I led Darlene from the car and helped her negotiate the stairs. Duncan had done a great job of getting the room and all the equipment ready. A king-sized bed dominated the center of the room. Duncan, Roy, Jeff, and Marlon were waiting. I was sure they all had erections as I did.

"Where are we?" Darlene moaned.

"Quite! If you speak again without permission, we will gag you. Duncan stepped behind her, cut the bra strap, and pulled the halter away from her big tits. At the same time, Jeff was unzipping her shorts and pulled them down her thighs.

"Oh god.. Oh god.. how many men are here?"

sssssssssssssss... WHACK! My belt hissed as it whipped through the air followed by a loud crack as it hit Darlene's large ass.

"AAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIII.... ", she screamed, her ass on fire where the belt had raised a red welt.

"I told you to be quiet Slave."

She was whimpering when Jeff ordered her to step out of her shorts. She did so immediately.

We're going to take you to the bathroom so you can pee. It will be your last chance for several hours. We suggest that you take advantage of the opportunity."

Roy led the naked Darlene to the commode, backed her up to it, and said, "Sit, Slave. The commode is right behind you. Keep your legs wide open when you pee so we can all inspect your stream."

She sat, opened her thighs, and began to urinate. Marlon zoomed the video in on her pussy, catching the full view of her peeing. "Wider. Spread wider, I ordered. I still have the belt ready." Her legs flew open, as wide as she could spread them.

When she had finished, we led her to the king-sized bed, backed her up to it, and told her to lie down on her back. Darlene sat on the end of the bed, carefully leaned backwards, feeling her way, until she got her bearing. Then, she pulled her body onto the bed and laid down on her back.

"Legs wide open, Slave", came the command from Duncan. "Arms out to side." With four of us working, we soon had her tied securely to the bedposts, her legs gaping, arms splayed out. Her big tits heaved on her chest as she awaited her fate. It was not to be what she expected.

"Lift your big ass, Slave", I ordered. Darlene arched her back and lifted her butt off the bed. As soon as it cleared the surface, Marlon shoved a large pillow beneath her hips to keep her elevated. Darlene had no doubts that she was about to be fucked.

The clock on the wall said 11:35 AM. The five of us started very slowly each of us taking a different part of Darlene's naked body. I had her left tit, Duncan claimed her right one. Roy was on her left leg and thigh while Marlon did her right one. That left Jeff to take care of her belly and abdomen. No one was going to touch her pussy... at least not for some time.

Five tongues slid sensuously over Darlene's breasts, calves, and belly. Without touching her nipples, Duncan and I circled her heaving breasts again and again until their entire surfaces were coated with a thin sheen of our saliva. Two tongues ran up and down her thighs, coating them as well. She felt the tip of a tongue enter her navel.. probe and stroke.. wetting it.

Having completely wetted Darlene's breasts, calves, and belly, we started again.. slow, gentle caresses... sliding sensuously over the surface of her body. She was bound securely to the bed to the point that any movement was difficult, but by the time we completed the second circuit of her body, she had begun to writhe and squirm. Halfway through our third circuit, her hips were undulating and thrusting.

"You have permission to moan and express passion, Slave. You may also beg for permission to cum. I would advise you not to cum without first obtaining permission."

Darlene remained silent, but her body continued to move on the bed, at least to the extent possible. When the clock read 12:22 PM, we moved to new targets. I finally let my tongue touch her left nipple as Duncan captured her right one. Roy and Marlon moved upward to the gaping thighs while Jeff allowed his tongue to slide over her mound but not quite to her erect and pulsing clitoris.

After ten more minutes on the nipples, thighs, and mound, she began to groan. Her hips thrust more frantically against her bonds. After fifteen minutes or so, Jeff nodded his head and pointed at her clitoris. It was now fully erect and protruding from its protective hood. Roy and Marlon smiled and pointed between her legs to her vagina that was now seeping sexual fluids. Not to be outdone, Duncan and I pointed to her erect nipples that now bulged outward from the sucking that we had been giving them.

At 12:45 PM, we began to touch her with our fingers as well as with our tongues. Light, feathery touches on her breasts, her nipples, her chest, her belly, her calves, her thighs, and her mound quickly turned the woman into a panting female desperate for someone to touch her throbbing pussy and clitoris. She could no longer restrain her moans.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhh..god... that feels incredible... aaahhhhhhhhhhh... more. more... more... ohhhh please do more... go between my legs.... please...aaahhhhh ... uuummmmmmmmmmm... ugh ugh ugh.."

"We are between your legs", Roy told her.

"Ooohh... no... go higher... go higher between them... ooohhh... uuummmm"

"Go higher to where?"

"UUUMMMM... higher... to my vagina... you know where I want it...ooohh good... hurry... do it to meeeee.."

"To your what?" Roy pressed.

"My PUSSSYYY... " she wailed.

"To your what?" Roy asked again.

"aaahhh... please... please... TO MY CUNT....!"

The video camera recorded every thrust of her hips and pelvis, every arch of her tits, every moan and plea she made. We ignored her and continued to use our tongues and fingers to stimulate Darlene.

Fifteen minutes later, we had completed another complete circuit of her body, this time adding her neck and face. Her legs, thighs, tits, nipples, belly, mound, and her face gleamed with the wetness from our tongues. We had licked her nose, her cheeks, her lips, her neck... only her eyes beneath the blindfold had escaped.

"OOOOOOOOOooooo...never felt anything in my life like this...oohhhhh.. please.. take me.. take me... I'm so ready... "

"But you haven't taken your birth control pills, Darlene. If we take you, we have no intention of using condoms."

The woman moaned helplessly. Her body thrashed wildly about. I wondered if she would cum without ever having had her pussy touched.

"I think this side's done, Gentlemen. Shall we flip her?" Everyone nodded. The ropes were untied from the bedposts to allow us to turn her over onto her stomach, again with the large pillow under her belly. The ropes were retied stretching her legs and arms wide apart as before.

We all switched places. Duncan and I took Darlene's legs; Roy and Jeff took her arms, shoulders, and neck while Marlon worked on her back and waist. Five tongues again began to lick the moaning female. Up and down her calves and thighs, over her arms, along her neck and shoulders, up and down her spine. Our slave moaned and struggled trying to press her clitoris hard enough against the bed to make herself cum.

It was 2:15 PM before I moved up to her buttocks and spread them apart with my fingers. I could see both her ass and cunt holes opening and closing in rhythmic contractions. Sex juices bubbled out of Darlene's cunt. Marlon left for a moment to bring several warm wash cloths. I held her ass cheeks open while he cleaned her anus.

When the job was done, I pressed my face into her ass crack and began to run my tongue over her cheeks and into her crack.

"Ooooohhhh...god... what are you doing to meeeeeeeeee.... ?"

I showed her what was coming by licking her hole, rimming her, and then pushed my tongue inside her ass.

"OH OH OH OH... aaahhhhhhhhhh.... no one's ever done that to me before. It's fantastic... if feels.... ooohhh god... don't know how it feels.... please...don't stop .. please...ooohhhh..."

For several minutes I tongue fucked Darlene's asshole that was now gaping open and contracting harder than before. I moved aside and let Duncan get his tongue inside her ass while I licked her cheeks. Next, it was Roy's turn. He tongue fucked her ass rapidly..pushing deep. Darlene wailed and moaned. Jeff rimmed her for five minutes before he inserted his tongue into her easily opened hole. Finally, Marlon completed the circuit by tongue fucking her ass until his tongue was too tired to continue.

It was almost 3 PM when we again started the rotation of tongue fucking her ass. The tongues that were not being used in her ass, continued to lick and stroke her arms, shoulders, neck, back, thighs. When we were finished with the second rotation, it was time for our fingers to take over.

Marlon held her ass open as I pushed in a finger..then two... then three... finally I had four fingers inside her asshole. Darlene struggled at first... found it hopeless.. and finally gave up... Jeff nodded when he felt her ass relaxing accepting the fingers inside with protest. A short time later, she was hunching her ass up and down to meet the our thrusts.

At 3:30 PM, we turned Darlene back onto her back. This time, however, instead of spread-eagling her legs, we tied her ankles in a spreader bar and then pulled the bar up and back, attaching it to the top of the bed. We tied her arms as before. The position completely exposed her ass and her cunt.

We took turns using our tongues on her asshole, pussy, and clitoris. Roy went first and as soon as his tongue touched Darlene's clit, she screamed and gurgled, her pussy contracting hard. Roy back off immediately leaving her cunt pulsing and throbbing.

"OOoohhhh NO NO NO don't stop... please... finish me... finish me.. this is' unbearable... please.. you can't treat a woman like this... please... I need to cum.. I've just got to cum.... DO TO ME... MAKE ME CUM... FINISH ME... PLEASE."

We all watched her juices cascading down the the crease of her ass as her cunt gaped open...we could even see the inside of her channel opening and closing. She was so hot... so turned on... that her cunt assumed that there must be a cock in her ... so it was contracting and throbbing about a cock that wasn't there.

It took almost two minutes before her contractions ebbed. Roy immediately went back to work on her cunt. His tongue swabbed up and down the length of her slit. Darlene wailed and shrieked... begging him to do her clitoris. He ignored her.

After five more minutes, we switched. Duncan pushed his tongue in her cunt and she threw her hips upward in wild gyrations. He stopped. She began to beg again. He licked her clit three times. That was all it took for her to rise rapidly toward her first orgasm. Again he stopped.

"OOhhh god damn you... miserable bastard... let me cum... please...oooh please... I'll do anything... just let me cummmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

We continued to switch back and forth until it was almost 5 PM. We had been working on the woman for five hours. She was bawling.. crying... sobbing... begging.. whining... screaming... for an orgasm. We needed to take our slave to dinner. So it was time.

Duncan plugged in the vibrator, a large electrically powered unit. Darlene saw it. Her eyes widened with hope. Her cunt was throbbing continuously now. It wasn't possible to work on her for more than ten seconds before we had to stop to prevent her orgasm. We tightened her restraints so that her legs were up and back, locked in a wide open position. Duncan got between her legs with the vibrator on its high setting.


Duncan pressed the large vibrating knob against her engorged, pulsing clitoris.

After five hours of being teased and stroked and brought repeatedly to the brink of orgasm only to be denied, the result was incredible. Darlene's cunt exploded. Her juices squirted several feet into the air in a huge stream. Her cunt hole opened and closed. Air whooshed out of her cunthole as her vagina slammed shut in a spastic contraction. An inhuman scream erupted from her lungs. Her tongue lolled out. Behind her blindfold, we were certain her eyes had rolled back. Her asshole was contracting repeatedly. After three enormous squirts of her sex juices, her bladder opened and she drenched the bed covers with piss.

It took ten minutes of gasping and heavy breathing for Darlene to calm down. Even then, she was still moaning softly, her cunt still quivering and pulsing slowly.. opening.. closing.. a thin stream of her cuntal secretions still seeping out of her vagina and sliding down the crack of her upturned ass.

Darlene had been blindfolded for almost 6 hours. We decided she needed some relief. "We're going to remove your blindfold, Slave. Keep your eyes closed and open them gradually until your eyes become accustomed to the light." She did as instructed.

While I set the table for dinner, Roy broiled some burgers, and Marlon laid out a spread of cheeses, chips, beer, soft drinks, coffee, and a couple of pies for dessert. Jeff helped Darlene to her feet and took her to the bathroom. While she peed, he ran her a warm bath and then helped her get in the tub. We all took turns washing her.

She smelled the food and asked, "May I eat? Please. I'm starved."

I've already set a place for you, Slave. Dry off, put on your heels and come join us."

"Can I put something on to eat? A robe or something?"

"No. Slaves eat naked."


Darlene ate like a ravenously, like a wolf. We were all hungry, and Roy had to fix some more burgers. After dinner, we put Darlene to bed and told her she could sleep until 10 PM after which she would be required to service us. We opened some beer, turned on the TV, and settled down to watch the football game until 10 PM.


At 10:15 PM, I got on the bed with our slave, spread her legs apart, and began to lick her thighs and clit. It didn't take more than a minute of this before she was awake and her hips beginning to thrust. As my tongue brought her clitoris to full erection, she began to moan. When her clitoris began to dance and throb, her moans turned to deep growls of female pleasure.

"OOOhhhhhh sooo good... suck me... lick my clit, Baby... Make your hot slave cum.. "

When her hole began to jerk and contract in orgasm a short time later, she howled and grunted: "Huh..Aahh.. Huh..Aahh Huh..Aahh Huh..Aahh Huh..Aahh Huh..Aahh", over and over as more lubricating juices seeped from her excited pussy.

At 10:45 PM, Roy was straddling her chest with his dick fucking back and forth between her big tits. With nearly 12 hours of straight sex, she had lost all control. She was now doing whatever we commanded and she was doing it enthusiastically. Like right at the moment. Not only was the black-haired slut squeezing her big tits around Roy's fucking cock, she also had her mouth wide open to take his load when he decided to shoot it. However, he had other plans for his load.

Just as he was about to cum, he pulled his cock from between Darlene's big tits and moved off her chest.

"Oh.. Don't stop, Roy. Do my tits. Cream them or shoot your hot load into my mouth. I would love to swallow it. Please... please.. ", she begged in an obvious panic.

Roy ignored her. When he tried to move between her legs, Darlene clamped them shut. Leaning over, he whispered softly. "Open your legs, Slave, so I can fuck your hot hole."

In desperation, Darlene flipped over onto her hands and knees, arched her ass, and said, "Fuck me in the ass, Roy. You'll love my ass. It's really tight. Just try it. You'll see."

"Darlene, I'll fuck your ass later. Right now I want your hot cunt. So, please don't make me be rough. I hate that. Turn over onto your back with your legs wide open and up in female fucking position. I want your cunt in perfect fucking position. Do it now!"

With no other option, Darlene obediently flipped to her back, jacked her legs up in the air, and spread wide for him.

"You have a beautiful cunt, Darlene. Absolutely gorgeous." With that comment, Roy moved into her sex saddle, his hips jamming in tight and spreading her even wider. His hands moved under her ass to hold her in position as he fitted the knob of his 7-inch cock into the mouth of her cunt. He thrust his hips forward and sank his entire length into her hot hole. He immediately pulled out and drove in another stroke. He grunted with the intense pleasure a male always feel when he sinks his cock into a hot female fuck hole.

The hard pounding cock quickly drove Darlene into a sexual frenzy. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck that big hard fuck stick into me... sink it in, Baby.. all the way into my married pussy. Aahhhh..." Her legs and feet rose up over Roy's back where they jerked and flailed the air in response to the hard fuck strokes Roy was pounding into her.

"Oh damn, Baby. You have a delicious cunt. I hope you're on the pill Darlene, because I'm going shoot you full."

"Ooohhh god... noooooooooo....", she moaned, but her ass wasn't listening. It was ramming upward every time Roy pounded his prick into her. Her clitoris was already pulsing and dancing as the randy male fucked her.

Roy was much too close to hold his load. After a couple of dozen strokes into the Darlene's wet, hot cunt, he felt his load rising from his balls. After hours of holding back, it felt like it was going to be huge.

"Get ready, Darlene. HERE IT CUMS!!"

She felt the cock inside her cunt expand, jerk several times, and then drive to the very bottom of her hole, up against her womb where males seemed to instinctively know to shoot their loads to impregnate a female. The cock pulsed and then began to throb hard as it ejaculated the semen deep inside her cunt. Each time the man's cock throbbed, he growled and grunted, the age-old cry of a dominant male planting his seed.

The thought that he was breeding her excited her to an intense orgasm. Her pussy began to contract and throb as Roy pumped gush after huge gush of cum into her. When he finally pulled his prick from her pussy, cum flowed out in a thick stream.

Marlon gave her no time to rest. He was on her as soon as Roy's body had vacated her saddle. Flipping her over onto her hands and knees, he boosted her ass high, pushed her knees apart, mounted her like a dog mounts a bitch, and slammed his hard meat into her cum-filled gash.

Darlene grunted as he fucked her. "HUH..AAHHH.. HUH..AHHH HUH..AAHH HUH..AAHH HUH..AAHH HUH..AAHH HUH..AAHH "

When she felt Marlon's fingers spreading her labia and moving onto her sensitive clitoris, her vagina exploded into hard spastic contractions. She came again and again. The wild pulsing and throbbing of her contracting cunt hole was too much for Marlon after a day on non-stop sex without cumming. He buried his rod into her hole and spewed another monster load into her. Darlene was close, but didn't cum.. She needed more cock... more fucking..

When Marlon dismounted, Duncan laid on the bed beside the moaning female and ordered her to mount with her back against his chest. With his hands underneath her thighs, he pulled her legs up and back. Her sex holes gaped open inches away from his rampant, stone-hard cock. It twitched up and down, almost as if it could see through its single eye the enticing hot female fuck hole just inches away and was anxious to get into it.

"Put my cock into your cunt, Darlene. Reach around and stick me into you."

She aligned his plunger with her opening and moved her hips downward allowing her slippery pussy lips to slide over the big cock head. Duncan felt his cock entering her and rammed it up and in.

"UUUGGHHH.... " came the excited female moan. Duncan rammed her like a wild stallion. He hammered his prick into her like he was trying to drive it into her stomach. Every stroke slammed into the bottom of her cunt with masculine authority. She grunted every time it thudded into her womb. Darlene began to cum.. again and again... unable to stop with the male fucking her like a whore. When she felt him shooting in his load, her belly knotted in a hard spasm as she wailed and howled uncontrollably.

I was the last one to get into bed with Darlene. She was panting, her chest heaving from repeated orgasms. Her cunt, her thighs, and the bed covers were drenched with the overflow from the four huge cum loads that had already been pumped into her. I raised up over her and kissed her gently on the lips.

Darlene sighed deeply in response. "Brian.. I'm so tired. Do you think you could be gentle with me when you fuck me. I really don't think I can take another hard pounding right now."

"Why don't you get on top? That way you can do it the way you want. I'll just let you use me."

"Oh god... thank you." She kissed me spontaneously and passionately. "I promise to make it good for you."

"Fucking you couldn't possibly be anything but good, Darlene."

"Mmmmm... I'm no longer "Slave". I'm Darlene. I like that a lot better. And I'm going to show you how much better a fuck Darlene is than Slave."

She slid down my body, rubbing her big tits all over me as she moved toward my rigid, throbbing cock. When she reached it, her mouth devoured my shaft, all the way to my balls.

"Ohh fuck! That's fantastic, Darlene", I whispered in her ear. In response, she sucked harder and faster. Rita never sucks me like that.. In fact, she almost never sucks me. I know you want me to cum in your mouth, Darlene. Go ahead, suck harder and I will."

Abruptly she stopped, shook her head negatively, and whispered back to me. "Don't you dare shot your big load in my mouth. I want it deep inside my hot cunt. Please. Don't cum in my mouth... cum in my cunt."

"I'd love to fuck and fill you, Darlene. I've wanted to fuck you from the very first day I saw you."

"I'm sorry I was such a castrating bitch. From now on, you're going to see a big change." She shoved her tongue deep inside my mouth and k


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