A Working Wife and her Sister

Neal Kempler first laid eyes on his future wife when he was a graduate student working on his doctorate. He had been studying in the Student Union as was his practice. He had long since discovered that having a warm cup of coffee and a light snack readily available made studying much easier and actually increased his level of understanding and retention of the material. He remembered distinctly that he had just looked up from the papers he was reading to take a bite of the croissant in front of him when he saw Lorraine Denning.

The gorgeous blonde was also carrying a tray with coffee and a croissant. Fortuitously, the table next to his had been vacant, and she had taken a seat there. Neal later thought how so much of one's life depends upon the smallest factors. If that table had been occupied, he and Lorraine might never have dated. But the table had been empty, and she had taken a seat facing him, another fortuitous factor.

After setting out her food, she opened a book and began to study, exactly as Neal was doing. However, when Lorraine crossed her legs exposing a wide expanse of one of her thighs, Neal's study came to an abrupt halt. He chided himself for staring at her legs like some adolescent schoolboy, but try as he might, he simply could not tear his eyes away from the woman. Above her short skirt, she was wearing a tight sweater that molded her 36D breasts perfectly. Her long, blonde hair cascaded down her neck and curled in beautiful waves about her shoulders. She wore only a little makeup, but her bright blue eyes, full sensuous lips, and flawless face made more makeup unnecessary. When he did manage to lift his eyes from her exposed thigh, they seemed to just automatically travel upward to her thrusting breasts or to her beautiful face.

Sensing his stare, Lorraine looked up at him. To his great credit, he did not look away. Fortunately, at the moment she caught him staring at her, his gaze had been locked onto her face, not her breasts or exposed thigh. Looking directly into her eyes, Neal smiled, waited, and hoped. A moment later, she returned his smile.

That was all the encouragement Neal required. Rising, he moved the seven feet to her table, never taking his eyes from hers. When he was standing directly in front of her, he said simply, "Hi. I'm Neal Kempler, a history graduate student. I see you also like to study with a cup of coffee and a snack. You seem to be alone... so am I. May I join you?"

"Do you always approach strange women this way?" she teased.

"No. I rarely have enough courage to do so. In fact, to be honest, this is the first time I've ever done it. But I couldn't bring myself to just let you get up and walk out of my life without even trying to meet you."

"Well, your courage is rewarded. I'm Lorraine Denning, a senior marketing major. Why don't you bring all your stuff over here and join me?"

After Neal had spread his food and papers out on her table, he settled into the chair next to hers. "Why were you staring at me in the first place?" she asked, the teasing twinkle still dancing in her eyes.

Returning her stare and smile, Neal replied honestly, "You're gorgeous."

"Thank you, but there are a lot of beautiful women all around the dining room. Were you staring at them too?"

"No. I was reading research papers in European history. I hadn't noticed any of them."

"Then why did you pay any attention to me?"

"Like I said, you're beautiful and you sat down right next to my table."

"That's all?" she inquired with a questioning stare.

"No. That's not all," came his honest reply.

"What else then?"

"You sat facing me."


"And, you crossed your legs exposing most of your thigh."

"And my thigh is gorgeous too?"

"I wouldn't say it was gorgeous. Your face is gorgeous... your thigh is sexy and sensuous. I lost all interest in European history when I saw it. And then when I looked up and saw the rest of you, I lost all interest in every thing else except finding a way to meet you."

Lorraine paused for moment, taking a sip of her coffee. "You're very honest and truthful. Also confident and handsome. I like those qualities in a man."

"Now it's my turn to say thank you. I hope you're not offended by my staring at your thigh."

"It would hardly be appropriate for me to be offended, Neal... considering that I deliberately sat facing you and made certain that a lot of my thigh was showing when I crossed my legs for your benefit."

Lorraine's admission got an immediate response from Neal's cock, which began to grow rapidly.

"Are you always this honest and open?" he asked.

"No. In fact, like you, this is my first time to be so honest and open. I guess your honesty and truthfulness is infectious. Did my thigh really excite you?"

"It did, but not as much as your honesty is exciting me right now."

"Just my telling you that I intentionally allowed you to see my thigh is turning you on?"

"Yes... a lot."

"Good. I like that too."

"Will you have dinner with me tonight?"

"Of course I will. You already knew that."

"I was hoping... yes."

After a moment of silence: "Are you hard?"

"Yes... very."

"Just from looking at my thigh?"

"That and the rest of your body and hearing you speak. I would have to be either gay or a eunuch not to get hard."


Lorraine and Neal continued to stare at each other without speaking. Finally, Neal whispered to her, "Are you wet?"

"Yes... very."

"Just from knowing that I'm hard?"

"That and the rest of your body and hearing you speak. I would have to be a lesbian not to get wet."

"Mmmmmmm... I can't tell you how much I like that."


"You have me iron hard now."

"Oh god!"

"Do you fuck on the first date?"



"Never before."

"All right. I understand. But I am going to fuck you soon."

"I know."

"How wet are you?"

"My panties feel like they're drenched. My thighs are wet."

Neal gathered his papers and stood up waiting for Lorraine to do the same. As they left the cafeteria, each had their arm around the other's waist. Neal's pants were tented with his throbbing erection. Lorraine's thighs were now wet almost to her knees.


Dinner that evening and during the next fifteen dates over the next two months were erotic and sensuous for both Lorraine and Neal in spite of the fact that, except for some passionate kissing coupled with some light caressing, there was little overt sex. Their sixteen dates were, however, filled with teasing and sexual repartee.

At dinner the first night, Neal whispered across the table, "I can't concentrate on what I'm eating... you're just too beautiful."

"Ooohh... I like that. Think about me, Neal. Don't think about the food or your stomach."

"I am thinking about you and what's under that sexy dress you have on."

"I'm under it."

"Is that all?"

"That's for me to know and for you to wonder about."

Later that evening on the dance floor, the couple were dancing very close, their bodies essentially molded together.

"God... you feel wonderful against me. I love how firm your breasts are."

"You're crushing them."

"Do you mind? Want me to stop?"

"No and No."

After another couple of turns around the floor, Lorraine whispered in Neal's ear, "You feel so thick! Are you thick?"

"Yes... very thick, but only average in length."

"MMmmmmmm.... HARD and THICK matter... length doesn't count for much. Don't you know that?"

"No, I didn't. No woman has ever told me that."

"I just did. Remember it."

"I will."

Thirty minutes later, Neal still had Lorraine in his arms on the dance floor. "What counts?" she whispered.

"Hard and thick count for women," he whispered back. When Lorraine nodded, he asked, "What do you think counts for men?"

"Big tits... sexy ass," Lorraine said softly as she nipped his ear lobe.

"Big tits are for little boys. Sexy ass is nice, but sensuous legs are more important. But what really counts is passion in bed. Don't you know that?"

"No man has ever told me that."

"I just did. Remember it when I take you to bed."

Neal felt Lorraine's body shuddering in his arms.


Each date was like that until the sixteenth. On that date, Lorraine could not keep her hips and ass from grinding against Neal's thick, hard shaft that pressed against her mound as the moved about the dance floor.

"People are watching us," Neal whispered in her ear.

"Oh god... I know. I can't stop. Your cock feels so damn good against my pussy."

"I'm so hard, it hurts."

Lorraine's body was shaking. The grinding of her hips began to change to a steady thrusting like a woman being fucked. Her breathing was becoming labored causing her breasts to heave and thrust into Neal's chest.

Neal's lowered his hands to her ass and pressed her mound hard against his shaft.

"Oohh. Oohh. Oohh. Oohh." Lorraine's trembling increased.

"You're cumming, aren't you?" Neal whispered as his hands caressed her thrusting ass.

"Yeessss... cummingg... god. Don't believe this."

"Cum harder! Press your hot, throbbing cunt against my cock. I love feeling you cum. Incredible!"

Moments later, she was panting in the aftermath of her climax. "Oohhhh... god. You told me that day in the Student Union that you were going to fuck me soon. How long are you going to make me wait?"

"I'm supposed to be saying that to you?"

"I know... I know. But you won't say it, and you've got me so hot for it that I'm disgracing myself in public now. Every woman here knows that I just came."

"Just the women? What about the men? Don't they know too?"

"Mmmmm... probably not. Most men don't know the signs that a woman is cumming... but the women here do, and all of them know you just made me cum from rubbing my cunt against your big, hard cock."

Neal continued to dance with Lorraine through another song and then kept her on the dance floor when still another one began. Her body was again beginning to tremble. Before the song was half over, Neal maneuvered into a dimly lit corner and pressed her body up against the wall. With the unyielding wall against her back, there was no way she could retreat from the relentless pressure of his rigid prick against her mound. Her hips were again grinding against his erection.

Keeping her pinned against the wall, Neal extracted a small case from his pocket. Whispering in her ear, he said the magic words: "We both graduate in two months. Will you marry me?" As he said the words, he flipped open the case to reveal the silver band with three, quarter-caret diamonds set in a neat row on top.

Almost unable to speak, Lorraine gasped, "On our first date, you told me that what really counts most for a man is a woman's passion in bed. So, don't you think you should fuck me first before you decide to propose to me?"

"My proposal isn't contingent upon your letting me fuck you first."

"I know... I know, Darling. But I want you to fuck me first. If I'm a lousy lay, you don't have to ask me to marry you. You may as well not argue. I'm not saying yes unless you fuck me first. Please. Take me somewhere."

"Where would you like for me to take you?"

"Anywhere... the parking lot... the women's rest room... the back seat of your car... your apartment... I just want your cock in my cunt... fucking me... If I'm a good fuck, then you can ask me to marry you, and I'll say yes."

"You hot sexy Bitch. Take your tits out... right now! Do it!"

"But we're in public," she protested.

"So? Take them out. If I need to fuck you before I can propose to you, I want to see if your nipples are hard. Do it!"

Lorraine grinned and as she pulled open the top of her dress and extracted both naked globes, she whispered in his ear, "You dirty Bastard... making me expose my tits like this."

Her nipples were as hard a pencil erasers... stiff... rigid... swollen. Neal squeezed both between his fingers and then twisted them. She moaned as her tongue shot out and began to flick rapidly over her top lip. Neal continued to pull and squeeze her nipples until another man stopped to watch. He stared at Lorraine's heaving tits, licked his lips, and gave Neal a thumbs up sign.

"Ok. Your nipples are hard enough. You're making a scene. Put your tits back in your dress, you hot Slut." Neal kissed Lorraine right there on the dance floor and then led the trembling woman out of the club to his car. Her legs were trembling so hard, he had to support her.

When they were in the car headed toward Neal's apartment, he glanced over at Lorraine and saw that she was so excited that she was panting. "Take your tits out again. Leave them out this time." he ordered. This time, Lorraine didn't hesitate a second. Her hands frantically jerked her bodice open as both hands lifted her tits free of the dress. Her nipples were even harder now.

"Turn toward me. Put your foot up on the seat... the other one on the floorboard. Spread wide open so I can see your panties."

"I can't do that... I'm sorry, but I'm not wearing panties."


"I wanted you to fuck me tonight." she said as assumed the position Neal had ordered. Looking between her wide open thighs, he saw that her cunt was naked. It also appeared to be very wet, open, and ready.

"You beautiful, hot, sexy Slut. Put both of your feet up on the seat and open yourself wide so all the drivers who pass and the truckers can see your hot, wet, open cunt... Do it! Feet up! Legs open! Spread it!"

As soon as Neal got Lorraine into his apartment, he pushed her onto the bed and ran his hands up the inside of her thighs. Pulling her toward his body, he pressed her legs open even wider. His fingers penetrated her in one smooth stroke sinking all the way into her soaked and thoroughly lubricated vagina. His fingers thrust rapidly in and out of her throbbing hole. Suddenly, her cunt erupted, her juices spurted out, and her entire body shuddered in orgasm.

As soon as her climax subsided, he lowered his mouth and sucked the throbbing clitoris between his lips. Lorraine groaned deep in her throat; her passion once more mounting to a raging fire. As the tongue began to lash up and down the shaft of the turgid clit, Lorraine's moans to turn to shrieks of pleasure. Her body stiffened and her hips thrust her crotch upward as she started to cum again.

Neal rose from the bed and watched Lorraine's body shaking with the force of her climax. By the time he had removed all his clothes, she had curled up in the fetal position with both hands mashed between her thighs against her pulsing cunt.

"Spread!" he ordered. If you want cock, then spread wide for it like a woman should."

Groaning, Lorraine turned onto her back and opened herself wide. Her labia and clit were still engorged, pulsing slowly, her hole flanged open and ready. Neal's cock was out and ready. Moving between his future's wife's thighs, he placed the swollen head directly against her opening. With one hard thrust, he drove the steel-hard shaft in and began to fuck her. His hips snapped back, pulling his cock almost out of the groaning woman, and then ramming forcefully back into her waiting cunt. Lorraine's cunt lips stretched wide to receive the thick shaft as it slid all the way into her. When he had it fully buried, Neal fucked the thrashing woman with hard, slamming strokes that forced her ass deep into the mattress each time the cock head thudded into the bottom of her cunt.

It took Lorraine only a couple of minutes to surge into another orgasm. When Neal felt her vagina throbbing about his shaft, he pulled out and moved his head between her thighs. The sight of Lorraine's cunt and ass holes opening and closing repeatedly as she came was incredibly erotic. He felt like he might ejaculate all over her belly just from watching her cum.

Not yet ready to cum, he flipped the gasping woman onto her side and moved behind her in spoon position. Lifting her right leg high in the air, he nailed his cock back into her gaping, throbbing cunt hole. Lorraine wailed and howled as the thick shaft once again stretched her hole open and sank into her depths. The fucking sounds were a combination of thuds each time the cock bottomed out in her cunt and erotic squishing noises as the male piston slammed in and out of the female sex cylinder.

Lorraine surged into another orgasm. This time Neal could not hold back. His cock jerked and throbbed inside Lorraine's cunt. She felt him swelling and pulsing and knew he was going to cum in her.


There was really no need for her to give him instructions as to where to shoot his load. He knew exactly where to put it. A moment later, his cock contracted in a series of hard spasms sending gush after gush of semen into Lorraine's waiting cunt.

A few minutes later, Neal lay beside her, on his back gasping for breath, his cock still semi-hard and twitching. Lorraine still kept her legs up and back so he could see her pussy and ass in case he decided to mount her again. As she waited, a thick, white stream of semen ran from her stretched cunt.


After spending the entire night between Lorraine's legs, mounted on her doggy, giving it to her in spoon position as she slept during the night, eating her pussy until she begged him to stop... to let her rest, and letting her suck his rigid cock until his load fired into her belly, Neal proposed marriage to her the next morning. Lorraine accepted on the condition that he promise not to mount her again immediately as she was too sore and too tired.

As planned, they married two weeks after Lorraine received her B.B.A. in marketing and Neal was awarded his Ph.D. in history. Having very little money at the time, the happy couple spent their honeymoon on a camping trip to one of the national parks.

During his last two months in graduate school, Neal had secured a tenure-track, professorial position at a moderate-sized state university that was located in a mid-western metropolitan city that would provide Lorraine with ample job opportunities. With her grades and beauty, she had no problems securing a position with an established firm. The salary was on the low side, but when combined with Neal's salary, they expected to have few financial problems as long as they were reasonably frugal.

Lorraine proved to be a wonderful wife in every respect. She was equally pleased with her new husband. The household chores were divided equally so that they would both be relaxed and have time to enjoy each other during their time together. They shared the cleaning and cooking duties. If Neal prepared their evening meal, Lorraine would set the table and take care of the dishes. When Lorraine did the cooking, their roles were reversed. Once a week, they did the grocery shopping together. Neal took care of sweeping the carpets and cleaning the bathrooms while Lorraine did the laundry. Since they did all of these things together, and combined them with an ample amount of teasing and sex play, the chores seemed more like fun than work.

In the bedroom, Lorraine was every man's wet dream, and Neal proved to be an incredible lover. Lorraine never allowed sex to become routine or boring. She proved to be not only willing, but eager to try new things without regard to what others might think. Neal never knew what to expect from her from one day to another. Sometimes she would come home from work wearing a micro-mini skirt, a tank top and a thong, but no bra. She would stand in the entry way, hand on her hip, and ask, "Are you the guy who called the escort service. I'm Gloria." On other occasions, she would "confess" to having had an affair and ask him to punish her.

On the other side, Lorraine found herself being kept in a constant state of arousal and excitement by Neal's love making skills and his erotic creativity. Even after over two years of marriage, roses would sometimes arrive for her with the card reading only, "Your Lover". On other occasions, she would answer the phone while at work to hear her husband's voice telling her to go to the ladies room and remove her panties so she would be ready for ravishment as soon as he saw her. On those occasions, her panties would come off as soon as the phone call ended.

After three years of blissful marriage, Lorraine and Neal were blessed with baby identical twin girls whom they named Belinda and Melinda. The couple was ecstatic, but after two years of trying to make ends meet financially on Lorraine's small salary and Neal's income as an assistant professor as well as trying to raise and care for their twins, both parents realized that they had to make some changes.

"Neal, the problem is that I can't make enough money in my present job after we subtract child care costs to make much difference. And besides, the girls need a parent at home most of the time."

"Well," Neal commented. "We certainly can't make it on my salary alone. Maybe you can find a better job?"

"Possibly, but I have what I think is a better idea. Say I quit my present job and open up and independent marketing consulting business. I have the contacts and I know the business. Also, I don't have the huge overhead that the large agencies have so I can do the job for less than they can. Finally, it won't be an 8 to 5 job so I can spend a lot more time with the girls and we will save on child care costs. What do you think?"

Six months later, Lorraine had opened her consulting business, and things were very slowly getting better. The girls had a parent at home more and that was a big plus, but financially, she wasn't making much more than had been making at her former job. But they remained upbeat and hopeful. Neal should soon receive tenure and promotion to associate professor rank so that would help and maybe her business would improve.


It was a Saturday, and it was also Neal's 31st birthday. As soon as he awoke that morning with his usual hard morning erection, he realized that today was Saturday and they didn't have to hurry and also that today was his birthday. He fully expected to get really lucky this morning.

Moving over against his wife, who was facing away from him, he kissed her on the back of the neck as his hand moved around to her front to capture her breasts and nipples, which he began to stroke, pinch lightly, and pull. At the same time, he pressed his raging erection into the crease of her sexy ass and began to slowly grind and hump against her.

He was in no hurry, so he continued his slow, erotic massage of her breasts with his hand, her neck with his lips, and her ass with his hard cock, waiting patiently for her sexual excitement to force her to turn onto her back and open her legs for her lover.

He was totally shocked when his wife of 8 years slipped out of his grasp and got out of bed leaving him with a throbbing, unfulfilled erection.

"Sorry, Honey... but it's your birthday and I have big plans for today, and part of those plans require your sex gun to be hard as stone, fully loaded, and ready." Leaning back over the bed, Lorraine let her breasts dangle tantalizingly in his face. "Kiss your slutty wife's tits, Honey. And tonight, if you mind me, you'll get your reward... big time."

She cupped both tits and fed them into her husband's eager mouth. A minute later, he was sucking her hard, his hands cupping and squeezing both globes to the point that she felt her cunt contracting and wetting her thighs. She knew if she let him continue for another ten seconds, she was going to end up with his cock buried up her needy pussy. So... she backed away.

"Don't you want it, Honey?" he asked... pleading.

"Of course I want it. When have I ever not wanted it? Ever since you fucked the shit out of me after you proposed and I turned you down unless you fucked me, just thinking about getting your cock into my cunt gets me wet and ready. But today, I have some special plans. Ok? Please?"

Neal slipped out of bed, kissed his sensuous wife, whacked her soundly on the ass, and said, "Fix my breakfast, Wench."

Lorraine arched her eyebrows and replied, "Yes, Master. But be careful, Baby. Remember, your birthday only lasts one day."


That evening, at Lorraine's instructions, Neal dressed in a new outfit his wife had purchased just for the occasion. There was no undershirt... just a stretch, tight T-shirt that emphasized his very nice build, particularly his well-toned pecs and biceps. Looking in the mirror, Neal realized it was something he would never be able to wear to the University, but tonight was a different matter.

He looked in the box for his shorts but found only a very small pair of briefs. Except for the extra material in front to contain his cock and balls, it was essentially a thong like a woman might wear. The pants matched the T-shirt, both in material and tightness. They molded his legs like a second skin outlining every muscle, and the crotch was so tight, there was no possible way he could conceal the bulge of his thick cock. "Obviously," he thought, "I've got to be careful not to get a hard-on in these pants or everyone will know."

The final item in the box was a new pair of tennis shoes. As he put them on, he realized that whatever his wife had planned for the evening, it wasn't a concert or the opera.

While he was in their den waiting for his wife to finish dressing, he thought he would talk to Melinda and Belinda, their twin girls. But after searching their usual haunts, he found no trace of the kids. Laughing to himself, he realized that he and Lorraine were going out so the children were probably at the sitter's place.

A quarter of an hour later, Lorraine came out. Even though Neal had seen his wife dress hot many times, tonight, she had outdone herself. His mouth opened, but no sound emerged, and there was no possibility of his tearing his eyes away from his wife.

"Oh, I love that!" Lorraine squealed. "I think you like the way I look. Will it embarrass you? I can change. It's your birthday and I don't want you to be uncomfortable. I have a matching jacket I'll wear when we're in places where it wouldn't do to show off my tits and pussy like this."

His wife's outfit consisted of practically nothing. The top was a white, long-sleeve blouse that was transparent. Without a bra, Lorraine's tits were totally on display. Both nipples and their areolas were easily seen. Below the see-through, thin blouse, she wore a black micro-mini skirt. As Neal watched in awe, she pulled it up a couple of inches. The slight motion of the skirt exposed her black garters and the transparent V of her thin, white panties through which there was no problem seeing her pussy. Below the tiny skirt were thigh-high stockings clipped to the garters. Her feet were encased in five-inch black heels.

"I'm hard just looking at you," Neal stated.

"Good... I want you that way all night. Hard... really HARD! and hot for me. Are you ready? Last chance to have me change."

"No way! Let's go."

On their way out, Lorraine picked up a large handbag. A minute later, they backed out of their driveway with Lorraine at the wheel.


Their first stop was Richard's Club, a place that Lorraine knew Neal liked to go. The ambiance was erotic, the lighting subdued, and there was a dance floor. In addition, the food was very good. Lorraine had reservations, and as soon as they entered, their waiter showed them to their table adjacent to the dance floor.

Once seated, he took their drink orders while Lorraine unbuttoned her jacket enough to allow their young waiter to see her exposed breasts when he looked down. As soon as he did so, his eyes locked onto her breasts. Lorraine studied the menu, and after she had made her selection, she straightened in her chair. The motion automatically thrust her tits forward and caused her jacket to completely fall to one side allowing the man to see every thing. Lorraine was certain he had an erection when he left the table.

Leaning across the table, Neal whispered, "My wife is a hot, teasing slut."

"You noticed," she grinned.

"How much did he see?"

"Every thing... both tits... both nipples... every thing."

"God. I think he was hard when he left the table."

"He was... very hard."

"Is he big?"

"He looked big... maybe seven inches. Hard to tell."

"Are you wet?"

"I've been wet ever since I was getting dressed. Right now, I'm even wetter, but not as wet as I'll be later this evening."

"You mean when I get you bed?"

"Sooner than that, Lover... sooner than that... much sooner."

"How's that?"

"You'll find out right after we finish dinner. By the way, here's one of your four birthday gifts." Lorraine opened her large bag, extracted a nicely wrapped gift package, and handed it to her husband.

Neal smiled and blew his wife a kiss as he opened his gift. "Oh my god! This is perfect," he exclaimed as he inspected the gleaming silver case of the laptop computer. Fully equipped with a very fast processor, 1 GB of RAM memory, and a large hard drive, it was a near top-of-the-line instrument. "It really is wonderful, Honey. You have no idea how much this is going to help me with my work! But the money?... How?"

"Don't worry, Lover. It's fully paid for. I've been holding back a little each time I get a commission check for my consulting services. I hope you like it."

"I love it and you!" Neal thought a moment and then asked, "You said something about four presents? This dinner with my incredibly sexy, hot wife is one. The laptop is two. I'm hoping fiery hot sex with you is a third. But what's the fourth?"

"Be patient. You'll find out right after dinner."

----------------------------- After dinner, Lorraine again got behind the wheel of their car and turned to face her husband. "All right. Time for that fourth gift you asked about. But first, we need to talk. I'm not at all certain you will enjoy gift number four. In fact, it may make you furious or embarrass you. I have to have your absolute promise that you will say so if it does so we can stop, go home, and spend the rest of the night fucking. Agreed?"

When Neal nodded his agreement, Lorraine shook her head. "I need for you say it... out loud and mean it."

"I promise... truly. If I'm not comfortable or about to get angry, I'll tell you immediately. But I can't imagine that anything like that could possibly happen... but I do promise."

"Ok. Fair enough. We're going to the "Sultan's Palace".

Lorraine backed the car out of the parking and headed toward the downtown area.

"The Sultan's Palace," Neal said in a questioning tone. "Isn't that..."

His wife interrupted him. "Yes it is. It's a hot, raunchy, strip club. How do you feel about watching some sexy, hot women strip naked for you while I'm with you? I'll even buy you some lap dances if you're up for it... and I'm pretty sure you will be 'up', if you catch my drift."

"You know you'll be one of only a few women there except for the dancers and waitresses. If you're comfortable, so am I. Let's go for it."


When they entered the "Sultan's Palace", Lorraine handed the guy at the door a card. Not only had she already paid the cover charge, she had also arranged for a reserved table right beside the runway. When they sat down, she handed Neal a bundle of bills. Her husband looked confused.

"To tip the dancers, Honey. Get them to show you more. Haven't you ever been to a strip club before?... No... don't answer that," she said with a grin.

At this point, Neal's wife stood, removed her jacket, and pulled her short skirt a couple of inches higher on her hips. Both tits were fully exposed as well has her garter straps and panties. Men all around their table forgot about the nearly naked dancer on the stage and stared at her tits, nipples, legs, and cunt.

"Every guy here who can see you is staring at you," Neal whispered to his wife.

"Want to go? Are you embarrassed or angry? You promised to tell me. This is just the start, Lover."

When Neal shook his head, Lorraine said, "Hold up some money, Lover. Get that redheaded slut over here and see if she'll let you pull down her G-string to insert the money."

Neal did as Lorraine had suggested and was surprised when the woman seductively danced in his direction. When she right in front of him, she spread her legs and thrust her G-string covered pussy back and forth right in his face.

"Like my pussy, Baby?" she said to Neal. "Want to see more of it?"

"I love it... hot... sexy. I hope it's wet."

She moved even closer, her hips rotating her pussy a few inches in front of his face. "Very wet, Honey. I bet it wetter than hers," she said indicating Lorraine. "Is she your wife?"

When Neal nodded, the redhead asked, "Is she a good fuck? She looks hot enough."

"I hope to check out how good she is later tonight. But right now, I need to put this money someplace and the only place I can see is under your G-string."

Moving her pussy to within two inches of his face, she said, "Then I guess that's where you should put it, Honey." Her hips continued to undulate as Neal pulled the G-string down her hips exposed the small triangular red bush above her cunt slit. Without asking, he pulled the garment down her legs to her feet and watched as the woman stepped out of them. Neal stuffed the bills in the woman's garter belt as she pulled his face against her steamy pussy. His tongue flashed up the length of her slit and then over her clit.

The dancer's body quivered until she finally pulled away 10 seconds later. The men along the runway who had watched Neal licking her cunt cheered and gave him several thumbs-up signs.

Looking at Lorraine, the redhead said, "You've got a really hot guy there, Honey. Take good care of him or someone like me will."

The dancer moved on down the runway as Lorraine pulled the table back enough to allow her to see her husband's crotch. The tight pants clearly outlined the thick, rigid, throbbing shaft. "I see that dirty bitch got you hard. And right in front of your wife. I may make you sleep on the couch tonight, you randy bastard," Lorraine said with a big smile so her husband would be certain that she was teasing. The fact was that her pussy was much wetter than the redhead's.

As her husband watched, Lorraine stood, unzipped her black, micro-mini skirt and pulled it down her hips. She shoved the garment into her handbag and sat back down again, this time with her legs up. Her thin panties were the only thing between the two dozen pairs of male eyes that were trying to stare between her thighs and her cunt.

She saw her husband staring at her bug-eyed. "I'm wearing more than that slut whose cunt you just licked, Honey. Do you want to leave? We can if you want to." Neal just shook his head negatively.

As they watched the next dancer, a sexy-looking brunette, Lorraine whispered, "Have you noticed the action over in the corner?"

"You mean the women giving the lap dances?"

"Yeah... I want you to have a lap dance before we go."

"Listen, Honey. We didn't have sex this morning and you've had me hard all evening. Now the dancers are all shoving their pussies and tits in my face. I'm about to explode. If a woman gets on my lap and starts riding me, I'll cum in my pants. I don't want that. I want to cum in you."

"Well... we'll see," his wife remarked and then turned her attention back to the brunette who was now lying on the floor thrusting her cunt up and down in fuck motions. "Push some money into her pussy, Honey."

After several drinks and three more dancers, each of whom had shoved their naked cunts or tits right in Neal's face, a well-dressed man approached their table.

"Hi Lorraine. Is this the lucky guy?"

"Yeah. This is my husband Neal. Neal, meet Clark. He manages the place."

The men shook hands after which Clark asked, "Are you about ready?"

"Give me a moment," answered Lorraine. "I'll let you know."

"Ok. I'll be at the bar."

"What was that all about?" Neal asked after Clark had left.

"Your fourth present is about to get much hotter and dirtier, Lover, unless you say we should leave. When I made the reservations for tonight with Clark, I also told him I would like to have a turn on the stage stripping for all these men. That's why I have this bag. The outfits I'll wear are inside. Clark was only too happy to agree. He just asked me if I was ready to go on. So what's it to be? Do we go home and fuck, or do you want to see your wife stripping like a dirty slut for all these men?"

"Oh fuck! I feel like I'm going to cum in my pants... lap dance or no lap dance."

"Is that a 'yes'?"

"Yes! That's a YES! I can't wait to see you on that stage!"


Neal's wife disappeared into the back of the club carrying her large handbag with her costumes. While his eyes watched the dancers on stage, he didn't really see any of them. All he could think about was the fact that very soon, his wife was going to be on stage giving him his fourth birthday present.

There was some polite applause when Lorraine stepped out onto the stage. The men saw a turned-on female, her hips undulating in rhythm with the slow, pounding beat of the music. Her outfit was wildly erotic. She wore a white blouse that gaped open all the way down. Underneath was a patterned teddy that encased her tits with a matching pair of tight panties below. Thigh-high reddish brown hose were attached to the teddy's garters. Below, she wore 4-inch heels. As she moved across the stage to the runway, the heels clicked loudly. Her hips never ceased their swaying undulating motions.

As Lorraine moved down the runway, she began to stroke her belly while her hips did a slow, rhythmic grind to the pumping beat of the music. The beat quickened, her hips humped faster in hot fuck motions; her hands stroked her belly and then snaked down her left thigh and calf until she was bent almost double and staring between her spread thighs at the men behind her.

Rising, Neal's wife moved to the edge of the runway right in front of her husband. With her legs dangling off the side, she slowly and erotically removed her heels and tossed them, one after the other, to her waiting husband. Her position exposed most of her tits and all of here stocking-clad thighs. The men around Neal whistled and hooted their approval.

Lorraine moved further down the runway to the next group of men. She again sat at the edge with her feet on the floor of the runway, her knees steepled. The position gave the men an excellent view of her thighs, but they wanted to see between them.

"Spread'em!" came one call. Two other men took up the chant: "Turn towards us, Honey. Spread your legs so we can see them panties pulled into your hot cunt!"

Neal's wife smiled and did as ordered. Swiveling around on her ass, she now faced the men about three feet away. Slowly, she parted her legs and spread wide. The men moved closed to stare between her thighs, and, as they did so, she ran her middle finger up and down the center of the panty crotch right over her slit. One guy reached out and ran his finger right along beside hers saying, "Here, Baby. Let me help you."

Rather than pull away, Lorraine pressed her pussy harder against the man's fingers. He pushed and the panties all but disappeared inside her cunt slit. The men all screamed their approval. Neal heard one guy yell, "Oh fuck! He's shoving her panties into her cunt!" Neal's cock was jerking in his tight pants. I knew he would shoot off before they left the club.

Lorraine finally managed to tear herself away from the fingers sliding up and down her wet cunt slit and move on down the runway. The men yelled for her to sit down and spread for them. This time she sat at the runway's edge and immediately turned to face the men, half of whom were rubbing hard-ons in their pants, and spread her legs wide open, one foot on the runway with her knee bent, the other leg stretched far to the right. The position opened her completely to the stares of the men.

The men yelled their approval amid calls for her to slot her panties... to show her cunt. Obeying their orders, Lorraine grabbed the top of her panties, pulled the crotch band into a narrow band and yanked it upward causing it to sink out of sight between the engorged, swollen labia of her cunt.

Before moving to the other side of the runway, she pulled her panties from her crack as the men moaned. She just smiled and threw them a kiss. Moving to the other side, she lay down on the runway on her back, legs wide and thrust a hand inside her panties. A dozen men crowded closer to watch the gorgeous blonde finger fucking her cunt. As her hand moved in obvious in-out motions, her hips hammered up and down on the runway. Male yells and groans filled the club. Others crowded around the stage in an attempt to see what all the screaming was about.

"Oh man! Look at that hot Bitch. She's gonna cum. Look at that!" some man screamed. He was right. Lorraine's body was shuddering harder and harder as her concealed fingers pumped in and out of her throbbing hole

Lorraine's next move about the runway brought her back in front of her husband. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment when she saw him. Having already cum once, her pussy was again throbbing wildly on its way to another orgasm. The men around Neal were screaming at her to show them her cunt... to let them see her cum again.

Not knowing what else she could do, she again moved onto her back, this time placing her feet flat on the floor and steepling both knees. She moved her ass closer to the edge so they could see every thing and then spread her legs wide. The men roared when they saw her one of her cunt lips peeking from the edge of her panties.

A chant arose: "Cunt... cunt... cunt... show us cunt... show cunt... cunt... cunt."

Mesmerized, Neal watched his wife reaching down and dragging her panties aside to expose her cunt and ass holes to the men. Her hips began to hunch... up and down... up and down... as if there was an invisible man mounted on her ... fucking her. The man beside Neal moved to the edge, reached out and pulled his wife's ass right up the edge. A moment later his head was pressed between Lorraine's thighs. Although his head blocked the view, he knew the man's tongue was sliding up and down his wife's sex trench and over her clit just as he had done to the redheaded stripper earlier in the evening. However, Lorraine's response was far more vocal.


It took Neal's wife less than 15 seconds to cum again. Neal moved forward and pulled his wife away from the man who had just made her cum. Now it was her husband who was staring between her gaping thighs at her hot, wet sex hole as it throbbed and contracted... opening... closing... opening... closing... again and again.

When Lorraine next rose to her feet, she smiled down at her husband who smiled back to give her encouragement and to let her know that he was still Ok with what was happening.

Just before the song ended, she again lowered herself to the floor, raised both legs high in the air and let some more men along the runway to view her throbbing, wet sex hole.

As soon as the record ended, the MC took the stage and said, "Don't leave folks. The hot lady will be back in five minutes. We're going to set up the stage a little differently for her second song while she changes her outfit. You don't want to miss this one. It's hotter than the first one... believe me! I've seen'em both and this one is smokin' hot. And by the way, just for your information, Lorraine is not a professional dancer. Her performance tonight is a present to her lover. When she finishes the next set, it will be her last performance... but there is a chance she's going to stay around and lap dance if any of you guys are interested."

Neal was triply shocked by what the MC had said. First, he was surprised that his wife was going to dance again. Second, he didn't see how the next set could be hotter than the first one. And finally, the news that his wife was going to do lap dances blew his mind. He wasn't sure he could handle that.

The curtain had been pulled to allow the crew to change the set in privacy. When it again opened about five minutes later, the scene was supposed to be a dungeon. It wasn't a particularly good set or realistic, but the crowd couldn't have cared less. The only thing that held their interest was the hot looking female stretched out on her back on an old truck that was part of the set.

Lorraine now wore only a pair of black 4-inch heels, dark thigh-high hose with even darker tops that were held up by the black garters on her see-through, nylon, black garter belt. Neal's wife wore no panties or bra. Her only other garment was a tan and black vest that simply hung on her shoulders covering nothing. When the curtain opened, the men all saw this alluring, seductive female with her legs up, on her back, cupping her tit while holding a lit cigar in her fingers. Neal fully understood why this set was going to be hotter than the first one.

As soon as the song began its throbbing beat, Neal's wife rose and moved to the edge of the runway where she made a complete round of the men, her hips thrusting and humping as she went. Except for a small patch of pubic hair above her clit, her mound was bare. She looked like pure distilled essence of whore.

Having made two complete rounds of the runway, Lorraine made a third. This time, instead of thrusting her hips and cunt at the men, she stopped frequently, spread her feet wide apart and bent over at the waist with her back to the men. The position totally exposed the entire expanse of her cunt and ass. Each time, she ran her hand between her open legs caressing her cunt and sliding her fingers through her ass crack and up her wet cuntal slit. Just before moving to the next group, her fingers would open her cunt to allow all the men to view its wet, hot pink interior.

When she completed the circuit, she moved back to the truck and bent over it as if preparing to be fucked in doggy position. She looked back at the assembled men and crooked her finger in invitation while patting her up thrust ass.

At the conclusion of her performance, she made one final round of the runway. Each time she stopped, she sat on the edge, one leg hanging down, the other with her heel planted on the runway's surface. Her legs gaped wide open exposing her cunt. The vest did nothing to conceal her tits. Every time she assumed the whorish position, she rubbed her hand over her wet pussy, separated the lips while hunching up and down in fuck motions. Her tongue flicked over her top lip as her ass gyrated and hunched. And each time, she spoke to the men in front of her:

"Come on boys. I'm gonna lap dance if my lover will let me. Anyone want to feel this hot wet pussy against their big hard cock? Check me out, Guys."


When Lorraine rejoined her husband, she was flushed and still panting with excitement. The first thing she did was check to see if her husband wanted to leave.

"Are you Ok, Honey? I hope you enjoyed your slutty wife's performance because I can't take it back now. Did you? Or are you just disgusted and hurt?"

"Feel my cock," Neal said.

"I don't have to feel it, I can see it. You're hard as steel, Lover. On second thought, I think I will feel it." Her hand squeezed around her husband's shaft bringing a groan of male pleasure. "Oh Yes! Love that! You have the thickest cock. Just love it. Do you want to take me home now and use that sex gun in your wife or do you want to see me lap dance for some of these randy men?"

"I want to see you lap dancing. I can't wait."

"Are you sure? You know all the men are gonna cum, and as hot as I am, they'll probably make me cum too. Are you cool with that?"

"I don't want them to fuck you. I can't handle that."

"You've seen how the lap dances are done. Either I wear panties or they keep their cocks inside their pants. If they elect to have their cocks out, they have to wear a condom and I don't take off my panties. So there's no fucking."

"There's not much to your panties," Neal observed.

"That's true, but I won't let them fuck me. Promise. Shall I do it or not? It's a maximum of 10 minutes per dance or until the guy cums."

"Can I watch?"

"Absolutely. But I have to give the tips and money to Clark and the other girls so I won't be taking money out of their pockets."

"OK. We'll do it for an hour or so or until you get tired. What are you going to wear?"

"I'll go back to the dressing room and put on my lap dancing outfit, Honey. Tell Clark he can have the guys start taking numbers." Lorraine was still laughing as she walked back to the dressing room.


Five minutes later, Neal's wife emerged wearing still another hot outfit. Neal thought this one was even more erotic than the other two, probably because this time, he knew his wife was going to be gyrating and humping herself against another man's cock. Even so, her outfit was pure slut. All she wore was light tan hose, and a matching garter belt and thong. She had on a matching bra, but it was bunched uselessly beneath her big tits and served no purpose but to make her look even more slutty. The plastic, platforms with 5-inch heels added to her whorish appearance.

Neal was aware that lap dancing wasn't fucking since there would be clothing between his wife's cunt and the guy's cock, but it was awfully close. And as Lorraine had told him, the men were certain to cum and she probably would too.

When Neal looked at the waiting list, he found that a dozen or so men had signed up for a lap dance with Lorraine at a going rate of $30 for a 10 minute dance. When the men saw what she was wearing, others wanted to sign up, but Clark turned them down since the list was already longer than my wife would have time to handle.

Clark called the first guy's name... Larry Samuels. He turned out to be a fair looking guy around 38 or so. The ring on his finger suggested that he was stepping out on his wife, but then, Lorraine also wore wedding rings on her finger. Neal heard his wife explain the rules and then ask the guy how he wanted it.

"If you want your cock out, you have to wear a condom and I keep my panties on. If you want my panties off, you have to keep your cock inside your pants or at least your shorts. You can play with my tits and suck my nipples, but your hands have to stay above my waist or the dance ends. You've got 10 minutes or until you cum. Ok? Which way? Your cock bare or my pussy bare?"

Neal was trying to decide which way he would choose when he heard Larry say, "I want my cock naked."

Lorraine had motioned for Larry to sit in one of the armless chairs. He quickly stripped off his pants and shorts and sat down naked from the waist down. While Lorraine waited, he put on a condom. Larry looked between her thighs and saw her pussy covered only by the small thong. "Oh gawd! Ohh hurry, Baby... Get on me before I explode."

Straddling his legs, Lorraine lowered herself onto his bulge. He groaned and thrust upward trying unsuccessfully to penetrate the delicious inviting hole between her legs. Leaning forward, Lorraine cupped her tits and fed them into his mouth. He sucked one nipple hard into his mouth... so hard in fact that Lorraine felt her cunt throb in response.

Neal watched, his hand on his cock squeezing it, as his wife worked her hips around until she got the length of his cock aligned with her wet slit. Neal's cock throbbed when he saw his wife let her weight bring her cunt into hard contact with its length. With just her thong separating his stiff meat from her cunt, Lorraine's lips didn't have much problem spreading around his sex cylinder. Slowly, she began to grind on him... up and down the throbbing length of his prick. The pressure on her clitoris was immense. Within a minute, she looked over at her watching husband and mouthed the words... "He's gonna make me cum!... Hard."

The man's mouth alternated from one of nipple to the other until both were red and swollen. Grinding down on his erection harder and harder, she began to whisper in his ear:

"Ooohhh yeah, Baby. I can feel that big hard fuck stick rammed into my married cunt. OOOohhhhhh fuckk... you're gonna make me cum. Aahhhh.... yes... yes... like that. Fuck hard, Stud. My husband would shit if he knew what you were doing to me... making his wife's clit throb... ungh ... ungh... ungh... bang me, Stud... harder... thrust it up into me."

The hot words were driving Larry crazy. His hips hammered up and down. Neal thought for a moment that his cock might just rip his wife's thong open and slam into her cunt he was thrusting so hard. He squeezed her tits hard sending a series of fuck signals shooting through Lorraine's cunt. Her hips responded by humping hard against his cock. Her clit throbbed and then exploded.


"Meeee tooo...", came Larry's tortured reply.

The cock encased between her vaginal lips throbbed and jerked again and again as jet after jet of cum was shot into the condom.

Lorraine's pussy throbbed right along with Larry's cock. Finally, his spasms ebbed and his cock became still. Her pussy still pulsed slowly.

Lorraine dismounted, and Larry quickly stripped off the cum-filled condom, and put on his pants. He had lasted not quite 10 minutes. He tipped Lorraine $20.

At the end of an hour, Lorraine had made six men cum and she had gotten off with three of them. Before she took on another man, Neal went over and told her that he couldn't take much more.

"Ok, Honey. Let me tell Clark that I'll do one more guy and that will be it. He can decide who gets me. Is that ok?"

"Sure. I can wait another 10 minutes, I guess. I really don't want to cum in my pants."

After a bit, Clark came over and spoke with Lorraine. "I've picked out the last guy. You should know that he's loaded... I'm talking many, many millions. He gave me $100 just to move him to the top of the list so he could get you. Whatever he tips you, you can keep. And if you ever want a job, Honey... just give me a call. You're absolutely dynamite! Neal is the luckiest guy on the planet."

Jason Harthorne was in his early fifties... somewhat overweight but not much. He obviously worked out and kept his body in condition. Even though Neal was sitting quite a ways away, he heard Harthorne tell his wife, "I want your cunt naked, Honey."

"Whatever you say, Lover. But remember, you have to keep your cock inside your shorts. You can wear a condom or not. Your choice."

"No condom," came Harthorne's immediate response, which surprised Lorraine since most men have an aversion to shooting off in their pants.

Neal watched his wife strip her thong down her thighs and off her feet. Harthorne's eyes were locked onto her exposed cunt. "God. That's is the hottest, sexiest looking pussy I think I've ever seen on a woman. Com'on, Baby. I can't wait to feel that luscious cunt on my cock."

Lorraine mounted the man and again, as before, worked to get her now naked cunt aligned with the length of his Harthorne's shaft. As the cock wedged into her cunt slit, she realized that something wasn't quite as it should be, as her pussy lips were surrounding a bare cock. She started to get up but he held her firmly in place. "Shhhh!" he whispered. "I won't tell and there'll be a little extra for you." She mashed herself hard against his rod and began to hump back and forth, essentially jacking him off with the lips of her cunt. Her big tits bounced as he faux fucked her.

Neal easily heard his wife's voice. "My god, Jason. You're huge. Jezzzz... how big is that monster?"

"You're sliding your sweet cunt up and down 10 inches of cock, Honey. Like it?"

"Mmmmmmmmmm.... what's not to like? Grind that big fuck stick into my married cunt, Stud. Give it to me hard. Suck my big tits. Use meeeeeeeeeeee!!"

Five minutes into the lap dance, it wasn't a lap dance any longer... it had become a lap fuck. Harthorne had let his hands move down to Lorraine's hips and he was moving her back and forth on his throbbing shaft while driving up against her hard... again and again. She started to cum.

"AAAAahhhhhhh... I'm cumming... cummingg... give it to me! I'm cumming, Honey! OOoohhhhh!!!"

Harthorne pumped against her until he felt her orgasm ebbing and then continued a much slower thrusting against her now wet and slippery cunt lips. Neal watched as he pulled her close and whispered something in her ear. She shook her head. He whispered something else. Again, Neal's wife shook her head negatively. This happened several more times, each time getting the same response from Lorraine.

Finally, the 10 minutes were up and Lorraine dismounted. She looked somewhat stunned. She leaned over and said something to Harthorne and this time he was the one who shook his head negatively.

A moment later, Lorraine joined me. "I'll get dressed in my


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