Pandora's Box

The Beginning:

Brice Bartel sat at the bar nursing his fourth Bourbon and water on the rocks. "How in hell did this all happen?" he thought to himself. In the back of his mind, he felt that he should have seen it coming... that somehow, somewhere there must have been a clue, a tip-off, but try as he might, he couldn't think of anything. It had all just seemed to come out of nowhere. One day, every thing was just great... the next day, it was all garbage. He still didn't have the slightest idea what he was going to do. Maybe if he went over every thing from the beginning, he could figure it out. "Let's see now, " he thought, "I first asked Sharla for a date at that party four years ago..."


Sharla Caron had just turned twenty-one the night she and her friend, Bev Appleton, went to that faithful party with their dates. It was just Sharla's third date with Cory, and he was already trying to persuade her to have sex with him. She thought he was a nice looking guy and was contemplating sleeping with him, but so far, he hadn't gotten lucky with her. She smiled wondering if his luck would be better after the party tonight.

Cory danced with her a couple of times, but since he wasn't much of a dancer, they quickly ended up off in one corner of the room with Cory talking to another guy about the upcoming football game that would decide whether or not their college won the conference championship. Sharla had even less interest in football than Cory had in dancing. So, after a short time, she excused herself, ostensibly to go to the ladies room.

As she mingled with the crowd, stopping occasionally to chat with one of her friends, she noticed a guy standing alone out on the patio. Even from a distance, he looked ruggedly handsome with a dark complexion, wavy dark hair, and a beautifully built, masculine body. His T-shirt molded his chest and looked as if it might rip open if he were to flex his pecs or biceps. His tight pants revealed an incredibly slim waist and tight butt.

Aside from his appearance, the thing that drew Sharla's attention was the fact that he was alone. With all the single women present, that seemed almost weird. As she watched, a sexy looking blonde approached him. They chatted for short while, and Sharla saw the man smile but shake his head. The blonde's face took on a pout, and she tugged on his arm, but he shook his head again. Finally, she gave up and left. It was obvious that she had tried to interest him without success.

Now intrigued, Sharla continued to watch. The man was leaning against the railing around the patio, seeming to stare out over the expanse of the lake. The scene was beautiful with the full moon's light reflecting off the water's swells. A brunette approached him but had no more luck than the blonde had had. Perhaps he's gay, Sharla thought. She was surprised to find herself hoping that he wasn't.

She was also surprised to find herself walking out onto the patio. She had no idea what she intended to do. All she knew was that the man excited her, so much so that she felt almost like a moth being drawn toward the light. Moving up to the railing, she stood staring out at the lake, off to the man's right side.

"Beautiful, isn't it," she said, without looking at him.

"Very," came the response.

"Do you like the water?" she asked.

"Yes, but mostly I like beautiful things. They make me feel good to be around them."

"I've been watching you," Sharla confessed.

"I know. I saw you."

Sharla felt her face flush. "Now, I'm embarrassed. A lot. I thought I was being so discreet. How did you know?"

"I could tell you that I'm a psychic, but the truth is that I saw your reflection in the open glass doors of the patio."

For a few minutes, neither of them spoke. "If you like beautiful things, why didn't you go dance with the blonde or the brunette who approached you? They're beautiful."

"Because I always try for the most beautiful thing."

"You mean the lake?"

"No, not the lake or the moonlight on it. They're beautiful, but there's no way to possess a lake or the moonlight. They're beyond reach."

"What then?"


Sharla felt a gush of wetness between her thighs caused by that one word. She tried to ignore it. "Well, thank you. That's a very nice thing to say. But you've hardly looked at me. In fact, except for my reflection, you haven't even looked directly at me yet."

"You reflection was all I needed to see. But, just to be certain..."

The man turned to face her. His rugged, strong chin, dark eyebrows, piercing brown eyes, the shadow of his beard, and his smile had Sharla mesmerized.

"Yes... yes. Just as I thought."

"What?" she asked, surprised to find her voice not much more than a whisper.

"You're gorgeous. Even more so than I thought. Are you serious about your boyfriend?"

Sharla felt the wetness between her thighs increasing. "Not really. It's just my third date with him."


"Why good?"

"Because I want you. Dinner tomorrow night? Say yes!"


"Wonderful! Now that that's settled, I'm Brice, Brice Bartel, and you are?"

"Sharla, Sharla Caron. I'm pleased to meet you, Brice.

Brice laughed, and Sharla liked his laugh too. Taking out a notepad from her handbag, she quickly jotted down her telephone number and her address. "Here, you'll need this tomorrow evening. What time?" "7:30 PM."

"I'll be ready."

"I hope so," Brice commented.


The next afternoon, Sharla took two hours to prepare for her first date with Brice. After bathing and soaking for 30 minutes, she carefully shaved her arms and beneath them, her legs, and finally, her pussy. Later, at her dresser, she brushed her long, dark hair until it was lustrous. Afterwards, she set it so that it fell in soft waves over her shoulders. It took her 30 minutes to get her eyes the way she wanted them. When she finished, her eyes alone were enough to turn male heads. Her full lips were carefully covered with a dark red lip gloss. A light touch of rouge was added to her cheeks.

Surveying the results in the mirror, Sharla was pleased with what she saw. She knew her large, firm, natural breasts were gorgeous. They looked even larger because of her slim waist line. She thought her ass was too large, but was well aware that men loved it. She did admire her legs. It was hard not to since they were nearly perfect. With her dark complexion, she had no need of stockings, but sometimes she wore them for erotic effect. Tonight was to be such a time. Her four-inch heels were enough to harden many cocks. At 5' 7", 135 lbs, she was incredibly beautiful.

In addition to her thigh-high, self-supporting hose, Sharla selected a thin, transparent, nylon demi-bra that was more for erotic effect than for support. She considered wearing a thong or no panties, but opted for a pair of equally transparent, white, bikini panties. Over these items, Sharla elected to wear a tight, form-fitting sheathe that exposed the upper quarter of both breasts and her legs from 6 inches above her knees downward.

She was ready and waiting for Brice by 7:15. By the time he arrived, on time at 7:30, her panties were already wet with anticipation. They got even wetter when she saw him. He was simply the most sensuously erotic male she had ever seen. In addition, she had learned that he was a graduate student in electrical engineering. "God," she thought, "smart, handsome, confident, sensuously sexy." Her knees were weak.

When Sharla met Brice at the door, he was momentarily stunned by her beauty. Her radiant smile of pleasure at seeing him doubled the awesome effect. Sharla was equally amazed at the virile, handsome man who was to be her date. The fact that he looked straight into her eyes, not at her thrusting breasts, her sexy ass, or her gorgeous legs, was not lost on her.

"Sharla Caron, you are easily the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, much less dated. Please." Brice held out his arm, and Sharla took it gladly.

Although dinner was excellent, neither of them paid any attention to the food. Sharla's body throbbed with excitement, her wetness coating both thighs. She wondered if he was equally excited by her. He was. His cock had been erect almost from the moment she had come to the door. In his tight pants, there was no way he could conceal his steel-hard, seven and a half inch prick. Most of the women they passed stared openly and lustfully at his bulging crotch. But Sharla kept her eyes locked on his.

After dinner, Brice took Sharla to a club for a drink. There was a small dance floor. While they moved slowly about that floor, her body pressed tightly against his, he leaned closed and whispered, "I can't help it."

"I know. I'm glad."

"It's your fault."


"It's hurts."

"Good. I'm glad about that too."

"I'm going to fuck you tonight."

"Yes. I know."

"Do you usually fuck on the first date?"

"No. Never."

"But you will tonight."


"Do you take the pill?"



"I may get pregnant."

"Yes, you may."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm... Can we go now?"



"Are you wet?"

"Very. And you're very hard. It feels large."

"It's hard and large. I want to sink it into you."

"You can. Here. Anywhere. Anytime. I'm ready."

"Are you wearing panties?"


"Take them off."

"Here? Now?"


Sharla disengaged herself from Brice's arms, lifted her dress to her waist while other men watched. Then, slowly, she pulled her panties over her ass and down her thighs. Once around her ankles, she stepped out of them. Picking them up, she handed them to Brice. "Do you want me to remove my bra too," she whispered.

"Not yet. Your panties... they're wet... very wet."

"Yes. Drenched."



"They smell like your cunt."

"I want you to smell it."

"I know."


"Please what?"

"Please take me back your place or to mine."


"So you can smell my cunt... taste it. So you can fuck me."

"I can fuck you here... on the dance floor."

"Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh... god!"

Brice took Sharla's arm and led her out of the club to his car. As he pulled out of the parking lot, he said, "Move closer."

Sharla pressed herself against his body.

"Your dress."

She knew what he wanted. Raising her hips, she pulled it up to her waist exposing her now naked cunt. "Oh, hurry. Please," Sharla moaned.

Abruptly, Brice turned into a Motel 6. Stopping in front of the office, he handed Sharla his credit card. "Go in and get us a room. I'll park the car."


"Your cunt smells musky... spread wider," Brice ordered.

Except for her missing panties, Sharla was still fully dressed. She was in the middle of the bed with a pillow boosting her hips into position. Her mouth stretched wide in a silent moan. As the tongue pushed into her pulsing vulva, her legs went rigid, extended to their full length.

The small tongue prick pushed in and out of her vagina. Frantically, her fingers tore at the zipper on the side of her sheathe. When she had it down, she clawed desperately to bare her breasts. She got them out at the same moment the tongue reached her engorged clitoris.

Brice licked the throbbing shaft of the female prick. Instantly, it contracted in a hard spasm. He attacked it with rapid, repeated strokes of his tongue. Sharla's clitoris began to dance in and out of its protective hood. Her hands squeezed both large tits as she began to cum. Her entire body shuddered, silently, in an intense spasm. Brice didn't back off her pulsing, contracting clitoris. Instead, he sucked it into his mouth applying intense pressure. The tortured organ expanded to almost twice its normal size.

Sharla's legs flew up into the air. First, her toes pointed, then curled backwards. Her asshole and vagina began to open and close... repeatedly... in hard spasms. Her eyes clenched shut as another climax surged through her. Screams of female passion echoed throughout the small room. Brice lashed the helpless woman's clit again and again until her vagina slammed shut and ejected feminine cum all over his face.

Sharla's chest heaved as she tried to suck air into her lungs. "Please... please.. stop. You're going to kill me... please." Brice ignored her. His hands pushed her legs even further back elevating her hips and exposing her ass. He spread her cheeks and stared at the small hole, opening... closing as the tremors of her orgasm still pulsed through her body.

"OOOOOHHHHH..... AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" she gasped when she felt his tongue pushing into her ass at the same time as his fingers gently worked around her engorged clitoris. The feeling was weird, but exquisite, erotic. Then the tongue was exploring in and out of her ass, up the wet, throbbing sex trench of her cunt, stopping at the dancing clitoris to bring her to another intense orgasm.

She was totally helpless... quivering... her vagina opening... closing... as if begging to be filled. Fingers penetrated her anus... two more moved inside her core... the tongue caressed her clitoris engorging it... swelling it still further. She came again... hard... harder than any man or her vibrator had ever made her cum.

Her vagina was still throbbing in hard contractions when Brice mounted her. "Put it in," he ordered.

Sharla reached between their bodies, grasped the large, thick organ and aligned the head with her opening.

"In," Brice repeated. 'Put my cock inside your cunt."

She moved her hips forward, pressed the big head against her labia, and worked it inside her pussy. She felt her sex hole throbbing around him. Desperately, she tried to impale herself on his length with no success. "Please! Please!" she moaned.

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me. Oh please!"


The thick sex gun drove into the bottom of her cunt. She felt his hands under her ass, holding her in position. She spread wide, lifting her hips into perfect position for him. Her cunt just exploded when he began to fuck her with rapid, hard strokes, each one hammering his entire length into the hot tube of her cunt. The headboard of the bed thudded against the wall announcing every stroke to the couple in the next room. She came again when she felt his prick jerking and throbbing deep inside her vagina as it spewed out its thick load of cum.

Before they left the motel the next morning, four more loads of semen were inside her body.


The following week, Sharla moved in with Brice. For the first four months, all they did was eat, study, and fuck. Brice wanted her at least twice a day, and Sharla would have been willing to have even more sex with her incredible lover. Every time he had her, she would experience at least two intense orgasms.

With three months still to go before Sharla completed her B.S. degree and Brice obtained his M.S., he came home one evening with a dozen red roses. Sharla was overwhelmed. She was even more elated when he took her to a five-star restaurant for dinner even though she knew that they really couldn't afford it. Her thighs were soaked with her juices in anticipation of the sex she knew would soon come.

When they returned to their apartment, she was surprised that he didn't immediately take her bed. Instead, he asked her to sit down on the couch. When she did, he told her that she was the most marvelously sensuous and beautiful woman he had ever known. "I can't bare the thought of losing you at some future time. I want you with me for the rest of my life."

A small case magically appeared in his hand. He opened its lid revealing the half-caret, brilliant diamond solitary in the center surrounded by the white folds of the satin lining. "When we graduate in three months, will you marry me?"

For an answer, Sharla threw her arms around her new fiancé's neck and moaned, "Oh YES! YES! YES!"

After that, Brice carried her into their bedroom where he proceeded to ravish all of her holes until daybreak.


A week after Sharla and Brice graduated, they were married in a small civil ceremony that was followed by a sensuous, sex-filled honeymoon in Jamaica. Without being asked, Sharla had discarded her halter the second afternoon they were there, sunbathing and walking around the large outdoor pool with her large, firm, 36D breasts swinging freely. Every man's eyes were locked onto her big tits as she approached and on her sexy ass as she retreated.

When she first removed her halter, she was uncertain about what her new husband's response would be. She was elated when she saw how hard it had gotten his cock, so much so that that the tight, spandex suit he wore could not contain it.

The next day, he asked her if she would be uncomfortable visiting one of the nude beaches. For an answer, Sharla had pulled her husband close, kissed him passionately, and said, "I'll do anything you want... anytime... I love pleasing you."

That afternoon, Sharla and Brice wrapped large beach towels around their naked bodies and walked to the nude beach area where they spent the entire afternoon under their umbrella. Sharla wore a pair of heels at Brice's request. Her husband's cock was hard most of the afternoon, which was only fair considering how wet her pussy was.

Occasionally, his erection would subside, but as soon as he noticed another male checking out his wife's big tits and her exposed shaved cunt, it would quickly harden into a rigid spike. Sharla loved it, so much so that on several occasions when she saw a man looking at her, she would spread her legs wider to give him a better view.

When she did this for a young, black male, Brice commented, "Slut."

Sharla flushed with a mixture of pleasure and shame. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Do you want to stop?"

"No. It turns me on."

"Good. It's turning me on too. Spread wider."

She did.


Six Months after Marriage:

It proved to be no problem for Brice to secure an excellent, high-paying, position with a major electronics company. He had graduated near the top of his class, and that coupled with his incredible appeal for women, assured him of offers from virtually every company he interviewed.

Sharla waited until Brice had selected a company and they had moved to their new location before she began to look for a marketing position. Although her academic record was good, it was no match for that of her husband. However, with her incredible sensuous beauty, finding a good position was child's play. Every senior executive had wet dreams after seeing her. It wasn't even necessary for her to dress erotically. She would have looked hot wearing a burlap sack.

With their combined incomes, the Bartels suddenly found themselves far from the poor students they had been. Consequently, it was an easy decision to move out of their apartment they had temporarily rented in favor of a very nice home in an upscale neighborhood. They were quickly invited to join the country club, an invitation which they accepted, and new friends seem to abound. The women couldn't take their eyes off of Brice, and their husbands would get hard when they looked at Sharla.

The Bartels enjoyed talking about this situation when they were in bed.

"Gloria Matthews got so hot tonight, I thought she might rape you."

"I noticed," Brice said with a grin, his male ego quite pleased.

"What did you do to the poor girl anyway?" Sharla teased.

"Nothing really. I just danced with her a couple of times."


"And what?"

"And what else did you do?"

"That's it. She might have gotten excited by my hard cock pressing against her pussy while we were dancing."

"Yeah. She might have. I seem to remember it having that same effect on me on our first date." Sharla paused for a moment and then added, "You know that she wants you to fuck her. Will you?"

"No. Why should I waste time and semen fucking a woman who's not half as beautiful nor one third as hot as my wife? There's no possible way her cunt is as tight, as wet, and as hot as the one I'm in right now."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... and it probably won't squeeze your big cock as hard as this one does either."

"UUNNGGGHHH... GOD! That's for certain. Your pussy is like a vise... oooohhh... take it easy, Honey."

"Anyway, look who's complaining. You think I didn't see Greg Ralston lusting after your body?"

"He was just being friendly."

"Right... just some 'friendly' rubs over your ass while he had you on the dance floor. And some 'friendly' stares down your dress when you bent over to hand him his drink. And what happened when the two of you walked down to the lake?"

"You know what happened."

"Tell me."

"He talked to me."


"And he said I was a beautiful, sensuous woman."

"He wants to fuck you."

"He does. A lot. He was hard as stone."

"Are you going to let him screw you?"

"No. Why should I waste time with him when I can have this fantastic cock up my cunt, Lover. UUUmmmmmmm... fuck me harder, Stud. Give it to me. I'm gonna cum again."


A Year after Marriage:

In some ways, things had gotten even better for the Bartels. Both Sharla and Brice had been promoted, and their income had increased to even higher levels. Their circle of friends had expanded even further. The women were trying even harder to entice Brice between their thighs, and their husbands were working overtime in their attempts to get between Sharla's.

In spite of all the success, the sexual intensity of their marriage had cooled considerably. Sharla realized that this was in the natural order of things, but it seemed to be decreasing far too fast. In one year, they had gone from fucking two or three times a day to three times a week. Even more alarming was the fact that the intensity of their couplings had decreased significantly.

She checked her naked body out in her full-length mirror to see if she had put on any unsightly weight. She hadn't. At 22, she was, if anything, even more voluptuous than she had been the night she first saw Brice. For his part, Brice worked out daily in the gym so that his muscles were even more finely toned than before, if that were possible. He hadn't put on an extra pound of weight. Nor did either of them seem to be working too hard.

It was a Monday morning. Brice and Sharla were in their bedroom getting dressed for another day at their respective jobs. Sharla had already put on her panties, bra, and heels and was standing in the walk-in closet selecting a blouse and skirt for the day. Brice wore only his jockey briefs.

"Are you going to wear stockings today?" he asked.

"No. I thought it looked sexier to go without them. Would you like for me to put some on?"

"No. I think you're right. Your bare legs in those heels look very hot. But I want you to take off your bra."

"Whatever you say, Lover," his wife replied with a sexy smile.

When her bra was off and her big tits were jiggling as she walked about their bedroom, she asked, "This what you want, Lover? You want me naked? Back in bed?"

"That's perfect. I love your tits. We don't' have time to fuck now. Just finish getting dressed, but leave the bra off."

Sharla selected a blue blouse and matching skirt and put them on over her panties and heels. The skirt didn't quite cover her knees, but it was perfectly appropriate for work wear as was her blouse. However, without a bra, her prominent nipples atop her large breasts made sizable dents in the blouse. Whenever she moved about the room, their bounce made it obvious that she was braless.

As they ate breakfast, Sharla noticed Brice couldn't tear his eyes away from her tits. "God! You look terrific!"

"Do you really want me to go to work like this? No bra... tits bouncing? Every guy there will know my tits are naked under the blouse. Are you Ok with that?"

Brice was carrying the dishes to the sink. Sharla saw that her husband sported a massive erection. "I guess he really likes it. Do you?"

"I love it. Will you?"

"Of course. Giving every guy in the office a hard-on. What's not to like." She kissed him hard and was out the door.


By 11:00 AM, three men had already asked Sharla to have lunch with them. She had begged off citing a lot of additional work that she had to finish, but then Greg Ralston approached her.

"I have reservations for two at the Hilton for lunch. Will you join me?"

"You just don't give up, do you?" Sharla laughed.

"Never. Particularly when you look like you do today. I can't believe it. You're naked under that blouse, aren't you? It's driving me up the wall. Say 'yes'!"

"Ok. Yes."

When they were in the Hilton lobby, Greg said, "Just a moment. I've made two different reservations here. One is for a table for two in the dining room. The other is for a hotel room. I would much rather take you to the hotel room than to lunch. You lead the way... either to the dining room or to the front desk."

"I've got a great husband, Greg. Why do you think I would cheat on him?"

"Variety, perhaps. I've got a great girl friend too, but Margo has been interested in Brice for just as long as I've been interested in you. I'm not asking you to divorce Brice. Those big, beautiful, braless breasts suggest that variety must have some appeal to you as well as to me."

"Everyone likes variety, Greg. In every thing. I'm no exception, but I'm not cheating on Brice. Let's have lunch."

After they had eaten and were back in Greg's car, he turned to Sharla and said, "You've got to know how disappointed I am. You've been teasing me for months, but today, when you came to work with no bra and let those beauties bounce in front of my face, I thought it was my day to get lucky."

"Sorry, but I never promised you anything," Sharla said with a smile.

"I know, but the at the very least you should let me see them."

"I guess that's fair," she said reaching for the buttons of her blouse.

A moment later, she had her blouse opened and spread wide. Both large tits thrust out into the open, firm, solid, inviting.

"Jezzz... you don't have breasts, Sharla. You have two huge cannons on your chest."

"I think you like my tits, Greg."

"I love them!" His hands reached out, half expecting Sharla to pull away. Instead, she moved closer, pulling her shoulders back and thrusting both tits toward him.

"Feel me," she whispered.

Greg's hands cupped... then circled both thrusting mounds... hefting them.

"They're huge. Move closer."

"Like this?"

"Yes... just like that. Cup them. Hold them up."

She leaned forward, holding her tits out to his lips.

"AAAahhhhhhhhhh.. your lips feel so hot on my nipples."

Then, a moment later: "Oooohhh... not so hard... aaaahhhhhh... noo... no! Don't stop. Do it more... more!!"

"Uuunngghhh... harder... pinch my nipples harder, Greg!"

"Like this, Baby?"

"AAaaahhhhhhh... yesssssssss... just like that! Pull them... ooohhh please... pull them hard... AAAaaaiii... oohh fuckkkkk!!"

Quickly Greg unzipped his pants and extracted his rigid, 7-inch, steel hard cock. The bloated head was wet with his precum... a short strand hanging from the tip.

Sharla stared at the randy male rising up over her... his cock a rigid spike of lust. She felt her pussy throb when she heard his voice: "Turn toward me! Cup them! Hold them up for me! I'm going to cream you... cream your big tits."

Sharla scooted around in the seat so that she faced him. He was on his knees towering over her... his hand flashing up and down the rigid shaft as he pointed the bloated, purple head directly at her big waiting mounds.

"Are you ready for my load, Sharla?"

"Ohhh yes... Cream me... CREAM MY TITS... CUM ALL OVER THEM!" she shouted.

An instant later, a huge, thick, white stream fired at her right tit... drenching it. The next gush hit her chest and then ran in a thick river of cum down into her cleavage. Greg switched his aim to her left breast. The third cum jet fired out and coated that tit. Two more followed in rapid succession, the first splattering over her chest, the second hitting her nipple where the load formed a cum rope that dangled in the air.


"Did anyone notice your new, exotic look today, Honey?" Brice asked that evening as they cuddled on the couch. He had already opened Sharla's blouse and had both big, naked tits out, caressing them and teasing their hardened nipples.

"MMMmmmmmm... not more than a dozen guys."


"And, they liked what they saw. They all wanted to see more, I think."

"I'm sure they did. Did any of them get hard?"

"It was hard to tell. I think Jack Lansing did and I know Greg Ralston did."

"How do you know that for sure?"

"Because I went to lunch with him at the Hilton. He had made both lunch reservations in the dining room and a reservation for a room in the hotel. He asked me to forget lunch and go up to the hotel room with him for sex. His pants were bulging with his hard on."

"Really? How big is he?"

"At least 7 or 8 inches... maybe more."

"Did you go? Did he fuck you?"

"Of course not! I don't cheat on you, Honey. Ever! But..."

"But what?"

"After we were back in the car, I did open my blouse and let him see my tits. He was begging me to let him see them. Are you angry?"

"All he did was look?"

"Well... not quite. He did a little more. MMmmmmm... you're hard aren't you? Oh, I love that! Fuck me, Honey. Fuck your hot slutty wife."

"First tell me what Greg did."

"I opened my blouse and let him see my tits. He got sooo hard. He begged me to take off my blouse completely... so I did. Then he felt me... particularly my nipples. They got so hard when he did that... He wanted to jerk off and cum on them."

"Did you let him?"

"I was so hot, Honey. It was just so hot... he had my tits out... his cock was out and it was hard... so damn hard. A big rope of cum was even hanging from the head. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. He was very forceful... just ordered me... didn't ask me... just ordered me to cup my tits and get ready for his big cum load. My pussy was throbbing. I couldn't stop him. I was just helpless. I'm so sorry. Are you furious?"

"No, but I'm hard. Did you cum when he shot all over your tits?"

"I couldn't help it. When that huge load of cum splattered all over my tits, my pussy just exploded. I'm so damn hot right now, Brice. I need it. Please. Fuck me! Get on me! Get in me! I NEED TO BE FUCKED... NOW!!"


The next morning, Sharla slipped on her panties after her shower, but before she put on a bra, she asked Brice. "Do I go braless again today, Honey?"

"Yes. Today and everyday from now on. No more bras until I tell you differently."

"Whatever you say, Darling. But you know the men are all going to try to have sex with me. And Greg is going to want a repeat with extras. Are you Ok with that?"

"Oh yes. It turns me on to know that they all want what I have but they can't have."


Another Four Months Later:

After Sharla began going braless, sex with Brice quickly picked back up to once or twice a day. Every time Brice fucked his wife with intensity, usually putting at least two loads into her while she was having several orgasms.

However, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end and after four months, the frequency and intensity of sex between them once more began to subside. It became obvious that twice a day sex was essentially impossible to sustain without additional sexual stimulation. The stimulation that was most effective for Brice was knowing and seeing his gorgeous wife turning on other men. Fortunately, that also seemed to be the thing that excited Sharla the most as well.

Sharla had just finished bathing and was in her closet selecting her outfit for the day.

"Don't you have an important marketing meeting today with a prospective client?" Brice asked.

"Yeah. Jacobson is considering switching to us as his computer and communications supplier for his firm. I'm meeting with him today. I'm supposed to fill him in on all the details after which he'll meet with Postmen, he's a senior vice president, to discuss possible pricing arrangements."

"Wear one of the tight dresses you got at Victoria's."

"Don't you think that might be too much?"

"Jacobson's a guy isn't he? He'll love it, and you'll close the deal for your firm."

"Ok, Honey. Whatever you say."

Sharla laid a tight sheathe and a pair of heels on the bed, sat down and pulled on the patterned reddish-brown, stockings. She bent over to get some panties from her bottom dresser drawer. While bent over, her cunt on display, she looked back at her randy husband who was staring between her legs.

"Like what you see, Lover?"

"Oh yes. It looks hot and wet. Forget the panties. Wear the dress with nothing underneath."

"Oh god! I'll be so excited, it will be hard to even talk. He may figure out that I'm not wearing any panties."

"He might figure it out or he might not. But he will certainly be wondering if you're wearing panties. You've got to know the thought is gonna get him hard. No panties."

"All right, Lover. No panties."

Brice watched as his wife dressed. As she slipped her second pump on her foot, she rested her left calf on her right knee. The position exposed her naked pussy. Brice's cock surged to full erection as he stared between his wife's thighs.


The men at her office had grown accustomed to seeing Sharla braless, but the tight sheathe was something new. That, coupled with he unrestrained bounce of her big tits, had them all staring. The same was true for Jacobson.

When Postman brought him to Sharla's office for the briefing, both men did a double take. To enhance the effect, Sharla rose, moved around to the front of her desk, and extended her hand to Jacobson in greeting. He shook her hand, but his eyes never left her body. He was having trouble deciding whether to concentrate on her delectable ass, her gorgeous legs, or her big, bouncing tits. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. There was no telltale outline of a bra and her tits swung freely when she walked.

"I'll be in my office when you finish briefing Dwain on the details of the services and the equipment we can provide. Please escort him there when you finish, Sharla."

"I will, Mr. Postman. It will take 30 minutes to an hour depending on how much detail Mr. Jacobson wants at this point."

When Postmen left, Sharla turned to face Jacobson with a big smile. She crossed her legs exposing part of one thigh. "I assume you've read the material I sent. Is that correct, Mr. Jacobson?"

"Yes it is. I've read it very carefully... and please, call me Dwain."

"Why thank you, Dwain. Mr. Postman will be discussing prices, but with respect to performance, I'm sure you already recognize that our communication equipment is more modern, more versatile, and, I think, most importantly, more user-friendly than the line you are currently using, which is rather out of date, I'm afraid."

Jacobson nodded and said, "I would certainly have to agree. If the price is right, we probably have a deal." His eyes were riveted on her tits.

"As for our computational equipment, the story is the pretty much the same. The processor speeds are superior to the line you are using; the hard disk and RAM storage space is greater. There are more ports for configuration with external devices. The CD drive read and write speeds are greater, and the software has been specially tailored to your needs."

The eyes were now on Sharla's thighs. They almost seemed to be trying to force her legs apart so he see her core. She felt her vagina gushing under his intense stare, and without panties, she was very nervous that she would wet the back of her dress. She tried to calm herself to stem the flow, but had little success.

"At this point, I'm very satisfied with the equipment's specifications and performance. But after I hear about price from Mr. Postman, I may need more detail about how much bang I'm getting for the buck. I like to get as much bang as I can. If the need arises, could you have dinner with me at the Marriott if I need more information?"

"Well... I'm married."

"I know. There's no way a beautiful woman like yourself could possible be single. So? Dinner?"

"I... I don't know... I would... I would have to check with my... eh... my husband."

"Of course. If I think I need additional information, I'll tell Postman and he can alert you. You can provide me with your answer then. If he says nothing, then I will have concluded that I have all the information I will need."

"That will be fine, Dwain. Let me show you the way to his office."

"Lead the way. I'll follow you."

As Sharla walked down the corridor to Postman's office, she could feel Jacobson's eyes locked onto her swinging ass. She knew he would now be able to easily check for panty lines and see that there were none. Then he would know that her pussy was naked under the dress. Her wetness trickled down her thighs.

As she expected, Postman came back to her office an hour later to inform her that Jacobson felt he needed her to go over the specifications with him again now that he knew the costs. "He told me that you had agreed to have dinner with him at his hotel this evening to give him whatever he needs."

"He asked me to go over the details over dinner, yes."

"Whatever. Just be certain that he's satisfied. I don't think I need remind you that this is a multi-million dollar deal."

"No, Sir. I'm aware of the size of the deal."

"Good. Be certain he gets whatever he needs. Do you understand? He suggested 8 PM."

Sharla nodded, and Postman added. "If you get Jacobson to sign tomorrow, there'll be a very, very nice bonus and a possible promotion for you."

After work that evening, Sharla related the entire conversation to Brice. When she finished, she looked at him and asked, "What do think I should do? It's obvious that he has no interest in the specifications for the equipment. He already has all of those details. If I do go to his hotel and get him to sign, Postman has essentially promised me a big bonus and a promotion to assistant vice-president."

"Of course he's not interested in equipment specifications," Brice agreed. "He's interested in you."

"Well... should I call Postman and tell him I'm ill and can't make dinner?"

"He'll fire you, you know. If not that, it'll be a cold day in hell before you ever get another raise or promotion."

"If I go, he's going to fuck me... you know that."

"I'm sure he will... at least, I certainly would."

"I might have to spend the entire night in his room... are you really all right with that?"

"It turns me on... you know that, but if it makes you uncomfortable, I'll go with you to dinner and you can discuss the 'specifications' he has no interest in, but he will have to pretend that he does. When you're finished, we thank him and leave.

"The real question is, 'Do you want to do it... knowing that he's going to fuck you and also knowing that he knows that you know that you're going to be fucked?"

Sharla finally whispered... "yes."

"Yes what?" Brice asked. "Speak up!"

"Yes... I want to go. I want to have dinner with him."


"And let him fuck me. As many times as he wants."

"Call me on your cell phone when you're leaving, and I'll pick you up. I don't want you out late at night."


Sharla had brought her briefcase full of all the specifications for the communication and computer equipment even though she knew they wouldn't be needed. It was just for show.

She had changed clothes into a sexy red dress, red heels and matching hose. Underneath, she wore a pink teddy that covered her tits but not her cunt. She wore no panties.

During dinner, Jacobson never once mentioned the specifications on the equipment. Sharla thought he did this so that it would be very clear to her that his interest was in her and what was under her dress, not in equipment specifications.

"I like your dress... I like it a lot, Sharla. You're an incredibly beautiful woman... but more importantly than being beautiful, you're incredibly sensuous and sexy. But I'm sure you already know that, don't you?"

"A lot of men have told me that, so I guess I do know it, Dwain."

"Did you tell your husband you were having dinner with me tonight?"

"Of course I did. I told him you had said that you might want more information about the equipment specifications now that you have been informed of the potential cost."

"And did he believe that?"

"No. He didn't."

"What did he believe, Sharla?"

"He thought you were interested in something else beside equipment specifications. In fact, he said he would be."

"What else?"


"That's the way he put it? Really?"

"Well... not quite."

"Tell me."

"He said you would want to fuck me."

"But he told you to come anyway?"

"No. He told me it was up to me... that he would support any decision I made."

"MMmmm... impressive. Impressive indeed! You have a very wise husband, Sharla. Many men would just scream and protest... thereby throwing away entire careers and success. Well... enough of this. How was your dinner?"

"Delicious. Thank you. And the wine was superb as well."

"I think you were naked under your dress in your office this afternoon, Sharla. Were you?"


"Just for me?"

"It's probably best if I say yes, but the truth is that I've stopped wearing bras to work several months ago and stopped wearing panties a few days ago."


"My husband doesn't permit me to wear bras and panties to work."

"And tonight?"

"I'm wearing a pink teddy and stockings but no panties.

"Let's go up to my room so you can show me. Shall we?"

"I'll follow you," Sharla said with a smile.

"You know that I'm going to fuck you, don't you?"

"I would hope so. I hope you haven't gotten me this wet and then intend to leave me hanging."

"Don't worry. I intend to screw you several times tonight."

"Promises... promises. Shall we go?"


When they were in Jacobson's suite, he said, "We've got a lot of time. Not need to rush. I think I'll just let you simmer in your juices for a bit. Come out onto the patio. The view is spectacular."

Leaning against the railing, Sharla looked out over the city. As Jacobson had promised, the view was indeed spectacular. However, he was far more interested in the view of her legs and ass that her bent over position was providing.

To himself, he thought, "God... What a piece of ass she is. Fantastic. I think I'm going to be needing her consulting services on the equipment a lot in the future.

"You're right. The view is fantastic," Sharla commented with a smile. "But your attention seems to be elsewhere."

"Of course it is. Scenery is pretty; your legs and ass are gorgeous."

"I'm glad you think so, Dwain."

"Take a seat and let's sex chat a bit. Does that bother you?"

"That would be sort of silly don't you think? Being offended at talking about sex when we both know that you're going to be fucking me soon."

Dwain sat down opposite her. "You still haven't proven that you're not wearing panties, Sharla. Let me see your pussy while we chat."

It was an order, not a request. Sharla felt her vagina throb wetting her thighs still further. She crossed her left leg over her right knee. The position opened her thighs and exposed her mound and the very thin strip of pubic hair she had recently permitted to grow at Brice's request.

Jacobson's eyes bored into her exposed cunt. It throbbed again. She could smell the musky aroma of her arousal and wondered if he could. "Convinced?" she asked.

"Completely. How many other men have fucked you since you were married, Sharla?"


The response both shocked and excited Jacobson. His cock hardened at the thought. "Is that the truth? A woman as sensuous and beautiful as you and no male has been in you other than your husband?"

"That's right. You'll be the first."


"My husband hasn't suggested that I do it before. Tonight, he did."

"Did that bother you?"

"No. It excited me. I like sex... a lot!"

"How about before you were married? Were you a virgin when you first met Brice?"


"How many?"

"One boy in high school. But we only did it one time."

"So, when I fuck you, it will be only your third cock? Actually, for all practical purposes, only your second."

"Yes. If I had known how good it can be, I would have had more."

"Is your ass available if I should want to use it?"

"Please use lubrication... otherwise I can't cum while you're giving it to me."

"Open the top of your dress. I want to see your tits."

Sharla grinned. "I thought you'd never ask." Her fingers quickly opened the top buttons of her dress and pulled it wide. The pink teddy covered her breasts, but it was a simple matter to pull the top down. A moment later, her left breast was exposed. She pinched the nipple showing Dwain how hard it was.

"Fantastic. Every part of you is fantastic. Big, firm, thrusting tits with big nipples. You've gotten me so hard, I can't believe it."

"You're supposed to get hard when a woman shows you her body... particularly when they both know they'll soon be fucking."

"Take off the dress. Now!"

"Out here on the patio?"

"Yes. Right here."

Sharla opened the rest of the buttons and let the dress fall to the floor. Without being asked, she jerked the teddy down and exposed both of her tits for Dwain.

"Shit... what a pair you have! But I can't see that delicious cunt, Sharla. Just a moment."

Jacobson retreated into the suite and returned a moment later holding a large, ribbed vibrator. "Open your legs and masturbate for me."

Sharla slid lower in her chair until her ass was hanging off the seat's edge. She looked directly into Jacobson's eyes and said, "Watch me do it for you, Lover."

As his eyes bored into the V between her thighs, Sharla lifted her legs up...up... up until her heels were above her head. She spread them wide completely exposing the open, wet hole of her cunt. "Put it in for me, Lover, and then watch me fuck my hot pussy with it."

Sharla continued to masturbate with the vibrator getting closer and closer to orgasm. "Ohhh... I'm almost there, Dwain. Get close and watch me cum."

However, just before her pussy exploded, Jacobson pulled her to her feet and led her into the suite. "I want you to cum on my cock... not on a vibrator, Sharla." Leading her over to the wet bar, he poured them both a glass of wine and then said, "Take off your clothes! You know what I want to see."

As Sharla stripped, she kept her eyes on Jacobson, who was also removing his clothes. When his shorts came down, she was with pleasure that he was fully erect and appeared to be incredibly hard. His 6-inch dick was sticking straight up in the air. She couldn't suppress a moan. "MMMmmmmmmmm... your cock looks delicious, Darling. I can't wait to feel it inside me."

"It's just average," he said.

"Average length... yes. Average hardness... no way! That is one stone-hard sex spike, Lover. Big is nice, but HARD is what counts with a woman. Come over here and skewer me with that spike, Stud!"

Looking over her naked body... her big, firm thrusting tits... her mound bare except for a small 'landing strip'... gorgeous hips and delicious legs, Jacobson's cock jerked and seemed to become even harder.

"You've got an absolutely incredible body! Lie down on the divan and spread wide for me. Let me see all of it!" Sharla grinned and lay down on the divan on her side. She raised her left leg and spread wide to completely expose her shaved cunt.

"Is this Ok? Am I spread wide enough?"

"You're pure cunt, Sharla. Turn over. Get on your hands and knees and show me your hot ass."

Sharla did as Jacobson ordered. Once she was in position, she thrust her ass toward him being careful to keep her knees wide so her cunt would be fully exposed as well.

"I need cock, Lover. Come on! Cock Me, Stud!"

"Get on the bed... Hurry!"

Stretching out on the bed, Sharla greeted Jacobson's arrival by lifting and spreading her legs wide for him. His head moved between her gaping thighs until his eyes were no more than a few inches from her wet, pulsing vagina. He saw that her labia were swollen and flanged open. Her erect clitoris protruded from its protective hood.

Leaning forward, Jacobson blew gently on the turgid organ. Sharla's cunt throbbed in response causing a low, sensuous moan to erupt. Again, he blew his warm breath across her pulsing clitoris. This time, her hips lifted upward, her thighs opened wider in response. Sharla's hips were quivering... up and down... in small fuck motions... desperately trying to entice the tongue into her hot sex slot.

Seeing how desperate the woman was, Jacobson generously gave her what she wanted. Slowly, he pushed his tongue in the opening of the married woman's cunt. Sharla moaned... her hips arched... her mouth opened... "Ooohhh... yesss... Do me! Do me!"

The tongue swiped all the way up her throbbing sex trench, separating the swollen lips as it went. They opened and pushed aside easily to make room for what their owner wanted. When the tongue reached the top of her gaping slot, male lips covered and captured the waiting, engorged clitoris. The thrashing brunette groaned. Jacobson sucked it gently, rotating his tongue around and around the hard, erect shaft. The intensity of the sensation caused shrieks of female pleasure to fill the hotel suite.

Sharla's long, drawn out "AAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" was followed by a series of uncontrolled, totally unladylike gasps and grunts. The cunt around Jacobson's tongue exploded in an intense orgasm. The pulsing clitoris buried in his mouth contracted and danced wildly, each pulsation sending waves of pleasure through the length of Sharla's vagina that radiated upward into her belly causing those muscles to spasm in response to her throbbing clitoris.

Shoving his hands beneath her ass, Jacobson held the woman in place as his tongue and lips continued to stroke her clitoris, which had retreated into its hood in an attempt to escape the exquisite torture. She bellowed and pleaded for him to stop... to let her rest...

"Ooohhh... can't stand it... oohhh... please... no more... no more... ugh aaahhhhhhh... oohh stop... stop!"

He held her cunt in position and lashed his tongue over the tip of her throbbing clitoris. Just when Sharla thought she couldn't possibly stand anymore, she felt herself rising to another orgasm. Instantly, her powerful thighs clamped around Jacobson's head locking him in place. She squeezed harder and harder.


Jacobson began to panic. He could hardly breathe. The woman kept pulling his face deeper and deeper into the folds of her cunt. Her juices were flooding his face, squirting into his open mouth... into his nostrils. Her thighs had him locked in a death grip as she surged toward another orgasm. Unable to break free, he frantically worked his tongue and lips harder and faster... desperately trying to make her cum again before he lost consciousness.

Then, just before he passed out, he felt the huge gush of her juices pouring out as the pulsing cunt erupted in a huge climax. As the orgasm engulfed her, her legs collapsed to the bed and Jacobson was able to free himself. Gratefully, he sucked air into his tortured lungs. When he had caught his breath, he pushed his face back into the still-throbbing cunt and swiped his tongue up and down the length of her slit. Instantly, her hips surged upward against his mouth, her hands squeezing her big tits.

The sight of Sharla's big tits heaving up and down on her chest and her swollen labia flanged wide open exposing the wet, pulsing interior of her cunt once again hardened his prick in a rigid spike. Throwing himself onto the gasping woman, he shoved his arms beneath her splayed legs and levered them up into the air.

Moving forward into her saddle, he pushed her legs back against her heaving tits to completely open her pulsing fuck hole.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Sharla."

"I know... ooohhh... I know!"

"You do want it, don't you?"

"Yes. Give it to me!"

"I didn't hear your answer." Jacobson said firmly, "If you want this cock in your cunt you have to ask for it the way a hot woman asks a man for his cock."

"Yes!!" Sharla gasped. "Please! I want your cock in my cunt fucking me. Please! Put it in my married pussy!"

Jacobson moved his hips forward. The rigid shaft touched Sharla's labia. Slowly, he worked the head up and down the hot, throbbing sex slit. "Ready for cock number three?"


"Answer me! Are you ready?"

"I'm ready! I'M READY!!"

The turgid head entered her hole. Both the man and the woman groaned with the intense pleasure of the entry. The wet folds of the clinging cunt around his shaft sent waves of pleasure through Jacobson. The incredibly hard male shaft stretching her vagina open was electrifying to Sharla. Both moaned with wild excitement.

Two more inches sank into the waiting female hole. Sharla's body quivered and trembled. Jacobson's cock throbbed and jerked inside the tight vagina. With three inches of cock inside her pussy, Jacobson stopped moving. Slowly, he flexed his organ causing it to expand and jerk against the walls of her sex channel. The sensation was exquisite. Sharla's eyes widened, wild with her mounting excitement. Still Jacobson did not move his prick inside her waiting, eager cunt hole.

"Please," came her whispered moan. Jacobson still waited, his cock continuing to flex and throb within her channel.

"Please!" Sharla sobbed breathlessly. "Please fuck me!"

Jacobson grinned and fed her waiting vagina another inch of his cock before stopping yet again. As soon as he stopped, Sharla began to beg him to give it to her... to fuck her. Her passionate moans filled the hotel room as intense, uncontrollable spasms surged through her cunt.


Grunting with intense male pleasure, Jacobson drove his hips against Sharla's sex saddle as he thrust forward. The steel-hard sex gun shot into her pussy to a loud cry of female excitement and sexual bliss. Sharla's back arched; her hips driving upward to receive the hard shaft deep inside her eager hole.

Jacobson released her legs


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