A Paragon of Virtue

"Are you all packed, or do you need me to help with something?", Mark inquired of his wife, Denise.

"I'm essentially packed. I'll be done in a few more minutes. I don't see any reason to pack any more stuff than necessary."

"Well, we'll be gone for over a week counting the flight time there and back. So be certain you pack whatever you'll need. We certainly don't want to spend time having to wash clothes or shop."

"A week", Louise reflected. "You know, that's really ridiculous. Why in the world does the corporation need a week to evaluate the candidates? All of you have been with the company over 10 years or so. If they haven't been able to evaluate you in 10 years, how do they think they will be able to do it a week. Hell, it's not even a week at work. We're going to be on vacation in the Cayman Islands and they think they can evaluate your ability there? Frankly, they sound like morons to me."

"Well, I think the point is not really for them to evaluate the candidates themselves. As you point out, they already know almost everything they might need to need to know about our professional ability. My guess is that the point is primarily to allow them to evaluate the spouses. They know very little about all of you. I could be wrong, but that's my guess."

"I'm not at all certain that I have any interest in having them "evaluate" me." my wife replied. Her response came as no surprise to me.

"Well, you have a point. I do know that this has been standard practice when advancement to the level of associate vice-president is involved. They started this when the corporation was first formed and have never deviated from it. So it's nothing unusual. And I hope you won't tell them that you think they are all morons."

"What about advancements to even higher levels? Like say vice-presidents, executive vice-president, and even CEO? Do they take all the candidates and their spouses to the Cayman Islands for that too?"

"No, they don't. The essential, difficult advancement is to associate vice-presidential level. All higher appointments are automatically made from that level, never from the outside or any other level. So moving to associate VP level is the gateway to the top management positions. Therefore, they are extremely careful."

Tell me again who's going to be there", Louise asked.

"The four candidates for the two open associate VP positions, Derrick Richardson, Bruce Heffner, Alvin Beachy, and me, along with their wives, Carie, Rena, Sonia, and you. All of us are currently division directors. The corporate practice is to choose two division directors as candidates for each open associate VP position and to interview them and their wives for a week in the Cayman Islands. The evaluation team is the CEO, Preston Schandel, and the three Board Members on the Management Committee. You've actually met all of them."

"Remind me.", Louise ordered.

"The three Board Members are Ted Martenson, Eric Heaven, and Jack Honska."

"And will the CEO and the three Board Members also be bringing their wives?"

"I don't know. Maybe, but I doubt it. Their appointments are not under evaluation."

"All right, I've agreed to go so you will have your shot at the VP position, but I don't really like this. Just remember that. Do you have the plane tickets?"

"We don't need tickets. We'll be flying in the private jet owned by the corporation. That will be nice, I'm sure. We have about two hours before the limo arrives to pick us up. So, you need to get dressed if you plan on wearing anything different on the plane trip. I'm going to wear the suit I have on."

I thought that Denise wouldn't bother to change, but I was wrong. When she came downstairs an hour later to wait for the limo, she had changed into a loose-fitting pair of slacks, a sweatshirt, white socks, and tennis shoes. She was carrying a blouse over her arm. She wore no make up or jewelry save her wedding rings.

"I thought the plane might be cold. If so, this ought to keep me warm. If the plane is too warm, I can always go to the bathroom and put on this long sleeve blouse. So, either way, I'm sure to be comfortable. If the plane is too warm, you can always take off your suit coat and tie."

"I'm sure we'll both be fine, Honey."

The limo arrived exactly on time, 60 minutes later. -------------------------------------------

Since we were the furthest from the private airport where the corporation parked its jet, we were the first couple picked up by the limo. After picking us up, the limo drove the two miles to the Beachy's home. I got out of the limo to greet them. Alvin smiled broadly at me as he approached. He was wearing his usual business suit as was I. However, Sonia looked as if she were going out for dinner. Her short dress hugged her body. It exposed none of her ample cleavage, but it did outline her breasts perfectly. Her hair and make up had obviously been done that morning. She wore hose of some kind and 3-inch heels.

Alvin helped his wife into the limo. She sat beside Denise, smiled and said hello to my wife. Alvin climbed in beside Sonia and I sat by the door. The limo pulled away from the curb on its way to pick up the Richardsons.

At the Richardson's house, the same scene was repeated again. Carie's outfit was similar to Sonia's except she had chosen a short skirt and blouse instead of a dress. Her skirt and blouse weren't as form-fitting as Sonia's dress, but her blouse did expose some of her cleavage. Both women looked like we were on our way to a dinner club.

Finally, the limo stopped to pick up the Heffners. Like Derrick, Alvin, and I, Bruce wore a business suit. His wife was dressed more casually in pair of jeans, sweater, and heels. Her jeans looked to be two sizes too small for her. The crease of her ass and camel toe were both on display. The sweater exposed the top quarter of each of her very large tits. It looked to me like she wore 4-inch heels without stockings.

As we drove to the airport, I couldn't help but compare Denise to the other three wives. I thought my wife was easily the best looking of the four, but with no make up and her hair up in a bun, it was far from obvious. I also knew for a fact, that my wife had the largest breasts of any of the women, but in her sweatshirt, it wasn't apparent that she had any breasts at all. Her tennis shoes made quite a contrast with the three pair of sexy heels the other wives wore.

The amenities on the private jet were extensive. The wine was excellent. We had a choice of filet mignon, salmon, or chicken marsala. Champagne was available on request. Naturally, there were no charges.

The flight took somewhat longer than a commercial flight since the smaller jet could not attain the higher flight speeds of a 747, but the seating was so comfortable and the food so good, no one minded in the slightest.

Throughout the flight, Preston Schandel and the three Board Members circulated throughout the cabin introducing themselves again to each of us, chatting about some of the planned activities and emphasizing that while they would be involved with evaluations, they wanted us to all enjoy the week and to let them know if we needed anything...anything at all.

I was somewhat surprised to note that the CEO and each Board Member spent more time chatting with Denise than with any of the other, more attractively attired, wives. Whenever they approached her, she would politely put her book on the life of Winston Churchill aside, listen, and respond to the questions they were asking. When one left, she resumed her reading until someone else sat down to chat with her.

Carie, Rena, and Sonia busied themselves chatting and frequently laughing about something. Rena and Sonia looked over at my wife from time to time, smiling or laughing. Carie, however, seemed to pay more attention to me than to Denise. She seemed almost sad and concerned.

Having no way to know what was going on, I decided to ignore it and just enjoy the week. It might be the only chance I would ever have to see the Cayman Islands.


As I expected, the corporation had a van awaiting our arrival. As soon as we had disembarked the plane, our baggage was efficiently loaded in the van and we were all driven to our luxury accommodations in the finest hotel on the Islands.

At the hotel, each couple was assigned their own personal assistant/bellhop/valet etc. who would be seeing to our needs for the entire week. It was obvious to me that our personal "assistants" had not been selected at random. Jacque, our assistant, looked like he might have come off of a Hollywood set. His light brown olive skin was smooth and even seemed to shine. I wondered if he used some type of body oil to get such an effect. His handsome face reminded me of a young Harry Bellefonte. The tight uniform he wore revealed a broad powerful chest and well-formed biceps above a small waist and a tight, small butt with an obvious bulge at his crotch.

He placed our baggage on a luggage carrier, smiling at my wife continuously. When he unlocked our room and handed me the keys, I was surprised to see that all of us had been assigned two-bedroom suites. "Nothing but first-class for the Corporation", I thought. While Jacque unloaded our bagged, I carried two bags into the second bedroom and was inspecting the bathroom when I heard the loud cry of pain from the other room.

Racing back into the other bedroom, I had a hard time believing what I saw. Jacque was lying on the floor, blood streaming from his nose, trying desperately to staunch the blood flow. Denise stood a few feet away, her fists still clenched, her face a fiery red. She was screaming at him while she dialed the phone:

"You worthless degraded pervert! You sick miserable son-of-a-bitch. How dare you put your hands on me like that! "

"What happened?", I asked in astonishment.

"What happened? I'll tell you what happened. You walk into the other room to inspect the accommodations. I bend over to put one of the suitcases on this bed, and this PERVERT decides he will take the opportunity with me bent over to first feel my ass and then slide his hand between my thighs and feel my vagina."

"Ok. I understand. I think Jacque has learned his lesson. You've explained things very clearly to him. I'm going to help him downstairs. You finish unpacking, Ok.?"

My wife nodded. And then to my surprise, turned to face Jacque as I helped him to his feet.

"Listen. I'm sorry. I overreacted badly. I was just so startled when I felt your hand between my legs, I went overboard. I really didn't mean to hurt you like that. If you will forgive me, I would like to have you remain as our assistant during our stay. At least, think about it."

I assured Jacque that Denise really was sorry and wanted him to continue helping us. By way of apology, I gave him a $200 tip. "That should cover any medical expenses because of your nose bleed. Ok?"

"Sure", he smiled. "Women are just nuts sometimes." We shared a good laugh together. ----------------------------------------------------------------

Later that afternoon, I knocked on door of the Richardson's room. Fortunately, Carie and Derrick were both there. "Derrick, I'm sure you both have heard what happened in our room when our "assistant" moved our bags in."

"Yeah, we heard. It's the gossip all over the hotel right now, Derrick laughed."

"I need to talk to Carie privately for a moment. Would you mind, Derrick?"

"Of course not, Mark. I'll go down and have a drink at the bar."

"That won't be necessary. It will only take a minute. If Carie will just step out in the hallway, I just need to ask one or two questions."

Out in the hallway, I said, "I didn't want to ask you this in front of Derrick, but I really need to know the truth. When your "assistant" unloaded your baggage in your room, did he ... well.. I mean.. did he.."

Carie finished the question for me. "Did he feel my ass or my pussy? Of course he did. As soon as he had a chance, his hand was between my thighs against my pussy. Didn't you notice what our "assistants" looked like. Every single one of them is a hunk.. a handsome, well-build, hung hunk. They were selected for the pleasure of the wives, if they should be interested. They felt us up just to let us know that they were available anytime we wanted to utilize their, how should I say this, ... their "services". If we aren't interested, nothing more happens. Is that what you wanted to know?"

"Yes. That's it. I had to know."

"Unfortunately for Jacque, he got Mrs. Ice Cunt of the century. But he had no way to know that, and he was just doing what the management had instructed him to do."

"Mrs. Ice Cunt?"

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have told you, but that's what all the women call Denise. I would imagine the men have other names for her."


The entertainment for the first night included dinner at a 5-star restaurant followed by dancing at one of the night clubs on the Island. The infomation packet informed us that the night club was for adults only but we could confine our activities to just dancing.

Denise was very uneasy about the night club. "It sounds to me like it's going to be a sex orgy of some kind. I don't want to go if it is."

"We can always leave if it happens to be like that. I suspect it will be like a lot of night clubs we've been to... some couples dancing... other couples dancing and feeling each other up on the dance floor.. maybe some women dancing partially nude. We'll leave if you're offended. Ok?"

"All right. That will be fine."

I hesitated for a moment and then went ahead and said what was on my mind. "That was very nice of you to offer an apology to Jacque today. He was surprised. I gave him a very nice tip to pay for medical attention to his nose and to ease his hurt feelings."

"Well. I went way too far... way too far. When I saw the blood spurting out of his nose after I hit him in the face, I couldn't believe that I had done that to a man. All he did was touch me. I'm sorry to have embarrassed you like that."

"No problem." ----------------------------------

The information packet said the dress codes for men at the restaurant was casual meaning slacks and shirts, no ties, no coats as the weather was just too hot to permit this with anything approaching comfort. For the women, anything was permitted but the packet warned the weather should be taken into consideration.

I put on a light-colored pair of slacks and a short-sleeve, pullover shirt. I stay in shape at the gym, lift weights, occasionally, and sort of like my appearance. My waist is small as are my hips. My biceps and pecs are well-developed and hard. I don't look like a professional body-builder or a Mr. America, but I do look pretty good. All that is concealed in a suit, but not with the short-sleeve, pullover shirt.

My wife took longer than usual to get ready. She came out of the shower and picked out a bra and panties. This gave me the opportunity to once more admire my wife's body. She had incredible breasts, which no one knew about but me. Great legs too...same deal.

Denise selected a full cotton bra and a matching pair of full panties. After putting them on, she found a pair of pantyhose and pulled them up her legs and thighs until they covered the panties. Next, she searched through her suitcase until she located a full white slip. which she slipped over her head and tugged down over her full hips. She took her time selecting her outfit. In the end, she chose a loose-fitting, silk, but opaque, light-tan blouse that matched her knee-length, full cashmere skirt. Finally, she slipped a pair of shoes with two-inch block heels onto her feet. I suggested that she might too hot in all those clothes, but said she would be fine since all the places were air conditioned.

I waited while she applied a very light layer of pale red lipstick to give her lips some color. After that, she said she was ready. We had only 10 minutes or so until the limo was scheduled to arrive, so we locked up our room and went down to the lobby.

In the lobby, we found the others already present and waiting for the limo. Carie and Rena were both wearing a short, form-fitting sheathe that expose a lot of their breasts. The sheathes were so tight, I assumed they were both wearing thigh-high hose since garter belts would have shown. Carie wore pumps with 4-inch heels while Sonia had on a pair of sandals with straps, also with 4-inch heels. Both had on lip gloss, eye liners, and mascara. Their nail polish matched their outfits.

Sonia had elected to wear a miniskirt with a V-neck sweater that exposed her breasts almost to her nipples which seemed to be the only thing that was keeping the sweater over her tits. She had to be wearing pantyhose. The skirt was too short to wear thigh-highs. Her heels were transparent with 5-inch heels. Carie and Rena looked at her and then at each other. I think they concluded that Sonia had outdone them both. Denise seemed unconcerned about what the other women were wearing.

After checking out the competition from the other women, Carie, Rena, and Sonia all looked over the men. I enjoyed their inspection as I thought they liked the way I looked more than just a little.

When we entered the restaurant, the CEO and three Board Members all rose to greet us. The seating arrangements placed our wives next to one of the four members of the evaluation group. Throughout the dinner, the evaluation group carried on a conversation with our wives. Few, if any words, were exchanged with the candidates. If became obvious to all of us, that the week's interview was primarily directed at interviewing our wives, not us. I had the uneasy feeling that Denise was not impressing the committee.

Before leaving for the night club, Preston informed us all about the nature of the club.

"This club is unique in my experience. I'm sure all of you will find the decor beautiful and impressive. I'm equally certain that you will love the music. Almost all of the music is designed for slow dancing in keeping with the ambiance of the club. All guests have individual tables, so we will not be seated together. There will a table for each couple and two tables for the four members of the evaluation team."

"When you enter, you will notice that some of the tables, including yours, do not have a light on the table. You will have no problem seeing, but the light on your table will not be lit. Other tables will have either a blue or red light. Each table has a large elevated sign with a number on it. There will also be a telephone on each table. If your table's light were lit, your phone would be activated allowing you to call any other table in the room whose light was also lit. Since our lights will all be out, you will not be able to call anyone nor will anyone be able to call you. So enjoy yourselves as you would in any night club. Any questions?"

Sonia had one. "Well, I just have to ask. First, why are our lights not lit and second, if they were lit, what could we and others do, and finally, third, what's the difference between the blue or red light colors?"

Preston laughed, "I knew someone might one of those questions. I'm surprised at one person thinking to ask all three."

"Our lights will not be lit tonight because we want that decision to be a personal one. Since none of you are familiar with the club, you cannot make this decision properly. Later in the week, we will visit the club again. At that visit, each of you can decide for yourselves whether you want your light lit or not and whether your want it to be blue or red."

"I've already told you that if your light is lit, you can call other tables and persons at tables with their light on can call you. If your light is blue, you can accept the request of the caller or you can reject it. If your light is red, you cannot reject any request as long as it is within the rules of the club and comes from a table whose light is red."

"The club will furnish all of you with a complete copy of the rules and later in the week you can decide if you prefer your light to remain out or be lit, blue or red. Have fun."


The club was beautiful and impressive. The management advertised it as the finest such club in the Islands. Each table had a linen white tablecloth, a lamp shaped in the form of a gasoline lantern, a phone, and a large placard above the table on which was engraved a table number.

The corporation group was seated in the same area of the club but at separate tables just as Preston had described. The lamp at each of their tables was unlit. Mark and Denise were at Table 26.

Within a few minutes, waiters appeared as if by magic at each table to take their orders. In addition to wine, beer, and a full array of alcoholic beverages, a wide selection of various appetizers were also available. Having just eaten, Mark and Denise both asked for a glass of wine.

There was a large dance floor, but unlike the table areas, which were all bathed in subdued soft lighting, the dance area was discreetly darkened. Five minutes after their wine arrived, Ted Martenson appeared at the table and asked if their orders were correct. Having been assured that they were, he smiled at Denise and asked her if she would like to dance. She cordially declined saying that she only danced with her husband. He nodded and moved to the Heffner's table where he asked Rena if she would like to dance. She accepted and the couple moved to the dance floor.

After a bit, Mark invited his wife to dance and moments later they were moving about the floor. They both saw Martenson with Rena. She was plastered against his body, her breasts pressed against his chest while his hands were on her ass pulling her lower body against what Denise and Mark were certain must be a very hard erection.

"Do you see that", Denise whispered in Mark's ear. "His hands are not just on Rena's ass, they're caressing it. Look! See how he's stroking her. That's outrageous and right here in public!"

If Denise was shocked with the way Martenson was dancing with Rena, she was aghast when she saw Sonia with Jack Honska. They were dancing the same way, but Honska's hands were underneath Sonia's miniskirt on her ass. With the skirt concealing his hands, they couldn't tell what they were doing underneath, but Denise had a pretty good idea from the way the woman's hips were undulating.

Her friend Carie was with Eric Heaven. "At least, he's not playing with her ass", Denise thought. But then as she watched, she saw Eric tilt Carie's face upward and kiss her passionately. They held the kiss for several minutes and it was obvious that Carie had her mouth wide open.

While their wives were dirty dancing with the Board Members, their husbands, Derrick, Bruce, and Alvin were sitting alone at their respective tables.

Before the number ended and they left the dance floor, Denise was further shocked by the sight of one woman dancing with both breasts out of her dress and fully exposed. Her partner was taking full advantage by holding both globes as she moved to the music. Another woman had her dress pulled to her waist with both of her partner's hands inside her exposed panties. That was more than Denise could stand.

Turning to Mark, she said, "We're leaving. Now."

"How?", Mark asked. "We don't have a car and I have no idea where we are on the Island."

"There must be a cab outside. Arrange for a cab to take us back to the hotel. I'm not staying in this..this.. this den of iniquity any longer."

"All right. I'll inform Preston. You stay at the table so I can find you."

Schandel was very understanding and accommodating when Mark informed him that Denise wished to leave. He wouldn't hear of them getting a cab. Instead, he arranged for the limo to take them back to the hotel. Thirty minutes later they were back in their hotel room with Denise still fuming over what had happened. -------------------------------------

The next afternoon, Denise was reading her book on Churchill while relaxing beside the hotel's indoor pool. She wore a very modest one-piece suit with slippers. She also had a large towel spread over her legs as she enjoyed her book.

Carie was sitting a few chairs away wearing a bikini with heels. The two had spoken briefly, but Denise still remembered watching Carie kissing Eric Heaven and didn't know what to say to her.

When Eric Heaven came into the pool area and sat down beside Denise, Carie wasn't surprised. She had expected it, sooner or later. Although out of earshot, she watched the two of them. For ten minutes or so, Denise listened politely, making a few comments of her own on whatever topic they were discussing.

It was another five minutes before Carie saw the reaction she had been expecting. Denise sat bolt upright in her chair, picked up her things, and walked away without so much as a smile or a word to Heaven who was left sitting alone. Embarrassed, he too left a moment later, but in a direction opposite from that which Denise had taken.

Carie got up and followed Denise to her hotel room. At the door, she knocked and heard Denise ask, "Who is it?"

"It's Carie. Are you alone?"

"Yes. Mark's visiting with Alvin, I think."

"I would like to talk to you if you don't mind. I think you need to hear what I have to say." A moment later, the door opened, and Denise motioned her friend into the room. Although still uncomfortable from seeing Carie kissing Heaven and from her encounter with the man ten minutes earlier, she still managed a smile for her longtime friend.

"We've got some wine and cheese or a soft drink. Would you like something?", Denise asked.

"No, thanks. I just want to talk to you and I want you to listen until I finish. Afterwards, I expect you will throw me out of the room and probably never speak to me again, but someone needs to talk to you and there's no one else other then me who will do it. Are you willing to listen?"

Denise was getting more and more uncomfortable, but what could she say. Her friend was obviously very serious. "All right. Go ahead. What is it?"

"I've made a list so I don't leave anything out. First: Your husband is clearly the best qualified man in the corporation for appointment to associate VP level. Mark has the support of every division director, and most, if not all of them, believe that he should be the next Senior Executive Vice President, who, as you know, effectively runs the entire corporation."

"Not only does Mark have the total support of all the division directors, he is also the first choice of the CEO and all members of the Board."

"That's wonderful! Thank you for telling me this.", Denise exclaimed.

"Don't interrupt. Just listen and try to learn something."

"Second: The reason Mark has such total support is not just because he has the most talent and the best ideas of anyone in the firm, he is also the most honest, the most generous, the most helpful, and the most caring person anyone knows. For example, two years ago, Derrick was not doing well. We were both fearful that he was about to be fired for lack of productivity. He was doing his best, but it wasn't enough." "One morning, Mark walks into Derrick's office and lays a folder on his desk. He says he's had an idea for a major renovation in the manufacturing procedures, which if they work, will save the firm millions upon millions of dollars every year. He says the outline of the idea and concepts are in the folder, but he doesn't have time to pursue any of them and they're in Derrick's area anyway, not his. Your husband says, "If you think there's any merit to the idea, run with it. If not, sorry I wasted your time."

Then he just leaves."

"Of course the idea is brilliant. It works perfectly. Derrick's job is not only saved, he is promoted to Division Director. And your husband refuses to take any of the credit. He has done this sort of thing for a countless number of people in the firm. Half of the programs the top management implement are Mark's ideas. And he always allows them to take full credit."

"Third: Mark has worked like a dog for ten years and won the respect and admiration of everyone around him. But he's not going to be selected for an associate VP position!" Denise couldn't restrain herself any longer. "Why not? How can they

possibly not select him?"

"Because the major responsibility of management is close huge deals worth tens.. hundreds of million of dollars. With some clients, this often takes more than outstanding ideas and talent. And none of the division directors, including Mark, have that extra something that is often required."

"What don't they have?"

Carie shook her head. "None of them have a pussy. But their wives do and that's what this week of interviews is all about."

Denise started to explode, but Carie held up her hand. "Don't open your mouth. Nothing but the same puritanical crap ever comes out. Listen to me!"

"You are destroying, or probably have already have destroyed, any chance Mark has. You constantly humiliate your husband. You strip him of his manhood, his masculinity. You make him look like a wimp in front of other men. You exhibit no respect for his masculine prerogatives. You go out of your way to make it clear to everyone that Mark gets sex with you only on your terms. Look at what you've already done in just three days."

"You've nearly broken a young man's nose because he made a pass at you just like all the other assistants made passes at Rena, Sonia, and me. Second, you dress like you're going out to work in the garden. You dress to deliberately conceal your big tits, your legs. You never wear make up or fix your hear. Do you even own a pair of three or four-inch heels? You generally have enough layers of clothing on to keep you warm in the artic. You've refused to even dance with a Board Member and then you storm out of the club because some women are getting it on with their men. And today at the pool, you froze out Heaven when he asked you to go to his room. Every wife in the firm refers to you as Mrs. Ice Cunt and none, I mean none, can understand why Mark puts up with the horseshit you heap on his head."

Denise was crying. Carie was having none of it. "Stop crying, you stupid bitch. Listen and learn something. How often does Mark fuck you?"

"That's none of your business!" Denise sobbed.

"Like hell it isn't! You are ruining the best man I know. Now answer my question! How often does Mark fuck you?"

"We have intercourse once a week."

"Intercourse? Intercourse? I asked you how often you get fucked. Not how often you have intercourse. Once a week is ridiculous. A man like Mark ought to be fucking you once or twice a day, and he would be if you would be a woman to him instead a paragon of virtue."

"When is the last time you sucked his cock?"

When Denise didn't respond, Carie said, "You never have sucked it have you? That's beyond pathetic. When is the last time he's licked your pussy to orgasm?"

Again there was silence. "You never allow that,do you? When is the last time you got it in doggie position? When is the last time you initiated sex and rode his cock? When did you last masturbate for him while he watched you doing it? When is the last time you wore something that shows off your big tits, or your legs, or your panties or pussy? When is the last time you urged him to fuck you harder or faster when he was giving it to you? How long has it been since he's fucked your ass?"

Tears streamed down Denise's face. "I've never done any of those things", she sobbed.

Denise was unrelenting. "Have you ever let another man fuck you? Of course not. How you ever teased another man? Hell no! You're not an Ice Cunt; you're a No Cunt."

Finally, Carie spoke more softly to Denise. "Honey. Tell me the truth. Have you ever had an orgasm?" Denise shook her head.

"Denise, I have no idea whether it's possible for you to salvage Mark's career and your marriage or not. It's probably beyond saving, but I going to show you what you're missing. Take off that absurd 1950's style bathing suit. Take it off right now and get on the bed."

When Denise hesitated, Carie pulled the straps down and yanked the suit below her big tits. When Denise moved her hands to cover herself, Carie slapped them away. "Keep you hands to your sides." With one motion she pulled the suit to the floor baring the thick mat of pubic hair between Denise's legs.

Leading Denise to the bed, she pushed her down on her back. "Raise your ass", she ordered. In a trance, Denise lifted her hips allowing Carie to push a pillow beneath her ass to elevate her pussy. "Now spread your legs..wide. Good. You really have an incredible body. Amazing! Every woman I know would kill for a body like you have, but you conceal it. Don't move."

A couple of minutes later, Carie came out of the bathroom carrying a bowl of warm water, Mark's shaving cream, and a safety razor. "First, we're going to get that bush shaved off so men can see your cunt."

It took 15 minutes for Carie to soak Denise's pussy in warm towels to soften her bush, lather the area twice, and shave her smooth. When she finished, she rubbed body oil all over the area to soothe her exposed skin. "From now on, you shave every morning. It will be must easier now. I don't want to hear any objections."

"Now, I'm going to make you feel very, very good."

Taking off her bikini and heels, Carie laid on the bed between Denise's spread thighs. Pushing them wide, she said, "Keep your legs wide open when a man is doing this. You're a woman, an incredible woman.. make sure they can see it."

Denise jumped when she felt the soft warm tongue moving over her inner thighs.. then up over her belly... down onto her mound that was now bare. From there, back down to her thighs... licking stroking... coming closer and closer to her pussy. When the tongue entered the moist folds of her pussy, she groaned.

Carie moved the tip of tongue over every fold and crevice of Denise's labia. She let it slip into the wet open hole of the waiting vagina. Denise's hips began to move...grind...hunch. When the tongue found her clitoris, she shrieked with pleasure. Stripping back the protective hood, Carie's tongue attacked Denise's erect throbbing passion button. After a minute, she pushed two fingers into the throbbing vagina to her G-spot.

Denise's legs went rigid; her toes pointed..then curled up. Her hands rose to squeeze her tits .. hard...then harder... twisting her own nipples. Carie sucked the pulsing clitoris into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. Denise screamed, her juices gushed out as she exploded into an intense orgasm. Her vagina gaped open and snapped shut as one hard contraction after another shot through her pussy. Her asshole opened and closed with each spasm.

Denise was gasping for breath, her tits heaving on her chest. Carie started again. Denise screamed for her to stop..that she couldn't take anymore. "Shut up, Bitch. Spread your legs wider. I'm not finished with you."

Denise spread wide. "Pull your legs up in the air", Carie ordered. Denise yanked her legs up and held them with her hands under her knees. She felt the tongue sliding through her ass crease into her asshole. The feeling was beyond description. Her pussy whoosed air as it contracted in an intense spasm. Denise's moans increased in volume as she felt the tongue sliding up and down the length of her anal and vaginal slots..finally locking onto her engorged clitoris.

Carie continued to lick the helpless woman until her cunt had jerked and throbbed in three more orgasms, each one more powerful than the last. When her pussy convulsed in the final orgasm, Denise lost control of her bladder, her urine soaking the bed covers.

As soon as Denise had recovered, Carie rolled onto her back. "Now it's my turn, Bitch. Get between my legs and show me that you've learned something. Make me cum."

Five minutes later, Carie's juices flowed over Denise's face that was still buried in the folds of her friend's throbbing cunt. --------------------------------------

The two naked women lay on the soaked bed covers. Their tits still rising and falling in the aftermath of their orgasms. Their legs were spread and both cunts still slowly pulsed. Both clits still protruded from their protective hood as if hoping to receive more attention.

"Ohhh Carie... Thank you.. thank you. That was so wonderful!"

"You think that was good. Wait until a hot man with an iron-hard cock is doing it to you."

"I can't believe that I've withheld such pleasure from Mark and myself for 10 years. I don't know how I'm ever going to make it up to him."

"You probably can't. But I suggest you try every thing you can even imagine.. no matter how dirty it may seem to you."

"You know that Heaven asked me to go to his room and fuck", Denise confided.

"Of course he did. Everyone of the evaluation team is probably going to fuck every wife, or at least find out if they are willing to have sex. In your case, Heaven will probably alert the others and they will just ignore you."

"Are you going to let him fuck you?"

Carie shook her head. "I know you saw him kissing me last night on the dance floor. As soon as we returned form the club, I went to his room. I spent over two hours with him. He fucked me three times."

"What about your husband? Didn't he explode with anger?"

"No. As a matter of fact, it turned him on to know I was being fucked. He wanted to hear all the sexy details as soon as I got back to our room. He fucked me twice while I was telling him."

"Wow. I wonder what Mark's response would be. What if Derrick wouldn't like you're doing that?"

"Then I wouldn't have told him. I would have just told him that Heaven wanted to interview me about my attitudes to all the extra work he might have to do as an associate VP. I would have made up a story and stuck to it. Derrick would have chosen to believe me, even if he didn't. Mark would do the same. But my guess is that he would want to hear all about it. You have Mark so totally starved for sex and the company of a hot woman, I think he would be wild to hear every detail."

"He's starved for sex?"

"Your husband is a stud.. a hunk. Haven't you even looked at him? Handsome face.. confident.. charming.. sexy.. smart.. talented. Those big biceps and chest.. almost no waist.. that tight hard ass.. and what looks like a huge cock.. maybe 8 or 9 inches? How big is it?"

"About eight and half inches."

"Wow! Eight and half inches of rock hard manmeat. MMMmmmmm.. And no pussy except once a week. And even then, it's probably not as exciting as masturbation. Unbelievable. There isn't a woman in the firm or elsewhere who wouldn't love to have your husband between her thighs. And I can tell you.. half the women in the firm have done their best to get him there, but he's resisted every time. He really loves you even though you treat him like your slave."

Denise looked at her friend. "Girl. That's gonna change. I mean change big time."

"Good for you! But it's probably too late for the VP appointment. Three days have already passed and everyone is totally convinced that you're an ice maiden." --------------------------------------

At 5:00 PM, Mark returned to the room and found Denise sitting on the couch. She motioned for him to sit down beside her. After taking a seat, he looked at his wife with a question on his face.

"Mark, Carie and I had a long talk this afternoon. I want to tell you what she said."

It took over twenty minutes for Denise to summarize everything Carie had said. When he tried to stop her or protest, she stopped him. After finishing her summary of Carie comments, she told her husband how Carie had made love to her and brought her to four intense orgasms.. the last one so intense she had lost control of her bladder. Then she described in detail how she had licked Carie's pussy and clit until she had cum hard.

When she had finished, she felt her husband's cock and found him with a raging hard on, so hard, it throbbed and jerked in her hand as she squeezed it.

"From this moment on, Mrs. Ice Cunt is going to change into Mrs. Hot Cunt. If my slutty behavior ever embarrasses you, you just have to tell me and I'll tone it down until you're happy. There's no way I can make up for 10 years of pain and humiliation I've caused you, but that is over.. I swear it. I've probably ruined your career with the firm, but I'm going to try to fix things. Are you Ok with this? I'm not going to ask you to forgive me. Just give me a second chance to be your wife."

For an answer, Mark embraced his wife and kissed her with intense passion. His tongue dancing inside her mouth while she opened hers wide to receive it. His hard cock throbbed against her mound.

"I think you need to fuck that big cock into your slutty wife's cunt and shoot it full of hot cum."

In one sentence, Mark had heard his wife use the words "fuck", "cock", "cunt", and "cum", words she had never used before. He loved it! "Let's go to bed. I can't wait", he said.

"Neither can I. Fuck me right here. On the couch. Leave the blinds open in case someone wants to watch a real stud fuck his hot whore."

Mark quickly undressed and was amazed to see his wife simply pull her dress up around her waist exposing her naked, shaved cunt. She just yanked the top down to expose both big tits and raised her legs up in the air. He saw she wasn't wearing either panties or a bra, but she was wearing 4-inch spike fuck-me heels that were now sticking straight up in the air where anyone in the outdoor pool could see them. Reaching down, she spread open her vagina with two fingers and said, "Stick that big hard cock into my hot cunt, Stud. Fuck me hard. I need it!"

His steel hard cock slammed in to the hilt on his first thrust. His wife squealed with female pleasure, wrapped her legs around her lover, and pulled him into her sex saddle as deeply as possible. His hands moved beneath her ass as he began fucking her with one hard thrust after another. Denise grunted every time his huge cock thudded into the bottom of her cunt.

"OOhhhh god... why..why..why.. didn't you whip my ass and make me fuck like this..ooohhhh godddd...its wonderful...stick your finger in my ass and cum in meeeeeeeeeee.... hurry..hurry...oohhhh god...can't wait...I'm cummminggggggggggggg..."

Mark was right behind her... pumping one huge rope of cum into her throbbing sex hole after another. -----------------------------------

The only activities scheduled for the evening were dining in hotel restaurant followed by drinks in one of several lounges in the hotel.

As Mark was dressing for dinner, Denise sat on the bed watching him. "You are really a handsome stud, Honey. I'm sorry it't taken me so long to appreciate it."

Her husband smiled, leaned over and kissed her tenderly and more passionately. "It was worth the wait. I always thought it would be. Aren't you going to get dressed?"

"I'll dress after your leave. I bought some new things this afternoon and want to surprise you."

"Like those hot shoes you had on when we fucked this afternoon?"

"Yeah. Just like that. Did you like them?"

"Couldn't you tell? I loved them."

His wife beamed. "I need to ask you a couple of things, Honey. I'm still not certain about how you feel about my behavior. I've been such a prude for so long, I need some guidance."

"What's the problem?", her husband asked. "I hope you'll be as sexy and hot as you want to be. I've been starved for that for so long."

"I'm sorry. I feel so badly about it. I plan to spend a lot of the evening with someone on the evaluation team. Unless you prefer otherwise, I'm going to fuck him."

"Sounds incredibly hot. Will you tell me about it?"

"Absolutely. I would love to."


At 8:00 PM, everyone was in the hotel dining room except for Denise. The waiters were already at their table taking orders when Mark's wife arrived. She didn't look like the same woman.

She wore a form-fitting black dress with rhinestones around the bodice and at various points on the dress. The dress had two shoulder straps to hold it up. From there the V-neck plunged almost to Denise's navel revealing the top third and inner slopes of both of her large 36DD breasts. The garment just barely managed to cover her nipples, both of which made prominent, easily visible, indentations in the dress. The dress ended two inches below the junction of her thighs with her buttocks. She wore tan pantyhose and black pumps with five-inch heels and silver highlighting streaks. Her hairdo was exotic with strands curling around both sides of her face.

Her sultry green eyes were accented with eyeliner and mascara. Her full lips gleamed with a deep red lip gloss. Rhinestone earrings dangled from her earlobes. Each hand was adorned with two rings; each finger ended with newly done, exotic nails.

As she walked toward the table, her breasts bounced freely under the dress, making it obvious to everyone that she wore no bra. The men and women were speculating whether or not she wore panties or not.

Reaching the table, she approached Preston Schandel. Leaning over, she gave him a breathtaking view of her tits. "I'm sorry to be late. It took more time to dress that I thought. It's hard to believe just how long it takes to put on so very little."

From Schandel, she moved to Eric Heaven. Leaning over, she gave him the same view of her tits as she whispered in his ear, "I'm sorry about this afternoon. I hope you will give me a rain check." He smiled broadly and then his eyes dropped to her huge tits. Denise whispered again, "No. I'm not wearing a bra." She paused, then added, again in a whisper, "And I'm not wearing any panties either."

Finally, she sat down beside her beaming husband. She smiled and whispered in his ear, "Do you like your slutty new wife? Or do you prefer the prude?" For an answer, he caressed his wife's thigh and slipped his hand beneath the short dress. Two inches higher up, his fingers encountered nothing but the wetness of her naked cunt that was fully exposed by the crotchless pantyhose she wore. "Careful, Darling. You'll make your whore cum right here at the table."

Throughout the meal, the waiters hovered over Denise each trying to see down her dress to see her nipples. On a couple of occasions, she leaned forward when she knew one of them was looking to allow him to see them.

After they had finished dessert and an after dinner cordial, Ted Martenson approached Mark's wife and asked if she would be interested in going to the night club with exotic male and female dancers. "I'd love to go, but I had better check with my husband first."

Denise got her husband aside and told him about Martenson's offer. "Should I accept or not? If I do, you know he's going to fuck me before the evening is over. Before you answer, I want you to know that I want to go and I want him to fuck me, but I will say no if you ask me to."

Mark kissed his wife and said, "Have fun. Have a lot of fun, but come back to me."

She kissed him back, hard. "You'll never get rid of me. Not for the rest of your life."


Jack Honska had asked Carie if she would like to go to the same club. She had also accepted. The got into the limo and were on the way with Jack and Carie sitting with their backs to the driver and Ted and Denise sitting in the back seat.

It was a six mile drive through traffic so it took almost 30 minutes to get to the club. Ted did not waste the time. As soon as the limo pulled away from the curb, he had his lips against Denise's, his tongue probing inside her mouth and finding her tongue which flicked erotically against his. His right hand sought out her breasts. She arched her shoulders to press them into his hands.

It took only a slight push to move the dress away from the thrusting mounds to expose both of her tits. His fingers squeezed her nipples causing her to moan. Denise felt them harden in his fingers. He squeezed harder causing her pussy to throb. "God. You have incredible tits. Why did you conceal them for three days?"

"I didn't conceal them. You knew exactly where they were. All you had to do was come get them. Just like I've know where this have been." Her hand wrapped around his 7 inch erection and slowly jacked it..up and down.. feeling him throb in her hand.

Denise looked over at Jack and Carie. Jack was kissing her. He had her legs wide open, her dress up, his hand inside her panties. As Denise watched, Ted whispered in her ear. "Look at his hand moving inside her panties. He's finger fucking her. See how her hips are moving every time his hand moves."

Denise saw that Ted was right. Each time the hand moved under the panties, Carie's hips surged forward against the fingers moving in and out of her vagina. "Ohh god.. he's finger fucking her. Right here in the car."

Just as she said it, she felt Ted's hand on her own cunt. He spread her legs wide to match Carie's. Then one of his fingers found her erect clitoris and two more sank into her wet love tunnel. The two men watched each other as they finger fucked the cunts under their hands. Jack matched Ted's tempo and the fingers were sinking into the women's cunts at the same time, and then withdrawing together.

At the same time, both women were hunching upward against the fingers inside their pussies. Carie knew when Denise was being penetrated just by watching the surge of her friend's ass upward; Denise kept her eyes on the hand moving under Carie's panties aware that Carie's ass was moving with her own.

"I think they're both about to cum", Jack said.

Denise heard Ted answer. "This one is. That's for sure. Her cunt is throbbing like a piston."

"Shall we make them cum together?"

"No. Let's stop and let them throb. It will be hotter when we're in the club."

Both women moaned with the fingers left their wet, throbbing cunts. As the men led them into the club, hands on their asses, they both felt the insistent throbbing between their thighs.

The show was exotic and wild. Female strippers alternated with male strippers. The women stripped to just their stockings and heels and brazenly gyrated right in front of the customers, thrusting their pussies in the faces of the men and occasionally the women as well. One woman even invited Denise to lick her clit, an invitation which she declined.

The men were the same except they did not approach any of the men around the stage. They were all well endowed and almost all had hard erections. When one young stripper presented his rigid cock a few inches in front of Carie, she wrapped her hand around it and began to jerk him trying to make him cum. He escaped before she managed it, however. When the same man offered his cock to Denise, she pulled to closer and pushed it deep into her mouth and began to suck him.

The crowd cheered and urged him to ejaculate into her mouth. Denise kept sucking giving him every opportunity to do just that, but again he escaped before cumming.

By the time the dancers had finished their shows, both women had had several drinks and were feeling free and wild. Ted had long since pulled Denise's dress up around her hips so that her freshly shaved cunt was on full display to all the men around her. Jack also had Carie's skirt up, but she wore her panties and was less exposed.

At that point in the evening, the MC came on stage and announced an amateur strip contest for women over 30. The prize was $400. Several women in the audience volunteered and soon everyone was watching them strip. Two of them stripped to just their heels but got too embarrassed to thrust their naked pussies at the audience. The third woman couldn't get up the nerve to remove her panties.

Both Ted and Jack demanded that Carie and Denise enter. At first they resisted, but then with the entire crowd screaming for them to enter and strip.. to take it off..take it off. They agreed to try.

Denise leaned over to Carie. "I've got an idea. Let's dance and strip together. I'll caress you; you do me. I take off your clothes; you take off mine. How about it?" Ten minutes later, the two women were on stage dancing together in a tight embrace.

When Carie pressed her open mouth against Denise's, a hush fell over the crowd. Slowly, Denise raised Carie's skirt in back and exposed her panties. At the same time, Denise felt her dress being raised. As she wore no panties, her naked ass was soon on display. When the women ground their mounds together, a low moan rose from both the men and women in the audience. Carie hand probed into Denise's ass crack; Denise explored inside Carie's. As they explored each other's body, the women in the audience were being explored by the men they were with. All around the club, women were opening their legs.

Denise pulled Carie's sweater down below her breasts freeing both of her naked tits. Her nipples were already stone hard. When Denise began squeezing them, her moans mixed those of the women in the audience.

With one motion, Carie pulled down the zipper in the the back of Denise's dress. She stepped back and pulled it from her shoulders. It fell to the floor and Denise stepped out of it now wearing only her crotchless pantyhose and 5-inch heels. Women in the audience now held cocks in their hands. Moments later, Denise removed Carie's skirt leaving her in only panties, thigh high stockings and heels.

Breaking their kiss, Denise turned Carie so that her back was pressed against her tits. Kneeling down, Denise removed Carie's panties exposing the wet slit of her shaved cunt. Cupping her tits, Denise told her dance partner to spread her legs and show her cunt to the audience. The men leaned forward to see it better.

Denise moved Carie to the edge of the stage and slipped her fingers into the wet slit of her exposed pussy. She trapped Carie's erect clit between two fingers and began to masturbate the helpless woman. Carie's hips began to hunch and thrust. As they did so, Denise sank two fingers into her cunt hole.

"My god..look at that..", one of the men in the audience exclaimed. "She's gonna make her cum!"

It didn't take very long. Denise worked the throbbing clit..sliding her fingers up and down the stiff shaft rubbing another finger over its throbbing tip. In about a minute, Carie stiffened, gasped, her juices spurted down her thighs, and she trembled in an intense orgasm.

Several men in the audience ejaculated at the same time as their women worked their cocks. An equal number of pussies also climaxed.

When she recovered, Carie turned and whispered, "You hot slutty Bitch. Now it's your turn." She spun Denise around and in a loud voice ordered, "Spread your legs, Bitch. All these paying customers want to see your hot cunt."

Denise spread wide exposing herself a few feet from the edge of the stage. "Who wants to see this slut cum?", Carie asked the audience in a loud voice. Nearly everyone person there began to yell, "Make her cum... make her cum...make her cum!!"

Carie gave Denise the same treatment she had just received. With two fingers fucking in and out of her pussy and two more working on her throbbing clit, Denise didn't last a minute. She grunted, her juices ran down her thighs, then she moaned, her cunt opening and closing in full view of the audience.

The two women received a standing ovation from the entire audience who weren't too weak to stand from their own orgasms. Not only did they win the $400 prize, the MC offered them both a job anytime they wanted it.

All the way back to the hotel, Ted and Jack kept the women at a fever pitch. They had them both lying across their laps, asses up, stroking them between their legs, spanking them erotically, while squeezing their nipples. When the driver informed them that they would be at the hotel in a minute or so, they women were permitted to put on their dresses. They were both led up to the rooms with a male hand on their ass.

We both expected that Jack would take Carie to his room while Ted took me to his. Things didn't develop that way. Jack's room was the closest, and as soon as he unlocked the door, the men led us inside. Like all the suites, there were two bedrooms. Ted led me into the second one leaving Carie and Jack in the first.

Needless to say, the men both had raging, steel-hard erections from playing with us and watching Carie and I dance at the club. If either of us needed any foreplay, we were out of luck. Fortunately, we were as hot as the men.

I unzipped my dress in one fluid motion. Letting it fall to the floor, I flipped back the bed covers, threw a pillow in the middle of the bed, and laid down on my back with the pillow under my hips. I bent and raised both legs and laid there slowly running my fingers through my slit. I was so wet and so hot, it felt like a swamp to my touch.

In a moment, a naked Ted Martenson crawled between my legs and pressed his seven-inch cock along the length of my sex trench. He moved it slowly up and down its length, grinding against my throbbing clitoris. It was the first cock other than Mark's that had touched my pussy in the last ten years. It felt wonderful!

"Ted", I whispered in his ear as he rutted up and down the slit of my cunt. "I've never been fucked by another man since I've been married. You're the first, and I can't wait another second. Give it to me! Stick that beautiful cock into me and fuck me like a whore. I don't want you to make love to me. I want to be used and fucked... GIVE IT TO ME NOW... FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!", I screamed at him.

The next instant that huge hard shaft started into me. I came instantly. Ted was amazed. He pushed even deeper into my throbbing hole, and I exploded again. "OOOohhhhhh gawd...OOOOHhhhh my god.... OOOoOOhhhhh I LOVE IT... AAAHHHHHHHH.." My vagina clamped down on his cock and contracted in one hard spasm after another.

I felt every ridge..every throb of the wonderful cock inside me. When I felt him pulling out of my cunt, I came again, juices spurted between the lips of my pussy and the huge shaft plugging my hole.

"My god... this is wild", Ted groaned as he slammed his meat back into me.

"UUUNNGGHHHHH". My eyes clenched shut, tongue shot out, saliva ran from the corners of my mouth as I spasmed and throbbed under him helplessly. His hands lifted my ass higher. He rammed me again. "UUUNNGGHHHHH". He pulled out and rubbed his cock head over my engorged clit.

I moaned... begged... "Nooooo..please.. don't take it o


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