The Basement

Part 1: The Plan

It began almost a year ago after another frustrating and somewhat boring New Year's Eve Party. Paula and I had just started our long drive home. For the first five minutes, we drove in silence. At that point, Paula turned toward me from the passenger-side seat.

"Truth Time, Gordon?"

Several years before, we had had problems because we were both hiding things from one another. I would tell Paula I had to work late, but instead would go to a strip bar with the guys. Or, I would cheat with a woman and conceal it. She had fucked several men on the side and concealed everything from me.

Finally, as was bound to happen, she caught me lying about being with one of the secretariess at our firm. Naturally, Paula was infuriated, much more because I lied and concealed things from her than because I had some brief sex with a secretary. Fortunately, I knew enough about women to keep my mouth shut, and accept her stinging abuse and criticism of my behavior. When she finished and became quiet, I sincerely apologized, asked for her forgiveness, and swore that I would never cheat like that again. It was a promise that I have kept ever since.

After my confession and apology, Paula lapsed into silence as I awaited her decision about my fate. All manner of things raced through my mind during those few minutes, divorce, separation, the humiliation of being forced to sleep in the guest bedroom for several months, and others things even worse. When she finally broke her silence, I was at first shocked, and then later enormously happy with her response.

"Gordon, you have been so honest with me and so sincerely sorry that I now feel absolutely terrible. The fact is that during the last two years, I've cheated on you with four different men. All of them have fucked me several times. I'm so sorry, and I make you the same sincere promise that you've just made to me. I will never cheat on you again if you will forgive me."

A moment later, we were in each other's arms, kissing and hugging, tears streaming down our cheeks. Later, we walked, arm-in-arm to the bedroom where we made passionate love most of the night. At one point when I my cock was buried deep in Paula's pussy slowly moving in and out, I asked her about the four men she had fucked.

As her hips surged against mine, she said, "Judging from how hard your cock feels, I think it turns you on. Does it?"

"Yes. I never realized that it would, but it really does. Does it excite you to know that I screwed Melaine?"

Her answer was to wrap her legs tightly about my hips, pull me even deeper into her saddle and begin to tell me about the four men.

As a result of that evening, we eventually developed what we came to call "Truth Time". Whenever either of us wanted to know the absolute truth about something that was troubling us, we would as for a session of "Truth Time". We agreed that only the truth was acceptable during these times. If either of us felt the truth might really hurt, we would give warning and ask again if the truth was desired. Once we began this practice, a deep, abiding trust quickly developed between us. This has led to a long, rewarding, and passionate marriage.

Now, for some reason, Paula was requesting a session of "Truth Time". It is never refused. I wondered if she had had an orgy with a group of men at the party.

"Sure. Truth Time for the drive home. What's on your mind?"

"Did you really have fun at the party tonight or was it something less than fun", she asked.

"It was all right. Just like most of these New Year's Eve parties. But, "No", I didn't really have fun."

"Why not?"

I thought for awhile before I answered, formulating my thoughts. "At everyone of these parties, there is always a heavy undercurrent of sex, but it's mostly just teasing by the women or men hitting on the women with little or no hope of success."

"Why do you think it's that way?"

Again I thought for a bit. "Because, when a man hits on a woman, even if she wants to go further, her husband is there and there's no way for her to accept. As a result, she becomes very uncomfortable. The best that she can do is arrange a secret meeting later and start an affair. She might like a hot sexual encounter, but she doesn't want an affair. So she has to refuse."

"Precisely! It's amazing how well you understand women. Sometimes I think you must have been a woman in a prior life. What about the women teasing?"

"It's essentially the same thing. A woman will press her breasts against a man on the dance floor or show him more thigh or breast than he's supposed to see. The guy knows its an invitation, but he has no way to accept. His wife is in the room. Sometimes, he will become angry at the woman for teasing him when she knows perfectly well that he cannot accept. On occasion, he will try to arrange a meeting later, but now we're back to the affair problem. Basically, there's no way to enjoy sex at these parties without setting up an affair."

"I agree. That's exactly the problem."

"Now it's my turn. Did any men hit on you tonight? What did you do?"

"Let's see. Garland was grinding his erection into my belly on the dance floor. It was enjoyable so I pressed my tits against him. He asked me to sneak off to one of the bathrooms with him. I told him sex in the bathroom doesn't exactly turn me on. So he suggested a meeting later in the week. I politely told him that I don't cheat on my husband. That ended the matter."

"Anyone else?"

"I had my legs crossed giving a Mitchel a nice upskirt shot. I could tell he wanted to do something, but his wife was there and all he could do was get hard."

"Tyler told me he loved my big tits. I thanked him for the complement. He asked me if there was any chance he could see more of them. I said, "Probably not". He was disappointed, of course, but it was what he expected. Just like you said."

"Preston had his hands all over my ass on the dance floor, but that was as far as he had the nerve to take it."

"Wow! I had no idea you were that active. Get you hot?"

"Wait until we get home, and I'm going to show just how hot those guys got me. You had better be ready is all I've got to say. How about your evening?"

"Pretty much the same but not as much. Stacy managed to show me her panties a couple of times during the evening, but what was I supposed to do about it? On the dance floor, Gayle told me her husband was spending too much time with work and not enough time between her legs."

"That's pretty direct. What did my husband say?"

"I told her I would love to spend time between her legs but I don't cheat on Paula. I did follow that up by suggesting that she and Brett might come over for dinner and spend a "romantic" evening with us."

"What did she say to that?"

"She liked the idea but she said Brett would never go for it and she was afraid to suggest it. That pretty much ended things."

"See what I mean. These parties are just one frustration after the next for everyone."

"I agree, but what's to done about it?"

Paula sat in silence for several minutes. "I think we ought to host our own party next New Year's Eve. It will take a lot of planning and preparation but if it works, we will be the talk of the town and everyone will be secretly hoping that they're on the guest list for the next party. What do you think?"

Now I thought for several minutes and then said, "I think we should do it. And I think I'm going to fuck your hot ass off when we get home."

"Promises.. promises..", my wife grinned as she opened the top of her dress, removed both breasts, and squeezed my cock.

I wondered where in the hell the designated driver was when I really needed him. --------------------------------------------

Part 2: The Invitations

Starting in July, Paula and I began to lay plans for our New Year's Eve party. We agreed that we would call it our "X-rated New Year's Eve Party". First, we arranged all the obvious things, the caterer and the food, the liquor and the wine, several bartenders, music for dancing, a printer for our invitations, the guest list, and the party times. A month later, all of these were arranged.

Then we turned to the real task at hand. How to make all our guests comfortable with the arrangements and remove the type of problems we had discussed during our "Truth Time" session after the previous New Year's Eve party.

We decided to divide the house into zones. The downstairs portion of our very large home would be the "PG area", using the usual designations for movie ratings. Here, we would have the food, the wine, liquor, soft drinks, tea, coffee, etc. We would also clear the dining room and arrange for continuous dance music on the downstairs sound system. The music would be soft for slow sensuous dancing. This would be more fun and would not disturb other guests who were not dancing. Our plan was to dim the lighting in the dance area, but still permit easy visibility.

The PG area would have two TV sets going for those who wished to watch the New Year's Eve ball games. We would rent additional furniture so everyone had comfortable couches and chairs thus removing the need to stand. In the den, we would have a pool table and dart games. We figured the two full bathrooms and one half-bath in the downstairs portion of the house would be sufficient. During the first part of the part, we intended to use the master bedroom for coats and for guests who had had too much to drink.

The deck behind the house with our large hot tub would be the "R-rated" area. The temperature was usually in the high 40's or low 50's, but the heat of the tub would be sufficient to keep our guests comfortable. The tub was large enough to accommodate eight and with some crowding, ten. Neither Paula nor I thought anyone would complain about being crowded. After some discussion, we decided to permit the women to be topless in the hot tub if they wished, but all guests had to wear suits below the waist. Our plan was to provide an ample supply of new suits to guests who had not brought their own.

There were to be three "X-rated" areas. The first was our completely finished basement. We would clear everything out except for the sound system. Soft music for slow dancing would be played in a continuous loop. Our plan was to blackout all sources of light in the basement save for a small red light over the entrance from the stairwell. We would hang two black tarps to cover the entrance and provide a buffer zone that would prevent any light from entering the basement area when our guests entered or left. The red light would permit people to find the exit when they wished to leave.

The second X-rated area would be the second floor of our house. There were four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. Their were locks on all doors for privacy.

The third X-rated area were the men and women's dressing rooms beside our outdoor pool. The pool would be covered for the winter and present no danger. We had a comfortable chair and couch in each dressing room. Neither was very large, but a lot of room isn't really necessary. The doors of both rooms locked and the rooms were heated so they would serve nicely.

With the house partitioned, we now made a list of the additional items we needed. They included: a large supply of sheets and towels for the bedrooms and the poolside dressing rooms, a large basket of condoms in all X-rated areas. In the basement area, these would be placed at the bottom of the stairs where there would be enough light to see them.

All that remained was to prepare the invitations and provide our guests with all the details for the party. Paula and I worked for several weeks to prepare the wording. When finished, we planned to have the invitations engraved and sent special delivery to all invited guests two months ahead of the party to give everyone more than ample time to decide if they wished to attend or not.

Each letter contained the engraved invitation and another sealed envelop inside the first. For example, the engraved invitation to Garland and Karen Arcemont read:

Dear Karen and Garland,

We would like to extend a cordial invitation to you to attend our X-rated New Year's Eve Party on December 31st.

The enclosed information contains the schedule of events, party times, and directions to our home. We also explain the nature of the party. We think it best that you decline our invitation unless both of you agree that it would be fun and desire to attend. If possible, we would like to have your RSVP no less than two weeks ahead of the party.

We hope to see you both. If you do elect to attend, we're certain that it will be a party you will long remember. If not, we wish you both a joyous, safe, and happy new year.

Sincerely, your friends, Paula and Gordon


This invitation was accompanied by a sealed envelop. Inside was the following letter:

Before you decide whether to accept our invitation or not, there are several things you both should know about the party we have planned. The schedule of events for December 31st is as follows:

8:00 PM - Midnight - Party begins, snacks, finger food, liquor, wine, soft drinks are all provided. Midnight-1:30 AM - New Year's late dinner: Prime rib, crown rib roast, turkey, desserts and all the fixings. 1:30 - 10:00 AM - Party time - sleeping accommodations available for all guests who wish to stay over. 10:00 AM - Noon - Late breakfast, brunch. Noon: Party ends.

This is an adult New Year's Eve party. No children are allowed. We have partitioned our home into three general areas. All guests may, at their own discretion, limit their party activities to a single area or two or all three. The areas are described below:

First: The PG-part of the party (PG in the sense of movie ratings) will be held in the downstairs portion of our house. If you elect to restrict yourselves to this area, we will be delighted. If that is your decision, you may expect the party to be very similar to other New Year's Eve parties you have attended, except we hope your find our food and drink to be superior. This area will include a dance floor, game room, TV room, and all food and dining areas.

Second: The R-rated portion of the party includes use of our hot tub on the deck. It will accommodate 8 easily and 10 with some crowding. Bare breasts will be permitted in the tub, if desired, but all guests must wear bathing suits below the waist. We will provide new suits for all guests, but, of course, you may bring your own if you wish. Towels and cosmetics will be provided. You may expect some sensuous fondling to occur, but no actual sex will be permitted in this area.

Third: The X-rated areas include our completely furnished basement, which will be a slow dance area in essentially total darkness, the four bedrooms and baths on the second floor of our home, and finally, the men and women's dressing rooms beside our outdoor pool. In these areas, full consensual sexual encounters are permitted, if desired by our guests. As usual, "NO" means "NO", and what happens at the party, remains at the party.

If our invitation has offended you, we extend our regrets, but not our apologies. This is to be an adult party, for adults only, who respect the views of other adults even when they disagree with their choices.

We hope to see you December 31st at 8:00 PM. Please return the enclosed self-addressed, stamped card indicating your intention to attend or not.

Sincerely, Paula and Gordon -----------------------------------------------------

Paula and I mailed out a total of 25 invitations by mid-October.

"How many couples do you think will accept?" I asked her.

"Who knows", Paula replied. "Maybe a lot or maybe we're going to be stuck with a lot of food to eat by ourselves." -------------------------------------------------------------

Part 3: Preparations

The preparation for the party were a lot more work than either Gordon or I had anticipated. My husband helped as much as he could when he wasn't at work or out of town on business.

One afternoon in late October while working on the music systems for the dining room and the basement, the doorbell rang. When I answered, Eric Bunkley was standing there.

"Hi, Eric. Are you looking for Gordon? He's at work."

"No, actually I wanted to talk to you about the party you've invited Cristal and I to on New Year's. Have you got some time?"

"Sure. Come on in. Would you like a drink?"

"Do you have beer?"

"Sure." A few minutes later, Eric and I were sitting in the den. He had his beer. I was sipping some wine.

"What about the party? Something you wanted to discuss?"

He seemed a little uncomfortable, so I helped him out. "Come on, Eric, I'm not exactly a blushing virgin. What do you want to discuss?"

"Well, the invitation sounds like it's going to a sex party. Is that right?"

"Only if you and your wife want it to be. It's entirely up to the guests. If you stay in the PG areas, it will be like any other party except for the very erotic knowledge of what is going on elsewhere in the house and outside. Do you and Cristal think you will attend?"

Eric shrugged. I know that we both want to, but every time I ask her if she would like to go, she says, "It's up to you. I'll go if you want to." And to be fair, if I wait until she brings up the subject, I usually say the same thing. Neither of us wants to be responsible for being the one to decide to go in case it's a disaster."

"Eric. That's one of the penalties for being the man.. you're in charge. Sometimes that's good for you; other times, like this one, it puts you on the spot. Cristal isn't going to tell you she wants to go to a possible sex party unless you give her the green light in advance."

"I'm in charge, huh?", he said, thinking about the implications of the statement. I was not unaware that he was looking at my legs, trying to see even further up my dress. I uncrossed my legs and then recrossed them in the opposite direction to tease him a little.

"Eric, my suggestion is that you tell Cristal that you would like to go, that the idea of some recreational sex sounds like it would be fun and would spice things up in your marriage. Tell her that you're going to assume from here on that the two of you will be going unless she decides that she doesn't want to go. In that case, you will send your regrets and plan a different agenda for your New Year's Eve celebration. That way, you've decided. You've given her the permission she seeks, but still left the decision up to her, which is where it should be once you give your permission. How's that?"

"That's great!", he exclaimed. "I'll discuss it with her tonight."

"Any thing else", I asked, watching him stare at my exposed thigh.

"I would like to see this dark basement area. Could I?"

"Sure. It's not dark yet. We haven't put up the blackout curtains and it's still daylight outside, but you'll get the idea."

Eric followed me down the stairs to the basement. We already had a lot of the furniture removed so that the central area was cleared. Only the sound system, a couple of chairs, and a couch remained. "As you can see, we're going to have plenty of room once the furniture is removed. With blackout shades on all the windows, you won't be able to see your hand in front of your face."

Eric was standing right behind me. "Do you think most of the women will be fucked down here at the party?" His hands were on my shoulders.

"Probably. Does it bother you that one of them might be your wife? Some guy dancing with her, her legs around his hips..his big cock fucking in and out of her wet cunt... or maybe he'll take her up against one of the walls or on the carpet." I put my hand on Eric's crotch. His cock was rigid and throbbing. "Doesn't seem like it bothers you."

"No. It's strange, but I'm turned on by that thought." His hands moved around my shoulders to my breasts. He quickly had my blouse open and my tits out of their holders. "God... I knew you had dynamite tits, but I never imagined they were this big and firm." His cock jerked again and again against my ass as his fingers squeezed my hard nipples, his hands hefting and fondling my tits.

"Before we go any further, you need to understand that Gordon and I don't keep secrets from each other. Now... are you going to fuck me here or do you intend to take me in the master bedroom?"

The thought of fucking me in my marriage bed make Eric's cock dance against my ass. Turning me around, he kissed me hard, his tongue sliding in and out of my mouth, flicking against my tongue. In one motion, he pulled my skirt up around my hips, put his hand inside my panties on my ass, picked me up, and carried me up the stairs. His mouth never left mine.

Once in the bedroom, he put me on my back and told me to put a pillow under my hips. He never took his eyes off off me as he undressed. When he pulled down his jockey shorts, his cock sprang straight up..standing tall.. a little over 6 inches of thick manmeat. It's head was coated with precum.

I cupped my big tits, steepled my knees, and pressed my heels into the mattress elevating my cunt. Moments later, Eric mounted me.

"Aren't you going to take off my panties, Honey? Most men take them off before they fuck me."

For an answer, Eric sucked both of my nipples hard, the blood rushed in and made them swell to twice their normal size. He bit them lightly sending electric jolts through my vagina. My juices seeped out and drenched the crotch band. I felt his thick cock pressed against my pussy, the big head sliding up and down my wet slit. He pushed forward a little and my panties sank into my cunt hole. I began to moan, my legs lifting off bed.

He continued this for several minutes until he had me thrashing on the bed, my hips ramming up against his cock..again and again... only to be frustrated by my panties that shielded the entrance to my cunt from his surging penis.

"Ohhh OH OH... Damn You! Damn You! Stop torturing me and fuck me! Hurry..please HURRY!"

"Are you ready to be fucked, Paula?"

I was panting so hard, I couldn't answer. Nothing but passionate moans and grunts came from my mouth. My hips ground my slit against the head of his throbbing cock.

"You know when I came over here, I intended to fuck you don't you? You showed me your hot thighs to get me teasing Bitch... I'm going to fuck you now, Honey."

"Ah ah ah ah ah ...oohhh... yessssssss.... do it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!"

"Reach down and pull your panties to one side... expose your hot, wet cunt hole for fucking, Paula. Be a hot whore and expose your fuck hole to my cock."

Instantly, I hooked my fingers in the crotch band of my panties and yanked them aside way down my thigh. At the same time, I jacked my legs high and spread wide open.


"What do you want me to fuck, Paula? Tell me."


He held his cock head just touching my opening but didn't sink it into me. I was going crazy. "If you really want cock up your cunt, Paula, then reach down and spread it wide sure to hold it open as my cock sinks in... understand?"

My hand moved to my pussy, and I followed his orders. Eric pulled back and looked down at me... spread wide open... panties pulled way down my thighs... my fingers holding my pussy wide open...exposing the depths of my vagina for him to see. My juices seeped out of my cunt. I could feel them running down my ass.

"Rub your clit, Paula. Make yourself cum while I keep my cock an inch just outside of your pussy. When you cum, I'll start fucking you."

I was boiling hot it didn't occur to me to hesitate. Almost as soon as I began to stroke my clitoris, it exploded in hard spasms causing my juices to spurt out. Eric saw me squirting and rammed his cock all the way into me in one hard stroke. My orgasm peaked and I began screaming as he fucked me..and fucked me... and fucked me..

He rammed me and rammed me. I came a second time... and then a third time as that thick cock stretched my pussy wide open every time he buried himself inside me. I felt his cock jerk..throb.. and begin ejaculating the cum into my depths. I held my legs up and back totally exposing myself to maximize the intensity of his orgasm.

I was still lying on the bed, my tits out, my legs spread, panties around my thighs, cum running out of my pussy when Gordon walked into the bedroom an hour later.

"Wow! You're quite a hot sight. Who fucked you?"

"Eric.. Eric Bunkley. I'm pretty sure he's decided to tell his wife that they're going to attend our New Year's Eve party. We both laughed uncontrollably. -----------------------------------------------------------------

Three days later, Peter Fazio dropped by to talk to me about the party. He was much more direct than Eric had been.

"Becky wants to come to the party. So do I. So, since it's obvious that I'm going to be fucking you, I thought I would stop by and put an advance load in your pussy. Interested?"

I raised my legs, took off my panties, laid back on the couch, and spread myself wide open. Thirty minutes later, Peter had given me two advances.


In early December, our phone rang right after Gordon and I had finished dinner. I was washing the dishes so he answered. I could hear him chatting but couldn't make out any of the conversation. After he had hung up, he came into the kitchen.

"That was Raymond Rostron. He and Courtney have invited us over for wine and hamburgers Saturday evening at their house. I thought it sounded like fun, so I accepted. Is that ok? If not, I can call him back."

"No. That's fine. What should I wear?"

Gordon thought. "You know, I have no idea. I just assumed it would be just the four of us, but maybe it's a small party. I forgot to ask. Why don't you give Courtney a call?"

"Men never think to ask the obvious questions. You knew there would be food, liquor, wine, and pussy available. What else is there to ask about?"

"Precisely! What's the problem?" My husband was still laughing five minutes later as I called Courtney.

"Courtney, this is Paula. We would love to come over Saturday night. Can hardly wait. I'm just calling to find out if it's a big party or the four of us or what? And also what I should wear?"

"Oh wonderful! Ever since Ray and I got your invitation to the New Year's Eve party we've been talking about it..wondering why we have never gotten together considering that our interests are so much alike. It will just be the four of us. Wear anything that you like, Paula. I intend to wear as little as I think I can get away with." -------------------------------------------------

As soon as we entered the Rostron's home, Courtney rushed to greet us. I glanced at Gordon and saw that he was taking in all of her 5' 7", 145 lb or so body. She had a little extra weight that I knew would please my husband. Her 36C breasts were a little smaller than mine, but they still looked very sexy considering what she was wearing.

Courtney hadn't been kidding about wearing as little as possible. Her halter was having a hard time covering her breasts and the incredibly tight short shorts showed off half of her ass and sank into every one of her crevices. There was no way she had on panties. The only other thing she wore was a pair of 4-inch spikes.

I felt grossly overdressed in my short sundress, heels, and panties. At least, I had had enough sense not to wear a bra or stockings. Anyway, it was obvious to me that Ray didn't mind my outfit at all. His eyes had been devouring me since the moment we entered. I checked out both male crotches and was certain that both men were already partially erect.

When Ray went out to grill the hamburgers, I went outside to keep him company. The weather was cool so I put a wrap around my shoulders. "Courtney and I were both surprised by your invitation. We wondered if you and Gordon had an open marriage, but we didn't know. Wish we had known." I smiled at me when he said it.

"I like your outfit. Are you wearing anything underneath?"



"I'm not going to tell you. You're not supposed to ask a lady questions like that."

After the burgers were done, we went back into the house and found Courtney cuddled up against my husband. They were in the midst of a passionate kiss when we entered. "Later guys..later.. the burgers are going to get cold. Let's eat."

Actually, the burgers, beer, wine, cheese, and dessert were very good. After dinner, we were chatting and enjoying an after dinner cordial when a young woman walked in. Courtney introduced her as Doris, their 17-year old daughter. She was very pretty with large breasts like her mother.

"Are there enough burgers for me to have one?", she asked.

"Sure. I made extras. They're in the kitchen", Ray informed her.

As she ate, Doris looked at Gordon and abruptly asked, "Are you fucking my Mom?"

I really thought my husband would choke. He coughed several times, took a long drink of his beer, coughed some more, and finally managed to answer, "No. I'm not. Why would you think such a thing?"

Doris just shrugged. "The way she's been looking at you, I thought you were her lover. Sorry. Anyway, I suspect you will be fucking her before you leave this evening. Mom's really great. Best mom on the planet."

Courtney beamed, unable to suppress a smile. Having assessed my husband, Doris turned her attention to me. "Wow! You are beautiful!"

"I'm Paula, Gordon's wife", smiling as I introduced myself. "And thank you. That's a very nice thing to say."

"Has my Dad fucked you yet?"

"No, not yet."

"He's going to though, isn't he?"

"I'm sure he will."

Doris licked her lips and said, "Have fun."

"Oh, I'm certain that he'll show me a good time."

With that short exchange, Doris said she had to get ready for a late hot date and excused herself.

While Gordon and Courtney cleaned up the dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher, Ray was getting acquainted with my body. When my husband picked up the dishes in front of me, he watched Ray kissing me hard, his hand inside top of my dress kneading my naked tits. The next time he returned for more of the dishes, Ray had my dress open and both of my tits were out.

He helped Courtney rinse the dishes and load the dishwasher. When it was loaded, she told him to pick up the empty wine glasses. When he returned to the den, Ray had my skirt up and my legs open. He was rubbing my panties up and down right over my wet slit. At the same time, he had one of my nipples trapped in his mouth.

I thought that Ray intended to fuck me on the couch, but Courtney and Gordon came in and she said we should take it to the master bedroom in case Doris came back down. The four of us moved into the bedroom. Gordon got Courtney on the bed and pulled her halter down so that both of us now had our tits exposed.

Ray was kissing me with his hands under my skirt when he backed me into the bed. He stopped at the foot of the bed and continued to grind his mouth against mine. I opened my mouth and darted my tongue in and out of his mouth. Slowly, he worked my skirt higher and higher. My hips were hunching in fuck motions.. back and forth against his crotch. ----------------

My cock was a rigid steel rod from feeling Courtney's hot body undulating against me and from watching Ray working on my wife. He wasted no time is jerking my wife's skirt up around her waist. My wife spread her feet apart to allow him to get between her thighs and grind his organ into her pussy. They moved apart so my wife could get his pants down. After he had his cock out and standing at rigid attention, he pushed my wife to her knees in front of his cock.

Ray sat down on the bed beside us, thrust his cock toward my wife and said, "Suck it, Slut...Get your mouth hole over my cock and suck me. Hurry up!"

My wife couldn't do it fast enough. She knelt in front of him, took his huge cock in her hand and began jacking him off. "Don't jack it, Slut... Suck it!" he commanded.

She held his balls with one hand, and with the other guided his pulsing cock into her mouth hole. Her mouth stretched as wide as possible to get him inside. Once the head was firmly lodged in my wife's mouth, Ray held the back of her head, thrust his hips upward, and drove half of the organ deep into my wife's mouth. She gagged on the immense cock.

I watched him force her head downward. More inches of hard cock disappeared. Then, slowly it was dragged out as her cheeks hollowed, sucking. When it was all out except the big head, I watched as the shaft started back in. Four inches..five inches..six inches. My wife's eyes bulged. More cock was pushed inside. I could see her throat bulging as the head entered. Again, she gagged. Ray held her head in place. Her nose flared as she tried to breathe in air around the huge cock. When only an inch of cock remained outside my wife's mouth, the fucking began.


Ray paid no attention to her. He held her head firmly in place as his hips drove his weapon in and out of the open mouth hole. I saw saliva running down the cock shaft, coating his balls, and dripping onto the floor. His hips thrust upward as he rammed the last inch of cock into her throat. Finally, my wife's gagging slowed as the organ entered further down her gullet and her throat expanded. She was now taking all of him.

Courtney and I watched her cheeks hollow as she began to suck it harder. She tried to put her hand on his shaft to jerk it when it was pulled out, but Ray pushed her hand away and warned, "No hands! Mouth suck only!" Paula put her hands behind her back and began bobbing her head up and down on the shaft in time to his thrusts into her throat.

I pulled Courtney's shorts off and began fucking her cunt furiously. As I rammed in and out of her hot hole, I watched Ray droving over 9 inches of cock in and out of my wife's mouth. I could see her throat swell as the big cockhead entered and then withdrew. Saliva was running out the corners of her mouth, down her chin, and dripping onto the floor.

I was certain that he intended to cum in Paula's mouth, but I was wrong. Instead, he pulled my wife to her feet and put her on her back along side of Courtney. She raised her legs, bending her knees to match Courtney's position. I pulled out of Courtney's pussy and waited for Ray to get in position between my wife's legs.

A moment later, I was holding Courtney's legs up and back; Ray was holding Paula's in the same position. We both looked down at the two naked women, their legs spread wide, their big tits heaving, their cunts wet and open. Ray and I smiled at each other and mounted the women, our cocks sinking all the way into them on the first thrust. Both women groaned loudly as they felt themselves being penetrated and stretched by the hard cocks sinking into their depths. --------------------------------------------

Part 4: The Party

The amount of effort required to put all the arrangements together were much larger than we had anticipated. But now that all of that work was behind us, we hoped to host a fun-filled and memorable party that could become a regular event in future years.

Of the 25 invitations we had sent out, we received no response from two couples. Eight others had cordially declined, and 15 couples had said they would attend. Most said they thought it was a wonderful idea and they were looking forward to the party.

Several of the wives of the couples who had accepted had called Paula to talk about the party. Karen Arcemont had wanted to know if there really would be sex going on at the party.

Paula had responded, "I'm sure of it."

"How can you be so sure", Karen had asked. Paula answer was direct and to the point: "Because I intend to get laid several times."

Most of the other women who called had said they were afraid their husbands would explode in a jealous rage if they did anything. Paula's advice to them was to discuss this issue openly with their husbands and if they didn't think they could handle it, they should decline the invitation.

In the end, everyone who called ended up accepting our invitation. ----------------

By 8:30 PM, all 15 couples who had responded positively had arrived and the party was in full swing. Our three bartenders were being kept busy, and everyone was enjoying the wide array of food that was provided. The crab and lobster dip were very popular as were the cheese and sausages. Most liked the egg rolls, but the demand for them was less.

The game room was in full use with both pool and dart games being played. Spence and Racquel Crager were playing darts with Lloyd and Tricia Cleaver. They had formed two teams with Spence and Tricia taking on Lloyd and Racquel. It appeared to me that they must be playing "strip darts" because both Lloyd and Racquel both had their shoes off. Lloyd had no shirt and Racquel no blouse. Spence and Tricia had their shoes off.

Tricia was up. Her shot hit the bulls eye dead center. Both she and Spence cheered wildly. Obviously, her shot had won the game for them. When Racquel started to take off her bra, I stopped her. "Listen. I hate to interfere, but this is the PG area. No nudity. You can drop your skirt, but that's about it for this area. You need to take the game to an X-rated area. Ok?"

Racquel seemed greatly relieved. "Thank god... this was going to be embarrassing."

"Wait a minute", I said. "You and Lloyd lost. Whenever Spence and Tricia decide they want to see more, you're both honor-bound to go upstairs and pay your debt."

"Damn! I can't wait", Spence whispered in Racquel's ear.

The dance floor in the dining room was being kept full, which surprised Paula and I until we realized that no one had yet ventured to use the dance floor in the basement area. We weren't really concerned, however, since the evening was very young.

Everyone of the women had come dressed hot. Louise Gellerson was was 41 but she certainly didn't look like it. The form-fitting sheathe she wore fit her like a second skin. Every curve was emphasized from the swell of her ample 36D breasts to her full ass. The dress hugged her body so tightly it wasn't clear to me how she managed to get into it. It was obvious that she couldn't possibly have anything on underneath the garment.

The sheathe ended about halfway down her thighs so that a substantial length of her shapely legs were exposed. I wondered if she was wearing hose or pantyhose. Since I could see no panty line, I assumed it must be thigh-high hose. The 4-inch heels she wore really made her legs look good.

Adrian Dettmann was a stunning brunette in her late 30s. She wore a long dress that hugged every curve of her body. It looked as if the dress had just been painted onto her body. Her nipples were clearly outlined by the garment as was her ass.

Several of the women were wearing miniskirts, some type of hose, and either three or four-inch heels. Many of the blouses they wore showed ample cleavage. Elaine Shepperd's outfit was even more revealing. Her miniskirt just barely reached below the crease of her ass, and it didn't appear that she was wearing a bra beneath her sweater. I speculated as to whether or not there were any panties under her miniskirt.

By comparison, my wife's outfit was conservative. Her dress was only four inches above her knees, and her blouse showed little cleavage, but I didn't think she was wearing a bra. I wondered if she had panties on under the dress. I doubted it. Her legs looked hot in the nylons and four-inch heels.

By 9:30 PM, I saw that a few some couples were making their way down the stairs to the basement area. The fact that none of the couples headed down the stairs were married to each other was not lost on me.

Walking on through the house, I noticed that Tyler Dettmann was dancing with my wife in the dining room. He was busy fondling her bottom as they moved about the floor. Paula not only was not objecting, she was dancing very close to her partner letting his hard cock rub against her belly. After a turn or two around the floor, she had her cheek resting on Tyler's shoulder with the front of their bodies in contact from thighs to chests.

They were now not dancing but rather just swaying to the music. The arm around Paula's waist was keeping her larges tits mashed hard against Tyler's chest. His other arm was much lower, his palm openly stroking the contours of his wife's luscious ass.

It was obvious that Paula was being heated up by the grinding of the Dettmann's hard cock against her belly. Her breathing was heavy and her hands were hooked over her partner's shoulders. In this position, the cock was massaging the top portion of her mound up to her belly button.

At this point, Tyler pressed his lips to Paula's and slipped his tongue inside her open mouth. As they kissed, his hands moved to her buttocks and lifted her onto her tiptoes. With her body elevated, she could feel Tyler's erection burrowing into the top of her sex furrow where it rolled maddeningly back and forth over the bud of her protruding clitoris.

Breaking the kiss, Paula pushed back and took her partner's hand. I watched as she led him to the basement stairs and then down out of sight. --------------------------

Tyler was right behind me as we reached the bottom of the stairs. His hand had rubbed my ass all the way down. At the bottom was a silver basket containing a large assortment of condom packages. I stopped and waited to give him a chance to select one if he wanted to do so. He didn't so we moved through the first blackout curtain into the dark space between. A few steps beyond we ran into the second curtain. Once through this, we were in the basement dance area.

Soft music was playing in the total darkness. The only illumination was the tiny red light above the inner curtain to permit guests to find their way out when they were ready to leave. Tyler pulled me against his body and crushed his mouth against my again. My lips opened to admit his tongue that thrust suggestively in and out as I sucked on it.

I felt his hands on my skirt pulling it higher and higher until it was around my waist with nothing below now except for my garter belt, panties and hose. I reached for his zipper and pulled it down. Once I had his penis out, I put it between my thighs and we began a slow dance to the music, his hard cock sawing back and forth against the wet crotch of my panties.

As we moved about the basement, my eyes gradually adjusted to the almost total lack of light and I could see some other dim shapes from the small red light by the door. It was impossible to see any detail. There was just barely enough light to allow couples to move about without bumping into each other.

Tyler's fingers went to the waistband of my panties, wrestling then down over my hips. I moaned softly. My own moan made me aware of several other soft female moans in the basement. It was obvious that I wasn't the only woman in our basement whose panties were down.

Once my panties were below the crease of my ass, we danced some more. My thighs squeezed against the cock sliding back and forth between them as we moved. We stopped for a moment, and I felt Tyler's hand prying between my legs, his palm cupping my mound, his fingers stroking the slippery lips of my wet pussy. His mouth again claimed mine, his tongue fucking in and out.

Behind me, a woman groaned loudly. We stopped and listened. Her groans continued at regular intervals, each groan punctuated by the sound of bodies slapping together. "She's being fucked", I whispered in Tyler's ear.

"Do you recognize who she is?", He asked.

"No. But it doesn't matter."

"Why not", he asked surprised.

"Because every woman here tonight is going to be fucked. The only question is by whom and by how many cocks. Maybe it's your wife Adrian getting it. If not, then she's somewhere else with another man about to fuck her."

I felt Tyler's cock lurch against me as my words obviously excited him. I spread my thighs wider to give his fingers more access. He pulled my panties aside and two fingers slide easily into my slick sex hole.

"I'm going to fuck you, Paula."

"I know you are. Fuck me like she's being fucked", I moaned in his ear.

I felt Tyler adjusting his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He wedged the swollen head into the fluted opening.

"Are you ready for it", he asked, his cock head already one inch inside my cunt.

"Not yet. Let me take off my panties so I can spread wider."

From the darkness, we heard a male voice. "Yeah, Man. Let the lady take off her panties so she can spread for it."

I stuffed my panties into the waistband of my skirt, spread wide open, and pressed my pussy against the hard cock. "Now, Honey! Fuck Me!"

"Like my cock, Honey?"

"Mmmmmm..big...big and hard."

"Your cunt feels warm..wet.. tight. Just a moment."

Tyler delayed fucking me to move down to his knees where he pressed his lips against my cunt. The tongue stabbed into me causing my hips to rock from side to side. I was moaning louder now, almost as loud as the woman being fucked right behind us. He licked my clit faster. I held his head tight against my sex and thrust wildly against him. My climax started deep inside my vagina and spread causing my hips to dance out of control.

"Oohhh fuckkk.. you're making me cummmmmmmmm."

A woman somewhere to my right moaned, "oohhh god...that's so wild and hot... make her cum, Stud... make her cum!"

The woman right behind us screamed, "I'M CUMMING TOOO..."

As my climax subsided, Tyler rose and pressed his cock back into my opening. "Now are your ready to be fucked?"

"Oh Yes! Put it in meeeeeeeeee", I moaned. Other female moans blended with my own. We both heard someone say, "Listen to them. He's putting it in her now!"

Tyler rammed forward and spiked my cunt with the full length of his sex gun. "OOohhh you're in me deeeeppp.."

"What am I doing to you, Paula?"

"You're FUCKING MEEEEEEE. SSOOOOO GOOD... Fuck me...fuck me...fuck meeeeeeeee!"

From the far side of the basement: "Oh shit.. that's Paula getting fucked. Man..give it to her."

Tyler doubled his efforts, slamming his cock in and out of me hitting the bottom of my hole on every thrust. He was ramming me so hard, my feet were almost coming off the floor when he drove it in. I began to cum again just as Tyler shot his load deep inside my cunt.

We both sank to the floor, exhausted from the strain of our stand-up fuck. It would have easier if Tyler had gotten me up against a wall to fuck me. Standing in the middle of the room was strain for both of us. We were both panting from the effort.

The woman who was being fucked behind me must have already cum and left with her partner because we heard nothing more from them. However, one of the other women in the room was now cumming. Her shrill screams and the grunts of her lover echoed off the walls. Like us, the exertion of their standing fuck caused them to sink to the floor after they had cum.

The couple fell across our legs as they dropped to the floor. When their panting slowed, they both mumbled an apology. The woman pulled herself up along side of me and felt in the darkness to see if she was against a man or a woman. When her hand ran up my nylon-covered leg to my pussy, she had her answer.

"God..wasn't that wild", she whispered near my head.

"Incredible", I said as we both heard another woman somewhere in the dark basement began to gasp as her lover's cock thudded into her harder and harder.

When we heard it, I whispered to the unknown woman, "I never realized how hot it would be to fuck like this. Totally dark, can't see anything.. just listening to the moans of women cumming and the grunts of men shooting cum into them."

For ten minutes we laid on the carpeted floor of the dark basement listening to couples fucking somewhere in the darkness. Then I felt a male hand on my stomach and very quickly after that, on my tits. The woman beside me gasped. "Someone's feeling me up", she said.

The male voice belonging to the hand on my tits said, "I don't which one of them I have."

The male working on the woman beside me said, "I don't think it matters. They both have hot wet cunts."

I recognized Derrick Richardson's voice and speaking directly into the woman's ear said, "The guy on you is Derrick Richardson. Who's on me?"

"Brice, Brice Stotts", she said softly into my ear. "I'm Kay."

"I'm Paula."

"I figured you were. I heard that guy tell everyone that you were down here being fucked."

"Let's get'em rolled over", Brice suggested.

Derrick evidently agreed because he promptly rolled the other woman onto her back while Brice turned me onto mine. They pushed us together, side-by-side.

"Come on, Girls. Lift your legs."

As I pulled my legs up, bending my knees, I felt Kay doing the same. Once we had them up and back, our thighs were pressed together.

"OOhhh sooooo slutty... we're lying on our back in a dark basement, legs up and spread, waiting for unseen men to fuck us."

No sooner had she said it then I felt Brice's cock sliding into my cum-filled pussy. Kay's body moved sharply beside mine as her pussy was suddenly stuffed full of hard cock. The men began to fuck us...slowly at first and then faster and harder. Each time their cocks thudded into the bottom of our cunts, we would gasp. At first, our grunts were together, but then as the men fucked us at different speeds, our moans and gasps became staggered.

"Man this one's good", Brice announced to everyone in the basement. "Nothing like a hot, freshly fucked pussy."

Excited by our cries, other women now in the room began to moan as their lovers fucked them. Kay panted and moaned, "Oohhhhhh, he's cumming in meeeeeeeeeee... I'm cummminggggg."

Brice was right behind Derrick. My cunt contracted in orgasm when I felt his dick unloading inside me. ------------------------------------

I had long since lost track of my wife. In fact, I hadn't seen her since I saw her going to the basement with Dettmann. Keeping the food supplied to the guests and bringing up more wine from the cellar was keeping me very busy.

On one trip to the cellar, I saw Cora Schandel sitting alone in the living room. That surprised me to see any woman alone at a party like this one. When I got closer, I saw that she looked very unhappy.

I went over, sat down, and said softly, "Can I help?"

Cora looked up, startled. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be such a party pooper; sitting here moping, feeling sorry for myself during a party."

"No need to apologize. Is the problem Clint? Your husband off with another woman leaving you alone?"

"Not really. I knew he would be hitting on the other women. Your invitation warned us. I just ... I just... " , she finally managed to finish: "I just didn't think I would be left totally alone." Cora was about 25 or 30 pounds overweight and unable to wear the provocative clothes worn by the other, slimmer women at the party. She was letting her extra weight affect her entire personality with the result that men didn't find her sexually exciting. I smiled at her, "What am I? Swiss

cheese? You're not alone. I'm with you and doing my best to see up your skirt."

Her head jerked up and looked at me. She saw my eyes locked onto her legs staring straight up her skirt. "Unfortunately, I'm not having as much luck as I had hoped to have when I came over."

"You get off looking at fat thighs?" she asked.

"I get off looking at a sexy woman's thighs. I would love to see yours. Spread you legs a little."

Her tongue came out and licked her lips. Her face had brightened somewhat and I thought she was breathing harder. She opened her legs a few inches.

"Oh yes! Delicious. Are you wearing pantyhose or stockings?"

She sighed. "Pantyhose. I'm too fat to wear stockings."

I looked straight into her eyes. "First, I like pantyhose. I have this small Swiss army knife..very sharp. I'm going to use it to slit the crotch of your pantyhose wide open leaving you totally exposed for the rest of the night." Her mouth opened wide.

"Second, once I have your pantyhose opened, I'm going to explore every inch of your pussy and make you cum several times." Her breathing was now much more rapid.

"Third, after I've made you cum several times, I'm going to fuck you... very hard and very deep with my 8-inch cock. Until I can't cum anymore." Her hips began to move slowly on the couch.

"Fourth, if I hear you say "fat" one more time, I'm going to use my belt to whip your ass before I begin fucking you. The fact that you're a little overweight doesn't distract from the fact that you're a hot, sexy woman whom I'm going to enjoy ravishing. Now open your legs so I can see your pussy!"

Cora spread her legs as wide as she could. Her hips were grinding on the couch. "Spread wider! Get your legs up and open."

She pulled her legs up onto the couch and moved them as far apart as she could. Her heels pressed into the cushions of the couch as she arched her hips and presented herself to me. With people all around, I ran fingers up and down the crotch of her pantyhose, pressing deeply into her sex.

"God.. you look so damn hot. Feel my cock!"

I moved closer so she could reach me. Her hand wrapped around my throbbing 8-inch shaft and she moaned. "I'm turning you on aren't I? I've really got you hard and hot."

"Yes. Your hot body has me hard and hot. Now you're going to take care of my problem upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Let's go!"

As I led Cora up the stairs, my hand under her dress on her pussy, I noticed several men and a couple of the women watching me play with her. I stopped. She looked at me questioningly. "The men are getting off watching me play with your cunt", I explained. She looked down the stairs and saw them. I felt her pussy throb under my hand. By the time I got her into the bedroom, she was panting in heat.

I locked the door, and she asked me to turn off the lights. "Hell no! I want to see you when you cum. I want to see my cock sinking into your hot sexy body." She quivered with excitement.

Walking up behind her, I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her blouse soon followed, exposing her big tits. I unhooked her bra letting them swing free. "OOhhh Man, what a hot pair to tits! God.. how big are they?"

"38DD", she announced with some pride.

"Damn! I can't wait to get my cock between them. Oh Fuck! You really meant it when you said you were wearing pantyhose. No panties underneath. Sooo damn hot. I can see your cunt through them."

Now naked except for her pantyhose and heels, I pushed Cora onto the bed on her back. She put her arm over her tits and closed her legs.

"Don't conceal those hot tits, Honey. Move your arm so I can see them. And keep your legs wide open so I can see your pussy while I get my clothes off." She threw her legs wide and cupped both tits for me while I undressed.

When I pulled my briefs down releasing my rock hard 8-inch cock, she moaned. I moved up beside her placing my cock near her face. "Feel it, Cora. Feel what's going to be in your pussy soon. Put your hand around it. Feel how thick and hard it is. It's that way because I'm looking at your big hot tits and your cunt."

She was moaning as her hands explored it. Her fingers traced my cock ridge. As she did it, my cock throbbed hard and precum ran from the open tip. "Ooohhhhh Myyyyyyyyyy...", she gasped.

"Squeeze it, Cora. Squeeze more precum from the tip."

She did and was rewarded with another glob of thick liquid that ran down over the head.

"Please, can I suck it? Please..."

I put the head at her lips. Her mouth opened wide and she took me in like a woman starving. She sucked 7 full inches into her throat. She gagged and pulled back.

"Put it in as deep as you can until you begin to gag. Then stop. Hold it there until the gag reflex subsides, then push in more cock until you start to gag again. Keep repeating this until its in your throat. That will be the end of gagging and you can take all of it now matter how big the man is."

She nodded and tried again. As soon as she gagged, she stopped and followed my instructions. A minute or so later, she had my cock all the way in, my balls resting on her chin. She began to suck. In and out until I had to stop her before she made me cum.

"Damn, Woman! You're just too hot. Can't take sucking like that. You're too good!" Cora beamed, her body shuddering in a small climax.

"I think I just came", she gasped.

"Forget it. That one was too small to even count. Just wait." She shuddered and quivered again.

Getting off of her, I moved between her thighs with my trusty Swiss army knife. "Be very still, Baby. I'm going to open you up for fucking."

She didn't move a muscle as I pulled her pantyhose away from her pussy, inserted the knife blade, and slit the entire crotch wide open. Putting the knife away, I ripped the crotch out of her pantyhose to expose the wet open sex hole beneath. Her hips thrust upward spontaneously when she felt herself exposed.

Sliding down her body, I lowered my mouth to her cunt. Extending my tongue, I licked up the entire length of her slit, from her anus to her clit. Her hole throbbed. Retreating back to her anus, my tongue made the journey again... then again.. then again.. until her pussy was throbbing and Cora was moaning, her hips arching and thrashing about on the bed.

When her hands grasped her big tits and squeezed, her eyes clenched shut, I moved right onto her clit and sucked it into my mouth where my tongue thrashed up and down the pulsing shaft until it began to swell... and swell..

A tortured scream erupted from Cora lungs, her


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