An Anonymous Informer


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An Anonymous Informer

by RLM

Vaughan Residence:

It was a typical Monday morning in the Vaughan household. Edward was putting his graded papers back into his briefcase to take back to his office at the university where he was a tenured full professor, no mean accomplishment at his age of 39. His wife, Diane, was hurrying to get breakfast on the table so Marnie and Kent wouldn't be late for school and she wouldn't be late for work at the Star Agency. Diane's accomplishments even exceeded those of her husband. The Star Agency was one of the largest advertising agencies in the state, and Diane was the youngest vice-president in the history of the agency. Her six-digit salary exceeded Ed's, and when her 1% commissions on all closed contracts were included, her income was more than twice that of her husband.

The Vaughan's two children were equally successful in their activities. Marnie was a 17-year old, high school senior, honor student and a member of several student organizations. In addition, she looked like a younger, carbon-copy of her beautiful mother. Both were 5'6", between 115 to 125 lbs, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a gorgeous body. Marnie's breasts weren't quite a full as Diane's 36D's, but they were close. In a few more years, they would probably be the equal of her mother's.

Kent was a talented, 15-year old sophomore. His grades were almost as good as his sister's, and his extracurricular activities were at least the equal of Marnie's, and probably better. He was a star athlete who spent many hours in the gym working out and building his muscular frame and reflexes. At 5'10" and 152 lbs, he was quick and agile, an excellent ball-handling guard on the varsity basketball team, and a sprinter on the track team.

As soon as breakfast was completed, the family worked together to clear the dishes and get them into the dishwasher. Diane raced off to the master bedroom to pick up her briefcase containing work from her office. Ten minutes later, the family had assembled in the den.

"What's the current hot project at the agency, Diane?" Ed inquired of his wife as she turned out the lights throughout the house.

"Darren has assigned me the Morrison account. It's up for renewal, and Morrison is playing games with us trying to get a better deal. He's really happy with the way his sales have increased since we took over his account, but he's a businessman who wants a better deal. I'm having lunch with him today."

"Think he'll sign?" Ed asked.

Diane grinned. "Of course he'll sign. I just have to explain things to him properly."

"Make him a deal he can't refuse, huh?" Kent commented.

"Something like that," Diane laughed.

"Everyone ready? Everybody got the things they need for the day?" Ed asked.

The family all nodded. Diane took her own car while Ed drove the kids to school since it was on the way to the university. Once they were all in the car, Marnie asked, "How are your classes going, Dad?"

"Very well. I've got some good students this year."

"Any of the sexy coeds ever hit on you for grades?" she teased.

"Of course they do. That's par for the course."


"And what?" Ed asked, even though he knew very well what his sexy daughter was asking.

"Don't act dense, Dad. Do any of them ever get you to change a grade?"

Ed laughed. "Of course not! That would be unethical. And besides, they're got really stiff competition from your mother. Hard for them to measure up."

At this point Kent commented, "Dad, you'd say that even if you regularly changed grades for favors. So, your comment doesn't really carry much weight, now does it?"

"I suppose you're right, Kent. But don't tell your mother. Besides, I really don't change grades for women."

"How about this semester, Dad? Are any of the women in your class hitting on you for better grades?" Marnie asked, half teasing... half serious.

At this point, Ed hesitated. Diane and Kent waited, but there was no response.

"Well?" Marnie persisted.

"Ok. There's one girl in my junior-level who's been trying. She has to have the course to graduate, and it doesn't look like she's going to pass. She's pretty worried."

Kent's interest suddenly increased ten-fold. "What's she doing? Come on, Dad. Fess up."

"I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself... Fifth Amendment, you know. Anyway, Kent, you should ask your sister or your mother that question. They know a lot more about how women persuade men than I ever will."

Everyone was still laughing when Ed dropped Kent and Marnie off in front of the high school. As he drove away toward the university, he was still thinking about his son's question. That particular class met today, and he wondered if JoAnne would flash him again as she had done the last two times the class had met. He also thought about the appointment she had made to see him in his office later this week. But most of all, he thought about her sexy thighs and large breasts that her blouses were unable to fully conceal.


Star Agency:

Fifteen minutes after Diane had reached her office and begun checking her busy schedule for the day, the intercom on desk flashed red indicating a voice message from Darren Royall, the CEO of Star Agency.

"Good morning, Darren. Diane here."

"Good morning, Diane," the CEO responded cordially. "Have you got a moment to drop by my office?"

"I'll be there in three minutes."

As soon as she entered the spacious CEO's office, his secretary immediately said, "Good morning, Mrs. Vaughan. Mr. Royall is waiting for you. Go right in."

"Thank you, Wilma." Although Wilma was pleasant, Diane was well aware that this was a woman who did not like her.

As soon as Diane entered, Darren Royall moved from behind his desk, and kissed his beautiful new vice-president. Diane held the kiss until her boss broke it. "I missed you this weekend," he said just before he kissed her again. "I'm really beginning to hate to see Fridays arrive."

When he finally let his lips slide from hers a second time, Diane smiled, "If we're going to be busy at this for awhile, I need to call my secretary and have her reschedule some appointments."

"Unfortunately, that's not necessary. I've got some appointments that I have to keep as I'm sure you do. Tell me, what's your take on the Morrison account? Are we going to be able to retain it?"

"It won't be a problem, Darren. Morrison knows we've done an excellent job getting his products before the market and increasing his sales dramatically. He's just a good businessman who's trying to maximize his profits. He really doesn't want to fix something that's not broken."

"I realize that's true, but if we tell him that, he may change just to demonstrate his independence."

"I have no intention of saying anything like that to him."

"So? What's the approach we use?"

"I'm having lunch with him today. I intend to make it clear how much I value his business and how much I like seeing him. I think that will be sufficient."

"I'm sure it will," Darren said with a smile. "You have a way of convincing men. What I actually wanted to talk to about is a possible new account with Deveaux Cosmetics."

"We have a chance to get that account?" Diane could hardly conceal her excitement.

"We do! Maurice Deveaux is not pleased with the current advertising program the Jackson Agency is providing. He wants a new approach... something sexy... something will make women want to buy his line of cosmetics. I'd like for you to handle this. Can you fit it into your schedule?"

"For this account, I'll make room! As I remember, Deveaux is trying to market a line aimed at women 35 and up, right?"

"Right. That's why I want you. First, you're the right age. Second, you're incredibly creative. Third, you're beautiful and Deveaux has a reputation for liking beautiful women. However, we don't have anything on the drawing board, so to speak. You'll have to come up with the entire advertising campaign. Can you?"

"I can! But you know that Fred Jacobs is going to be furious. He'll still mad that I got the VP's position instead of him. By the way, what's this account worth?"

"It varies, but for the right campaign, it's probably a $40 or $50 million account, per year. And don't worry about Jacobs. I'll handle him. You just concentrate on handling Deveaux."

"God! $400,000 to $500,000 yearly commission if I bring this in, right?"

"Yes, but I get 40% for giving you the account. Agreed?"


"Good. I knew you'd be excited. I'll have the attorney's draw up the agreement."

"Great!" Diane started to leave, stopped, and turned back to face her boss. "Is there anything else you need?"

-------------------------------- University: Ed looked out over the junior-level class of 44 students. At the start of the semester, there had been 53 students enrolled, but the workload and difficulty of the examinations had caused 9 of those initial students to give up and drop the course. For an upper-division, junior course, this 17% attrition rate was above average for the university, but it was no

surprise to Ed as his courses were always more difficult than average.

Two minutes before the beginning of class, Ed noticed that JoAnne Fredericks was again seated on the front row right in front of him. He didn't employ a seating chart, so the students were free to choose any seat they wished. It seemed to be an unwritten law that most students sat as far toward the back as possible, almost as if they were trying to hide so as to avoid being called upon to answer questions. However, JoAnne always elected to sit on the front row directly in front of him. He understood perfectly why that was her seat of choice.

Promptly at the half hour, Ed began the class with a brief, but thorough, summary of the material that had been covered in the previous lecture on Friday. Around the room, he could see the students busy taking notes of his remarks and of the computer graphics he frequently employed as illustrations of the important points.

Edward Vaughan was the consummate faculty member. He was a full professor, one of the youngest in the university, highly skilled in cutting edge research in his discipline, extremely articulate and a brilliant teacher, and, as many a coed had confided to her friends, very confident and masculine. While not handsome in the Hollywood sense, he had a rugged appearance that excited women and allowed him to work well with men. His classes were intense, content-filled, and demanding. But his teaching was at such a level that even though the material was often difficult, after a Vaughan lecture, it seemed almost transparently clear and easy to the students.

Ed was well into the material for the day's lecture when his eyes were drawn to JoAnne Fredericks. She had casually crossed her legs. Her mini-skirt was short, and the action exposed a large expanse of her thigh. For a brief instant, there was a break in the smooth delivery, a slight pause. A female thigh exposed almost to the panty line has that effect on most males, and Ed was no exception to this general rule.

After the almost imperceptible break, Ed continued his smooth and faultlessly delivered lecture. Five minutes later, he turned to the board to draw a diagram by way of explanation of the material under discussion. When he again turned to face the class, he found himself staring between JoAnne Fredericks' open thighs. She had apparently uncrossed her legs while his back was turned and opened her legs just enough to be certain that he could see the white of her thin panties nestling between her bare thighs. When she saw his eyes focused between her legs, she smiled and spread slightly wider, not enough that anyone noticed or even enough to significantly improve the view, but just enough to let him know that she was spreading for his viewing pleasure.

Ed was shocked to realize that he was getting the beginnings of an erection. That thought was sufficiently scary to cause his budding hard-on to subside. "God," he thought, "the hot little Bitch is really turning on the heat."

Ed continued the lecture wondering if JoAnne intended to keep up her show or even increase it. The thought that she might show even more worried him. Getting an erection in front of a class would be a disaster. In his tight pants, there would be no way he could possibly conceal it. Fortunately, a moment later, JoAnne closed her legs and kept them closed for the remainder of the class.

As the students were filing out after class, she approached him. "Dr. Vaughan?"

"Yes, JoAnne. How can I help you?"

"You haven't forgotten our appointment on Thursday afternoon have you? I really need some help."

"Of course I haven't forgotten. It's at 4 PM, right?"

"Yes. That's what I wanted to see you about. I can get off work if necessary, but I really need the money. Would it be possible to see you after dinner in your office. Say around 7 or 8 PM?"

Ed wasn't born yesterday. "I think it's better if we stick to the 4 PM appointment, JoAnne. I would have some difficulty explaining to my wife why I'm meeting an attractive student so late in my office."

Ed's honesty brought a sly smile to JoAnne's face. "Ok. Dr. Vaughan. I'll see you at 4 PM. Thank you."

Ed spent the rest of the day writing on a paper he was going to present in Chicago the following month and then submit to the premier journal in the field. Before leaving his office at 5 PM, he decided to check his e-mail one more time.

There was the usual assortment of worthless announcements from the university's administration. He usually deleted these without bothering to open them. If any of them actually contained something of value, a very rare occurrence, one of his colleagues would alert him. This was a common courtesy among faculty members to rid themselves of most of the burden of reading junk from administrators. There was one message from the organizing committee for the Chicago conference. This he opened and found several useful hotel reservation forms with recommendations. He downloaded the forms and put them in the "important" box on his desk.

At the bottom of the list was a curious e-mail whose title was "For Your Eyes Only - Orion82". At first, Ed was tempted to delete the message, but in the end, his natural curiosity won out. He opened it. For the next 15 minutes he read and reread its contents that said:


Dear Dr. Vaughan,

For the sake of formality and courtesy, I have addressed you in this initial communication as "Dr. Vaughan". This is much too formal for the type of conversations we will be having in the future. So, from this point onward, I'll just call you "Ed". Hope you don't mind. I will using the alias "Orion82" or if you prefer, just "Orion". As I'm sure you are aware, "Orion" was the great hunter slain by Atemis in Greek mythology. We even have a constellation on the equator named in his honor. Like the original Orion, I too am a hunter, but a hunter of a different kind. I don't hunt animals. I hunt information, and as you will learn, I am truly a great hunter worthy of the name Orion.

I have a great deal of information that would valuable to you in your personal life. But let's not take things too rapidly. To begin, I need to convince you of the validity of my information.

Your wife, Diane, will soon be informing you that she has just been put in charge of a very, very important potential account for Star Agency. This account is the Deveaux Cosmetics account. The CEO of Deveaux Cosmetics is Marcel Deveaux, a name you might want to remember. It will be your wife's responsibility to land this account, which her boss estimates to be worth a yearly fee of between $40 to $50 million. With a 1% commission, your wife stands to receive between,$400,000 to $500,000 per year. But, she will have to kickback 40% to her boss for giving her the account.

You are already aware that she had lunch with Morrison today. At that meeting, she persuaded him to renew his contract with Star Agency. She will probably tell you that as well.

I have attached some files that will be of interest to you. The first is an audio file of part of the conversation between your wife and her boss when he gave her the Deveaux Cosmetics account. I have selected only part of their conversation. Perhaps we can discuss the missing parts later. The other files are jpeg images of your wife on her way to meet Morrison for lunch. The first one shows her getting out of her car in the parking lot of the Garden Cafe. The second one shows your wife waiting while Morrison is getting a table, and the final one is an under the table shot I took with a telephone lens. What do you think of your wife's outfit, Ed?

Have a nice day Ed. I'll be back in touch soon. Orion82


The e-mail address at the top of the message read, Ed realized that address was untraceable. Next, he clicked on the audio file, downloaded it, and then played the file. He heard:


"Tell me, what's your take on the Morrison account? Are we going to be able to retain it?"

"It won't be a problem, Darren." (Here there was a clear break in the recording. After the break, Darren is speaking.)

"I realize that's true, but if we tell him that, he may change just to demonstrate his independence."

"I have no intention of saying anything like that to him."

"So? What's the approach we use?"

"I'm having lunch with him today. I intend to make it clear how much I value his business and how much I like seeing him. I think that will be sufficient."

"I'm sure it will. You have a way of convincing men. What I actually wanted to talk to about is a possible new account with Deveaux Cosmetics."

"We have a chance to get that account?"

"We do! Maurice Deveaux is not pleased with the current advertising program the Jackson Agency is providing. He wants a new approach... something sexy... something will make women want to buy his line of cosmetics. I'd like for you to handle this. Can you fit it into your schedule?"

"For this account, I'll make room! As I remember, Deveaux is trying to market a line aimed at women 35 and up, right?"

"Right. That's why I want you. First, you're the right age. Second, you're incredibly creative. Third, you're beautiful and Deveaux has a reputation for liking beautiful women. However, we don't have anything on the drawing board, so to speak. You'll have to come up with the entire advertising campaign. Can you?"

"I can! But you know that Fred Jacobs is going to be furious. He'll still mad that I got the VP's position instead of him. By the way, what's this account worth?"

"It varies, but for the right campaign, it's probably a $40 or $50 million account, per year. And don't worry about Jacobs. I'll handle him. You just concentrate on handling Deveaux."

"God! $400,000 to $500,000 yearly commission if I bring this in, right?"

"Yes, but I get 40% for giving you the account. Agreed?"


"Good. I knew you'd be excited. I'll have the attorneys draw up the agreement."

"Great! (Here there was a pause in the voices.) Is there anything else you need?"


At this point, the recording ended so that Ed didn't get to hear Darren's reply to his wife's last question.

One thing was certain, Ed concluded. The voices on the recording were definitely those of his wife and the CEO of Star Agency, Darren Royall. He had no idea how the recording could have been obtained, but it verified every thing Orion had said in his e-mail message. He also wondered just what Darren was referring to when he said that Diane had a way of convincing men.

Next, Ed opened the three jpeg images attached to Orion's message. Each was a very clear image that had obviously been taken with an expensive camera. Each had an explanatory caption attached that looked as if it had been added with a software program such as Photoshop.

As soon as he saw the first one, he did a double take. It was obviously Diane, but he had never seen the outfit she was wearing before. It certainly wasn't the one she was wearing when she left the house that morning. Where in hell had she changed clothes?

The second image showed a full frontal shot of Diane. Her outfit exposed at least a third of her large breasts, and the skirt just barely reached mid-thigh level. In addition, there was a slit up the left leg that exposed most of her thigh when it opened.

The under-the-table shot was almost obscene. It showed his wife sitting with her legs wide open, her panties on display. He wondered if Morrison could see them. He must have been able to otherwise there wasn't much point in Diane spreading like she was.

Ed was shocked when he realized that he had a massive erection from looking at Orion's photos of his wife. Placing his hand around his throbbing shaft, he felt himself throbbing, hard, rigid, ready. He couldn't remember the last time he had been this hard. His last thought as he left his office was "Who in hell is Orion?"


Evening at the Vaughan's

As Ed helped his wife set the table and fix dinner for the family, he noticed that she was wearing the same clothes that she had on when she left the house that morning. If Orion's photos were authentic, then she had changed a second time before returning home, which really wasn't surprising considering how his wife looked in the outfit she wore when she met Morrison. He wondered if Morrison had had an erection all through the lunch.

As the family was having dinner, Ed asked Marnie and Kent how their day at school went. As usual, they didn't have much to say about it. So Ed turned his attention to Diane.

"How did the meeting with Morrison go, Honey?"

"Great. We had a nice chat at the Garden Cafe after which he agreed to renew for another two years. Couldn't have worked out better."

"Anything else happen that was interesting?"

"You bet. Royall gave me the Deveaux Cosmetics account. It's just huge if I can land it."

"What's involved?"

"Well, to begin with, a lot of work putting together an advertising campaign that will please Mr. Deveaux. Then a lot of politicking with him to get him to sign. It's certainly not going to be easy, but the account, if we get it, will be between $40 to $50 million."

"Wow! That's incredible," both Marnie and Kent said almost in unison.

Later, as Ed reflected on the conversation, he realized that Orion's information was totally correct. So the recorded conversation was probably authentic as were the photographs of his wife wearing that hot outfit.

"What the hell is going on?" Ed wondered.

After watching the evening news on TV and chatting for a bit with the kids, they said they needed to do their homework and went off to their respective bedrooms. Shortly thereafter, Ed noticed his wife going into the master bedroom. The sight of her sexy ass swinging as she walked down the hallway immediately caused his cock to stiffen again.

With his cock doing the thinking, Ed didn't hesitate a second. When he entered their bedroom, Diane was in the bathroom. She had already stripped to her bra and panties, which suited Ed's plans perfectly.

The first thing Diane felt when her husband moved behind her was his massive erection pressing into her ass. She turned to speak, but no words emerged as her mouth was immediately covered by the lips of a randy, excited male who left no doubt as to his intentions. For a moment, she struggled, but two male hands quickly invaded her panties where they cupped her ass and then moved lower to the opening of her vagina. His arms tightened about her nearly nude body, crushing her large tits against his chest.

With Ed's tongue deep inside her mouth searching out every crevice, her words of protest came out as incoherent noise. Her husband's cock felt like a battering ram against her belly. As two fingers spread her vulva and penetrated into her hot channel, her legs automatically spread. At the same time, she felt a hand moving upward. With three quick, sure motions, he had her bra open.

When Ed finally broke the kiss allowing her to speak, she said, "Let me take a quick shower, Honey. I'm all hot and sweaty from work and fixing dinner."

Her husband ignored her protest. "I like hot women," he replied as he scooped his wife up in his arms and carried to the bed. After he had put her on her back in the middle of the bed, he said in a voice that brooked no argument, "Don't move!"

Diane couldn't tear her eyes away from her impassioned husband as he removed his clothes. When he was down to his jockey briefs, she couldn't suppress a gasping moan. A rigid, throbbing male shaft protruded two inches above the waist band of his briefs, its head shiny with precum. "Oh God!" she half whispered in awe, her hand involuntarily moving between her thighs.

Ed pulled the briefs down below his scrotum exposing both the huge phallus with a strand of precum swinging from its tip and his sperm-filled balls. Climbing onto the foot of the bed, he moved forward on his knees until both were between his wife's thighs. Diane stared mesmerized by the rigid, upright, throbbing male sex gun with its ammunition containers below.

Wrapping his hand around his weapon, he leaned forward and used it like a club to whack her panty-covered mound... once... twice... three times. The sight, sound, and feel of his rigid cock thumping against her mound was so erotic, so sensuous, so wild, Diane felt her juices gushing from her throbbing cunt.

Reaching forward, Ed pulled her bra away exposing both of her heaving breasts with their already hardened nipples. Again her husband's voice thrilled her: "Panties off! Lift your ass!"

Her entire body was shuddering as she arched her hips high at her husband's command. She felt like she might have an orgasm before he even touched her pussy. The crotch band of her panties stuck momentarily in the wet folds of her pussy. The feel of them being pulled away caused a hot contraction of passion to ripple through her vagina. The musky aroma of hot, aroused cunt filled the room. Once her panties were gone, Diane kept her hips elevated as her husband pressed a pillow beneath them.

Again Ed's voice sent shivers of excitement through Diane: "Spread!" came the command. Her legs flew apart and lifted, knees bent.

Ed surveyed his wife's totally exposed cunt and assholes. Cuntal secretions coated her labia and vulva. Some had even run down her ass cheeks. It took all his will power to keep from driving his cock into her like a raging bull. But first things first. He moved his head between her wide open thighs.

As soon as Diane realized her husband's intent, she tried to pull away. "Be still! Keep your legs open!" The strong male command caused her vagina to contract and throb in a small orgasm. His lips touched her labia. She felt his tongue sliding upward along her sex trench sampling her, spreading her open. Simultaneously, her body went rigid with fear and intense desire. Her fear and desire both intensified as the tongue sank deeper and deeper into her sex channel scooping up the juices coating its walls, tasting her, exciting her.

Her body trembled as she grasped his head with both hands and pulled him hard against her throbbing cunt. When his tongue reached her engorged, erect clitoris, she convulsed in an intense orgasm.

Ed drove his tongue up and down the shaft of her exploding clit. His wife wailed and screamed... begging him to stop... it was too intense. Of course, he ignored her. Instead of stopping, his lips closed around her dancing clitoris and sucked it hard into his mouth where his tongue raped and tortured the contracting, pulsing organ.


Upstairs in her bedroom, Marnie's hand worked feverishly between the folds of her 17-year old cunt as she listened to her mother's screams and moans. Her clitoris was erect, hard, and dancing spastically as she brought herself to another orgasm. Her secretions had already soiled the bed sheet beneath her naked hips. When she heard her mother announce that she was cumming again, Marnie thrust three fingers into her vagina and imagined that Dad was fucking her pussy rather than her mother's. Her hot hole contracted again and again.

Across the hallway, Kent was lying naked on his bed. His hips were arched high as his hand jacked his throbbing 7-inch cock furiously. He had already cum once and most of the huge load of semen was still all over his chest and shoulders or on the headboard where it had shot in one huge stream after another. When he heard his mother screaming that she was cumming again, his second load arched high into the air.

Diane's body was still shaking in the aftermath of several intense, hard orgasms. Her clitoris and vagina still pulsed and throbbed. Her legs had fallen to the bed where they lay wide open exposing the throbbing hole of her cunt. Again she heard her husband's voice: "Cunt fucking time!" Diane jerked her legs up to present her core properly to the randy male between her thighs.

She came again, instantly, when the first five inches of the iron-hard phallus penetrated her vagina. Each time her cunt throbbed around her husband's cock spike, she grunted and gasped, "UGH!, UGH!, UGH!, AAHH!, AAHH!, UUMMMM! OOHHH!, UGH!, UGH!"

Another inch sank into her channel. She wrapped her legs around Ed's hips, her arms around his shoulders, and hung on for dear life as the entire eight inches of cock slammed into her cervix. She honked and squealed with female delight as the fucking began.

WHOOMPPFF!! The spike hammered into the bottom of her throbbing hole. As it withdrew, the rigid rod dragged over her G-spot and frictioned her clitoris causing a high-pitched wail to erupt from her throat.







At that precise moment upstairs, Marnie was doubled up into a ball, both hands still clutching her exploding cunt and clit in the throes of her fifth orgasm. Across the hall, Kent's prick pumped his third load of cum across his chest.


After the intense sex, Ed and Diane just turned the bedcovers down, cuddled up, and went to sleep. Before sleep claimed him, Ed thought about the musky, somewhat salty and semi-sweet taste of his wife's cunt that evening. She had clearly been very hot and aroused, her juices flowing copiously. She had also clearly been fucked earlier that day. The distinct taste of semen couldn't be missed. Ever since Billy Marlin had ejaculated in his mouth during a boy's camp when he was 14, he never had any problems recognizing the taste.


The University:

As soon as he arrived at his office the next morning, Ed checked his e-mail. There was another message from Orion:


Good Morning Ed,

Could you taste the male cum in your wife's cunt when you ate her out last night? It excited you didn't it?

Have you ever wondered how your wife managed to become a vice-president in an agency as large as Star when she's only 37 years old? You know she jumped over more than half a dozen other people with more experience and seniority.

By the way, Kent is still a virgin and hates it. Marnie isn't, and she loves it.



Ed was more puzzled than before. Orion probably had Royall's office bugged to get the recording of him and Diane. Getting the pics of Diane just required that he follow her with a camera equipped with a good telephoto lens. And he might have just guessed that I would eat my wife's pussy last night, but how does he know the sexual status of my kids?


The Star Agency:

Diane smiled as she entered Royall's office. As usual, he kissed her, and she opened her mouth to admit his tongue and then to slide hers into his mouth. As he kissed her, Darren's hands thoroughly explored the lush contours of her ass and, as they were separating, cupped both large breasts.

"Morrison signed," Darren commented as he stroked her.

"I know. I was there," she grinned.

"Did you fuck him?"

"Of course. He would have signed anyway, but this made him feel like he was in charge... and of course, once he got his prick into me, he was in charge."

"Any progress with Deveaux Cosmetics?"

"Oh yes! I have what I think is a really good idea for a campaign. Deveaux is trying to market a line of cosmetics aimed at women 35 years of age and older. Instead of using young, beautiful women as models in the ads, we use women 35 and older, all very attractive of course, and after we show them using Deveaux cosmetics, we show them in a hot embrace with a young, handsome stud. Naturally, we show as much as we can during the embrace and as much of their bodies as possible when they're using the cosmetics. If that doesn't get older women to buy the stuff, nothing will."

"That's brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!" Royall exclaimed. "Where are we going to get the models?"

"Honey, Every attractive middle-aged woman would love to be on TV, making money, and getting it on with hot, young, handsome studs. We probably won't be able to get more than a few thousand applicants the first week," Diane laughed.

"And how do we sell the idea to Marcel?"

"My plan is to pitch the campaign with Deveaux at the agency suite. With the right incentives, I think we can sell him."

"I don't know any man you couldn't sell on anything given a day alone with him in the Suite. Incredible plan. I also have a great plan."

"What?" Diane inquired as she watched her boss clearing off the top of his desk.

"Hop up on my desk and I'll give you all the details while I'm giving you something else."

------------------------------- 2:00 PM - Vaughan Residence: Due to a teacher's meeting, school had been dismissed at noon on Tuesday. Before heading home, Marnie and two of her female friends stopped at a local Subway to have a sandwich for lunch. The conversation was, of course, about men and sex. Upon questioning, Marnie confided that she and

Ron had fucked in the back seat of his car the previous Saturday evening.

"Oh Gawd! That's so hot," Betty gushed. "Did he use a condom?"

Marnie shook her head. "He hates them and so do I. He gave it to me bare."

"Did he pull out when he came?" Cora wanted to know.

Marnie shook her head. "Have you ever gotten your boy friend to pull out of you before he cums?" she asked Cora.

When Cora grinned and shook her head, Marnie responded, "Well, I didn't get Ron to pull out of me either. He fucking filled me full. I never knew a guy could shoot so much."

Betty and Cora wanted all the hot details and Marnie provided them with a blow-by-blow and a thrust-by-thrust description. By the time she finished, there were three very wet pussies at the table.

"That's so incredibly sexy and hot," Cora whispered.

"Yeah, it was. But let me tell you, it was tame compared to the way my Dad fucked my Mom last night in their bedroom. That was really beyond belief."

"How do you know? Did you get to watch or something?" Betty asked.

"No, but my mom was just going ape... screaming and begging and pleading at the top of her voice. And she knew we were right upstairs. Can you imagine how hot my dad was fucking her to make her lose all control like that. It must have been awesome. And he screwed her like that for over an hour."

"Wow!!" both girls said in unison.

"Did you get off listening to your dad giving it to your mom?"

"Five times," Marnie admitted.

"Five times? Oh come on. You vibrated yourself to five orgasms??" Betty asked, the skepticism obvious in her voice.

"I didn't need to use my vibe. It was so damn hot, my fingers were all I needed. I couldn't stop. You wouldn't have been able to either if you had been there listening."

Later, Betty gave Marnie a ride home. It was 2:00 PM when she arrived. At first, Marnie thought she would be alone in the house since her mom and dad would be at work until sometime after 5 PM. But as she was walking to her bedroom, she heard Kent grunting and talking in his bedroom. Moving closer, she heard him saying, "Oh, fuck the hot Bitch! Fuck my slutty Mom harder!" It was obvious that he was masturbating thinking about the way their parents had fucked the previous night.

Marnie had never seen a guy jacking off before and couldn't resist pushing on the door a little. Thinking he was alone, Kent had not locked it or even closed it all the way. The door opened silently.

Kent was naked in the middle of his bed. He had his hand wrapped around his 7-inch cock jacking it furiously as he kept saying things like, "Fuck my mom's hot cunt... hard... deep. Give it to her."

Involuntarily, Marnie's hand pressed her skirt against her pussy and began to rotate it in slow circles. Her brother had his eyes closed, his hand jacking his rigid cock as he thought about their mother being fucked.

"Oh Shit! Take my big cock you hot Slut!" he moaned.

Realizing that Kent was not just thinking about their mother being fucked, but about fucking her himself, Marnie moved her hand beneath her skirt against the soaked crotch of her panties. She wanted to get closer so she could see her brother's cock when it shot off. Marnie pushed the door open wider and it creaked.

Instantly, Kent's eyes opened, and he looked in the direction of the sound. When he saw his beautiful, older sister watching him, he abruptly stopped as his erection rapidly subsided. "Oh Shit! I didn't know you were home."

Marnie was appalled at being caught spying and even more appalled by the fact that she had so frightened her brother that his erection had almost instantly vanished. "Oh please. Don't Stop! Keep doing it," she pleaded. "It's so hot! I've never seen a guy do it before."

Kent was initially shocked at his sister's request. Then, he saw that she had her hand under her skirt rubbing her pussy. His cock immediately began to regain its stiffness.

"Oh god, Marnie. Get on the bed and do it with me. Hurry!"

"I can't. I can't do it right in front of you. You're my brother!"

"Bullshit! You've been standing there spying on me and rubbing your pussy while I jerk off. Take off your damn clothes and get over here on the bed with me!"

Marnie's body was trembling as she moved toward the bed, her eyes locked on Kent's rapidly hardening cock. Mesmerized by the large, throbbing male snake, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her fingers quickly opened the buttons of her blouse. A moment later, it joined her skirt on the floor. Reaching behind her back, she opened her bra and pulled it from her heaving breasts.

"Jezzzzzzz!!! They're gorgeous!" Kent whispered in awe, his cock immediately hardening into a rigid steel spike.

Marnie mounted the bed naked save for her panties. They could both smell the musky aroma of her throbbing cunt.

"Do it, Kent. Do it while I watch. I want to see it shoot," his sister moaned passionately.

"Oh god, Yes! Watch me!" Kent's hand flashed up and down his rigid, pulsing cock shaft. The head was deep purple, engorged with blood, throbbing, ready to explode. Marnie's eyes were no more than a foot away. Her hand worked feverishly between her thighs.

"Ohhhhhh! OOOHHHH!!" she moaned. "It's just huge! It looks like it's gonna explode!"



"I want to cum on your tits! Can I cum on your tits?!"


In one smooth coordinated motion, Marnie lay back on the bed as Kent scrambled to his knees and pointed his throbbing cock right at Marnie's big C-cup tits. She stared right at the hole in the center of the engorged cock head. Automatically, her hands rose and cupped her tits for her brother's cum shot.


The first huge stream of semen struck Marnie's left tit drenching it with male juices. The tail end of the stream snaked down into her cleavage and up the side of her right tit. Kent altered his aim so that the second gush splattered over her right tit coating it with cum. Aiming lower, Kent's third cum blast filled her cleavage with a pool of his semen. The fourth, fifth, and sixth jets were smaller. Most of them landed on Marnie's neck, tits, and belly where they formed a thick, milky-white pool in her navel pocket. By the time the last drops exited his throbbing prick, his sister was covered with his cum.

When the first load poured over her left tit, Marnie had gasped. A moment later, her clit and cunt went into a hard, spastic contraction as she erupted in an intense orgasm. As the last of the Kent's load coated her belly, she was still in the throes of her climax, her cunt hole opening and closing repeatedly as if there were a male organ embedded within.

The Vaughan kids collapsed together, their chests heaving as they sucked air into their tortured lungs. Kent couldn't tear his eyes away from his sister's cum-streaked, heaving tits. The fact that her nipples were hard didn't escape his 15-year old eyes.

"You came too, didn't you?" he asked.

"Oh yes... hard... really hard! I'm still throbbing. Gawd... That was incredible!"

"Really? You're really throbbing? Like a guy throbs?"

"Of course. Pussies throb just like cocks. Didn't you know that?"

"No, I didn't," Kent whispered, embarrassed.

Hearing the embarrassment in her brother's voice, Marnie's tone immediately softened. "You haven't had sex with a girl yet, have you?"

"No. None of the girls in my class will fuck."

"They will, Kent. They will. Just wait a year or two and they'll all be after you."

"Are you still throbbing?"

"Yes... a little."

Kent moved down the bed and hooked his fingers in his sister's panties. As he pulled them downward over her hips, he met no resistance. In fact, Marnie lifted her ass to make it easier for him. Before he tossed her panties onto the floor, he put them to his nose and inhaled their heady fragrance. As soon as he smelled the intoxicating aroma of her cunt, his cock once more began to harden.

Lying on the bed between his sister's legs, he moved forward so he could see her pussy slowly opening and closing. She spread wider to give him more room.

Marnie was about to give him some instructions when she felt his fingers gently spreading her labia open to expose the wet hole of her vagina and the slowly pulsing clitoris at the top. Kent's cock was now rigid with desire for the luscious female hole before his eyes.

Marnie held her breath as she felt her brother's head moving forward, closer and closer to her core. Then his tongue was inside her vulva, sliding upward in her trench. She groaned when he sucked each of her lips gently and then harder. When the tongue reached her erect, waiting clitoris and slid up its throbbing shaft, she moaned as her hips arched high to present her pussy to the male mouth.

Kent was inexperienced, but he had read about the female clitoris. At first, he was experimenting to find what excited Marnie the most. When he heard her moan deeply and felt her hips thrust upward at the moment his tongue licked upward against the button at the top of her cunt, he knew he had found her clitoris.

Having found the magic key that opens a woman's cunt, he worked his tongue against her wildly throbbing, dancing clit. Up and down the shaft causing her to grunt with pleasure... then across the sensitive tip bringing shrieks of passion from her lungs. When he closed his lips about the base of her clit and sucked hard, she began to shake and tremble, and the small female prick started to contract and throb inside his mouth as his sister erupted in an intense orgasm.

To his great delight, he discovered that women don't have to stop after they cum. Pushing two fingers into her convulsing vagina, Kent continued to stroke Marnie's jerking clitoris with his tongue. In just a few seconds, his sister was again howling with pleasure as her hips hammered up and down on the bed.

As her third orgasm approached, his fingers encountered the raised bundle of tissue inside her vagina right behind her clitoris. Since it felt different than the rest of her pussy, he began working his fingers over its surface, pressing, releasing, pressing, stroking... over and over. Marnie's mouth flew open! Her tongue shot out and rotated uncontrollably in the air. Her eyes clenched shut at the same time as Kent felt her vagina begin to erupt in a series of continuous hard spasms. His sister's legs shot out rigid; her feet and toes arched backwards; her ass thrust high as her cunt ejected a huge stream of her juices all over his face. Her screams of passion were identical to those his mother was making last night.

Kent continued to work his sister's aroused sex organs until he instinctively knew he needed to let her come down from the sexual high. For several seconds, she held her hips high as her cunt continued to throb. Then, she collapsed to the bed, her chest heaving with the exertion of her intense climax.

Kent's cock was now a steel hard, rigid spike. It was so hard that it hurt. Marnie's spasming, soaked vagina was wide open in front of him. But it needed to be higher. Even though he had never fucked a girl, he seemed to know what to do. His hands thrust beneath his sister's ass where he grasped both her cheeks firmly and pulled her cunt into perfect fucking position. With his hips lodged firmly and deeply in her sex saddle, there was no way she could close her legs.

When Kent's body moved over hers to align his sex gun with her opening, Marnie realized that she was about to be fucked, fucked by her brother. Instinctively, she struggled, but it was hopeless and she knew it. Kent's hips drove his entire cock spike into her waiting cunt hole on the first thrust. As she felt it stretching her and driving in to the bottom of her cunt, the taboo was broken, and her excitement and passion flared again. Her legs rose and wrapped themselves around her lover's hips, pulling him deep inside her body.

Kent fucked her magnificently... first with steady, hard strokes, each one driving his full length into her pussy. As their mutual excitement rose higher and higher, he gave it to her faster. After a few thrusts, he realized that if he rode her high, keeping his cock pressed against her clitoris, Marnie's wails and screams were even more intense. He moved higher on her body and rammed her even faster. She came, honking and howling. He felt the contractions of her cunt around his cock. With an intense grunt of male passion, he hammered in and out of her fuck-hole until, unable to continue, his semen roared down his prostate, mixed with the sperm pumping out of his balls, and ejaculated in a series of intense cum jets deep inside his sister's throbbing cunt.

Ten minutes later, Marnie snuggled against him and whispered, "That was fantastic! You're twice as good a lover as Ron, and with a bigger cock as well."

It was a comment that Kent would remember his entire life.

--------------------------------- 6:00 PM - Vaughan Residence: Diane had just come home and while she was busy preparing dinner, Ed went to his study to check his e-mail wondering if there would be another

message from Orion. There was.


Dear Ed,

Hope you had a nice day at the University. I can assure you that your wife had a very nice day at her office. I've attached another audio file that provides some of the details as well as more jpeg images that are even more explanatory. As they say, one picture is worth 10,000 words. I know you would prefer video, but it's much harder to hide video equipment than small cameras. But, I'm working on it.

I know you're wondering how your wife manages to change outfits during the day to ones you've never seen. I'll give you a couple of clues: First, check out the address, Brentwood Tower, Apartment 2416. Second, check your wife's key case for a key that seems out of place.

Oh, I need to update you on the sexual status of Marnie and Kent. I've already told you that Marnie is being fucked regularly. But I also told you that Kent is a virgin. Yesterday, that was correct. Today it is not. Your boy just fucked his first cunt.

Talk to you later, Ed. Orion


With everyone at home, Ed decided to use the earphones to listen to the audio file. As before, the sound quality was excellent. He heard the entire conversation between Diane and her boss that morning. His cock began to harden when he heard Darren say, "Did you fuck him?" It got harder still when he heard Diane replying, "Of course. He would have signed anyway, but this made him feel like he was in charge... and of course, once he got his prick into me, he was in charge."

By the time he heard Royall say, "Hop up on my desk and I'll give you all the details while I'm giving you something else." his cock had become hard as iron. For the next 10 minutes of the recording, he listened to the unmistakable sounds of his wife being fucked.

He knew what the photos were going to show even before he opened them. The first photo showed a rear view of his wife alone bending over beside Royall's desk pulling down her panties, which were already around her knees. In the second one, again taken from the same camera, she was sitting on Royall's desk with her legs wide open and Royall eating her cunt. In the remaining photos, both Diane and Royall were naked. In the third image, Diane's boss was between her thighs fucking her as she leaned backwards. The fourth image was a close up shot of his wife, now lying on her back on the desk, with her cunt filled with a huge cock. In the last photo, she was riding Darren's cock.

Ed stored all the files and Orion's message in a hidden folder while he waited for his erection to subside. Once that happened, he went into the kitchen to talk to his wife.

"Need any help, Honey?" he asked.

"Sure. Why don't you set the table and open the wine. The roast is done."

As Ed was opening the cabernet, he checked to see if the kids were within earshot. When he saw they were not around, he asked, "Tell me, is Marnie having sex yet?"

Diane stopped what she was doing, turned toward her husband, and asked, "Why do you ask?"

"I'm her Dad. Seems to me that that's something I ought to know."

"You're right. You should know. She's 17, Ed."


"It's not the 1950's, Ed. Today, 17-year old women have sex."

"Ok. I thought so... Who's fucking her?"

"She's had three boy friends that I know of. Her current is Ron Daniels. I know he's having sex with Marnie, and I imagine the other two did also."

"Is she on the pill?"

"Of course. I took her to my doctor a year ago."

"Ok. Thanks. I guess I was worried about nothing. I didn't want her to get pregnant. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I should have, but it's sort of a female thing, you know. Marnie confided in me, and... I didn't feel comfortable violating her confidence, but... I should have told you. Sorry."

"Not a problem. I'm just glad you took care of every thing."

During dinner, Ed considered Orion's revelation that Kent had screwed a girl during the last 24 hours. He had spent last night at home and went to school today, so when had he had the opportunity to get a girl in bed? He was certainly handsome and masculine enough to manage that, but it didn't seem like he had had the opportunity.

At that point, Ed noticed Marnie's hairdo had pretty much been wiped out. She had attempted repairs, but it was a far cry from what it had been that morning. Obviously, someone had gotten her in bed during the day... probably her boy friend, Ron, Ed thought. But, on the other hand, he knew that Kent and Marnie had been together during the day. The very thought of that possibility made his cock stiffen.

After dinner, while Diane was doing the dishes, he checked her key ring in her handbag. The key to her car, the house, her briefcase, and several office keys for the Star Agency, all of the same type, were there. In addition, there was one more. It appeared to be an apartment key. The number 2416 was etched on the key!


University - 4:00 PM - Thursday

At 3:30 PM, Ed waited in his office for JoAnne Fredericks to show up for their 4 PM appointment. He thought about her performance in lecture the previous afternoon. As he expected, she again was seated on the front row, right in front of him. Again, as he expected, she wore a short skirt and heels.

The only difference between her actions at Wednesday's lecture and those on Monday was that JoAnne had not waited until the lecture was half finished to begin enticing him with her body. Nor had she stopped prior to the completion of the lecture. Two minutes into the lecture, she had her legs crossed with her short skirt riding high on her lush thighs. Five minutes later, she had recrossed her legs in the opposite direction revealing even more of her other thigh. After ten minutes, JoAnne was sitting with her legs open exposing the brief, thin white panties she wore as well as the trimmed, dark hair of her pubic bush.

Promptly at 4 PM, she knocked on Ed's door. He said "Come in", and she did so, taking a seat directly in front of his desk.

"Well, JoAnne, what can I do for you?" Ed asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

She surprised him, however, by not talking around the point of her visit.

"Dr. Vaughan, you know and I know that this course is too difficult for me. I simply don't have the ability to pass it, but I have to have credit in this course in order to graduate. Look at me! I'm a very, very attractive woman, and I'm even better in bed. I'll trade me for a 'C' grade in this course. I've already given you several previews of me. I think I'm offering a very good deal for both of us."

Ed nodded but didn't reply. He thought about the fact that his wife was obviously being fucked regularly by cocks other than his. His daughter, Marnie, was getting screwed by everyone of her boy friends. Kent had just fucked his first woman and would soon be laying many others. It was even probable that the girl he had fucked was Marnie. In contrast, the only pussy he was getting into was Diane's. That didn't seem really fair to Ed.

Out loud he said, "JoAnne, it could be a very good deal for us both, or it could be a bad deal for me and a good one for you. If your offer is that I fuck you once, here or elsewhere, for a C grade, it's a bad deal for me that I think I shall decline, and give you the "F" grade you've actually earned."

JoAnne had hoped to shock Ed with her blunt straightforward offer. Instead, she was suddenly facing the end of her college career with no degree. "What do you think would be a good deal for both of us?" she asked.

"You're the one offering deals, not me, JoAnne. It's up to you to suggest the deal. It's up to me to decide if I wish to accept it or not. So, think carefully and then make your best offer. I'll give you some advice before you decide: come up with an agreement that protects my interests."

After a few minutes of thought, JoAnne gave Ed a devilish grin and said, "Ok. How's this? If I get a 'C' in this course, it will still take me another semester to finish the degree. You give me a grade of 'I', incomplete, in this course. That is the grade given when some requirement of the course has not yet been completed. I suspect my course 'requirements' will be frequent sex with you until the end of the next semester. At that time, I will have completed all course requirements, very satisfactorily I assure you, and then you change the 'I' to a 'C'. Or maybe to a B or an A, depending on how well I complete the requirements. Agreed?"

For a reply, Ed said, "Stand up and then turn around slowly. I want to see you from all sides."

JoAnne shuddered with excitement. "Oh yes! Look at me. I promise, you won't be sorry." She rose and slowly turned through 360 degrees. When her back was toward him, she bent over slightly and thrust her ass toward him. Ed's cock began to harden when he saw that her short skirt just barely covered her ass.

"Lose the skirt and blouse, JoAnne."

She seductively pulled the straps of her blouse off her shoulders and pulled it down to her waist. Unzipping the tiny skirt, she let it fall to the floor of his office. Now clad only in a light blue bra and thong with the blouse bunched uselessly around her waist, she put her hands behind her head and thrust her big tits in his direction. "Like me?"

"I love the way you loo


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