Deric's Wager


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Deric's Wager

by RLM

The "Ten Pins" were leading in their bimonthly bowling match. If they won the match, the team would take over first place. Deric Forgan was the last man up for the team. As long as Deric marked in the tenth frame, victory was assured. If he was open and scored nine pins, the match would end in a dead tie. Anything less than 9 pins would give the team a loss. It all rode on Deric's shoulders. His opponents were all busy trying to psyche him out.

Jack was the lead heckler for the "Hot Shots". "Relax, Deric. Nothing to worry about. The whole match and first place rides on your performance with the next two balls. Piece of cake. Don't choke up. Don't think about how awful it's gonna be if you screw it up for your teammates."

Earl Bullmer was doing his best to get his friend to relax. "Don't listen to him, Deric. I know you. Steady as a rock."

Deric smiled to himself as he dried his ball. Earl's comments about how steady he always was were doing more to unnerve him than anything Jack was yelling at him. "Sometimes Earl isn't the sharpest stick in the pack," he thought.

His ball dry and ready, Deric held it cradled in his left hand so as not to put pressure on his right arm prematurely. The perfectly triangular rack of 10 pins stood ready at the end of the lane. There was a beautiful symmetry about bowling. The gleaming, oiled lanes, the symmetric pins set in the symmetric rack, the spherical, gleaming ball, the near magical effect of the spin on the ball as it flashed down the lane, the wondrous effect of hitting the 1-3 pocket perfectly. He loved the game.

Deric slowly approached the line, all his concentration on the right-most mark a third of way down the lane over which he willed the ball to travel. Three fingers on his gloved right hand took their position inside the ball, still cradled gently in his left palm. A cacophony of voices echoed throughout the building, but Deric heard nothing; his eyes saw nothing save the mark a third of way down the lane. With careful, slow deliberation his right foot moved forward in the first of his four-step approach. It was a small stride; the second step larger and faster, the third at just the right speed. On the third step, the ball was far behind his back, held in perfect position by his right hand. On the fourth step, Deric's right arm brought the ball down perpendicular to the floor and delivered the shot, his right hand extending in the perfect follow through, his fingers imparting the spin as they slipped from the holes.

The ball spun out of his hand and moved down the lane directly toward the mark and toward the gutter. A direct trajectory would take it into the gutter halfway to the pins. It always made his teammates nervous to watch the trajectory of his first shot. Just as the ball crossed over the mark, the ball's spin took effect and changed its direction. Now, instead of heading toward the gutter, the ball rocketed toward the 1-3 pocket hitting it perfectly.

The effect on the pins was pure magic, the sole reason Deric loved the game. One instant, the 10 pins were in a perfect triangular rack. The next instant, the entire rack had simply exploded off the lane... no pins falling into each other... just a huge explosion and all the pins were gone.

With the victory sealed, Deric's last two shots were meaningless. He took them and scored a spare. There were congratulations all around, of course.

"What you say, we get together at my house for some beer and to celebrate?" Gregg Lemmon suggested. "It's too good an evening to let it end so quickly. And, Deric, Great Shot!"

"Are you certain that Lori won't mind three guys hanging out at your place this late?" Blair Felling asked.

"You know Lori. She loves to have men around. She'll join us and celebrate with us."

"That's true, but it will sort of inhibit the conversation... if you know what I mean." Earl commented.

"Why should it? There's nothing you can say that will shock my wife and nothing that she hasn't heard before from her female friends. In fact, I can tell you that women together often get a lot raunchier than men do."

"Deric, you haven't said anything. This plan ok with you?"

"Sure. I'll call my wife and tell her where I'll be so she won't worry and will know where she can reach me if anything comes up."

Deric's three teammates were all looking at him in a peculiar sort of way as the left the bowling alley.


An hour later, empty beer cans littered several tables in the Lemmon household. The four teammates had celebrated their victory and Lori had joined them enthusiastically. Blair had described Deric's last shot that clinched the victory in vivid detail. "I mean, when Deric's shot hit the pocket, the explosion of those pins simply blew the "Hot Shots" fuckin' heads off."

With discussion of the match fully exhausted, the conversation had turned to the team's other favorite topic, sex. Lori had joined in without any apparent reservation or hesitation. At first, the discussion was general with no specific reference to particular men or women. Finally, Earl looked over at Lori and asked, "What's the name of that blonde friend of yours? You know the one with the monster jugs whose always showing them off?"

"I think you're referring to Marion Carver. Know how big they are?" Lori asked with a smile.

"No. They look like they're 38D or something like that." Earl responded.

"Way too small, Honey. Try 40DD. That's closer to the mark."

"Not surprised," Blair remarked with an unabashed grin. "Whenever she's around, I can't take my eyes off them."

Lori regarded the men for a moment and then asked, "Have you fucked her, Blair?"

Blair hesitated. Finally Lori said, "Come on, Honey. Fess up. I'm not going to call Mindy and rat you out. Besides you gotta know that Mindy isn't pristine pure anyway. So, have you had Marion?"

"Yeah. Twice. Once at a party at their home. Another time I saw her at the mall when my wife was visiting her sister. We had a couple of drinks and then I brought her home."

"Good for you! How about you Earl? Have you gotten into her?"

"Once. Last year at a New Year's Eve party."

"What about you, Deric?" Lori questioned.

"No. Never."

Blair looked at Lori and asked, "You're not going to ask Gregg if he's fucked her?"

"I don't have to ask him, Honey. I already know he's had her several times."

After the discussion about Marion, the group relaxed and discussed other women they all knew. At one point, Lori protested. "This isn't fair. There's four men here and only one woman. Let's talk about some of the hunks we all know. For example, what do you guys know about Carl Dawson? You know, he's the new assistant football coach at Highland Hills."

"He's married." Lori's husband Gregg volunteered.

"So what? He's still a delectable male specimen."

Earl looked over Lori's hot body. She was sitting with her legs crossed paying no attention to the fact that her dress had ridden far up her thighs exposing her garters and hose. Earl felt his cock stiffening as he boldly asked, "Has he fucked you yet?"

Taken aback by the brashness of Earl's question, Deric glanced over at Lori's husband to gauge his reaction. Gregg seemed nonplussed, as if Earl had asked his wife about her age.

"Not yet, but the way he looks at my legs and tits, it's obvious that he wants to."

"Well, I can certainly understand why he looks at your legs," stated Earl with a grin. "They're gorgeous."

Lori smiled at the complement and pulled her dress even higher on her thighs. "You like my legs, huh?"

Unfortunately for Lori, the men were uncooperative, and their conversation quickly reverted back to various women.

"Ok. You guys all talk a good game, but do you perform? Were there any women at the alley tonight that you wanted to fuck? Gregg?"

"Sure. All of the them." All the men, as well as Lori, laughed.

"Come on, be serious. How many really caught your attention? Gregg?"

"There were three foxes there, really nice looking women. Two blondes and a sultry looking brunette."

"How about you, Blair?" Lori asked.

"I saw the three women Gregg mentioned. I might have approached one of them if the match hadn't been so close everyone needed to concentrate on bowling, not pussy."


"Those three looked good. No doubt about that, but there two or three others who weren't as drop-dead gorgeous, but who actually intrigued me more. They just looked more sensuous, more like they enjoyed the company of men."

"Hmmm. Interesting. I'm beginning to understand why you have such a reputation as a lover." Earl literally beamed with masculine pride at the complement.

Lori turned to the hero of the night. "Deric. I don't think you've said 10 words all night. What did you think of the women at the bowling alley?"

Deric shrugged his shoulders and held his hands palms up. "Sure there were some very nice looking women there tonight, but it really doesn't matter. There's no way to get into any of them. It's just a meaningless fantasy."

The shock on Lori's face was evident. The men's faces showed similar disbelief, almost as if they couldn't believe what they had just heard. Finally, Lori asked, "Are you serious, Deric?"

"Yes. Why wouldn't I be? Just stating the obvious."

That was too much for Blair. "Oh come on, Deric. You don't believe that. Women like sex just as much as men do. If you don't believe me, ask Lori. She'll give you the real scoop."

Deric looked at Lori. The question on his face was obvious. "He's not quite right, Deric. Most women like sex a lot more than most men, a lot more."

"Why do you say that, Lori? I don't mean to doubt your word. I'm sure you believe what you're saying, but the facts just don't support you."

"They don't? Let me just ask a question of each of you. You have to tell the truth. Agreed?"

When everyone nodded, Lori continued. "When you have sex with a woman you like, one who is sensuous and hot, how many times do you normally cum in... say... a two-hour sex session with her?"

"Three, usually," Gregg responded.

Lori grinned at her husband. "I'd say that's a good average estimate."

"Two for me," Blair answered. This was followed by Earl, who estimated three times.

All eyes now turned to Deric. "One," came his answer.

Lori was shocked... not only because the number was low, but also because of his honesty in admitting it without hesitation. "Ok. Fair enough. When a normal woman has a two-hour sex session with a talented lover, she always cums at least four times and on average six times or more. So we have two or three times the number of orgasms men do. Don't you think it follows that women are going to like and want sex a lot more than men?"

Deric considered Lori's statement for a moment and then replied. "You do have a point. Woman may like sex as much or more than men, but for most women, there's no way to get them into bed in the first place. They generally say, "no". Either because of religious training, fear of being called a slut, their wedding vows, their period, or a dozen other reasons. I maintain my essential position that none of the women at the alley tonight could be bedded."

Finally Earl, who had remained quiet up to this point, spoke. "Deric, I'll say the same thing about your position as you just said about Lori's. I'm sure you believe what you're saying but the facts just don't support you. Every normal woman can be seduced, everyone, provided the circumstances are right and the correct approach is used. The only exceptions are women who have been sexually abused, women who are chronically sick, or religious zealots such as nuns. Ask the others here, if you don't believe me. Or better yet, ask Lori."

Gregg and Blair nodded their agreement. Deric turned to Lori. "Do you agree with that?"

"Absolutely. The key words in Earl's statement are... provided the circumstances are right and the correct approach is used."

"And what do you envision the right circumstances and approach to be?"

"Well, nothing wild or unusual. Just more or less what any reasonable man would expect. The children have to be out of the house at the grandparents or at camp... something like that. The husband or boyfriend must be somewhere where there's no chance that he will suddenly show up at the wrong time. Of course, the woman must not be having her period or be down with a cold or the flu. The approach needs to be warm, slow and erotic, something that makes the woman fully aware of her femininity... fully aware of her pussy. If a man does that, and if all the other conditions are present, 95% of the time or more, she will be enjoying his cock and tongue in bed within an hour... and I might add, cumming two or three times as much as her lover."

For the next half hour, the conversation was essentially a series of anecdotal examples provided by Earl, Gregg, Blair, and Lori that what she had said was correct. Deric remained silent throughout, not objecting nor contributing any counterexamples.

"Are you convinced yet, Deric?" Lori inquired.

"Not completely. You have convinced me that perhaps some of the women at the alley tonight could be bedded by the right man at the right time, but I think your estimate of a 95% success rate under those correct conditions is way, way too high. All of you have been contributing examples showing the estimate to be correct. I'll provide a counterexample. There's no possible way my wife Beth could be seduced in the manner all of you have so erotically described."

The men all looked at each other grinning. Deric ignored the obvious implication as nonsense. Lori, however, was more objective. "Has Beth ever had sex with another man to your knowledge?"

"Not since we've been married. Before that, she told me she had had sex with one man twice before she came to her senses, as she put it."

"Well, I've known Beth for some time," Lori commented. "She wears sexy clothes, not slutty, but ones that show off her incredible figure. I've seen her smile at men, even flirt with them a little at parties. Are you sure about her not having had any other men?"

"There's no way a man can ever be 100% certain about that, of course. She's certainly not a prude. She works hard to keep her figure and likes to dress in a way that shows it off, that's true. And I've also seen her flirt with a man. Occasionally, she even permits them to feel her up if the situation is right, but that's as far as it's ever allowed to go."

Gregg piped up at that point. "Look, Deric. You know how much all of us like you. How much we all respect your intellect, your professional ability, your honesty and courage, and your ability on the bowling lanes, but you're just wrong about this. If the situation were as Lori describes, anyone of us could seduce Beth. None of us would do that to a friend, but we could, believe me... we most certainly could."

"No you couldn't. Why do you think my answer to Lori's question an hour or so ago was that I have one orgasm in a two-hour sex session with a hot, sensuous woman that I really like? My wife is certainly not a prude as Lori has pointed out, but she does have strict rules and limits, and believe me, they don't bend."

"Gentlemen, Lori... I do believe we have the makings of an interesting wager here," commented Earl.

Deric shook his head as if he couldn't credit what he was hearing. "You want to bet me that you can seduce my wife? Is that it? You're all my friends and I have no interest in taking money away from my friends. Anyway, how would all of this work? I certainly don't want the three of you each hitting on my wife three or four times a week for an unlimited time. That would become very annoying and destroy our friendship. And what about all the conditions that have to be right as Lori outlined?"

"How about this, " Lori suggested. "First, we have to strictly limit each of the men to one attempt and one attempt only. Second, aren't your kids going to camp for a month next week? That gets the children out of the way. As for getting the husband out of way, you could tell your wife you have an out of town business meeting somewhere for a week. Actually, you would just go to a hotel or something like that. You find out when her period is and we make certain that your "trip" is not during that time. Each of the guys will have a week to make his attempt. How does that sound?"

The men all nodded. Deric went to the bar and poured himself a small glass of bourbon, added some ice, and drank it down. When he finally turned to the group, he said, "There's no way I'm going to sit in a hotel for a week. So here's the alternative plan. It's true that our two kids will be at camp for a month starting a week from now. It just so happens that I actually do have a two- week long meeting in Los Angeles starting two days after the kids leave for camp. I also know that Beth's period is next week prior to when the kids leave. So that removes that potential problem. The other conditions are as Lori outlined. Each of you, Earl, Gregg, and Blair, get one attempt to seduce my wife. The three of you together are limited to the two weeks I will be out of town. So you must coordinate your attempts to stay within that time frame. Your attempt fails the instant my wife asks you to cease and desist, or to leave, or take her home, whichever is appropriate, and then backs up her demand with an unequivocal statement. Agreed?"

Everyone nodded, and then Earl asked the obvious question. "We know when our attempt is judged to fail. When will it be judged to have succeeded?"

"I think that's fairly obvious. When your hard cock enters my wife's cunt or her mouth with her full cooperation, you have succeeded."

"Fair enough. Now what stakes do you suggest?"

Again Deric thought for moment before responding. "First, I'm already giving each of you the opportunity to seduce and then fuck my wife. If one of you succeeds, you probably all will. That should be more than enough for me to "put into the pot", so to speak."

"Second: For your part, ask yourselves what would you expect to pay for a full night of hot sex with a woman as beautiful as my wife who's fucking you because she wants your cock in her cunt, not just for money like a call girl? I suggest $1,000 each is an appropriate amount for each of you to put up. Remember, all of you have argued that it's a 95% sure thing." "Third: I'll make it very easy for you. If any one of you succeeds in fucking my wife with her full, active consent... no drugs... no alcohol... etc., then all of you will be considered to have won the bet and no payment to me will be required. Are these terms acceptable?"

Gregg responded for the group: "Sure! Absolutely!"

"Wait a minute here," Lori interjected. "You should at least give yourself a chance, Deric. That's not a fair wager. I think each of them has at least a 90% chance of fucking Beth. If that's right, the chance that all three of them will fail is about one chance in a 1,000. You should make each of them stand on his success or failure and pay you the $1,000 if he fails."

"Thank you, Lori, for looking after my interests so fairly, but it's really not necessary. They will fail. They will all fail!"

Lori raised one final question: "Since you're going to be out of town for two weeks, how will you know if they succeed or not. All you will have is their word, and they stand to lose a $1,000 each if they fail. Are you just going to take their word?"

Deric's response was direct as always. "Yes. Their word will be sufficient. These men are my friends. There is no way they would lie to me about having fucked my wife just to save a $1,000. When I return, we will meet here before I return home. Each of you will tell me in detail what happened. Agreed?"

The men shook hands on the wager and Deric walked to the door. Before leaving, he turned to group, all of whom were watching him in amazement. "Gentlemen, Lori... I wish you good hunting. I hope you all bag your limit. Unfortunately for each of you, this time the limit, as you will find, is zero. Good night, my very good friends. Give it your best shot."

When the door had closed behind him, the three men and Lori all stood rock still in near shock.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Gregg:

Deric had only been gone for two days when Beth's phone rang. When she answered, she heard Gregg Lemmon on the other end of the line.

"Hi, Beth. This is Gregg. Just called to see if everything is going ok with you now that Deric's gone to Los Angeles and your kids are off to camp."

"That's very considerate of you to call, Gregg. I'm fine. No problems except it's sort of lonely sitting in this house alone most of the time. But then, it's only for two weeks. I ought to be able to manage that."

"I'm sure you can, but there's no point in your having to be alone for all that time. After all, that's what friends are for. How about having dinner with Lori and me tonight? We're going out to Richard's Club, have some dinner, and then a little dancing. Sound good?"

"Sounds wonderful! I would love that. Are you sure Lori doesn't mind my horning in on your evening?"

"Hardly. She's the one who suggested it. We'll be by to pick you up at 7:30. Our reservations are for 8. Give us time to have a drink before dinner. Lori said to tell you that she's wearing something casual, but sexy and hot, just in case you wanted to know." "Ok. Thanks. That sounds good to me. I'll put on something so that

you won't be ashamed to be seen with me."

"Beth, I can assure you that there's no chance in hell of that happening. See you at 7:30."

When Gregg broke the connection, he looked over at his sexy wife lying back on the couch, her legs partially open. "Well, what did Deric's ice princess say?"

"She loved the idea. We're picking her up at 7:30. Reservations are for 8. Now how are we going to work this?"

"Just like you outlined. We'll have a couple of drinks together and then dinner. We go to the dance area and you dance with me first, and then invite Beth. Just as you're taking her onto the dance floor, we'll fake a call on my cell phone. You can speed-dial me without her ever knowing it. I'll speak for a moment and then say that I have to go to my sister's. She's had a bad fight with her husband and wants me to come over. You, of course, offer to drive me, but I'll say that's too slow. I'll grab a cab and see you probably in the morning, as Maggie will want me to spend the night. I'll apologize to Beth and ask her to take good care of you. Then I'm off and you're on your own, Lover."

"Think it will work?"

"Oh, come on! I'm gone for the night. Beth's kids are off at camp for a month. Deric's 1500 miles away in Los Angeles for another 12 days. She's had at least two drinks... not enough to get her drunk but enough to loosen her inhibitions if she has any, and you'll be dancing with her for an hour grinding your hard cock against her mound and pressing her tits into your chest. Then you'll be alone with her in her house and you ask me if I think it will work? Are you serious?"

"Yes. Do you think it will work? Deric seems absolutely convinced that we're all going to fail. I keep wondering what it is we're missing."

"The only thing missing is Deric's common sense. A lot of men have the ridiculous notion that their wife has little or no interest in sex and would never want another man to fuck her. You're just going to show him how very wrong he is. Frankly and honestly, I think she may rape you before you can get her into bed. By the time you take her home, her pussy will be dripping. Have fun tonight, but remember... you owe me big time."

"I know I do. How about I make my first payment right now?"

"Save it, Honey. You're going to need all your energy and strength for tonight. That hot slut's going to ravish you."

"That's true, but then my tongue won't get worn out."

Lori smiled hotly, and opened her legs wide as her husband moved his head between them.


When Beth walked from her house to the Lemmon's waiting car, Gregg couldn't suppress a low whistle. His wife grinned. "Like what you see, huh? Think you'll be able to wait until later to get into her?

"If I thought I could get into her right now, there's no way I would be waiting. She's hot!"

Lori got out of the front seat as Beth approached. "Sit in the front seat, Beth, so Gregg can hear you. He can't turn to look at you while he's driving, and he hears me all the time."

Beth nodded at the logic of Lori's comment and slid into the front seat beside Gregg. She wasn't particularly careful as she got in and her short dress rode up high on her thigh. Gregg noticed that she was barelegged but was wearing 4-inch heels. She looked even hotter up close than when she was walking toward the car. Best of all, Beth made no move to pull her dress down.

Lori did most of the talking during the drive. Occasionally, Beth made a comment or two. Gregg remained silent concentrating on his driving and on Beth's exposed thigh. When they were halfway to the restaurant, Gregg was enjoying the view Beth's legs were providing. When he looked up, he saw that Beth was smiling at him, fully aware of where his eyes were. Having been caught, he did the manly thing by acknowledging his interest with a smile and slight shrug of his shoulders. Beth never said a word. She just crossed her left leg over her right knee causing her skirt to ride upward almost all the way to her panties. She left her thigh exposed like that the rest of the way to Richard's.

While they waited for their table, the three of them enjoyed two drinks at the bar. Gregg wanted to slip the bartender a $20 to add extra liquor to Beth's drink, but he remembered Deric's conditions... no drugs... no alcohol. He felt a couple of drinks would be within the rules, but certainly not if they were deliberated spiked. Besides, it was pretty obvious from the way Beth was dressed that it wasn't going to be necessary to get her drunk.

Her cocktail dress came to mid thigh and hugged her hips and ass like a second skin. The tight, low-cut bodice exposed the upper third of both tits, which Gregg estimated to be 36Ds. In the short dress and bare legs, Beth looked almost whorish. When the "fuck-me" 4-inch heels were added in, she absolutely looked whorish.

As the waiter escorted them to their table, Gregg watched the men in the club. At least 80% of them had their eyes glued to Beth's sexy ass as she passed their table.

During dinner Lori began to stir the waters. "Well Beth, what do you normally do to entertain yourself when Deric's out of town for an extended period like this one?"

"Nothing much, I'm afraid. Read, take in a movie, watch TV, go out for dinner... that sort of thing."

"Really? As gorgeous as you are, I would have thought you would have a lover or two waiting in the wings. When Gregg is out of town, that's the way I entertain myself."

"No. Afraid not. I don't have sex with men other than my husband."

As dinner was arriving, Lori immediately dropped the subject. As soon as they had eaten dessert, Gregg asked his wife to dance. After one song they returned to the table and Gregg invited Beth to dance. He was nervous that she might refuse, but she accepted eagerly.

On the dance floor, Beth showed no hesitation in moving into Gregg's arms. She had her own wrapped around his neck as she pressed her large breasts into his chest. He kept his hands discreetly on her waist and hips. When they returned to their table, Lori's cell phone rang. She spoke briefly and then made their planned announcement about her sister. Moments later, she was on her way out of the club.

"It's all right with me if you would like to go with her," Beth commented.

"No. It's better this way. Lori's sister isn't particularly fond of me. Seeing me right after a fight with her husband is probably something she would prefer to avoid. Come on. Let's dance. Lori and Maggie will be fine."

Back on the dance floor, Beth's inhibitions relaxed even further. In addition to having her arms around Gregg's neck and her tits pressed against his chest, she also laid her head in the crook between his neck and shoulder. Thus encouraged, he let his hands wander down to the large globes of her buttocks, caressing them in slow sensuous circles.

"MMMmmmmmmmmmmm... feels good," Beth whispered in his ear. "This is much better than staying home watching TV. I just love to dance like this. It's so erotic and exciting." That's all it took for Gregg's cock to expand to full erection against her belly.

"I think you really like it too," she sighed as she pressed her mound against the throbbing shaft of his erection.

Three dances later, they were back at their table enjoying an after dinner cordial. Gregg had a cognac while Beth was sipping Frangelica. "This tastes marvelous? Have you tried it?" she asked.

"Yes, but I prefer cognac. How about we dance one more song and then head back to your place?"

"Hmmm. Sounds good. Come on." Beth pulled him onto the dance floor and moments later had her body pressed firmly against Gregg's. As his erection throbbed against her soft belly, he felt her undulating against it as he moved them over the dance floor.

Gregg smiled to himself. The fact that he would soon be fucking this gorgeous woman had him wildly excited, but, in a way, he was a little disappointed that it had been so easy. Deric's comments had led him to believe that he might or might not be able to seduce Beth. As it turned out, she was obviously eager to fuck. He couldn't understand how Deric, who was normally incredibly astute, could be so wrong.

Things seemed to heat up even more on the drive back to Beth's house. With Lori gone, Beth sat right beside him with her thigh pressed against his. Looking down, Gregg saw that she had her skirt pulled down to mid-thigh, which was as far as it would go.

Beth again saw him looking at her legs. "I think you like my legs. Half of my breasts are showing but you're looking at my legs. I would say you're a leg-man, aren't you?"

"Absolutely! A woman's breasts are wonderful but they're primarily to nurse babies and to provide a soft, warm cushion."

"Really?" she giggled. "And just what are a woman's legs for?"

"To guard a woman's hot core and then to pull her lover deep within it."

"Mmmmmmmmmmm... that's a really erotic way to put it. I love it. Lori is a lucky woman."

"I could see more of your legs on the drive to the restaurant than now, even though my wife was with us on the way there."

"Yes, but she was in the back seat. She couldn't tell how much you were seeing."

"Well, she certainly can't tell now since she's not even in the car."

"I think you want to see more."

"Of course I do. A lot more."

Beth laughed and pulled her skirt up to the top of her thighs exposing the crotch of her panties. "This better?"

"A lot better!" Gregg's hand moved to her thigh and began to caress it lightly, up and down from the knee to the edge of her panties. When his hand moved onto her inner thigh, it encountered resistance as she had her thighs pressed together.

"Spread a little wider, Beth."

"Gregg, this is a lot of fun. Very erotic and oh, so sensuous. I must admit, I'm really enjoying it. A wonderful meal, erotic dancing, and a sexy man's hand on my legs trying to get me open wider. But... before we go any further, I need to repeat what I said at Richard's. I don't have sex with any man other than my husband. Is this going to be a problem for you? If so, we need to stop our erotic play."

Gregg was shocked to say the least. Nothing even remotely like this had ever happened to him. A half dozen thoughts raced through his mind simultaneously: 'Was she really serious or was she just teasing him? Testing him to see if he would be man enough to break down her token resistance and take her. She was grinding her mound against his erection on the dance floor... would any woman do that and not want it in her pussy later? Of course not!' "It's not a problem at all, Beth. I would never even consider trying to get a woman to do something she does not want to do. Frankly, I feel badly

that you think that you have to ask."

"Oh... good! Some men have a very different attitude. As I said before, Lori is a very lucky woman."

Again Gregg's hand pressed gently against her closed thighs requesting admittance. "You are a hot, randy man," Beth sighed as she opened her thighs to permit access to their inner slopes. Gregg's hand took possession of them immediately.

By the time he parked the car in Beth's driveway, his hand was all the way to the junction of her thighs against the now very moist nylon of Beth's panties. He could feel the heat and moisture emanating from her core. Obviously, before she could let herself go and have sex, she wanted to feel that a man had seduced her against her will. He was perfectly willing to play that game for her.

Once inside the house, Beth led him to the den and poured them each a small glass of brandy. While Beth poured the brandy, Gregg got up and went to the CD player, put on some slow music and took Beth in his arms. She slipped into his embrace willingly.

As they danced, Gregg whispered in Beth's ear how much she was turning him on... how hot she was... how beautiful she was. Slowly, he pulled her closer until once again Gregg was sliding his hands down Beth's back until both hands cupped and squeezed her ass. As the second song began, Gregg pulled her hard against his body, his throbbing erection grinding into her mound. His lips found hers and they kissed. His tongue probed for entrance. Her mouth opened and he slipped it inside.

He knew he was close. Five more minutes and he would be fucking this luscious woman. Leaning close, he whispered softly in her ear. "Take off your panties. Take them off now."

Beth backed out of his embrace. "I think we've gone as far as we can go. You're fantastic. If I fucked other men, you'd be one of the first, but I don't and we can't take this any further. I think we should call it a night. I loved the evening. It was wonderful. Not many men are comfortable to just touch and tease and feel. You're a real gem. Come on, Honey. Time for you to go."

Gregg was stunned. He tried desperately to recover the situation. "Please. I would love to feel your naked pussy before I go. That's not having sex... it's, it's just touching... and like you say, feeling. Please."

"Come to the door. That will be your good night present and my thank you for a wonderful evening."

Gregg followed Beth to the door. After opening the front door, she stepped to one side so that she couldn't be seen from the street, lifted her short skirt and pulled her panties off. Once more, she stepped into Gregg's arms and pushed her panties into the belt of his pants. "A souvenir for you, Honey, for a marvelous evening. Now kiss me good night and feel me."

Gregg kissed gently and then harder and finally with all the passion he could muster. At the same time, his hand moved beneath her skirt to her cunt. It was soaked, hot, open. At the top, he felt her erect, swollen clitoris. His fingers stroked her. She spread her legs to give him access to feel... to stroke... to probe.

The kiss intensified, their tongues stabbing back and forth. Just when Gregg felt Beth's clitoris beginning to throb prior to orgasm, she backed out of his embrace and pulled her skirt down.

"Wow! Incredible! I'm sorry, I can't allow you to make me cum. Cumming is sex, and therefore crosses the line that I don't cross. Good night, Gregg. Please thank Lori for allowing me to be with you tonight. It was wonderful. Good night. She pushed him out the door and closed it gently behind him.


An hour later, Gregg has just finished describing the evening to his wife. Lori was as first fascinated. Then, she became incredulous. After that, anger engulfed her and finally, fury.

"That worthless, teasing, dirty, worthless, Bitch!" she screamed. "She actually took off her panties for you... let you touch her naked cunt while you were kissing her... and then... she pushed you out the door?"

"That's a pretty accurate description."

"God! Are you in pain, Honey?

"Yes. A lot. I haven't had a case of blue balls like this since I was in high school. My balls and my abdomen ache like hell. It feels like if I just touch my balls, the pain will make me pass out. But don't worry. As bad as it feels, it's not dangerous and it will go away as soon as I come down from my sexual high."

"That's awful. Come on into the bedroom and fuck me. Don't worry about me, Baby. Just get into me and shoot off so the pain will abate."

----------------------------------------- Blair:

After Gregg's failure, the three men and Lori got together to discuss the situation.

"Obviously, we are dealing with the worst cocktease on the planet," Lori commented. Gregg was absolutely positive that he was going to score and then 30 seconds later he was outside standing on her doorstep with his cock hard as stone still inside his pants. Basically, the Bitch makes a man think he's getting somewhere with her, but she has this set of rules and limits so than nothing more than touching, feeling, and teasing can happen. Any ideas?"

Blair considered the situation for awhile and then said, "Frankly, I have no idea how to deal with a woman like that. She obviously enjoys foreplay, but will not go beyond that. Maybe a more rapid approach that doesn't give her time to think about her rules... maybe a little force... not a lot... just enough to give her an excuse to fuck and claim she had no choice."

The group agreed that might work. Over the next hour, they worked out the approach.


Three days after Gregg's failure, Beth was alone, feeling blue for lack of company, and watching a soap opera on television at 8 PM when the doorbell rang.

Beth opened the door to be greeted by Blair Felling. "Hi, Beth. I know Deric's not home, but I have some documents from work that he needs to know about the next time he calls you. There's a lot here, but he only needs to make a few decisions about certain questions. Can I come in and go over them with you so you can give Deric a heads up when he calls?

"Certainly, Blair. I'm glad to see you. Frankly, I've been feeling rather blue and lonely. It's nice to see a friendly face. How about a drink before we start?"

Blair noted that Beth was wearing a simple dress with slippers. He wondered if she was naked under the dress. Hopefully, he would find out soon. Out loud he said, "Great. Do you have any brandy?"

"Sure. Coming right up."

After Beth brought in two snifters of brandy, they sat side-by-side on the couch as Blair began going over the documents. He carefully went through a number of pages explaining that it wasn't necessary that she understand what was involved, but just tell Deric what was on the pages, and he would have enough information to make the proper decisions.

As the explanations continued, Beth moved closer to him until her thigh was touching his. Looking up from the papers, Blair said, "Mmmm... I love the aroma of your perfume. It's wonderful."

"I'm not wearing any perfume," Beth said, smiling.

"What's the wonderful aroma then?"

"That's me, Blair. That's the scent of a woman. Most men like it much better than perfume. That's why I don't wear any."

"You mean that I'm smelling your ... eh... well... I mean..."

"Yes. That's the aroma of my pussy. It gets a little stronger when I'm this close to an attractive man."

"We're alone here, aren't we?"

"We are. My children are at camp and, as you know, my husband is in Los Angeles."

"When I came over, I knew Deric was out of town, but I thought your children would be at home. Now that I know they aren't, I can't let this opportunity pass. I've wanted you ever since the first time I laid eyes on you." Blair stared into Beth's eyes. "I'm going to kiss you if you don't throw me out of the house right now."

"I have no intention of throwing you out, Blair. I love to be kissed and fondled, but before you kiss me, I have to tell you that I don't have sex with anyone but my husband. I have strict rules and limits. Ok?"

Blair ignored her, pulled her body against his on the couch and kissed her. At first, the kiss was gentle, tender... then it became passionate... finally it just took possession of her mouth and tongue. Slowly, his body covered hers, pressing her down onto the couch. His hands roamed over her face, then downward to her breasts, and from there down over her belly.

Beth's body undulated against him, her hips thrusting upward. His hands moved downward to her thighs and then down over her bare calves. "Your dress," he moaned. "pull your dress up."

Beth reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it up her legs until her legs and thighs were exposed all the way up to her panties. His hands moved over the junction of her thighs. He could feel the heat of her cunt. Like Gregg, he was certain that sex with her was only moments away. Gregg had just gone too slowly... given her too much time to think. He was going to take her rapidly and with authority.

"Open the top of your dress, Beth. I can't wait to see your incredible breasts."

Beth rapidly unbuttoned the top of her dress and pulled it from her shoulders. Beneath it, she wore a white bra that concealed about half of her large 36D tits. "Take off the bra. I want to see your big tits."

Without protest, she unhooked her bra and removed it allowing her tits to swing free. Even though she was lying back on the couch, they were firm and stood high. As Blair lowered his mouth to her naked tits and began sucking her nipples, she put her arms behind her head and arched them upward to give him better access. Wrapping her hands around Blair's head, she moved his mouth from one erect, throbbing nipple to the next.

When Beth began to moan, Blair quickly moved his hand up her leg, down the inside her thigh until he reached the wet crotch of her panties. "Pull your skirt higher. Pull it up the waist."

She did it without hesitation. A moment later, Beth's dress was bunched uselessly around her waist concealing nothing. His mouth never stopped licking her throbbing nipples while his hand slid up and down the length of her wet cunt slit with only the thin panties preventing penetration. Rising off the couch, Blair hooked his fingers in Beth's panties and pulled them off. She raised her ass to assist him in the process. When her panties were off, Beth raised her legs bending them at the knee so that she was in the classical female fucking position. Her hand moved downward and spread her pussy wide open so Blair could see everything.

After running his fingers over her clitoris and slipping his fingers into her moist vagina, Blair felt it was time to fuck the hot Bitch. Once more he got off the couch and began to remove his pants.

"Whoa, Big Boy. Stop right there! I told you before we started that kissing and fondling were ok. You enjoy it... I enjoy it... it's harmless fun, but I also told you that I have strict rules and limits and I don't have sex with anyone except my husband. Up to this point, we've kissed, stroked, fondled, excited... It's been wonderful, but it's clear that you intend to fuck me, and that's out of bounds."

Beth got off the couch, adjusted her dress, leaving her panties and bra on the floor. She took Blair's hand and led him to the door. "Thank you, Honey. I really did enjoy it. It was fast, hot, sexy. Very different. And I'll tell Deric about the papers when he calls. Now give me another kiss and then leave."

Blair left without kissing her.



"Well, Gentlemen, we're down to our last chance, Earl. You have any plans or ideas?" Lori asked.

"We know what doesn't work." Earl remarked. "Gregg's smooth approach with dinner, dancing, and caressing failed. Blair tried a rapid approach hoping to sweep Beth into bed and get his cock into her cunt before she realized what was happening. Good idea, but no cigar... Look, we have a week left. I'm going to try slow seduction. I'll invite Beth out to dinner on Friday night. If she follows form, she'll be delighted to accept. We'll have dinner. I'll tell her much I enjoyed the evening and then take her home. I won't touch her."

"Really? Then you've got a lot more will power than I have, buddy," Gregg commented. "She's got a dynamite body and is boiling hot until you try to fuck her. Then she turns into ice."

"What other chance do we have? Anyway, on Saturday, I'm taking her to a stage play. I'll hold her hand... kiss her good night. That's all. On Sunday, I'll bring over a DVD and we'll watch a movie and I'll go further. Deric won't be back until the following Saturday. Beth thinks it will be Sunday, so I have enough time to gradually work up to fucking her. Any comments? Suggestions?"

Lori considered Earl's plan and then remarked, "It may work but it doesn't satisfy the conditions that Deric stipulated when you guys made the bet."

"Why is that?" Blair asked.

"Because you were given one shot and one shot only. He specifically said he didn't want you hitting on Beth day after day. What Earl just describes does that."

"In a sense, Lori is right. But as I see it, it's a single attempt that I plan to conduct over several days and multiple meetings. So, it's one overall plan. In any case, it's our only remaining chance so I suggest we take it and argue later whether it was within the rules. In any event, the question will be moot if this fails. Do we all agree?"

There were no further objections so on Friday, Earl put his plan into operation.


On Friday, Earl took Beth to dinner at Luigi's. The Italian cuisine was superb and both enjoyed the evening. When Earl dropped Beth off on her doorstep with just a light kiss on the cheek, she was obviously surprised.

The stage play on Saturday was a production of "Fiddler on the Roof". It was superbly performed and sung. Beth gushed about how wonderful it was for an hour afterwards. Earl stopped at a lounge where they had Brandy Alexanders after which he took her home. This time, he kissed her on the lips, told her how marvelous the evening had been, and left.

The DVD on Sunday was a first-run, R-rated movie. It was very erotic without being obscene. It obviously turned Beth on enormously. The fact that she hadn't been fucked for 10 days helped. Before Earl left that night, they had kissed passionately on the couch, each appearing to try to devour the other. When Earl would pull away to catch his breath, Beth would attack his mouth with hers. When she backed off momentarily, Earl went to her neck where he kissed and licked her passionately. When he left at near midnight, his erection was throbbing, almost painful. Beth was panting at the door when she kissed him good night. Not once did Earl put his hand on her legs, her breasts, her ass, or between her legs.

Before leaving Sunday evening, Earl invited Beth to a drive into the mountains the next day. He told her about a quaint little inn that served incredible soups, sandwiches, and pastries. He also suggested that the scenery alone was worth the trip.

At 7 AM, Monday morning, Earl was seated in The Forgan's den waiting for Beth come out of her bedroom so they could leave for their planned trip to the mountains. Beth made him wait nearly a half hour before emerging from her bedroom. Earl took one look at Beth and decided it had been worth the wait.

Leaning over, Beth kissed him lightly on the cheek and then sat down on the brick hearth ledge in front of the fireplace. "So, tell me about trip. What will we be seeing?"

Before answering, Earl let his eyes roam over the blonde beauty who sat a few feet away. She had dressed casually, but very erotically. Her firm breasts pressed outward against the flimsy blouse she wore. The blouse was a beautiful nylon garment with flowing long sleeves that buttoned around her wrists. The bodice plunged in a deep V to a point below her large 36D tits. Just below that, it ended at her trim waist with a sash that was tied in a large bow. The blouse was loose and open around her breasts so that their entire inner slopes and the luscious curves at the bottom were fully exposed. It was obvious that she wore no bra. It was also obvious that the blouse was designed to show off its wearer's breasts.

Below the blouse, Beth wore a pair of white shorts. They were extremely tight, almost to the point of appearing to be sprayed onto her body. With one foot on the floor and the other up on the hearth, the fact that the shorts fully displayed her prominent camel toe was not lost on Earl.

Deric's wife was barelegged, as was appropriate for the casual outing they had planned. However, Earl thought it amazing that her legs were so golden and so tanned that they appeared to be encased in sheer hose. A pair of white sandals with three-inch heels completed her outfit.

Beth knew he was checking her out, and gave him ample time to do so before she again asked, "Well? Are you going to tell me about the quaint inn and so on?"

"I would rather it be a pleasant surprise for you. Ok?"

"I love surprises."

They left at 7:40 for the three-hour drive. Their conversation during the trip was lively and often sexy. Earl regaled her with a number of amusing stories, many involving the antics of her husband, which Beth enjoyed enormously. As she laughed and talked, her large breasts continuously swung back and forth inside the loose-fitting blouse. On a few occasions, Earl was treated to nice views of her nipples, one at a time as the blouse pulled open enough to expose one or the other of the two hardened tips. It was incredibly erotic. They weren't halfway to their destination when Earl's cock rose to full erection.

It was 10:40 when Earl parked the car in front of the Inn. Since it was too early for lunch, they spent a nice hour exploring the immediate area and the gift shop. Beth was delighted that lunch was every bit as good as Earl had suggested it would be.

After lunch, they hiked on one of the numerous trails and saw the fall foliage. Coming to a rapidly running, bubbling brook, Earl pulled Beth into a grassy bank and began to kiss her. It took no more than flick of his hand to push the blouse aside and expose both of her large tits. His cock again rose to full erection when he saw her already erect nipples. Before they left, both of her tits were completely exposed, her shorts were unzipped, and Earl was lightly stroking her belly.

For the past two days, Earl had wondered when Beth would deliver her rules and limits speech. I came after he had unzipped her shorts and pushed his hand inside where he lightly caressed her mound through the thin material of her panties. As his hand stroked her mound, she said, "Earl. This is wonderful fun, but I need to tell you that I don't have sex with anyone except my husband. Please don't take offense. I just have some rules and limits I set on sexual activities."

He smiled, his hand continuing its slow, erotic stroking of her belly and mound, and said, "I understand. We go no further than your set limits until and unless you decide to change them."

For another fifteen minutes, Earl licked, sucked, and fondled her naked breasts, kissed her open lips flicking his tongue over hers as he did so while he continuously caressed her belly and mound. When he pulled Beth to her feet, her chest was heaving and her panties and shorts were soaked. He never touched her cunt or her ass.

Tuesday evening was spent in the Forgan's den. They watched TV, listened to music, danced a little during which Earl held Beth's ass and pressed his erection into her belly, but no more. Toward 10 PM, he turned to Beth and asked, "How would you like a massage? I have magic fingers."

In less than five minutes, Beth was stretched out on the floor on a mattress she had brought in from the guest bedroom. Earl had brought some body oil and a tarp to keep the oil off the mattress and carpet. He stripped to his jockey briefs and motioned for Beth to lie down on the tarp-covered mattress.

"How do you want me?" she breathed softly. "Naked? bra and panties? What?"

She was surprised again when Earl answer, "Bra and panties will be fine."

"Ok. Whatever you say," she said with a smile. Earl thought she would go into her bedroom to change, but she just removed everything except her white bra and panties, tossed her clothes over the back of the couch, and started to lie down on the mattress.

"Just a moment. Let's oil you up first." Earl squirted generous amounts of oil over Beth's tits, belly, legs, thighs, shoulders, back, and buttocks. When he finished, her bra had become transparent revealing her hard, erect nipples. "Ok. Now lie down on your stomach, put your knees under you, and arch your ass high."

When Beth was on the mattress, her ass arched up in the air, she said, "I wasn't aware this was one of the positions used to give a massage."

"It isn't. It's the position a man uses when he wants to get a good look at a beautiful woman's ass. Run your hand between your thighs, Beth. Tell me if you're wet."

Earl's cock pulsed as he watched the sexy blonde stroke her pussy through her panties. "It's very wet, Earl. And very hot. I think we had better get started before we lose interest in the massage."

After Beth was lying on her stomach, Earl unhooked her bra and removed it. "I thought you wanted me to wear the bra?"

"I did, but I didn't realize that it would become transparent. It's not doing anything but getting in the way. May as well take it off."

The massage started at her feet and calves. He worked up and down both of her lower legs, applying copious amounts of oil. Eventually, he moved upward to her slightly spread thighs where each muscle was kneaded, rubbed, stroked, massaged. Finally, his hands moved onto Beth's buttocks but never slipped between her thighs. More oil was poured over her ass allowing his hands to glide easily over her ass flesh and onto her lower back. After 20 minutes, Beth was cooing softly.

Deric's wife moaned softly at the sheer sensuality of feeling Earl's hands on her back, her shoulders, and down her arms. Although his hands never touched the sides of her tits or her pussy, her nipples were hard, and her clitoris was erect, extended from its protective hood, and slowly pulsing. Then she felt him turning her over onto her back. Her breasts were heaving; her mouth was open, her eyes closed.

Earl started again on her legs and calves. Then he moved upward to her thighs, massaging and caressing the tops, the bottom, and finally her inner thighs. Again, he never touched her panties. Her hips were undulating, almost out of control. The crotch of Beth's panties were so wet they had become totally transparent. Earl ignored her pussy.

Her belly was massaged until Beth was whimpering. Even though her tits were bare, Earl only massaged their sides, avoiding her hard, erect nipples. She couldn't keep herself from arching her tits high hoping he would touch them, squeeze them, pull them, make her cry out with pain.

After an hour, every part of her body was throbbing in female heat, even though her pussy, her ass, her clitoris, and her naked nipples had not even been touched. "Spread your legs, Beth."

She didn't hesitate. Earl moved closer to her panty-covered cunt and said, "Your cunt and panties are drenched. I think we need to stop before you cum. I know that's against your rules."

Earl put all the equipment away, washed up, and then helped Beth to her feet. He carried her into her bedroom, drew a warm bath, put her into the tub, kissed her on the lips and told her he would see her Wednesday evening. "8 PM... Be ready."


Wednesday evening, things moved more rapidly. Beth had no idea what to


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