A Submissive Turkish Wife

inspired by Ozlem and Murat

Author's Preface:

This story was inspired by a series of e-mail communications with a Turkish couple who wrote to let me know how excited and hot the story "Flight to Santiago" had gotten them. After and exchange of e-mails, we agreed to write a story about their fantasies that have not yet been converted to realities. I would venture to say that this story may soon make that conversion happen. Murat, Ozlem, and I all hope you enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed crafting it for you. ... RLM

====== A Couple's Fantasy:

The evening had been a sensuous delight for the recently married young Turkish couple. Feeling Ozlem's sensuous body against him on the dance floor had kept Murat's cock hard most of the evening. For her part, the knowledge that she was able to harden his husband's rod into a rigid spike by simply thrusting her full ass or her mound against it had gotten her excited to the point that her panties were a sodden mess and her inner thighs were wet and gleaming with her sexual fluids.

During the last dance, she realized that her excitement was so high that she could smell the musky aroma of her aroused cunt. She let her full lips slide over Murat's and from there, they moved to his ear where she whispered, "I'm dripping, Darling. Can you smell me? Can you smell the musky aroma of your wife's cunt?"

Instantly, she felt her husband's shaft jerking against her mound. He was wildly excited by her words. She knew it would excite him to hear her talk like a wanton whore. She felt so whorish it was easy for her to excite him like this. Briefly, she fantasized about getting him so hot that he would yank her dress up and her panties down and fuck her right there on the dance floor. The fantasy immediately caused her pussy to contract just as hard as her husband's rod was now throbbing.

Ozlem again whispered in Murat's ear. "I need to be fucked. Take me somewhere... anywhere... and do it to me, Lover. Please. I need cock in my cunt."

Murat felt like he might cum in his pants. He had often dreamed of having a hot wife, a wife who was so wild for sex, she would beg for his rod, so hot she would do anything he wished. He never expected to have such a wife, and had had no clue that he was getting one when he married Ozlem. Then, on their honeymoon, he found to his amazement and utter delight that he had a wildly passionate woman for a wife. He felt blessed, and indeed, he was.

After a year of marriage, Ozlem was even hotter and sexier than she had been during their honeymoon. Tonight was a perfect example. She was dressed hot... very hot... in a red blouse and bra set and a very short, black mini-skirt. Her legs were bare, but they were so beautifully tanned, no stockings were ever needed. When she wore them, it was solely for erotic effect. Her high heels arched her ass and legs turning them into magnets that attracted every male who saw her.

His cock was at the bursting point when his wife again whispered in his ear. "Did you hear what I said, Lover? I need cock in my cunt. If you aren't going to take care of me, I know that there are at least six men in this room who are dying to do so. Am I going to have to ask them? I'll give you five minutes to get me in the car and take me home, or I'm going to find a man who will."

It was their favorite fantasy. Ozlem serving another man's cock while Murat looked on helplessly as she was soundly fucked. Now, his wife had just raised the level of their fantasy another notch by threatening to ask one of the men in the room to take her home and service her needy pussy.

Murat wasn't sure whether Ozlem's threat was real or not. And he wasn't sure whether he would mind or not. The only thing that he was certain about was the fact that he had to get his hot wife in bed as fast as possible so he could ravish her hot cunt and mouth.

Once in their car, he broke all the speed limits getting them home to their bed. Ozlem never stopped teasing him. Leaning back against the door, she had her blouse open, bra pulled down, her tits out, stroking the nipples as he drove. "I should have asked that sexy looking Frenchman in the second row if he would like to fuck me. I'd have a big cock in my cunt now instead of taking a ride in this car. Can't you drive faster?"

As soon as they arrived at their house, Murat and Ozlem almost ran into their bedroom they were so anxious. As soon as they were on the bed, Ozlem tore open her husband's pants. His engorged cock sprang out instantly. It was slightly more than 6 inches, but very thick. Ozlem's vagina began to throb and pulse as soon as she saw it. Cock always had this effect on her. Nothing in the world was as exciting and beautiful as an erect, iron-hard, male phallus. When she masturbated for her husband, all he ever had to do to make her cum was remove his hard organ and let her see it.

Her mouth descended over his rigid, thick cock spike. When it sank into her mouth, she felt her vagina contract. An instant later, she groaned as the orgasm ripped through her loins. Both her clitoris and vagina contracted. A moment later, it was her anus and her belly. Murat's dick jerked inside her mouth and she came again.

Finally, she gained enough control to shove her lips all the way down her husband's rigid shaft until her lips were buried in his pubic hair. Ramming her head up and down his cock, she sucked it hard. There was no way poor Murat could last a minute. With a masculine roar of satisfaction, he poured his semen into her sucking mouth. She swallowed every drop as another orgasm raced through her cunt.

Murat felt drained. His chest heaved in an effort to obtain oxygen. It took him almost five minutes to recover enough to look over at his wife. She was lying her back, legs steepled and spread, with her hand stroking up and down her engorged, moist slit and from there over her erect, throbbing clitoris. Her hips pumped sensuously up and down as she moaned, "Oooohhhh I need it, Marcel. My husband can only go once. Please, Marcel. I'm so hot... please!"

Murat's cock hardened again almost instantly at the thought of another man pleasuring his beautiful wife. He moved between her wide open thighs and just before lowering his mouth onto her throbbing sex, he said, "Why did you marry that one-shot jack rabbit. You need a real man to take care of this pussy, Ozlem."

"I know... I know... please, take care of it for me Marcel. Do it to meeee," she groaned, her hips thrashing wildly.

Murat's mouth covered his wife's pulsing cunt, his tongue lashing up and down her slit to the throbbing clitoris. He sucked it hard into his mouth listening to Ozlem's screams of passion. Flicking his tongue rapidly over the sensitive head, she wailed and tried to push his head away. His much stronger arms held the thrashing female in place as he tongued her dancing clit. Ozlem's juices exploded out of her vagina as she howled in an intense orgasm.


Murat pulled back and gazed down at Ozlem's vagina opening and closing in spastic contractions as her clitoris jerked and throbbed moving in and out of its protective hood. His cock was hard as stone.

With one quick motion, he flipped his wife over onto all fours, pulled her hips high, and growled, "Get ready, Slut. I'm going to fuck you like that husband of yours never does." He pushed the head of cock against the opening of her cunt. "If you want it, Baby. Beg!"

"Oh please, Marcel. I need your cock in me. My husband doesn't fuck me enough. Please stick that big whang into me... ooohhh hurry. Fuck me!"

Murat drove his organ deep inside the slick, velvet glove of his wife's vagina. Her engorged labia slid sensuously down his length until his balls slapped against her clit.

"Ooohhh that's so good, Marcel. Fuck me hard, Lover. I need cock."

As he rammed himself in and out of her vagina, Murat whispered in his wife's ear. "Your husband is watching me fuck you, Honey. He's in the doorway watching me doing it to you."

"Ohhhhhh... god. Is he furious? Should we stop... I can't bear to stop... please don't stop. Don't worry about him... just keep fucking meeeeeeeee!"

"He's jacking off watching me fuck you, Ozlem."

Murat felt his wife cumming again, her vaginal tube contracting in hard spasms about his cock. Immediately, he rolled them over so that Ozlem was riding him. "Pump your hot ass, Slut. Pump it so your husband can see a real cock fucking you."

Ozlem's hips hammered up and down on Murat's raging cock... all the way out... then all the way back in... over and over. "Is he still watching you fuck me?" she moaned as another climax surged through her.

"No, he shot off a puny load and went back to his room. I need to cum now, Ozlem. I'm going to cream you. Lie on your back."

A moment later, Ozlem lay on her back, cupping her tits, her mouth wide open, tongue out as she waiting for her French lover to pour his load over her. "Cum all over me, Marcel. Cream me, Baby!"

His wife's words made his cock explode several thick streams of cum over her body. Her face, mouth, tits were covered with it. Two streams of semen ran down her thighs. Murat collapsed onto her body as the two lovers hugged each other, their cum-slickened bodies sliding sensuously against one another.


An Opportunity:

Ozlem worked as the personal secretary of Mr. Mustafa Yilmaz, the general manager of the district electrical company. Her job paid well, was rewarding in that she had significant responsibilities that the work interesting and challenging, and there were excellent fringe benefits coupled with opportunities for promotion and advancement. She had held the job for less than six months.

It was no accident that Ozlem had been selected by Yilmaz as his personal secretary over other, more senior, secretaries in the company. She was easily the most attractive and desirable woman with the company. As a result, many of the other women were envious. The speculation among the other secretaries was that Murat's wife had surely used her feminine charms to secure the position. Some suggested that she must be having sex with Yilmaz.

Although such rumors had no foundation and were untrue, Ozlem herself often fantasized that her boss had offered her the position on the condition that she would always be available for sex when he required it. When she used this fantasy in bed with her husband, she always had intense, repeated climaxes. But for six months, sex with Mustafa Yilmaz had remained a pure, erotic fantasy. This changed one morning in Yilmaz's office.

Her boss had asked her to come in to receive instructions as to how the account for a particularly powerful politician was to be handled. As he explained the procedure he wanted her to use, Ozlem realized that instead of sitting on the other side of his desk, as was his usual procedure, her boss was hovering over her chair. In his position, she knew Yilmaz could see down the bodice of her light summer dress into her substantial cleavage. The thought was causing dampness to form between her thighs.

"Do you understand exactly what I want, Ozlem?" Yilmaz asked.

"I believe so, Mr. Yilmaz. I'm sure I can take care of the situation to your satisfaction."

"Good. Good. I'm equally certain that you can." At this point, Yilmaz paused, consulted his appointments, and then casually remarked, "I have an appointment at 11 AM this morning that will extend into the afternoon. However, tomorrow my schedule is open. Would you have lunch with me? We can discuss any problems you may be having."

Ozlem hesitated. "I don't know, Sir. I mean... well, I am married and there might be talk. May I think about it and let you know in the morning?"

"Of course, Ozlem. That is no problem. Just let me know. And I don't think you need to worry about talk. I know an excellent restaurant that provides very private dining facilities. No one will see us."


By the time Ozlem returned home that evening, the dampness between her thighs that began when her boss was looking into her cleavage had increased several fold. She had been able to think of nothing else the entire day.

At dinner that evening, she carefully repeated every thing Mustafa Yilmaz had said to her that morning. After listening, her husband asked, "Strange. He could go over any problems you might be having with the account during office hours. What do you think he wants?"

Ozlem was surprised... actually shocked, at her husband's naiveté. She stared at him trying to determine if he was just teasing her. A moment later, he repeated his question, even more seriously than before.

"Well? What do you think Yilmaz wants? It's really not very efficient to do business during lunch."

"He's not interested in business, Murat. He's interested in me. He wants to fuck your wife. Understand?"

"Oh... yes. Of course. It just never occurred to me."

"It never occurred to you that a powerful man would want to fuck me?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. Please don't be angry. I know men want to fuck you. Every time I think about it, my rod gets hard."

Ozlem smiled, pleased at her husband's frank admission. Aloud, she said, "Well? Should I go to lunch with him? If I do, you know Yilmaz will fuck me. Do you want to turn our fantasy of me with another man into a reality?"

Murat hesitated, torn between his sexual desires and his fears. In the end, his fears won. "I don't think so. I don't think it's a good idea to become sexually involved with your boss like that."

"Whatever you say, Darling. I'll tell him 'no' in tomorrow morning." Now, it was Ozlem's turn to be torn between emotions, the desire to please her husband and the desire to please her wet, throbbing pussy.


The next morning, Ozlem declined Yilmaz's offer of lunch. "I'm flattered that you asked me to lunch, Sir, but I think it best if I decline. I hope you are not angry."

"Of course not, Ozlem. I just thought you might enjoy an excellent lunch as a small bonus for your outstanding work."

Later, at her desk, Ozlem felt a sense of frustration. On the one hand, she was pleased that her boss had so graciously accepted her decision to decline lunch with him and combined his acceptance with a wonderful complement about the excellence of her work. On the other hand, she was chagrined the Yilmaz had so meekly accepted "no" from her. Weren't powerful, confident men supposed to overcome the objections of women? Why didn't he just inform her that they were having lunch at noon? That thought made her much more than just damp between her thighs.

That night in bed with her husband, Ozlem was having repeated orgasms as Murat fucked her. His masculine pride swelled at his ability to drive his beautiful wife into such intense climaxes. Of course, he was totally unaware of the erotic fantasies filling his wife's mind. In them, Yilmaz had bluntly rejected her refusal, taken her to lunch where he had finger fucked her, and then to his private apartment where he had screwed her several times.

When her husband's cock drove into her throbbing pussy, it was Yilmaz's huge organ hammering her into one orgasm after another. When her fantasy evolved to the point that Yilmaz informed her that she is expected to be available whenever he desires her, Ozlem's cunt contracted in a series of intense spasms. She began to scream as her husband's body rose and fell between her gaping thighs.


Vacation to New York:

Ozlem and Murat had arranged their vacation time from their jobs so that the periods corresponded. They had two full weeks off and were excitedly discussing where they should go. Murat suggested a popular resort on the Black Sea. Ozlem countered by suggesting a cruise to Santorini and some of the other popular Greek Islands. Both ideas appealed to the couple, but both felt they weren't really what they wanted.

"Look," Ozlem commented, "we've been to the Black Sea and to some of the Greek islands before. We have enough money from our bonuses to go just about anywhere we like. Let's do something more exotic."

"I like that idea," Murat agreed eagerly. "How about Paris?"

"Paris?" Ozlem questioned. "You mean we should spend two weeks with the French?? Two days would be too much!"

"Would you consider two hours?" Murat teased.

"Maybe. It would depend on what happened in those two hours." she teased in return.

"I bet I know what you would want to happen."

"Of course you know, and you would want to watch."

"Now I'm hard. Let's fuck."

"Later, Lover, later. After we decide where we're going on vacation."

"Ok.. ok. How about the United States? We've never been there."

"Mmmmm... sounds exotic. You know how decadent the Americans are. I think you just want to go because most of those western women are sluts."

"Well... that's not all bad. You could change all your hot fantasies to realities and no one would notice."

"You would!"

"Oh yes! Come on, please. Let's fuck!"

"Can we go to New York?"

"If you let me fuck you."

Ozlem pulled up her skirt and spread her legs. "Think you can handle it from here, Honey?"

Murat didn't even take the time to remove his wife's panties. He simply jerked them aside and buried his raging erection in her wet pussy. Murat thought he was hot, but his wife came before he did, and then came again when his load poured into the depths of her cunt.


Three weeks later, Ozlem and Murat were on board a 747 jet that was landing at JFK International Airport in New York at 8 AM. It took only two hours for the young couple to clear security checks at the airport, since their credentials were in perfect order, and Murat had had the foresight to send advance notice to the U.S. Homeland Security Office of their travel plans. As a result, there were no serious problems. Ozlem was impressed with her husband's foresight. She pressed her breast against his arm to convey her appreciation.

They took a bus to downtown Manhattan. Once on board, Ozlem asked, "At which hotel did you make the reservations?"

Murat's face dropped. "I thought you were making the hotel reservations."

"No. You said men should handle details like that, remember?"

Murat looked even more dejected. "You're right. I forgot. But surely with all the hotels in Manhattan, there will be no problem." That seemed reasonable to Ozlem who said no more on the subject. Unfortunately, the young couple failed to realize the difficulty of obtaining rooms in central Manhattan without advance reservations.

At 5 PM, they were still without a place to stay during their week's stay in New York. Having tried seven different hotels, they finally decided to try the Hilton even though it was really out of their price range. There seemed to be no other choice.

At the same moment as Ozlem and Murat were entering the Hilton lobby, Luis Mendez and one of his business associates, Mr. Martin Gleason, were enjoying a drink in the Hilton lounge. Mendez was a Chilean billionaire who owned dozens of companies and corporations, many of which had their headquarters in New York Consequently, he was a frequent visitor and always had standing accommodations in one of the Hilton's luxury suites on the top floor of the hotel. Gleason was the general manager of one of Mendez's companies.

The two men were working on their second drink and discussing the current state of business at Gleason's company, which was excellent. Eventually, their conversation turned to sex.

"I just have to marvel at your ability to seduce women, Luis," Gleason said with sincerity. "If I had not seen it, there's no way I would believe how quickly you can do it."

Mendez grinned, obviously very pleased with the complement. "It's actually very easy to do, Martin. In fact, I never fail."

"Never?" Martin asked, now quite skeptical.

"Never. Absolutely never!" he repeated for emphasis. "Women cannot resist confidence, money, power, and strong, determined, masculine virility. Their legs open almost automatically in face of such masculine power and authority."

"Oh come on! You can't possibly always be successful. No man can."

"You think not, my Friend? Please permit me to give you a demonstration. You select some woman in the hotel lobby. It matters not who she is provided she is not infirm, with child, or ugly. Just pick a woman you think you would enjoy fucking, I shall seduce and fuck her this afternoon."

"I think this is ridiculous," Martin commented, "but Ok. I'll pick out an attractive woman. The rest will be up to you." A moment later, Gleason was strolling through the Hilton lobby checking out the women.

At first, he was having problems making a selection, but then he noticed an extremely attractive young woman with her husband at the front desk. They looked to be from the middle east, and their accented English supported this. The husband was pleading with the desk clerk to find them a room, but he was having no luck. "Please, Sir, my wife and I need a place to stay. We are just arrived in New York. We know no one. No place has vacancy. Can you not please let us have a room?"

"I wish I could, but the hotel is full. You will probably have to go outside Manhattan to find a room. I'm sure that every hotel in the area will be full. If you like, I can make some calls for you, but there is no chance that you can find anything today in Manhattan."

The young woman turned in Martin's direction. The despair in her perfectly shaped, dark brown eyes was evident. She had an alluring dark complexion, beautiful face, full lips, long, lustrous, black hair that fell about her shoulders, full thrusting breasts, and a slim waist that accented the thrusting mounds of her buttocks. Her dress stopped several inches above her knees allowing Martin to see that her legs and thighs were firm and shapely as was the rest of her body.

Turning toward the bar, Martin motioned for Mendez, who came over immediately. "I'm going to make this easy and fun for you, Luis," Martin said as he pointed to the sexy young woman standing beside her husband who was still pleading with the clerk. He quickly described the couple's problem about finding a room, and said, "This gives you the perfect opening, Luis. You have a very large suite... plenty of room for two more. And that woman looks incredibly sexy. So you don't have any excuses. Let's see what you can do."

Mendez chuckled then flashed an evil grin. "You are giving me no challenge at all, my Friend. This will be very simple. Watch and learn, my Friend."

Martin watched, fascinated, as Luis approached the woman smoothly and swiftly, with no hesitation. The thought of a sleek panther approaching its prey came to Martin's mind.

"Please excuse my intrusion," Luis said to the woman. "Permit me to introduce myself. I'm Luis Mendez, and I'm currently a guest in this hotel. I could not help but overhear the problem you and your husband are having finding accommodations in New York. It is obviously your first visit here or your husband would have realized the necessity of obtaining reservations. He should not have brought you here without having taken care of that matter first. But I have a very large suite that I would be delighted to share with you. Would you and your husband please join me in the lounge. We'll enjoy a drink and solve your problem at the same time."

Mendez held out his arm to the woman. She stared, almost hypnotized, at the incredibly handsome man now asking her to take his arm. The fact that he offered a solution to their pressing problem was actually secondary in her mind... in fact, the only thing on her mind was Mendez's appearance. Never in her life had she seen such a handsome, attractive, powerful man. She couldn't look away.

Her husband was an attractive man, about 5'9" with a slim, well proportioned body, but nothing like the virile, sexy adonis who offered her his arm. He seemed to radiate masculine sensuality and power. His hypnotic eyes and frank appraisal made her feel as if he could see through her clothes. The feeling was making her throb. At 6'2", he towered over her husband. His shirt was stretched tightly over his chest and biceps by his large, perfectly sculptured muscles. When he moved his powerful body, the material was stretched to its limit.

A moment later, she realized that she had taken his arm and was allowing Mendez to lead her toward a table in the lounge. No thoughts of declining or resisting ever entered her mind. As he guided her to the table, she became acutely aware that he was holding her against of his strong, powerful male body. The side of her breast was pressed against the rippling muscles beneath his shirt as her leg moved against his. She felt her core throb and wetness forming between her thighs.

Mendez pulled out a chair for her, which she took. He moved his own chair very close to hers, so close that their lower legs touched beneath the table. At the same moment their legs touched, his hand moved to her knee, rotating gently. She tried to control her breathing so her husband wouldn't notice the rapid rise and fall of her large breasts, but failed. As his hand moved, her excitement mounted.

Gleason directed her husband to a chair on the opposite of the table. After introducing himself to Murat, he had made his apologies and said to Mendez, "I'll see you at the office next week and you can fill me in on the details. I will be very interested to hear about how things went." The two men shook hands, and Gleason left. Afterward his departure, there was a period of uncomfortable silence.

Finally, Mendez's deep, soft, but commanding voice, broke that silence. It was a voice that exuded virile, masculine confidence, a voice that seemed to make it clear to everyone that no objection to his desires would be tolerated. His hand moved slightly higher on the woman's leg caressing her thigh. Ozlem's excitement was now rising so rapidly, it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying.

"I think introductions are in order. As I have told your lovely wife, my name is Luis Mendez. I make my home in Santiago, Chile. I'm in New York not as a tourist, but to negotiate a very large business deal for one of my corporations. May I know your names?"

The woman's husband seemed as taken with the confident, powerful Mendez as was his wife, although for very different biological reasons. In an awed voice, he replied, "Certainly... certainly. I'm Murat Ercan and this is my wife, Ozlem. We're from Turkey on vacation. This is our first time in New York, and there seem to be no accommodations available. Mr. Gleason said you could help us, yes?"

"Absolutely! There will be no problem for you throughout the rest of your stay... and as an added bonus, no expense." Murat opened his mouth to object, but Mendez stopped his protest with a wave of his hand. "I will not accept any objections. Money is not as issue for me. Once one has billions, it never is. I am alone and have a very large suite on the top floor of this hotel. You and your lovely Ozlem will be my guests throughout the remainder of your visit to New York. I will instruct the hotel that when I depart, the suite is to remain at your disposal for your entire visit. Is this all understood?"

Murat, awed by Mendez's confidence, wealth, and power, could only meekly nod that he understood. Turning to his wife, he asked, "I think we're very lucky Mr. Mendez has come along, don't you agree, Darling?"

Ozlem's body was trembling so hard, she was afraid to speak lest her husband realize what was happening. Luis' hand was now halfway up her thigh where it was sensuously stroking its inner slope. Instead, she smiled and nodded her agreement. Murat turned his attention back to Mendez and did not see his wife biting her lower lip as her eyes closed. The hand had moved another inch up her thigh.

"Excellent... excellent!" Mendez stated. "Murat, why don't you take this key to the suite and go upstairs and look it over. That will allow you to assess the luxury of the accommodations you and your lovely wife will be enjoying during your vacation in New York. If you're not pleased, we can forget the matter. Ozlem and I will wait for you here."

"I really don't think that will be necessary, Mr. Mendez. I'm sure the suite is beautiful," Murat replied.

"I insist, Murat. I never, ever allow anyone to accept something without first having the opportunity to check out all the details. Please. Go up and inspect the suite. I insist. And, by the way, I would be pleased if you address me as Luis."

"Certainly, certainly, Luis. I'll do as you wish, but, as I say, I'm quite certain that the accommodations will be outstanding. I can't thank you enough for your help. I have no idea what we would have done if you had not come to our assistance."

Mendez waved his hand indicating that his actions were no more than a trifle. A moment later, as Murat walked to the elevators, Mendez turned his full attention to Ozlem. "Your dress is too long, Ozlem... too concealing. A woman of such beauty as you should never wear such clothing. In the morning, we will purchase more suitable clothing for you."

Struggling to find her voice, Ozlem tried to protest, "I can't... my husband... It's not... not..."

"Be quiet. Do not protest what will happen in any event. You will be stunningly beautiful once dressed properly. You also have large, beautiful breasts, but your present dress conceals too much of them. At least half of such delicious breasts should always be on display. How large are they?"

Ozlem looked down, unable to speak. The soft, caressing hand on her thigh was exciting her beyond measure. When Mendez again spoke, she trembled with excitement.

"Answer me, Ozlem. A beautiful woman like you should be proud of her body. How large are your breasts?"

Her response came in a barely audible whisper, "They're 36D."

"And your nipples? Are they big and hard now? I am fully aware that they are, but that is something that a woman must tell a man, don't you agree?"

"Yes... yes, I agree," Ozlem said in a near moan. It was very, very clear to her that this man was no Mustafa Yilmaz. He was not about to take 'No' for an answer. This was a man that a woman was thrilled to have the opportunity to obey.

"Yes, what, Ozlem?"

"Yes I agree that I must tell you."

"Then do so!"

"Ooohh god," she gasped. "My nipples are large, and they're very hard right... very sensitive." As soon as the words left her mouth, she felt her fluids gush from between her thighs.

"I suspected as much. Unfortunately, your dress does not properly display them, so I must wait to see them for myself. In the meantime, Ozlem, pull your dress higher on your thighs," Mendez whispered in her ear. It was a command, not a request.

Now in sexual heat, Ozlem hastened to obey. Reaching beneath the table she grasped the hem of her dress and moved it halfway up her thighs as she stared into Mendez's dark, penetrating eyes, her tongue moving uncontrollably over her lips.

"Higher," Mendez ordered.

Ozlem tried to obey but the dress was stuck under her own weight. Helplessly, she looked at Luis. In despair, she moaned, "Oohhh... I can't... it's stuck under me. Please... just a moment," she pleaded.

Glancing around quickly, she lifted her hips from the chair and pulled her dress to the top of her thighs before she again settled down into the chair. She looked at Mendez for approval.

He gave it to her. "Very good, Ozlem. Do you consider your thighs to be the most alluring feature of your body?" he asked as his hand now explored higher and higher up the inner slopes of both thighs.

Her sighs and moans were very soft, but Mendez heard them: "aahhh... ooohhhhh... mmmmmmm"

"Well, are these luscious thighs your most alluring feature, Ozlem?"

"aaahhh... ooohhhhh... Murat says...mmmmmmm... aahhh... says it's my... aaahhh... it's my bottom."

"Ozlem, a glass or a bucket has a bottom, not a woman. Which of your charms do men seem to like the most?" Mendez's hand had now moved to within two inches of Ozlem's pussy.

She could no longer keep her hips still in the chair. Slowly... then faster... they began to gyrate... to make small thrusts toward the advancing hand. "My ass... Murat says its my ass... uuunnnn... more... more.... please... more," she groaned.

At the moment, Ozlem saw Murat approaching their table. "Ooohhh god... my husband is coming... stop... please... you must stop... aahhh," she begged closing her legs about his hand.

"Ozlem," Mendez warned in a stern, commanding voice. "if I stop, I will never begin again. If you don't want that to happen, open your legs. NOW!" Ozlem's legs opened even wider than before. Mendez's hand moved the final two inches to her soaked panties.

As Murat took a seat at the table as before, Luis smiled graciously. "So, Murat. What do you think of the accommodations?

Murat shook his head in disbelief. "I have never seen such a suite. It is magnificent. I cannot find the words to properly thank you for helping us in such a wonderful way, Senor Mendez."

"Please, Murat, call me Luis as I instructed. I would appreciate it.

"Thank you, Luis. I'm sorry. I won't forget again," Murat apologized obsequiously.

"Thank you, Murat. I'm glad you consider the suite magnificent. Personally, for me it is just a hotel room. I find Ozlem to be magnificent."

For the first time, Murat looked over at his wife. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open, and her body was moving slowly, back and forth in the chair. At that moment, Mendez again ran two fingers up the length of Ozlem's panty-covered slit to her engorged clitoris at the top. He rubbed it softly in a circular motion. Immediately, Ozlem's mouth opened wider, and the motions of her body increased.

Murat stared at Ozlem, unable to comprehend what was happening. Eventually, he asked, "Is it your plan that we all share the same bedroom, Luis?"

"Until I leave in three days, yes. After that, you and Ozlem will have the entire suite for the remaining four days of your stay at no expense. I assume that you find that fair and satisfactory."

Murat immediately looked at his wife to see her reaction to Mendez's arrangements. Instead of seeing the expected shocked expression on her face, he saw her leaning over, hands on the table's surface for support, with her chest heaving as she gasped for breath.

"I will go pay the bar tab, Murat. I'll return in a few minutes."

As Mendez walked away from the table, Murat whispered to his wife, "Did you hear, Ozlem? Did you hear Mendez's plan?"

Looking through passion-glazed eyes, she replied, "Yes. I heard. I like his plan... I want to do it. No... that's not quite right... I need to do it."

"But you know what will happen."

"I know. Mendez will fuck me... many times."

"But... but.."

"Listen to me, my Darling. How many times have we fantasized about my being with another man while we've being having sex. I know how hard it makes you and you know how excited and wet I become when we do that. Now, we've met someone who has me wildly excited. You saw what just happened didn't you?"

"No. What happened?" Murat blurted confused.

"I just had an orgasm. You must have seen. My entire body was trembling. My panties and thighs are soaked with my fluids."

"My god. I thought that for a moment, but couldn't believe it. I'm not sure I want this to go any further, Ozlem."

"It really doesn't matter, Murat. There is just no way I can refuse a man such as Luis. Our fantasies are going to become a reality. I hope you can enjoy it. I know I shall. Look, Luis is on his way back. See," she nodded in the direction of the bar. "When he arrives, you can be certain that he is going to take me up to the suite and fuck me."

Just as Ozlem finished her statement, Mendez moved to Ozlem's side and extended his arm once again. This time, she took it without hesitation. "Murat, you've already seen the suite, but your lovely wife has not. Let's arrange for your luggage to be taken up to the suite and then show it to Ozlem. Or, if you prefer, I will show her the suite while you make the arrangements for the luggage. We will join you later in the hotel's five-star restaurant for dinner. I shall, of course, pay all bills."

Ozlem turned to Mendez and asked, "May I speak to my husband for moment privately or do you wish to take me to the suite immediately?"

"We have plenty of time, Ozlem. I shall wait for you by the elevators."

When Luis was out of earshot, Ozlem turned to Murat and said, "He's offering you a choice, Darling. Do you understand?"

"I know. I can go up and see the suite again and then we will all go to dinner, or I can see to the luggage and then just wait for you and Luis to return after you've seen it. The choice was very clear."

"That's correct, but that's not really the choice. Your real choice is whether you wish to watch Luis fucking me or wait here in the lounge while he screws me. I just wanted to be certain that you understood Luis' offer."

"Do you think Luis will hurt you, Honey? Should I be there to be certain that you're safe?"

"I'm in no danger, Darling. I know men, and a man like Luis doesn't hurt women, he just fucks them many, many times and makes them scream in orgasm. It's just a question of whether or not you want to watch the first time."

"But with all that sex, you may be hurt," Murat protested.

"Murat, it doesn't hurt a woman to be fucked. It just makes her cum."

"Do you want me present or not?"

"I would rather be alone with Luis the first time, if you don't mind. It will be easier and more erotic. The rest of the time we're with him, I would love to have you watching and participating."

"All right. Tell Luis that I'm going to see to our luggage and will meet you for dinner tonight."


In the elevator, Luis moved behind Ozlem and pulled her body tightly against his. Both hands rose to her large breasts, cupping them, squeezing their fullness, pulling their hard nipples. At the same time, he pressed his engorged cock into the crease of her buttocks. The trembling woman groaned with excitement.

With one smooth motion, Mendez pulled the bodice of her dress downward, freeing both large breasts. "But the elevator may stop... someone may get on," Ozlem protested.

"That may happen. If it does, some very lucky man will see the most gorgeous pair of female breasts he will ever be likely to see. Does it not excite you when men look at your breasts?"

Ozlem blushed furiously. Her body was shaking so hard she was unable to answer.

"Well?" Mendez persisted.

"Yes... ooohh... yes... it excites me." She felt his fingers on her hard nipples, stroking... pulling... then twisting. "Ooohhhh god... aaahhhhhhh... Your fingers are driving me mad, Luis. And your organ... it feels huge. You will split me in half with it," Ozlem moaned as her body shook with a combination of fright and intense desire.

"Reach back and feel it," Luis commanded.

Ozlem's hand closed around the throbbing phallus, but there was no way she could get her small hand around its girth. As she ran her hand up and down its 10-inch length, she heard herself whimpering with sexual need. Her cuntal secretions were flooding into her panties. "I can't believe how big you are and how hard!" she gasped. The phallus jerked like a snake in her hand. The intense spasm that surged through the engorged male organ was enough to make her cunt contract in another small orgasm.

As soon as they entered the suite, Luis lifted her in his powerful arms and carried her into the bedroom. Ozlem's cunt throbbed at the thought of what was about to happen. Even though she was in a luxury suite, the only thing she could think about was her throbbing cunt. She moaned when Luis commanded, "Now I must see the rest of your beautiful body."

With one motion, Luis unzipped Ozlem's dress. Pulling it from her shoulders, it fell down her body and bunched around her feet on the floor. With one motion, he unhooked her bra and pulled it away. When the trembling woman was naked save for her blue panties and heels, Mendez crushed her body against his and ran his tongue over her lips and face. When his lips covered hers... his tongue moving inward, invading her mouth. Their lips ground together feverishly... Ozlem's mouth opened wide to provide access to Luis' probing tongue. When his tongue withdrew, she invaded his mouth with her own.

Throughout the intense French kiss, Ozlem was acutely aware of the huge male organ thrusting against her mound. She wanted it... needed it... elsewhere... in her... fucking her. "Please... Let me see it. I can't wait! Please!" she begged.

Mendez's picked up the nearly naked woman in his arms and easily carried her to the bed. When she was reclining, legs apart in anticipation, Luis stepped back and slowly removed his clothes until only his jockey briefs remained. His fully erect, stone-hard organ stretched the material to its limit. His 10-inch length was far too great for his briefs to contain. A full four-inches of rigid cock protruded from the top of the garment.

"Is this what you wanted to see, Ozlem?" Mendez moved closer to the woman whose eyes were locked on his throbbing shaft.

"Yes... ohhh god... It's magnificent," she moaned as one of her hands moved between her thighs where it furiously worked the material of her panties against her pulsing clitoris.

Mendez pulled his briefs off releasing his rigid, throbbing sex spike. It stood at a 70 degree angle, hard and rigid, with a strand of precum hanging from its tip. Ozlem's pussy throbbed in response to the sight of the thick male organ.

Moving closer, Mendez gave her a one-word command: "SUCK!"

Ozlem moved forward, mouth open, waiting. Mendez put it in, and she eagerly pushed her lips over its throbbing head. More cock moved into her mouth until her cheek bulged, 7 inches still remaining outside.

She heard another one-word command: "DEEPER!"

Stretching her mouth as wide as possible, Ozlem let her lips slide down the huge shaft until two more inches of cock were in her mouth. The big head pressed against her throat. She knew it would make her gag, but she wanted it badly. Taking a deep breath, she pushed her head down the throbbing prick. The head struck the opening to her throat causing her to gag badly.

"Careful!" Luis warned. "Just work your lips up and down the first five inches and use your hand and tongue on the rest."

She followed instructions. Very soon, she felt the cock jerking wildly inside her mouth. She sucked harder, her hand stroking up and down the last five inches. Ozlem heard Luis grunt loudly just before he spewed four thick streams of semen into her mouth. Very quickly, her mouth hole filled to the brim, and the remainder of the load spilled out and formed a thick cum rope that dangled from her lips. As the thick, white cum river ran from her mouth, Mendez withdrew his still-spewing organ, aimed, and creamed Ozlem's face with several more smaller jets of cum.

Ozlem's pussy exploded at the same moment that Luis ejaculated in her mouth. The contractions of her cunt seemed to increase in intensity with each gush of cum that entered her mouth. As soon as Mendez's orgasm ebbed, he pushed Ozlem onto her back, ripped off her panties and moved his head between the young woman's gaping thighs to her still pulsing cunt. A moment later, her screams echoed through the suite as a male tongue began to probe into her throbbing vagina and pleasure her convulsing clitoris.


After seeing to their luggage, there was nothing else for Murat to do but wait until his wife and Luis returned. For almost an hour, he wandered around the hotel, but was unable to concentrate on anything other than what Mendez was probably doing to his wife. Finally, his rod got so hard, he had to sit because people were beginning to stare at the tent it made in his pants.

Near the end of the first hour, Murat remembered that he had a pass key to the suite. Mendez had given it to him when he went up to look over the accommodations. There was no way he could resist. He walked as quickly as possible to the elevator hoping to get there before anyone noticed his throbbing erection. He didn't make it. Two young girls saw him. One pointed and both girls giggled as he helplessly waited for the elevator, his face red.

The Hilton elevators were very fast, and in less than fifteen seconds, he was on the 17th floor moving toward Mendez's suite. At the door, he paused, pressed his ear to the door, and listened. Although muted, he had no difficulty hearing his wife's deep groans of passion, groans he had heard many times, but probably not as loud nor as intense as those he was now hearing. He also noticed that her shrieks were coming rapidly, but at regular intervals. "God," he thought, "Mendez must be fucking her really hard and fast."

Slipping the pass key into the slot, he pushed and the green entry light flashed. The door opened effortlessly and silently. The suite was arranged such that the door opened into a small hallway that connected to the central, living room. The kitchenette was off to the left, and the huge bedroom to the right. The full bath connected to both the bedroom and to the living area.

With the bedroom door wide open, his wife's screams of passion were now easily heard.


Murat also heard the bedsprings protesting as his wife's body was forced downward on the bed with each thrust of the cock into her waiting cunt. Mixed with his wife's groans and the squeaking of the bedsprings, he heard intense, passion-filled, male grunts each time Ozlem's vagina received cock.

Peeking around the door, Murat's cock almost exploded in his pants when he saw his wife on her back on the large bed with her legs thrust straight up in the air where they spread into a huge V. Except for her black, high heels, she was naked. Mendez stood at the end of the bed hammering stroke after fuck stroke into his wife's waiting cunt.

The bedroom door was not that close to the bed, but the bathroom door was. Quickly, Murat entered the bathroom from the living area. Walking quietly to the door, he again looked at the bed. From this position, he actually see the cock entering and leaving Ozlem's cunt hole. He couldn't believe it. Mendez was almost twice his length and much thicker. The volume of his cock had to be 6 to 8 times his. It was stretching his wife's opening into a huge, round hole as it fucked in and out.

Murat tore his pants open and frantically extracted his own throbbing rod and began to jack off. It was the first time he had actually seen his wife being screwed. He had fantasized about it many times, but nothing he had ever imagined even came close to the sensuous scene before his eyes. His wife's was now screaming, her hips thrusting back against her lover almost as hard as Luis was ramming her. Suddenly, he heard his wife scream: "OH GOD!! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!! FUCK ME, LUIS. HARD!! PLEASE!! HARDER... FASTER... AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Murat was close enough to see his wife's cunt contracting around the huge male piston pumping deep inside her sex cylinder. His prick jerked... he couldn't hold back... thick streams of semen spewed out coating his hand, the bathroom door, and the floor.

Ozlem was emitting a continuous stream of female sighs and moans, but Mendez didn't give her a moment to rest. When Murat again peeked around the door, he saw the powerful male body had rolled them over so that his wife was now mounted on his thick fuck stick. Ozlem's ass was turned in his direction so he had a perfect view of the cock pumping in and out of his wife's cunt. He was amazed to see that he was already hard again.

Murat couldn't believe the length and girth of the Mendez's cock. Not only was it thick, but now that that he could see its entire length each time he pulled from his wife's pussy, he realized that it must be about 9 or 10 inches in length... just huge! And his wife was taking all of it into her cunt every time she rammed her hips down on the male spike. Each descent down his shaft brought new grunts and shrieks of intense female pleasure from his wife's throat. Her face was a mask of pure lust and passion. Her mouth opened in a lust-filled grimace, her eyes closed, and her tongue shot out and licked frantically at her top lip. She honked and grunted in another orgasm.

Murat's hand flashed up and down his throbbing cock, jacking off harder and faster than he had ever done before. He couldn't help himself. The sight of his wife obeying Mendez's command to fuck herself on his cock harder... faster... was so sensuously erotic. He knew he was going to cum soon. He couldn't stop it. Again his load spewed heavily against the bathroom door at the nearly the same moment as Mendez's load spewed into the depths of his wife's climaxing cunt hole.

Immediately, Mendez turned Ozlem so that she was now riding his cock in reverse position. Murat could now see the huge organ splitting his wife's cunt, her throbbing clitoris fully protruding from its protective hood, and her tits bouncing wildly as Luis hammered his organ in and out of her hole. Murat couldn't understand how he could remain hard after shooting off the way he had.

Afraid that he would be seen, Murat carefully moved back into the living area intent on leaving. Before he exited the suite, however, he heard Ozlem again begging Mendez to make her cum again. Taking one more look into the bedroom, he saw saliva running from the corners of his wife's mouth as she wailed and begged.



First Night in New York:

Dinner was excellent, and Ozlem was radiant. It was hard for Murat to believe that his wife had been fucked repeatedly by a monster prick that afternoon. She was glowing as she hung on every word Mendez said. In fact, she never took her eyes off him except to guide food to her mouth.

As they waited for dessert, which was a baked Alaska, Luis said, "I hope you enjoyed the dinner, Ozlem. I asked the chef to prepare something outstanding for you."

"It was wonderful," Ozlem gushed.

"Look over the wine list, Ozlem, and pick us out something delicious to go with our dessert."

As Ozlem perused the wine directory, Mendez turned to Murat and asked, "How about you, Murat? Are you enjoying your vacation so far?"

Thinking about how hard he had cum watching his wife that afternoon and how fantastic dinner had been, Murat said, "I second my wife's comment. It has been more than we ever expected. All due to you, Senor Mendez... oh.. I'm sorry... All due to you, Luis. Thank you."

"My pleasure, Murat, my pleasure... I assure you," Mendez said with sly smile. Turning back to Ozlem, Mendez stared down the top of her dress, which exposed at least half of her large breasts.

"And what you think about your wife's exotic attire this evening, Murat? I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am."

"Oh yes! It is hard for a woman to wear such clothing in our country. We're very conservative as you may know. But I love it!"

While the threesome enjoyed dessert and the wine Ozlem has chosen, Mendez asked, "Ozlem, how would you like to enjoy a swim at the beach after dinner?"

"At the beach? I didn't know we were that close to the ocean here... at least a part of the ocean where we can swim. How is it possible?"

"The Hilton has a wide variety of surprises for its guests. They have an indoor pool with an artificial beach. Shall we give it a try?"

Ozlem hesitated and then lowered her head. Surprised, Mendez leaned closer and said, "Is there a problem. If you don't enjoy swimming, that's not a problem. I thought you might like to see one of the only indoor "beaches" in the world."

Blushing, Ozlem moved close to Luis and whispered in his ear, "I'll do anything you say... I was just hoping that you intended to take me back to the suite and use me again."

Mendez whispered back, "Do you want to be used?"

"By you... Ooohh yes!"

Again Mendez whispered, "Then you shall be. I intend to fuck you through the night."

Murat had been unable to hear any of the last exchanges between his wife and Mendez, but he did see her body beginning to shudder after Mendez's final comment.

When dessert was finished, Mendez signed the bill with a generous gratuities for their waiter, the Maitre D' and for the head chef. Ozlem saw the amounts and felt her body tremble not only at the amount of money involved, but more so at the power and the respect Mendez commanded.

"Let's go back to the suite and dress for the beach," Mendez commanded.

In the end, Murat elected to sit in a beach chair and watch while his wife and Luis frolicked in the sand and water. He had never seen the swim suit his wife was wearing. The material looked like leopard skin. The top of her suit covered less than half of her large, thrusting tits. Her nipples were just barely covered and part of one of her areolas was even visible. The bottom was a little more than a thong but less than the usual bikini. She looked like distilled sex in the suit.

The suit Mendez wore was obscene. His tight, spandex briefs struggled in an effort to contain his huge cock, which was perfectly outlined by the elastic material of the suit. Ozlem and all the other women at the indoor beach could not take their eyes off his awesome bulge and his perfectly molded, muscled body. His dark complexion added to his masculine sex appeal. Ozlem's pussy was wet. So were the pussies of every other woman there. Mendez could have fucked any of them, but Murat knew it was his wife who would receive his organ tonight.


Luis and Ozlem enjoyed the beach and swim for nearly an hour before Mendez called a half and indicated that it was time to return to the suite. Ozlem took his arm as he led her toward the elevators, leaving Murat to collect their towels.

When everyone was back in the suite, Mendez announced, "I have made reservations for a limo to pick us up at the front of the hotel in 20 minutes. We're going to an exclusive after hours club. Members only. I think you will find it an erotic and an enjoyable experience. Hurry. Get dressed. Ozlem, I had some new outfits delivered from Victoria's Secret. They're in your closet. Select something casual and revealing."

"Am I invited?" Murat asked.

"Of course! You're Ozlem husband. We don't go anywhere without you. I think you will enjoy dancing with your wife tonight more than you have in a long time. Get dressed. Remember... casual. No ties, no coats, etc."

When Ozlem came out, both men stared at her exotic outfit. As Mendez had ordered, it was casual and exotic. Her white blouse had only one button that fastened below her tits exposing a sexy purple bra and exposed half her breasts. Her black mini-skirt ended slightly above mid-thigh. She was wearing dark supporting hose. After looking over his wife's sexy outfit, Murat asked in a awed voice, "Are you wearing any panties under that skirt?"

"Would you mind if I weren't?" Ozlem teased.

"Well... I don't know. I'm not... eh... sure."

"Doesn't it turn you on just a little to think about your wife's cunt being naked under this short little skirt, Darling?"

"Oh god," Murat whispered.

"Well, I'm not going to tell you if I'm wearing panties or not. You'll just have to check for yourself. Luis did. He knows if I'm wearing panties. Maybe he'll tell you if you ask him."


The ambiance of the private club was sexy and exotic. Alone, Ozlem and Murat would never have gained admission, but as Mendez's guests, the management rolled out the red carpet for them. They had an excellent table near the dance floor with a private waiter assigned to just their table.

At first, Ozlem was nervous about her revealing dress, but when she looked around the room at the other women, she realized that she was dressed on the conservative side. Some of the women were wearing transparent blouses with no bra. Others had on skirts that weren't long enough to conceal their panties. If anything, she felt overdressed.

After ordering drinks, Mendez rose, extended his hand, and said, "May I have this dance, Ozlem?"

Murat's wife didn't even look at him when she rose and followed her lover onto the dance floor. For the first time, Murat looked at the couples on the floor. Almost without exception, the women's bodies were being explored freely by their male partners. Scanning the other tables, he saw women in various stages of undress being fondled and stroked. His cock hardened into a stiff erection.

When he again scanned the dance floor, he saw his wife in a tight embrace with Mendez. Her breasts were crushed against his chest while his hands were cupping his wife's ass pulling her forcefully against his huge cock. Murat was nearly certain that Mendez's cock was hard and erect again.

As he continued to watch, he saw Mendez's hands moving under his wife's short skirt. Slowly, her skirt inched higher and higher on her thighs until her ass was exposed. Murat was relieved to see that she was wearing panties after all.

When Mendez and Ozlem returned to the table, his wife was panting, her breasts rising and falling rapidly. They ordered another round of drinks, but before the drinks arrived, a man approached the table and asked Ozlem if she would like to dance.

Not knowing how to respond to such an invitation, she looked helplessly at Mendez. He leaned closer and whispered, "Do you want to dance with him, Ozlem? He will feel you and caress you if you do."

"Should I?"


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