A Wife's Deception

Acknowledgement: Once again I am deeply indebted to Mr. Art Martin for his more than able assistance in proofreading, editing, and making numerous suggestions for text changes and additions to "A Wife's Deception". All of Art's suggestions and corrections have been incorporated into the final version of the story. As was the case with "Deric's Wager" and "Hot Married Pussy", his contributions to the story far exceed the simple correction of punctuation and spelling errors. They have resulted in improvements to the flow of the story and produced a significantly enhanced level of eroticism.

For those of you have not had the pleasure of reading some of Art Martin's work, I suggest you log onto the following URL and enjoy some truly sensuous and erotic stories that are very well written: http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/~Art_Martin/www/ I particularly recommend his most recently posted story on www.asstr.org, "A Well Laid Plan". This story is highly erotic with a very creative plot. After my initial reading, the foremost thought in my mind was "I wish I had written this." Don't miss it... RLM


A Wife's Deception

by RLM

Prologue: The lights on the TV were still flickering in the darkened living room of my home, but I saw none of the images that came and went. I was still too stunned by what had been happening over the past few weeks. As I sat unmoving on the couch, still attempting to digest recent events, I could not help but wonder how in the world something like this could have possibly come about without my having an inkling of what was occurring. Surely, somewhere, there must have been a harbinger of coming events that I

had missed or overlooked or seen, but not appreciated.

With my wife and children visiting their maternal grandparents for the weekend, I had nothing but time on my hands, time in which to solve the riddle. While I felt a burning need to understand what had happened and why, I realized that there was no extreme urgency. I had time, time to think, to consider, to evaluate. Realizing that there was no point in postponing the problem, I let my thoughts drift backwards in time to the point it all began:

The Background:

It was almost exactly twenty years ago that I had entered the university as an engineering major. Like most freshman, I was nervous about my new surroundings and the challenges that lay before me. However, my father had been a superb mentor and teacher, which gave me a huge advantage over my fellow classmates. His instructions were simple: Work hard. Use all of your talents. Budget your time carefully for both study and recreation. Do not be fearful of making mistakes. When you make mistakes, as you will, correct them, learn from them, and then move on. Finally, do your absolute best and offer no apologies because no one can do more than their best.

I followed his advice to the best of my ability and found that none of the difficulties that seemed to plague other students ever visited me. My grades were good to excellent. Even more importantly, I was learning a great deal from my courses, which I was able to remember and use in future courses. I also found that my professors were pleased with my creativity and initiative, which, in large measure, were the result of my father's advice not to be fearful. Finally, because I budgeted my time, I was able to enjoy all the pleasures that college life had to offer, the major one of which was, of course, girls.

To my great delight, I soon found that college girls were much more liberated and sexually active than the girls I had known and dated in high school. While in high school, I had not been able to rid myself of my unwanted virginity until I finally dated Gloria Steadman when I was a junior. On the first date, I had succeeded in getting her tits out and feeling her pussy through her panties. On the second date, I made her cum with my tongue on her clit while she sucked me off and swallowed most of my load. On the third date, I fucked her three times. I had told her I was a virgin and that seemed to enflame her desire even more.

Unfortunately, Gloria seemed to be one of a kind in high school. I never managed to get into another girl during my junior year and only scored with two girls when I was a senior. So, I was relatively inexperienced as a college freshman. Because of my athletic ability and my good grades, I had my choice of fraternities and pledged within one month of arriving on campus.

My first frat party was an eye opener. A lot of the girls were freshman and new pledges in their sorority. That night, I danced with probably 6 different girls and all of them, in one way or another, let me know that they were available. It was literally a sexual buffet. I finally ended up driving one sexy redhead back to her sorority house, but only after taking a long detour to the local lakeshore where we made out and fucked in the back seat of my car. When I told her that I didn't have a condom, she informed that I didn't need one as she was on the pill.

"Really?" I remember saying very surprised. None of the girls in my high school class were taking birth control pills as far as I knew.

Her reply was, "Of course I'm on the pill. All the girls in the sorority are. It's the first thing the sorority sisters tell the pledges. Get on the pill."

The following week, I asked one of my more senior frat brothers about her reply. He said, "Yeah. She's telling you the truth. All the sorority girls are on the pill. I think there's a lot of peer pressure on them to date different guys and have sex... at least until they settle on someone more permanent. After that, they still fuck like rabbits but only one or two guys."

That's pretty much the way it went throughout all of my freshman year and sophomore years. By the time I was a second semester junior, I had screwed 27 different girls, most of them many times. Then, I met Arlene. It was in the Library. I was studying for an examination in differential equations when I saw this unbelievable girl. Simply put, she was a drop-dead gorgeous blonde, with an almost non-existent waist, full flared hips, and twin cannons on her chest that had to be 36DD or bigger. She was about 5' 7", maybe 125 lbs, with a centerfold face. There was no way I could take my eyes off of her.

Differential equations were quickly forgotten as I alternated between staring at her large, thrusting breasts and her gorgeous legs. Her tight red sweater showed little cleavage, but still could not conceal the large mounds underneath. Although she was wearing jeans, they were skintight so that the sensuous shape of her legs was evident. In fact, her legs looked awesome in her two-inch heels. The thought of what they would look like in a mini-skirt and 4-inch heels had my cock hard as iron. Even though I knew that I had no chance with this beauty, I had to try. I would never have been able to live with myself if I had let her get away without even making an effort.

Walking up to her table, I looked straight into her eyes and smiled. "Hi. We don't know each other, but I simply cannot let you just walk away without making an effort to change that. I'm Ralph Taynor, junior in electrical engineering, and member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. I notice that you're not wearing a ring so I know you're not engaged to someone, but I also know that you must have a dozen boy friends begging for dates. You are simply the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Would you consider having lunch or dinner with me so you'll have a chance to get to know me so that when I ask you for a date, I'll have a chance greater than zero of getting a positive response?"

The beauty looked me over for almost 30 seconds, cocked her head to one side, and nodded thoughtfully. I had no idea whether this was a good or a bad sign. All I could do was wait and hope.

Finally, she smiled. "Hi. I'm Arlene Barrick, also a junior, not a Greek. I live in independent student housing, and I'm a marketing major. And for your information, I do not have a dozen men asking me for dates. In fact, I haven't had a date in a month. I love your honest, straightforward approach."

"Is that a 'yes'?" I asked, holding my breath.

"Sort of. I seems to me that having dinner with you qualifies as a date. Wouldn't you consider it a date?"

"I would, but I was trying to go slow to give myself a better chance. Let me rephrase. Would you go out with me Friday night for dinner? I know a place where we can dance afterwards."

Arlene took out a pad, wrote on something on it, and then handed me a slip of paper. On it, she had written down her address and her phone number. "I'll be ready whenever you are."

It was all I could do to keep from jumping up and down. "I'll pick you up at 7:30 PM. Ok?"

"I'll be ready. Now go away so I can study for an exam," she said with a soft smile.


Our first date was wonderful. Arlene was as bright and bubbly as she was beautiful. Later, I couldn't even remember what I had ordered for dinner. Dancing was marvelous. I had tried to pull her close, but she had put her hand on my chest to gently let me know that I was going too fast. I immediately backed off, which brought a big smile of approval to her face. I interpreted the smile to mean that she liked the fact that I wanted to hold her close, but was highly pleased that I was a gentleman who could take 'no' for an answer without getting angry or feeling that my masculine pride was injured.

When I took her back to her apartment, she told me she had had a wonderful time. She also leaned forward and offered me her lips in a soft goodnight kiss. I floated back to my car after asking her for another date the next night, which she accepted.

By the end of a month, we were dating regularly. We were dancing close and her kisses had become passionate. However, when I put my hand over her breast during one long kiss, she immediately backed away. I looked puzzled.

"I'm sorry, Ralph. I really like you... a lot. In fact, more than a lot. But kissing is as far as I go before marriage. You once asked me why I didn't pledge a sorority. The answer is that sorority girls are under a lot of pressure to have sex. During rush week, I was invited to visit several sororities, which I did. At every one of them, I was asked by the members if I was still a virgin. I told them that I had had some sex during high school, but since then I had been celibate. Without exception, they all assured me that my celibate status would change within a couple of weeks after joining a sorority. In fact, a couple of girls said it wouldn't last through the first party. So, I declined all the invitations to join."

After some uncomfortable silence, Arlene asked, "Do you still want to keep seeing me knowing this?"

"Absolutely! If you can put up with my occasionally trying to get you to change your mind, I can put up with your saying 'no'.

That being settled, she kissed me passionately again, and this time, I kept my hands away from her breasts. We continued to date throughout my junior and senior years, without my ever getting to touch her breasts. Once, during a particularly passionate kissing session, I pulled her closer and she felt my raging erection against her thigh.

She moaned softly and then said, "You're so hard. That must be very painful for you. Would you like to stop?"

"Of course not, unless you want to stop. Do you?"

"No. Keep kissing me. I don't mind feeling you against my thigh, but don't move it. Just keep it pressed against me, and it will be all right."

That's as far as I ever got with Arlene. It was obvious why she had had no dates for a month that first time I asked her. The men who had asked her out couldn't stand not being allowed to touch her.

Toward the end of my senior year, I proposed marriage to Arlene. She accepted immediately. After that, I thought I might be more successful. To some extent, I was. I was now permitted to caress her breasts when we courted and kissed, but only through her blouse. Her pussy remained totally off limits. On the day we were married, I had still not even seen it, much less touched or penetrated it.


An hour before the ceremony, Arlene got me off to one side of the chapel and whispered softly, "Ralph. I love you. Deeply, and I love the thought that soon I'll be your wife. I also want you to know that I know how hard it has been for you to resist having sex with me or, for that matter, even touching or feeling me. You've honored my wishes for well over a year, and tonight, I intend to make you very, very glad you waited."

She kissed me lightly and hurried off to get ready.

Our wedding night was quite different from what I imagined it would be. I assumed that Arlene would be very nervous about having sex for the first time since high school. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

The ceremony was beautiful. Our parents were happy for us, even thrilled. After the reception, we were both anxious and had a very difficult time concealing it. When we finally arrived at our hotel later that evening, I asked my new bride if she was hungry. Her answer got me hard as stone.

"I'm starving, but not for food. I want your body. I want it in me, and I want it now. Take me up to the room... Hurry! I'm on fire."

She didn't have to ask me twice. As soon as we were in the elevator, Arlene grabbed me and crushed her mouth on mine, her tongue driving inside. Suddenly, she broke the kiss and moaned, "Feel my ass. Put your hand under my dress and feel me. Oh god, hurry." Her hips were hunching back and forth as if we were already fucking. Just hearing her saying the word "ass" was enough to get me hard as stone. I was afraid I might cum when I actually felt her ass beneath her panties.

Arlene's mouth returned to mine with her lips wide open inviting me inside. I accepted her invitation eagerly as my hand moved up her dress to the top of her stockings. The fact that she was wearing stockings and not pantyhose made my erection throb even harder.

"Ohhhhh god... I can't wait! Tell me how big it is."

"Slightly over eight inches," I said with not just a little masculine pride.

"OOohhhh my god!!" I felt her entire body shudder and tremble.

"Go higher," she groaned. "Feel your wife's hot cunt."

I could scarcely believe that the Arlene I knew had said, "hot cunt", but an aching throb let me know that my cock was very pleased. When my hand reached her panties, they were soaked with her cuntal secretions. Her hips drove against my hand, and I pushed the sodden garment deep into her slick, wet slit. Her big, excited, erect clitoris throbbed at the top of her slit where it protruded from its protective hood. It was huge! I rubbed my finger over it... Arlene exploded!


It had taken her less than a minute to cum. I couldn't believe it, but I knew it was absolutely true because I could feel her clit and pussy throbbing through the drenched material of her panties, and the juices she had ejaculated when she came were now dripping off my fingers.

Unexpectedly, the elevator stopped at the seventh floor where two men who looked to be in their early twenties got on. Arlene's vagina was still throbbing, her secretions still cascading down her thighs and stockings. Of course, I had begun to remove my hand from beneath her dress when the elevator stopped. She had moaned and clamped her thighs tightly about my hand, trapping it.

The aroma of aroused cunt filled the small elevator compartment. There was no possible way the men could miss it, not only because of the unmistakable smell of sex but also because my bride was hunching her hips against my trapped hand. She closed her eyes and moaned.

Both men stared, transfixed by the sight of this gorgeous female who was clearly in the throes of an intense orgasm thrusting her pussy against my hand that was still beneath her dress. Glancing down, I saw they were both already hard.

At floor eleven, the doors opened again, and I led my wife into the hallway. As we exited, one of the men said, "Are you sure you can handle her, Buddy? We're in room 1314. If you need any help, give us a call."

I started to answer, but Arlene did it for me. She turned to face the men, pulled up her dress to let them see my hand covering her pussy, and said, "This hot stud made me cum in less than a minute after he got me on the elevator. He's got a monster 8-inch cock that I can't wait to get into my cunt. He's way out of your league, guys. Don't hold your breath waiting for him to call you."

I felt ten feet tall. We practically ran down the hallway to our room. Once inside, Arlene asked, "Did I embarrass you, Honey?"

"Hardly. You made me feel wonderful!"

"Good. That's the way you're going to be feeling from now on. Oh shit! I'm so hot! Get your wife naked, Lover. Use me! I want your big cock in every one of my holes. If I tell you to stop and let me rest, just tell me to shut up and keep fucking me!"

I pulled my new wife into my arms and kissed her, hard and deep, as my hands explored the lush contours of her incredibly sexy ass. Suddenly, she broke the kiss and moaned, "Please, take your cock out. You have no idea how many times over the last year when I've felt it so damn hard and excited that I wanted to see it... to suck it... to have it in my cunt. SHOW IT TO ME!"

"Take it out if you want to see it."

The command made Arlene tremble so hard she had difficulty extracting my iron-hard weapon. When she finally got it out, it was standing at rigid attention. As her hands ran up and down its length, my prick throbbed and jerked in her hand like a live, ready to strike, snake. "OOOoohhh god! It's beautiful. So big... so powerful... so masculine! AAaaaahhh... just feeling it is about to make me cum again!"

I moved us backward to a chair and sat down, pulling Arlene onto my lap. As she settled herself, I pulled her dress up to her hips leaving nothing between her cunt and my cock but her sodden panties. A moment later, my cock sprang out between her legs. She shuddered as it rubbed up against the thin material of her panties.

Arlene gripped my prick and began to slowly stroke it, never taking her eyes off the big throbbing head. "OOOOHhhhhh God! You're so big, baby. That's gonna stretch me!"

My hands rapidly opened the top of her dress, unhooked her bra, and pulled it from her body. Her 36DD tits tumbled out. They were even more gorgeous than I had been imagining in my fantasies for over a year. Arlene began to moan as my cock rubbed against her big clit. Every time my fingers pinched and pulled on her erect nipples, her pussy throbbed in response.

"Do you want it?" I huskily asked.

"Oh-ah... oh-ah... oh-ah," she gasped as her body quivered too much for her to speak.

"Put it in. Now!"

Her entire body began to shake at the command. "AAAHHHH... cummingg... I'M CUMMINGGGG!!"

"I don't care if you're cumming or not. I told you to put my cock in. DO IT!"

Arlene wailed in helpless passion. Her clitoris and vagina pulsed and contracted again and again as she struggled to gain enough control to pull her panties aside and insert my precum slickened, fuck-stick into her throbbing cunt. Her hands trembled as she pushed the head into her vagina and then dropped her hips downward. All eight inches of cock slid smoothly into her hot, drenched pussy. I could feel her hot channel pulsing and contracting around my cock as she started up-down motions, fucking herself on my rod. When I moved my fingers to her big, throbbing clitoris, she exploded in another orgasm.

I rose out of the chair, picking her up easily with me. She wrapped her hot legs around my hips and held on as I drove my cock spike in and out of her spasming pussy. Every time I dropped her, her clit slammed against my pubic bone sending shivers of intense pleasure coursing throughout her body. She came again. This time her juices gushed out of her tightly plugged hole. "Fuck me! Fuck Me! FUCK ME!" she howled again and again.

Slowly, I withdrew my cock, scrapping it over her G-spot and clit as I pulled it out. "OOohhh god... noooo... put it back in meeeeeeeee... please... I want it ... want it... in meeeeeeeeeee!"

It took only a moment to strip Arlene down to her just her high heels. "Get on the bed," I ordered. "On your back and spread wide open. I want to see your delicious tits, cunt, and ass. Do it! Show them to me!"

I peeled off my clothes as my luscious, sensuous wife scrambled to get herself into the position I had ordered. When she was on her back, her legs spread wide open, her hands cupping her tits, she stared at my jerking cock with it long strand of precum swinging from its bloated head, her body shuddering with desire. "Ooohhh fuck! Fuck me with it! It's gorgeous!"

"Pull your legs up. You concealed your hot cunt from me for nearly a year and a half. Now I want to see it. Get your legs up and back. Pull your pussy open so I can inspect my wife's hot, fuck hole."

Arlene frantically jerked her legs up and back, bending her knees and touching them to her large, heaving tits. Her fingers pried her labia open revealing the pink interior of her vagina. Her juices were flowing, bubbling out of the pulsing hot hole.

"Look at my cunt, Lover. Look how hot and wet you have your wife's cunt. Can you see it? Am I holding it open wide enough? Oh god... tell me!"

"No. You need to spread it wider. Put your fingers inside and pull it open for my inspection."

Arlene rammed two fingers of each hand into her gaping vagina and pulled it wide open. I could even see her large clitoris dancing and pulsing at the top of her cunt.

I mounted her. She groaned in hot passion. Settling deep into her sex saddle, I ran my tongue over her open mouth. "I'm going to fuck you now... hard... deep. Then I'm going to cum inside your cunt. You can imagine how huge the cum load is going to be. You've made me wait a year and a half. Are you ready to receive it, my hot sexy wife?"


When my cock touched her wet cunt, the fluted lips opened even wider and easily swallowed my cock head. My wife's body trembled when she felt it entering her tunnel. I pushed another three inches into her hot tube. It contracted in hard spasms. Her body began to shake at the intensity of the feeling. I pulled the cock back and ran it over the thickened bundle of flesh just behind her clitoris at the top of her vagina. As the cock head slid sensuously over the G-spot, Arlene babbled incoherently, her hole contracted in a hard spasm, and she came in a series of spastic shudders. I drove my cock to the bottom of her cunt, hammering all 8-inches of dick in and out of her cunt.

"I'm gonna cum!!!!"

"Meeeeeeeee...toooo... SHOOT IT INTO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

My buttocks clenched down hard causing my prick to explode and send volley after volley of thick cum into the bottom of her vagina right up against the neck of her womb. My orgasm seemed to just go on and on as months of pent up semen roared down from my prostate to be ejaculated in thick potent streams into the convulsing female who arched her hips to take every blast from my erupting sex gun.

For five minutes, we both gasped for breath, our chests heaving. I recovered first. Arlene was still breathing hard and moaning when I pushed my head between her thighs. The gaping orifice of her cunt was right in front of me. A thin river of semen was running from her stretched hole. Every so often, a big wad would belch from her hole and join the cascade of cum running out of my wife.

When I covered her hole with my mouth and began to eat her like a starving man, she tried to push me away.

"Oh my god! Ralph. Stop. STOP! I'm a filthy mess down there. You don't have to do that!"

I ignored her and sucked her big throbbing clit into my mouth where my tongue flicked it and slashed up and down its throbbing length.

"GGHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... UGHHHHGGHH... OOOHHHH FUCKKKKKKK... THAT'S MARVELOUS... You dirty man... suck me! Suck your wife's cum-filled cunt, Baby! OOOHHhhhh... shit... do it to meeeeeeee... make me cummmmmmmm!!"

A moment later, her pussy erupted in yet another intense orgasm. My cock was rigid with lust again. While my wife was still moaning in the throes of her orgasm, I pushed her legs back against her tits to expose her asshole.

"Arch your ass. Pull it open. I'm going to fuck your hot ass."

"Oohhh yess... YES! Do it to me. In my ass. Hurry! Hurry! I want you in my ass."

I got off the bed for a moment to get the astroglide I had brought with me. Arlene moaned in protest. "Nooo... don't leave me. I need cock in my ass. Come back! Please. Put it in my ass!"

She groaned with delight when she again felt my body on hers a moment later. I poured a generous amount of lubricant around Arlene's asshole and worked it deep into her tube with two fingers. When she was thoroughly lubed, I asked, "Ready?"

"Oh god yes. Stick it in meeeeeee!"

I pressed the head against her asshole, which resisted at first, but I gradually exerted more and more force until her sphincter finally gave up and spread wide open to admit the big head into her rear passage. The tight feeling was exquisite as my cock sank into Arlene's sexy ass. My wife grunted with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

"UUGGHHHHH... aaahhh... UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH ... GOD... SO DAMN BIG! Oh fuck, that hurts!"

I stopped immediately and started to withdraw, but Arlene's scream stopped me. "DON'T! DON'T YOU DARE TAKE YOUR GORGEOUS COCK OUT MY ASS. FUCK ME WITH IT. FUCK ME HARD."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"I deserve to be hurt after making you wait for 20 months to have me. Only a dirty bitch would do that. FUCK YOUR DIRTY BITCH'S ASS. DO IT... OH PLEASE. DON'T MAKE ME WAIT LIKE I MADE YOU WAIT. FUCK ME LIKE A COCKTEASING HOT WHORE!!"

I hammered my cock into her ass with authority producing a deep wail from my impaled wife. When all 8 inches of cock were buried in her ass, I reached around her hips and began working her throbbing clit as the fucking began in earnest. Arlene grunted and howled like a cow as I slammed stroke after stroke into her rectum.

After ten minutes of fierce fucking, her hole gaped open and allowed me to slide in and out of her with ease. At one point, I pulled my cock all the way out and looked at the gaping orifice that used to be her tight asshole. Now, it was a huge circular hole that stayed open as if waiting and begging me to fuck my cock back inside. I pushed it back in and a few strokes later, my wife's ass began contracting hard around my cock as she experienced an intense anal orgasm.


We didn't leave our room for two days. We had all meals brought up by room service and spent the time fucking. When I awoke the morning of our third day, I was too tired to move. Every muscle screamed in agony when I tried to pull myself out of bed.

"Are you all right?" Arlene asked, obviously concerned.

"Not really. My muscles are so sore, I can hardly move. I'm sorry, but I just have to rest."

Arlene leaned over and kissed me gently. "I'm sorry, Darling. I should have allowed you to sleep more last night."

"This is really embarrassing," I groaned. "The most beautiful wife on the planet, and I'm too exhausted to get it up for her."

"You don't have anything to be embarrassed about, Lover. You put 17 loads of cum into me in the last 36 hours. Amazing. I'll tell you what. I'm going to go relax in the pool, do a little shopping, and get some sun until 5 PM. You sleep and rest so you'll be ready to ravish me tonight. OK?"

I nodded and was asleep before Arlene left our room.

==================================== Deception:

Arlene and I had married as soon as we finished college. We were both 21 at the time. Our first child, Megan, was born during our second year together. Our son, Todd, came a year later. Megan celebrated her 15th birthday several months back while Todd's 14th will arrive in a couple of months. Arlene and I are both 37 now, still with an incredibly hot sex life, and I had thought, still very much in love. Arlene remains a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body that turns male and female heads whenever we go out for the evening. In fact, her added maturity and 10 extra pounds have, in my opinion, made her look even more sensuous and voluptuous than when she was 21. Without a doubt, every man I know envies me and wants to know how in hell I landed such a gorgeous woman as my wife. When I tell them by not even touching her breasts for the first 100 or so dates, not one man believes me.

My engineering firm had become extremely successful by the time we were in our early thirties. This allowed Arlene to quit her marketing job and devote full time to raising our children and to a wide variety of charitable organizations. We had numerous friends and an exciting, fulfilling life. The only problem I saw was that Arlene was very strict with our children, particularly with Megan. It was obvious that she intended for her to be celibate until marriage. She was almost equally strict with Todd. When Megan turned 15, this strictness became a very severe problem when Arlene refused to allow her to date or to wear the sexy clothes her friends were all wearing. She also imposed a strict curfew on her. This led to fights that often resulted in Megan being reduced to tears as Arlene pointed out how shameful her actions were. I did my best to mitigate the situation, but had no rebuttal to my wife's insistence that women can't sleep around like men if they wanted a strong marriage with a good man.

With respect to sex and sleeping around, I found that many of the wives we knew were attracted to me. Of course this pleased me and built up my male ego enormously. I always told Arlene whenever I thought one of the wives was dropping hints as to her availability. I knew this wasn't necessary because my wife was more sensitive to this sort of thing than I could ever be, but it served to establish a bond of love and trust between us. Actually, I thought my wife was pleased that other women wanted me because she knew it built up my confidence and thereby made me a better lover for her. She also knew that I had no interest in other women. With the hottest, wildest, most beautiful, most loving wife on the planet, I had no interest in straying and never had.

Of course, more men hit on my wife than I could possibly count. That's one of the penalties for having a gorgeous, hot-assed, blonde bombshell for your wife. I also felt that I never needed to worry about Arlene being faithful. She was so incredibly conservative outside of marriage, I knew that I need not be concerned. So I didn't worry. That is, I didn't worry until recently.

It had started one afternoon while I was at the office. Around 1 PM, a marketing firm called to find out how to contact my wife. They were interested in hiring her as an external marketing consultant and needed to speak with her as soon as possible. Since my wife rarely carries a cell phone, I took their number and said I would try to reach her and have her return their call as soon as possible.

I didn't anticipate any problems, but soon found out otherwise. After calling all of the civic groups with whom she regularly did charity work, I had gotten nowhere. No one had seen her that day. Next, I tried several of her female friends, again with no success. In the end, I gave up and decided I would just have to wait until I saw her that evening.

When the family was eating dinner in our dining room that evening, I mentioned the call and gave her the number. Arlene wrote it down and said she would call first thing in the morning even though she doubted that she would be interested. Innocently, I mentioned having called her friends but couldn't locate her.

"No. I didn't see any of them today. Spent the entire day working with the Salvation Army setting things up for their upcoming fall solicitation campaign."

I said nothing in reply even though I knew Arlene had lied to me. I had called the Salvation Army and talked with the Director who had told me that they had been working all afternoon on the fall solicitation campaign but that he hadn't seen my wife. In fact, he said, "I wish she had come by today. We could have certainly used her help. Give her my best when you see her." In the 16 years of our marriage, I could not bring to mind any other time when she had deliberately lied to me.

With nothing else to go on, I concluded that maybe she and her friends were working on a surprise party or something and gave it no further thought.

Two days later, I decided to ask Arlene if she would like for me to fix dinner for the kids and then the two of us have a romantic dinner out. I called our house... no answer. Again, I called all the civic organization with the same result. No one had seen her all day. Finally, I tried all of her friends. When I had her best friend, Helen Marlow, on the phone, she said, "No, Ralph. I haven't seen Arlene today. You know this is the second time in three days you've been calling trying to find her. What's going on?"

"Nothing special. Just wanted to know if she wanted to have dinner out tonight. She's just hard to locate during the day. She has so many irons in the fire, so to speak."

"Maybe the problem is that she has an iron in her fire?"

I laughed, really laughed. "Oh come on, Helen. You know Arlene much better than that. Give me call if she calls you. Ok?"

"Sure. No problem. And Ralph, I was just kidding about the iron in her fire. It just popped out of my mouth. I'm sorry."

"Not a problem. See'ya." I hung up, but couldn't get the image of "an iron in her fire" out of my mind.

I finally managed to get hold of Arlene around 5 PM and asked her about dinner. She said it sounded wonderful and that she would fix dinner for the kids and see me at 6 PM. Over dinner that night, I asked my wife about her day. "Anything interesting happen? Any good news about the various projects you're working on?"

"Nothing exciting. I spent the day shopping for children's books for the school library. Didn't find much."

"Must have been a drudge for you. You should have called. I could have joined you just to give you some company."

"That's very sweet, Honey. But I know you have to pay attention to business when you're at work. Helen Marlow came along with me. We had a nice lunch and chatted about all the sexy men we knew."

That was a lie. "Really? I thought only men talked."

"Yes, really. And whatever gave you the silly idea that only men talk?"

I had no idea where that idea had come from because the only thought swimming through my head was the fact that Arlene had again lied to me.

After the second incident, I began to check daily. On the weekends, when I wasn't at work, Arlene was always around or working on her civic projects. But during the week, no matter when I called, I could never locate her. In desperation, I called Helen Marlow again. If anyone knew, she did.


"Hi, Helen. This is Ralph Taynor. Got a moment to chat or better yet, have you had lunch?"

"Are you asking me to have lunch with you?"


"God. It must be serious. Half the women I know have tried to get you to ask them to lunch or dinner. I think I'm the only one who's succeeded. Where do you have in mind?"

Thirty minutes later, Helen and I were having lunch at the Olive Garden.

"Well, are you going to tell me what's on your mind?" she asked.

I quickly told her about all my attempts to find my wife during the week and about her lies to me later concerning her whereabouts. "I asked you to meet me so I could ask you face-to-face, as her best friend, if you know where she's been. You don't have to tell me if you feel you can't or shouldn't, but I would like to know that she's safe. Can you tell me anything?"

"Truthfully, Ralph. I don't have a clue. She hasn't said one word to me about going anywhere. Nor has she suggested that she's seeing someone on the side."

"Arlene wouldn't do that," I protested.

"Ralph, every husband in the world thinks his wife has no interest in sex with other men, and everyone of them are wrong. Women like sex as much or more than men. You may be right about Arlene not having a lover, but don't assume that's true because she's a woman and your wife. She has a pussy that likes hard cock just as much as any woman, including me."

"Ok. I accept that. Sorry for the male chauvinist remark. What's your best guess as to what's happening or where she's been? Just your best guess. I know that you don't know."

"Ok. Remember you asked me... My best guess is that Arlene has found an irresistible man and... he's fucking her regularly. Where? I have no idea. Whereever he is. At his apartment... at his office... some other city within driving distance. I don't have a clue as to where."

With the lump in my throat, I barely managed, "Thank you, Helen for being... honest... It's just very hard for me to accept. Please let me know if you learn anything. Ok?"

"I will. Now can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Turn about is fair play."

"When you asked me to have lunch with you, I was hoping that you intended to try to seduce me and take me to bed. Was that ever a thought you considered?"

"Oh come on, Helen. You know and I know that you would never cheat on Bryant. He's a great guy."

"Oh course he is. That's why I married him, but that doesn't mean that I'm immune to the advances of a handsome, virile, sexy man. Are you making an advance? Would you like to seduce me? If so, as I say, I'm not immune."

"To be honest, I have to tell you that you've given me an erection. Does that answer your question?"

"Oh my god! I love that! May I?"

Helen leaned closer, her intention obvious. "Go ahead, but be careful! I don't want to shoot off in my pants like some adolescent teenager."

Helen reached under the table, ran her hand up my thigh to my crotch. Her hand gently closed around my rigid 8-inch hard cock. "Jezzz! I knew you were big, but I had no idea!"

She continued to fondle and stroke me... up and down my shaft... over the head... back down the shaft... back to the head which she squeezed gently, running her fingers over the now throbbing organ. "Oh fuck! How big is it?"

I was getting closer to orgasm it was so erotic. "It's not that big. Just a little over 8 inches."

"8 inches... Holy fuck!" Her fingers unzipped me in one smooth motion. She looked at me. When I didn't say anything, her hand moved inside my pants and then under my jockey briefs. The feel of her bare hand on the naked flesh of my cock was incredible. If I was hard before, my rod now solidified into a iron-bar that thrust up above the top of my briefs.

"Oooohh, Damn... Damn!! This is the hardest, biggest cock I think I've ever felt. And you keep it shaved. OH FUCK! FUCK! Aaahhhhhhh!!" I saw her free hand thrusting between her thighs.

"You've got to stop. You're going to make me cum," I whispered to her.

"I know," she moaned. "I'm about to cum too. I want this in me. You know that. I've wanted to fuck you for a long, long time. I know you don't cheat on Arlene, but if you ever change your mind and need a woman, just call me. Anytime. Day or night. I'll find an excuse for Bryant. Please!"

"I promise, if I ever decide to make love to another woman, I'll call you. You know, for 18 years, you're the only woman who's squeezed my cock other than Arlene."

"Ooohhh... sooo damn hot. Would you like to feel me? I felt you. It's only fair that you get to feel me. That's not cheating."

"Again to be truthful, I would love to feel you. I haven't felt another woman's pussy for 18 years either. Can I feel you?"

Helen squeezed her eyes shut. Her mouth opened and her tongue slid out to flick rapidly across her lips. She moved even closer to me, and, under the table, I saw her pull her skirt high and open her legs. Her hips were already thrusting, and I had not yet touched her.

"Oh, please, Ralph. Feel my pussy!"

As soon as my hand touched her thigh, I heard the soft moan and felt the thrust of her hips upwards. I moved higher, up her white stockings, until my hand was on bare thigh flesh. It was hot and moist. I knew her panties would be soaked.

Her moans deepened. She pushed her chair as close to me as possible, silently begging me to do it. My fingers touched her panties. They were more than wet... more than soaked... they were dripping with her secretions.

My fingers traced her slit from the bottom slowly upward to the top... almost touching her clitoris. Her breath came faster. Her chest heaved, breasts rising... falling, hips now hunching.

"Oh god, Ralph. Get underneath my panties. Please!"

There was no problem sliding the drenched panties to one side and moving my fingers onto her naked, gaping slit. I could feel her secretions bubbling out of her slowly throbbing vagina. I moved my fingers upward to her engorged clitoris and worked it with my thumb. At the same time, two of my fingers moved into her sex channel where they quickly located her G-spot. It only took a moment for me to bring her right to the verge of an orgasm.

"Shall I stop? There may be people watching."

"I don't care! Make me cum! For god's sakes... make me cum!!"

It only took 10 more seconds and Helen was convulsing in orgasm right at our table. To a male observer, it probably looked as if she was having a stomach cramp or a fainting spell. If any woman was watching, she knew Helen was having a beautiful orgasm on my fingers. Later, after Helen had composed herself, and we were walking out of the restaurant, two women caught my eye and licked their lips in invitation. My erection came back harder than ever.


Over the weekend, I called John Sexton, one of my partners in the firm, and told him that I needed to take Monday off. He said no problem and that he would cover for me. I told him I owed him one, and he assured me that he fully intended to collect. I had no doubt that he would be collecting the next time he had the opportunity to meet a woman and needed an alibi for his wife.

I stopped at the Hertz agency and rented a car so Arlene would not recognize mine. Parking outside our house, I waited for almost two hours before I saw her Camry backing out of our garage. It was almost 10 AM. As I followed a safe distance behind, it soon became obvious that my wife was headed for the interstate leading to Dallas. It was a little less than an hour's drive, and I was still following her as we entered one of the business areas several miles from downtown Dallas.

Arlene parked her car in the lot for a large, high-rise office building. I parked nearby. When she emerged, she stood beside the car for a moment, one foot still on the floorboard of the car, the other on the ground. I was shocked. Her inadvertent pose was provocative, as was the tight-fitting white sheathe that she wore. It hugged every curve. The bodice showed off nearly half of her big tits and the dress was just barely long enough to cover the crease her ass made as it connected to her thighs. She seemed to be barelegged with 4 or 5-inch heels. I had never before seen Arlene wear such a blatantly sexual outfit, not even in our bedroom. It was totally at odds with her usual conservative sexual attitudes.

She walked rapidly into the office building with no hesitation. Obviously, she knew exactly where she was going and seemed to want to get there as rapidly as possible. By the time I got out of the car and followed her into the building, she had already gotten on an elevator and I could go no further since I didn't have the foggiest idea about where she was going in the building.

Having no other recourse, I scanned the building directory that was on one of the walls of the lobby. As expected, it was huge. I didn't recognize any names or firms, so I went to the information desk and asked the lady there if she had a hard copy of the building directory. She quickly produced one, smiled, and asked if she could be of any other assistance.

"I was supposed to meet my wife here for a business appointment. But I'm late. She made the appointment for us but neglected to tell me who it was with. Just told me to meet her here. Did you by any chance see a very attractive blonde, about 5' 7", 130 lbs or so, beautiful body, very sexy, come in here in the last five minutes or so?"

"You bet I saw her. So did every man in the lobby. Is that woman your wife?"


"Lucky man!"

"I know, but since I'm late, I'm in trouble. Do you have any idea... any idea at all, which firm or office she was visiting?"

"No. I'm sorry. But truthfully, the way she was dressed, I assumed that her 'business' appointment was probably to bend over a desk in one of the offices, if you understand my meaning."

"Thank you. I appreciate your help." Having no other recourse, I turned to leave. The lady at the help desk stopped me.

"I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I get off for lunch in 15 minutes. Interested?"

"Do you bend over a desk too?" I asked.

"I can be persuaded sometimes," she smiled seductively.

"Thank you, but that lady really is my wife, not a prostitute, and I really do need to find her. But I'm flattered by your suggestion." I smiled and returned to my car.

I waited and waited. At 3:30 PM, Arlene returned to her car. She looked upset and anxious. From a distance, her hairdo appeared to be mussed up, but when she got closer, I saw that she had washed her hair, and it was still wet. I speculated that maybe she had had an appointment with a beauty salon and had something done to her hair. Nothing else seemed to make sense. But then why dress so hot for a beauty shop appointment?

Arlene got into her car, and for several minutes, just sat there motionless. Then, her head fell forward and she rested her forehead on the top of the steering wheel. Another minute later, she sat upright in the seat, and I saw her smile. A moment later, her smile seemed to change to an amused laugh. I started to get out of the car to go to her assistance, but she fired up the engine was roaring out of the parking lot before I got more than a couple of steps in her direction. I lost her in traffic before I could catch up with her car.

When I returned home that night, Arlene had dinner cooking. She had changed her clothes, redone her hair, and I was certain, bathed. Again, I casually asked about her day. She told me that she had been doing some volunteer work at one of the local hospitals. I was beside myself with anxiety, anger, and fear of losing her.


A Belated Birthday Present for Megan:

That night there was another blow up between Arlene and Megan over our daughter's clothing and demeanor with boys. It was the same old stuff I had heard many times before, but Arlene's words seemed even stronger than usual. The difference was that this time, I intended to assert my masculine prerogatives as head of the household. I knew that Arlene was being far too strict and unreasonable with Megan. I also knew if something wasn't done, she would soon rebel and do something outrageous just to demonstrate her independence.

After the blow up had calmed, I went to her room and knocked.

"Go away. I don't want to talk to you, Mom."

"It's Dad, Honey."

"Oh, sorry." She unlocked the door. "Are you going to tell me how awful I behave too?"

"No. I'm going to ask you to meet me at 3 PM tomorrow after school at my office. We're going shopping, and then we're going to make some other stops that I won't tell you about until tomorrow. Deal?"

Megan was enormously curious as I had never, ever asked her to go shopping with me. At 2:55 PM on Tuesday, she was in my outer office waiting. "Where are we going?" she asked.

"Shopping," I replied. "Come on."

Our first stop was at a popular haunt specializing in clothing for teenaged girls. When entered, and I motioned to an attractive sales lady. "How can I help you, Sir?"

"Hi. I'm Ralph Taynor and this beautiful young lady is my daughter Megan. She's 15, actually closer to 16 than 15, and I think it's time we changed her wardrobe from that appropriate for a child to one that more appropriate for a beautiful young lady. Frankly, I don't have a clue, but I'm sure you do, and I'm equally certain that Megan has ideas of her own. I would be deeply grateful if you would see to it that she gets whatever she wants, and whatever you think she would really like. Price is not an object."

Turning to my daughter, I said, "Happy Birthday, Megan. I'll be over there ogling all the good looking women. Let me know if I can help."

Megan moved closer. "Dad, you know Mom's gonna go ape over this. She won't let me wear anything sexy."

"Megan, just in case you've forgotten, I'm the head of the household. You're beautiful. Your face is gorgeous, thanks to your mother, not to me. You body is awesome, great figure, wonderful top and bottom, again thanks to your drop-dead gorgeous mother. You're close to 16, not 12. You're a young woman, not a child. Buy what you want, but use some taste as well. Listen to the saleslady. I'll handle your mother."

The transformation was pure magic. Thirty minutes later, Megan came rushing over wearing skin tight, hip-hugging jeans that just barely covered her ass crease and a tight top that took full advantage of large breasts that were already almost a C cup. Her midriff was bare. "What do you think, Dad? Is it too much?"

"You're not wearing a bra are you?"

"No. It looks so sexy without one."

"It does. It's also going to drive all the boys wild. I think it's a little too blatant to go braless. A lot of the time, seeing less is a lot sexier than seeing more. Let's ask the saleslady."

The nametag identified her as Martha. "Martha, Megan wants to know if I think this outfit is too much. Without a bra I thought it probably was. What's your advice?"

She smiled warmly. "I think your Dad is right, Megan. With a bra, the outfit is sexy, the way a woman wants to be. Without a bra, it's too much advertising. Bluntly, it's whorish without a bra. Listen to your Dad. He's a man. He knows how men think."

"Ok. Let's find a bra that I can wear with it."

I nodded my thanks at Martha and she smiled. After two hours, my daughter was loaded with new clothes and was positively beaming. As I paid for the clothes, Martha pulled me to one side.

"You're quite a Dad. She's just walking on a cloud. She says you're taking her somewhere else that's a surprise. I know it's not any of my business, but I am curious."

"Our next stop is Victoria's Secret to get her something sexy that she can wear to a nice party. You probably won't approve of the third stop. I know her Mother will be furious. We have an appointment with a female gynecologist at 5:15 PM. She going to talk to Megan about birth control, STDs, and the use of birth control pills which I'm going to give her permission to use. She doesn't have a boy friend yet... at least none that I know about, but it won't be long till she does, and I want her prepared properly."

Martha just stared at me. "If your wife is furious, she's crazy. By the way, if she's so furious that she divorces you, stop by and see me. I'm single, and mister, you are something else."

By the time we left Victoria's, Megan was so wildly excited she was having difficulty talking. "Oooohh... WOW!... I can't believe it! GAWD! Those clothes... WOW! Can I really wear them, Dad? Can I? Can I?"

"Of course you can. Just use good judgment about what to wear and when to wear it. Sometimes a woman needs to look prim and proper. At other times, she needs to look casual and relaxed, and sometimes, she needs to look sexy and desirable. But, she never needs to look cheap and whorish... except in the bedroom with her husband. Remember that. Ask your mother. She really does know a lot more about all this than I do. Trust her."

When we left the gynecologist's office an hour later, Megan was near tears. I was alarmed to say the least. "Damn, I sorry, Honey. I didn't mean to frighten you. It's totally up to you when you start having sex. I just thought it best for you to have a long talk with a woman who is a real professional and whom I knew would give you good, valuable information about sex that you will eventually need to have."

"I'm not frightened, Dad. I'm just so happy to have a Dad who treats me like a young woman rather than like a child. What other surprises do you have in store for me?"

"Well, I do have one more."

"Really?! What it is?"

"The master bedroom downstairs that your mother and I share is very private, but your bedroom upstairs is right next to Todd's. That was fine when you were a child, but it's not fine now, or at least, it soon won't be fine. I'm having the guest bedroom in the basement redone with all new furniture. I'm also having the entire basement tiled and an outside entrance constructed for both safety and privacy. The work will take a week or so. When it's finished, it's yours if you want it."

I can truthfully say, I had never seen my daughter any happier than she was at that moment.

================================= Revelation:

Three days out of the five weekdays for each of the following few weeks, I again failed to locate my wife. In each case, I knew the story she gave me about her day was a lie because I had previously checked. However, although I knew Arlene was lying, I had no idea what to do simply because I couldn't imagine what might be going on given my wife's attitude about sex outside of marriage.

On Friday, I got a call from Helen. "Ralph, this is Helen. Are you free for a bit?"

"Yes. What's up?"

"I really can't explain over the phone. Bryant plays golf tomorrow from noon until 5 PM. Can you come over to our house around 12:30 PM? I think it's important."

"I'll be there."


At 12:45 PM the next day, I was sitting on the couch in the Marlow's den. Helen looked very sexy in her short, brown dress. I was pretty certain she wasn't wearing a bra because almost half of her large tits were on display. She was bare legged, and the hemline of the dress was all the way up to the top of her thighs. I wondered if she was wearing panties. Given our hand sex in the restaurant 10 days or so before, I thought there was a good chance that she was naked underneath.

"I know you think I asked you over today to seduce you, and, to some extent, that's true. I've never had a man do me in public like you did in the Olive Garden. Since then, I've masturbated four times thinking about how hot you got me. But as tantalizing as that was, that's not the main reason I asked you to come over today."

When I didn't say anything, Helen continued. "You told me last week about following Arlene to Dallas and to that building but then you lost her. I think I may know where she went."

I sat bolt upright. "Where? How do you know? How did you find out? Did Arlene tell you?"

"Patience. You said you had a list of firms in that building but didn't recognize any of them."

"That's right. I don't. Why?"

"Is "New World Productions" one of the firms in the building?"

I had been carrying the building directory in my wallet since that day in Dallas. I extracted it and searched down the alphabetized list. As soon as I reached the N's, there it was, "New World Productions".

"It's here! How the hell did you know?"

Helen got up, went to the bar, and mixed my favorite drink, bourbon and water, while pouring herself a glass of wine. Returning, she handed it to me the drink and sat back down. "Drink it. You may need it."

When I had taken several swallows, she produced a DVD. "This DVD is one of the films produced by "New World Productions". I just ordered it. Shall we?"

When I nodded, Helen slipped the DVD into the player, turned on their wide screen TV and sat back down. The film opened with a sultry looking brunette with long hair and full painted lips having a light lunch on the patio of some cafe. The woman was incredibly well endowed as was evident from the fact that she was wearing a dress that showed more than half of her big tits. Actually, she was very attractive in a slutty sort of way.

As she ate, a young man, maybe early 20's, wearing a white T-shirt sat at the next table talking on his cell phone. The brunette listened as he talked to his girl friend. When he hung up, she invited him over to her table where they talked about the sexual problems he was having with his girl friend. It developed that she was complaining that his cock was too big and that he fucked her too hard and too often. The brunette says she thinks she can help and invites him back to her apartment. The entire conversation bordered on the ridiculous, and the acting, if you could call it that, was amateurish. However, on the plus side, the brunette looked incredibly hot, and the guy seemed virile and reasonably handsome.

Frankly, I couldn't understand why Helen had asked me to come over to watch a porn film. I turned to face her and said, "So you've found that there's a firm in the building that makes adult films for distribution on computer sites and DVD's. Why do you think that has anything to do with Arlene?"

"Just watch the film. Don't you think that hot woman is worth watching?"

I couldn't disagree with that, so I returned my attention to the screen. The action soon switched to the brunette's bedroom with her sitting on the bed beside the guy. She moved closer to him and leaned over to expose over half of her huge tits. She also had pulled her dress to the tops of her thighs.

The dialogue was more nonsense about helping the guy with his girl friend. She tells Lance that he has to take things more slowly, to spend more time erotically undressing her, and so on. Naturally, she suggests that he practice with her, and he eagerly agrees. That part was very realistic. I would have agreed too.

A few minutes further into the film, Lance has the woman's dress open revealing the fact that she's wearing a black bra decorated with prints of white lace and red flowers. Her only other garments are a matching thong that is just a triangle coveri


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