Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of stories do you publish?

We don't kink shame here, and we will publish any well written story centered around any fetish with only one exception: no story may feature underage characters engaged in sexual activity. This isn't a moral judgment on our part, simply a recognition that in the current political climate we would not be safe from legal repercussions. This is not to say that all stories must be set in a world where every human being is over 18, but they can't be the focus of the story. If that's your thing, we recommend you check out

Q. What kind of stories do you NOT publish?

Stories without paragraphs. Stories less than 15k characters or thereabouts. Stories that don't have proper capitalization, stories that have punctuation outside of quote marks, stories with too....... many....... ellipses......, stories where character dialogue isn't separated into different lines when different characters speak. Basically the story needs to be spell checked, punctuated and at least grammatically correct enough to be coherent. Also, a simple description of a sex act is NOT a story. We need to know who's having sex, why they're having sex and why we should be interested. In other words, you have to put a little effort into your work. You can't just vomit words on a page and then send it in expecting to see it printed.

Q. I am an Amazon/Ebook author. Can I display my work here?

We welcome ebook authors and we want to help you sell some stories. All we ask is that you publish a few FULL stories here. Not teasers, not excerpts (unless your product is a full length novel or something). If you want to get your work in front of our readers in the hopes of attracting some new followers then put a few full stories on your profile and we will add you to our 'Published Author' category, giving you THREE chances to make our front page. As a most popular author, a most popular published author, or a most popular story. Your popularity is based on our likes system and decided by our readers.

Q. Can I advertise my product/website/ebook here?

Yes you can! We haven't formalized our advertising arrangements just yet, as we're a new site and we haven't yet analyzed our traffic or decided on our default advertising spots. In addition, we are trying to ensure that the site doesn't become too hardcore. We want to maintain some sense of decorum here and make it a friendly place for women and those of more refined taste in general, therefore we most likely won't be allowing ads that show hardcore sex or that are too vulgar in general, except for perhaps live feeds to cam shows or some other type of product where that can't really be controlled. If you're interested in advertising on our site, contact us and we'll try to work something out.

Q. All you have is cuckold stories!! I HATE those stories and they make me mad!

Dangerousink is the next generation of one of the first story sites on the web, DW was restricted to stories about cuckoldry and wives who are just generally evil and abusive towards their husband/bf and men in general. Your loyal webmaster has a thing for evil women, what can I say? You like what you like ;) We hope over time to attract and publish many different authors in many different fetishes, just be patient.

Q. I'm banned?! Why? How do I get back?

If you find yourself banned from participating in the forums or on the site in general, you most likely were posting hateful things to another member, spamming another site, consistently violating forum rules or leaving negative feedback intended to personally insult our authors. We allow criticism of our stories as long as it's constructive and intended to help an author improve. We don't allow personal abuse of authors or posters because you happen to think their kink is morally unacceptable. If you're the judgmental type, in fact, we suggest you go elsewhere. This site wasn't built with you in mind. We are fairly flexible when it comes to unbanning accounts, as long as you understand what you did wrong and you're willing to change that behavior. Everybody has a bad day from time to time, we won't hold it against you.

Q. How do I open these zip files?

You won't run into many compressed file types here, but waaaay back in the day bandwidth was so expensive that every byte you could save mattered. Not so much these days, but just in case: You can open all types of compressed (.zip or .rar) files with the correct software, we recommend WinRar.

Q. My browser keeps freezing up (or shutting down, or isn't displaying the correct results in general).

Dangerous Ink should be cross-compatible with all browsers including android, iphone and all handheld devices. If you're experiencing problems, please contact us so we can make the necessary corrections.

Q. I like stories but I like videos and pictures better! Where can I find videos to match this kind of story?

Please check out our tube site at, all the videos and pix you can handle and a bit more.

Q. I have my own site and I'd like to trade links with Dangerous Ink. Where do I submit?

We will only trade links with other absolutely free, very high quality story sites or sites that are unique and compelling in some fashion. In other words, your site must provide some value to our readers. We don't do traffic trades. Contact us if you think you have a site that qualifies and we'll take a look!